A video package begins to play showing all the great history of IIW over the years, we see great moments like Jonny FnC finally beating Jake E Dangerously for the World Championship, Team Friendship beating The Purge for the Tag Team Titles, we also see moments of when The Mecca held all the Gold on Mayhem and even more recently when The Mecca won war games. As the video comes to in we open up above Wembley Stadium and see fireworks shoot into the air as the big screen above the stage says THIS IS IT THE FINAL SUPERSHOW.

As the fireworks finish going off we turn to the commentary table where Mike Fisher and Scott James are present.


Scott James: Tonight is going to be the best and last Supershow you see from IIW for the foreseeable future. The wrestlers of IIW are prepared to put on a show that you will never forget!

Mike Fisher: Indeed they will leave these fans speechless with great memorial moments but before we get to the action we have a brief Hall Of Fam induction ceremony.

The hard cam switches tot he top of the stage as a red carpet gets let down the ramp towards the ring, inside the ring a podium has been set up with a table next to it that has several HOF awards placed on it. A few minutes later the Owner of IIW Osh makes his way down the red carpet ramp, dressed in a fancy suit. He shakes hands with fans at ringside as he gets astanding ovation from the fans. He finally makes his way up the steel steps to enter the rign and then takes his place at the podium and begins to speak into the mic.

Osh: Thank you all coming for tonights Final IIW Supershow, you fans are the reason his company has lasted as long as it has and thats why you fans will always have a place in the IIW Hall of Fame!

The fans cheer with excitement for a moment until Osh starts speaking again.

Osh: Weve had alot of great wrestlers and staff help make this company great as well, so thats why tonight we are going to induct a new class into the IIW HOF right now, some of the inductees will be competeing tonight so they will have someone accept this honor on their behalf as they prepare for tonights matches.

Osh pauses.

Osh: Now let me start with this inductee, hes been with the company for years and has been put in the HOF many times but ive also taken him out many times but there is no doubt IIW would not be as glorious without this mans legacy. Hes a multi time World Champion and one of the best wrestlers to ever grace this ring,going into IIW HOF i give you JONNY FNC!!!!

Jonny comes walking down the red carpet with a HUGE STANDING OVATION, he takes a moment to take it all in before making his way intot he ring. HHoe shakes Osh hand and then accepts his HOF award and then takes a moment at the podium to say a few words.

Jonny: Well I would say a long speech on how special this all is but to be honest I’ve been up here than more than I can count. So ill just say thank you IIW fans and Osh please don’t take me out again.

Jonny gives Osh the finger and then smirks as he makes his way out of the ring and heads back up the ram, holding his IIW HOF award proudly in the air as he heads backstage.

Osh: Never change Jonny C, never change but lets move on to the next inductee. Hes the only Triple crown Champion in IIW history, his few years here in IIW are some of the most impactful weve ever seen, from his Tag team Championship run with Curtis and becoming World Champion they were all great moments, so going intot he IIW HOF I give you RUSSELL WAYNE!!!!

The fans let out a LOUD YES chant for Wayne.

Osh: Now Wayne is busy getting ready for tonights Tag Team Championship match so Ill just say that it has been an honor to have had Wayne part of IIW and even mor honor to have his legacy part of the IIW forever.

The fans give Wayne one last chant and cheers before Osh begins speaking again.

Osh: Now this next Inductee is a pillar that helped build the Combat brand, without him I don't know if Combat is what it is today. He's always been someone we could count on when we called on his name and he has more than delivered each and every time, he is a former UK Champion and the current Global Champion, the next inductee into the IIW Hall of Fame is CRUSH!!!!

The fans chant Crush's name loudly throughout the arena.

Osh: Now just like Wayne, Crush is unavailable to accept this award tonight as he prepares for his final Global Championship match, but I just want him to know it is an honor to have him in the IIW HOF.

Osh passes for a moment before he begins again.

Osh: Now this next Inductee is a former IIW International Champion and World Heavyweight Champion, he leads one of the toughest and well known groups in all of pro wrestling and his Legacy in IIW got set in stone when he defeated the legendary and undefeated Chris Page for the World Heavyweight Championship , he is the Celtic Boss, going into this years HOF I give you JOHN CAVANAGH!!!!

