TV title No.1 Contender
John Tolly vs Ed Stoker

Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is scheduled for one fall with the winner qualifying for a spot in the IIW Television Championship Match!

As the arena lights dimmed, a hushed anticipation fell over the crowd. The pulsating beat of "Colossal Conquest," Big Ed's iconic theme music, began to reverberate through the venue, shaking the very floor beneath their feet. A spotlight pierced the darkness, focusing on the entrance ramp. Amidst a cloud of smoke and flashing pyrotechnics, the colossal figure of Big Ed emerged, his 7-foot frame casting an imposing shadow. He stood at the entrance, his chiseled physique accentuated by the dimmed lighting. Wearing his signature wrestling attire, complete with custom-made boots and a cape that billowed behind him, he radiated an aura of raw power and confidence. The crowd erupted into a deafening roar, their cheers and chants echoing throughout the arena. Big Ed acknowledged his adoring fans with a nod and a charismatic grin. With each step he took towards the ring, the floor seemed to shake beneath him, a testament to his immense presence. As he reached the ring apron, Big Ed ascended the steel steps with ease, stepping over the top rope and into the squared circle. The arena lights illuminated him once more, revealing the determination etched onto his face.

Alice Goldier: Introducing first, he hails from The Mid West, he stands at seven feet tall and weighs in at 330 pounds, he is “BIG” ED STOKER!!!

Blind hits as John Tolly walks out he looks around cracks his neck and makes his way to the ring he poses for a second on the turn buckle before hoping in the ring

Alice Goldier: And his opponent, hailing from Champaign, illinois, standing at five feet ten inches tall and weighing in at 225 pounds…JOHN TOLLY!!!!

Mike Fisher: This should be one hell of a fight. A scrappy veteran like John Tolly against a monster of a man like Ed Stoker.

Scott James: I hate to say it but John Tolly may be at a severe disadvantage against the BIG man from The Mid-West.

The bell rang as Stoker egged on Tolly to attack. Tolly, being a vet, didn’t take the bait instead he kept a brisk jog in place in his corner which angered Ed. Ed charged at Tolly but Tolly rolled out of the corner allowing Ed’s sternum to crush against the turnbuckles. Tolly got to his feet and slammed into Ed’s back with a corner splash.

Mike Fisher: You can see that John Tolly is doing his best to minimize the advantage Ed Stoker has when looking at sheer size.

Scott James: I’d say that Ed Stoker has a clear advantage over 99% of humanity in the size department.

Tolly hit off of the ropes and went for a crossbody splash on Ed as Ed moved from the corner but Ed caught John in midair and slammed him hard against the mat. Ed went for the early cover …1 …2 …kickout! Ed climbed to his feet as did John. Ed went for a clothesline but John was able to duck, when Ed turned around John hit him with a kick to the gut and then brought him down with a jawbreaker. Ed leaned up against the ropes, stunned.

Mike Fisher: John Tolly is showing, thus far, that it’s not the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the dog!

Scott James: Hey, we all know that John Tolly is one hell of a competitor but you’ve gotta wonder how long he will be able to stay one step ahead of Big Ed Stoker.

Tolly charged at Ed but Ed sent him over the top and to the floor with a backbody drop. Ed stepped through the ropes and plopped down onto the arena floor as Tolly began to get to his feet. Ed laced Tolly’s face with a series of right hands and then began to choke at Tolly up against the apron before letting go and unleashing an echoing thud with an overhand chop to Tolly’s chest.

Mike Fisher: I have a feeling that one is going to leave a mark!

Scott James: A mark? I’m pretty sure Great, Great Granddaddy Tolly just felt that one!

Ed pulled Tolly up and went to throw him into the steel steps but Tolly was able to use Ed’s momentum against him and send the big man crashing into the steps. Tolly rolled into the ring and back out to break the referee’s count before going back on the attack landing forearm shots and kicks to Ed who was in a kneeling position.

Mike Fisher: John Tolly is really bringing this fight to Ed Stoker, he wants to be in that Television Championship match.

Scott James: I think the smarter move would have been to win via countout if Ed couldn’t have answered the call.

