The Netflix logo plays to let you all know that this is indeed Netflix, and you are watching a Netflix exclusive.

Fans are going wild in the IIW arena as the camera pans the audience to show the jubilant crowd who have brought out the signs in force highlighted by signs like 'Bring Back Benz!!!', 'Axel Van Who???', and 'Shaun can steal MY Hart anytime'.

In the ring stands Michael Morrison alongside Greg Peters, the COO of Netflix. Both men stand there with giant grins on their faces as the soak in the adulation of the crowd.

Greg Peters: “Ladies and Gentlemen! On behalf of Netflix, Welcome to Netflix presents IIW Monday Night Mayhem!!!”

Peters looks jubilant, but the crowd cool somewhat from their opening intensity.

Greg Peters: “Now for those of you who don't know, I'm the COO of Netflix, and why this guy is standing next to me holding this thing I don't know.”

He snatches the microphone from long time IIW Interviewer Michael Morrison.

Greg Peters: “Now hit the bricks, you're not needed here.”

Morrison starts to exit the ring, looking back at Peters who does the hand sweeping motion to get the interviewer moving. Crestfallen Morrison steps through the ring ropes and walks down the stairs as the fans start to boo. Looking back towards the ring one last time he makes his way up the ramp where he nearly runs into IIW Managing Director Bob Mitchell who is power walking his way down to the ring, microphone in hand.

Bob Mitchell: “Oh now you don't, you get back in that ring where you belong...”

Mitchell grabs Morrison by the arm and starts to haul him back into the ring while the crowd start to pick back up again at the sudden return of the IIW mainstay Morrison.

Bob Mitchell: “I don't know who the fuck you are...”

Mitchell starts dressing down the Netflix COO as he steps through the ropes with Michael Morrison in tow.

Bob Mitchell: “And I don't much care, but this is MY show and it's high time I put MY stamp on it. That starts right here with Michael Morrison. He's a presenter and interviewer. He get paid to hold the microphone and ask the burning questions, and that's just what he's going to do.”

Bob Mitchell thrusts his microphone into the hands of Morrison who is as happy to hold it again as the fans who let out another cheer are to see him hold it.

Greg Peters: “Well good then, go ahead Morrison and ask Bob Mitchell just exactly what he plans on doing to stop this downward skid us top brass has seen IIW trend on since he took charge last spring. Well, go ahead...”

Morrison opens his mouth to ask but before any words can come out...

Greg Peters: “And ask him how he plans on replacing the longest reigning champion in IIW History. Ask him how he plans on fixing the talent issues Netflix sees the IIW locker room trending in since he took over!”

Before Morrison can ask Bob grabs his arm.

Bob Mitchell: “Now just you hold on you fucking half wit! Dangerously is gone because you and your 'Top Brass' claimed he was too expensive! The biggest draw in IIW history and you all let his contract lapse. Smart fucking choice. Same with the rest. When I took over competition ramped up and look what happened! Guys like Curtis and Russell Wayne and Bam Miller have thrived, Ryan Hawkins has reinvented himself several times over to keep up, guys who were up and coming like Scotty Adams struggled but regained their footing while possible contenders like Rogue slipped and couldn't hang! I brought in John Cavanagh when neither you nor Osh Vaughan could get him locked down. That's the nature of this business, not everyone can succeed.”

Greg Peters: “Listen Bob, we're appreciative of everything you've done in getting Cavanagh in here and bringing in Fred Debonaire, but those guys are old business. Sure they have big name recognition, but we're looking towards the future. People like Brandon Hendrix and TJ Alexander, Eric Elliot and Axel Van Osbourne... The WHOLE First Class brand! That's the kind of future that gets us excited!”

Mitchell just shakes his head.

Bob Mitchell: “Great, yeah, bank on a future where wrestling is a bunch of characters who couldn't explain to you what a match is or explain the reason their supposed to be drawing a paycheck. No one wants to see a god-damned one of them and none of them will ever draw a dollar in this company or in this business. First Class has done nothing but hemorrhage money since they launched, but lets face the real facts Peters, you're not looking to make money with IIW, you're looking for a place to launder it.”

“I'm tired of being thrown under the bus for you and your idiot friends and when this all goes south I'm not going to be the one in prison while you retire to some beach somewhere! You want to fight dirty, then fine. You want to give me an ultimatum?”

He steps up into the face of the Netflix COO.

Greg Peters: “In fact, Mr. Mitchell...”

He takes a step back as fans boo the business cowardice of the Netflix top brass.

Greg Peters: “I do. You come up with a plan to fix this show, this company by the end of the night or we'll find someone else to replace you!”

[The into video package for Monday night Mayhem on Netflix finishes and cuts to the ring where George Takei is standing.

George Takei - OH MY. Welcome to Monday night Mayhem. It is with great honor and privilege that I was asked here tonight to introduce a man that needs no introduction but is demanding one anyway. A man that has defied all the odds. A man who makes all other men pale by comparison. A man who has done more in the last year than most will do in a lifetime. A man who is so well endowed it's widely considered legendary. A man who wrote this introduction himself I must add. Men want to be him and women want to be with him. The man who embarrassed then retired Jake E Dangerously. Please rise for your NEWWWWWWWWW IIW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION……...INFAMOUS JONNY C.

