The ominous opening to "Accept your death" begins to play through the PA system as the strobe lights start to rapidly flash whilst the arena lighting drops into darkness as Justin Rivera appears on the stage, head slightly bowed. Jumping up and down, he raises his head as he commences shadow boxing, throwing jabs and uppercuts before making his way down the ramp and toward the ring as the lights return to normal, a cold, steely expression across his face. Occasionally, he glances out to the fans and does a little shimmy before taking off his jacket and handing it to a ringside attendant prior to walking up the steps and standing on the apron. It is there that he lets out a loud roar before entering the ring between the top and middle ropes as his music begins to fade.

Mike - I can't wait to see this kid in action.

Scott - Justin Rivera is going to be a big deal here mark my words.

"Just Like You" by Three Days Grace begins to play as the crowd boo when they see Ryan McCann make his way down to the ring. McCann enters the ring and, climbs to the top of a nearby corner and tosses his arms in the air and urges the crowd to get louder, as they do

Scott - Ryan is still looking to make a name for himself here in IIW.

Mike - He has had many chances yet always comes up short. Maybe tonight is his night

Scott - Doubt it.

The referee calls for the bell. Ryan and Justin slowly circle each other before locking up in the middle of the ring. Justin spins out into a headlock. He rakes the headlock a few times. Ryan manages to push himself free. Ryan pushes Justin into the ropes. Justin hits the ropes then comes back with a huge clothesline. Justin immediately picks up Ryan, Ryan tries to throw a weak punch but Justin grabs his arm hitting a beautiful Judo hip throw.

Scott - All Justin Rivera so far.

Mike - Ryan can't figure it out.

Justin takes top mount on Ryan and begins raining down elbows. Justin stops and smiles before standing up and grabbing the hair of Ryan. He stands Ryan up than spins him around grabbing him by the waist hitting a German suplex. Justin jumps to his feet holding up 2 fingers. He picks Ryan up spinning him around again hitting another German suplex. Justin goes for the cover. The ref slides down to make the count.


Justin punches the ring mat. He looks up at the referee hiding up 3 fingers. Justin picks up Ryan then shoves him back into the corner. Justin throws a punch but Ryan manages to get his arm up to block it. Justin looks mad he throws another punch and again Ryan gets his arm up to block. Justin takes a step back then charges Ryan but Ryan sidesteps then spins around drop kicking Justin into the corner. Justin immediately spins around and attempts to clothesline Ryan but Ryan drops into a drop toe hold. Ryan gets up picking up Justin then plants him with a DDT.

Scott - WOW Ryan found a way to get some offense in.

Mike - Never count Ryan out.

Ryan goes to pick up Justin but Justin catches Ryan with a beautiful uppercut. He shoves Ryan back then runs at him and jumps with a flying knee strike. Ryan goes down. Justin grabs the leg of Ryan and locks in an ankle lock. Ryan yells as the ref asks if he gives up. Ryan yells no as Justin twists his ankle harder. Ryan pushes himself up with both hands yelling but refuses to tap out. He is doing everything he can to drag himself to the ropes. He is clawing at the ring mat and just barely gets a hand on the bottom rope. Justin gives his ankle one final tweak then let's go. Ryan grabs his ankle while rolling under the bottom rope onto the ring apron.

Scott - Well Ryan's momentum was cut very short.

Mike - It really was.

Ryan pulls himself up using the ropes. Justin grabs his head then suplexes him into the ring. Justin immediately locks in Call of the void.

Mike - he has Call of the void locked in. This could be the end.

Ryan is flailing around trying to break the hold but Justin's legs are locked tight. Ryan plants his feet to the mat trying to just Justin but he can't. The ref is down watching for the top. Ryan's hand is out and he finally taps on the thigh of Justin.

Scott - Justin did it. He made Ryan tap out.

Mike - What an impressive match for Justin Rivera here tonight.

Justin Rivera is celebrating in the ring but Ryan McCann slowly getting up is not looking very happy at all, he grabs a steel chair from the side as Justin celebrates and smashes him in the back with it…. Justin falls to the floor writhing in pain as Ryan continues to lay chair shots onto the fallen Justin….

Suddenly there is a loud cheer from the crowd as ….

Makes his long awaited return from injury!!! He’s straight on the attack saving Justin Rivera from the beat down he was receiving from Ryan McCann…. Gaining the advantage he grabs the chair jabbing Ryan in the chest as he bends over… he smashes him to the ground, locking the chair in position he wraps Ryan’s body around it as he locks in Tap Already!!!!!

Ryan screams in pain as Griff continues to hold the lock in… before ecentually letting go and smiling as he makes his way to the back

Mike Fisher: WHAT AN IMPACT Griff Warner has just made!

Mike Fisher: Welcome back to Red Alert ladies and gentlemen, as we continue to bring you the best talent in all of professional wrestling.

Scott James: I definitely could've said it better then that but I agree IIW has some of the best talents in the business and coming up in just a few seconds, six stars of IIW will show the world what they are all about as they compete in a Six-Man Ladder match with a contract hanging from the top that guarantees them a shot at any IIW Championship but the World Heavyweight Championship.

Mike Fisher: It's going to be a career changing night for one of these competitors indeed and would be putting a Champion on notice. The promising Ethan Rivers could launch himself high into the ranks and make any Champion take notice. Or The imposing force Marvelous Marcus Fuller could win the match and have every Champion in fear of him, or maybe Kieran O’Shea or El Landerson, both competitors that have been up and down in the rankings, could suddenly skyrocket and have a chance to make a real impact.

Scott James: All that is good and all, but I'm looking at the two new guys making their debut tonight Joon Lee and JS2. Two competitors that could start off big here in IIW and guaranteed themselves a Championship match.

Mike Fisher: So many different talents in this match looking to make history, and we won't have to wait much longer as all six competitors are in the ring and ready to compete.

