King Kong Brophy vs Anthony Tudor

Mike Fisher: Welcome to Monday Night Mayhem, ladies and gentlemen, and the first match for tonight is King Kong Brophy vs. Anthony Tudor.

Scott James: That's right, Mikey, this one is looking like a hard-hitting match indeed. If you enjoy seeing two guys beat the hell out of each other this is the match for you, then

Mike Fisher: Could agree more. Now, let's turn our attention to Jenny Fletcher as she introduces the competitors.

Jenny Fletcher: Standing in the ring Anthony Tudor.

Tudor jogs in place and then yells towards the crowd as he show off his muscles.

Jenny Fletcher: And now his opponent from Bell Island (Newfoundland and Labrador) he weighs in at 350 lbs and stands at 7''3 I give you King Kong Brophy!

Immigrant Song” hits and Brophy charges down the aisle toward the ringside area with his manager Mr. Tees in tow. Brophy and Tees pay little attention to the fans as Tees is speaking to an already focused and intense Brophy trying to fire him up even more with a last minute pep talk. Tees knows once that bell sounds even he won’t really be able to have much control over Brophy who will soon transform into a rampaging beast. Tees takes his place at ringside and Brophy prepares to wage war against whatever unfortunate soul has been booked against him this week.

The Bell rings and the two man circle each other as they stare each other down. They finally lock up and begin the test of strength that King Kong immediately wins. He tosses Tudor to the opposite side of the ring with Authority. Tudor looks up at King Kong with shock, then his facial expression turns to rage as he charges at King Kong, but King catches him with a big boot that sends Tudor crashing to the mat. King Kong wraps his hand around his throat and lifts him off the mat, and holds him in the air for a few minutes before delivering a devastating Choke Slam.

Mike Fisher: My God I think he just sent Tudor do hell with that one.

Scott James: This us a one sided beat down, King Kong looks really good.

King Kong puts his boot on Tudor Chest a the referee gets in position to count.




Jenny Fletcher: Here is your winner King Kong Brophy!

The Coven don't even have a chance to make it to the ring before Andy Donahue and Trigg slide out of the ring, meeting them with a double baseball slide! Tyler and Fred go crashing to the floor as C&D slide pick them up. Andy Donahue slams away with right hands to Tyler while Trigg throws Fred into the steel steps! Fred cries out in pain as the steps clip his knee, and rolls around on the floor, writhing in pain. Scotty jumps into the fray and he and Tyler try and fight off the challengers as John Cavanagh directs traffic, with the official finally hopping out of the ring to end the fracas...and sending John Cavanagh to the back!

Scott James: Are you kidding me?! Sending home John Cavanagh is a joke!

John Cavanagh is irate as security comes to force him to the back, the crowd roaring with boos as Tyler and Fred sarcastically wave goodbye to them. Trigg immediately rolls Fred over as he enters the ring, dropping a knee on his injured limb, causing him to cry out in pain before going for a quick cover...



Fred kicks out at two.

Tyler is finally up at on the apron as Trigg measures Fred up, delivering a stiff stomp right to the side of his head. he pulls Fred up and whips him into the ropes, going for a lariat...but Fred ducks! He springboards off the ropes, grabbing Trigg as he comes around, looking for a Tornado DDT...But Andy Donahue clips his leg off the ropes! Trigg swings Fred around...Spinebuster! Trigg makes a quick tag to Andy Donahue, who flips over the ropes with a senton bomb.



THR--NO! The Tyler dives for the save just in time!

Andy Donahue charges at Tyler, looking for a clothesline, but Tyler ducks underneath. Andy Donahue runs into the ropes as Tyler follows behind...Smashing him in the back of the head He stumbles into Trigg who makes a quick tag and charges over, though, and nails The Tyler from behind with a huge elbow right to the back of his head, sending him slumping to the mat. He goes to pull him up...Only to have Fred pull him down from behind! SCHOOLBOY ROLL-UP



THRE--NO! Trigg JUST manages to kick out before three!