A giant red carpet is rolled out all the way down the ramp to the ring. An 8 bit version of Jonny C walks onto the screen holding a drum, he yells here's Jonny then begins beating the drum. Jadakiss The champ is here blades of the PA system as gold sparks fall from the ceiling. InFamous Jonny C makes his way through the curtain wearing a perfectly tailored grey suit. He is standing under the sparks with his arms out and a huge smile on his face. He takes a few steps forward then pauses. He unbuttons his suit jacket revealing his newly won IIW World Heavyweight Championship. He looks around the arena taking the moment in, then begins to walk down the ramp. He climbs the ring stairs, walks along the apron then enters the ring through the rope. He walks over to the corner of the ring and climbs to the middle rope. He unhooks the title, grabs it with both hands then holds it up to loud cheers from the arena. Jonny hops down and calls for a microphone. He walks to the middle of the ring. He drops to his knees then lays the world title face up in front of him. He throws his head back yelling

Jonny - YO IIW I DID IT…..

The fans erupt. As red and blue balloons begin to fall from the ceiling above the ring. Confetti cannons go off from all for ring posts. Jonny picks up the title then stands up throwing it over his shoulder holding his arms at his side and head tilted back letting confetti and balloons rain down over him. He looks around the arena with a huge smile on his face.

Jonny - It's party time baby. Have you ever seen a celebration like this before? This is fit for a king if I must say so myself and I do. Only one man in the world of wrestling warrants this kind of hoopla and that's me. I said I would win and I did. I'm nothing if not a man of my word. New Year, new InFamous Jonny C. 2022 is starting off with a bang baby LETS GO. Do not get me wrong I'm still the same asshole but I'm a champion asshole now. That's Mr Asshole to all my underlings in the locker room. TO EVERYONE WHO SAID I COULDN'T WIN THE BIG ONE KISS MY ENTIRE ASS. The new era of IIW begins now but more on that in just a bit. It's been a long time coming but once again I am standing in the center of this ring as YOUR NEW WORLD CHAMPION. I lost to Jake E Dangerously last February in a hard fought battle and promised that wouldn't happen again. I trained harder than I ever have for this match and it all paid off. I also retired Jake in that match, something I am so proud of. Win or lose it was his last match ever and I made sure he went out on his back. I made sure he didn't get the best of me in his last match. I made sure everything was different this time. No one will remember all the times I lost, all they will remember is me standing over a defeated and now retired Jake E Dangerously holding the IIW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP. 14 years ago I ended his title reign and history repeated itself once more. When the stakes were at their highest I rose up and took home the win. Now I would never call Jake a friend but without him I wouldn't have the career I have. No one in this industry has pushed me as far as Jake. I respect him as a performer but not as a man. For that I want to thank Jake and wish him the best in his non wrestling future endeavors.

The fans begin to chant Thank you Jake.

Jonny - That being said I am here to say this is the start of a new era in IIW. You can all see that by my standing in this ring on a Mayhem. Ask yourself when was the last time the world champion came out to open the show? When was the last time the world champion showed up to anything really outside of a match? I am here and will remain here because as I have stated I am here to be a fighting champion. I'm out here to brag obviously and rub it in everyone's face that I am the champion. I'm also out here to put everyone on this roster on notice. Tyler you're first in the long line of people I will destroy to hold onto this title. You wanted to act like I was a nobody and tried to demand I do a meaningless task for you. You will be the first one to fully realize I'm the best in the world at what I do. There is a long line of people here who deserve a shot a my title. My old "friend" Cav, Scotty Armstrong, Russell Wayne, Ethan Rivers, Bam Miller, Cain, AVO, even my bastard spawn. Everyone here has the capability to step up and challenge (except Phoenix he isn't a threat) and I will gladly destroy all of you. This championship will be on the line more than it ever was. I can't stay the best if I coast now like Jake did. I will be at the top of every show ready and willing to outwork everyone on the card because that's what a champion does.

The fans go nuts.

Jonny - Welcome to the era of InFamous Jonny Fucking C. I can promise you that you ain't seen nothing yet. A wise man once said it ain't bragging if you back it up. Time for me to back it up and show everyone why I am the greatest world champion the IIW has ever seen. Time do do what I do best.

Jonny drops the mic then begins kicking balloons all over the ring. He falls to his back then makes Ballon angels. He kips up and holds the title up in the air while pointing to himself yelling I'm the greatest. The camera zooms in on Jonny then on the IIW Title.

Singles match
Ryan Zane vs Anthony Tudor

Limp Bizkit - Breakstuff sounding off with a loud bass boom as the lights in the arena turn a sickly green. The green fades to a low yellow, as if a boom went off before an air raid siren can be heard. The siren perks up louder as Ragna begins to walk out, decked out in a vest and hoodie with his Oncoming Storm logo emblazoned on the front. He stares straight ahead, his muscles flexing before he roars to the camera, shoving the camera man aside as he heads to the ring. He stomps up the ramp, stopping just at the edge of the entrance ramp and running his palm along the canvas itself before pounding his fists against it and hopping up onto the apron. He slides under the middle rope, stepping into the center of the ring and stretching his arms out before tearing the hoodie in half, roaring back to the crowd with a guttural scream.

Romantic Rights by Death From Above 1979 hits the PA System as Ryan Zane makes his way down to the ring.

The ref calls for the bell as Zane and Tudor lock up in the middle of the ring. Zane spins the lock up into a side head lock then a headlock takeover holding it. He holds the headlock tight, raking it a few times. Zane breaks the hold standing up but Tudor does the same. Zane kicks Tudor in the stomach and grabs him setting up a DDT but Tudor stands up, reversing it into a back suplex. The ref slides down to make the count



Tudor stands up and kicks the bottom rope.

