Singles Match
Crush vs Nick Hart


Referee Mark Hanson calls for the bell, and the two men approach the center of the ring. Crush extends his hand to shake Nick Hart's hand. Nick Hart extends his hand back. When Crush lets go, Nick Hart leaps into the air, hitting a hurricanrana.





Mike Fisher: Rookie mistake almost ended this match quickly for Crush.

Both wrestlers get up. Nick Hart leaps for a spinning heel kick. Crush reverses with a sit-out powerbomb.





Scott James: Heh.

Both men get back up to their feet again. This time Crush strikes first...literally...with a mix of Ju Jitsu strikes. he ends the series with a double-underhook DDT. he reaches down to pick Nick Hart up, but Nick Hart quickly locks hmi in a gogoplata.

Mike Fisher: Deadly Submission

Crush flails around, trying to get out of the hold. Mark Hanson asks him if he wants to give up, but Crush shakes his head 'no'.

Scott James: This has to be one of the most-lethal submission holds ever created.

Just when it looks hopeless, Crush manages to get his foot under the bottom rope. Hanson calls for the release of the hold.





Nick Hart releases.

Crush rolls out of the ring and immediately grasps for breath, simultaneously wiping a drip of blood from the corner of his mouth. Meanwhile, Mark Hanson reprimands Nick Hart for not releasing the hold immediately, as instructed. Nick Hart ignores this and makes his way to the ropes nearest Crush.

He planchas over. Crush leaps up, jump-kicking Nick Hart. She rolls Nick Hart back into the ring.

Crush crawls into the ring and covers Nick Hart.








Foot on ropes!!!

Scott James: How the hell?!

Mike Fisher: Good question.

Crush stalks Nick Hart. Nick Hart uses the corner t-buckle to pull himself back up. As he does this, Crush charges and leaps for a spear. Nick Hart moves out of the way, and Crush runs into the corner shoulder-first. Nick Hart gets into the corner and stands on the top rope.

Nick Hart leaps off the top rope. Instead of grabbing Crush's head for a Spike DDT, he is met hard with THE BONE CRUSHER!

Mike Fisher: What a move!

Crush drops down for a cover...









Robert Ace vs Anthony Tudor

The bell sounds, and the match starts as the two men stare each other down. The first move of the match belongs to Robert Ace and he elbows Anthony Tudor in the gut. He then plants Tudor with a T-Bone Suplex. He picks Anthony Tudor up and tosses him over the top rope.

Mike Fisher: This one's going to the outside already.

Scott James: Good.

Robert Ace follows outside. He goes to pick Anthony Tudor up, but Tudor had pulled a fire extinguisher out from underneath the ring. He sprays Robert Ace in the face with said fire extinguisher.

Anthony Tudor grabs Robert Ace by the hair and bashes his head into the security railing. He then drags Robert Ace to the stage area and plants him with an Evenflow DDT. The champ covers.





Anthony Tudor picks Robert Ace back up and sets him up for a tombstone. Robert Ace reverses into a tombstone of his own. Robert Ace picks Anthony Tudor up and punches him in the face. This makes Anthony Tudor stagger backward. Robert Ace repeats this four times until both men are at the top of the stage. Robert Ace then hits a palm strike and goes for a cartwheel kick. “The Oncoming Storm” grabs the legs of Robert Ace and pushes them out of his way. Both men are now on their feet. Tudor charges, and Robert Ace drops down for a drop toe hold. Anthony Tudor's body is more than halfway off the stage, so he crashes down eight feet to the surface below.

Mike Fisher: Oh, my gosh! Had Anthony Tudor not put his hands in the way, he'd have a broken neck!

Robert Ace dives off with a suicide dive. The move is landed right on Anthony Tudor. Both men are down.


Mike Fisher: Fans, if you have kids at home, I'd advise you to put them to bed. This match is sick!

Scott James: Yes it is. I love it.

Mike Fisher: This match is brutal, folks.

Scott James: You already said that, jackass.

Robert Ace signals for the end. Robert Ace then sits on Tudor's left side of the and, using his near arm, encircles Anthony Tudor's head and grabs the hiss near wrist, bending the arm upwards. Robert Ace then maneuvers his other arm through the "hole" created by Tudor's bent wrist, and locks his hand upon his own wrist. Finally Robert Ace pulls Anthony Tudor forward, causing pressure on his arm and neck.

Mike Fisher: The Cash-Mission

Scott James: That's got to hurt. I've never been in it, but it looks like hell.

