A guitar thrum can be heard over the speakers, when suddenly “Revolution” by The Score smashes its way through the speakers.

Mike Fisher: “Good evening folks, welcome to Mayhem! We’ve got an intense, packed show for you tonight but firstly what’s this?!”

Scott James: “We sure have Mike, I don’t recognise this music though… Who could be gracing us with their presence?! Oh, oh wait! Look!”

As the theme continues, Tyler Debonair makes his way onto the ramp. The crowd actually go nuts, giving him a positive reaction as he looks behind him at the curtain. As he does so the pops get louder, when his father Fred Debonair also steps out onto the ramp. The roar from the crowd only intensifies more still as Fred nods his head from the curtain toward the ring and “The Epitome” Mike Arches steps out from behind the curtain.

Scott James: “What in the world?! I can’t believe this, Mike! Fred and Tyler Debonair and Mike Arches are here together on Mayhem!”

Mike Fisher: “Indeed they are Scott! As we know Tyler and Arches are on the same team tonight alongside Russell Wayne, taking on Jonny C, Bam Miller and John Cavanagh, but what’s going on with them here now?!”

The three men talk amongst themselves as they strut down to the ring, slapping hands with fans as they do. Tyler jumps up onto the apron and climbs through the ropes, as Mike Arches slides under the bottom rope and Fred climbs the steps. The crowd continue to go nuts as Fred and Mike raise their arms and wave their arms upward motioning for the crowd to carry on cheering their names as Tyler asks for a microphone. He waits for it to die down a little before speaking…

Tyler Debonair: “Long live the King! The King is dead… To expand a little further, basically tonight marks the end of what you all know as The Kindred! After everything that has happened recently, with my very good friend, Darius as well as the situation that’s unfolding over on First Class with my sister, Mercedes and boy is that a situation… I feel that it’s best I took this opportunity to disband the group. HOWEVER! What you see before you, is the past, present and future of Professional Wrestling!

When my pops first made himself known here, after I’d unsuccessfully defended my International Title against John Cavanagh, I’d realised my hatred, my bitterness toward him before that had been misplaced! I realised that everything leading up to that point was supposed to happen and it was supposed to bring about THIS very moment! Tyler and Fred Debonair together at last in the ring! And then you’ve got this man, Mike Arches! If you thought I idolised John Cavanagh at one stage, you won’t be shocked to hear that this man was a LEGEND! To me, he was a HERO! And to have him standing here with me tonight, side by side with me later in the ring, is nothing short of a dream for me! To learn from this guy and my dad together?!

Tyler Debonair does the chefs kiss, before handing the microphone to Mike Arches. The crowd go nuts and begin chanting “Ep-it-ome, Ep-it-ome” with claps in-between the words. Arches smirks, chuckles and shakes his head as he holds up a hand, for the crowd to go quiet.

Mike Arches: “What you see in this ring, is history… More than twenty years ago, I agreed to stand side by side with this man here in a group of wild eyed rookies and we made a pact to become stars in this business. And we did, side by side. Sometimes on the opposite sides but always able to patch things up and move on even stronger than before. Why wouldn’t I want to align myself with Fred Debonair yet again? Especially in a place like this where I’m otherwise just a lone man with nobody to watch my back? I didn’t get to where I am in life by being dumb and that would be dumb.

And you throw Tyler into the mix and now the three of us are going to do whatever we have to do in order to make sure we’re doing things the right way and staying as successful as we have been so far. We’ve said it before, but it’s true… We’re basically family. We share the same blood, energy, sweat, and tears. This is a resurrection of the revolution!”

The pop inside the arena is palpable as Mike holds up the microphone, passing it over to Fred, who’s looking around at the crowd who have now begun chanting “Debo, Debo, Debo” he has a half crooked smile on his face and a glint in his eye as he hold the microphone close to his mouth.

Fred Debonair: “And HERE - I - AM!! That’s right! I wasn’t about to step foot in IIW without some kind of plan, was I?! As Mike said this is a resurrection of the revolution! LA REVOLUCIÓN if you will! And that is who and what we are! I knew this is what Tyler needed to get him grounded again, get him outside of his head and I got all the parts ready and what happens?! My own daughter falls inside her head! Quite the family unit right?! But that’s for another time! And of course Moira and Casie have their issues which Mike and I tried to facilitate but when there is a Women’s title at steak especially, then that’s their business to handle!

But this isn’t about them, it isn’t about First Class or anyone else. This is about La Revolución and what we’re here to do! When I first met Mike in the RWF all those years ago we did everything in our power to keep things to a level where the paths taken were always the correct ones, where everything that had to be dealt with, was and that those who attempted to interfere, didn’t succeed! Between us and the others involved, we dominated RWF for a very long time and although we may be slightly older now, that mandate hasn’t changed! Tyler Debonair… The ZENsational! Mike Arches… The Epitome! And yours truly, Fred Debonair… The Original! This is a message for those in the back who feel like they can do anything and get away with it, spoiler alert… YOU - CAN’T! La Revolución isn’t coming ladies and gents. It’s already begun!”

Fred drops the mic as “Revolution” kicks through the speakers once again and the three of them jump up on turnbuckles as the crowd go near insane, chanting and cheering for them. They drop off and go back through the ropes, heading toward the back.


His theme music hits and Nick Hart comes out occupied by Shaun Hart, Nick stands at the top of the stage as Shaun points to him pyro goes off then slowly starts walking down the ramp. Once they get to the ring Nick slides in and opens the ropes for Shaun Hart as he gets inside Shaun takes the microphone from Jenny Fletcher and does the introduction.

Shaun Hart- Ladies and gentlemen, from Hollywood California, weighing in at 265 pounds The right hand man to Team Hollywood I give you my nephew NICK HART!!!

Nick Hart turns to the fans and flexes and let's out a big roar towards them before returning to his corner for the match up to start

Jenny Fletcher: Making his way to the ring occupied by Bellatrix. He weighs in at 389 lbs, from Artashat, Armenia The harbinger of your Final Hour", "The Malevolent Nightmare", "The End of Humanit, I give you Glaucus

The opening riff of Eater of Worlds begins to play, as the crowd drops into a hushed silence and the lights go dim, save for a single spotlight on top of the stage. It is then that Bellatrix, wearing all black walks out onto the stage, a microphone in her left hand, followed by an absolute monstrous being who simply stares forward as the woman glances out at the fans, most of whom are intimidated by the presence behind her. She smiles, before raising the microphone to her mouth.