Scott - Come on did he really think he could win it that fast.

Tudor stands up Zane then whips him into the corner. He runs drop kicking Zane hard in the chest. Zane falls to his butt in the corner. Tudor grabs the top rope then begins stomping on Zane. After about 5 Tudor puts his boot to the throat of Zane and press in hard. The ref counts to 4 before Tudor breaks the hold.

Mike - Turdor close to getting thrown out there.

Scott - Turdor knows he has the 5 seconds and took full advantage.

Tudor stands up grabbing Zane standing him up. Tudor kicks Zane then sets up and hits a power bomb. Tudor runs over and climbs to the middle rope delivering a fist drop to Zane. Tudor attempts to pick up Zane but Zane manages to rake his eyes. Tudor stumbles back as Zane slowly tries to get to his feet. Zane charges at Tudor throwing a clothesline but Tudor ducks. Tudor grabs the back of Zane's head delivering a neck breaker. Tudor picks up Zane then hits the ropes firing off connecting with monster Clothesline from hell causing Zane to do a backflip before hitting the mat. Tudor picks up Zane then lifts him onto his shoulders hitting an Oncoming Storm. He immediately makes the cover. The ref slides down to make the count.


Scott - That's got to be it. Zane has taken one hell of a beating here tonight.


Mike - Anthony Tudor did it and takes home the win

Chiodos' “Modern Wolf Hair” suddenly blares through the arenas PA system, echoing throughout the confines of the building. Ethan Rivers emerges on stage through the entrance way, an official IIW microphone firmly gripped in his hand, and a condescending smile etched along his lips. The crowd begin predominately booing, though a few “marky” fans cheer in contrarian ways. A cocky laugh is visible from Ethan who stops at the top of the ramp, taking a few moments to bask in the raining crowd reaction.

Mike Fisher: “Oh great, this guy again.”

Scott James: “Well “I” like him!”

Mike Fisher: “Of course you do. Wondering what he's here for?”

Scott James: “He's here to talk and we should listen!”

Mike Fisher: “He's here to run his mouth is more like it!”

Scott James: “Shhh!”

Looking around the arena, Ethan lifts the microphone to his mouth to speak, but stops as the crowd continues to boo. Ethan shakes his head side to side seemingly refusing to talk, but then brings his empty hand up to his mouth, an index finger extended, shushing the crowd who relent with more booing.

Scott James: “Ohhh the crowd doesn't like that one bit”

Mike Fisher: “And as well they shouldn't. Kid has a lot to learn still. Respect mostly.”

Though not currently wearing a watch, Ethan looks at his wrist, tapping his finger on top of it in some form of mockery.

Ethan Rivers: “Alright, alright! Settle down, settle down. I'm here to get a few things clear, so shut your mouths and listen up ladies and germs... Lets get this one fact nice and clear. I am still UNDEFEATED the world over in professional wrestling. Did I win that stupid Ice Crown tournament? No. Nope. I didn't. I was screwed over by the space man himself, Terry Marshall. Grandpa couldn't stand the fact that I knocked his old golfing buddy Teddy Shaw out of the competition so he held me on the outside of the ring, making us both get counted out!”

Mike Fisher: “Oh bologna! That's not what happened!”

Ethan Rivers: “But that just means I tied.”

Upon saying this, Ethan spits onto the floor of the stage, showcasing his disgust at the situation and word itself.

Ethan Rivers: “Absolutely revolting. But hey, I'm STILL 5 and 0, so all the dweebs on the internet, in discord and in youtube comment sections can kindly ziiiiip it. Now that we have that out of the way, there's something a little more important I want to talk about. “United Kingdom Champion” Russell Wayne, and “International Chmapion” Jon Cavanagh... Russ, buddy o'mine, you currently hold a lot of gold here in the IIW. In fact, I think it might be going to your head. Tag Team champion and UK champion. Congrats sport! But see, at Red Alert “I” won the right to challenge poppa Cavanagh

for that International Championship. Annnnd yeeeet, I can't help but see your name in that match. Greedy greedy greedy. But look, I care about you and your best friend Curtis”

Upon hearing the mention of fan favorite, Curtis, the current audience at this taping of Mayhem go absolutely ballistic.

Ethan Rivers: “Yeah! Right? Super duper nice fella. And look, I like the both of you. I love how close your friendship is. But if Russell has the UK, International AND the Tag Team titles... well, Curtis, he won't have much time for you anymore! And I don't want to see that hurt your friendship, Team Friendship.”

Scott James: “See! He's a nice guy himself”

Mike Fisher: “Oh bullshit!”

Ethan Rivers: “So I tell ya what, just for you Curt, at Keys 2 Success I'll take the International Championship from Cavanagh. But that's not all! The stress of being champions together can be a lot of preassure, so after me and Scotty Adams, ya know, the Summit; defeat El Landerson and Leon Knight later this evening, we'll come and take those Tag Team Championships... Ya know... to help your friendship. No need to thank me Curt! Always looking out for a good buddy.”

Entirely lacking any sort of filter, Ethan smirks to himself, thinking his words to be clever. Some of fans in the front rows of the arena can be seen chuckling along, though most of the audience detest, booing instead.

