The lights on the arena dim and start to flash blue and green. An 8 bit version on Jonny C appears on the screen with an ax and swings in at the screen cracking it and yells here's Jonny!

Scott James: Are we expecting the IIW World Champion out here tonight, Mike?!

Mike Fisher: I don’t think so, Scott! But he’s here!

#1 by Nelly blares over the pa system. Jonny C bursts through the curtain with his arms out. Jonny looks around the arena and laughs but as he begins to walk down the ramp we realise that it’s not Jonny C at all…

Mike Fisher: Erm, is that…?

Scott James: I believe it is, Mike!

TYLER DEBONAIR walks down the ramp toward the ring, wearing a flamboyant Jonny C wig, sunglasses and dressed just like Jonny C. Around his waist he wears a replica IIW World Title that you can buy from the IIW merchandise store. The crowd go absolutely nuts, cheering for Tyler as he climbs the ring steps, stopping on the top step. He grabs the top rope, jumping over it and running up a turnbuckle, screaming out

“Jonny C”: You're looking at the greatest to ever set foot in a wrestling ring!! Except Jake who I had to face a million times before I could beat him! And Tyler who’s going to probably take the belt from me… And Fred, oh you get it!

He hops down and takes a microphone from the ring apron waiting for his music to die down and the lights to come back up.

“Jonny C”: Now I know Tyler is that much of a handsome, amazing, talented individual and I know that he deserves your love and your cheers but I’M out here right now and I’ve got something to say to mini-Fred! What is it that makes you feel that you deserve to take me on, Tyler? Is it the fact that you were aided in defeating my “Demon seed”?! You wouldn’t have done that if Shaun and his minions weren’t around to help you, Tyler! One of those minions being your own step cousin brother twice removed Da-Ry-Us!

Scott James: Hey this is an affront to our World Champion!

Mike Fisher: It’s quite funny though…

“Jonny C”: I can never tell who is who with you Debonair clan! Brothers, sisters, wives, cousins, uncles, blah blah… Blah blah blah blah… Eh? Blah blah blah blah…

Tyler/Jonny C slumps into a corner almost falling asleep and pretending to snore as the crowd erupt into laughter and cheers. Tyler/Jonny C pretends this wakes him up and clears the frog in his throat as he continues.

“Jonny C”: Sorry, where was I? Sometimes the sound of my own voice puts me to sleep! Oh yeah, Tyler Debonair. Now, let me just show you a little something here! Hold on…

He drops down to the canvas and rolls out of the ring, his wig almost falling off his head. He holds it on as he pulls something from underneath the ring and chucks it through the ropes.

Mike Fisher: What on Earth is that?!

Scott James: I think, it’s a crutch!

Scott is right and as Tyler/Jonny C gets back into the ring and picks it up, we all recognise the crutch too.

“Jonny C”: Tyler you think you’re some kind of superstar here in IIW! Well we know you are I mean just look at your amazing record! But can you beat me! No!! Well, maybe, probably actually but for the sake of my ego! NO! You gave me this crutch as if I was your servant to do a job for you! But now, now I keep it to serve as a reminder of why I’m going to poorly attempt to snap your neck!

One year here and you think you own the joint?! Because you got a shot at my belt?! Do you know how many damn tries it took me to get this thing off of Jake?! Mumble blah blah, well it was a damn long time! Does this make you superior to me, Tyler? Of course it maybe does but that’s not the point here… I’m better than absolutely everybody in this promotion no matter what anyone says! There’s a reason I’m holding the World Title at my fiftieth time of asking!

Scott James: Man you’re right, this is quite funny!

Mike Fisher: Yeah but if Jonny C actually comes out here, there’ll be hell to pay!

Tyler / Jonny C hobbles around the ring with the crutch, trying to do some kind of strut then drops it as he takes the replica belt off and holds it in the air.

“Jonny C”: I did have a reason for coming out here tonight and that’s to say that the next time I defend this belt, I will have De-Boner in the palm of my hand!

The crowd laugh and cheer as Tyler/Jonny looks around feigning confusion and snaps his sunglasses off his face looking wide eyed and annoyed.

“Jonny C”: Oh har-har! Very funny! You know all too well what I meant! That I’m going to stop De-Boner spouting off once and for all!

The crowd once again gobble it up…

“Jonny C”: NO! NO! Stop that! You will NOT laugh at this class A promo I’m cutting right in front of you here! You should feel HONOURED after having to endure all the crap people like Fred and Tyler give you! Or the lame-ass diarrhoea that comes out of the mouths of these imbeciles that you cheer every fortnight! I mean… Hold on…

Tyler/Jonny puts his hand to his ear as if listening to something…

“Jonny C”: What? No… Speak up a bit I can’t hear you… No, I’m not going to say that… Because I’m The World Champion that’s why! And because Tyler ISN’T BETTER than me! Eh? No he’s not…. HE. IS. NOT! Hmm? Oh your mom blows goats!!!

Tyler/Jonny looks absolutely furious as he kicks the crutch to the side and begins to climb out of the ring. Throwing the World title back on his shoulder and almost spitting into the microphone.

“Jonny C”: Those voices can be really mean sons of bitches, no wonder Tyler has a lot to deal with, I’ve got no idea how he does that!! All I know is when we face off I AM going to teach him a lesson in being humble because we all know I’m an expert in being humble! NOW PLAY MY MUSIC!!