The referee asks Anthony Tudor if he would like to submit, but Tudor declines. He tries to find a way to get out of the hold, but this only causes more pressure on his twisted body. Anthony Tudor taps.

Your winner Robert Ace!

Mike Fisher: Great debut here for Robert!

K2S and TV Ladder Ladder Match
Brandon Hendrix vs John Tolly vs TJ Alexander vs Anthony Phoenix vs El Landerson vs Alessio Capello

The bell sounds, and the match starts with El Landerson charging Anthony Phoenix. Anthony Phoenix shrugs and hits a hard right hook to the Mexican grappler

Anthony Phoenix shrugs as if to say "who cares" and smashes El Landerson hard in the gut and pushes him over

Mike: My gosh...El Landerson dropped like a loaf of bread.

Brandon Hendrix goes over to one of the tables, and picks up the chair on it. He tosses it into the ring. He then folds the table down, picks it up, and slides it into the ring. John Tolly follows it in. Anthony Phoenix gets over and goes over to the chair that Brandon Hendrix threw into the ring and picks it up. When John Tolly gets to his feet, Anthony Phoenix goes over and deliver a vicious chair shot to Brandon Hendrix?s head, putting a dent in the chair.

Mike: That chair shot had no effect on Brandon Hendrix!

Anthony Phoenix looks from the chair to John Tolly, shocked. John Tolly then kicks the chair into Anthony Phoenix's face, sending him to the ground. Brandon Hendrix then goes over to the table he brought into the ring, and begins to set it up. While he sets it up, Anthony Phoenix rolls outside of the ring. Once John Tolly has the table set up, he turns and sees Anthony Phoenix nowhere. He then climbs outside of the ring and begins to head for the side Anthony Phoenix's on. Anthony Phoenix leans on the table with chair on it, as Brandon Hendrix approaches him. He picks up the chair and delivers a shot to John Tolly's skull, again not fazing him.

John Tolly gets the better of TJ Alexander with a DDT into a Guillotine from said tie-up. Referee Cedric Sanders steps in to eventually break it. On the opposite side of the ring, we see Brandon Hendrix and Anthony Phoenix exchanging words.

We also see that TJ Alexander has tapped form the Guillotine Choke, which results in a "You Tapped Out!" chant but ofcourse in this match it doesn’t mean anything so the hold remains!

After ignoring Capello's advice, Anthony Phoenix proceeds to slap her in the face. Brandon Hendrix holds back but is pushed by Anthony Phoenix, who is then spun around by John Tolly. Then hits an Overhead BTB suplex on Anthony Phoenix.

Mike: Beautiful suplex by John Tolly. There is no doubt that Scott John Tolly is an excellent wrestler; he proved that his first go-round in the IIW, but you have to wonder how his neck and body will hold up after all this time away from the squared circle.

Back in the ring, Brandon Hendrix shoves John Tolly, who hits him with a textbook dropkick, the likes of a Randy Orton or Dolph Ziggler. He then picks Sia back up and Irish whips him just as Anthony Phoenix staggers back up to his feet. The whip inadvertently finds Brandon Hendrix running into and over Anthony Phoenix.

Scott James: No doubt. Their skulls collided with Brandon Hendrix running full speed after that Irish whip.

Cedric Sanders goes over to the two men to ensure they are okay.

Mike: Folks, by all means necessary, the IIW does its damndest to make sure we do not go to commercial break during the middle of a match

Scott James: HA!

Mike: We'll be right back, folks.

A brief commercial break is aired, featuring a teaser to the next IIW Pay-Per-View, WORLD’S COLLIDE.

Scott James: Welcome back, folks. During the break, our esteemed trainer determined that both of these men are good to go, so this match resumed during the short break.

In a mini-popup screen, we see a highlight, if you will, of the action during the break. On the main screen, we see that John Tolly has Anthony Phoenix in a reverse chin lock. We also see Brandon Hendrix on the ground. Referee Cedric Sanders moves into poisition as Brandon Hendrix gets back up to his feet.

Brandon Hendrix breaks up the submission with a dropkick to him, Brandon Hendrix then picks Scott up and Irish whips him into the corner. At this point, Anthony Phoenix is back up to his feet and receives the same treatment as John Tolly. Brandon Hendrix charges in...he hits a double splash on his opponents.

Mike: Nice move by Brandon Hendrix. Perhaps a change in momentum is in the works in this match.

Brandon Hendrix picks Anthony Phoenix up in somewhat of a reverse fireman's carry position.