Bellatrix - "Aww, are you all afraid of monsters? Are you afraid of the dark?"

Giggling, she slowly begins to walk up the ramp, followed by the man who remains stoic, devoid of any human emotion. The ring announcer attempts to raise their microphone, but is stopped by a simple hand raise from the woman, who is now at the middle of the ramp.

Bellatrix - "That's too bad, because you are now in the presence of a man who holds no sorrow. No remorse for what he might bring about and shall show you what shall become when you are forced to stand before Equinox. This man right here... *pointing behind her* is the harbinger of your final hour. The last sight you shall see before you fall... The End of Humanity himself, Glaucus."

Glaucus then lets out a primal roar before he makes his way past his handler and walks to the ring as she walks around the ring and toward the steps. Once more raising the mic to her mouth.

Bellatrix - "Don't worry, it'll all be over soon... I promise."

Giggling, she takes a seat from the ringside area and sits down, preparing to watch the proceedings as Glaucus simply stares outward, before heading to his corner as his music fades and the lights return to normal.

The bell sounds as Nick Hart immediately locks up with Glaucus as they both try to gain the power advantage. Glaucus overpowers Nick Hart and send him flying into the ropes. As Nick bounces off the ropes and comes back, Glaucus meets him with a thunderous big boot and immediately goes for the pin.


Two... Kickout!

Mike Fisher: Wow! That was almost over in seconds. Shaun would've blown a blood vessel if his nephew had been beaten that quickly.

Scott James: Haha! Yeah Shahn just turned bright red just then.

Back to the ring Glaucus stays in control of the match by picking Nick by his hair then swinging him into the the right corner. Glaucus gets a full head of steam and crushes right into Nick with a brutal closeline in the corner. Nick drops down in the corner, still dazed from what just happened as Shaun taps on the apron to try to wake Nick up. Glaucus glares at Shaun with range, causing Shaun to job back but gives Nick the opportunity he needed as he kicks Glaucus right in the face making him stagger back towards the ropes. Nick sends Glaucus falling over the top rope after delivering a crushing big boot of his own. Glaucus roars in frustration. Nick rolls out the other side of the ring and gets a running head start as he tries to take down Glaucus with a spear, but Glaucus sidesteps him and watches Nick crash into the steel steps at ringside. The referee begins his count as Glaucus hard punches and boots to the face of Nick. Glaucus lifts Nick Hart over his head and tosses him back into the ring with authority as the referee jumps back from being hit.

Mike Fisher: What POWER by Glaucus!

Scott James: He's truly making Nick look like a cruiserweight out there right now. You have to believe Bellatrix must be pleased right now.

Glaucus picks up Nick and hits a sidewalk slam. Glaucus then lifts Nick and hits him with a series of knees to the abdomen. Glaucus whips Nick into the ropes and hits a spine buster on Nick on the return Glaucus goes for the cover.



Glaucus elbows Nick in the back a few times to send him back to the mat so he has a moment to catch his breath. Glaucus roars to the crowd and receives nothing but boos. Glaucus picks up Nick and locks up with him. He picks Nick up again and this time delivers a headbut. Nick staggers backwards and Glaucus sends him crashing to the floor with a German suplex. Glaucus stalks Nick now as he make this way to his feet. Nick turns around and walks right into Humanity's End(Powerslam Lifted and dropped into a Tombstone Piledriver) Glaucus hooks both legs as the referee begins the count.




Jenny Fletcher: Here is your winner by pinfall Glaucus!

Bellatrix smiles with approval as the referee raises Glaucus hand in victory as we go to a quick commercial break.


Mike Fisher: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome back to another exciting night here in Manchester, UK, as IIW brings you another exciting Monday Night Mayhem showcase, and coming up next, we have The Silver Bullet Scotty Adams vs. Ed Money Riddle.

Scott James: That's righ, Mike, Ed is already standing in the ring for this match as he waits on Scotty Adams, Both men are coming off two significant losses and looking to get back on track.

Mike Fisher: Thats right but only one man can win and I can't wait for the matchup, and neither can the fans, so let's not keep them waiting as it looks like Jenny Fletcher is ready to make the introduction.

Fading Light' can be heard blasting out of the PA system, as the lights dim, save for a hazy maroon spotlight that shines on a currently empty stage, before a silhouette can be made out of a male figure, standing just behind the spotlight with his hands extended out in a cross formation, before the spotlight expands to reveal that the figure is wearing a black 'Adidas' hoodie (with the hood up, concealing his identity at this time), Maroon/Purple/Gold wrestling rights and black/blue 'Asic' sneakers Raising his right hand, the figure slowly pushes the hood off, revealing that it is none other than Scotty Adams.

Slightly smirking, he begins to make his way down the ramp as the lights return to their normal radiance, each step with a swagger about it that to some, could very well border on arrogance --- to others, it is just another exhibit of the belief, the confidence that exudes itself from Scotty, born from a meticulous attention to detail he has. Running his hands down his body, he once again extends them out into a cross, only this time he ac complies it with a quick flick of the wrists once he reaches full extension and pauses to allow the crowd a moment to let everything sink in.

Jenny Fletcher: and his opponent, weighing in at 185 lbs, from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I give you The Silver Bullet Scotty Adams!

Walking around the ring, he slowly takes his jumper off; handing it to one of the attendants at ringside, before making his way up the steel steps in the near right hand side corner and smirking as he glances out to the crowd once more, before stepping between the middle and top rope; turning his full attention and focus to the task at hand.

*Bell Rings*

Scotty Adams shoots out of the corner like a heat seeking missile and drops Ed with a powerful closeline. Scotty Adams follows it up with stomps the legs and arms of Ed as he waste no time in breaking Ed down. Scotty picks Ed up and delivers a quick suplex and rolls him over for the pin.

