Mike Fisher: Welcome back to Monday Night Massacre, ladies and gentlemen, as we continue with the action as El Landerson gets ready to make his in-ring debut tonight as he takes on the returning Damian Winters.

Scott James: That’s right, Mike, Damian was a standout during his last run here and came close to winning the TV Championship at one point in time now; on the opposite side, you got El Landerson, a former UWF Tag Team Champion, he’s been around the wrestling business for some time now so will see if his veteran experience pays off here.

Mike Fisher: Great Analysis there Scott but I believe the lovely Jenny Fletcher is ready to do the introductions.

Jenny Fletcher: Now standing in the ring, he weighs in at 250, from Denver, Colorado I give you Damian Winters.

Damian Winters smirks as the hard cam falls on him and plays to the fans and the we go back to Jenny Flecther.

Jenny Fletcher: Now his opponent weighing in at 160 lbs he is from San Diego California I give you El Landerson!!!

When Booyka 619 hits, he walks out on stage and kneels down on one knee, and prays. He gets up and points to the Fans in Pyro fireworks burst open and switch to the other side of the stage in does the same thing in after he was done, he slowly walks down the ramp in slaps some little kids high fives. He stops and stares at the kid in hands him his Luchador Mask to him and heads straight towards the ring and hops on the turnbuckle and pose both fingers in mid-air, and walks to the other side turnbuckle in does the same thing mid finger in the air in he gets down and wait for the match to start.

*Bell Rings*

El Landerson and Damian meet up in the middle of the ring. El Landerson offers to shake Damians hand before they start but Damian slaps his hand away and laughs at El Landerson as he makes fun of the high difference. El Landerson shakes his head and then unload with a series of hard punches to the head of Damian forcing him into the corner. El Landerson throws some hard kicks to the leg of Damian making him drop down in the corner. El Landerson runs to the other side of the ring then builds momentum as he comes back and hits a rolling cannon ball into Damian.

El Landerson gets up as the fans chant for him. He plays to the crowd, which gives Damian enough time to get up and go for a snap suplex but El Landerson lands on his feet and hits a spinning heel kick to the face of Damian. Making him drop to his knees and El Landerson bounces off the ropes and hits a drop kick to the face of Damian making him now fall flat on his back. El Landerson climbs to the top rope and points to the sky as he hits a Five-Star Frog Splash and goes for the pin as the referee gets in position to make the count.



Thre.... No kick out by Damian as he tosses El Landerson off of him. Damian gets to his feet and meets El Landerson with a swinging neck breaker and then follows it up with a standing moonsault. Damian gets up and starts slapping the head of El Landerson and then picks him up by his head and hits a snap DDT. Damian goes for a quick cover.



Th.. KICKOUT by El Landerson. El Landerson gets to his feet and leads on the ropes for support. Damian comes out of.no where and tries to spear El Landerson out of the ring but El Landerson side steps and watches Damian crash outside onto the barricade. The referee starts his count but El Landerson comes flying through the air and lands hard on Damian as he hits a flying crossbody to the outside. The Referee restarts his count as El Landerson and Damian exchange blows on the outside as the fans in attendance chant heavily for both men as this crowd is split on who they want to win. Damian gains the upper and lifts El Landerson up his shoulder and tries to ramp his head into the steel pole but El Landerson slides out of his grip and hits a roundhouse kick before throwing Damian back onto the ring as the referee count gets to seven. As they both get back to their feet, both men go for a closeline and take each other down in the middle of the ring.

Both men get to their feet, staggering a little as they try to shake the cobwebs out of their head. Damian comes rushing in on El Landerson trying to deliver a super kick but El Landerson slides out the way and kicks him from behind and makes Damian trip between the ropes and hit's his Opponent with the Landerson Six One-nine and rolls him up for the pin and the referee gets in position.




*Bell Rings*

Jenny Fletcher: Here is your winner by pinfall El Landerson!!!!


Mike Fisher: Welcome back to Monday Night Massacre, ladies and gentlemen as we continue with the action as Ace Sky gets ready to take on new signing Kieran O’Shea who makes his debut here tonight.

Scott James: That’s right Mike, Kieran O’Shea had a great workout with IIW scouts and they were excited to offer him a contract and bring him into the roster. Tonight we will see why scouts are high on him.

Mike Fisher: Definitely a high caliber talent but let’s not forget about Ace Sky he picked up a win last week in his return and was a standout talent himself.

Scott James: Well way to make me the bad guy in front of the fans Mikey I wasn’t sleeping on Ace Sky but let’s not hold the people up as Jenny is ready to make the introductions.

Jenny Fletcher: Making his way to the ring he weighs in at 224lbs, from Melbourne, Australia I give you Kieran O’Shea!!!

Nurture by ThornHill plays over the speakers and Kieran O’Shea comes out on stage and makes his way down the ramp not paying much attention to the fans as he makes his way up the steel steps and steps into the ring to wait on Ace Sky.