Scott James: Brandon Hendrix looks to be setting up for a Reverse DVD here.

John Tolly gets back up to his feet and kicks Brandon Hendrix in the back of his left knee. This causes Brandon Hendrix to lose his grip, and both men crumble to the mat with Anthony Phoenix landing directly on Brandon Hendrix. John Tolly picks Anthony Phoenix up off of the mini-pile.

John Tolly sets him up and BOOM! Styles Clash!

Phoenix climbs into the ring and immediately just picks up Capello and slams her straight to the ground, followed by a jumping Leg Drop! Naron climbs into the ring and points to the other corner, Alessio is slowly climbing onto the apron. Phoenix gives her a hard irish whip, Phoenix slides the ground and hits a sliding hurricanrana to the outside! Alessio is whipped into the guardrail, knocking him/ unconscious. The camera jumps back inside of the ring where Phoenix has ascended the turnbuckle… Capello is getting up and El Landerson does what he does best and flies across the ring taking out Capello

Brandon Hendrix has finally managed to slide a ladder in to the ring

TJ Alexander is up and has two chairs in his hand. He opens them up and sets them down. He grabs a third chair and opens that up, setting it down with the other two. TJ Alexander points at the two chairs and sits down in one. El Landerson sees what TJ Alexander is doing and sits down in one himself. Brandon Hendrix slowly gets up and walks over to the remaining chair. TJ Alexander taps his jaw, daring Matt El Landerson to hit him. Matt fires off a shot, but TJ Alexander just looks at him. TJ Alexander dares him again and gets hit with a good shot that rocks him. Brandon Hendrix fires off a shot that rocks El Landerson. TJ Alexander fires off a shot that rocks Brandon Hendrix. Brandon Hendrix fires back at TJ Alexander. El Landerson fires at TJ Alexander. Brandon Hendrix fires at El Landerson. TJ Alexander fires off a shot that knocks Brandon Hendrix out of the chair. El Landerson throws at TJ Alexander and almost knocks him out of the chair. TJ Alexander fires back at El Landerson and the chair wobbles. El Landerson gets up and dropkicks TJ Alexander, sending him tumbling backwards.

Alessia Capello slides into the ring but El Landerson starts stomping away at him whilst in a vulnerable position. El Landerson now backs away, and sets up the ladder under the contract. He starts climbing strait away, but Alessia Capello grabs his ankle and drags him down to the mat. After a couple of stomps, Alessia Capello now heads outside, and grabs another, taller ladder from under the ring. He sets it up, and climbs to the top. The Way gets up to his feet, as Alessia Capello hits him with a diving cross body! He goes for a cover, but the ref reminds him it�s a ladder match.

El Landerson gets dragged up by his hair, and delivers a blatant low blow in front of the referee, but this is a no DQ match, it�s all legal. El Landerson now wedges the ladder in between two turnbuckles. He tries to whip Alessia Capello into that corner, but he blocks it into a short-arm clothesline. Alessia Capello props El Landerson on the ladder, and delivers a knife edge chop that can be heard all over the arena.

Alessia Capello goes on to deliver machine gun style chops, and El Landerson�s chest is bright red. El Landerson falls face first to the canvas, as Alessia Capello picks up a steel chair that the bell ringer was sitting on. The climbs the turnbuckle, and stands on the ladder, but El Landerson springs up with a springboard Van Damninator, and Alessia Capello slips of the ladder, landing where it really hurts!

Brandon Hendrix is spinning the ladder around clearing space as he has the ladder set up. He has the Title and the Key above him, he slowly climbs it up the previous injuries from the match obviously taking it’s affect.

Phoenix is now up there he is pulling down at Brandon Hendrix who is explaining that there are two prizes they could both have one! .. Phoenix takes a second to agree before John Tolly starts pulling away at the the two. PHOENIX SPLASH OFF THE LADDER!!! Takes John tolly down clearing the way though for Brandon Hendrix… he escalates the steps where he grabs the IIW KEY TO SUCCESS!!!!

Mike Fisher: BRANDON HENDRIX HAS GRABBED THE KEY TO SUCCESS!!!!! So the other 5 are fighting out for the IIW Tv Title!!!!

Brandon makes a quick escape as the others now up their game.