John moved away from Ed before beginning to charge at the behemoth but Ed leaped in the air and knocked John down with a body strike on the outside. Ed began to pound his chest and shout as he pulled John up by the head and tossed him under the bottom rope. Ed followed him into the ring. Tolly got up to his feet but Ed charged full speed ahead, turning Tolly inside out with a huge lariat.

Mike Fisher: John Tolly just found out what it feels to be hit by an automobile!

Scott James: Automobile? Try a goddamn tank!

Ed pulled Tolly to his feet and backed him into a corner with a few blows to the head. Ed tossed John across the ring with an Irish Whip and charged behind him squashing John’s body in the corner with a body splash. Ed lifted John up onto his shoulders, he ran across the ring and slammed John down with a running powerslam.

Mike Fisher: That’s the Colossal Slam!

Scott James: I think that’s all she wrote folks!

Stoker took his time crawling over to cover John but did so without covering the leg. …1 …2 …kickout!

Mike Fisher: You’re kidding me?!?!

Scott James: It had to take every last ounce of strength in John Tolly’s body to kickout of that!

Ed climbed to his feet, looking irate at the referee but before he lost his focus he turned back to John who began to get to his knee only to kick him in the side of the head knocking John back to the mat. Ed hit off of the ropes and dropped an elbow onto Tolly. Ed then climbed to the top rope and flew off of the top with a flying headbutt.

Mike Fisher: The Flying Ed Butt!

Scott James: Ed Stoker just scrambled John Tolly’s brains with that one!

Stoker rolled over, hooking the leg for the cover …1 …2 …3!!!

Alice Goldier: Ladies and gentlemen here is your winner…ED STOKER!!!!!

We are taken back to the ring where Alice Goldier is standing by ready to announce the next match when there's something going on in the crowd. Someone jumps the guard rail and slides into the ring. He's wearing a tie dye shirt with a smiley face on front, a black leather vest and torn jeans. He is accompanied by a pair of attractive, scantily clad women. They are both blondes with surgically enhanced chests, wearing, low cut t-shirts that say "Women <3 Jack N. Mehoff."

Fisher: That's Jack Mehoff. What's he doing here? Does he even work here?

James: Judging by the company he keeps, I can already tell I like him.

The fans give a mixed reaction as Jack grabs the mic from a stunned Alice Goldier.

Jack: You might know me from FTW, you might know me from Thunder Pro, or you might know me from a promo I cut for the Ice Crown Tournament, but if you say you don't know who I am, your Pornhub search history will say you're a liar... My name is Jack N. Mehoff and I'm here for a reason. And that reason isn't for titles and glory. It's not to be the top dog in this company, and it's not to settle an old grudge... I'm here to save everyone in the back and all you ignorant morons from an abusive relationship.

Fisher: What?

James: If he wants to save me from my ex-wife, I'm all for it.

Jack: See, when I was in FTW, we had a whole lot of IIW cast offs. Every time they'd cut a promo, they'd say "I faced this guy before in IIW." Or "I held this title in IIW." Or "Back when I was in IIW, me and some other guys fucked that rat right there."

Jack points to an overweight, middle aged woman sitting in the second row, who does not look amused.

Jack: I dealt with it, but always had it in the back of my mind, asking myself, "What was so great about that company?" Well, time passes and eventually, I get a chance to find out. I get a call about a tournament. A tournament featuring the best in this business and it's all for this.

Jack reaches into his vest and pulls out a crown. It's the crown that was supposed to be given to the winner of the 2023 Ice Crown Championship Tournament. The crowd let's out an audible gasp.

Fisher: How the hell did he get hold of that thing?

Jack: So, I. cut a promo, I let that dopey interviewer into my studio, I clear my schedule, and I show up to a building with a sign on it saying "Due to unforseen circumstances, the IIW Ice Crown Tournament has been canceled." I call Osh, I text him, and either his arms are too damn big to operate a phone, or he fucking ghosted me, and either way the cheap bastard never payed me my booking fee and left me stranded with a one way flight. So, I do what wrestlers have a long history of doing any time a promoter screwed them on a payoff, and I stole this and used it as a prop in a porno.