Trigg comes back up furious, and looks to absolutely CRUSH Fred with a superkick...But Fred evades it at the last minute with a forward roll! He dives for the corner, where Tyler is waiting for the tag...ONLY TO HAVE ANDY DONAHUE PULL TYLER DOWN FROM THE APRON! Tyler hits face-first on the apron as Andy Donahue immediately grabs him, slamming him into the barricade spine-first. Tyler goes down with a cry of pain as Trigg absolutely LEVELS Fred with a superkick to the back of his head back in the ring. Trigg falls on top for a cover...




Trigg shakes her head, rolling to her feet and stomping away at Fred's knee before pulling him up and planting him with a suplex. Trigg signals for the end as Andy Donahue slides into the ring. They pull Fred up, and Trigg plants him with the release German, folding him up on his neck. Trigg and Andy Donahue set up for the double Buzzsaw kick...BUT TYLER SLIDES IN! CUTTER ON ANDY DONAHUE! HE GOES FOR A STRNOG DDT ON TRIGG BUT HE SHOVES HIM OFF! Trigg clotheslines Tyler over the ropes to the floor! He turns round...RIGHT INTO A KICK TO THE GUT FROM FRED! EYE RAKE! Fred goes for a an Ace Crusher, but Trigg shoves him off now...AND ANDY DONAHUE LEAPS UP ONTO THE APRON TO NAIL HIM STRAIGHT TO THE FLOOR

Mike Fisher: NO!
Scott James: Hahahahahaha YES!

Fred stumbles back into a Dragon suplex!



Tyler tries to slide in, but Andy Donahue tackles him to the floor!


Your winners… THE CELTIC CLUB!

The bell rings and TJ Alexander immediately bolts forward, ready to fight Nick Hart...who sees him coming, and drops down, rolling out of the ring to the floor. The crowd roars with jeers as Nick Hart circles around the ring, talking to Timmy Mac and shouting orders at TITAN on the floor. TJ Alexander bounces on the balls of him feet eagerly inside the ring, waiting for Nick Hart, following him around to make sure he can't slip in and catch him unaware. Finally, after several more moments of jawing at the crowd, Nick Hart finally turns his attentions back to the ring, yelling at Tommy Benitez to get TJ Alexander back before he finally slides back in. The two circle again, eyeing each other warily before colliding in a collar-and-elbow tie up. Nick Hart uses his size advantage to immediately start overpowering TJ Alexander, shoving him back toward the turnbuckles...But TJ Alexander twists it around and forces Nick Hart into the corner! Before he can strike, however, Nick Hart ducks his head out through the ropes, shouting at Benitez to get TJ Alexander back and claiming that he pulled his hair.

Nick Hart continues jawing as TJ Alexander looks more annoyed than ever. Nick Hart gets the jump on TJ Alexander this time, grabbing him in another collar and elbow before quickly transitioning, looking to whip him into the ropes, only to have TJ Alexander reverse and send him towards the ropes with an Irish whip of him own. Nick Hart grabs the ropes as he hits them, dropping down and AGAIN rolling out of the ring, drawing even more massive heat from the crowd.

Mike Fisher: This is ridiculous! Get in the ring, damn it!
Scott James: This is why you aren't a wrestler, Mike. You understand NOTHING about strategy! He's getting TJ Alexander right where he wants him!

Nick Hart jaws for a few more moments with some fans in the front row before finally heading back toward the ring. He points at TJ Alexander, shouting that he's about to get the beating of a lifetime before slowly rolling in. He gets up...RIGHT INTO A SITDOWN PWOERBOMB FROM TJ ALEXANDER! THE CROWD ERUPTS AS TJ ALEXANDER COVERS!



Your winner… TJ ALEXANDER!