Aivaz now grabs the chair and smashes Alessia Capello� leg whist still on the ladder. Aivaz now picks up Alessia Capello into position, and delivers The Big One!
El Landerson crawls out of the ring and reaches for the big ladder, slides it under the ring, but Alessia Capello delivers a baseball slide onto the ladder, sending TJ Alexander into the crowd barrier. Alessia Capello now bridges the ladder between the ring apron and the crowd barrier. Shee then lays a chair across a part of the ladder, and lays TJ Alexander on it as well. Alessia Capello then delivers the JUDGEMENT on the chair and the ladder!

Scott James: HOLY SHIT! What a move!

Mike: Night, night TJ Alexander!

Alessia Capello now gets back into the ring, sets up the ladder right in the centre of the ring. She climbs up, but then climbs back down again. She’s not done yet

TJ Alexander is busted open after the flip piledriver onto the chair. Alessia Capello now has dragged TJ Alexander back into the ring. She gets the big ladder in the ring, opens it up, and puts TJ Alexander inside. Alessia Capello puts the steel chair on the chest of TJ Alexander, climbs a turnbuckle, and delivers a frog splash! They are both down now…. Will either of them be sound enough to get back up and get the title…. NO it appears as Anthony Phoenix is climbing slowly..slowly up the ladder

The rest of the wrestlers are all out here as Phoenix makes it to the top and unclips the TV title!


International Title Match


Russell Wayne and John Cavanagh circle slowly in the centre of the ring for a few seconds, then lock up together. John Cavanagh gets the better of the grapple, and whips Russell Wayne towards the ropes behind him. Russell Wayne rebounds, and leapfrogs John Cavanagh, who was about to attempt a clothesline. Russell Wayne rebounds the ropes on the other side, and goes for a clothesline of his own. This time it is John Cavanagh who executes a standing leapfrog, leaving Russell Wayne to rebound the ropes a third time. As he does so he leaps into the air, and as John Cavanagh turns to face him Russell Wayne hits him with a flying cross-body, dropping the pair to the mat, and giving Russell Wayne an early pin attempt…



…John Cavanagh gets a shoulder up with authority!

Mike Fisher: What a frenetic start there! Russell Wayne JUST got the better of that exchange, but John Cavanagh isn’t ready to give up that easily!

Both men quickly get up to their feet, and John Cavanagh reaches out to grab hold of Russell Wayne’s left arm. Holding it, he ducks underneath it, and twists it into an armbar. Russell Wayne reaches out with his right to try and relieve some of the pressure, wincing as he does so

Scott James: You can see the pain on Russell Wayne’s face, Mike. Such as simple move, but always one to cause a guy problems…

Russell Wayne performs a forward roll to straighten his arm out so, still holding Russell Wayne’s arm, John Cavanagh performs a similar roll, putting the pressure back on Russell Wayne’s arm.

Mike Fisher: So far it seems these two have an answer for everything the other comes up with…

Still holding Russell Wayne’s arm, John Cavanagh moves closer, sweeps his leg underneath his opponent, and sends Russell Wayne dropping to the mat, face first. John Cavanagh is STILL holding Russell Wayne’s arm, twisting it harder than ever. To increase the pressure he kneels down, forcing his knee into the small of Russell Wayne’s back.

Scott James: Brilliant improvised submission move from John Cavanagh!

The referee gets down in front of Russell Wayne to see if he is going to tap, but Russell Wayne shakes his head, grimaces, and tries to pull himself forward gingerly with his free right hand.

Mike Fisher: John Cavanagh is not only putting immense pressure on both Russell Wayne’s arm and back here, but also his own weight as well! Every second Russell Wayne is in this move is taking more out of him!

Russell Wayne inches forward slowly, and reaches his right arm out towards the bottom rope. His fingers are inches away, and the crowd are willing him on to get out of the hold. He sucks in breath between gritted teeth, and with all his strength he pulls his body slightly further forward, and gets three of his fingers around the bottom rope. The referee signals to John Cavanagh to break the hold, and he obediently does so, lifting himself up from Russell Wayne’s back, and finally releasing his arm.

Scott James: I’m really impressed with John Cavanagh so far, Mike, he put so much pressure on Russell Wayne in that exchange, and even though the big man made it to the ropes, he will be under full strength now.

Leaning on the ropes, Russell Wayne starts rubbing his left arm to get some of the feeling back into it, breathing rather heavily as he does so. After a few seconds he moves back towards the centre of the ring, and gingerly holds his arm out towards John Cavanagh for another lock-up. John Cavanagh grabs hold of Russell Wayne quickly, and delivers a swift belly-to-belly suplex, sending Russell Wayne crashing to the mat once more. John Cavanagh runs towards the ropes past Russell Wayne, bounces on the seconds rope, and delivers a perfect Lionsault onto the prone Russell Wayne in the centre of the ring, and then hooks Russell Wayne’s leg for a pin attempt…



…3NO!! Russell Wayne kicks out a fraction of a second before the three!