The pa system comes to life again…

Soy un perdedor
I'm a loser baby, so why don't you kill me?
(Double-barrel buckshot)
Soy un perdedor
I'm a loser baby, so why don't you kill me?

The crowd go nuts as Tyler/Jonny C can be heard screaming that this is NOT HIS music and throwing a temper tantrum up the ramp as “Loser” by Beck continues to play and he disappears into the back.

Scott James: Wow… What did we just witness?!

Mike Fisher: It was definitely random! And I don’t think the World Champion is going to be best pleased!

Match 1
Singles Match
Anthony Tudor vs Noah

Mike Fisher: Welcome back to Monday Night Mayhem, we're we have a sold out crowd in attendance for tonight action packed night.

Scott James: Yes they are and let's not keep the fans waiting as we kick off the night with Noah vs Anthony Tudor.

Mike Fisher: As everyone knows Noah suffered a concussion in his debut match when he teamed with Jonny FnC vs The Debonairs, but he looks to bounce back tonight against an impressive competitor in Tudor.

Scott James: Well lets turn to the ring were Tudor is already ready to go as he waits on Noah.

His music hits and he comes out all cocky,and mouthing off to fans, he even takes a girls phone thats with her boyfriend and puts his number her phone and then winks as he walks off why the couple argues. He jogs up the steps, enters the ring then runs up the top turnbucle where a spotlight falls on him and he poses. He then does a back flip and lands on his feet and waits for the match to start.

The bell rings and the match begins as Tudor walks up on Noah and starts mocking the height difference. Noah starts mouthing off to Tudor and even puts his finger in Tudors face. Tudor shoves Noah to the ground then walks off to show off to the fans.

Mike Fisher: Tudor showing no respect to Young Noah.

Scott James: Could be a mistake for Tudor, Noah is trained by our World Champion Jonny FnC. You just have to know Jonny taught him everything.

Tudor still has his back turn as Noah is back on his feet and sneaks up on Tudor and locks in his submission finisher The Sleep Tight( Tazmission) Noah locks in the hold and applies the pressure with great force as Tudor starts to fade and the referee checks on him to see if he can still continue. He raises Tudor hand up for a third time and it falls lifeless to the mat. The referee motions for the bell and declares Noah the winner by KO.


Noah smirks at the fallen Tudor and steps out the ring and walks towards the back as we cut to commercial break.

Match 2
Singles Match
Brandon Hendrix vs Nick Hart

Brandon Hendrix and Nick Hart stand in their respected corners, both men with a small history with each other in Team Hollywood about to get it on here. Two powerhouses in their own rights wait for the bell to ring before launching themselves at each other, both connecting an shoulder block that sends them both back a couple of inches, but neither to the ground. Nick dares Brandon to go again, to which Brandon happily does so by running off the rope and goes for another shoulder block, still not taking either man down. Brandon pounds on his chest and now dares Nick to go, to which he does, but this time Brandon ducks under, making Nick jump over Brandon. Brandon gets up and leapfrogs over Nick, then runs off the ropes, ducking under Hart and runs off the ropes again and jumps off the ground and nails Nick with a clothesline that brings Hart down. Brandon rolls to his back and kips up to his feet and gets to the ropes and yells towards the crowd, getting the fans hyped up. Brandon turns around and sees Nick already starting to get up, so he quickly goes on the offense and starts throwing jabs, landing his fist into the face of the Right Hand Man. Jab after jab until Brandon runs off the ropes again, but runs into the clenches of Nick. Nick grabbed Brandon by throat and lifts Brandon up in the air before slamming him back first into Hart's knee, causing Brandon to arch his back in pain. Now in control, he kicks Brandon out of the ring before sliding out of the ring himself.

Nick Hart grabs Brandon and lifts him up into a bear hug, squeezing his back before slamming his back into the steel ring post before pulling back and slamming his back into the post again. He then turns and drops Hendrix back first onto the announcers table, causing more damage to the back of Hendrix. Hart grabs Brandon by the wrist and tosses him back into the ring. He lifts Brandon up onto his feet, Brandon's back facing Nick who proceeds to lift Brandon onto his shoulders and applies the Torture Rack submission hold, slamming his back on his shoulders as the referee asks Brandon if he wants to give up. Brandon yells in pain as he tries grasping Nick's hands, but ends up punching him multiple times in the face, finally breaking free. Brandon holds his back as he leans on the ropes to stay standing up as Nick runs off the ropes and goes for a spear, but Brandon moves and forces Nick to run off the ropes and he ends up Spearing Brandon right in the back that drops him. He quickly lifts Brandon up and places in for a Jackhammer. He lifts him in the air, but Brandon manages to move and catches Nick in a roll up.

Referee: "One..two.."

And Nick kicks out. Hart gets to his feet and turns into a gnarly headbutt from Hendrix. This rocks both men, but Hendrix starts slapping himself as he is getting angry. Blood starts trickling down Brandon's head as he kicks Nick in the gut. He goes to hook the arms, but Nick tackles Brandon, sending him back first into the turnbuckle. He steps back and runs forward, trying to spear Brandon, but Brandon side steps and sends Nick shoulder first into the ring post. Hendrix rolls up Nick, but Nick immediately rolls out of it into the grasp of Brandon who hooks his arms and lifts him up in the air and plants him with 'Death Charge'. He rolls Nick onto his back and covers.

Ref: "One..Two..Three!"

The bell rings as Brandon falls to his side, grabbing his back as 'In My Zone' starts as the referee grabs the wrist of Brandon and raises it in the air.