Kieran O’Shea Vs Marvelous" Marcus Fuller

As the bell rings, both men sprint at one another! Kieran O’Shea jumps up for a knee, but Marcus Fuller rolls under. He spins Kieran around and wallops the bigger man with a european uppercut...and another..and another!

Scott James: Both men came out of the gates hot but Marcus Fuller taking the early control!
Mike Fisher: You use your brains on a bigger guy! Marcus Fuller knows the rules.

With Kieran’s back against the ropes, Marcus Fuller looks to Irish Whip him across the ring, but Kieran acts as a pivot and sends Marcus Fuller running instead, THEN CHARGES AFTER HIM AND HITS A JUMPING KNEE! The knee sends Marcus Fuller stumbling back to the ropes, but with a burst he explodes off and NAILS KIERAN WITH A BICYCLE KICK! Kieran now stumbles back to the ropes, AND COMES RUSHING BACK WITH ANOTHER KNEE...but Marcus Fuller rolls underneath again. He runs to the ropes and comes back with a Lariat...but KIERAN SHRUGS IT OFF AND ASKS FOR MORE.

Scott James: What an exchange! Both men taking what the other can offer up, but it looks like Kieran has a point to prove!

Mike Fisher: If Marcus Fuller’s smart he’ll poke him in the eye and slap on a headlock, don’t go slugging with sluggers!

But Marcus Fuller obliges and comes back with another effect! Kieran flexes, slaps his chest, and points at Marcus Fuller, begging him for another. Marcus Fuller runs off the ropes again, but this time goes low with a dropkick to the knee!

Scott James: Marcus Fuller chopping down the tree!

Kieran hobbles around on one leg as Marcus Fuller goes running once more and comes back with a Lariat..BUT HE RUNS INTO A JUMPING KNEE! Kieran now goes running and comes off the ropes with a running lariat TURNING MARCUS FULLER INSIDE OUT.

Scott James: Cover!




Marcus Fuller shoots his right arm in the air to get his shoulder up, and KIERAN GRABS HOLD OF IT TO APPLY AN AMERICANA!

Scott James: Trouble!

Marcus Fuller wriggles and writhes, kicks his feet madly, but can find no escape. Kieran turns over and now has Marcus Fuller trapped in the middle of the ring with a guillotine kimura!

Scott James: MORE TROUBLE!
Mike Fisher: Kieran O’Shea has spent years training with the Armenian Top Team-Wait, no that’s a typo...

But the transition creates an opening! Before Kieran can settle into the hold, Marcus Fuller uses the momentum of the roll to not only get his arm free, but to apply a kimura of his own from the half mount position, trapping Kieran’s arm behind his own back!

Mike Fisher: HOW’D HE DO THAT! He was trapped!
Scott James: Kieran O’Shea is as seasoned a submissionist there is but Marcus Fuller can throw holds with the best of ‘em!

But Kieran doesn’t panic! He uses his superior strength to wrench himself out of the hold..and into an arm triangle! He swings Marcus Fuller from on top to his back! Marcus Fuller reaches for the ropes with his free hand and legs, but finds he’s nowhere close! Instead he brings his legs up, and wraps them around the neck of Kieran in a head scissors. Kieran forces Marcus Fuller’s legs apart (PAUSE), pries his head free, keeps hold of Marcus Fuller’s feet while rising to his own, and goes for a Boston Crab….but he can’t quite lock it in! Marcus Fuller fights a leg free, reaches back, grabs Kieran’s boot, trips him up, springs to his feet, and and in a flash has a texas cloverleaf locked in in the middle of the ring!

Scott James: Escape after escape! Each man looked to be in the jaws of death only to find out they were actually the ones chewing!
Mike Fisher: Yeah and now Marcus Fuller is gonna wash Kieran down with the sweet taste of victory!