Jack holds up the Ice Crown.

Jack: So I say to myself, whatever. I move on with FTW and continue with a hot streak unlike anyone's ever seen. But eventually, FTW closes, and NOW Osh is able to find my phone number. Pretty much the entire roster comes crawling back when he opens his doors, and everyone acts like things are great. But things aren't great. This company uses people like an abusive relationship. The boys in the back, the staff making this show happen, the fucking janitor. and especially all you marks sitting out there.

That comment really hits the fans and they start booing.

Jack: Boo me all you want. I've seen an abusive relationship before. I once worked with a girl who left her ex. She kept talking about the good times and what a great guy he was, and never mentioned the times he hit her or sent her to the hospital. He would constantly put in her head that she wasn't good enough to go anywhere else. And every time he would call her offering some bullshit apology, she'd go running back to him. Sound familiar to anybody here?

The crowd really starts to boo and some people even start throwing garbage in the ring.

Jack: So, what do you do when someone is in an abusive relationship like all of you are? You do what I did, you go up to the son of a bitch taking advantage of people in a alley outside a bar, beat the shit out of him, pour lighter fluid on his crotch, then burn his dick off.

Jack reaches into his vest pocket and pulls out a bottle of lighter fluid, and starts spraying it in the center of the ring.

Fisher: Is he doing? Someone get security out here NOW.

Jack: Now she wasn't very happy with me when I did that, but sometimes you do what you gotta do to help get someone out of a toxic relationship.

Jack reaches into his pocket and pulls out a lighter. He tries flicking it before Harper, Jacob's and every other security guard in the building rush into the ring and grab Jack, trying to keep him from lighting the ring on fire.

They wrestle the lighter out of Jack's hand. As they drag him out, Jack puts thr mic back to his mouth.

Jack: C'mon guys, I'm not a psychopath. You wouldn't find me beating the shit out of people just because my life sucks. I deserve the chance to have fun now and then. That's all I'm saying.

Harper, Jacob's and 3 other security guards try wrestling Jack into the back, as every other security guard in the building run into the crowd and try to stop a full blown riot from taking place as we cut to the back.

TV title No.1 Contender
Liechenburg vs Hellbreaker


As Lichenberg is almost at the edge of the ring apron, Hellbreaker takes off running inside the ring and... suicide dive to the outside!!! The big man goes crashing to the ground and Hellbreaker lets out a loud yell as the fans shower him with boos. The referee admonishes Hellbreaker to bring the action to the ring but he just smiles as he lays the boots to Lichenberg on the outside.

Mike Fisher: Has the opening bell even rang?

Scott James: Who cares?!?

Mike Fisher: Certainly not Hellbreaker! OUCH! OH GOD! What a kick to the spine by Hellbreaker! Lichenberg is in some serious pain.

After a violent kick to the spine of Lichenberg, Hellbreaker slowly rolls into the ring and tells the ref to ring the bell to start the match.

Mike Fisher: There's the bell and we're officially underway.... but Lichenberg is still on the outside.

Scott James: Count him out ref!

At the behest of Hellbreaker, the referee begins the ten count.







Lichenberg starts to stir.


Lichenberg to one knee.


Lichenberg on his feet...



Mike Fisher: Lichenberg slides into the ring just as the ref was about to make the 10 count!

Scott James: And Hellbreaker is livid! He thought for sure he had his first win in the bag!

Hellbreaker in the refs face and he grabs him by the collar threatening to hit him. The ref warns Hellbreaker that he'll DQ him and as Hellbreaker turns back around he's met with a huge clothesline from Lichenberg!

Mike Fisher: Did you see that? Hellbreaker spun around about three times before he landed on his face!

Lichenberg bounces off the ropes and they stretch out to just about their limits before he lands on Hellbreaker with a huge leg drop. Lichenberg covers.




Mike Fisher: Hellbreaker able to kick out there and he's still got a shot in this one.

Scott James: Lichenberg to his feet now...