The camera cuts to the ring and sees JS2 sitting on the top turnbuckle, Joon Lee hanging by the ropes. Kieran O’Shea and El Landerson occupied the left two corners, Why Ethan Rivers and "Marvelous" Marcus Fuller standing the middle of the ring.

*Bell Rings*

All six competitors rush each other except for Ethan Rivers who manages to alise out the crasp of Fuller. Ethan stands by the barricade by the fans, why back inside the ring Kieran and EL trade kicks and punches in the center of the ring, As Kieran goes for a DDT, El reverses the maneuver and slings Kieran into the ropes and meets him with a cross body and then rains down punches to the head, Over in the right corner Fuller has both Lee and JS2 stacked up in the corner as he hits them with repeated closelines before running to the opposite corner and spearing them why still in the corner. Lee drops first to the mat and is pulled of the ring by Ethan Rivers who finals picks his spot and slings Lee into the steel steps. Back inside the ring Fuller slams JS2 to the mat with a sidewalk slam, then picks him and lifa him above his head and tosses him down ontop of Rivers and Lee. All three men crash to the floor. Fuller goes outside the ring why Kieran and El continue their battle in the ring, Fuller starts pulling out Chairs, steel trash can lids, Kendo sticks and a barbed wire baseball bat, Fuller throws everything into the ring except for the Bat wand walks over towards Lee with a sick smile.

Mike Fisher: I do not like the look on that man's face right now,

Scott James: Lee LOOK OUT!

As the words leave Scott James lips Fuller cleanly SMACKS Lee over the head with the Barbed Wire bat, as Lee Drops to his knees as blood drips from his forhead,

Miller Fisher: MY GOD! Ladies and Gentlemen Marcus Fuller is taking no prisoners in this match up.

Fuller unleashes another fierce shot to the back of Lee as he falls unconscious to the floor. Fuller flexes at the crowd with the Bat in hand, but as he turns around, Ethan Rivers levels him with the steel steps to the face; Fuller goes crash down hard as Ethan tosses the steps on both Fuller and Lee. JS2 tries to surprise Ethan with a clear, but Ethan side steps and JS2 eats the barricade wall. Ethan slaps JS2 around on the head, then picks him up and hits a suplex on the barricade wall folding JS2 in half. Back inside the ring, Kieran picks up one of the chairs Fuller threw in the ring and tries to nail El in the head with it, but he moves out the way and hits a dropkick that sends Kieran falling towards the ropes at the same time Ethan is about to come in but moves out the way and pulls the ropes down. Which cause Kieran to fall out the ring. Ethan jumps down and smirks at Kieran. Fuller, JS2, and Lee starts to com to life and stand up next to Ethan and Kieran as the five men begin to battle. El comes flying from the ring, hitting a springboard shooting star press, crashing down into everyone.

Mike Fisher: These superstars are putting on a clinic.

Scott James: You can only see this type of action in IIW!

El gets right back up and looks under the ring for a moment. He pulls out a ladder and slides it into the ring. He rolls in and begins to set the ladder up but Fuller hits him from behind and with a hard elbow. El tries to fight back, but Fuller tosses him into the turnbuckle and meets him with a running uppercut then a belly-to-belly slam, sending El flying to the opposite end of the ring. JS2 comes across the air using the ropes and nails Fuller with a knee to the face, Fuller stumbles but doesn't fall, Lee comes by with amazing speed and hits Fuller with an Elbow to the face, and Fuller leans on the ropes. Lee and JS2 work together and send Fuller flying over the ropes and then the two. men start trading punches before Lee slings JS2 into the corner and then hits a splash body.

Scott James: These guys are giving it everything they've got.

,the action continues with Kieran getting up and rolling into the ring, he picks up the ladder and starts hitting everyone in sight, Hitting JS2 in the head with the ladder that sends him falling to the mat and rolling out the ring. Kieran swings at Lee now but Lee ducks and bounces off the ropes but Kieran nails him with the ladder why in mid air. Lee rolls out the ring. Kieran looks around and with the ring clear, sets up the ladder and begins his climb to the top for the contract!

Mike Fisher: He's all alone!

Scott James: Kieran can launch himself into the Main Event Scene… Wait a minute!

Ethan Rivers is back in the ring and hits Kieran in the back repeatedly with Trash can lid, Kieran stumbles for a moment. Ethan Rivers climbs the ladder now and grabs hold of Kieran as he delivers a Brainbuster off the ladder. They crash to the mat as Kieran takes majority of the damage. Outside the ring Lee and JS2 are battling Fuller up the stage. Back inside the ring El has risen to his feet and picks up Kieran and tosses him out the ring then uses the top of the turnbuckle to launch himself on Ethan Rivers hitting a beautiful moonsault. El follows it up by getting Ethan to his feet and hits a running bulldog. Outside the ring Kieran is setting up a table, Why Fuller is on the edge of the stage trying to fight off JS2 and Lee. Lee and JS2 back up and come charging towards Fuller, trying to push him off the stage but Fuller catches both of them by the throat and turns them towards the end of the stage.

Mike Fisher: I do not like the look on his face.

Scott James: Pray for the newcomers!

Fuller chokeslams both men off the edge of the stage. Both men crash hard through some table that's holding media equipment and a small explosion guess off as EMTs arrive on the scene. Fuller laughs and turns his attention back to the ring.

Mike Fisher: My GOD! What carnage in this match! Fuller has taken no prisoners.