Two... Kickout

Ed gets his shoulder up and the match continues on. As Scotty tries to pick Ed back up, Ed manages to poke Scotty in the eyes then catches him with a sling blade. Ed holds himself up on the ropes as he tries to catch his breath. Ed flicks off the fans as they boo towards him. Ed walks back over towards Scotty and kicks him in the head before bouncing off the ropes and delivering a springbord elbow to the face of Scotty. Ed continues his assault on Scotty by sending him into the the turnbuckle. Ed fires in some strong chops to the chest. He then climbs up on the third rope to give himself better leverage as he rains down heavy punches to the face. Ed takes a moment to gloat at the fans, taking his attention off Scotty who slips out from under him. And jumps up and hits a diamond cutter off the top rope. Ed's head bounced off the mat, and Scotty lay there motionless.

Mike Fisher: Sure has been a back and forth contest early on so far.

Scott James: Neither man wants to. Leave here with another loss on record. They both have too much pride for that.

Both competitors make it back to their feet as they trade hard rights and lefts to the face. Scotty ducks out the way of a dropkick, letting Ed catch nothing but air as he come down hard on the mat. As Ed try to get up he catches a knee to the face follow up by a DDT. Scotty starts signaling for the in as Ed gets back up and staggers right into Silver Bullet (Bicycle Knee). He rolls him.over for the pin as the referee starts the count.




Jenny Fletcher: Here is your winner by pinfall The Silver Bullet Scotty Adams!!!

Scotty rolls out the rings and walks up the ramp. He slaps a few fans hands before stepping backstage.


Coming at each other as soon as Duke calls for the bell, Ace Sky goes for a tie up, but Hunter ducks and brings down the Inferno Champion with a headscissor takedown instead that gains a huge pop from the crowd early on in the contest. Ace Sky gets back up, and the look on his face shows both surprise and anger as he comes back at Hunter. He’s ready for him though, and he looks to bring him back down quickly with a spinning DDT, which he does, and he covers his opponent.



Kick out by Ace Sky

Mike Fisher:: This match already got up to a blistering pace!
Scott James:: This is where Hunter excels and Ace Sky really doesn't.
Mike Fisher:: I hope he destroys that bastard

Hunter drags Ace Sky back to his feet and locks him up for a suplex. Ace Sky, however, hits Hunter with a knee in the midsection and changes up the pace to nail a snap suplex of his own, which brings the pace back down to his level. Watching Hunter on the mat as he works to get back to his feet, Ace Sky comes back at him once he's up and nails a European uppercut, rocking Hunter backward and dazing him enough to make a trip over to the nearest corner. Ace Sky ascends the ropes and watches for the perfect opportunity to strike, and he does.

Mike Fisher:: Flying Bulldog by Ace Sky!
Scott James:: That's not something we see very often.

With Hunter back down just as he wanted, Ace Sky hooks the leg and goes for a cover.



Kick out by Hunter!

The kick out only seems to make Ace Sky more angry. Instead of bringing Hunter back up, he leaves him on the mat and hits him with consecutive elbow drops to the heart, each one looking more painful than the last.

Scott James:: That's the kind of vicious streak I like to see.
Mike Fisher:: It's a smart tactic I suppose.

Once he hits the last one, Ace Sky covers Hunter with a lateral press, and Rana makes the count once again.



Hunter kicks out!

The frustration building in him between the kick out and hearing the fans chant Hunter's name, Ace Sky brings his opponent back up to his feet this time. Hitting another European uppercut for good measure, he looks to set up Hunter for a neckbreaker. Hunter, however, gets out of his opponent's grasps and catches him with a hurricanranna!

The fans cheer for the former Octane Champion as he regains his composure and Ace Sky struggles to get back to his feet after being caught off guard with such a move. When Ace Sky is back up, Hunter nails him with a spinning heel kick that knocks his opponent into the corner with force. He then comes at Ace Sky with a flying double-knee. When Hunter backs off, Ace Sky face-plants right into the mat and Hunter goes for the cover on him.



Ace Sky kicks out!

Mike Fisher:: I thought he had it there, Ace Sky done.
Scott James:: I think Hunter might have Ace Sky's number here tonight either way.

The fans are still behind Hunter and start to clap in rhythm, giving him that extra determination to finish this off as the victor. With a smile forming on his face, Hunter is back up and watching, waiting for Ace Sky to start to move. When he does and uses the ropes to help him get back up, Hunter gets prepared. When the moment is just right, Hunter comes at him and hits him with his flying, spinning DDT into a Codebreaker!

Hunter hooks the leg and covers his opponent as Rana makes the count with the fans counting along each time his hand his the mat.




Scott James:: He got his foot on the rope!

Rana lets Hunter know that it's not a three count, and Hunter looks over to see Ace Sky's foot on the rope. Rana makes Hunter back away, which he does. Shrugging his shoulders, Hunter goes back to his opponent and simply drags Ace Sky a bit away from the ropes to once again go for the cover. Instead of letting him do that, Ace Sky catches him with a small package.



Ace Sky reaches and grabs the bottom rope for leverage.


Ace Sky

The camera pans out to a dark room that has only one light, it hangs on the ceiling just an uncovered lightbulb.
A hooded figure can be seen sitting at a table. The camera gets closer, and the persons face is painted and can’t be recognized. He opens his eyes and smiles.
“There comes a time when you need to look at yourself from afar and realize you need to wake up from the dream and face a reality that is real. Time to wake up and face all that you fear. The fear of rejection, loss, being alone. Then it dawned on me I have nothing to fear. I have already been through rejection I have learned to know what loss is and I’m used to being alone. See after my last match I knew I needed to step back and look at where it all went wrong, I was looking up at the lights hearing the bell ding, it came clear that I was to wrapped up in wanting people to like me and to accept me for who I was and not by my bloodline. All anyone sees is who my parents are and that I am expected to just accept who I am. Well, that time has come, the time for me to not care what you people think or what the people in the locker room thinks of me. I am the fear that everyone cowers from, I am the fear that people hide from. The new beginning is upon us and you can’t stop it from happening. You all will fear the name Damian Winters.

Jenny Fletcher: Making his way to the ring, he weighs in at 450 lbs from Montreal, Canada, and is occupancied by Dr.Skull. I give you Prototype-020!