Lichenberg helps up Hellbreaker and whips him into the ropes, Hellbreaker bounces back into the arms of Lichenberg... powerslam!!!

Mike Fisher: That shook the ring!

Scott James: They man weighs as much as a car... how this ring holds up is anyone's guess.

Lichenberg picks up Hellbreaker again and tosses him into the corner. Hellbreaker hits the turnbuckle back first and drops to the mat in pain! Lichenberg waists little time as he stalks the newcomer into the corner, lifting him back up and setting him back first against the turnbuckles. The crowd goes silent and Lichenberg with his massive paw slaps the chest of Hellbreaker!!

Mike Fisher: Look at Hellbreaker' chest... instantly red!

Scott James: It's like being slapped by a Grizzly bear.

Lichenberg brings his hand back to slap the chest of Hellbreaker again, but Hellbreaker rakes the eyes of the big man. Hellbreaker quickly slides out of the way and shoves Lichenberg into the corner. Hellbreaker lays into the big man with a barrage of kicks to the midsection.

Scott James: Stop a mudhole in his ass!

Hellbreaker stomps Lichenberg until the big man slumps down into the corner. Jacobs backs up into the opposite corner and takes off running... running dropkick to the chest of Lichenberg!!! Lichenberg rolls over and Hellbreaker goes for the cover.




Mike Fisher: Lichenberg powers out at two and tosses Hellbreaker off of him. Such strength.

Scott James: Hellbreaker has him right where he wants him. He's had a strategy all the way.

Hellbreaker looks at Lichenberg and he swiftly climbs to the outside. Hellbreaker waits for Lichenberg to get to his feet and he springs off the ropes with a springboard lariat!! The big man stumbles backwards.

Mike Fisher: Not enough to knock him off his feet, though. Hellbreaker now climbs the top rope and Lichenberg is still stumbling in the ring... diving bulldog!!!!

Scott James: That put his big ass back down!

Mike Fisher: And Hellbreaker is signaling for something here... this could be it...

Hellbreaker goes to position Lichenberg for the BUZZ SAW! NO! Lichenberg with a stiff elbow to the side of Hellbreaker's head. Hellbreaker stumbles backwards before regaining his composure and runs towards Lichenberg... DDT by Lichenberg.

Mike Fisher: Ouch!

Lichenberg picks up Hellbreaker and hoists him up... POWERBOMB

Scott James: My lord what a MOVE

Lichenberg lays on top of Hellbreaker.




RING ANNOUNCER: Here is your winner via pinfall... Lichenberg

Reynold LeFevre vs Ryan McCann

Ryan McCann is ready to pounce as the bell sounds. Ryan McCann comes flying with a diving missile dropkick! Reynold tries to avoid it but he goes flying!

Scott James: Reynold got decked!

Ryan McCann follows up with a series of swift kicks on the ground. Every time Reynold tries to get up the Ryan McCann nails another kick! Reynold finally rolls away and gets up! Diving forearm by Reynold! Reynold lifts Ryan McCann and nails a side slam!

Mike Fisher: Ryan McCann would make a better Intercontinental champion than Reynold.

Reynold locks up with Ryan McCann, BLACKBALLED headlock driver! Reynold goes for the cover!

Scott James: This may be it!



Ryan McCann hits a big roundhouse kick! Jumping knee! Flapjack slam! Ryan McCann is stalking Reynold... shinning wizard! Ryan McCann goes for a cover!

Mike Fisher: Ryan McCann with a burst of power!



Scott James: Reynold easily able to get out!

The Nina locks in a Texas cloverleaf, but Reynold is able to reach the ropes! Reynold hits a knee to the gut! Reynold bounces back off the ropes and gets a cross body! Ryan McCann kips up, kick! STUNNER! Ryan McCann goes for the cover!




Your winner – Ryan McCann!

Riley Pierce vs Britney Madison



First shot at the Global Title
TJ Alexander vs Justin York


Alice Goldier: Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is scheduled for one fall and is a Global Championship number one contender match!

Mike Fisher: TJ Alexander and Justin York, two IIW veterans are about to collide to see who faces the Global Champion!

