IIW Overview

IIW, short for Intense International Wrestling, offers a captivating wrestling experience through its two shows held every two weeks. Both shows have a limit of 2 RP (Roleplay) submissions.

Monday Mayhem: In addition to the weekly show, IIW hosts a special Supershow every eight weeks, commonly known as a Pay-Per-View (PPV), also with a 2 RP limit. The RPs submitted for Mayhem have no word limit, allowing participants to freely express themselves.

Friday Night Combat
: As the newest addition to IIW, this show aims to host a Supershow every six weeks, again with a 2 RP limit. The significant difference lies in Combat RPs, which have a word limit of 2,000. This unique feature brings a fresh dimension to our federation, catering to casual roleplayers who can enjoy the thrill of competition while appreciating our rich history.

The decision to implement word limits stems from the fact that most handlers (participants) in our community are older and prefer a more relaxed approach to the hobby of EFedding (online roleplaying wrestling). By introducing Combat and its word limit, we provide an opportunity for an even wider range of roleplayers to engage in a competitive yet enjoyable experience.

Our intention is to have fun without the pressure of meeting strict RP submission deadlines. We believe this approach allows everyone to fully immerse themselves in the IIW universe and enjoy the journey without unnecessary stress.

IIW Environment

IIW is a well-established E-Fed (online wrestling federation) with a core group of members who have been together for over a decade. Our primary focus is to create a welcoming and entertaining environment for participants to indulge in fictional wrestling. We actively seek new members to join our existing roster, adding fresh perspectives, intriguing storylines, and unique settings to our federation.

Our ultimate goal is to pursue our passion for wrestling without the burdensome stresses often encountered in other federations. If this sounds appealing to you, we encourage you to explore IIW, sign up, and join in on the exciting and enjoyable experiences we have to offer.

So why not take a moment to check us out, sign up, and embark on this thrilling adventure with us? We guarantee an incredible time filled with fun and excitement!


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