Match 3
Singles Match
Mike Roberts vs Chris Nitro

Meet The Monster” by Five Finger Death Punch hits and Mike Roberts makes his way down the aisle with a look of disdain upon his face. Roberts looks as though he’s ready to murder someone. Led down the aisle by his manager Mr. Tees, Roberts pays little to no attention to the fans as he enters the ring and prepares for war

Lucifer by Jay hits the pa system as the lights start to flicker blue and green. Chris enters from the crowd high fiving fans. He hops the guard rail and slides into the ring under the bottom rope.

The ref calls for the bell. Roberts looks for a quick lock up in the middle of the ring but Nitro kicks him in the stomach then drops an elbow to his back followed by an ax handle. Nitro quickly grabs Roberts head, locking it under his arm hitting a fisherman's suplex. Nitro quickly gets to his feet and runs hitting the ropes as Roberts gets to his feet. Nitro goes for a clothesline but Roberts ducks it. Nitro hits the ropes coming back at Roberts but eats a huge drop kick. Roberts gets to his feet and so does Nitro.

Scott - WOW they are coming out of the gate strong here.

Mike - Both men are hungry for a big win and it shows.

Both men charge to the center of the ring and lock up. Nitro spins out holding the wrist of Robert's. He twists Robert's arm then spins in close hitting a hip toss arm drag. Nitro steps back yelling for Roberts to get up. Roberts punches the mat and gets to his feet. Nitro goes to grab Robert's but Roberts grabs his arm and whips Nitro into the corner. Roberts runs at Nitro hitting a clothesline in the corner. Roberts lights his leg putting his boot to the throat of Nitro. The ref starts counting Roberts waits till 4 before taking his foot away. Roberts grabs Nitro by the neck hitting a cutter. He drags Nitro away from the ropes making a cover.


Mike - Nitro is far from out of it.

Scott - Yes but that clothesline from Roberts changed the game a little bit.

Roberts stands up bending down to grab Nitro but Nitro Rakes his eyes. Nitro gets to hit knees hitting a fireman's carry then immediately locks in a crossface. Roberts is screaming. Nitro is pulling back as hard as he can. The ref slides down to check and see if Robets is tapping. Roberts does not. Roberts begins digging his toes in and pushing hard. Little by little Roberts is managing to push himself closer to the ropes. With his free arm Roberts reaches out and is able to grab the bottom rope. The ref calls for Nitro to break the hold and he does after one last good pull on Roberts neck.

Mike - Nitro had that locked deep. Roberts dug deep to get to that rope.

Scott - He did. He didn't want to tap out and used everything in his power to prevent it.

Nitro grabs Roberts arm putting it through the bottom rope. Nitro grabs the top rope and jumps crashing down hard on the arm of Roberts. Roberts grabs his arm and rolls away holding it close to his chest. Nitro picks up Roberts grabbing the hurt arm then hits an arm drag. Nitro grabs the arm of Roberts who is laying on the mat and stretches it out. Nitro then stomps on it a few times. Roberts screams in pain before rolling under the bottom rope to the floor while holding his arm. Nitro is laughing while doing jumping jacks in the ring.

Scott - Look at Nitro showing off.

Mike - That's not smart he needs to stay on Roberts.

Scott - Nitros got time he damn near broke Roberts arm.

Roberts is getting to his feet. Nitro runs hitting the ropes then across the ring and dives over the top rope. Roberts moves out of the way, sending Nitro crashing hard to the floor.

Mike - That's what happens when you showboat

Roberts grabs Nitro by the head picking him up. He drives the head of Nitro into the ring steps but doesn't let go. He attempts to pick Nitro up but drops him then grabs his arm. Roberts kicks the ring steps then stomps on the back of Nitro. Roberts grabs Nitro and manages to roll him into the ring. He pushes nitros feet into the ring but leaves his upper body under the bottom rope on the apron. Roberts walks up the ring stairs then on to the apron. He jumps landing a huge leg drop to the chest of Nitro. Nitro screams, grabbing his chest and rolling into the ring. Roberts gets back into the ring and drags Nitro near the corner. He climbs to the top rope then dives off hitting a 450 splash.


Roberts makes the cover. The ref slides down to make the count.


Scott - Mike Robert's did it. He beat Nitro.

Mike - What a finish. That was a beautiful 450.

Crush vs Jesse James

Field of Diamonds by Johnny Cash hits the PA system. The James Gang comes out through the fans. They stand and pose. Jesse James fist bumps the rest of the gang then makes his way down through the fans alone. He holds the rail then slides into the ring.

Scott - Taking it alone tonight. Bold move.

Mike - Jesse James isn't afraid of anyone.

Kingdom by downstait hits the PA system as Crush makes his way through the curtain. He stands at the top of the ramp soaking in the cheers from the fans. Jessica Huttman is by his side as always looking fantastic. Crush walks down the ramp fist bumping fans. He climbs into the ring and immediately climbs to the middle rope in the corner playing to the fans showing off his size and yelling.

Mike - Really excited to see what this man can do.

Scott - I have a good feeling about him.

The ref calls for the bell starting the match. Jesse James fires across the ring looking for a clothesline but Crush ducks it. Crush turns clubbing James across the back. Crush spins James hitting a huge left hand causing James to fall back into the corner. Crush stays close delivering a flurry of body blows to James.

Mike - Crush is out classing James early here.

Scott - Not surprised at all. Look at Crush he is a monster.