El uses this time to set up a second ladder next to the first one before Ethan hits a backstabber in the middle of the ring, then delivers hard blows to the face of El. Fuller makes his way back down the ramp and Kieran meets him in the center and they start trading blows before Fuller delivers quick kneed to the stomach of Kieran and send him rolling down the ramp. Kieran comes to a stop next to the table he set up from earlier. Fuller stalks him as he kicks at him and yells obscene language at him. Fuller goes to pick Kieran up but he pokes Fuller in the eyes and goes for a quick suplex through the table but Fuller doesn't budge but instead delivers a uppercut to the face then lifts Kieran up in a powerbomb and plants him right through the table. Ethan and El stop fighting each other and look on at the destruction that Fuller has done.

Mike Fisher: Fuller is a one man wrecking ball.

Ethan and El whisper to each other and shake hands. They taunt Fuller and tell him to enter the ring. Fuller smirks as he grabs a kendo stick off the ground and stalks the ring as he waits to strike. Then just like that he enters the ring and El charges at him alone as Ethan decides to exit the ring and abandoned the alliance.

Scott James: So long for that partnership.

Mike Fisher: Ethan Rivers understands this is everyman for themselves. A Future title shot hangs in the balance.

El dodges the Kendo stick and hits a pele kick to Fuller that sends him staggering onto one of the ladders. El Charges him looking to hit another high flying move but Fuller dodges and El lands on the ladder. El without hesitation climbs the ladder and starts to reach for the contract, Fuller hits El with multiple shots to the back and starts to climb the opposite end. Fuller gets to the top and punches El in the face and reaches for the contract, he's only inches away as Ethan slides back in the ring and climbs the second ladder with a fire extinguisher in hand.

Scott James: What the hell is he doing to do with that?

Mike Fisher: I'm guessing he's going to put a fire out.

El and Fuller continue to trade punches while keeping their balance. El starts to get the upper hand with the exchange and starts rocking Fuller. Fuller eats the punches and finally puts his hand on the throat of El; Ethan makes it to the top of his ladder with the fire extinguisher. As Fuller gets ready to knock El off the ladder, Ethan sprays the Fire Extinguisher in both their eyes. El and Fuller let go of each other and hodm their eyes shut why still holding on to the ladder. Ethan tosses the empty fire extinguisher to the ground and kicks the ladder over that El and Fuller are on and go crashing to the mat with authority. Ethan smiles with a smirk as he reaches up for the contract and unhooks it.

Mike Fisher: ETHAN RIVERS!!!

Scott James: That young man ha just guarantees himself a Championship match against anyone but The World Champion.

Jennie Fletcher: Here is your winner ETHAN RIVERS!

Ethan Rivers raises the contract in the air why still on top of the ladder. He takes his time to step down. As he takes in the moment. He rolls out the ring, walks up the ramp clutching the contract close to him.

Mike Fisher: Here we go ladies and gentlemen, The number one contenders match, The winner gets a World Title shot, the stage is set for Curtis vs Tyler Debonair.

Scott James: Yss it is Mikey, as many people may know, this will be the second time these two young stars share a ring, back in the Summer Tyler beat Curtis in the International Championship tournament and Tyler would go on to become Champion. Now they meet for a bigger opportunity on the line, a World Title shot!

Mike Fisher: We won't have to wait to find out who comes out in this one because this match is next.

Th camera cuts to Jennie Fletcher as she does the introduction.

The lights dim and a blue and white swirl begins to circle the arena as a tune keys up over the speaker system...

Jenny Fletcher: Making his way to the ring, from Los Angeles, CA, weighing in at 230lbs, I give you “The Zensational” Tyler Debonair!!!

What you know about rollin' down in the deep?
When your brain goes numb, you can call that mental freeze
When these people talk too much, put that shit in slow motion, yeah
I feel like an astronaut in the ocean, ayy

After the first line of the chorus has hit, Tyler Debonair has already stepped out onto the ramp, International title draped over his shoulder. He stands there looking around, focused and intense, before stalking down to ringside.

He stands at the apron before pulling himself up, placing the belt on a turnbuckle, grabbing the top rope and front-flipping over them into the ring. He picks up the belt again, leaning into the corner, until the lights come back up and the music dies down.

Jenny Fletcher: Now his opponent and my son from Manchester, United Kingdom? He weighs in at 262 Lbs. I give you CURTIS!!!

"Faith" by Limp Bizkit as Curtis steps out onto the ramp wearing a red and white hoody that says #1 Son on the back of it. Curtis raises his arms as fireworks shoot up from the ramp, before heading to the ring, as he dives under the bottom ropes, into the ring and poses to the mixed reaction of the crowd.

*Bell Rings*

Curtis and Debonair meet in the middle of the ring with a collar and elbow lock up. The two fight for position, but Curtis is able to slide by Debonair and go behind with a waist lock. Debonair reacts quickly though and hits a standing switch, reversing Curtis into a waist lock of his own, but then lifts Curtis up and takes him down to his face. Debonair then spins around grabbing a front facelock on Curtis. Curtis quickly counter, sitting out and catching Debonair’s arm in an arm bar.

Mike Fisher: Great technical work by both gentlemen early on in this contest.

Debonair gets to his feet, shoving Curtis’s face with his free hand trying to loosen the hold. Suddenly, Debonair snaps his body and arm drags Curtis, breaking the arm bar. Both men are quick to their feet. Both men charge one another and Curtis catches Debonair with an arm drag. Again both men are quick to their feet and Debonair again charges, and Curtis goes for a hip toss. Debonair flips through the hip toss and lands on his feet, and quickly ducks under Curtis’s arm and hooks him in back slide for a quick pin attempt.

Curtis kicks out hard rolling to his feet. Curtis spins around to the side of Debonair who is still on all fours and hits an Oklahoma roll on him for a quick pin attempt of his own. Debonair kicks out and once again both men get to their feet at the same time and both go for arm drags and fall to their faces. Curtis and Debonair scramble up and both go for dropkicks at the same time. Both men come up again but this time stop to collect themselves to a round of applause from the crowd.*

Mike Fisher: The fans showing their appreciation for them tonight.