Kieran summons all of his middle American grit to drag himself to the bottom rope. The ref starts a five count, and Marcus Fuller waits until four and a quarter to let go. The zebra admonishes Marcus Fuller, giving Kieran time to get to his feet. Marcus Fuller notices, however, and is upon him, hammering him with elbows. Kieran covers up on the ropes, and the referee breaks them up...then KIERAN USES THE BREAK TO NAIL MARCUS FULLER WITH A BIG BOOT! He goes running off the ropes, and comes flying with a shoulder block!

Scott James: Topsy! Turvy! This men will exploit any inch they’re given!
Mike Fisher: IT’S GROUND ZERO CHARLIE! This is the first step to Divine Destiny! There’s no room for anything other than aggression!

Marcus Fuller tries to get to his feet, but Kieran cuts him off with a hard right hand. He throws another, Marcus Fuller ducks it and unleashes a flurry of elbows! The big man is staggered, Marcus Fuller off the ropes and catches Kieran with a THUNDEROUS SPINNING SIDEWALK SLAM!




Jenny Fletcher: Your winner… MARCUS FULLER!

Mike Fisher: Welcome back to Monday Night Mayhem, ladies and gentlemen, and the next match up is Scotty Adams vs Ethan Rivers.

Scott James: That's right, Mikey, this oneshould be a classic between these two competitors.

Mike Fisher: I agree Scott now let get down to the ring for the action.

The bell rings, and Scotty Admas goes for a quick takedown, but Rivers rolls out of the way to the opposite side of the ring. Scotty charges back at him and wraps him up for a belly-to-belly slam but Rivers lands on his feet and hits an enzguri on Scotty Adams, sending him stumbling to the turnbuckle, and Rivers meet him with a dropkick to the chest. Scotty falls to the mat, and Rivers goes for a quick cover.


Kick out by Adams as he rolls out of the ring to regroup.
Scott James: Now this is just unnecessary!
Mike Fisher: Scotty took it there. Not Rivers fault if he can’t handle it.

Scotty Adams props himself up against the bottom rope, trying to catch his breath. Ethan Rivers doesn’t let up though, laying into his body with short stomps. He jams his foot against his throat again, pushing her halfway over the bottom rope in an attempt to keep the oxygen with him. He lets up just before the five count, letting the referee know that he’s aware of how long he can hold it for. Scotty Adams’s nose is bloodied and he’s still recovering from the head trauma, but he gets to his feet. When Ethan Rivers approaches he lets fly with a wicked kick to his inner thigh, followed by another to the midsection. A spinning back kick drops him and gives her breathing room.

Scott James: Scotty Adams’s bought himself a minute! Now all he needs to do is…
Mike Fisher: Pray for a miracle.

Ethan Rivers doesn’t waste much time getting back to his feet, but the short recovery is all Scotty Adams needs. he grabs him with a running bulldog, followed closely by a soccer punt to the face! Ethan Rivers pushes up to hands and knees, eyes glazing over. Scotty Adams runs the ropes, jumping high for a double stomp to his back, slamming him flat against the ground! Ethan Rivers is laid out flat, but Scotty Adams springs off the ropes into a backsplash for good measure before rolling him into a cover!




Rivers stays in the ring as the referee beings his count. Scotty rolls back in, and they lock back up, and Scotty sends Rivers flying to the ropes and catches him with an elbow to the face followed up by an uppercut. River stumbles back on to the ropes and Scotty comes charging at him and connects this time with a spear. Sending them both flying out of the ring and into the barricade. Scotty Adams gets up first and grabs Ethan by the back of his head and tries to sling him into the steps, but Rivers puts on the breaks and uses Scotty's momentum as he sends him into the steel steps. Rivers takes a minute to gather himself before throwing Scotty back into the ring. Both men are to their feet and exchange punches with each other before Rivers connects with a kick to the gut followed by a suplex. Rivers bounces of the ropes and hits a Glimmering Warlock ticking Scotty Adams with a shinning wizard and covers him for the three.

Jenny Fletcher: Here is your winner Ethan Rivers.