Crush grabs the back of James' head and throws him to the mat. Crush turns holding his hands out soaking in the cheers from the fans. James is getting to his feet. Crush sees this, turns back to him and kicks his head causing James to fall back to the mat. Crush picks up James then lifts him over his head in a beach press. He tosses James while taking a step forward letting him fall to the mat. Crush picks James up off the mat, spins him around grabbing him around the waist and hits a German suplex. The fans are going nuts for Crush

Mike - Crush is having his way with James.

Scott - He is a powerful man and he is showing everyone that here tonight and the fans are eating it up.

Crush picks up James off the mat yet again. He spins him around again grabbing him by the waist hitting another huge German suplex.

Mike - This one is over. James is being ragdolled.

Crush walks over, pauses , smiles then picks up James.

Scott - He isn't done yet Mike.

Mike - He is just trying with James now.

Scott - There is blood in the water and he knows it.

Crush let's go of James who is standing on shaking legs barely able to stand. Crush runs hitting the ropes runs at James jumping hitting a superman punch. James goes down hard.


Crush makes the cover. The ref slides down to make the count.


Crush lifts the head and shoulders of James off the mat.

Mike - OH COME ON.

Scott - Crush is putting the entire roster on notice tonight.

Crush stands up while also bringing James to his feet. Crush shoves James' head under his arm. He lifts him then hits an elevated DDT.

Scott - CRUSHING THE COMPETITION. Crush is a freaking beast.

Mike - Someone needs to stop this.

Crush stands up picking up James one more time. He grabs his head lifting him into a standing suplex then snaps him down slamming him almost threw the mat. The fans explode.

Mike - Extremely Devastating

Scott - It really was.

Mike - No, that's the name of the move.

The ref slides down to make the count.


Scott - This one is over.

Mike - Thank God.

Scott - What a showing from Crush tonight. I'm glad I don't ever have to step in the ring with him.

Mike - You can sure as hell say that again.

Shaun Hart stands in the ring with a microphone in his hand.

Shaun Hart: Last week you saw the Nightmare I warned you about that was coming to IIW. I told everyone nobody would be safe and that a new era was about to begin here in IIW. The Purge is back and if you couldn't tell their under new management by yours truly. You see I convinced Ryan I was done with Team Hollywood and that I would serve as The Purge manger only, so I got rid of the light weights like TJ Alexander, Nick Hart and of course that has been Tolly!

Suddenly you hear…"are you ready?!!" As Blind by Korn blares over the PA system, the crowd pops as John Tolly makes his way to the ring. Shaun has a look of shock on his face.

Mike Fisher: the franchise John Tolly is back in IIW.

Scott James: yeah and Shaun Hart does not look like he was expecting this, i can't tell if he's happy to see him or not?

A welcome back chant starts up as Tolly gets in the ring and hits the turnbuckle playing to the crowd

Shaun: wow this..this is great! Ladies and gentlemen give it up for the best wrestler in the client John Tolly, man we missed around here?

Tolly takes a mic and paces abit scratching his his giving a perplexed look

John: yeah...about that. I um, i have a question for you Shaun. If you missed me so much, if i was such an impressive member not only of team Hollywood but the IIW, then why durring the almost 3 months i was out with a nearly carrer ending injury did you not once come visit or even call? Hell i didn't even get a get well soon card?

John chuckles and shakes his head

John: but maybe that's my fault, I mean you did several times say that as long as you got paid you didn't care. So maybe I was neiave to think you would actually have my back when I actually needed it. But do you know who DID have my back Shaun?

He points to the crowd

John: all of these people..they had my back.
I got all your emails all your get well tweets and letter. I may not have been able to respond to all of it but trust me I read each and every one of them and I say this from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

He turns back to Shaun

John: As for you Shaun, you and the rest of team Hollywood...can kiss my ass!

Shaun Hart: Well Tolly I can see you haven't watched much Television in your absence, Team Hollywood is dead because I killed it. I realized no matter what I did you guys would never amount to anything. So now I serve The Purge and you've made a grave mistake old friend.

The lights in the arena go out then begin to flicker before turning back on. Shaun Hart is gone but Ryan Hawkins and Chris Nitro stand in the ring surrounding Tolly. Tollu strike a first going after Nitro with quick strikes as he back him into the corner, but Ryan nails him from behind a hard elbow to the back of the head. He drags Tolly to center and they continue the beat down. Nitro lifts Tolly up and throws him towards Ryan who hits the TDK(RKO) on Tolly.

Match 5
Singles Match
El Landerson vs Anthony Phoenix
The bell sounds away as the ref signifies the start of the match. Both competitors get to the center of the ring, elbow/collar tie up, El Landerson over powering Anthony Phoenix, he’s not afraid to lock up with any of the IIW wrestlers… Anthony Phoenix is too slick, bending his knees, El Landerson’s momentum getting the better of him as he walks into a hard knee to the gut, the spit flying out of El Landerson’s mouth. Anthony Phoenix pushes El Landerson back, and slaps him hard across the face…


Another…..WHOOOOOOOOOOOOO… . ….WHOOOOOOOOOOOO…Anthony Phoenix goes for a 4th, but El Landerson ducks and hit’s a chop of his own…WHOOOOOOOOO!!

Anthony Phoenix is backed up into the turnbuckle, El Landerson kneeing Anthony Phoenix in the gut a few times, before ending his onslaught with a hard hip toss. El Landerson gets to his knees and gets Anthony Phoenix in a sleeper hold, but Anthony Phoenix quickly fights out, and locks in a key lock, El Landerson elbowing Anthony Phoenix in the face forcing his to release the hold, and we have a stand off, ovation from the audience.