Jenny Fletcher: his opponent weighing in at 165lbs, from Houston, Texas I give you Ace Sky!!!

rocket rises from either the bottom of the center of the stage or drops from the bottom of the titantron to the stage and there is a countdown voice over from 5 which fans count down toZ the pod door opens Ace Sky walks out in an aviator jacket and his usual in ring attire, he salutes a peace sign and jogs down the aisle way high-fiving as many fans as possible on both sides then he dashes forward leaps upon the apron and flings himself in with a front flip followed by a series of three front handsprings and a rolling savate kick.

*Bell Rings*

The bell rings and the two stare each other down as fans cheer. They lock up and Kieran O’Shea applies a headlock, then a takedown. Kieran O’Shea grounds Ace Sky but they get right back up, Kieran O’Shea in control but Ace Sky decks Kieran O’Shea and controls him by his arm now. Kieran O’Shea kips up but Ace Sky takes him right back down, still in control of his arm. They tangle some more and now Kieran O’Shea takes Ace Sky down by his arm. Kieran O’Shea works on the arm some more but Ace try’s to turn it around, but Kieran O’Shea reverses and takes Ace Sky back down, then hits a standing moonsault for a 2 count.
Kieran O’Shea keeps going and dropkicks Ace Sky. Ace goes to the floor to regroup. Ace comes back in but Kieran O’Shea grabs him, then slams him to the mat. Kieran O’Shea picks Ace Sky up and they lock up and Ace Sky backs them into the corner and backs off as the referee counts, but then kicks Kieran O’Shea in the head and follows up with . chops to Kieran O’Shea in the corner.

Kieran O’Shea blocks a punch from Ace Sky and fights his way out of the corner and mounts more offense but Ace Sky slides back out to the floor for a breather. Kieran O’Shea goes to follow him but Ace Sky ends up yanking him from the apron, sending him crashing down to the floor by using the apron cover. Ace Sky keeps control at ringside and sends Kieran O’Shea into the barrier. Ace Sky brings it back in and goes for a quick Camel Clutch in the middle of the ring now.

Ace Sky keeps the hold locked in as Kieran O’Shea tries to power up. Kieran O’Shea gets up with Ace Sky on his back but Ace Sky elbows him and unloads with forearms to the back.Ace Sky gets a running head start and nails a tornado DDT from the corner for a close 2 count.

Ace Sky goes to throws a kick but it’s caught. Kieran O’Shea stands up with the kick, then goes to work with right hands. Ace Sky tries to counters but Kieran O’Shea drops him with an enziguri, then hits an inverted Atomic Drop into a Spinebuster in the middle of the ring.

Fans chant for Kieran O’Shea now as he unloads on Ace Sky in the corner while the referee warns him with the 5 count. Kieran O’Shea goes for another strike but runs into a big boot to the face. Ace Sky-charges out but gets leveled with a clothesline. Ace Sky tries rolls to the floor again but Kieran O’Shea grabs and hits a Springboard Mongolian chop then goes for a pin, but Ace Sky kicks out at two.

Ace Sky rolls outside to catch a breather again but Kieran O’Shea goes for the suicide dive but Ace Sky meets him at the ropes with a dropkick to the face. Ace Sky goes to the top for the 450 but he has to roll through. Kieran O’Shea catches him with a release belly-to-belly suplex into the turnbuckles. Kieran O’Shea goes to the top and hits the moonsault goes for the pin, but Ace Sky kicks out at 2, then turns the pin over into a Koji Clutch.

Kieran O’Shea fades in the hold but finally he gets out. Ace Sky goes back to the top as fans rally for Kieran O’Shea . Ace Sky goes for the 450 but he lands hard as Kieran O’Shea rolls out of the way. Kieran O’Shea comes over the top rope with a twisting neckbreaker and then follows up with his finisher Grace and goes for the pin and the referee punts to three.

Jenny Fletcher her is your Winner by pin fall Kieran O’Shea


Both men are already in the ring, sizing each other up and just generally talking trash to one another. Suddenly TJ Alexander punches Ethan Rivers square in the jaw, but Ethan comes back quickly with one of his own. The two men exchange punches TJ, Ethan, TJ, Ethan, TJ, Eth… No TJ gets the better of him and sends him into the ropes. Ethan Rivers ducks the attempted clothesline by TJ Alexander, he jumps up and attempts a Crucifix Roll-Up pin.


Straight kickout by TJ, Ethan Alexander jumps on him and begins raining blows down on Alexander before he’s able to get away and roll into a corner.

Scott James: “Both men are really going for it here, but that’s a mistake by Ethan Rivers here, who has given TJ Alexander time to breathe.”

Mike Fisher: “You’re right there, Scott as TJ has set himself up in the corner waiting on Ethan to turn around… He does so and Alexander comes sprinting out of the corner and nailing him with a brutal clothesline!”

