The scene cuts backstage where a pair of sneakers can be seen leaving a dressing room, as the camera pans up we see that it’s none other than Fred Debonair. He gets a mixed reaction as he begins walking down the corridor, but the reaction changes to huge pops as he comes face to face with Mike Arches.

Fred: “If it isn’t my old pa… Sorry, my pal Mike again! Who’s now the interim UK Champion and possibly soon to be the ACTUAL UK Champion! Congratulations! What’s up man?”

Mike: “Hey Fred, thank you… I’m good. Listen I actually wanted to say sorry for what Moira said last week about Casie.”

Fred: “Don’t worry about it, Casie was just as bad… But listen forget that, we’ve both got big matches tonight so let’s focus on those. How are those knees of yours holding up? Going to last the duration of your UK title match?”

Mike lowers and shakes his head and chuckles as Fred stands there and smirks. Mike lifts his head back up, still smiling.

Mike: “Oh my knees are just fine don’t worry about that… But I’m hearing rumours your back isn’t doing too good, Fred, you be careful out there against Trigger alright?”

Fred: “Oh my back’s been damaged for a long time man, comes with the territory of carrying groups like The Unholy Alliance, B.E.S.T and so on right? You understand that! But no, seriously, good luck tonight! No one I’d rather see Championing the IIW UK Title than you, a Canadian, eh?”

Fred pats Mike on the shoulder as he walks off, leaving him shaking his head and chuckling once again, before he took walks out of shot.


Mike Fisher: Ladies and Gentlemen welcome back to another exciting night here in Manchester, UK, as IIW brings you another exciting Monday Night Mayhem showcase, and first up on the program is Prototype-020 vs. Anthony Tudor.

Scott James: That's right Mike, Tudor is already standing in the ring for this match as he waits on Prototype, but Up In Smoke was a great night, and we saw both these men pick up impressive victories. It is in treating to see who wins this powerhouse match up.

Mike Fisher: I can't wait for the matchup, and neither can the fans, so let's not keep them waiting as it looks like Jenny Fletcher is ready to make the introduction.

Jenny Fletcher: Making his way to the ring, he weighs in at 450 lbs from Montreal, Canada, and is occupied by Dr.Skull. I give you Prototype-020!

Down In The Catacombs by Dave Oilver hits and Dr. Skull comes back from the back laughing, Prototype-020 follows and beats his chest and roars. The crowd boos the two as they make their way to the ring. They both enter the ring and Prototype takes off the big chain around his neck and would the roar to the crowd. Prototype would lean towards the turnbuckle to wait for the match to start as he stares down Tudor.

The bell rings and the large men lock up in the center of the ring Prototype-020 takes control and slings Tudor into the corner and meets him with a closeline then follows up with a sidewalk slam and goes for gh quick cover.



No Tudor kicks out and fights his way back to his feet as he throws strong body shots to Prototype-020 that makes him stagger back. Tudor gets to his feet and charges at Prototype-020 but gets caught with a big boot to the face sending Tudor crashing back down to the mat; Prototype-020 bounces off the ropes and uses his momentum to drop a thunderous leg drop onto the chest of Tudor and goes for the cover again.




Tudor gets a shoulder up and the match continues as Prototype-020 picks Tudor up by his freshly shaved bald head and throws him into the corner and starts repeatedly ramping his massive shoulder into the stomach of Tudor. After a few more shoulder thrusts, Prototype-020 sets Tudor up on the top turnbuckle and outs his mountain size hand around Tudor's throat, and chokes same him off the top rope and right into the middle of the ring.

Mike Fisher: Prototype-020 has indeed been in control of this match from the start; Dr, Skull has to be happy with the results so far from his project.

Scott James: I would say so by the way he's over there running his hands together with that mad evil look on, but I've got to say Prototype-020 looks like he's going to be a force to be reckoned with.

The hard cam returns back to the action as Prototype-020 suplex Tudor then stomps him repeatedly into the mat, Prototype-020 puts his monstrous hands around the throat and picks him up as he performs his finisher move The Kruncher (Chokeslam backbreaker).

Mike Fisher: That has to be it, no way Tudor comes back from that.

Scott James: I have to agree by the way Tudors eyes just rolled back into his head.

Prototype-020 goes for the cover as he hooks both legs and the referees gets in position and starts the count.




*Bell Rings*

Jenny Fletcher: Here is your winner by pinfall Prototype-020!

Dr. Skull and Prototype-020 walk up the ramp as they leave Tudor flat on his back in the middle of the ring as we cut to commercial break.