El Landerson and Anthony Phoenix lock up, elbow/collar, yet again, El Landerson taking Anthony Phoenix down with a double leg, into a side leg lock, but Anthony Phoenix uses his others leg to hit El Landerson in the chest, forcing him to let go of the hold. Both competitors to their feet, El Landerson goes for a clothesline, Anthony Phoenix with an arm drag, El Landerson gets up, and falls victim to another arm drag. Both competitors get up, Anthony Phoenix charges at El Landerson, but El Landerson hits an arm drag. Both competitors get up, another arm drag by El Landerson, and we’re back to where we started, a stand off.

Mike: Magnificent display of chain wrestling…

The two competitors lock up YET AGAIN, elbow/collar, this time El Landerson making the go behind switch, and taking Anthony Phoenix down with a side belly to back suplex, and into a front face lock on the mat, but Anthony Phoenix rolls to his side, getting in a few hard right hands on El Landerson. Both competitors to their knees now, exchanging rights and lefts. After the slight flurry, El Landerson blocks one of Anthony Phoenix’s punches and dives at his, taking his down and punching his head. Anthony Phoenix rolls over, and punches El Landerson’s head, but El Landerson rolls back over, and before he can get in a hit, Anthony Phoenix flips El Landerson off of him using his leg strength, a variation of a monkey flip. Anthony Phoenix FLips up, to an odd ovation from the fans. he turns towards El Landerson who also flps up, oddly enough pleasing Anthony Phoenix.

Mike: This is just amazing.

Scott: This is what IIW is all about, no half assed wrestling hise! This isn’t some hick company, this is the greatest wrestling company in the UK, if not the world!

Both stand adjacent to each othis, waiting for a weakness, El Landerson rushes Anthony Phoenix, he ducks it, hitting a sharp heel to the right ankle, he falls like a great oak, holding his ankle, Anthony Phoenix jumps into the air, landing on his crotch, legs straddled! he looks into the crowd crimson faced and slightly ashamed as they go nuts!

El Landerson is visibly shocked by this, and quickly pushes his in the chest, pushing his forward, and rolling up his two legs for the pin!

Quick Kick out

Anthony Phoenix kicks up hitting him under the jaw, he rushes at him taking advantage of his stance and hits him with a clothesline, he continues his run, making it up to the turnbuckle, but his legs gets caught in the ropes, he shakes it off, but he’s lost valuable seconds, Landerson is up, he catches his body and powerbombs his right in the centre of the ring, with unbelievable ferocity!

Mike: That must be it!

He waits behind Anthony Phoenix yet again… El Landerson nails the spinning heel kick knocking Anthony Phoenix against the ropes!!! He then delivers a kick to the mid - section and sets his up for his finishing move

Mike Fisher: The match is his for the taking, El Landerson is out cold!

he struggles to crawl over to him, after the abuse his body has taken, he throws an arm over his chest.







Match 6
Singles match
Michael Hunter vs Marcus Fuller

The two stand in the middle of the ring and stare at each other talking trash to
one another. Suddenly, Marcus Fuller tries a sucker punch on Hunter but Hunter ducks and hit Evil with a couple of right hands of his own. He then, whips Evil to the ropes, but its reversed. Evil tries a clothesline, but Hunter ducks. Evil tries a back elbow, Hunter reverses him into another whip. Hunter leapfrogs him, then drops down and hits a sky-high dropkick that sends Marcus Fuller to the mat and quickly rolls off to the outside of the ring.

Mike: Quick action in the early goings of this one.

Scott: Yep.

Marcus Fuller enters the ring once again and runs towards Hunter but it's met by a drop toe hold from Hunter, who waits for him and quickly hits an arm drag and stays on his arm with a pistol.

As Marcus Fuller tries to get up, Hunter quickly goes for an arm wrench and keeps pummeling Marcus Fuller's arm. Hunter keeps on him, but Marcus Fuller tries to fight back by pushing Hunter to the corner. He forearms Hunter in the head a couple of times making Hunter release the hold. Marcus Fuller whips Hunter to the corner, when Marcus Fuller runs towards him, Hunter gets out of the way. Marcus Fuller hits face first on the turnbuckle which makes him a little dizzy, Hunter sizes him up and when Marcus Fuller turns around, still dizzy, Hunter hits another arm drag and pistols him up.

Marcus Fuller tries getting up one more time and Hunter goes for another arm wrench. He drags Marcus Fuller to the corner still on the arm wrench. Hunter climbs the turnbuckles and before he does anything to further damage Marcus Fuller's arm, he pulls him off the top rope and Hunter lands with the ropes between his legs, damaging his family's jewels.

Scott James: Damn!

Mike: Nicely said.

Scott James: Heh.

Marcus Fuller sees the opportunity, runs the ropes and gives Hunter a flying tackle that sends Hunter head first to the outside right to the concrete and he looks like he's out cold.

Marcus Fuller stays in the ring with his arm hurting like hell.

When he sees that the referee is counting out Hunter, he remembers that he can't win the title by a count-out so he goes to the outside and keeps hitting Hunter until he comes out of it and starts fighting back. Marcus Fuller rakes the eyes of Hunter, and quickly enters the ring. Hunter follows him up but Marcus Fuller gets the best of him and gets on top of him with kicks and punches. He picks Hunter up and hits a German suplex on Hunter and quickly goes for the cover.