Ethan Rivers hits the deck as TJ Alexander clotheslines him into the mat. He jumps up and stomps away on Ethan Rivers, before picking him up and driving him back down with a DDT. He picks Ethan back up, but he’s blindsided by a few jabs to the gut by Rivers. Ethan sweeps the leg of TJ Alexander and grabs one of his ankles, spinning around and dropping, putting TJ into a Figure Four.

Scott James: “Ethan now, putting TJ Alexander in a Figure Four Leg-Lock! And TJ is writhing in agony! The official here asking if TJ gives up and he’s shaking his head no!”

Mike Fisher: “Rivers putting more pressure by placing his hands on the canvas now! But TJ still isn’t giving up and he’s been able to make it to the ropes!”

The referee makes Ethan aware that TJ has his hands on the ropes and he reluctantly releases the hold. He pulls TJ back up and gets driven into a turnbuckle! TJ continues to ram his shoulder into the abdomen of Ethan Rivers. As Rivers stumbles out of the corner, TJ lifts him up into a Fireman’s Carry, which he transcends into a Neckbreaker!

Mike Fisher: “TJ Alexander with the Neckbreaker on Ethan Rivers here! Alexander goes for the cover…”

1… 2…

Ethan kicks out and TJ looks annoyed. He picks Ethan back up and hits him with a standing Enziguri! Ethan is stumbling and TJ hits the ropes and spins into a Wheelbarrow Bulldog! He covers Rivers again!

1… 2… Th… Kickout!

TJ Alexander makes his way to the top rope, as Ethan Rivers struggles on the canvas. Alexander waits for Ethan to get up to his feet then leaps! He telegraphs the move however and is met by a Superkick square to the mouth! And hits the deck.

Scott James: “Rivers had that one scouted by Alexander there, as he picks him up and sends him straight into the ropes, TJ coming back now and Ethan lifts his knee!”

Ethan picks up TJ again and sends him into the ropes, but TJ reverses it! Ethan hits the ropes but goes between the top and middle rope, he flies out toward TJ Alexander and nails him with the REJOINDER (Middle Rope Rebound Lariat) he covers Alexander.




Jenny Fletcher: “Here is your winner… Ethan Rivers


Lucier by Jay Z hits the pa system as the lights start to flicker blue and green. Chris enters from the crowd highfiving fans. He hops the guard rail and slide into the ring under the bottom rope.

Jenny Fletcher: His opponent standing at 6,2 and weighing in at 235lbs hailing from Tampa Florida by way of Wallingford Connecticut.........Chris NITROOOOOOO

Mike - Chris Nitro is really looking to take home this win tonight.

Scott - He is. He wants to show his is a singles competitor. The jury is still out on that though.

Mike - Plus with a shot at the International title on the line both of these men are going to go all out.

Scott - Nitro really wants that title shot, and Fred wants another shot at John Cavanaugh.

Mike - This is going to be incredible.

Money by pick floyd hits the pa system and Fred Debonair walks to the ring.

Jenny Fletcher: Ladies and gentlemen hiss opponent for tonight, making his way to the being he weighs in at 224lbs from Hell’s Kitchen, New York I give you Fred Debonair!

Scott - We all know Fred Debonair means business. Every time he steps into that ring he is 100% ready to go.

Mike - He really is. But so is Nitro.

Nitro and Fred circle each other a few times before finely locking up. Each man is pushing hard but neither is willing to break. Nitro shoves Fred back a few steps breaking the lock up. Fred fires back attempting a clothline but Nitro ducks. Nitro spins fast catching Fred with an elbow. Fred stumbles but stays on his feet. Nitro attempts another elbow but Fred side steps grabbing Nitro and hitting a Russian leg sweep. Fred gets up but do does Nitro. Fred hits a strike to the throat of Nitro. Nitro grabs his neck as Fred kicks him in the gut. Nitro doubles over Fred grabs one arm hitting a single arm DDT. Fred immediately goes for the cover.



Scott - Debonair is going for the won early.

Mike - He came out hot and heavy and has overwhelmed Nitro early.

Fred stands up picking up Nitro. Fred whips Nitro into the corner. Fred runs attempting a clothesline into the corner but Nitro gets a foot up catch Fred in the chin. Fred stumbles a bit as Nitro fires out of the corner. Nitro grabs the head of Fred than uses one foot to kick off the middle turnbuckle hitting a bulldog. Nitro rolls out of the ring. Nitro lifts to the ring skirt and begins pulling out chairs. He also slides out a table.

Scott - Of course Nitro is looking to turn this hardcore.

Mike - Debonair said he wanted to match that style so look for this to get exciting.

Fred is back to his feet, Fred runs hitting the robes than runs across the ring jumps and hits a beautiful baseball slide sending Nitro into the guardrail. Fred grabs a chair than slides it into the ring. Fred goes to pick up Nitro but Nitro hits Fred with a low blow. Nitro shoves Fred hard into the ring side. Nitro stands up delivering an elbow to Fred. Nitro rolls Fred onto the apron. Nitro grabs a chair and climbs to the apron than up to the middle turnbuckle. Nitro puts the chair under his arm than jumps off. Fred Debonair rolls into the ring at the last second. Nitro hits the apron than falls to the outside of the ring.