Down In The Catacombs by Dave Oilver hits and Dr. Skull comes back from the back laughing, Prototype-020 follows and beats his chest and roars. The crowd boos the two as they make their way to the ring. They both enter the ring and Prototype takes off the big chain around his neck and would the roar to the crowd

Jenny Fletcher: His opponent standing at 6,2 and weighing in at 235lbs hailing from Tampa Florida by way of Wallingford Connecticut.........Chris NITROOOOOOO

Lucier by Jay Z hits the pa system as the lights start to flicker blue and green. Chris enters from the crowd highfiving fans. He hops the guard rail and slides into the ring under the bottom rope.

Mike- Look at the size difference here.

Scott - Nitro doesn't stand a chance here. He will get squashed like a bug.

Mike - He stands a chance but it's an uphill battle for him. He needs to be on his game and make no mistakes.

Scott - Nitro needs this win he said to get back on the winning track. Let's see how badly he wants this win.

Chris Nitro and Prototype 2.0 are standing across the ring from eachother. As soon as the ref calls for the bell Nitro runs across the ring at full speed. Nitro jumps than brings an elbow down to the side of Prototypes head. Prototype doesn't move, Nitro takes a step back looking puzzled.

Mike - Well that work at all. Nitro throw a huge elbow yet Prototype did even flinch.

Scott - He is a mountain of a man. Nitro will need to dig deep here tonight if he wants to take home the win.

Nitro fires off 4 kicks to the legs of Prototype but again he doesn't even flinch. Nitro jumps hitting a drop kick directly to the chest of Prototype. Prototype takes a half a step back. Nitro smacks the ring mat stands up and than smacks Prototype type as hard as he can than begins throwing a flury of punches and elbows to the head and stomach of Prototype. Prototype grabs Nitro by the neck lifting his off the ground. Nitro is kicking his feet, than Prototype launches Nitro across the ring by his neck. Nitro lands hard than looks up in shock.

Scott - He made that look so easy. He isn't phased at all by Nitro than just throws him away like a bug.

Mike - We have never seen anyone manhandle Nitro like this. What can he do to gain the upper hand here.

Scott - I really don't think he can gain the upper hand.

Nitro stands up and smiles a bit. Prototype charges Nitro attempting a clothesline but Nitro ducks and dropkicks the back of Prototype sending him forward into the corner. Prototype hits the turnbuckle than immediately turns around cracks his neck and charges at Nitro again. Nitro side steps dropkicking Prototypes knee. Prototype stumbles a bit but remains on his feet.

Scott - Nitro is smart using his speed to his advantage. He is mush faster than Prototype.

Mike - Smart move by Nitro and maybe the only thing he can do.

Nitro runs to the corner than climbs to the top rope. Nitro dives off at Prototype with a huge cross body but is caught. Prototype falls forward holding Nitro crushing him. The ref slides down to make the count.



Mike - Ouch that had to hurt. Nitro took a huge risk and Prototype said not today.

Scott - He knew he had to go big. But can he recover?

Mike - Prototype planted him hard but I would never count Nitro out.

Prototype gets to his feet as Nitro rolls out of the ring. Nitro goes over to the Spanish announce table pushes them off their chairs and grabs one. Prototype jumps down to the outside of the ring from the apron. Nitro throws a chair he bats it away quickly but Nitro throw the second one right away. The second chair connects with Prototypes head causing him to stumble back against the ring apron.

Mike - Nitro doing everything in his power. This is his wheelhouse.

Scott - When in doubt throw a chair.

Mike - No, throw 2 of them incase one doesn't work. That was smart and desperately needed on Nitro's part.

Nitro climbs on top of the announce table than hits a drop kick against Prototype. Prototype falls to a knee but doesn't go fully down. Nitro backs up against the ring post as Prototype charges him but side steps at the last second causing Prototype to drive his head and shoulder into the ring post. He goes down hand to the floor. Nitro than hops onto the apron, he jumps off hitting an elbow drop.

Larry - Nitro's speed and ring awareness could be the deciding factor here.

Scott - He is relying heavily on it because that's his only move. He can't out muscle Prototype.

Larry - Honestly who can.

Nitro slides into the ring as the ref begins the 10 count.


Dr Skull runs over to argue with the ref causing the count to stop. Nitro slides out of the ring grabbing the neck of Dr Skull. Nitro draws his fist back than gets spun around and lifted him into the air by Prototype. Prototype drops Nitro hard onto the announce table but it doesn't break. Nitro rolls off behind it. Prototype leans down flipping the announce table on the top Nitro. Prototype lifts his arms and yells.

Scott - He isn't so speedy anymore.

Larry - Prototype took the wind from his sails rather quickly.

Prototype makes his way back into the ring. Dr Skull is yelling at Nitro who is buried under the announce table. Dr Skull is kicking the table and laughing. Nitro slowly manages to crawl out from under the table, he gets to his feet slowly making his way to the ring. He walks by Dr Skull and shoves his hard. Nitro is climbing up on the ring apron but Dr skull grabs his foot. The ref leans over the ropes to yell at Dr Skull as Nitro gets into the ring. He immediately low blows Prototype, causing him to lean forward.


Scott - Win by any means Larry. Nitro is smart by doing everything he can.

Nitro immediately kicks him in the head than hits a DDT. Prototype is down on the mat. Dr Skull climbs up to the apron yelling about the low blow. Nitro slides out of the ring than immediately looks under the ring. He grabs a barbwire baseball bat. He slides back into the ring, Prototype is getting to his feet, Nitro winds up swings as hard as he can connecting with Prototypes head. Prototype goes down as Nitro throws the bat through the ropes to the outside of the ring. He yells for the ref and makes the cover. The ref slides down to make the count.



Nitro pops up than rolls out of the ring. He grabs the bat turns to the fans holding it up high with a huge smile. He is pointing to his head yelling brains wins over brawn every time. He looks at Dr Skull and points the bat at him. Dr Skull backs away holding his hands up.

Scott - I'm shocked I can't belive Nitro was able to pull the win out here.

Larry - But he needed to cheat to win.

Scott - If the referee didn't see it, it's not cheating I always say.

Larry - You would.

The lights in the arena turn off. A door appears in the big screen above the entrance. An ax hits the door creating a huge crack. An 8 bit version of Jonny C pushes his face up to the cracks yelling Here's Jonny. Pretty fly for a white guy hits the pa system as the lights begin to flash blue and green. Jonny C walks out from behind the curtain making his way to the ring he has a microphone in hand. He walks up the ring steps, steps through the ropes entering the ring. He holds the microphone up and begins to talk.