Mike: A lot has happened, but it's still too early.

Marcus Fuller sees that Hunter is not due yet and goes for a headlock. He tries to choke the life out of Hunter, and Hunter moves a lot trying to get out of the headlock until finally he's able to get on his knees, releasing some of the headlock's pressure. He tries getting up but Marcus Fuller's weight is holding him down. Hunter hits him on the guts twice just so he could get up completely and break the headlock.

Hunter punches Marcus Fuller a couple of times and whips him to the ropes but it's reversed. Marcus Fuller tries a clothesline but misses. Then tries a back elbow but Hunter ducks again but when he bounces off the ropes its met by a Belly to Belly Overhead suplex that stops him in his tracks.

Marcus Fuller gets an idea and goes to the outside and looks for a steel chair and sets him up in the corner between the second and third rope. Marcus Fuller picks Hunter up and grabs him by the head looking to throw Hunter head first into the chair but Hunter blocks it and goes for a throw of his own. Marcus Fuller blocks it, Hunter goes for a clothesline, Marcus Fuller ducks and hits a neckbreaker on Hunter.

Marcus Fuller sees an opportunity and taunts. He goes to the opposite corner and sizes Hunter up from a distance, waiting for Hunter to get up and goes for the spear.

Mike: Marcus Fuller may be trying to put this one away.

Scott James: I'd say so.

But Hunter gets out of the way making Marcus Fuller hit the previously set up chair head first!!!

Both wrestlers are down!!!

Mike: Ouch.

Referee: One...




Marcus Fuller starts to get up but its very dizzy.


Hunter starts to get up using the ropes.


Marcus Fuller is up, holding his head.


And Hunter is up as well!!!

Marcus Fuller tries to hit Hunter but it's blocked and met by a punch from Hunter. And another one and another one , Hunter whips Marcus Fuller to the ropes and hits a back body drop on the Big one. As Evil gets up, Hunter clotheslines him, then follows him up with an Irish Whip but it's reversed by Marcus Fuller. Hunter bounces off the ropes and hits a flying clothesline on Marcus Fuller and quickly kicks himself up, sizes Marcus Fuller as he gets up, kicks him in the guts and hits a DDT on Marcus Fuller and goes for the cover.



KICKOUT by Marcus Fuller!!!!

Hunter, wasting no time, waits for Marcus Fuller to get up, kick him once again and goes for his patented Brainbuster and goes for the cover.



THR- NO!!!!!! The referee stops the count because Marcus Fuller has his foot on the ropes!!!

Mike: Close call there.

Scott James: Indeed.

Hunter can't believe it and keeps hitting Marcus Fuller into the corner. He picks Marcus Fuller up and hooks him up on what looks to be a Rock Bottom. When he goes for it, Marcus Fuller reverses it with a kicks Hunter on the stomach and goes for his Tiger Driver and covers him.



THR-KICKOUT by Hunter!!!

Marcus Fuller smiles and gets up and waits for Hunter to get up. As he does, he kicks him up and goes for the Jackhammer. He has Hunter up, does a couple of steps and BOOM!!!!! He hits it!!! He taunts and starts bitching at the crowd. He after a while goes for the cover.




Fullter has pulled out the victory over Michael Hunter!

Match 7
Tag Team Match
John Cavanagh and Leon Knight vs Fred Debonair and Russell Wayne.
Senior Referee Duke Longbottom calls for the opening bell. Tyler Debonair and Leon Knight start us off. They lock up into a Collar-and-Elbow. Leon takes the advantage… by hitting a Short Kneelift to the gut, reminiscent of Curt Hennig in a way… Leon then applies a Side Headlock as Tyler is kneeling down. He then changes his grip, steps sideways, and he executes a Side Russian Legsweep. Leon then rolls over and mounts him, before hitting a series of hard jabs, knocking Tyler’s head back and forth like a speed bag at the gym. Referee Johnson gets to the count of 4 before Leon stops. He stand up, and grins a bit at the crowd, which draws some boos.

While this long conversation has been going, Leon Knight has applied an Armwringer Wristlock to Tyler. He then reaches and tags in John Cavanagh, while keeping the hold applied. The fans booas Cav gets in. John Cavanagh kicks Tyler in the gut, as Leon is escorted to his corner by the referee. Cav then re-applies the Armwringer, but Tyler reaches back with his free arm and then decks Cav with a wild roundhouse. Tyler then shakes his arm a bit, before going over and tagging in Russell Wayne. The fans pop as Russell Wayne gets in. As John Cavanagh is starting to get up, he grabs him, and whips him to the ropes. he tries for a Back Bodydrop, but he ducks WAY too soon, and Cav jumps and hits a Rocker Dropper, driving Russell Wayne’s face into the mat. He then rolls heim over and covers…


2NO. Russell Wayne gets her shoulder up right at the count of two.

Mike: “A good move by Cav, but that cover was really sloppy.”

Scott: “Gotta hook that leg Mike, not that I think it would’ve really mattered, as Russell Wayne was probably gonna kick out anyways. But you gotsta hook that leg on the pin attempts.”