*The two men go to lock up again, but Debonair quickly grabs Curtis in a headlock. After a moment Curtis grabs Debonair in a waist lock and runs him into the ropes and then shoots him off across the ring. Debonair bounces off the rope and nails Curtis with a shoulder tackle that drops Curtis. Debonair charges off the ropes but Curtis flips over trying to trip Debonair, but Debonair floats over and charges off the ropes. Curtis pops up and goes for a back drop but Debonair stops in his tracks and up kicks Curtis.

Curtis clutches his face and Debonair quickly grabs another headlock Curtis uses his power, lifting Debonair up and charges him towards the ropes, but Debonair grabs the top rope and flips Curtis over the top rope to the outside with a headlock take over.**Debonair is on his feet on the apron and as Curtis gets to his feet Debonair jumps to the middle rope and springboards off with a moonsualt, but Curtis shows great strength catching Debonair across his shoulder. Curtis charges with Debonair on his shoulder and throws Debonair face first into the ring post. Debonair hits the post and slumps to the ground as Curtis rolls back into the ring collecting himself.*

*Debonair begins pulling himself up onto the ring apron as the referee had begun counting him out. Curtis moves in as Debonair gets to the apron and rolls into the ring Curtis lets him in and they circle around each other and lock up once again. Curtis puts Tyler in a headlock and goes for a running bulldog but Tyler reverses it into a back body drop. Tyler follows up with a leg drop and goes for the pin.




Curtis gets the shoulder up and Tyler gets him up to the feet as he swings him into the ropes and meets him with a reverse elbow. Curtis falls hard to mat and Tyler goes to the ropes to take a breather, Curts struggles up to his knees as Tyler measures him, charging forward off the ropes...But Curtis catches him coming in! Overhead Belly-to-Belly Suplex! Tyler rolls up to his feet, clutching at his back in pain...and walks into a HUGE forearm from Curtis that sends him stumbling. Curtisimmediately grabs hold ofTyler , pulling him in and rocking him with a massive European uppercut that snaps his head back. Curtis hangs on, keeping Tyler within distance and pulling him back into another huge uppercut....and then a third. Tyler is completely dazed as Curtis hangs onto his arm to keep him from falling, twisting him around and sending him crashing to the mat with a neckbreaker. Tyler writhes in pain on the mat as Curtisimmediately rolls to his knees, swinging his bodyweight upward before driving his knee RIGHT into the base of Tyler's neck. Curtis drives his knee repeatedly into Tyler's neck before pulling him back up again, sending him crashing right back down to the mat with another neckbreaker. Tyler clutches at his neck as Curtis rolls him over, pressing down hard with a cover...



kicks out.

Curtis slaps the mat lets, then rolls Tyler over and hammering away on his neck again before pulling him up, slamming a boot into his gut before planting him with a DDT. Curtis again rolls Tyler over and covers.



Kick out!

Curtis picks Tyler up and swings him into the ropes and hits a spine buster in the middle of the ring. Curtis beats on his chest and climbs the top turnbuckle… The lights in the arena go off for a moment, and when they turn on, the referee is laid out, and three masked men are standing in the ring; one looks Curtis in the face before tossing him off the turnbuckle. The three masked men beat down Curtis, Tyler starts to awake, but they kick him back down and continue their assault on Curtis. Two of the masked man hold Curtis up as the third one measures him up and delivers a devastating Superkick to Curtis. Curtis falls lifeless to the mat, they pull Tyler on top of him and leave the ring as Shaun Hart comes running down the ramp with a referee shirt on.

Mike Fisher: What the hell is going on here?!

Scott James: Me believes Tyler and Fred just pulled a fast one on Curtis!

Shaun gets in position to make the count.




*Bell Rings*

Mike Fisher: Son of a Bitch! What the HELL! Shaun has some explaining to do.

Scott James: Wat does Shaun have to explain?

Mike Fisher: He just so happens to have a referee shirt on and comes down to make the count as soon as those three men leave. If it smells like a fish, it's a fish Scott.

Jenny Fletcher: here is your winner Tyler Debonair!

Shaun raises Tyler hand in the air, as Tyler looks at him in a confused look, as Curtis stays laid out.

'Pure Evil' can be heard blasting out of the PA system, as the lights dim, save for a hazy maroon spotlight that shines on a currently empty stage, before a silhouette can be made out of a male figure, standing just behind the spotlight with his hands extended out in a cross formation, before the spotlight expands to reveal that the figure is wearing a black 'Adidas' hoodie (with the hood up, concealing his identity at this time), Maroon/Purple/Gold wrestling rights and black/blue 'Asic' sneakers Raising his right hand, the figure slowly pushes the hood off, revealing that it is none other than Scotty Adams.

Slightly smirking, he begins to make his way down the ramp as the lights return to their normal radiance, each step with a swagger about it that to some, could very well border on arrogance --- to others, it is just another exhibit of the belief, the confidence that exudes itself from Scotty, born from a meticulous attention to detail he has. Running his hands down his body, he once again extends them out into a cross, only this time he ac complies it with a quick flick of the wrists once he reaches full extension and pauses to allow the crowd a moment to let everything sink in.

Ring Announcer: And his opponent, hailing from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, he stands at six feet four inches and weighs in at 185 pounds…”The Silver Bullet” Scotty Adams!!!

Walking around the ring, he slowly takes his jumper off; handing it to one of the attendants at ringside, before making his way up the steel steps in the near right hand side corner and smirking as he glances out to the crowd once more, before stepping between the middle and top rope; turning his full attention and focus to the task at hand.

The bell sounds as the two men circle each other. They lock up dead center in the ring. Scotty Adams tries to outpower Liam Cain but there just too much man meat. Liam Cain is able to lift Scotty Adams off the ground and toss him across the ring!