The fans go crazy for the sound of his name and give him a loud ovation, after a few moments Trigger of the Celtic club makes his way down the ramp and slides into the ring to shake Osh hand and then takes the award from him and then steps up to the Podium.

Trigger: Now usually Cav could speak for himself but right now he’s preparing for one of the biggest matches of his career. But I know one thing about Cav he loves IIW and what it stands for in pro wrestling so I know he is honored to be among the few that get to enter into the IIW HOF , it’s another great accolade added to his career but he’s not done collecting yet because the Boss has a World Championship to bring home!!!!

Trigger raises the HOF award up in the air as the fans chant Cavs name, he then exits the ring and makes his way backstage as Osh returns to the podium.

Osh: Now this next Inductee might be a shock for some because he's only been around for over a year but if you followed his work you would know he deserves this honor as much as anyone. We've never seen eye to eye on things but there is no denying how talented this individual is. He's a legend already in IIW and has set a standard so high I'm not sure if we will ever see a run like his again. He's been unbeaten and is the current IIW World Heavyweight Champion the next inductee is no other than JOE MONTOURI!!!!

The fans go CRAZY throughout the stadium and chant YES loudly. After a couple of minutes Osh gets ready to speak again but then the fans go nuts once again as a familiar face comes from out the entrance and as Osh looks up we see it's former General Manager Shaun Hart!!!

He makes his way down the ramp to a mixture of cheers and boos. He then gets inside the ring and looks around the stadium before getting a microphone of his own and then stares down Osh with a smirk.

Shaun Hart: Surprised to see me?

Osh: You can say that.

Shaun smirks.

Shaun Hart: Well you should've known that the man that made IIW great for the last three years wasn't going to miss it's funeral after you sunk this company again but that's enough about me old friend I'm here to accept Jmonts HOF Award on his behalf because let's not forget it was I that brought such a megastar into this company and saw the vision of what he could do for us. He was such an underestimated talent and then I guided him and made him a World Champion and now with his hard work he is a IIW Hall Of Famer and I do not mix words when I say he is the biggest star that will be shrine in those sacred halls, there is no man living now that deserves to be in the IIW HOF more than Joe Montouri!

Shaun takes the HOF Award and begins to exit the ring but Osh stops him.

Osh: You know what Shaun you are right about one thing, you were one hell of a General Manager for IIW and even before that when you was just a talent scout for us you did a lot of great for this company. You took us to new heights I never thought of, so even though you tried to kill me and we didn't see eye to eye in the last few months it would be a crime if I did not induct you, SHAUN HART into the IIW HOF!!!

Shaun stands surprised and looks around the stadium as they gave him a standing ovation.

Shaun Hart: I must say this is big of you Osh, I wasn't expecting such an award.

Shaun approaches Osh and shakes his hand and then accepts his HOF award.

Shaun Hart: I can say this is well deserved and it is an honor to be in the IIW HOF I will forever cherish this moment as you all will.

Shaun take this leaves with both HOF awards in hand as Osh returns to the podium.

Osh: There you have it folks this year IIW HOF class is Jonny FnC, Russell Wayne, Crush, John Cavanagh, Joe Montouri and Shaun Hart. Give these gentlemen a round of applause.

The fans give them one last standing ovation.

Osh: Now with that out the way let's get this show rolling!!!!

Match One
Uprising, TV and Hardcore Championship
Triple Crown Championship Triple Threat Match
Xavier Lux © Vs PG -13 © vs Trent
The bell rings and PG-13 stands up and stares at Xavier, who stares right back. PG-13 grins at Xavier, but Xavier suddenly bursts forward and connects with a hard right hand that stuns PG-13. PG-13 stumbles back and Xavier hits some more hard rights, then jumps up and hit’s a Dropkick that sends PG-13 through the ropes, spilling him to the outside.

Mike: PG-13, obviously not expecting this much, this fast.

Scott: He’s just taking his time.

PG-13 stands up on the outside, but Xavier leaps over the top ropes, catching him with a Slingshot Hurancanranna on the outside. Xavier stands up and Xavier into the ring as the crowd cheers. PG-13 slowly stands up on the outside and tries to clear the cobwebs out of his head. PG-13 stares in at Xavier, then slides into the ring. Xavier smiles as PG-13 stares angrily at him. Xavier and PG-13 lock up. PG-13 pushes Xavier into the corner and kicks him in the stomach. PG-13 then starts to hit vicious rights and lefts on Xavier. PG-13 pulls Xavier up off the mat and whips him into the ropes. Xavier comes off and PG-13 nails a massive Spinebuster, then goes for the cover.