We cut backstage where this appears to be a massive commotion, coming from the office of Bob Mitchell. Raised voices can be heard inside and then just as suddenly the door snaps open and Jonny C comes storming out, but walking backwards.

Jonny C: “You're a real asshole Bob you know that. I haven't been booked for week now and that's bullshit. You and your champion are scared of me. You are running this company into the ground. I guess maybe it's time to start updating my resume sum for when you inevitability bankrupt IIW.”

Jonny turns as he slams the door shut behind him and nudges forward as he’s just ploughed into someone without realising it. As he turns around the camera pans back to see none other than Tyler Debonair sprawled on the “waiting couch” outside Bob Mitchell’s office, trying to straighten himself up with his crutches. The two just look at each other in awkward fashion and after what feels like an eternity, Jonny holds his arms out and shrugs as if to ask “what’s your problem?”.

Tyler: “Jeeze man, you really should watch where you’re going… I’ve just been cleared to wrestle again and you’re about to put me back on the shelf with your lack of attention…”

Jonny C: “What the hell are you talking about?! You walked into me and how can you be cleared when you’re still on crutches?”

Tyler pushes himself to a decent sitting position and then stands himself up. He shakes his head and smirks at Jonny.

Tyler: “Oh shoot, you know what hoss? You actually just reminded me! I don’t need these anymore… Thank you!”

Tyler shoves the crutches at Jonny C, before turning to walk away and as he does so.

Tyler: “Pop those into the medical bay for me, would you man?!”

We close in on Jonny C’s face as Tyler disappears and he is absolutely livid. He throws the crutches down as we cut back to ringside.

Mike Fisher: Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, to Monday Night Mayhem as the action continued here tonight in Manchester. The next match we bring you will be a drag-out battle between Scotty Adams and Axel Van Osbourne as there compete in a No disqualification match-up.

Scott James: This match was made after Scotty Adams returned at Up In Smoke, taking out OVA and Marlboro Man as he put the new guys on notice that the Silver Bullet is still around and that any opportunities around here are for him only

Mike Fisher: He did m an epic return to IIW but will see how OVA feels about Scotty when he gets his hands on him in just a few minutes ladies and gentlemen, let's go to the ring for the introductions.

Jenny Fletcher: Making his way to the ring he weighs in at 181 lbs from Houston TX I give you Axel Van Osbourne!

The lights flicker slowly on the stage during the intro of the song and as soon as the Boom Lay Boom Lay Boom begins pillars of fire shoot from either side of the stage as AVO makes his way out, follwed closely by Vincent Van Rose, raising his hands and lowering them as pyro shoots off from every direction. As the song continues AVO runs to the ring sliding under the ropes. He kneels in the center of the ring and raises a fist to the sky as pyro blasts from each corner as Boom Lay Boom Lay Boom echoes slowly fading away; he turns towards the entrance as he waits for Scotty Adams.

'Fading Light' can be heard blasting out of the PA system, as the lights dim, save for a hazy maroon spotlight that shines on a currently empty stage, before a silhouette can be made out of a male figure, standing just behind the spotlight with his hands extended out in a cross formation, before the spotlight expands to reveal that the figure is wearing a black 'Adidas' hoodie (with the hood up, concealing his identity at this time), Maroon/Purple/Gold wrestling rights and black/blue 'Asic' sneakers Raising his right hand, the figure slowly pushes the hood off, revealing that it is none other than Scotty Adams.

Slightly smirking, he begins to make his way down the ramp as the lights return to their normal radiance, each step with a swagger about it that to some, could very well border on arrogance --- to others, it is just another exhibit of the belief, the confidence that exudes itself from Scotty, born from a meticulous attention to detail he has. Running his hands down his body, he once again extends them out into a cross, only this time he ac complies it with a quick flick of the wrists once he reaches full extension and pauses to allow the crowd a moment to let everything sink in.

Jenny Fletcher: and his opponent, weighing in at 185 lbs, from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I give you The Silver Bullet Scotty Adams!

Walking around the ring, he slowly takes his jumper off; handing it to one of the attendants at ringside, before making his way up the steel steps in the near right hand side corner and smirking as he glances out to the crowd once more, before stepping between the middle and top rope; turning his full attention and focus to the task at hand.