Scott James: It’s one hell of a prize and a curse–you’re going to be facing either Clyde Newton, Curtis or Crush!

The stage fills with white smoke as "The Touch" By Stan Bush play over the PA system and as the white smoke fills the stage, TJ Alexander steps in the white smoke and kneels before leaping out of the white smoke and heads towards the ring, he climbs the turnbuckle from the apron poses for a few seconds and climbs in the ring and then back on the turnbuckle again to taunt the fans

Alice Goldier: Introducing first, he hails from London, England, he stands at six feet one inch tall and weighs in at 188 pounds he is “The Game Changer”...TJ ALEXANDER!!!

The lights in the arena go completely dark, after a few seconds the people in attendance begin to get unsettled and rowdy. At that very minute, Remember My Name by Robsan & Krispel rings throughout the arena. Fireworks blow out of the stage area as well as the ring posts damn near drowning out all sound of the fans, commentators and even the music. Justin York steps out onto the Stage area wearing his signature black leather jacket with the hood directly over his face. After a few seconds he rips the hood up over his face and sticks his tongue out to the crowd along with a middle finger as they now begin to boo and toss drinks and garbage toward the stage area. Before heading down the ramp, York awaits his wife as she comes out from behind the curtain, kisses him and the two link arms and walk the aisle toward the ring together with their noses in the air, slightly taunting as they go. York jumps up onto the apron while his wife makes her way to the stairs, he sits down on the middle rope allowing her to get into the ring and then he jumps over the top rope behind her. The two kiss in the center of the ring and then flip the middle finger together to the camera and the fans.

Alice Golier: And his opponent, he hails from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, standing at five feet eleven inches tall and weighing in at 197 pounds he is “The Casino Kid”...JUSTIN YORK!!!

Mike Fisher: This is going to be a showdown of two former IIW champions!

Scott James: That’s correct, TJ Alexander a former two time IIW Television Champion and Justin York a former IIW International Champion himself.

The two men came to a collar and elbow before TJ locked in a headlock, York pushed him off of the rope and TJ hit a shoulder block. TJ hit off of the ropes, York got up and leapfrogged, TJ hit off again, another leapfrog from York. York brought TJ over with an armdrag on the next rebound, TJ popped up and brought a charging York over with an armdrag of his own. York hit a kip up and charged with a superkick that TJ ducked. TJ came back with his own superkick but came up empty himself. TJ was backed into the corner where York came running and connected with a running knee strike. York picked up TJ and dropped his manhood across the top rope before springboard with a kick to the side of the head sending TJ to the arena floor.

Mike Fisher: Looks like this one is going to the outside.

Scott James: And with the way Justin York’s mind works I’d feel safe assuming that he is about to take flight!

York hit off of the ropes and flew through the middle with a suicide plancha. York popped up immediately, grabbing TJ and tossing him back into the ring before connecting with a springboard dropkick. York went for the cover …1 …2 …kickout! York went for the top rope but TJ got to his feet, hit the top rope and York crashed downward into the top turnbuckle. TJ climbed to the middle turnbuckle and greeted York with a few punches before York blocked a punch and hit a headbutt before connecting with a couple of rights of his own. York flipped over and brought TJ to the mat with a sunset flip into a pin …1 …2 …kickout!

Mike Fisher: Justin York within mere milliseconds of taking home a victory on the Season 4 Premiere!

Scott James: And the stakes couldn’t be much higher with an opportunity to win the Global Championship hanging in the balance!

York got to his feet and charged a kneeling TJ with a running knee but TJ hit the mat, York flew passed him and crashed against the mat as TJ got to his feet. TJ connected with a superkick that sent York’s gum flying in the air. York stumbled for a moment before TJ hit him with a belly to back suplex and went for the cover …1 …2 …kickout! TJ got to his feet, York the same a moment later. TJ hit York with a knife edge chop and a forearm smash. York leaned against the ropes when he was hit with a clothesline by TJ that sent him to the apron.

Mike Fisher: TJ Alexander looking like he is in firm control and just moments away from a Global Championship match!

Scott James: I’d say you’re mostly correct, but, you can never count a guy like Justin York out.