Ethan Rivers: “But don't worry Cav Muscles! I haven't forgotten about you either. In fact, since we have a three way dance coming up at the next pay-per-view, I thought maybe it'd be a cool idea if you were to, uhh, I don't get a warm up. Look, I just faced two other older gentlemen in the Ice Crown tournament, I get that things are, well, a little more difficult at your age. So I thought it'd be a neat idea if YOU got to have a three way match tonight!”

Mike Fisher: “Oh come on, like anyone here is going to believe that Ethan had anything to do with the booking of this match-”

Scott James: “-What a generous guy!”

Ethan Rivers: “See, as everyone knows by now, THE SUMMIT is here to make a big mark in this industry, in this company. I'm going to take that International Championship, Scotty has already taken that Television Championship. Soon, The Summit will hold those Tag Titles but... there's something just... Mmm, I don't know, missing? Yeah, something IS missing. Sooo, I decided to give a call to a very, very good friend of mine. Scotty and he have already become well acquainted. And after seeing what he was more than able to do on the independent scene, well, we just had to invite him into the fold.”

Scott James: “Holy shit, another member being added to The Summit?!”

Mike Fisher: “The Summit haven't even had a single match yet. Maybe jumping the gun from my experience”

Scott James: “Let the man speak, Mike!”

Ethan Rivers: “So Cav, cooooooongraaaaaaaaatulaaaaaatioooooooon ssssssssss!”

Mike Fisher: “That's a bit much”

Scott James: “Yeah, that uh, that was a bit much”

Ethan Rivers: “You get to be the first person EVER to face the newest member of The Summit. And let this sink in Cavy Cav, you're ranked number 2 in this company, riiight behind our new World Heavyweight Champion Jonny C. And this is the DEBUT of this new talent. How respected the management in IIW must find this individual to be.... Later tonight, in a three way match, Hendrix and Cavanagh will face the newest member of the illustrious SUMMIT.... Erick Arc Elliott!”

Ethan proceeds to take a step back, letting his arm out to invite Erick Elliott on stage as his theme music plays. After a few moments Ethan starts laughing, waving his hand horizontal by his neck, indicating it time to cut the music.

Ethan Rivers: “Ohhh, you all thought you would get to see him right NOW? No no no. You can, and damn well WILL wait to see him. So boys and girls at home, online and in attendance, make sure you watch later tonight for the amazing, spectacular debut of one of the next great talents to grace the forsaken doors of IIW. Because Erick Arc Elliott will do anything but disappoint.”

Ethan smiles wide, dropping the microphone disrespectfully to the floor of the entrance way. He turns to face the camera, winking and making a little kissy face. “Modern Wolf Hair” by Chiodos once more plays as he saunters back to the backstage area.

#1 Contender Tag Team Tournament Match
The Tees Family( King Kong Brophy and Mike Roberts) vs TJ Alexander and Justin Rivera


King Kong Brophy looks on as TJ decides to take the big man on. They lock up and TJ gets thrown into his own corner. Justin

extends his hand, but TJ refuses. TJ and King Kong Brophy lock up again this time TJ is able to slip behind him, and bring him

to ground! He climbs on top of King Kong Brophy and just starts wailing on him, just flat out pummelling him.

Mike Fisher: Damn! Hes going apeshit!

Scott James: Vicious kidney punches and crossfaces and elbows!

TJ stands back up, only to lay some boots to the back of the big man. King Kong Brophy is starting to get back up despite of it.

TJ looks over to Justin, tags him in. Roberts is getting pretty hot in the corner. TJ helps King Kong Brophy up, hits him in the stomach� and then hits a springboard bulldog! He covers�



Roberts in to break it up!!!

The ref sends Roberts back to his corner, while his back is turned, King Kong Brophy is being brought up and hits a low-blow, dropping Justin Rivera like a sack of potatoes that just got hit in the sack of potatoes. King Kong Brophy slowly makes his way to the corner and is able to tag in Mike Roberts.

Justin slowly makes his way up, looking at TJ for a bit of help he gets nailed with a dropkick to the back of the head!

Roberts looks at TJ, and as atonement he begins to stomp away at the back of Justin.

Mike Fisher: Avenging his Tee’s Club counterpart there.

Roberts grabs the legs of Justin, he’s attempting the Texas Clover Leaf! Justin is fighting it, struggling, flailing, he reaches the ropes and the ref pulls Mike Roberts away, which finally allows Justin a little bit of breathing room. Roberts charges at Justin, Justin sidesteps and hits Hysteria!

Scott James: OW! Son of a bitch!

Roberts holds the side of his neck and charges again! This time Justin jumps straight in the air and nails a hurricanrana.

He holds on



Kickout by Mike Roberts!!!

Mike Roberts scrambles back to his feet, Justin takes too long and is met with a DDT while hes still on his knees.

Mike Roberts decides to give himself a breather and allow some revenge by King Kong Brophy, who gets tagged in. Unfortunately, they assumed Justin was going to stay down� but he was able to muster enough strength to get to TJ and get the tag.

TJ jumps through the ropes and meets King Kong Brophy, driving him to the mat with a spear!

Mike: My god, TJ is out to prove a point against The Tees club

Justin stands on the apron and catches Roberts running his mouth, they started jawing at each other from across the ring.

Meanwhile, King Kong Brophy is back to his feet, him and TJ are just trading rights, TJ gets the upper hand and hits a superkick on the dazed King Kong Brophy, knocking him into the ropes. TJ walks over to tag Justin in but he’s not there! TJ looks around the ring and sees that both he and Roberts are missing.