Jonny C - Jake E Dangerously get your ass out here right now.

The fans explode

Jonny C - Oh thats right, Spoiler alert everyone Jake's not here tonight. Jake is never here anymore it seems to me. Bob Mitchell is protecting you for some reason Jake and that ends now. What happened to you Jake? What happened to the Jake I used to know? The Jake that was a fighting champion, who would put that belt on the line at a seconds notice. When did you become a scared little boy who is a shell of what he used to be. I don't know how you can be proud of your 202 day title reign when you have only defended the belt what like 5 times. Thats a complete fucking joke.

The fans are going nuts.

Jonny C - You're the IIW World Champion but you're the least important part of IIW. No one even seems to care enough about you to call you out. No one even cares if you're on the shows or not. Someone please explain this to me. When was your last good feud Jake? Go on I'll wait while you think it over. When was the last time you even had a feud that lasted more than one match huh? You haven't had one since me and like it or not you know I'm right. I'm the only wrestler in the world today that stands a chance at beating you. A bunch of one off matches with losers that didn't even deserve a shot. You're like Rocky in Rocky 3 taking clearly one-sided fights to pad your title reign. Me on other the other had has been busting my ass on every single show that I'm allowed to be booked on. Bam Miller and my feud will become feud of the year and that's a fact. There is a reason I'm the face of IIW and not you. There is a reason why I'm in this ring every chance I get proving that I alone am the best of the best. Win or lose I am getting better with every match.

The fans begin chanting Jonny C.

Jonny C - It's sad that we have a coward as a champion. You hold the highest prize in all of IIW and have done nothing of merit since pinning me. Something you almost couldn't do mind you. You needed to use my move to beat me because yours just wasn't good enough this time. I'm out here tonight to issue a challenge to you Jake. Yes its for the World Title but it's about way more than that for me.

Jonny runs his hand through his hair than fixes it a bit.

Jonny C - I know you're watching this thinking I've beaten you Jonny why would I take this match again. Yes Jake you have beaten me but this is about more than wins and losses. It's about my career Jake something I know you desperately want to end. So here it is. JONNY C VS JAKE E DANGEROUSLY CAREER VS CAREER.

The fans explode again.

Jonny C - One last time Jake, you and I meet in the middle of that ring. This time though for the loser there is no tomorrow no second chance, winner take all. The IIW is dying under your reign as champion and someone needs to step up to save it. I'm that person Jake and IF I can't beat you I will walk away from wrestling forever. When I beat you though you also need to walk away and rid the IIW of the cancer known as Jake E Dangerously. There is only one way to save the IIW and that's by taking you out once and for all. What do you say Jake? Do you have the guts?

Jonny C drops the microphone in the center of the ring and steps through the ropes. He hops off the ring apron and jumps the guard rail leaving through the fans.

Mike Fisher: Welcome back to Monday Night Mayhem, ladies and gentlemen, and coming up next is a bad blood rivalry that started all the way back at Up In Smoke.

Scott James: That's right, Tolly would attack TJ after their triple threat TV title match in which we saw Ryan Hawkins retain.

Mike Fisher: TJ Alexander would get some payback last week when he would assault Tolly after his match with Griffin, and now we get a tremendous bad blood grudge match that should be a great physical match-up. Now let’s go to the ring for the introductions.

Jenny Fletcher: Making his way to the ring from Champaign Illinois he weighs in at 225 I give you The Franchise" John Tolly!!!

Blind hits as John Tolly walks out he looks around cracks his neck and makes his way to the ring he poses for a second on the turn buckle before hoping in the ring

Jenny Fletcher: And his opponent from London, England, he weighs in at 188 LBS, I give you Game Changer" "KIDD KRAZY", "Aerial Assassin" TJ Alexander!!!

Tj Alexander's music hits and he makes his way through the curtin down to the ring.

Tolly and TJ go to lock up, but TJ ducks underneath, and he starts hammering away at Tollys back. He then goes to his side and starts to lock in a Russian Leg Sweep, but he blocks the attempt by elbowing the side of TJs head. TJ backs off and then looks up at Tolly with a smirk on his face. Tolly flips TJ off in the the middle of the ring. TJ charges at him, and he catches Tolly with an explosive suplex.

Scott James: Explosive!

TJ pulls him off the mat but Tolly blocks his arms away, then gouges his eyes. The referee scolds him as TJ backs off. Tolly charges at him and tries to go for a clothesline, but TJ ducks underneath and springboards off of the middle rope, turning in the air and landing a forearm smash on the back of his neck. He falls to the mat and TJ rolls him over, making the cover.



Mike Fisher: That looked like a two to me!

Scott James: You ain’t the ref though!

TJ pulls Tolly up and he breaks free. He throws a clothesline, but TJ ducks underneath and rolls him up with a crucifix pin.



Both competitors get to their feet. Tolly blocks a punch and then tosses TJ toward the ropes. On the way back, he sends him sky high with a back body drop. TJ lands hard on the mat and writhes in pain. Tolly drags him off the mat and he whips him to the corner, then lands a corner splash. He hoists TJ up to a seated position on the top rope in the corner and then turns around to--

Indeed. In the moment he was turned around, and TJ locked in a Fujiwara Armbar . He pulls out of the corner and keeps the hold locked in, dragging him to the mat with it. The referee asks if he wants to give up. Tolly face is red but he still says no. He reaches out with his free arm and just barely grabs ahold of the bottom rope. The referee tells TJ to release the hold but TJ keeps it locked in tight.


TJ lets go of the hold at the last possible second and shoves him away. TJ sits up and takes a deep breath. He gets to his feet and watches as Tolly pulls himself up with the ropes. TJ places a hand on his shoulder and Tolly reacts by swinging a back elbow that catches TJ on the jaw. TJ staggers back but goes to gouge his eyes again but Tolly catches his wrists, then kicks him in the gut and delivers a thunderous snapped DDT.




Mike Fisher: Unbelievable!

