IIW Shirt Edition 1

This limited edition IIW Shirt features the IIW Logo as well as the designs of the two main shows

Osh Vaughan Shirt Edition 1

Ofcourse the founder of the IIW was going to be the first person to get his own branded personalised shirt and here we have it.

IIW Hoody

The IIW Hoody may be selling at the wrong time of the year but it's an immaculate design and one the fans are already flocking to

IIW First Class T-Shirt!!

Be Superior! Wear Superior.

Curtis - Semen Demon Edition

***TOP SELLER ALERT*** Since the release of these they have SOLD OUT, we have just recently stocked up more to make sure we can provide top quality shirts to the IIW fans

Brandon Hendrix Shirt Edition 1

Hollywood Shaun Hart has made sure his top client has got a shirt sorted, own this premium edition BH shirt!

The Arches Edition

This beautiful shirt is flying off the rails now, be quick to own one!

Adam The Monster - Genuine Eaten Edition

Unfortunately Adam The Monster got into the stock and managed to chomp his way through a few shirts before we stopped him, as a result these have been listed as genuine eaten shirts!