Mike: My God! Mike Roberts and Justin Rivera are just brawling right in front of us!

TJ looks around and cant seem to find King Kong Brophy. He then spots the big man trying to climb up top, he’s able to get there and crotch him. King Kong Brophy grabs his nether regions. TJ wastes no time gets him in a headlock lifts him up and hits a the Crash Landing


King Kong Brophy isnt moving


Justin and Mike are still brawling on the outside�.



TJ Alexander rolls out of the ring celebrating on his own as he takes the pinfall victory for him and Justin Rivera

Mike Fisher: It sure has been an action packed Mayhem so far!

Scott James: Yes it has, Mike. Now it looks like we have a pre-taped segment from our tag team champions, Team Friendship!

The segment opens up to Russell and Curtis sitting around their dining room table. Russell is placing some plates full of food on the table for lunch. Russell has on a frilly apron, a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt. Curtis is sitting there looking a bit more disheveled than usual and is still in his pajamas and a robe. Russell takes a seat.

Russell: Well, let's tuck in!

Russell starts eating while Curtis is just sitting there looking at his food poking his food with his fork as he rests is head on his hand. Russell takes a few bites before noticing that Curtis isn't eating.

Russell: Come on Curtis! Eat! What's got you so down here bud?

Curtis gives a dejected sigh.

Curtis: I don't know mate, I've just been so down since losing in the opening round of the Ice Crown Tournament and also since Rose died. Things just aren't looking as bright as they used to.

Russell: We all go through those times. I went through it for years after the death of my wife and son but then I found you.

Russell reaches over the table and grabs Curtis' hand.

Russell: We'll get through this together. What can I do to try and cheer you up?

Curtis: Well...there is one thing you could do.

Russell puts down his fork and gives a quizzical look towards Curtis. Then, Russell has a look of realization.

Russell: Oh want to...

Curtis looks across the table and smiles and nods, giving Russell a knowing expression.

Russell: Fine...but before we do need a shower and I need to get ready for this myself...mentally.

Curtis quickly scarfs down his food and then runs out of the room and heads upstairs as Russell just sits there and bangs his head on the table.

Russell: I can't believe I'm going to do this...

The scene fades to Mike Fisher and Scott James sitting at the announcers booth with horrified expressions on their faces.

Mike: What the...

James: I don't know...but this is Netflix so...

The scene cuts back to Curtis and Russell. They are in a hotel room. Russell is sitting on the edge of the bed in jeans, a t-shirt, and tennis shoes. He also has his tag title around his waist. Curtis is in a white bathrobe with a Mickey Mouse logo over his right breast.

Curtis: Are you ready to have your world rocked?

Russell: Do we really have to do this. Are you sure you really want to?

Curtis gives a sadistic smile and nods. He then drops the robe. Curtis is wearing a shirt that says, "and beyond!" with a rocket ship underneath it, his tag title, and a pair of cargo shorts. He is also wearing New Balance tennis shoes and a fanny pack. He grabs a black bag and reaches into it and pulls out a brown shirt that says, "To infinity." with lettering that looks like it was written in rope and a cowboy hat underneath the lettering.

Curtis: But first, you have to put this on.

Russell: Oh god...

Russell grabs the shirt and puts it on over his white t-shirt. Curtis pulls out a camera, gets next to Russell, shouts, "Ussie!!!" and snaps a picture on his cell phone. The scene fades out. This time it opens back up to them entering Walt Disney World. He grabs Russell's hand.

Curtis: Are you ready?

Russell: As ready as I'll ever be...

Curtis and Russell start skipping happily together as The "Best Friend" by Harry Nillson starts playing.

Scott: Oh god, Curtis is making Russell do a best friend montage at Disney World...

Mike: I'm not sure which I would have preferred...this or...the other thing everyone thought for a second.

Russell and Curtis can be seen smiling ear to ear as the song continues playing as Russell and Curtis can be seen going on various rides like "It's a Small World", Mad Tea Party, Pirates of the Caribbean, Space Mountain, they are also seen eating and laughing, Russell winning Curtis a Winnie the Pooh doll, and yes...more skipping. Finally, the song comes to a close as Russell and Curtis are watching the fireworks go off over the castle. As the song fades out, Russell and Curtis are seen walking back into their house. They drop off their luggage by the front door. Russell looks over at Curtis.

Russell: Feel better?

Curtis: Oh most definitely, Mr. Wayne!

Russell: Good! Are you ready for Mayhem?

Curtis: Yup! I can't wait to guide you to victory against Mr. Hart's nephew!

Russell: Now that's what I like to I need to get ready.

Curtis: What do you mean? Aren't you?

Russell was already walking towards the kitchen and comes out with a bottle of whiskey which he pours into a glass and takes it all down in one shot.

Russell: Gettin' there!

A laugh track plays as the scene fades and opens back up to Mike and Scott at the announcer's booth, looking dumbstruck at the camera.

Scott: Mike...

Mike: Yeah, Scott?

Scott: I could really use a WPA after that.

Mike: You and me both, and me both.

#1 Contender Tag Team Tournament Match
Ethan Rivers and Scotty Adams vs Leon Knight and El Landerson


Ethan Rivers and Leon Knight enter a collar-and-elbow tieup as the match begins. Leon Knight comes out on top with a headlock. Ethan pushes off, sending Leon Knight into an Irish whip. Upon his return, he hits Ethan with a shoulder block. He bounces off the adjacent rope. Ethan Rivers leapfrogs him and hits an armdrag after Leon Knight' second return. He holds onto the arm, locking-in an armbar.