John Cavanagh picks up Russell Wayne, and then plants him with a Bodyslam. He then bounces off the ropes, and goes for a Kneedrop, which hits… the mat, as Russell Wayne rolls out of the way. Cav is trying to get to his feet, but Russell Wayne is back up. He knocks him on his back with a Dropkick. He then goes over and tags Tyler back in. Tyler rushes over and applies a Front Facelock onto John Cavanagh before he can get up. He keeps him in this position for about a minute, before the crowd starts to clap, and this gives Cav the motivation to get to his feet. He does so, but does not get out of the Facelock. Instead, he bridges back and executes a Northern Lights Suplex into a pin attempt…



No! Tyler Debonair kicks out. Tyler Debonair reaches up and tags in Russell Wayne, and then picks up Cav as Russell Wayne runs and hits the ropes. Tyler Debonair then hits an Atomic Drop, and as Cav steps forward, Russell Wayne leaps up and takes him over with a Hurricanrana. The crowd pops!

Mike: “A great double-team move by Russell Wayne and Tyler Debonair!

Suddenly, Trig shoves Tyler off the top rope and to the outside. Andy Donahue comes in and floors Russell Wayne. The two of them begin beating up on both Tyler and Russell Wayne as John Cavangh stands back and enjoys the scene… The referee though has no option but to call for the Bell.

John grabs a chair and preps it ready for Tyler Debonair’s head… BUT HERE IS FRED DEBONAIR!!!!! The Celtic club see what’s happening and quickly make their escape as Fred checks in on Tyler as we go to break

Main Event
Singles Match
Curtis Vs Bam Miller

The two men move forward, and stand nose to nose in the centre of the ring, prompting the referee to call for the bell to start the match

SCOTT: C’mon, Bam Miller, this is your destiny!

Curtis takes the offensive first, throwing a series of hard right hands at Bam Miller, knocking him backwards towards the ropes. Bam Miller starts retaliating with blows of his own, and the crowd start getting behind Curtis as he resists the onslaught

MIKE: I think it’s easy to see who the crowd want to win!

Curtis whips Bam Miller into the ropes, and goes for a clothesline after Bam Miller rebounds, but Bam Miller spots the move and leapfrogs over Curtis. Bam Miller rebounds again, and hits Curtis with a hard dropkick as he turns round

SCOTT: Yes! You can do it Bam Miller, come on!

Bam Miller grabs hold of Curtis as he gets to his feet, and delivers a hard suplex, then goes for a quick cover as Curtis hits the mat, hooking a leg as the referee counts…




MIKE: Curtis kicks out at 2, he’s not going down that easily!

Bam Miller gets up, shouting at the referee that it was three. He has his back to Curtis, who gets up quickly, wraps his arms around Bam Miller’s waist, and delivers a hard German suplex, bouncing Bam Miller’s head off the mat as he lands. Curtis keeps hold of the lock, gets up, and delivers another German. Bam Miller grits his teeth in pain as his head hits the mat a second time. Curtis stands them both up, and hits a third German, finally letting go of Bam Miller as he hits the mat

MIKE: What impact! Bam Miller looks short of breath after all those German suplexes!

Curtis capitalises on his offence, and goes for a cover of his own, hooking the leg as the referee counts…




MIKE: Shoulder up by Bam Miller! I thought Curtis had him there!

SCOTT: Pah! Bam Miller’s tougher than that, Masters, you should know that by now!

It’s now Curtis’s turn to protest to the referee, and as he does eagle sneaks from behind and takes his leg out. Curtis crashes to the floor, and Bam Miller starts stamping on his body, the referee trying to pull him off

MIKE: This is awful from Bam Miller, taking advantage like that!

SCOTT: What d’you want him to do, wait till Curtis’s finished his conversation?

Bam Miller picks Curtis up, and takes him over to the corner. He hits him a few times, and Curtis tries a few blows of his own, most of which are blocked, then Bam Miller climbs up to the top turnbuckle, taking Curtis with him. He positions Curtis with his back to the ring, and leaps off, delivering the Bam Miller’s Fury (Rock Bottom from the top turnbuckle). Curtis lands with a thump, and Bam Miller quickly goes for the cover…




MIKE: Oh My God! Curtis managed to kick out again! Unbelievable!

Bam Miller gets up again, and once again starts arguing with the referee over the decision, but this time Curtis doesn’t get up so quickly. Bam Miller goes back over to him, and stamps on him a couple more times, then lifts him up, and carries him back to the corner. He climbs up the turnbuckle again, and positions him for another Bam Miller’s Fury, but before Bam Miller can execute the move Curtis blocks, and starts hitting him with hard right hands. He then grabs Bam Miller, and delivers a superplex from the top turnbuckle

SCOTT: NO! Not like this! C’mon Bam Miller!

Instead of going for a cover, Curtis stands in the centre of the ring, playing to the crowd

MIKE: He’s wasting time….

Curtis picks eagle up, and hoists him above his shoulders in the centre of the ring. He then grins directly at the camera, and delivers the Dan Slam, Bam Miller’s body bouncing off the canvas as he lands. Curtis drops to the mat and now goes for the cover…





MIKE: Foot on the ropes! Bam Miller got a foot on the ropes!

SCOTT: Oh, thank God, I almost died then….

Curtis gets up, and starts stamping his feet in the corner, obviously annoyed with himself for pinning Bam Miller to close to the ropes. This gives Bam Miller chance to get back to his feet, and he gets down in the corner, stalking Curtis. The second Curtis turns around, Bam Miller races forward, and hits him with the spear

MIKE: Spear! Bam Miller hits the spear!

SCOTT: YES! That’s gotta be it! Finish him off!

