So you’ve found us here at the IIW (Intense International Wrestling). Congrats to you! Hopefully you’ve had a good look around and now decided you want to join up with the rest of the mad house.

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Congrats, you’ve now signed up for the IIW, one of the members of staff will message you with the Card Booking details.

But while you wait for your first match? There is plenty more to do

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Post an introduction to your character on our Chracter Development Boards!

Introduce your Character through our Dark Match facility IIW Combat, here you can take on many Enhancement talents, where you write up a match displaying how your character performs.

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Challenge for the Hardcore Title.

We run a 24/7 Rule on our Hardcore Title, so get involved and take on the current Champ, you can find this on the Hardcore Title page, give it a good realistic attack gives the best chance of winning the title!

Hardcore Title

So There we have it, there is lot’s going off at the IIW, but also take your time to browse the website, check out our Rich History, our title lineage, the Ranking system, there is so much to this fed for you to enjoy and really that is the key thing…. To Enjoy and Have Fun!

Welcome to the IIW