Mike Fisher: Quick work to get into a submission by Ethan Rivers.

Scott James: Really? I didn't notice.

Mike fisher: Shut up.

Referee Duke asks Leon Knight if he wants to submit, but El Landerson runs in and stomps on Ethan Rivers, breaking the hold. Stiles forces El Landerson out of the ring. Meanwhile, Ethan drags Leon Knight to his corner and tags Scotty Adams in. Scotty Adams drops an elbow on the heart of Leon Knight. Ethan gets out as Scotty Adams pins the Brit.



Foot on ropes!!!

Mike Fisher: This isn't looking good for Leon Knight and El Landerson right now.

Scotty Adams picks Leon Knight up and plants him with a DDT. He tags Ethan Rivers back in. Leon Knight gets back up and is met with a knife-edge chop, followed by a superkick by Ethan Rivers. However, Leon Knight managed to roll out of the way before Ethan could hit the Sea Sharp. Leon Knight quickly scrambles and tags in El Landerson. He rushes into the ring, being charged by Ethan Rivers. El Landerson drops down and hits a drop toe hold. He quickly locks-in a half Boston crab.

Mike: Another nice transition into a submission, this time by El Landerson.

Duke asks Ethan Rivers if he wants to give up. He declines the offer. He reaches out instead and grabs the bottom rope.

El Landerson does not release the hold.

Mike Fisher : El Landerson has five seconds to release the hold or face disqualification.

Scott James: No shit, Sherlock.

The Ref counts.





El Landerson releases!!!

El Landerson tags Leon Knight back in. Ethan shakes his leg off as he gets up to his feet. Leon Knight leaps for a hurricanrana that is reversed into a sit-out powerbomb. At this point, El Landerson climbs off the apron and walks back up the stage.

Scott James: Guess El Landerson has seen enough.




Ethan Rivers releases the pin!!!

Duke fusses at Ethan Rivers, who ignores him and tags Scotty Adams in.

Mike: El Landerson may have seen enough, but Ethan Rivers obviously hasn't.

Before exiting the ring, Ethan whips Leon Knight hard into the corner. When he gets in, Scotty Adams hits THE SILVER BULLET on Leon Knight….

There suddenly is a big cheer as ANTHONY PHOENIX makes his way out through the crowd!

Mike Fisher: OMG Anthony Phoenix is back!

Scotty Adams is distracted by the returning Phoenix shouting at him to get out of here as Leon Knight slowly makes his way to his feet… he grabs him…. A KNIGHTS TALE!




Ethan dives in breaking the pin up!... He drags Scotty over towards his Corner as Leon Knight backs off towards the corner Phoenix is now in…The ref is telling Ethan to get out of the ring and then PHOENIX SMASHES Leon Knight over the head with the ring bell.. HES OUT!!!

Ethan tags himself in running over to the otheside of the ring he rolls Leon Knight up for the count




Ethan and Scotty have won this as they quickly leave the ring… leaving Phoenix to continue to stalk Leon Knight…. He picks him up and DDTs him into the Ring Bell as he poses to the crowd as we fade to commercial

The lights in the arena dim as a montage of New York City and it’s skyline appears on the big screen and Samuel L. Jackson’s “Ezekiel 25:17” quote from Pulp Fiction plays to completion.

Scott James: Were we expecting Fred Debonair right now, Mike??

Mike Fisher: Well we do know that both Fred and Tyler were going to address issues here tonight so I guess this is issue one to be addressed?!

At the end of the quote, gunfire blends in with the sound of cash registers opening and closing, as Pink Floyd’s “Money” smashes through the speakers and Fred Debonair makes his way out onto the top of the ramp accompanied by Tyler.

The two make their way down the aisles, all smiles but focused, slapping hands with fans. They both roll under the bottom rope and then head for opposite turnbuckles, climbing and raising their arms as the music fades and the lights come back up… Tyler asks for a microphone as they both pace the ring.

Tyler: MAN-CHES-TER! IIW is back in the house and wow, does it feel good to be back, I’ll tell you I can’t be raking extended breaks for long, it really plays with my mental state! I’ve got a lot to talk about but, so does my pops… So I’m gonna hand things over to him and I’ll leave my comments for later on tonight!

Tyler hands Fred the microphone as the crowd go nuts. Fred smiles nodding and suddenly stops pacing raising the microphone to his lips.

Fred - AND HERE - I - AM! Yes ladies and gentlemen the last time you saw me, I was getting down and dirty at Red Alert with John Cavanagh where we both got bloodied, bruised and battered! Now… Of course I didn’t come out on top in that match, I lost and I didn’t take home the gold but something surprised me with Cav since Red Alert has been and gone, something I’m beginning to see with that guy…

John has been talking this week, about how he’s “laying Fred Debonair to rest” about how he’s putting “putting Fred in the rearview mirror”… What’s that all about, John? We had one of the most ferocious, most intense battles at Red Alert and whilst I commend you for the win and of course you’ve always been one of the toughest sons of bitches I’ve ever faced in my career! This all smells a bit like, like you were shocked at just how close things were at Red Alert. Let’s just remind ourselves shall we?

Fred turns and points to the big screen as it comes to life with Fred and John Cavanagh going at it… Fred has just nailed Cav with a lariat.