John Cavanagh allows Russell Wayne to get to his feet, then throws a hard right hand punch at Russell Wayne’s temple. Russell Wayne rocks backwards, and John Cavanagh follows up with another right, and another, sending Russell Wayne moving slowly backwards towards the ropes once more. After a few punches Russell Wayne holds his weakened left arm up to block a punch, and throws a right of his own at John Cavanagh. Russell Wayne throws a second right, sending John Cavanagh further back, then John Cavanagh blocks a third punch, and throws another of his own. The two continue to trade blows and blocks for a minute or so, until Russell Wayne follows a block with an increased series of rights and lefts, pushing John Cavanagh further backwards. Russell Wayne then takes a couple of quick steps in the opposite direction, and rips off a lightning-fast superkick, dropping John Cavanagh to the mat.

Scott James: WOW! Where did that come from?

Russell Wayne drops down on top of John Cavanagh, hooking his leg for a cover…



…3NO! John Cavanagh kicks out sharply!

Mike Fisher: I’d love to say I can’t believe Russell Wayne pulled that superkick out of nowhere like that, but after everything we’ve seen from this man over the years, I’m ready to believe almost anything he does!

Both men get back to their feet, John Cavanagh rubbing his jaw from the impact of the superkick. Russell Wayne moves forward, looking to grab hold of John Cavanagh for another grapple, but John Cavanagh leaps up, grabs Russell Wayne around the neck, and delivers a thunderously-fast back breaker!

Mike Fisher: West Side Driveby


John Cavanagh follows Russell Wayne down to the mat, and covers him for another pin attempt…



…3NO! Russell Wayne JUST manages to get his shoulder up!

Mike Fisher: So close! I thought John Cavanagh had him there!

The two men get up once more, both feeling the effects of each others high impact moves. Russell Wayne grabs hold of John Cavanagh quickly, and whips him into the ropes once more. With John Cavanagh’s back to him, Russell Wayne runs the ropes in the opposite direction. Both men rebound at pretty much the same time, and head back towards the centre. Russell Wayne suddenly leaps up and delivers a Thesz Press to John Cavanagh, sending him back to the mat, and as he lands hard on top of him he follows up with a series of stiff blows to the head. John Cavanagh manages to get a boot up, knocking Russell Wayne backwards. As Russell Wayne staggers backwards John Cavanagh reaches out to grab at the bigger man’s foot, making him fall over backwards. John Cavanagh gets back to a standing position, gets a better grip on Russell Wayne’s foot, rolls him over onto his stomach, and twists the foot into a harsh ankle lock.

Mike Fisher: John Cavanagh Lock! Another powerful submission move!

Scott James: From what I know, John Cavanagh has a hell of a win rate with this hold…

The referee once again gets in Russell Wayne’s face, looking for the tap. Russell Wayne has his right arm raised, feeling he might have no choice but to tap from the pain. He grits his teeth, shakes his head, balls his fists, and drops his arms and his head to the match, trying to push through the pain.

After more than a minute with his head on the mat, the referee begins to check on Russell Wayne to see if he has passed out from the pain. He lifts Russell Wayne’s arm up, and lets it drop to the mat.

Mike Fisher: It looks like Russell Wayne is out cold here…

Watching the ref closely, John Cavanagh sinches the hold in even tighter. The referee lifts Russell Wayne’s arm up again, and once more lets it drop to the mat.

Scott James: Is this it?

The crowd start chanting Russell Wayne’s name loudly, as if wanting to help him stay conscious. The referee lifts Russell Wayne’s arm up a third time, and lets it fall. Mere inches from the mat, Russell Wayne manages stop his arm from falling, and instead starts shaking it wildly.

Mike Fisher: He’s not done! But does he have enough left to get out of this ankle lock?

With the crowd completely behind him, Russell Wayne plants both hands firmly on the mat, and tries to push himself up off the ground. He pulls his free leg to a kneeling position underneath him, and then tries to pull himself into a standing position, albeit on one leg.