Tolly gets to his feet and he pumps his fists. The fans cheer for him as he brings TJ off of the mat. He whips TJ toward the ropes and turns sideways for a sidewalk slam, but TJ hits a headscissor all the way around until he lands on her feet by his other side, then he goes to lock in the Fujiwara Armbar again… but Tolly feels the impending danger and he drops down, snapmaring TJ in front of him. He pulls Tj back up and grabs his arm, then hits a devastating Hail to the Orange,Hail to the Blue. (Tolly hits a vertical drop brainbuster and the runs and hits a shinning wizard)






The bell sounds and his music plays.

Jenny Fletcher: The winner of this match by pinfall… The Franchise" John Tolly!


With both competitors in the ring for this opening bout, Referee takes a look at the men and calls for the bell. When he does, neither wrestler gives the other room to breathe as they quickly lock up, and this match is underway! Ryan McCann, looking to take the advantage early on in the bout, nails Ethan Rivers with a jaw breaker. It's not enough to take the bigger man off his feet, but it definitely rocks him and gives Ryan McCann the opportunity to hit Ethan Rivers with a dropkick. With Ethan Rivers down, Ryan McCann goes for the cover.


Kick out by Ethan Rivers!

Mike Fisher:: Ryan McCann is trying to get the job done early, but to no avail.
Scott James:: Have you see Ethan Rivers? This guy is a beast!

When Ethan Rivers kicked out, he threw Ryan McCann off of him too a good couple feet away, causing him to smack his head into the mat. This gives Ethan Rivers the opportunity to get back to a vertical position without Ryan McCann trying to take him back down. With Ryan McCann almost back up, Ethan Rivers starts to hit him with clubbing blows to the back with his opponent now doubled over. Ethan Rivers then steps away from Ryan McCann, letting him get to his feet. It's not for long though because Ethan Rivers runs at him from behind and slams his head back into the mat with a bulldog. He then goes for the cover.



Kick out by Ryan McCann!

Mike Fisher:: That was definitely some smart offense on the part of Ethan Rivers.
Scott James:: This is their first impression in IIW. They better bring their all if they want to be noticed.

As Ethan Rivers drags Ryan McCann back to his feet, Ryan tries for another jaw breaker, but he's met with a front kick by Ethan Rivers instead that definitely takes his attempt at offense away. He looks for a hip toss on Ryan McCann, but is blocked twice until Ryan McCann executes the hip toss on him instead. With Ethan Rivers working to get back up, Ryan McCann just starts to stomp the bigger man in the head, getting some heat from the crowd as he does so. To follow up, Ryan McCann runs off the ropes and lands a rolling thunder on Ethan Rivers. Quickly, he once again goes for the cover.



Kick out by Ethan Rivers!

Mike Fisher:: He doesn't want to be pinned in his first IIW match, and I don't blame him.

Seeing the opportunity to Ethan Rivers still on the mat, Ryan McCann goes down to the legs of his opponent and looks to be going for a Boston crab. With either leg under his arms, he tries to flip him over, but the big man gives him a fight, using the power in his legs to keep Ryan McCann from locking in that submission maneuver. He kicks Ryan McCann backward into the ropes and swiftly gets back to his own feet. When Ryan McCann comes back at him, Ethan Rivers nails him with a big boot, much to the delight of the fans in attendance.

Scott James:: I told you that guy was a beast. With that kind of power, keeping the advantage on him looks difficult.
Mike Fisher:: I'd imagine it is, but Ryan McCann has to do that if he wants to win here tonight.

Not taking any extra time after knocking down the priest, Ethan Rivers drags Ryan McCann back up to his feet and locks him into position to execute a perfect Fisherman's Suplex. Instead of going with a bridging pin, Ethan Rivers transitions the move into the Rivers Cuomo Clutch. Ryan McCann tries to fight and reach for the ropes, but Ethan Rivers has the move locked in tightly. The Ref drops down to the mat and asks Ryan McCann if he wants to give it up, but he refuses. Soon enough, however, Ryan McCann has no choice and taps out.

Jenny Fletcher: Your winner…ETHAN RIVERS!

Six Man Tag Match

Scott James: Well thank you for that storytime update but the fans are ready to get to the action and so are the competitors.

The hard cam for to the ring as all six men are all ready in the ring trying to decide who starts things off. Bam, Jonny, and Cav argue with one another about the situation. Why it seems Russell, Tyler, and Mike have come to an agreement to let the newly crowned UK Champion Mike starts things off tonight. Mike steps up as Tyler and Russell step to outside on ringside. After some more argument, Bam decides to let Jonny and Cav play rock, paper, scissors for it. As they throw out their hands Jonny beats Cav with paper over Rock, but Cav shakes his head and says rock breaks paper so he wins. Jonny kicks the ropes and mentions something about cheating but Cav ignores him as steps up into the middle of the ring.

*The bell rings*

The match starts with Cav facing off against Mike. The two circle one another, before locking up in the center of the ring. Mike manages to slip behind Cav and takes him down to the mat with a German suplex. Mike kips to his feet, and bounces off the ropes, nailing Cav in the back of the head with a brutal kick as he begins to sit up.

Mike Fisher: Mike is showing some high powered offense. Showing Cav he's the superior Champion.

Scott James: Oh boohoo I'm sure Cav cares about your support.

Mike drags Cav up and drags him to his corner where he makes the tag to Tyler. He steps into the ring, with Mike twisting his arm and lifting it to expose his ribs. Tyler accepts the invitation and nails the man with a stiff kick to his ribs. Mike steps out, and Tyler whips Cav into the corner. He pursues him quickly and tries to nail him with a flying forearm smash, but Cav moves out the way and Tyler eats nothing but turnbuckle and turns right around into a kick to the gut followed by a upper cut to the chaw that sends Tyler flying to the ropes. Cav unloads a series of hard chops to the chest before sending Tyer flying to the other side of the ropes as Tyler bounces back Cav meets him with an explosive spinebuster. Cav taunts Tyler for while as he circles him and slaps him in the head. Cav goes to pick Tyler up but Tyler fights back and unloads with in punches before hitting an enzguri and running up to the top of the ropes to hit a swnaton bomb. Tyler hooks Cav leg and goes for the pin.



Thr… NO!!

Bam leaps just in time to stop the three count, before taking the opportunity to hit Tyler with a few more stomps before being ushered back to his corner by the referee. Tyler holds the back of his head, getting up and going to his corner, he tags in Russell. Cav has begun to get to his feet, Wayne charges in and goes for a bicycle kick but Cav ducks and counters it with a hard clothesline as Wayne turns to face him. He drags him to the corner, and tags Bam Miller in.