PG-13 pulls Xavier up and sets him up for a Snap Suplex, but Xavier reverses and hits one of him own. Xavier pulls PG-13 up and nails a hard DDT, then jumps up, runs against the ropes and nails a Lionsault.




Xavier stands back up and climbs out onto the ring apron. PG-13 slowly stands back up and turns to face Xavier. Xavier jumps up and springboards of the top rope and tries for a Springboard Hurancanranna, but PG-13 catches him and turns it into a Powerbomb. PG-13 doesn’t let go and picks Xavier back up and hits another Powerbomb. PG-13 still doesn’t let go and yells as he picks Xavier back up and sets up for yet another Powerbomb, but this time drops down with him into a Sit-out Powerbomb. PG-13 holds Xavier’ legs for the cover.




PG-13 stands up and walks to the side of the ring. Xavier stands up and turns toward PG-13 just as PG-13 catches him with a Running Leg Lariat. PG-13 stands up and jumps to the top turnbuckle, then leaps off trying for an Flying Elbow Drop, but Xavier rolls out of the way. PG-13 slams into the canvas and rolls around on the mat clutching his arm.

Mike: Crash and burn for PG-13.

Xavier stands up and pulls PG-13 to his feet, then whips him to the ropes. Xavier tries for a Clothesline, but PG-13 ducks underneath, then comes off the opposite side and tries for Crossbody, but Xavier drops down and rolls underneath him. PG-13 flies through the top and middle ropes and crashes on the outside.

Mike: Crash and burn number two for PG-13.

PG-13 slowly stumbles to his feet and turns back to the ring only to get nailed with a Baseball Slide that sends him reeling backward into the guard rail. Xavier slides out of the ring just as PG-13 runs and slidees into it. Xavier starts to slide back in and PG-13 runs up and tries for an Elbow Drop, but at the last second Xavier pulls herself back out and PG-13 hit’s the mat. Xavier jumps up to ring apron and stands. PG-13 stands up and tries to punch Xavier, but Xavier blocks it, grabs PG-13 head, then drops from the apron, bringing PG-13’s throat straight into the top rope. PG-13 bounces backward and falls to the mat clutching his throat. Xavier jumps back into the ring and starts to pull PG-13 up off the mat, but PG-13 stands up, lifting Xavier up for a Body Slam. Xavier suddenly reverses, sliding down PG-13’ back, grabbing his head on the way down, and THE ANTIDOTE. Xavier stays on for the cover.




Match Two
Legacy Championship
Mayhem Bash Match
(Hardcore Rules)
Enigma © vs Johnny Stylez