Scott James: I’m not sure if Russell Wayne has enough strength left to make this work…

John Cavanagh still has Russell Wayne’s ankle twisted tight, as Russell Wayne has managed to hop and push himself to a standing position. Russell Wayne reaches an arm out towards the ropes, but John Cavanagh just pulls hard on the leg, and walks backwards slowly towards the centre of the ring. Russell Wayne has no choice but to follow, hopping as he goes. Russell Wayne starts to hop more, gaining momentum, then quickly brings his free leg up for a swift kick to the side of John Cavanagh’s head. John Cavanagh lets go of the ankle finally, Russell manages to grab John and… LAST RESORT!!!!!




Mike Fisher: Russell has done it!!! He is the first treble champion here in the IIW!!!!!

Main Event World Title Match
Jonny FnC (c) vs. Tyler Debonair


The ring bell is struck three times as a calm falls over the crowd high above the ocean below.

Melanie Jackson: Ladies and Gentlemen, it is now time for the Main… Event… of the Evening! The following match is scheduled for one fall and no time limit, and is for the IIW World Heavyweiiiiiiiiiight Championship!!!!

The referee folds the belt straps inward and holds it high for both men to see, then makes a lap around the ring, showing it to all in attendance. He hands the belt off to a ring attendant and signals for a ready motion from both men. They both signal they’re ready to begin and the referee signals for them to do so.

Scott James: And we’re underway with the main event of Key 2 Success.

The two men circle one another a few times before reaching out and shaking hands. They circle a few more times before finally locking up, tightly. They battle against one another hard, neither man getting an advantage at first. Jonny C begins pressing Tyler back, gaining three steps, but Tyler gets his feet under him and presses right back to the center of the ring. Jonny C’s turn to lose some footing, Tyler pressing him back an equal amount of steps, before suddenly dropping down and hip tossing him across the ring. Jonny C scrambles back to his feet and intercepts an incoming Tyler, hip tossing him this time, Tyler as well scrambling up quickly. Jonny C gets caught rushing in, Tyler dropping to a knee and ankle picking him, dropping him face first to the mat. Jonny C pops back up quickly, using the ropes to stand, and turns on a bearing Tyler, putting a boot to his knee, then taking a step in a delivering a knee to the side of the head. Tyler hits the mat, but fends off a boot and gets to his feet quickly as well. Jonny C gets a hold of Tyler’s free arm as he stands and sends him into the far side ropes, and as he rebounds, leap frogs over him. He drops down and Tyler clears him, hitting the ropes again. On the second rebound, Jonny C hits a big power slam, snapping his hips and dropping the challenger swiftly and forcefully. Tyler arches his back but again, gets to his feet quickly. Jonny C pursues, but as he gets a hold of Tyler, the challenger shoves him back and hits a big drop kick. Jonny C stands, but Tyler drops him with another drop kick. Jonny C scrambles back up again, but this time Tyler snatches him in a front face lock, hooks a leg, and drops him with a suplex. Tyler attempts a bridge, but Jonny C reaches under him and picks his ankle and breaks the pin. Jonny C slides his way into his corner, and Tyler allows him the chance to get back to his feet. For the first time since the match began, both men pause a moment and the crowd, having literally been on their feet the entire time, explodes into applause.

Mike Fisher: Holy hell, these two men are in perfect form tonight.

Scott James: Ha.

Mike Fisher: Anyway… move for move, these two just matched one another. Absolutely incredible, and we’re only a few minutes in!

Scott James: Tyler is really showing Jonny the kind of challenger he’s got here, and the kind of match he’s in store for, but Jonny C is making sure Tyler knows just exactly why he is the World Champion.

Godfather: Nothin like a big fight feel you know?

Mike Fisher: Mmhmm.

The two get into a rhythm again and circle one another, both shooting a time or two, looking for an opening but not finding one. Finally, Jonny C jukes in but Tyler turns it around, getting a waist lock from behind and holding it in tightly. Jonny C looks for an escape and finally finds it by stomping on Tyler’s foot, reaching up, and grabbing Tyler’s neck. He maneuvers for the The C-Section, but Tyler shoves him away and he hits the ropes, bouncing backward. Tyler grabs him around the waist and pops his hips, jerking back for a German but Jonny C flips out of it and lands on his feet, backing into a corner. Both men glare at one another and make a pinching motion with their fingers, indicating a “THIIIIS close” taunt.

Mike Fisher: They both tried pulling the trigger but were denied by the other!

Scott James: They both went for it early, can’t blame them.

Mike Fisher: I don’t think, for a second, that Jonny C wants out of this match quickly, you know? He’s ready to defend the strap against all comers, and the last thing he wants is a fluke win.

Scott James: Doesn’t mean he won’t take one.