Mike - That didn't play out the way Nitro wanted.

Scott - No but can you imagine if it did? That would have changed the whole complexion of this match.

Both men are down, they are slowly getting to their feet. Nitro rolls into the ring but gets kicked in the head by Fred. Fred picks up Nitro hits a hip toss followed by a standing leg drop. Fred locks in an arm bar on Nitro. The ref slides down to see if Nitro taps. Nitro screams no. Fred is really pulling on the arm of Nitro but Nitro refuses to give up. Nitro uses his legs to move him closes to the ropes. He uses his other arm to grab the rope. The ref forces the hold to be broken.

Scott - Nitro needed to dig deep for that one.

Nitro is holding his arm. Fred picks him up rakes his eyes than runs hits the ropes coming off attempting a clothesline Nitro ducks it jumps in the air connecting with a Pele kick. Fred goes down hard. Nitro falls to his knee. Nitro walks to the corner resting in the top rope. Fred is getting to his feet slowly. Nitro is waving his arm calling for Fred to get up. As soon as Fred gets to his feet Nitro launches forward with a super kick. Fred thinks fast and pulls the ref in front of himself. Nitro connects with a super kick to the ref. The ref crumples to the mat appearing to be unconscious. Nitro pauses with shock Fred takes advantage punching Nitro in the face hard than following up with a few elbow strikes. Nitro falls back into the corner. Fred slides out of the ring than sets up the table that Nitro brought out earlier. Nitro rolls under the rope to the outside of the ring. He grabs Fred's head and smashes it into the table. Nitro sets Fred up for a powerbomb and lifts him onto his shoulders.

Mike - If Nitro can powerbomb Fred through that table it's all over.

Scott - It could be, but Nitro would need to get Fred back into the ring.

Fred starts punching the top of Nitros head than throws himself backwards hitting a hurricanrana. Nitro hits the ground hard. Fred picks up Nitro lifts him to his shoulders than fireman's carries him through the table.

Scott - Nitro is out cold.

Fred picks up Nitro than rolls him into the ring. Making the cover. The ref is still out cold. Fred breaks the cover than tries to get the ref to his feet.

Fred pulls the ref to the turnbuckle and begins slapping him awake before he hear somebody calling his name. The screen behind him comes to life and there stands John Cavanagh.

Cavanagh - Fred, hey Fred! How you doing buddy? You well? I hope so! I hope you’re fit and ready… I’m really sorry we missed each other the other night and again I’m sorry to say that we won’t be able to see one another right now…

The shot widens to show Cav standing there patting Fred’s baseball bat in his hand. A wide smirk crosses his face.

Cavanagh - But we do need to meet up again soon, Debo… I’ve got something of yours here, which I really want to give you back! But until then I’ve sent the welcome wagon again for you, old friend!

Fred has just enough time to turn around as the screen blanks out, to catch Andy Donahue and Chris Cavanagh slide into the ring, each side and run at him.

Mike - It’s The Celtic Club! And they’re after Debonair again!

Scott - He catches Donahue though Scott and he’s taking it to him, but Trigger on the other side is too quick! They’re nailing him with lefts and rights!

Trigger and Andy send Fred into the ropes and hit him with a double dropkick. The referee is now to his feet as they pick him back up. Andy lifts Fred high as the referee comes to and NAILS him with the Irish Car bomb! The referee calls for the bell instantly!

Jenny Fletcher - Here is your winner by way of a disqualification, FRED DEBONAIR!

Chris Nitro has got to his feet now and can see and hear what’s happened and he cannot believe it! Inside the ring, The Celtic Club are continuing to beat away at Fred Debonair! Suddenly the crowd go nuts!

Mike - It’s Tyler Debonair and Mike Arches, flying down the aisle to the ring!

Scott - Celtic Club have seen them now and have bolted outside the ring! They’re making their way back up the aisle now as Mike and Tyler help Fred up.


The bell is sounded three times as Scotty Adams and A.V.O immediately run at each other and begin to exchange shots! A.V.O hits Scotty Adams with lefts, as Scotty Adams hits A.V.O with rights! The fans cheer loudly for the start of the match as both men do not move an inch. Finally A.V.O blocks a punch from Scotty Adams, and connects with a left, followed by another left, as Scotty Adams backs up to the ring ropes. A.V.O grabs a hold of Scotty Adams by the arm as he Irish Whips Scotty Adams hard to the far ropes where Scotty Adams bounces off. Scotty Adams runs back to A.V.O as A.V.O in one quick motion lifts Scotty Adams in the air, catches him behind his back and drills him down to the mat with a Samoan Drop! The impact is sickening as Scotty Adams holds his stomach in pain as A.V.O gets up and raises his hands in the air! A.V.O bends down and picks up Scotty Adams by the hair as he hits Scotty Adams in the chest with a Backhand Chop! A.V.O hits Scotty Adams with another backhand chop as he than locks his arms around Scotty Adams's waist, before lifting him into the air, hitting a Belly to Belly Suplex! A.V.O quickly runs over to Scotty Adams as he drops to the mat and makes the cover!