TJ hit the middle rope like a springboard and came back with a dropkick knocking York off of the apron to the arena floor. TJ climbed to the top and flew off of the top rope with a flying crossbody to the outside. The two men were down momentarily before TJ pulled York up and tossed the small of his back into the apron and placed him onto the apron. TJ hits a few forearm smashes before putting York’s head into the ring and his gut leaning on the middle rope. TJ went to the other side of the ring and hit a springboard guillotine legdrop on York. TJ went for the cover …1 …2 …kickout!

Mike Fisher: TJ Alexander was so close to victory that I’m sure he could taste it!

Scott James: Unfortunately for TJ that is a taste that isn’t quite his yet.

TJ looked to the referee who assured him it was only a two count. TJ pulled York up by the hair and set up with a vertical suplex but as York went into the air he was able to reverse and fall backwards, grabbing TJ’s head and snapping him downward with a neckbreaker. TJ rolled out of the ring onto the apron before both men began to get to their feet.

Mike Fisher: Back and forth action, just the type of wrestling the IIW faithful has become accustomed to seeing on our broadcasts.

Scott James: I don’t like the look that Justin York has in his eyes!

York sprinted and brought himself and TJ to the outside with a spear through the middle rope to the floor. The referee count reached two before the two men began to stir. TJ leaned against the guardrail. York charged but TJ hit a back body, sending York over into the crowd. York sat on a seat as TJ charged and flew with a plancha over the guardrail sending the two competitors crashing into the next set of chairs. TJ pulled himself up and then York at the count of six. TJ pushed York over the top of the guardrail and brought him into the ring at seven. TJ climbed to the top and leaped off with a frog splash but came up empty.

Mike Fisher: That had to hurt!

Scott James: It’s not called a high risk maneuver for nothing!

The referee counted the two men to a three count before they got to their feet. York charged with a clothesline but ducked, TJ hit him with a leaping cutter on the way back and then popped to his feet, running to the ropes and hitting a running shooting star press into a cover …1 …2 …kickout! TJ grabbed at his air in frustration.

Mike Fisher: I don’t think TJ Alexander can believe that Justin York is still alive in this one!

Scott James: Hey, both men have given it their all–regardless of who wins this win it was a victory well earned.

TJ got up to a corner, York got to his feet. TJ charged for a spear but York leapfrogged him. TJ put the breaks on before colliding with the turnbuckles. TJ turned around to a jumping pump kick from Justin that caught him off guard. Justin lifted TJ up onto his shoulders and hit him with the Go to Hell.

Mike Fisher: CASINO CRUSHER!!!

Scott James: And out of nowhere!

York dropped to his knees and hooked TJ’s far leg …1 …2 …3!!!!

Alice Goldier: Ladies and gentlemen here is your winner…JUSTIN YORK!!!!!
Global Title
Crush vs Clyde Newton vs Curtis
vs vs

The bell sounds, as Crush and Curtis run at Clyde. Clyde hits Curtis with a hard kick to the midsection as Crush grabs Clyde hitting a DDT sending Clyde to the mat. He goes for the pin…


Clyde kicks out, as Curtis comes off of the top with a pointed elbow and it connects to Clyde and Curtis tries for the pin, only to have Crush drag Curtis off of Clyde. Curtis and Crush start to argue as Clyde hits Crush with sweet chin music and then turns to Curtis and grabs him hitting a snap suplex sending Curtis to the mat and goes for the pin…


Curtis kicks out, as Clyde locks on a Boston Crab as Curtis tries to get out of the hold. The ref asks if Curtis wants to quit but he screams no, and the ref starts to count…






Clyde lets go as Crush runs at Clyde hitting a low drop kick sending Clyde to the mat and goes for the pin…



Crush hits Mad- Assault landing on both Clyde and Curtis as he goes for the pin…



Both Curtis and Clyde kick out as the crowd cheers loudly.

Scott James: What a match so far!