Mike Fisher: This Liam Cain has a lot of power!

Scotty Adams gets up frustrated and charges Liam Cain. Scotty Adams goes for a cross body but Liam Cain catches him! Body slam! Scotty Adams slams into the mat with great force. Liam Cain goes for the cover!


Scott James: Only a one there. If Liam Cain had laid all the way on him there is no way to get out!

Scotty Adams rolls out of the way and elbows Liam Cain in the head on his way up. Scotty Adams starts pounding the head of Liam Cain who is on his knees. Scotty Adams grabs Liam Cain by the head and nails a big DDT! Cover!


Liam Cain gets back to his knees and Scotty Adams slaps him in the face! Scotty Adams bounces off the ropes and comes back with a Superkick

Scotty Adams hooks the leg!



Mike Fisher: And a two count there for Scotty Adams.

Scotty Adams rolls away and gets up. Liam Cain is already up as well, surprising Scotty Adams. Liam Cain charges and hits a big clothesline on Scotty Adams. He pulls Scotty Adams up and hits a big chop. Liam Cain picks up Scotty Adams and tries to lock in a big bearhug, but Scotty Adams is already in the ropes! The referee forces the break.

Scott James: If Scotty Adams doesn't get a better handle on Liam Cain he's going to get destroyed!

Liam Cain rears back and hits a hard headbutt! Scotty Adams goes down. Liam Cain bounces off the ropes and jumps!

Liam Cain hooks the leg!


Two... Scotty Adams is struggling to get out, but can't!

THRE-NO! Scotty Adams grabs the rope! Ropebreak!

Mike Fisher: If it weren't for the rope this would have been done!

Scotty Adams rolls to the outside to catch his breath. Scotty Adams jumps on the apron and jumps on the turnbuckle. Liam Cain is up and turns around! Jumping double axehandle! Liam Cain goes down.

Scott James: That was a big risk but it paid off.

Scotty Adams goes back to the turnbuckle and gets on top. Top rope splash! Cover!

Mike Fisher: Cover by Scotty Adams!



THRE-NO! Liam Cain pushes Scotty Adams off!

Scott James: I can't believe it!

Liam Cain is already up. Liam Cain charges Scotty Adams but Scotty Adams jumps and wraps his arm around Liam Cain. Scotty Adams plants his feet into the ground. SILVER BULLET!

Mike Fisher: Oh man... cover!




Mike Fisher: Your winner and NEW Champion… Scotty Adams!

The crowd is roaring in anticipation as Fred and John stand across the ring from each other, Fred looking somewhat worse for wear, and John wearing that trademark sick smirk of his. Fred stalks toward mid-ring, unstrapping the International Championship and holding it out for Duke Longbottom to take...before charging full-bore at John! Fred slams into the big man with his full body weight, driving him backwards as he swings savagely with huge forearms to a massive pop from the crowd. The surprised monster covers up before firing back with massive strikes of his own, both men trading hammering blows as Duke is forced to call for the bell to start the match. The two men continue laying into each other with savage blows before John finally takes the upper hand with a crushing forearm to the back of Fred's neck, doubling him over. John slams another vicious forearm into the base of Fred's neck, then another, and another, staggering the International Champion. John then grabs Fred's arm for an Irish whip attempt, but Fred reverses, sending John into the ropes before charging forward to catch him with a MASSIVE forearm strike. John stumbles backwards with a snarl, stunned. Fred runs in again, delivering an even more brutal forearm that sends John staggering toward the ropes....but the big man still refuses to go down. Fred finally runs off the ropes, picking him up all the momentum he can muster before slamming into John with a huge high knee that sends him tumbling through the ropes out to the floor! John lands in a heap but almost immediately starts to rise. Fred considers the situation a moment, trying to shake some cobwebs out...then charges, leaping through the ropes and crashing into John with an elbow suicida! The crowd explodes as John and Fred both crash to the floor, a 'HOLY SHIT' chant whipping through the packed-to-capacity Manchester Arena as both men are down.

Mike Fisher: The International Champion taking no prisoners here early on...pulling out all the stops within the first few minutes of this contest to keep his monstrous challenger off balance!
Scott James: You smell that, Mike? That's DESPERATION. Fred knows he's too hurt, and John is too powerful for him to hang for too he's going to throw everything but the kitchen sink at him while he can! Too bad for won't be enough! HAHAHAHAHAHA!
Mike Fisher: We will see about that, Scott. We will see about that.

Fred stumbles up to his feet, clearly a little bit disoriented as John starts to stir, fighting his way up as well. Fred tries his best to shake it off, slapping at the side of his head before moving to pull John up. John lurches to his feet, though, snapping off a HUGE headbutt that catches Fred square in the jaw. Fred immediately stumbles back, hurt and even more disoriented as John rises behind him. John grabs him and slams another headbutt right into the back of Fred's head before spinning him around to throw him into the barricade. Fred crashes into the retaining wall spine-first and crumples to the floor in a heap with a cry of pain. John pauses to break the plane of the ring and stop Duke Longbottom's count before going back on the attack, charging in to crush Fred against the barricade with a massive knee. The crowd showers John with boos, slamming hard forearms into Fred's head and neck before lifting him up in a crushing bear hug. John turns and charges toward the ringpost, slamming Fred spine-first into the post with savage force. Fred bellows in pain as John cinches him back up, slamming him into the post once more before dumping him on the ring apron. Fred clutches at his back as John rolls him in, climbing in behind him. Fred rolls away, trying to elude further punishment but John catches him, grabbing him by the arm and pulling him up into a crushing short-arm lariat. Fred goes down in a heap, and John drops a massive knee across his chest for good measure before going into the first emphatic cover of the match...


T--Fred kicks out.