Scotty Adams Kicks Out!

Mike Fisher: A.V.O trying to end the match in the early going here, but Scotty Adams is too good for that.

Scott James: A.V.O looks impressive Michael.

A.V.O picks up Scotty Adams quickly as he hits Scotty Adams with an Uppercut to send him staggering back. A.V.O bends down and picks up Scotty Adams, looking for a Scoop Slam, but as he lifts Scotty Adams in the air, Scotty Adams slides down the back of A.V.O! Scotty Adams waits for A.V.O to turn around, before Scotty Adams nails A.V.O with a Superkick! The impact staggers A.V.O as he is weak on his legs, before Scotty Adams brings him down to the mat with a Drop Toe Hold! A.V.O lands on the mat as Scotty Adams rolls him over, but does not go for the pin. Instead Scotty Adams leaps in the air and drops a fist onto the groin of A.V.O! The ref warns Scotty Adams that he could be disqualified but Scotty Adams ignores him. Scotty Adams than rolls A.V.O back over onto his stomach as Scotty Adams than grabs A.V.O's neck and locks in a Cobra Clutch! A.V.O's face has a painful look on it as suddenly the crowd begins to rally A.V.O!

A.V.O rises to a knee as Scotty Adams still has the Cobra Clutch locked in tight, before A.V.O gets all the way back to a vertical base! A.V.O still has Rave on his back as Scotty Adams does not let go of the hold! A.V.O uses his strength to get his right arm free as he reaches in behind him and grabs Scotty Adams by the head, before he tosses Scotty Adams down over top of him, sending Scotty Adams to the mat back first! Scotty Adams is down as A.V.O stumbles around the ring, trying to catch his breath. A.V.O walks over to Scotty Adams who slowly gets to his feet as the two meet and lock up elbow to collar! A.V.O uses his strength to back up Scotty Adams before he Irish Whips Scotty Adams hard in the opposite direction. Scotty Adams bounces off of the ropes and runs back to A.V.O who turns sideways and lifts Scotty Adams up, before dropping him into a Sidewalk Slam! A.V.O drops down and makes the cover!



Scotty Adams Gets a Shoulder Up!

Mike Fisher: What action between these two, they are both trying to make a name for themselves here on Nerve!

A.V.O flashes a quick smile on his face as he can't believe Scotty Adams kicked out. A.V.O gets up from the mat and brings Scotty Adams up with him as he drags Scotty Adams over to a corner. A.V.O hits Scotty Adams with a Stiff Kick to the gut as Scotty Adams doubles over in pain! A.V.O than lifts Scotty Adams up to the top turnbuckle as he begins to climb to the second rope! A.V.O hooks Scotty Adams's arm and looks back behind him as he has Scotty Adams set up for a Superplex! A.V.O tries to leap off, but Scotty Adams has his foot hooked on the ropes! Scotty Adams blocks yet another attempt from A.V.O for the Superplex as Scotty Adams than suddenly hits A.V.O in the gut with a hard left hand! A.V.O is winded by it as Scotty Adams follows up with another left hand, followed by another as A.V.O finally lets go of Scotty Adams! Scotty Adams than lifts his head in the air and quickly nails A.V.O across the forehead with a Headbutt! The force causes A.V.O to fall from the second rope as he lands on his feet in the ring. A.V.O is holding his head as Scotty Adams drops down to the second rope in the corner. Scotty Adams grabs A.V.O by the arm and pulls him in close as Scotty Adams places his knee across the throat of A.V.O and uses his other foot to push off from the second turnbuckle as Scotty Adams hits A.V.O with a Diving Knee Drop Bulldog! Scotty Adams lands on A.V.O's neck and head as Scotty Adams quickly hooks A.V.O's left leg and makes the cover!



A.V.O Kicks Out!

A.V.O somehow manages to kick out as the crowd explodes into a cheering frenzy. Scotty Adams gets off of A.V.O and has a furios look on his face. Scotty Adams quickly picks A.V.O up by the head and hits him with a hard Jab to the head. Scotty Adams follows up with multiple jabs, before he backs off and runs at A.V.O, knocking him down with a Discus Clothesline! Both men go down to the mat as Scotty Adams gets up quickly. Scotty Adams picks A.V.O up so that A.V.O is still bent over as he places A.V.O's head between his legs. Scotty Adams tries to pull A.V.O backinto a Piledriver, but A.V.O does not budge! A.V.O than suddenly lifts Scotty Adams high in the air into a Back Body Drop! But in mid air, Scotty Adams manages to twist and land on his feet!

Mike Fisher: What athleticism from The Scotty Adams!