Mike Fisher: Cav finally catching a break, and tagging out. Smart move.

Scott James: Was definitely time for him to get a breather and utilize his tag team partners.

Bam steps in and instantly whips Wayne into his team’s corner. He begins laying in shots to his opponent’s face, Bam switches to lifting his leg and driving it into Waynes throat. He breaks the hold as the ref reaches four and goes to get in their face. With the ref distracted, Jonny goes to grab at Wayne, by the hair, Wayne seems to sense it coming and flattens Jonny with an elbow that sends him flying off the apron. Cav laughs at Jonny from ringside before eating an elbow of his own from Wayn. Wayne fights out of the corner and hits a neck breaker on Bam, sending him to the mat as Russell follow up with an elbow drop to the chest. Wayne picks Bam back up and delivers a snap suplex and then fires off some hard shots to the face. Wayne picks Bam up again put this time meets a poke to the eyes as Bam sends Wayne back into his corner and tags in Jonny.

Jonny and Bam send Wayne flying to the ropes as Wayne bounces back they hit him with a double super kick. Bam heads back to his corner. Jonny kicks at Wayne head, then lifts him up by his hair before delivering a headbutt to keep him back down. Jonny plays to the fans then hits a springboard back moonsault but Wayne gets the knees up. Making Jonny crash and burn. Wayne takes the opportunity to tag back in Tyler but at the same time Jonny tags back in Bam. They both meet each other in the middle of the ring and unload punches. Bam picks up Tyler and sends him into the ropes, catching him with a knee to the ribs as he comes flying back.

Mike Fisher: “Bam getting the better of Tyler here, who is having his first match since injuring his knee at Explosion at the hands of another man in this magic, John Cavanagh!”

Scott James: “He certainly did Mike! And it took a long time for that knee to heal! I’m wondering if he’s already like his old dad now?! Ouch that had to hurt as Bam twists Tyler’s bad leg!”

Bam attempts to put Tyler in a leg lock, but Tyler gets his body over and kicks out, sending Bam back into the turnbuckle. The crowd go nuts as Tyler hops up and jumps to his corner, tagging in Russell Wayne! As he does so, Bam makes a tag to Jonny C. Wayne climbs into the ring and runs at Jonny C, flailing away with hands, one after the other.

Scott James: “Jonny C trying to retaliate but Wayne gets him in the corner slamming his head into the turnbuckle!”

Crowd: “One! Two! Three! Four… Five! Six…”

Suddenly Jonny C kicks back and catches Russell in the shin, pushing him backwards and sending him into the official! Russell turns around to see what he hit and sees the ref down. As he turns back around he walks straight into Jonny who hoists him up and before he can do anything about it, he drops him and lifts the knee!

Mike Fisher: “THE F’N POINT! Jonny C just nailed Russell Wayne with The F’n Point!”

Russell Wayne hits the deck, but before Jonny C can do anything, Mike Arches is already in the ring and hooks his leg around Jonny C’s, he grabs at his head and delivers The High Road!

Scott James: “THE HIGH ROAD! Jonny C just took The High Road! And that was perfectly executed by Mike Arches there! But wait, here comes Bam Miller! Arches turns and catches a knee to the gut! MILLER TIME!”

Bam Miller drops Mike Arches with Miller Time in the centre of the ring, leaving three bodies on the floor! Four including the official who still hasn’t moved! Suddenly Tyler Debonair has jumped into the ring, dropped to his knees and smashed Bam with a forearm to the male ego, before lifting him up…

Mike Fisher: “TRANSFIGURATION! Tyler nailed Bam with the Transfiguration! Wait, John Cavanagh getting in the ring now! Tyler spots him though and runs at him!”

As Tyler runs at Cavanagh, he catches him and lifts him up, dropping him straight onto the top rope! He springs backwards and Cavanagh grabs him by the arms and jumps up knees to Tyler’s back and drops!

Scott James: “WEST SIDE DRIVE-BY! Cavanagh just caught Tyler with the West Side Drive-By and pretty much everybody is still down bar Cavanagh! There’s a reason he should be World Champion now!“

Mike Fisher: “Debatable Scott but he is the International Champion and that’s for good reason!”

Cavanagh walks around the ring looking like a man possessed, he’s foaming at the mouth as he screams down at Tyler, Mike Arches and Russell Wayne as the other five men in the match slowly begin to stir. Suddenly the crowd go absolutely nuts as Fred Debonair runs down the aisle, carrying his baseball bat, Cindy-Lee in hand! Cavanagh spots him and goads him until he’s almost at the apron, before sliding outside and beginning to walk around the ring. Fred slides out of the other side and follows Cavanagh around… Suddenly!

Scott James: “WOAH! From the crowd! It’s Andy and Trigger! The Celtic Club have just jumped Fred Debonair as he was chasing Cavanagh and Cav is just laughing as Fred drops his bat and is fighting Andy and Trig back up the aisle!”

Mike Fisher: “Look at Cav’s face though, Scott! He’s seen Cindy-Lee laying on the floor! He looks in the ring, back at the bat… He’s going for it! My God what’s he going to do?!”

Cav walks up to Cindy-Lee and picks her up, looking back into the ring. He slides in and walks purposefully towards Tyler. As Tyler stirs, Cav swings the bat back and forth in one hand. He lines up and CRACKS Tyler across the shoulders with it, sending him back down. Tyler tries to get up again and Cavanagh once more sends the bat down, this time across the back of his head!!

Scott James: “HOLY SHIT! What is Cav doing here?! He’s going to kill Tyler Debonair! He’s lining him up again, the referee is slowly coming around, as is everybody else in the match! But is John Cavanagh really going to do this?! He’s raising the bat as he’s lined up Tyler’s newly healed knee! No!”

Before Cavanagh can slam the bat down on Tyler’s knee however, Mike Arches back to his feet, SPEARS him toward the ropes and both men fall outside the ring! Over in a corner Russell Wayne and Jonny C are back to their feet and fighting again as the referee pulls himself up and begins to maintain order once more.

Jonny grabs Russell Wayne and delivers THE F’N POINT!!!

Mike Fisher: This one is over!!!

