"Ladies and gentlemen, for those who don’t know me, my name is, Joshua Attwood. I am the manager for your future World Champion, Ethan Rivers. Now I know that the internet has been a buzz buzz buzz with what my client, Mister Rivers, is going to do next. And rightfully so! After trouncing and stomping out those wannabe wrestlers at Red Alert in a 6 way ladder match, my client has earned the right to compete for any championship, bare the World belt; Jonny ol’ boy, consider yourself lucky for now.

While my client has made it clear in that past that he yearned for the Television Championship, given the advent of Scotty Adams both winning the TV title as well as aligning himself with my client to form THE SUMMIT, Mister Rivers has decided to… look to other divisions for conquering.

My client, Ethan Rivers will do what Fred Debonair completely and utterly failed to do at Red Alert. He will dethrone John Cavanagh to become the new, INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION! Mr.Cavanagh, I highly suggest that you and that title belt enjoy your holiday break, because once my client finishes winning the 2021 Ice Crown tournament, he’s coming for whats rightfully his."