Mike Fisher: This is really anyone’s match

Curtis grabs Crush and drags him to his feet hitting drop toe hold sending Crush to the mat and goes for the pin…




Clyde breaks up the pin, He goes to grab Crush but Curtis hits him in the midsection dropping Clyde to his knees. Crush gets to his feet and hits Clyde with a hard knee to the face. Clyde hits the mat as Crush locks in The Lady of Despair as Clyde tries to get out of the old. The ref gets down and asks if he wants to quit but Clyde screams no and the ref starts to count…






Crush lets go and goes for the pin, only to have Curtis break it up. Crush gets to his feet and once again they start to argue.

Mike Fisher: Both of them want the win over Clyde and they can’t see eye to eye.

Scott James: No they cannot. Clyde is going to take full advantage here!

Clyde clothelines Crush sending them both over the top rope

Curtis rolls back into the ring as. Curtis dives through the ropes with a tope! But Crush dives out the way avoiding the blow

Mike Fisher: Curtis is busted open!

Crush with Throws Curtis again into the guardrail! Clyde then levels Crush with a clothesline and picks him up and tosses him into the ring. Clyde rolls in and goes for the cover!


…………… .2

………..Crush kicks out!

Scott James: Crush showing a lot of toughness.

Clyde grabs Crush and hits a Cradle DDT and then puts him in the STF! Crush yells in pain as he tries reaching the ropes.

Mike Fisher: Crush is in trouble here!

Mike Fisher: The referee has no control in this match!

Curtis gets on the apron and springboards onto Clyde and Crush breaking the hold in this exchange

Mike Fisher: No one can take a solid advantage.

Curtis with a knife edge chop to Clyde and some right hands he goes for a kick but Clyde catches his foot but Curtis with an inside out mule kick!

Scitt James: Curtis coming back.

Curtis hits Crush with a dropkick and then hits Clyde with a spinning heel kick sending both men to the floor.

Mike Fisher: These guys are tearing one another apart.

Curtis pulls out a ladder and props it on the ring and the guardrail. Crush rolls out of the ring and levels Curtis with a clothesline.

Mike Fisher: These guys are doing everything they can.

Clyde grabs a chair but Crush with a SPEAR to the chair sending Clyde to the floor and busting him open.

Scott James: Crush standing tall!

Crush picks up Curtis and drops him across the ladder. He turns and Clyde just lays him out with a brutal chair shot busting Crush open.

Mike Fisher: Clyde is showing some sadistic tendencies.

Clyde drives the chair into Crush’s leg repeatedly. He picks up Crush and puts him on the ladder. Curtis climbs to the top rope but Clyde throws the chair at him and Curtis gets crotched across the top turnbuckle. He climbs up and grabs Curtis.

Mike Fisher: This is a very dangerous position!


Scott James: My god! All three men may be dead!



Mike Fisher: The refs’ counting!


Scott James: WHAT?

The bell rings but there is confusion… Alice is looking for clarity from the referee Duke Longbottom

They confer….

Alice Goldier: Due to double pinfall.. The winners are…………… .. CRUSH ANDDDDDDDD CLYDE NEWTON!

The screen replays the action and we can see as they crash through the ladder Clyde and Crush both land ontop of Curtis causing the pinfall to happen.

Just then a tall man in a suit and cowboy hat walks out on stage and gives a condescending round of applause to Crush and Clyde, he gives Crush a smirk before lifting his microphone up.

Robert Morgan: Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Robert Morgan and I am the Advisor to the one and only Jesse James and his James Gang and tonight you all get to witness what is here to come in IIW and I guarantee it will live up to the hype. So without any more delay let me introduce the man that's going to TAKE OVER the landscape of IIW, give it up for America's Nightmare Jesse James!!!!!

Crush looks unimpressed as he stares down Robert Morgan but then Outlaw State Of Mind by Chris Stapleton

Starts to okay over the speakers as the lights dim down a little in the arena and after a few moments of build-up a man is a black leather jacket that has James Gang on the back with a skull in the middle and some black wrestling jeans on with black cowboy boots walks out on stage with a smirk on his face.

Mike Fisher: By God that must be him!!!

Scott James: Well who else would it be?