Jonny gets ready for the pin, posing infront of the crowd but before he can Bam Miller runs in and makes the pin fall

The referee begins to make the count



Jonny rags Bam Miller back to his feet

Jonny C pushes Bam

Jonny C: What you doing?

Bam pushes him back and smirks


Jonny C: Blew it?...BLOW ME!

Bam Miller charges Jonny and delivers MILLER TIME, The recovering Russell Wayne sees the opportunity and launches Bam and Jonny over the ring ropes turning round he sees Cav now all alone. He grabs him and plants him with THE LAST RESORT!

He covers Cav




Jenny Fletcher: Your winners! Russell Wayne… Tyler Debonair and Mike Arches!


Liam and Ryan circle the ring, Liam with that same devilish smirk as always and Ryan seems fired up and ready to jump right in. Liam is the sharper of the two, darting in and landing with several stiff palm strikes to start us off stiff! Ryan fires back with a closed right and a big uppercut but delivering a thunderous kick right to the back of Liam’s leg, the TV Champion hopping two steps backwards to create distance but Ryan is right on him again, shooting another two stinging kicks to the back of Black’s thigh! Liam squats to try and protect him left side but Ryan goes high and CLOCKS him with a spinning heel kick!

Scott James: Hot damn, Ryan showing some of that fire!
Mike Fisher: It’s not often we see Ryan mix it up now, but he’s desperate not to lose his title

Liam is pulled to him feet by Ryan, before being staggered again with a European Uppercut! Ryan quickly follows up with a lightning fast enziguri and Liam hits the mat face first again! Ryan drops into a cover, hooking both legs!


….No, Liam Cain won’t be put away that easily! Ryan tries to keep control, pulling Liam back to his feet in a clinch, throwing a couple of knee strikes to the face and torso to keep the momentum going! Liam tries to step into Ryan and sweep his legs but he’s cut off with another big knee to the jaw! The TV Champion staggers backwards and Liam drops him with a lariat takedown, he quickly covers again!



..Ryan rolls a shoulder out, not looking like being kept down any time soon! Ryan drags Liam back to him feet, whipping him into the corner turnbuckle and following in with a handspring elbow! Liam slumps down into the corner and Ryan hops back to him feet, saluting the roaring crowd with a raised arm.

Mike Fisher: Liam Cain hasn’t got going in this match, Ryan has just exploded out of the blocks here!
Scott James: You have to think the longer this match goes and the longer Liam takes everything Ryan has to throw, the more Liam will come into this!
Mike Fisher: He’s a tough bitch and him conditioning is probably better since he’s in the ring every night, but can he survive this onslaught?!

Ryan tries to pull Liam up from the corner but Black thrusts a boot out and catches him in the midriff. Liam takes the chance, roaring from the corner and headbutting Ryan! Ryan staggers away, turning him back on Liam and he gets dumped with a german suplex! Liam rolls away quickly into the opposite corner, giving himself time to get himself together. Ryan clutches his neck as Liam saunters towards him, the fans baying on him as he stomps away on Ryan! Liam takes a step back, letting Ryan pull himself up with the ropes before tackling him through the ropes and out of the ring!

The two men land hard on the outside, Ryan skidding back first into the announce table with a thud and Liam face planting on the outside. The referee begins a ten count, the two men struggling to their feet and beginning to trade blows rather than get back in the ring! Ryan scores a big haymaker but Liam shoots back with several quick jabs! Liam swings a wild one that Ryan ducks under and he takes advantage, pushing him face first into the ring post! Ryan rolls back in and out of the ring to break the count before re-focusing on Liam Cain, pulling himself onto the ring apron, running along it and soaring into a missile dropkick to the outside, sending Liam Cain flying! Ryan jumps right back to him feet, one hand on him back and the other saluting him supportive crowd yet again.

Scott James: Ryan digging deep to stave off Liam Cain here, but can he find a way to finish things?
Mike Fisher: He needs to get things back in the ring first!

Ryan looks to get things back in the ring, rolling Liam back in and quickly hopping onto the apron and pulling himself to the top rope. Liam slowly clambers to him feet, Ryan looking for another missile dropkick but Liam drops to one knee, Ryan soaring past him and crashing to the mat. Liam quickly looks for a cover, hooking both legs!


…..No! Ryan pushes a shoulder out, Liam quickly pulling him up and positioning him for an overhead belly to belly suplex, Ryan skidding across the mat into the corner. Liam follows up with a stiff running kick to the back, grabbing a bunch of Ryan’s hair with him left hand and delivering several more resounding kicks to the lower back! Liam roughly pulls him up by the hair and into a front facelock, Liam walks him into the corner, taking a seat on the top rope before pushing off, spinning into a brutal looking Tornado DDT! Liam covers again, The Referee sliding into place for another cover!



..Ryan’s rolls a shoulder out, Liam gritting him teeth as he systematically climbs to him feet. He urges Ryan to get to him feet before running and tackling him, picking him off the mat and driving him back first into the turnbuckle! Liam backs off quickly, Ryan staggering from the corner and eating an absolutely vicious attack right to the face, Ryan drops like a stone and Liam zones in for another cover!



….Ryan’s thrusts a shoulder up at the last second!

Scott James: Ryan looks like he’s on dream street after that, absolutely vicious from Liam!

Ryan tries to pull himself up using the ropes but Liam rushes in with a stiff kick to the midriff cutting him off. Liam pulls Ryan to him feet, looking to irish whip him across the ring but Ryan holds on and reverses, a quick kick to the gut and he’s looking for his finisher, he can’t hit it so he lines up a PILE DRIVER!!!#



….NO! Liam Cain kicks out! The crowd were already celebrating and the silence is immediate as Liam Cain’s arm sticks in the air as testament to what they just saw! Ryan runs him hands through him hair, trying to get himself back to focus, he pulls Liam to him feet, takes a step back and drops him with a huge kick! Liam bounces onto the mat but rolls through onto him feet, panting heavily but urging Ryan forward! Ryan’s charges and Liam spins into a vicious back fist! Ryan hits the ropes and comes back with a bloody mouth! On his return Liam sets himself and Double Aught… HE SMASHES RYAN TO THE GROUND



Jenny Fletcher: Winner and NEW TV CHAMPION…. LIAM CAIN!