John snarls in annoyance, pulling Fred up and slamming a stiff punch right into the bridge of his nose. Fred's head snaps back as John shakes his hand out, clearly in pain. He pulls Fred up to his feet, twisting him around and slamming another clubbing forearm into the back of his head before grabbing him around the waist and absolutely crushing him with a HUGE release German suplex. Fred lands hard on the base of his neck, folding over as John again goes in to cover...


TW--Fred kicks out!

Scott James: See that, Mike? Like I told you. Just a matter of time. You can't stop the inevitable, and John Cavanagh retaining the International Champion is inevitable.

John lets out a snarl of fury, grabbing Fred and pulling him into a seated position before trapping his arms in a crucifix position. John gives a sneer out to the crowd, bellowing "HE SUFFERS...YOU ALL SUFFER" before slamming a series of BRUTAL elbows down into Fred's head and neck. John rains down elbows on the champion, Fred's spasming in pain with every blow as John hammers away at him again and again and again. Fred tries to fight his way free but John just keeps hammering, each strike picking up the intensity and savagery. Duke tries to step in, but John pauses only long enough to shove him away before driving one last MASSIVE elbow into the side of Fred's head. Fred goes limp as John lets him slump to the mat like a ragdoll, pressing down on his chest in another emphatic pin attempt...



No! Fred gets the shoulder up at two.

Fred rolls over, trying to somehow get his bearings, clearly out of it and in pain as John rises to his feet again, adjusting his tights as he measures Fred up. He pulls the John to his feet and sends him hurtling into the ropes... West Side Driveby! John lurches upright again to a chorus, standing over the fallen Fred, soaking up a chorus of boos as he signals for the end. He pulls Fred up one last time, gripping him by the throat and sneering at him before sending him into the ropes again. BICYCLE KI--NO! Fred somehow manages to duck underneath and catch John with a German Suplex off his own! Incredibly, John almost immediately starts to rise as Fred fights his way up, still trying to get his bearings... Fallaway Slam! John falls on top for another cover...



TH--NO! Fred kicks out again!

John immediately pulls him up in a rage....TURNBUCKLE POWER BOMB!

Mike Fisher:Oh my God! Did you see that impact! Right on the back of Fred's head! He's got to be out cold!

Fred slumps down, looking altogether dead to the world as John pulls him out of the corner for another cover...





John is absolutely livid as it's all Fred can do to try and roll away from the onslaught. He slams a series of hard stomps into Fred's back and neck before pulling him up once more..ANOTHER German suplex! Fred lands hard, rolling awkwardly over and ending up out on the apron from the sheer impact of the move. John paces a moment, considering....before heading out to the apron as well. he grabs Fred carefully, guiding him upwards...and pulling him into a waistlock.

Mike Fisher:He can't be....German suplex from the apron to the floor?! NO WAY. HE CAN'T...He'll kill the man! Somebody stop this!
Scott James: DO IT! DO IT!

John measures Fred carefully, trying to maintain his balance. He goes to execute the throw...but Fred clings to the ropes. He tries again...again Fred somehow blocks it. With the last bit of strength he can muster, Fred snaps his head backwards, slamming it right into John's face with all the ferocity he can. John's nose IMMEDIATELY spurts crimson and he bellows in pain, his grip on Fred loosening. Fred snaps his head back again, driving his skull into John's with abandon, finally creating enough seperation to get free of John's grasp. John is reeling as Fred turns around, hooking him....EXPLODER FROM THE APRON OUT TO THE ARENA FLOOR!

Mike Fisher: HOLY SHIT!

The crowd shares Mike Fisher's sentiments as a massive 'Holy Shit' chant roars throughout the arena. Both men are down and out near the announce table, Fred laying on his back, breathing hard and trying to get his bearings once more, as John has rolled to his stomach, a puddle of blood pooling beneath his broken nose as he lays there. Fred sits up, trying to find his way to his feet...but stumbles, falling on his ass back against the announce table. He shakes his head, trying to focus as he pulls himself back upright through sheer force of will. He tries to stand, but stumbles forward, collapsing to his knees again, clutching at the ring apron for support. There's a queasy look on Fred's face as he again tries to pull himself upright, with John starting to stir on the floor.

Mike Fisher: This...I can't watch this. Fred is clearly disoriented, clearly hurt...John may be severely injured as well...we've got to put a stop to this. Get the trainers down here, something.
Scott James: This...yeah. I can't argue with that. As much as I want to see Fred get his, this is something different altogether.

Referee Duke Longbottom hops out of the ring, trying to talk Fred into staying down as he again tries to stagger to his feet. Fred curses at him, shoving him back before nearly falling again himself. A handful of medical staff come rushing down to ringside as the crowd is at something of a standstill, some going to check on Fred, a couple of others moving to check on the still-downed but moving John. The trainers swarm around Fred, trying to check his condition, urging him to let them help him up and to the back, but Fred isn't having any of it, trying his best to shove them all aside and continue to find his feet. The swarm of medics finally starts to get the best of things as Fred simply cannot keep his footing, and start to help him up, urging him away from ringside...only to be tossed aside by a John! John forces his way past the medics checking on him and throws the ones around Fred out of the way, slamming into Fred with all the fury he can muster and sending him staggering once again.

Mike Fisher: I can't believe it. How in the Hell is John even standing, let alone fighting right now?!

John grabs Fred, throwing him bodily back into the ring. He pauses a moment to wipe at the blood dripping down his face and into his beard, glaring at Fred before sliding in after him. Fred crawls toward the center of the ring, trying to find his way to his feet again...only to turn right around into a BICYCLE KICK! Fred folds like a house of cards and the crowd explodes with boos as John collapses on top with a cover...