John crumples to the mat, but Fred shakes his head 'no', slapping at his face, trying to keep his bearings. He pulls John up again and runs to the ropes....ANOTHER LARIAT!I! John hits hard as Fred collapses on top of him...




Fred rolls over, the pain and exhaustion setting in on top of his clear unsteadiness. He lays there for a long moment, trying to find the momentum to carry on...before he forces himself to sit up to the delight of the crowd. Slowly, he finds his way back to his feet...and draws his thumb across his throat before holding up two fingers, drawing a monster pop from the Manchester crowd. He pulls John up, looking to lift him up into Enigma Divide… but almost immediately Fred's equilibrium goes sideways and his legs give out, forcing him to drop John as he nearly collapses… John is straight back on it…he grabs Fred with all his might and Hell’s Kitchen Drop!!!!!

He collapses ontop of him





The screen goes black and the crowd erupt into boos and chants of “Debo, Debo, Debo” which are instigated by Tyler who’s sat on one of the turnbuckles. Fred holds his hand up shaking his head

Fred: No, no… Come on guys, we have got to give John his dues! All by himself he took Fred Debonair to the limit and he won fairly, but just look at how close things were, how close I was to dropping Cav with the Enigma Divide! But I got dizzy, I had a shitstorm in my brain and John capitalised on that and there’s nothing wrong with that! That’s how matches can be lost and won… It’s just this self inflated egotistical drivel that comes out afterwards, this self-righteous behaviour when it’s pretty damn clear what’s going on, John… You’re a coward!!

Mike Fisher: Woah!

Scott James: Did he just call John Cavanagh, a coward?!

The crowd go absolutely nuts and eat this up as Tyler just mockingly stares in astonishment at Fred, who nods slowly.

Fred: Uh-huh! I said it John! You’re SCARED! You were so confident, so cocky in the belief that you were going to what? Walk down the aisle as the International Champion, take me to church and leave the same way? Well John it was almost all done as you predicted, except the bit about taking Fred Debonair to church! You see things got a little too close for comfort didn’t they, Cav? Things got a little too familiar! And that scared you… You thought you’d get out of the kitchen quick as you saw it set fire.

Cav we aren’t leaving things the way you want them to, we can’t leave things as they are when that finish could have gone either way! We had our fare share of wins against each other in the past and you were LUCKY to get me this time and you know it! Gonna just try and remove me from your present and leave me in the past though, coward?! That’s gonna be real difficult for you man… See you soon bro!

Fred drops the mic as “money” cues up again. Both Tyler and Fred exit the ring and make their way up the aisle.

Jon Cavanagh vs Brandon Hendrix vs Erick Elliot

As the bell rings all three men cautiously come to the center of the ring. They look each other over, contemplating what their first move will be when Erick Elliot strikes first. He connects with a right hand to the side of John Cavanagh's face. John Cavanagh loses his balance, being caught off guard and stumbles back. Erick Elliot fires off a second right and then a third, backing John Cavanagh into the ropes. He grabs John Cavanagh's wrist and whips him across the ring. As John Cavanagh clears Brandon Hendrix, though, Brandon Hendrix charges in and clotheslines Erick Elliot. Erick Elliot goes down and Brandon Hendrix turns. John Cavanagh comes back into Brandon Hendrix and gets caught with a powerslam. Brandon Hendrix stands up and goes back to Erick Elliot, but Erick Elliot breaks away and lands a boot to the stomach. Brandon Hendrix doubles over and Erick Elliot grabs him in a front facelock and drops Brandon Hendrix onto the top of his head with a DDT. As Erick Elliot stands, Erick Elliot John Cavanagh rolls him up from behind.

Mike Fisher: First pin attempt of the match!



Erick Elliot kicks out. As John Cavanagh stands up, Erick Elliot also stands. John Cavanagh throws a right and connects. Erick Elliot staggers, but then throws a right back at John Cavanagh and lands it. John Cavanagh throws a right and lands it, then quickly follows it with a left, then another right, then a kick to the stomach backing Erick Elliot into the turnbuckle. John Cavanagh grabs Erick Elliot's wrist and whips him across the ring into the turnbuckle. When Erick Elliot hits, John Cavanagh charges across the ring. Most of the way across the ring, though, Brandon Hendrix makes a dive and brings John Cavanagh down with a drop toe hold, John Cavanagh attempting to jump it but still gets caught, and John Cavanagh ends up going shoulder first into Erick Elliot with a spear! John Cavanagh turns around and stumbles away from the corner as Erick Elliot crumples to the mat. As John Cavanagh turns, Brandon Hendrix grabs him by the wrist and whips him back into the original corner he started in and follows closely. John Cavanagh hits and Brandon Hendrix is right there with a clothesline. He lifts John Cavanagh up to the top rope and climbs the turnbuckle with him. He sets John Cavanagh up for the Brandon Hendrix's Landing, but before he can do anything, John Cavanagh narrowly escapes and throws himself down to the ring apron, and then eventually crashes to the floor. The crowd boos and Brandon Hendrix turns, contemplating his next move when Erick Elliot comes from out of nowhere and jumps up to the middle rope. He hooks his arms under Brandon Hendrix and lifts, throwing Brandon Hendrix over half way across the ring! Brandon Hendrix lands hard and lets out a sound which lets us know that the landing hurt worse than he expected it to. Erick Elliot stands up and starts to cross the ring.

Mike Fisher: These three have some serious business to settle tonight, and I definitely think that, if anyone is going to ruin John Cavanagh’s plans, it’s going to be Erick Elliot.

