Hitman has been a constant presence in IIW History, as well as Osh's, he is a real life long term friend and has helped me out running fed's for years now, so he truly does deserve this position!

Leviathon is another of the IIW's main stay crew especially along side Chill Factor he has been there or there about as far as the IIW has always been concerned and is truly deserving of his place in the Hall Of Fame. He is a multi time X-Treme Champion as well as helping run the Federation in the past

The First ever IIW World Champion. Him along with Ice formed one of the strongest groups the IIW had ever seen.

Just like his tag team mate Heat,Ice made a large impact on the IIW and was one of he leading wrestlers in the federation during it's last stint

He wasn't the best wrestler in the federation, but his continue desire to improve gained him a lot of respect in the federation, he was also one of the best guys to chat to OOC. A True IIW Legend

Leanne is and probably will be the only ever IIW Female H.O.F.. She was in the incarnation with Bane and Seth and caused a few problems with both guys trying to get with her... but Bane won and over 3 years on THEY ARE MARRIED in real life.. just to show IIW Brings lovers together! haha!

Hall was back in the IIW in it's first stint, when Real Wrestlers were allowed, a lot has changed since then, but Hall is definatly remembered as having a large impact on the IIW! Even ending Rhys Matthews undefeated streak.

Rob Owens, The last ever IIW Xtreme champion in the IIW's last reincarnation, as well as being the only wrestler to feature in every version of the IIW

Mason Sensation was my first stand out talent that I trained.. This guy started as a typical beginner and for the next year under my tuition I helped him train up and even to the part that he was considered one of the best Rpers in the business.. unfort his ego built up with it, but still defiantly HOF material

Seth helped get my first federation off the ground by being one of the most influencial and dominating wrestlers I have seen to date! He also helped run the federation in later years. A guy no one ever had a bad word to say about