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the IIW Legacy Championship! Currently in the ring, the challenger, Johnny Stylez!!!
"Luna est dominae, volkodlak malorum
Artes et perditae, lycan incarnatus
Luna est dominae, volkodlak malorum
Artes et perditae, lycan incarnatus"
A dense fog rolls out along the entrance ramp, the haunting whispered chant growing in volume along with the pulsing tempo of the music. A hulking horned beast appears from the gloom, slowly and methodically stalking towards the ring. His leather doomsday cloak is open over his massive chest, each step bringing him further into the light until "The Monster Machine" is revealed in full. The dark and Gothic chanting continues, music swelling in volume as each pulse in the tempo and each measured step of the monster are in sync.
"Rota, vita, mara, vena
Mare, dracul, morte, vita
Rota, vita, mara, vena
Mare, dracul, morte, vita"
ENIGMA ascends the ring steps and subtly wipes his feet on the apron, turning towards the crowd as he removes the horned skull mask, revealing his soot-streaked face and colorless eyes. Throwing his head back, he sprays a bloody mist into the air before letting out a snarl. When his head lowers, blood drips from his chin, down his heaving chest.
Ring Announcer: And his opponent, hailing from The Boiler Room, he stands at six feet, five inches tall and weighs in at 275 pounds, he is the current reigning IIW Legacy Champion…”The Monster Machine” ENIGMA!!!!
The bell rang and Johnny came out charging with a clothesline that caught the Legacy Champion, Enigma, off guard. Enigma got to his feet, shaking off the cobwebs, Johnny continued the assault by sending Enigma back into the corner with a flurry of chops as the crowd chanted “woo” with each chop. Johnny let the assault conclude and focused on the crowd, he imitated smoking a joint. He turned around to a big boot from Enigma.
Scott James: That’s why you can’t showboat when it comes to the IIW. It may be the Final Supershow but these athletes will still give it their all.
Mike Fisher: Of course, who wants to go out as one of the last losers in IIW history?
Enigma pounced on Johnny, getting down to his level and beginning to level a series of right hands to Johnny’s face. Enigma was counted to four by the official before getting off of Johnny. Johnny got to his feet and was hit with a European uppercut. Johnny fumbled backwards into a corner and shook his head as Enigma charged ahead with a reverse elbow strike to Johnny’s face. Johnny hit the mat as Enigma mocked Johnny’s previous taunt.
Scott James: Now let’s not get too cocky here, Johnny Stylez is still one hell of a talent.
Mike Fisher: That he is but Enigma is called The Monster Machine for reasons that are visibly on display!
Enigma pulled Johnny to his feet by the neck and delivered a choke toss. Johnny rolled out of the ring. Enigma followed but was hit with a thrust kick from Johnny upon reaching the floor, then another. Johnny grabbed the dazed champion and slung him into the ringsteps, Enigma crashed shoulder first. Johnny ran and delivered a punt kick to the champion before pulling him up and rolling him back underneath the ropes. Johnny hoped on the apron, climbed to the top rope and jumped off delivering a flying elbow drop.
Scott James: Shades of the “Macho Man” Randy Savage!
Mike Fisher: A move that’s put away so many greats, but will it be enough to defeat Enigma?
Johnny rolled over and covered the champion …1 …kickout! The Legacy Champion pushed his challenger off of him with force. Enigma sprung to life. Johnny came at him after hitting off of the ropes and attemption a flying crossbody but Enigma catches him and hoists Johnny up onto his shoulders delivering a Samoan Drop. Enigma covers …1 …2 …kickout!
Scott James: The challenger isn’t out of this one just yet ladies and gentlemen!
Mike Fisher:I’m beginning to think Johnny Stylez would have been better served keeping his shoulders down for an extra second.
Enigma lets Johnny get up and begins to dare the challenger to hit him in the face. Johnny begins to deliver a flurry of rights but Enigma does everything in his power to show no pain. Enigma blocks the fourth right and delivers a headbutt to the challenger. Enigma tosses Johnny into the turnbuckles and charges behind him with a corner splash. Enigma looks at Johnny and delivers a spinning backfist in the corner. Johnny stumbles out of the corner and Enigma charges for the ropes, he hits off and delivers a sickening spear.
Scott James: That one nearly cut LA Johnny Stylez in half!
Mike Fisher: I told you, he should have stayed down for that extra second.
Enigma places his foot on his opponent …1 …2 …kickout!
Scott James: You have to think that the nonchalant cover is a big reason this match will continue.
Mike Fisher: I don’t know if Johnny has much left in the tank after that spear.
Enigma toys with Johnny, waiting for his challenger to get to his feet. Enigma grabs Johnny by the neck and lifts him into the air delivering a sitout chokebomb.
Scott James: Questions and Answers!!!
Mike Fisher: That has got to be it.
Enigma moves to his side and covers Johnny, this time hooking a leg …1 …2 …3!!!
Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen here is your winner and STILL IIW Legacy Champion…ENIGMA!!!!
Scott James: A dominant showing by the man that they call The Monster Machine!
Mike Fisher: The first and only IIW Legacy Champion!