Scotty Adams quickly runs up behind A.V.O, and places arm around A.V.O's neck, tripping him forward into the SILVER BULLET s A.V.O over on the mat making the cover!





v v

The fans cheer loudly in anticipation of the action, as Stabby Joe suggests he starts the match to let PC McGhee rest up a bit more. PC McGhee climbs out onto the apron and pats Stabby Joe on the shoulder, as Tyler Debonair climbs out onto the apron, leaving Stabby Joe and Mike Arches as the starting legal men. Both Superstars walk to the center of the ring and stand face to face, with Stabby Joe of course looking up at Mike Arches. Mike Arches laughs to himself before putting his hand over Stabby Joe's entire face and shoving Stabby Joe back, but Stabby Joe retaliates by kicking Mike Arches in the shin! Mike Arches nearly falls down to one knee, but Stabby Joe kicks him in the leg yet again, and Mike Arches does fall to one knee! Stabby Joe then backs up into the ropes, bounces off of them, and runs at Mike Arches before lifting his leg and connecting on a Big Boot to Mike Arches's head! Mike Arches falls down onto his back, as Stabby Joe gets down and hooks one of his legs for the cover!



...Mike Arches kicks out!

Scott James: Stabby Joe went for the cover early, but Mike Arches managed to kick out in the nick of time.

Stabby Joe gets up off of Mike Arches and delivers a hard stomp to his head, before he now waits for Mike Arches to get up. Mike Arches finally gets to his feet and turns to Stabby Joe, who grabs his arm and tries to Irish Whip him, but Mike Arches pulls Stabby Joe inward and slaps him in the chest with his frying pan-like palm, sending Stabby Joe straight down to the mat! Mike Arches drops to one knee and places his hand on Stabby Joe's chest for the cover!



...Stabby Joe kicks out!

Mike Fisher:: Can he get 'em here... No, kickout at two.

Mike Arches gets up to his feet and quickly drags Stabby Joe up off the mat, before walking Stabby Joe over to the corner where Tyler Debonair is standing. Mike Arches grabs Stabby Joe by his head and headbutts him right in the face, as Stabby Joe groggily stumbles back into the corner. Mike Arches slaps Tyler Debonair's hand for the tag before climbing out onto the apron, as Tyler Debonair then steps into the ring and begins kicking Stabby Joe in the mid-section relentlessly! Tyler Debonair finally lets up and backs into the center of the ring, as Stabby Joe staggers towards Tyler Debonair in a daze. Tyler Debonair grabs Stabby Joe by his head, turns him inside-out, and drops to the mat, connecting on a Neckbreaker! Tyler Debonair rolls over onto Stabby Joe and hooks both his legs for the cover!



...Stabby Joe kicks out!

Stabby Joe finally stands with his back turned to Tyler Debonair, and Tyler Debonair pulls Stabby Joe towards him by his pants and delivers a clubbing blow to Stabby Joe's back! Stabby Joe stumbles forward into the ropes, but as Tyler Debonair approaches him from behind, Stabby Joe elbows Tyler Debonair in the jaw! Tyler Debonair wobbles back to the center of the ring, before Stabby Joe runs at him and knocks him down with a Clothesline! The fans cheer as Tyler Debonair scrambles up to his feet and swings at Stabby Joe for a Clothesline of his own, but Stabby Joe ducks underneath it and slips behind Tyler Debonair, before grabbing him by his head and dropping to the mat, slamming the back of Tyler Debonair's head into the canvas for the Stab-Matic! Stabby Joe pulls Tyler Debonair's legs inward for the cover!




Tyler Debonair frees himself from Stabby Joe's grip after kicking out, as both men now slowly get to their feet. After they stand, Stabby Joe tries to throw a punch at Tyler Debonair, but Tyler Debonair thumbs Stabby Joe in the eye! The fans boo loudly as Tyler Debonair follows up by scooping Stabby Joe up onto his shoulder before throwing him down for a Body Slam! Tyler Debonair walks to his team's corner and slaps Mike Arches's hand for the tag! Tyler Debonair climbs out onto the apron as Mike Arches steps back into the ring and approaches Stabby Joe. Mike Arches slowly pulls Stabby Joe off the mat by his head, but Stabby Joe suddenly fights back with a hard punch to Mike Arches's gut! Mike Arches lets go of Stabby Joe, as Stabby Joe quickly retreats to the corner and hops up onto the second rope! Mike Arches walks towards Stabby Joe in pain, but Stabby Joe leaps off the second rope and connects with Mike Arches's head for a Diving Missile Dropkick! The fans erupt into cheers as Mike Arches and Stabby Joe both land on the mat, as neither of them are really moving all that much. With both men down, the referee initiates his ten-count!




Both Superstars begin to crawl to their respective teams' corners.



Mike Arches is able to tag Tyler Debonair, as Stabby Joe is within inches of PC McGhee!