Jonny C and Tyler come to the middle of the ring again, and before any lock up or clinch can happen, Jonny C throws a hard right hand right into Tyler’s face. Tyler is rocked, kicking his head back hard from the blow, before turning back and throwing a right of his own, clocking Jonny C right in the jaw. A right from Jonny C, then a right from Tyler, Jonny C, Tyler, Jonny C, Tyler…

Mike Fisher: Someone is going to buckle here… how many haymakers can a man take?!

…Jonny C, Tyler, Jonny C, Tyler, Jonny C… then Jonny C again. And again, and then a knee to the midsection. Tyler backs several steps and Jonny C takes advantage. Taking a step up onto his opponent’s knee, he leaps up and cracks his other foot right off Tyler’s skull. The challenger goes down, hard. Jonny C capitalizes, dropping an elbow on the back of his neck, then standing a dropping a knee onto his back. He jerks Tyler up off the mat and whips him across into the far corner, running in and hitting a big body splash. Tyler stumbles forward, and Jonny C doesn’t waste a moment, repeating the body splash in the opposite corner. Tyler stumbles free again, but this time Jonny C drop kicks him and grounds him. Tyler makes an attempt to sit up and stand, but Jonny C rolls over and snaps his neck in a blockbuster maneuver, using the corner to get back to his feet.

Mike Fisher: Tyler is down! The challenger is down and out after a flurry from the champion!

Scott James: He’s not out, just down. Great move by the champ.

Jonny C lifts Tyler off the mat and whips him the few feet into the nearby corner. He lifts the challenger up onto the top turnbuckle, tucks his own head between Tyler’s legs, and walks him out in the middle of the ring. Whipping Tyler hard onto the mat with an Alabama Slam, leaping over him and bridging in a pin attempt.

1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tyler kicks out with aggression, rolling to his side and up to one knee. Jonny is right on him, placing a well measured boot into Tyler’s knee, but at the same time, Tyler wheels around with a spinning back fist and knocks Jonny C to the mat himself. Both men get to their feet after a moment and rush one another, both ducking a clothesline. They both hit the ropes and Jonny C throws a hard shoulder block, expecting another clothesline from his challenger and thinking to step to the inside of it. Instead, Tyler leap frogs right over Jonny C and hits the far side ropes. By the time Jonny C is able to get his footing and turn to face Tyler, the challenger comes flying off the mat in a huge cross body block. Jonny C scrambles back up, but Tyler’s ready for him, lifting him up off the mat and dropping him across his knee in a backbreaker. The World Champion rolls to the mat holding his spine as the challenger makes his way to the turnbuckles, sliding up to the top and waiting for his moment. Jonny C refuses to stay down for very long, which is fine by Tyler, as the challenger steps back, rushes forward slightly, and drops Jonny C with a quick DDT. Jonny C hits the mat but rebounds up slightly, his head wracked in pain. Tyler falls to the mat, clinching Jonny C’s head with one arm, facing the side, and squeezing tightly.

Mike Fisher: The Champion is in trouble here. Not only has he been on the brunt of a seriously pinpointed attack by Tyler here, but now he’s in a sleeper hold in the middle of the ring, with nowhere to go and two hundred twenty pounds to drag with him if he wants to reach the ropes!

Jonny C struggles and struggles, trying to pry at Tyler’s fingers. Tyler brings Jonny C’s body closer to his, using pure strength alone to drag him toward his core. Kicking his legs, Jonny C manages to bring himself closer to the ropes, but after a hard buck of his hips and kicking his legs up to slide closer, Tyler traps one of his legs with both of his own. Jonny C flounders for a moment, concentrating only on breathing and keeping his senses about him, not struggling and wasting oxygen. Tyler realizes the tactic, and after another long few minutes, releases the hold and gets to his feet, shaking his arms a bit.

Mike Fisher: He just let him go? I don’t understand, Jonny C had all but stopped struggling…

Scott James: And this is why I’m here. He didn’t give up Mike Fisher, he made a tactical decision. Tyler realized that, without switching the sleeper into an illegal choke, he didn’t have the hold in the right way to choke Jonny C out. Had Jonny C kept struggling, Tyler might have been able to switch his arm around in the right place, but once Jonny C stopped struggling and just calmed down, started breathing slower, and waited Tyler out, he realized that holding Jonny C there all night was just going to burn out his arms. It’s something MMA guys do to, they’ll give up a submission hold if they know they’re not going to get the tap so they don’t kill their arm strength.

Mike Fisher: Makes sense I guess.