Match Three
UK Championship
Fatal Five Way Match
Clyde Newton © vs John Tolly vs John Blade vs TJ Alexander vs Caleb Scott

As soon as the bell rings, all 5 competitors break off into duos in order to battle it out, with Clyde being the odd man out. Instead, he chooses to roll outta the ring. TJ and Blade fight on one side of the ring, whilst Caleb and Tolly fight on the other side, TJ and Caleb gaining the early advantage in their respective match ups. Caleb thanks to kneeing Tolly in the gut then dropping him with a DDT and TJ thanks to ducking an attempted clothesline from Blade, then connecting with a dropkick to knock the latter down to the mat. All the while, Clyde observes, not wanting to get involved too early into the match.
Mike: The champion playing smart here. Knowing that it's best to just pick his spots and wait for the others to wear themselves out.
Scott: He needs to be careful not to wait too long though, otherwise one of these 4 could sneak away with the belt.
Mike: I'm sure he's aware of that.
Caleb maintains control of his battle with Tolly, despite John managing to stagger him with a headbutt, only to be taken down with a urange from Caleb, who then stomps down upon his prone foe. While that is occuring, TJ is knocked down to the mat courtesy of a John Blade shoulder block, then hit with an elbow drop by Blade who turns to the fans, attempting to get them fired up and invested even more into this match up. That is halted by Clyde rolling into the ring, dropping him with a clothesline, then rolling back out. While he did, TJ had stood back up, picking Blade up and dropping him to the mat with an overhead belly to belly suplex, then with a standing moonsault. On the other side of the ring, Caleb has set Tolly up in the corner, charging at him and hitting a european uppercut, then a 2nd, then a 3rd before letting him fall to the mat and going for a pin.
He manages to get a 1 count before Tolly gets his shoulder up.
Mike: Caleb looking to take that title and make it his.
Scott: Tolly not letting that happen. At least, not just yet.
Clyde then rolls into the ring as Tolly rolls out, taking down Caleb with a lariat, then hitting him with a backbreaker. Not wanting Caleb to be able to rise, he hits him with a leg drop after bouncing off the ropes. The focus returns to TJ and Blade, where TJ is running at Blade, looking to send him over the top rope with a clothesline, only for Blsde to duck and instead back body drop TJ onto the matting below as John attempts to catch his breath, staying out of sight of the dueling men in the middle of the ring, right as Caleb manages to connect with a jumping calf kick to Clyde, knocking him down. On the outside, Tolly has managed to recover and roll back into the ring, taking the opportunity to drop both Caleb and Blade with clotheslines, then hitting the latter with a vertical suplex. Him doing so bought Clyde enough time to rise and hit a gordbuster on Caleb, going for the pin after.
He gets a 1 and 1/2 count before Tolly turns around and drops a knee to break up the attempt.
Mike: Tolly wants that belt, and knows he has to play spoiler.
This only serves to annoy Clyde who turns him inside out with a discus lariat, just as TJ creeps into the ring and takes Blade out with a cutter, causing the latter to roll out. Turning his sights to Clyde, TJ prepares to launch an attack, only to be stopped dead in his tracks and instead hit with a snap DDT, dropping him to the mat. While that had been happening, Caleb and Tolly had resumed their head to head battle, Caleb managing to lock in a rear naked choke on Tolly, though after about 20 seconds, Tolly had been able to elbow his way outta the move. Clyde on the other hand, was in full control in his battle, managing to whip TJ off the ropes and hit him with a hip toss/neckbreaker combination, then a knee drop to the sternum.
He goes for another pin attempt, which nets a 2 count before TJ raises the shoulder.
Scott: TJ not done just yet.
Mike: You'd hope not.
Clyde simply smiles, hitting TJ with the Fetal Ending. The re-entering John Blade meets the same fate, before the champion elects to pin him, getting the 3 count.

Match Four
Tag Team Championship
Triple Threat Tornado Tag Team Match
GOC © vs MIA vs Team Friendship

Mike Fisher: Up next is the last Tag Tea, Championship match for the furseable future and by god its going to be a slobber knocker of a send off for the tag team division.

Scott James: Its going to be a great one thats for sure we got the reining IIW Tag Team Champions the Gnaster of Christ putting their belts up against not only the winners of the Tag Team Tournamnet the MIA and the returning former Tag Team Champions , Team Frienship.

Mike Fisher: Three highly successful and decorated Tag Teams are ready to go to war for the right to be called the final IIW Tag Team Champions, so lets get right to the match and not keep you great fans waiting.

Curtis and Waye stand in the ing as they wait for the rest of the teams.

"Smooth Criminal" Alien Ant Farm plays over the speakers as Jayce Carver & Trent Maddox come out to a standing ovation from the fans.