Tyler Debonair darts across the ring, but not quickly enough, as Stabby Joe slaps PC McGhee's hand for the tag! Stabby Joe rolls out of the ring as PC McGhee steps into it, before running at Tyler Debonair and knocking him down with a hard Clothesline! Debonair, who coils him up and bends both his arms back, before swinging down to the mat for a TransfigurationTyler Debonair rolls Stabby Joe over onto his back, Tyler Debonair hooks both of Stabby Joe's legs for the cover





v v

The bell rings as both Russell Wayne and John Tolly looks at each other, than look at Glaucus. Glaucus gets a scared look on his face as he takes a big gulp and suddenly charges at Russell Wayne looking for a right hand! Russell Wayne blocks and hits Glaucus with a left, causing Glaucus to turn around right into the animal as John Tolly hits Glaucus with a hard right hand! Glaucus falls to the mat as Russell Wayne picks him up and Irish Whips him to the ropes. Glaucus bounces off and comes back to Russell Wayne, who lifts Glaucus into a Back Body Drop! Glaucus lands on the mat hard as John Tolly goes to pick up Glaucus. But suddenly, Russell Wayne attack's John Tolly from behind reigning clubbing blows across the back of John Tolly! Russell Wayne continues to hit John Tolly until John Tolly turns around and looks straight into the eyes of Russell Wayne. Russell Wayne continues to punish John Tolly by hitting him with right hands to the face, but John Tolly seems unphased. John Tolly suddenly hits Russell Wayne back with a hard right hand causing Russell Wayne to stagger! John Tolly grabs Russell Wayne and throws him into the corner, where John Tolly follows up by hitting Russell Wayne with multiple punches to the head and stomach! Russell Wayne walks out of the corner winded as John Tolly backs off, before John Tolly lifts up Russell Wayne and hits a Sidwalk Slam! John Tolly makes the cover!



Glaucus Breaks it Up!

Mike Fisher: Close there, John Tolly was almost heading to Red Alert!

Scott James: One more second and he would of won Michael.

Glaucus begins to stomp on the back of the John Tolly as John Tolly slowly gets to a knee. Glaucus picks him up by the head and attempts to Irish Whip John Tolly, but John Tolly uses his strength to instead Irish Whip Glaucus to the far ropes. Glaucus bounces off and comes back to John Tolly, and surprises the Deadman hitting a Low Dropkick to the leg! John Tolly drops to a knee, holding his leg in pain as Glaucus gets up quickly. Glaucus locks his arm around John Tolly's neck and drops him with a DDT! John Tolly lays flat on his back as Glaucus makes the cover!



John Tolly Powers Out!

John Tolly uses his arm strength to basically throws Glaucus off of him. Glaucus collects himself as he sees Russell Wayne begin to rise. Glaucus grabs Russell Wayne by the arm and Irish Whips him to the far ropes. Russell Wayne bounces off as Glaucus bends down, looking for a Back Body Drop. But Russell Wayne counters by nailing Glaucus with a Facebuster Knee Smash! Glaucus staggers backwards as Russell Wayne runs at him and nails him with a High Knee Strike! Glaucus hits the mat as Russell Wayne continues to use his momentum by then leaping in the air, hitting Glaucus yet again in the head, this time with a Running Knee Drop! Russell Wayne makes the cover!



Glaucus Kicks Out!

John Tolly is now back to his feet as Russell Wayne gets off of Glaucus. John Tolly sprints at Russell Wayne who turns around, to be nailed with a Leaping Flying Clothesline! Russell Wayne falls to the mat as John Tolly gets up and grabs Russell Wayne's arm. John Tolly lifts Russell Wayne up as he than drills him down with a vicious Spinebuster!

Josh Matthews: He is going for the pin, here we go!

John Tolly crawls over to cover Russell, but suddenly from behind Glaucus sneaks in and rolls up John Tolly from behind!



John Tolly Gets a Shoulder Up!

Glaucus looks at the ref and tells him that it was a three count as he rises to his feet. Glaucus makes his way over to Russell Wayne, who is pulling himself up using the ropes. Glaucus reaches Russell Wayne, as Russell Wayne takes a swing with his left hand, but Glaucus blocks and pokes Russell Wayne in the eye! Russell Wayne staggers away from the ropes as Glaucus comes up behind Russell Wayne, locks his head and drops Russell with a Reverse DDT! Glaucus looks at the downed Russell Wayne before he makes his way over to John Tolly who is getting up. Glaucus runs at John Tolly looking for a Cross Body, but John Tolly catches Glaucus in mid air! John Tolly throws Glaucus onto his shoulder as he runs to corner, where he drops Glaucus head first onto the top turnbuckle!

Mike Fisher: Glaucus come on! Wake up Glaucus!

Josh Matthews: You need help

Glaucus turns around as he is groggy, and John Tolly boots Glaucus in the stomach. Glaucus doubles over in pain as John Tolly places him between his legs, setting up for the John Tolly Bomb! Glaucus however mananges to find strength to stand up and Back Body Drop John Tolly to the mat! John Tolly get sup slowly as Glaucus rushes up behind John Tolly and wraps his arm around his neck, before tripping John Tolly into the Chokeslam!