Scott James: That’s a BIG if Mike.

Erick Elliot gets to Brandon Hendrix and grabs his arm, bringing Brandon Hendrix to his feet. He picks Brandon Hendrix up on his shoulders and takes a few steps towards the center of the ring, rolling forward and planting Brandon Hendrix into the mat with a rolling Samoan Drop. As he stands up, John Cavanagh comes off the top rope and lands a clothesline. John Cavanagh stands up and hits the ropes, driving an elbow into Erick Elliot's sternum on his way back off. He stands up and goes to Erick Elliot's feet. He picks up Erick Elliot's ankles and steps through with his right foot, twists Erick Elliot's legs and rolls him over, locking him into a sharpshooter! John Cavanagh wrenches backwards and takes a step back to be able to put more pressure into the hold. He bends at the knees and wrenches the hold, screaming out as he seemingly attempts to break Erick Elliot's back with the hold. Erick Elliot reaches out and screams in pain, but he's nowhere near the ropes. Erick Elliot screams some more and keeps reaching. After about a minute in the hold, we see a flash passed the camera and the ropes in the background move. John Cavanagh's mouth goes wide open and he lets go of the hold, but it's too late and Brandon Hendrix hits a front dropkick, planting both of his boots into John Cavanagh's face. John Cavanagh falls over and Brandon Hendrix stands back up. He picks up Erick Elliot, but Erick Elliot reverses it into a small package!



Brandon Hendrix kicks out. Both men stand and Erick Elliot kicks Brandon Hendrix in the stomach. Brandon Hendrix doubles over and Erick Elliot puts him in a front face lock, bringing him over to the mat with a vertical suplex. Erick Elliot stands up and picks up Brandon Hendrix again, but before he can do anything John Cavanagh comes from behind with a release German Suplex! John Cavanagh stands back up and whips Brandon Hendrix into the ropes. As Brandon Hendrix comes back, John Cavanagh leans down and then elevates Brandon Hendrix with a back body drop. John Cavanagh goes for Erick Elliot, but Erick Elliot takes advantage of John Cavanagh's momentum and grabs him by the front of his pants, pulling him forward and through the ropes, sending John Cavanagh crashing to the floor. Erick Elliot stands up and walks over to Brandon Hendrix. He picks Brandon Hendrix up and sends him into the corner, following in closely with a clothesline. He quickly whips Brandon Hendrix across to the other corner and follows with a second clothesline. Then whips and hits a third clothesline. This time Erick Elliot picks Brandon Hendrix up to the top turnbuckle, but before he can do anything, Erick Elliot John Cavanagh comes from behind with a forearm to the back of Erick Elliot. Erick Elliot turns around and John Cavanagh whips him out of the corner and into the ropes. He charges Erick Elliot and goes for a clothesline, but Erick Elliot ducks the clothesline, wraps around John Cavanagh's body and drops him to the mat with a DDT!

Mike Fisher: Vicious move by Erick Elliot!!

Scott James: John Cavanagh is down!

Erick Elliot stands and John Cavanagh isn't far behind. Erick Elliot throws two right hands that back John Cavanagh into the ropes and whips him towards the turnbuckle where Brandon Hendrix is. When John Cavanagh gets close to the turnbuckle, he baseball slides under the ropes and to the outside. Erick Elliot gets close but stops himself before running into Brandon Hendrix. John Cavanagh trips him from the outside and pulls Erick Elliot into the turnbuckle, one leg on each side of the post. Erick Elliot writhes and yells out in pain as John Cavanagh quickly charges up the ring steps. He climbs to the middle rope and uses Brandon Hendrix, still sitting on the top rope as an anchor. John Cavanagh steps over the top rope and into the inside of the ropes, grabbing Brandon Hendrix under both arms and lifting him, bringing him down into the middle of the ring with West Side Driveby!

Mike: West Side Driveby!

RBK: Brandon Hendrix is DOWN!

Brandon Hendrix is laid out flat on the canvas and John Cavanagh stands up, waiting for him to stand. As John Cavanagh is waiting, though Erick Elliot comes from behind and grabs John Cavanagh by the back of the head and the back of his pants, rushing him across the ring and throwing him shoulder first into the turnbuckle! He pulls John Cavanagh back out of the corner and locks him up for a German suplex, but John Cavanagh counters with two elbows to the side of Erick Elliot's head. Erick Elliot releases the hold and John Cavanagh, moving quickly jumps to the middle rope with his right foot and springs, turning in mid-air and landing on Erick Elliot's shoulders, swinging Erick Elliot around and sending him flying across the ring with a springboard hurricanrana! Erick Elliot hits with such impact he goes right back to his feet, and John Cavanagh charges. Erick Elliot is close to the ropes and backdops John Cavanagh up and over the top rope, but John Cavanagh lands on his feet on the apron! Erick Elliot turns around and John Cavanagh connects with a right hand. Erick Elliot staggers backwards and John Cavanagh springboards, but Erick Elliot catches him with a powerslam! Erick Elliot hooks the leg and attempts a pin.




Brandon Hendrix is back up and he swings for John Cavanagh…He ducks… He rolls Brandon up for the pin….. The referee begins to count


John Cavanagh Grabs the tights!!!!! He leads onto the second rope for more leverage





Mike Fisher: John Cavanagh has done it!!! But at what cost!!!

Melanie Jackson: Your winner… JOHN CAVANAGH!

Part 2