While Jonny C might not have tapped out, his Oxygen flow was greatly reduced, and now he can do no more than lie there and breathe deeply. Tyler lifts him off the mat a moment later and sends him into the ropes. Jonny C hits and comes rebounding back, and gets caught in the midsection with a palm strike. It doubles him over, but doesn’t put him down. Tyler steps to the side, locks in a double wrist lock, and brings Jonny C in a step closer. He switches his hands around, and uses the wrist lock to lift Jonny C up in a suplex position. He holds him there a moment to get his footing, releases the wrist lock, and instead of just letting Jonny C fall straight down, he grabs a cradle, ducks the Champion’s head, and hits a piledriver.

Mike Fisher: WHAT A COMBO!

Scott James: No kidding!

Tyler drops right into a pin from the extremely creative combo move and hooks the far leg

1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!

2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!

Kick out by the Champion. Jonny C rolls to his side and clutches his head, the target of Tyler’s attacks. He begins using the ropes to get to his feet a moment later, his challenger right behind him, waiting for his moment to strike. Jonny C seems to sense it however and, holding the ropes still, reaches back and executes a single leg mule kick to Tyler’s midsection. It’s a weak move, and an out of character move, but it’s enough to double Tyler over and give Jonny C time to breathe. Tyler takes a step forward in his doubled over state, and Jonny C grits his teeth and makes a sudden move. Grabbing Tyler’s head, the Champion leaps through the middle and bottom rope, and drops Tyler’s neck across the bottom rope. Tyler’s neck snaps off the rope and he hits the mat, coughing. Jonny C takes a long moment to get himself together and slides back into the ring,, but it’s enough to double Tyler over and give Jonny C time to breathe. Tyler takes a step forward in his doubled over state, and Jonny C grits his teeth and makes a sudden move. Grabbing Tyler’s head, the Champion leaps through the middle and bottom rope, and drops Tyler’s neck across the bottom rope. Tyler’s neck snaps off the rope and he hits the mat, coughing. Jonny C takes a long moment to get himself together and slides back into the ring,, but it’s enough to double Tyler over and give Jonny C time to breathe. Tyler takes a step forward in his doubled over state, and Jonny C grits his teeth and makes a sudden move. Grabbing Tyler’s head, the Champion leaps through the middle and bottom rope, and drops Tyler’s neck across the bottom rope. Tyler’s neck snaps off the rope and he hits the mat, coughing. Jonny C takes a long moment to get himself together and slides back into the ring, and by then Tyler is just getting to his feet as well. He rushes the Champion, but Jonny C side steps him, causing Tyler to hit the ropes. On the rebound, Jonny C side steps him again and causes him to rebound a second time, but this time, just as Tyler is coming off the ropes, Jonny C is there and meets him with a vicious Spear, immediately hooking the leg.

1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kick out by the challenger. Jonny C goes right back into action, rolling down Tyler’s body and snatching his ankle, standing, and latching in the ankle lock submission. Tyler yelps in pain, grabbing at his ankle but unable to reach. With extremely quick thinking, Tyler rolls free of the ankle lock, kicking Jonny C away, but the Champion is not to be deterred. As Tyler gets to his feet, Jonny C is right there and lifts him up F’N POINT!!!!!!

Mike Fisher: F’N POINT! That’s that.

Jonny C scrambles for the far leg and hooks it.

1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[b]The ref stops the count, Tyler’s foot resting on the bottom rope near by.


Mike Fisher: Look at Jonny, he KNEW he HAD this match won right there!

Indeed the Champion seems frustrated, but none the less gets right back to his feet. Jonny C raises Tyler off the mat, but Tyler shows a streak himself, hitting a roaring elbow on the Champion. Jonny C backs a step from pain, but Tyler follows right up, attempting a rolling double leg take down. The champion ducks it, but Tyler shows amazing agility and lands on his feet. Jonny C capitalizes however and grabs Tyler from behind, locks an arm over Tyler’s shoulders, and leans back for a mic check style move.

Scott James: He’s got him again!

Tyler elbows Jonny C in the stomach before he’s able to actually drop him in the maneuver, sweeps around behind Jonny C, hooks his hips and pops his hips, but Jonny slips out again… this time he takes a breath before… THE F’N POINT!!!!

Scott James: ONE MORE TIME!!!!

Jonny picks him up and delivesr THE F’N POINT AGAIN!!!!

He slumps over Tyler’s body




Mike Fisher: Jonny has done it, he’s retained the IIW World title…but what a match… this will go down in history!