Josh Matthews: Look..look at Russell Wayne Mike!

Glaucus tries to crawl over to John Tolly, but he is suddenly dragged up to his feet by Russell Wayne! Russell Wayne lifts Glaucus straight up onto his shoulders as he stands tall over John Tolly. Russell Wayne lets out a loud yell, before he throws Glaucus down on top of John Tolly with the THE LAST RESORT! Glaucus rolls off of John Tolly in pain as Russell Wayne falls to his knees, before covering John Tolly!






The match begins as Bam and Jonny circle in the middle of the ring as suddenly Bam rushes Jonny rand the two lock up elbow to collar. The two struggle for position, but Jonny suddenly uses his strength to shove Bam down to the mat as Bam gets up quickly and looks back at Jonny. Bam regroups as he circles Jonny but Jonny catches him with a quick right hand staggering Bam. Jonny follows up as he corners Bam into the turnbuckle where he suddenly starts throwing left and right hands wildly as Bam gets hit. Bam eventually covers up as he ducks a right hand attempt by Jonny. Bam turns around as does Jonny as Bam hits Jonny with a slap across the face! The crowd boos loudly as Jonny stares at Bam with a scary look on his face as Bam goes for another slap, but Jonny blocks it! Jonny than hits Bam with a hard right hand as he than grabs Bam by his arm and Irish Whips him to the far ropes where Bam bounces off. Bam runs back to Jonny as Jonny lifts his leg and drops Bam with a Big Boot to the face! Jonny quickly falls down as he covers Bam!



Bam Kicks Out!

Mike Fisher: Close call there for Wade.

Scott James: Jonny is really in the zone tonight, this will be a tough match for Bam to win!

Jonny gets off of Bam as he picks Bam up by the head. Jonny grabs Bam by the arm and Irish Whips him again, this time to the far corner. Bam lands back first in the corner as he leans on the turnbuckle as Jonny quickly rushes hima nd nails Bam with a Body Splash in the corner! Bam is groggy as he comes out of the corner and Jonny stands beside him, before lifting Bam up with one arm and dropping him with a Sidewalk Slam! Jonny wastes no time as he looks down as Bam and goes to the turnbuckle, where Jonny suddenly begins to climb! Jonny climbs up to the top rope as he steadies himself and looks down at Bam. Jonny waits on Bam who rises slowly to his feet and turns around as he see's Jonny leap off the top rope going for a Flying Clothesline, but Bam quickly moves out of the ay and Jonny crash and burns to the mat! Jonny gets up quickly, but Bam is there and drops Jonny with a quick dropkick! Jonny is down as Bam quickly runs over and mounts on top of Jonny and begins nailing Jonny with right and left hands to his face as Jonny does his best to cover up! The ref finally steps in and pulls Bam off as he warns Bam that he could be disqualified! Bam yells at the ref to move as he waits on Jonny to get to his knees, before he quickly runs at the deadman and nails Jonny with a swift Kick to the skull! Jonny falls back down as his eyes roll back into his head and Bam makes the cover!

Mike Fisher: What a boot, this could be over!



Scott James: He got him!


Jonny gets an arm up at the last second as the crowd explodes with cheers! Bam holds his hands on his head as he can not believe Jonny got an arm up. Bam picks Jonny up by his arm, but as Jonny rises he suddenly hits Bam with an elbow to the gut! Bam is winded as Jonny follows up with another elbow to the gut, before Jonny stands upright and hits Bam with a back elbow across the face! Jonny than grabs Bam by the arm as he twists it violently and begins walking backwards towards the turnbuckle! Jonny begins to climb the turnbuckle backwards, holding onto Bam's arm as he reaches the top turnbuckle, and begins to walk across the ring rope until he suddenly leaps off and delivers Old School on Bam! The fans are cheering loudly as Jonny gets up and begins to meaure Bam as he holds his right hand high in the air and cracking his fingers! Bam slowly begins to move as he makes it to a knee, before he finally makes it back to his feet as he turns around, Jonny grabs him by the throat! Bam quickly realizes his situation and begins unloading on Jonny's arm with forearm shots as Jonny releases Bam! Bam than boots Jonny in the gut as Jonny doubles over. Snuak runs to the far ropes and bounces off as he nails Jonny with a Running High Knee Strike to the head! Jonny falls down as Bam makes another cover!



Jonny Kicks Out!

Mike Fisher: Dear god this match has turned into a fight plain and simple!

Scott James: Both of these men are looking to build momentum

Bam has Jonny in the middle of the ring, as he lets out a big yell, but this it is Jonny's time to slide down the back of Bam! Jonny waits for Bam to turn around before he scoops up Bam and spins him upside down! Jonny than without wasting anytime, drops Bam into the F’N POINT! Jonny makes the easy cover





Jenny Fletcher: Your winner. JONNY C!