Jesse does a two sweet hand gestures with Robert Morgan and then looks down at Crush with a smirk before whispering something into Robert Morgans ear and then Morgan nods his head in understanding at Jesse and turns his attention to Crush once again.

Robert Morgan: Well hot damn Crush is your lucky day, Jesse ain't got no business with you today

Crush looks at Morgan and Jesse with disgust as he walks up the ramp and he gets ready to pass Jesse, Jesse, and Crush have stare down and exchange some words before he takes his leave to the back as Clyde finally gets up on his feet by the announcement table while Curtis stands up in the ring.

Robert Morgan: Well it's about time you boys woke up to meet Jesse James and THE JAMES GANG!!!

Suddenly three individuals with black bandanas tied around their face jump the barricade as Jesse James and Robert Morgan slowly make their way down the ramp. Clyde backs up by the announcement table as the gang seems to focus their attention on Curtis as they surround the ring, Curtis puts his fist up and looks like he's ready to fight.

Mike Fisher: I don't like the look of Thai for Curtis, this is about to be a damn gang hit.

Scott James: I don't think Clyde likes the look of this either.

Clyde jumps the barricade and gets the hell out of dodge, leaving Curtis to defend for himself as The James Gang enters the ring! Curtis fights off the first two attackers but then the third one nails Curtis in the back of the head and make shin drop to one knee, then the three of them start stomping him into the ground repeatedly as Robert Morgan gets up on the apron to hold the ring ropes open for Jesse James as he steps into the ring with a proud smirk on his face.

Mike Fisher: Jesse has nothing to be proud of, TAKE THAT DAMB SMIRK OFF YIUR FACE!!!

Scott James: Calm down Mike!!!

Jesse takes notice of Mike on commentary and then orders two members of the James Gang to go over there, they nod their head, slide out of the ring, and start attacking Mike viciously, Scott tries to help but ends up taking a punch to the face and slumping over while they beat down Mike. Tearing his shirt off and then bringing him into the ring, they handcuff him to the ropes with back facing Jesse James who has a vile look on his face as he takes his leather cowboy belt off and starts whipping the back of Mike Fisher repeatedly until you see bright red welts start to form on his back.

Jesse starts laughing and then talks shit to Mike until Curtis surprised him by tackling him to the ground and starts laying punches into Jesse until one of the members of the James Gang kicks Curtis across his face and then they go back to stomping him down before getting him back up on his feet and handcuffing him to the ropes now but he's faces Jesse unlike Mike and Jesse lays into Curtis with repeated punches to the face until he draws blood and blood starts to cover up Curtis face like a crimson mask, Jesse back up with a sadistic smile on his face and then hits STICK UP (Superkick) to the face of Curtis and he just hangs down like ragdoll with blood dripping down to the mat.

Jesse wipes the blood of Curtis across his chest and then takes a microphone from Robert Morgan.

Jesse James: Let Curtis be my message to the rest of the locker room and a clear message to Crush because I let you walk away from this today but the next time isn't promised! So take a good look at Curtis and know that The James Gang is no joke so you can either hand over what I want which is the Global Championship or you can wake up in a hospital bed like Curtis is going to do.

Jesse smirks as he slaps the head of an unconscious Curtis.

Jesse James: Yeah he's not waking up no time soon but let me not be rude and let em introduce the members of the James gang.

He points to one member that has a black vest on with James Gang on the back.

Jesse James: That's my big brother The Outlaw Mike James!!!!

Jesse and Mike do a too sweet hand gesture and then Mine backs back up and Jesse points over to the other two that wear black shirts that says James Gang on them.

Jesse James: And these two are Dallas and Austin Davis of The James Gang!!!

Dallas and Austin do superkicks towards the camera and laughs for a moment before doing the too-sweethand gesture with Jesse James before going back to their spots.

Jesse James: So now you know the faces and names that are going run wild on IIW, nobody is safe and everyone is a target for The James Gang and we never miss or target!!!

Jesse smirks as he drops the microphone and then the James Gang poses in the middle of the ring as the hard cam gives a lasting image of a beat-down Mike Fisher and a bloody Curtis before the show goes off the air.