John howls in pain as Fred wrenches back on his fingers, losing his grip on Fred's throat. Fred slams his head into John's hand for good measure, headbutting the wounded limb before grabbing him by the blood-stained beard and delivering a MASSIVE headbutt right to his face for good measure. John reels backwards, clutching at his hand as Fred tries to lose some of the cobwebs before stumbling to his feet. John staggers up, hurting...LARIAT FROM FORD! John crumples to the mat, but Fred shakes his head 'no', slapping at his face, trying to keep his bearings. He pulls John up again and runs to the ropes....ANOTHER LARIAT!I! John hits hard as Fred collapses on top of him...




Fred rolls over, the pain and exhaustion setting in on top of his clear unsteadiness. He lays there for a long moment, trying to find the momentum to carry on...before he forces himself to sit up to the delight of the crowd. Slowly, he finds his way back to his feet...and draws his thumb across his throat before holding up two fingers, drawing a monster pop from the Manchester crowd. He pulls John up, looking to lift him up into Enigma Divide. I...but almost immediately Fred's equilibrium goes sideways and his legs give out, forcing him to drop John as he nearly collapses… John is straight back on it…he grabs Fred with all his might and Hell’s Kitchen Drop!!!!!

He collapses ontop of him





The referee calls for the bell. Wayne wastes not time and catches Arches with a kick to the good. Russell backs Mike in to the corner and starts to light him up with chops to the chest!

Wayne pulls Arches out of the corner and nails a vertical suplex before quickly pulling him up again. Russell with an Irish whip lowers his head but Mike puts on the breaks and kicks Russell right in the face! As Russell staggers back Arches blasts him with a spinning clothesline. Russell goes down. Mike with the pin attempt!



Mike Fisher: Russell with a kick out right before the two!

Arches quickly pulls Ricky to his feet and hooks him for a DDT but Wayne shoves Arches back in to the corner! Russell with shoulder thrusts to the gut of Mike regains Russell control of this match. Wayne with a hard Irish whip to the opposite corner with such force Arches staggers back out right in to a power slam! Wayne with a cover




Scott James: A vicious power slam by Russell only gets a two count on Arches!

Mike Fisher: Aggressive display here from Russell

Russell staying on Arches drags him to the corner and smashes him head first in to the top buckle. Wayne then with a waist lock but Arches with a back elbow to the face breaks the grip!

Mike Fisher: A much needed counter by Arches!

As Russell staggers holding his nose Arches runs in, hooking Ricky by the head and driving him down with a bulldog! Mike goes for the pin




Scott James: Ricky with a shoulder up at two!

Arches quickly to his feet and moving to the corner. As Russell staggers up Mike hops up on to the middle rope and nails Wayne with a clothesline across the back of the head!

Mike Fisher: Mike may have knocked Wayne right out with that clothesline!

Mike powers Russell on to his back and hooks the leg for a pin




Russell with his foot on the rope at the last second!

Scott James: Russell’s ring awareness saved the match!

Mike again pulling Russell to his feet but he gets caught with a thumb to the THE LAST RESORT! ! Russell nails him! He hooked the leg!





“The End of Heartache” starts to blast over the arena’s speakers as the crowd gets on their feet in anticipation.

Jenny Fletcher: And finally, hailing from Freddy Beach, New Brunswick, Canada, he stands 6’ 1” tall and weighs 225 pounds, and is your longest-reigning AND defending IIW WOOOOOOORLD champion… Jake. E. DANGEROUSLY!

The crowd explodes as Jake steps out from behind the curtain with the IIW World Title. He takes mere seconds to look over the crowd and smile slightly before turning his eyes to the men in the ring and making his way to meet them.

Jonny C is wiping his hands together as Jake jumps up and down and shakes his arm to warm up. The bell sounds. Jonny C charges and Jake sticks his torso through the second rope. Jake starts trying to swing but the referee gets in between and breaks it!

Mike Fisher: What a cowardly way to start the main event of a Pay Per View!

Scott James: You can't rush greatness!

Jake slowly leans back into the ring. Jonny C charges again! He dives on top of Jonny C! The referee is calling for the rope break again!

Mike Fisher: Jonny C is pissed!

The referee walks Jonny C away and is reprimanding him, Jake is in the face of the referee! Here comes Jake! Roll up! Jonny C rolls up Jonny C! He has the tights!




Mike Fisher: He almost had him!

Scott James: What a genius!

Jonny C gets up and locks up with Jake. Jonny C gets Jake in a side headlock. Picture perfect headlock takedown! Jonny C has the headlock cinched in! Jake is able to get his foot on the ropes which forces the break.

Mike Fisher: Rope break!

Jake is up and swings at Jonny C but Jonny C ducks. Backdrop by Jonny C. Cover!



Scott James: Jonny C is trying to wear him down.

Jonny C grabs Jake as he is getting up. He hoists him up. German suplex! Jonny C keeps his arms hooked. He lifts him up again!

Mike Fisher: Here we go!

Second German Suplex! Jonny C arms are still hooked. Jonny C hoists him up a third time. Third German Suplex! Cover!



Scott James: Three German suplexes!

Jake is up and charges at Jonny C, Jonny C catches him! Spinning powerslam! Jonny leans on Jake and starts unloading punches! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Jake blocks and rolls out of the way. BAM! Roundhouse kick by Jake! Jonny C falls to the ground.

Mike Fisher: Jake finally breaks Jonny C' offense string!

Jake stomps on Jonny C three times before picking him up. Jake whips Jonny C into ropes and nails Jonny C with a big back body drop. Jake locks in a chinlock on Jonny C. Jonny C is flailing and able to escape. Jonny C is up and kicks hard at Jake. Jake leans out of the way and hooks his arm under Jake and lifts him up.

Scott James: Jonny C is trying to get down!

Fallaway slam by Jake! Cover!



Mike Fisher: Quick kickout by Jonny C.

Jake is up followed shortly by Jonny C. Jake kicks Jonny C with a sharp kick to the chest. Jonny C gets to his knees only to eat a shinning wizard by Jake. Cover!


