1.) Have fun.

2.) Do not use a character that is not yours without the other character's handler's permission.

3.) Do not attack any other wrestler in your role-plays! If you want to, check with me first

4,) Do NOT use insider terms in your role-plays. That means words like jobber etc

5.) DO NOT complain if/when you lose a match. EVERYONE eventually loses

6.) Read Rule 1 again, make sure your having fun!

7.) Occasional swearing will be permitted, but if you are using what is deemed to be over the top swearing you will be docked role-play points

8.) All Role-plays MUST be a minimum of 15 lines or they will not count towards the match. Please note there is no set minimum on the
interaction or Hardcore boards

9.) ONLY 1 Role-play is allowed to be posted per day... This is to stop post flooding on the last day to stop people posting 2 role-plays on the last day not leaving the opponent enough time to reply... You can still post as many interactions as you want on the interaction board!

Extension to Rule Number 9.... IF you role-play and your opponent role-plays back in the same day that will allow you to post another role-play in response to his role-play... so if you role-play at 2pm and your opponent role-plays at 5pm.. after that time you can role-play again

10.) Osh is always right

11.) This is a creative writing federation. The use of AI to write your roleplay will severly impact the score we give it when judging matches. Please note any AI Generated Images or Videos are fair to be used.