Alice Goldier: Making their way tot he ring , from Ontario, Caanada ,at a combine weight at 449lbs I give you Malice Intentions Alliance!!!!

The duo makes their way down the ramp and then slide into the ring, they stare down Team Friendship and then walks over towards their corner and wiat for the match to start.

Attention draws to the top of the ramp as “A Country Boy Can Survive” by the great Hank Williams Jr. starts to pick up over the sound system as the lights dim out with a spotlight hits the top of the ramp to find Michael Dawson taking the lead out through the curtain dressed in his Sunday’s best, bible in hand clutched at his chest.

The crowd's reaction is neutral as Gabe and Jethro Dawson emerge behind their father.

Alice Goldier: Making their way to the ring, from Lizard Lick, North Carolina, at a combine weight at 445lbs I give you the IIW Tag Team Champions The Gnasters Of Christ!!!!!!

Micheal leads Lizard Licks best down toward the IIW ring. Once ringside Michael spins around drawing a crucifix in the air across the face of Jethro and then followed by Gabe before the Gangsters of Chris slide into the ring and get to their feet waiting for the match to start.

*Bell Rings*

Michael and Dawson slide out of the ring to gameplan with their father Michael as Curtis and Wayne try to start things off with them but they ended getting blasted from behidn by Jayce and Trent, they stomp them down before lifting them both up to their feet , Jayce hits a suplex on Curtis first and then Trent hits a suplex with Wayne and amkes him land back first on top of Curtis, Trent then delievrs a double elbow drop to the chest of Curtis and Wayne then Jayce hits a standing shooting star press on top of them and then gives for the pin as the referee gets in position. The Tag Champions look to make a move but Father Michael holds them back with a smirk.



Curtis gets the shoulder up and Michael looks at his boys with a I told you so face expression. Jayce and Trent put the boots to Curtis and Wayne over and over again until Curtis and Wayne get a hold of thier foot and at the same time hit a dragon screw takedown on them. As Jayce and Trent both get up to one knee , Wayne delivers a drop kick tot he face of Trent while Curtis hits Jayce with a shinning wizard.

Mike Fisher: Fast paced action right out the gate.

Scott James: Yes it has been for these two teams , beating the hell out of eacother while the Tag Team Champions just sit back and watch for the right time to strike.

Mike Fisher: Well the Champs better stop wasting time and get into this match.

Curtis sends Jayce into the corner and then Wayne sends Trent into the corner as well and then follows up with a big body splash in the corner on them. Wayne holds them in position as Curtis comes running in to deliver a knee to the face of Trent and then takes him out of the corner with a british bulldog.Wayne delivers shots to the head of Jyace and then lifts him up on the top turnbuckle while Curtis delivers some kicks to the gut of Trent and then pulls him closer to the corner and as Curtis gets him in position Wayne puts Jayce shoulder over his and hits a big time suplex from the top rope and done on top of Trent, Wayne then hooks both legs of Jayce as the referee gets in position.



The Gangster of Christ finally makes their move as they slide into the ring with steel chairs. Jethro hits Wayne across the back to break up the pin while Gabriel strikes Curtis across the face with a steel chair.

Mike Fisher: The GOC just finally made their move.

Scott James: And they came in swinging!!!

They then turn their attention to Jayce and Trent who make it up to their feet, both members of the GOC go to swing their chairs at them but Jayce and Trent duck and then hit a drop kick on the GOC causing the chairs to smash them in the face and drop them. Jayce and Trent then unload punches on the GOC that sends them toward the ropes, Jayce and Trent then back up before charging toward the GOC, Jayce manages to hit a close line on Gabriel that sends them both over the ropes. While Jethro manages to to hit a kick to the face of Trent and then flip him over the top rope. He then uses the ropes to throw himself over on top of Trent to the outside and rain down punches on him. Curtis and Wayne make it back up to their feet and they quickly hit the ropes and rush to the opposite to hit a double sucicide dive, crashing into everyone on the outside and now all three teams are down.

Mike Fisher: Total wipeout!

Scott James: Team Friendship just went sucidal.