Mike Fisher: An even quicker kickout!

Jonny C elbows Jake in the head and bounces off the ropes. Facebuster by Jonny C. Jonny C grabs Jake's arm and pulls his arm up. Jake is able to reach the ropes. Rope break!

Scott James: Jake is such a boss!

Jonny C charges over towards Jake but Jake grabs the top rope and drops down! Jonny C over shoots and Jonny C flies over the top rope! Jake leaps to the top rope and leaps! Cross body to Jonny C!

Mike Fisher: High risk pays off!

The referee starts to count... one... two... Jake is climbing to his feet. Three... four... Jake picks up Jonny C and slams his head into the ringpost on the outside. Five... six...

Scott James: Jonny C is woozy!

Seven... Jake rolls into the ring, and then back out restarting the count.

Scott James: Jake wants to prove that he is just plain better than Jonny C!

One... Jonny C jolts up and gut checks Jake. Jonny C whips Jake into the barrier! Two... Jonny C lifts Jake and drops him on the barrier! Jake is up, but Jonny C catches him. Spinebuster by Jonny C! Three...

Mike Fisher: Damn! That padding doesn't help much, I tell ya!

Jonny C walks over to the Spanish announce table and pulls the monitors off and throws all the crap off the table! Four!

Scott James: Jonny C is having bad thoughts!

Jonny C picks up Jake and Irish whips him into the table! The impact shifts the table by about an inch. Five...

Mike Fisher: This is gonna end badly!

Jonny C lifts Jake up onto the table. Jonny C turns around to leave, but no! Jonny C grabs Jake by the hair! Six... Jake is up and he still has Jonny C' hair! Jake jumps off the table pulling the hair with him! Bam! Jonny C' head slams backwards to the mat! Seven...

Scott James: Jonny C is woozy!

Jake takes Jonny C and tosses the woozy Jonny C on the table and runs into the ring. Eight!

Mike Fisher: Up to an eight count. What's Jake thinking!?

Jake hops up on the top turnbuckle again. Jake dives with a big elbow! BAM! SMASH!

Scott James: Oh damn!

Mike Fisher: Good god almighty! Jake is doing everything he can to bygod put Jonny C down!

The table smashes apart and both men are on the ground. The referee once again starts his count... One...

Scott James: Both of these guys will do anything to walk away with the World Heavyweight championship!

Mike Fisher: I think that damned elbow did just as much damage to himself as it did to Jonny C!




Scott James: Neither man is stirring!


Six... Jake is rolling around!

Mike Fisher: Jake is crawling towards the ring! Jonny C is still down!



Jake is climbing the apron. Jonny C is just starting to move around!

Scott James: Jonny C is going to win by count out! Proving that Jonny C is inferior!

Nine! Jake is crawling into the ring! Jonny C sits straight up! Alarmed!

Mike Fisher: Whoa! Jonny C just sat up!

The referee is starting to motion his hands for another count! Jonny C leaps up and darts and does an amazing baseball slide into the ring just before the referee can complete the ten count! Jonny C lets out a big sigh of relief.

Scott James: Damnit! Jonny C should have just stayed down!

Mike Fisher: Amazing! I thought Jonny C was out for sure!

Jake rolls Jonny C picking him up… he lifts him and… DANGEROUS LIASON!





Jake picks up Jonny C. Big stalling suplex by Jake. Quick legdrop by Jake. Jake picks up Jonny C and hits another big suplex. Jake grabs Jonny C legs and signals! He twists the legs and flips him over! He's got it locked in!! What a cloverleaf!

Mike Fisher: You can see the pain shooting through the face of Jonny C!

Scott James: Jake is really leaning into it! Jonny C is gonna tap!

Jonny C is trying to move but can't! He's in a bit of a pickle.

Mike Fisher: I hate to agree with you. Jonny C is done!

Jake is smiling. Jonny C is in trouble! Out of nowhere Jonny C pushes his arms up and starts to crawl!

Scott James: Jake can't believe it! He's being dragged by Jonny C!

Jonny C has done it! He reaches the ropes! Ropebreak! Jake lets go of the hold, grabs Jonny C and pulls him back out into the middle of the ring. He's going to lock in the Cloverleaf again! Wait! No! Jonny C flips over and kicks Jake away! Jonny C jumps up and hits a big dropkick!

Mike Fisher: What a dropkick! Jonny C has such a "never give up" attitude!

Jake is up at the same time of Jonny C. Jonny C grabs Jake and hoists him up! F’N POINT!

Scott James: Oh no!

Mike Fisher: THE F’N POINT out of nowhere!




Mike Fisher: Kickout! Kickout! The World champ kicked out!

Jonny C slaps the mat out of frustration! Jonny C picks up Jake and hits a damn hard Irish whip to Jake who bounces off the ropes and comes back. Jonny C hits a big back body drop to Jake! Jonny C is approaching Jake. Jake rolls out of the ring.

Scott James: Smart move by Jake!

Jonny C follows Jake to the outside of the ring hitting a series of stomps on Jake. The referee begins to count. One... Two...

Mike Fisher: On the outside for a second time tonight.

Jonny C picks up Jake. He hoists him up on his shoulders again. The F’N POINT!

Scott James: Oh my god! F’N POINT on the outside!

Mike Fisher: I can't believe it! A F’N POINT on the outside! Jake is down!

Jonny C is on the ground trying to catch his breath....

Mike Fisher: But can Jonny C capitalize?

Jonny C is trying to lift the dead weight of Jake off the ground. Jonny C rolls Jake into the ring. Jonny C follows. Jonny C grabs Jake and drags him a foot or so away from the ropes and hooks the leg!




Mike Fisher: OH MY GOD He’s done it…….. ITS FINALLY BEEN DONE!!!!