Bam Miller thinks about going for the cover, then picks Curtis up, and heads for the turnbuckle once more

MIKE: This looks very bad for Curtis!

Curtis fights out of it though grabbing Bam Miller… HE DROPS THE C-BOMB ON BAM MILLER!!!





The scene opens to Jonny C standing at the front of an empty church. He is standing at the pulpit. He is wearing a black suit, with a white shirt and a black tie. He hair is tied back into a nice ponytail. There is a casket to the side of him also at the front of the church. Jonny holds his hand up.

Jonny C - Let us pray. HA HA could you imagine me up here as a priest. I'm far too much of an asshole for that.

Someone off the side of Jonny clears their throat. The camera pans and it's an actual priest.

Jonny C - Sorry father for I have sinned. I cant promise that wont happen again but I will try my best. Moving right along. Dearly beloved we are gathered here today to mourn the loss of Tyler DeBoners manhood. Something that none of us have ever really seen before and something we will definitely never see again. It's a truly sad day when someone loses their manhood. A large, well in Tyler's case, a small part of them, dies. The will to fight, the will to survive all gone in the blink of an eye.

Jonny steps down from the pulpit and walks over to the casket. He places his had on it and bows his head.

Jonny C - I will now run down a history of the manhood of Tyler DeBoner. Actually I should state its really a history of the lack of manhood but you will all be able to deduce that rather quickly.

1. Tyler was not able to earn his shot at my title on his own. He needed 3 masked men to attack Curtis and leave him for dead. Only then was Tyler able to make the pin Curtis and earn his shot at the title. He will tell you he didn't know the new Purge would be involved. I find it funny when he says that because his cousin is a member. It's painfully, and I stress painfully obvious how much he needs his family's help at all times. A real man would have needed no help at all to win a shot at the title. A real man would have said they wanted to actually earn their title shot. Something Tyler has never openly stated. So I present to you exhibit A. Tyler hired goons to insure his victory over Curtis locking himself in for a title match.

2. Tyler and his father took a cheap shot at my rookie partner last meyhan and caused him to he removed from the match. Yet when I valiantly decided to continue alone because I'm a fighting champion they decided they both needed to take me on. Tyler knew that deep he just isn't man enough to stand toe to toe with my alone. He needs his old man father by his side. Infact despite the odds being heavily stacked against me I was able to stand on my own and give the 2 cowards a great match. It actually took both of them pinning me at once to beat me. That should be embarrassing to you Tyler. You had 2 people and still just barely were you able to walk away from the match.

3. I'm pretty sure Tyler has an inbred family. I have no real basis for this theory but I find it odd how close they are. Come on you can't tell me you're not all thinking the same thing. Literally none of them are ever alone. It's super suspect guys. Tyler refuses to ever be without someone in his family. Over compensation much.

4. When the going got tough for Tyler DeBoner he disappeared (literally) then came back as a new person. He is physically unable to stand on his own and do anything to better himself. When anyone else deals with a cross road we all pick ourselves up by the bootstraps and get better. We train and work our asses off till we are the best versions of ourselves. Not Mr DeBoner he tucks tail and runs away then comes back again as a "new" person. Trust me no one has dealt with more trials and tribulations last year than me. Did I run away scared and reinvent myself? No I didn't. I worked my ass off to remain at the top of the mountain here in the IIW and it paid off. Not Tyler, he lost after 7 matches and ran away and cried hard about it. He couldn't handle it at all. Says alot about his mental state if you ask me.

Jonny C - So those are all the reasons we are gathered here to lay Tyler's manhood to rest today. Doesn't make you look all that great does it Tyler? Here is a spoiler alert for everyone watching this at home. When I beat Tyler and retain my title he will leave again then return as a new "version" of himself. He won't be able to stand the emotional damage that I will bestow upon him when we finally meet in that ring for the title. He will once again run away and cry like a scared little girl then return as the new "Best Version of Himself." Tyler let's face it man you're just not good enough. You're not even the best one in your family. Your sister is a former world champion, your girlfriend is a former champion. I'm pretty sure your father claims to be a former world champion even though that's before he was here so we have no way of really fact checking that. So your sister's manhood is better than yours, your girlfriend's manhood is better (how's that work in the bedroom I wonder) and your father. Man the apple fell far from the tree didn't it. God it must suck to be the least important part of your own family. You're the black sheep bro.

Jonny pauses then opens the casket. It looks empty.

Jonny C - I know it looks like an empty casket but I swear to god its not. You got to zoom in super close. His manhood was very small and unassuming to begin with before he continually did things to shrink it further. I promise you it's in there. Before I go and we head out to bury this casket I want you to listen closely Tyler. I know you're not a fan of being super present here in the IIW. Sometimes you're in the ring and in front of the fans all the time. Others it's like you're a scared little ghost. Fun fact Tyler I'm going to be all over you for the next few weeks. I'm not going to let you breathe without me being there. Every show, every house show, even just because. When you open your eyes in the morning I will be there, when you go out to eat I will be there. It doesn't matter where you are, I will be there. Living in your head, on your TV, on your laptop, on your phone, in the paper wherever you look I'm there. I will show you why I'm the champion. I will show you what it takes to be a champion. I will outwork you at every turn Tyler. You're not on my level and never will be.

Jonny slams the casket closed. He turns back to the priest.

Jonny C - Thanks Padre, I owe you one.

Jonny begins walking down the center aisle of the church. He grabs the handle of the casket pulling it behind him. He laughs loudly to himself as the scene fades to black.