Curtis and Wayne get up tot heir feet frist and then so do Jayce and Trent and then two teams start trading blows by ringside while Father Michael gets with his sons to regroup.Jayce bounces Wayne head off the steel steps and then unloads with stuff chops tot he chest while Trent and Curtis fight upthe ramp, trading punches back and forth until Curtis is able to catch Trent with a kick to the gut and deliver a DDT on the steel ramp. He then kicks himself up on his feet and makes his way down the ramp to help his partner out but he gets blindsided by the GOC as Gabriel and Jethro unload with punches to his face and body until Curtis drops to the ground and they begin to stomp him repdeatly.

Mike Fisher: I cant tell who has the upper hand right now , all these teams just seem to be so evenly match.

Scott James: Something has to give.

Jayce grabs Wayne by the arm and slings him into the barricade and then lifts him up and drives him back first into the apron, he then rolls him into the ring. Jayce slides in and picks up a steel chair that was brought in earlier and starts laying in shots on Wyane with it for a couple of mintues. He then wedges the steel chair in the corner and walks back over to Wayne, slapping him around in the head as he lifts him up, he then kicks him in the gut and goes to sling him into the corner but Wayne hits a reverse and instead it's Jayce going head first into the steel chair and then staggers back towards Wayne as he holds face. Wayne takes advantage and hits a big-time spear out of nowhere and goes for the cover.




Jayce kicks out and a look of frustration grows on his face as he slaps the mat. Wayne lifts Jayce up and delivers a chop to the chest and then a punch before putting him in a side headlock and taking him back down to the mat and then transitioning to a cross face.

Mike Fisher: Wayne with a beautiful transition by Wayne just then.

While Wayne has Jayce locked in the crossface in the ring,Trent manages to get back up to his feet and tries to make his way bakc towards the ring but Jethro catches him by suprise with a knee to the gut and starts laying into him with chops and pucnhes but Trent delivers a headbutt to back him up and then hits a closeline tot ake him down on the ramp but Gabriel comes rushing and delivers an elbow to the back of the head and now the tag team Champions double team him by the barricade, Curtis starts to get up now and he gets to a vertical base, Gabriel comes after him but Curtis blocks his shot and fires back with a punch of his own and then slings Gabriel into the apron, Jethro trys to assist but Trent takes him out with a superkick and then flips him off as he makes his way down the ramp. He then for the moment assist Curtis they double kick Gabriel intot he gut and then lift him up to drop him face first on the barricade and then sling him intot eh steel steps.Curtis and Trent then look at each other and then look at their partners in the rign as Wayne tries to make Jayce tap, Trent quickly pokes Curtis into the eyes and then kicks him where the sun dont shine and then quickly rolls intot he ring to get Wayne off Jayce.

Mike Fisher: Nice save by Trent, his partner was moments away from giving up this match and the Tag Team titles.

Scott James: Keeping their dreams still alive.

Trent gets Wayne up to a vertical base and hits a big-time spine buster while Jayce intercepts Curtis as he slides into the ring, he stomps him down and then lifts him up to deliver a kick to the gut and then hits Curtis with a Canadian destroyer that lays Curtis out and then Jayce kicks him out the ring. MIA then turn their attention to Wayne as he makes it back to his feet, they throw him towards the ropes and as Wayne comes back they hit a 3-D in the middle of the ring and Trent goes for the cover over by the ropes.




Father Michael pulls Trent off Wayne and out of the ring face first, Trent gets up in Father Michaels's face but before he can react, Gabriel smashes Trent behind the head with a steel chair and beats him over and over again and Jethro does the same to Jayce as he sneaks up behind him in the ring. After the GOC take out Jayce and Trent they both take turns beating the hell out of Wayne with steel chairs until he lays there lifeless. Jethro then places a steel chair under the head of Wayne and lifts his head up a little as Gabriel bounces off the ropes and comes back to deliver a LAST RITES( Curb Stomp) right on the steel chair and Gabriel goes for the pin while Jethro stays ready to keep everyone else at bay.




*Bell Rings*

Alice Goldier: Here are your winners, still your forever IIW Tag Team Champions THE GANGSTERS OF CHRIST!!!!!

Mike Fisher: The Gangster of Christ rose to the top of the IIW tag team division and on they very last super show they remain the best IIW Tag Team Champions we've ever had, hats off to an impressive run these boys put on here in IIW.

The Gangster of Christ stand tall in the ring, holding their IIW Tag Team Championships high as their father raise their hand in the ring.

Part 2