*Bell Rings*

Both competitors start circling the other as they try to Find the best attack point as they start; OVA goes for a quick arm drag. Still, Scotty counters it and sends OVA flying into the ropes; Scotty catches OVA in a chokehold; OVA throws elbows to the midsection and lifts Scotty into the air to perform a back body drop sending Scotty crashing to the mat. OVA follows up with a standing back moonsault and delivers punches with authority to the head; OVA picks Scotty up only to be poked in the eyes by The Silver Bullet. Scotty goes on the attack as he now has an open on OVA, who is still holding his eyes from the poke. Scotty hammers him into the corner with hard punches and kicks to the midsection. Scotty starts delivering thunderous chops to the chest of OVA as his chest begins to turn bright red
Scotty now stands on the second turnbuckle to get better leverage as he rains down more hard punches to the skull of OVA; as Scotty goes to throw another blow, OVA slips his hands under Scotty and hits a running powerbomb in the center of the ring, the fans erupt with cheers from the sudden explosive move.

Mike Fisher: This sure has been a fast-paced, hard-hitting match so far, ladies and gentlemen, both men showing no love for one another.

Scott James: and nor should they as both man have little reason to like one another after Up In Smoke.

The hard cam returns to the action as Scotty just hits a DDT on OVA, then rolls him outside to the floor; Scotty rolls out the ring towards the timekeeper area and grabs a Steele chair.

Mike Fisher: It looks like Scotty finally is going to take advantage of the No Disqualification rules here tonight.

Scott James: Hey its about time me and the fans were over here winding when the blood shed would start.

Scotty walks around the ring where OVA is starting to get up Scotty goes to swing the steel chair, but OVA counters with a fire extinguisher he got from under the ring why Scotty was walking towards him; he sprays the extinguisher in the eyes of Scotty as he drops the steel chair. OVA spears him into the barricades and starts pounding his fist into his skull. OVA pops up and goes and pick up the steel steps. He lifts them up and measures, Scotty as runs with the steel steps in hand Scotty ducks and hit a heartbreaker causing OVA to drop the steps on the floor, Scotty picks OVA up and delivers a spine buster onto the steel steeps, the fans erupt again to another big move. Scotty staggers to his feet and grabs the steel chair he had earlier, and walks back over to OVA; as he still lays lifeless on the steps, Scotty goes to life the chair back, but when he got to swing it, a fan has jumped the barricade and tackled Scotty Adams to the ground.

Scott James: What the hell is this?

Mike Fisher: Don't ask me I have no idea what's going on but we need security out here right now!

The masked fan continues his attack on Scotty Adams as he pulls out some brass knuckles and hammers away until the flesh starts to break and the blood starts to run down his face, security comes to Scotty aide but OVA has made his way back up and takes out security with brutal chair shots to the head and backs, laying them all out as the referee stares in confusion.

Mike Fisher: I have no idea what to make of this, but it seems OVA and the fan are working together. The fans throws Scotty into the ring as OVA slides in with the chair still in hand. The masked fans stares into the hard cam as he rips his masked off and ha revealed to be the long time beat friend of OVA, Vincent Van Rose as he laughs into the camera before lifting Scotty up and hitting a tremendous choke slain the middle of the ring.

Mike Fisher: We knew Vincent Van Rose had signed with the company, but I had no idea he had ties to OVA or that he was making his debut tonight.

Scott James: Looks like OVA made a call after Up In Smoke and now has the number advantage; look, no, they are destroying the iconic Scotty Adams.

Rose picks Scotty up and holds him up for OVA before throwing him into OVA's direction as he hits his finisher, The Broken Arrow (Tilt a Whirl DDT) He rolls Scotty up and hooks both legs as the referee counts to three.

Jenny Fletcher here is your winner by pinfall Axel Van Osbourne!

Rose and OVA stand over the fallen and bloody Scotty Adams as they celebrate in the ring as the camera fades out and goes to commercial break.


The bell rings and Trigg looks to dive into the tie up, but Fred Debonair cuts him off with a kick to the midsection before grabbing hold of him by the hair to pull him up and knock him back down with a vicious headbutt that staggers Trigg back into the ropes, allowing Fred Debonair to throw him across the ring and hit him with an inverted atomic drop. Trigg doubles in pain and Fred Debonair grabs him by the back of the head and charges at the corner with him to slam his face off the turnbuckle, but Trigg manages to get a foot up and stop the momentum before catching Fred Debonair in the jaw with an elbow to stagger him, turning around and knocking Fred Debonair down hard with a running lariat as he explodes out of the corner. Fred Debonair scurries to his feet as Trigg runs at the ropes, taking him down on the rebound with a Lou Thesz Press and following up with hard strikes that continues until Jimmy Schultz’s count reaches four. Trigg drags Fred Debonair up to his feet and tries to throw him into the ropes, but Fred Debonair reverses the momentum and sends Trigg sailing across the ring, bouncing back into a yakuza kick! Fred Debonair shoves Trigg down onto the mat and covers…


Trigg kicks out!

Grabbing hold of his hair, Fred Debonair drags Trigg up off his feet but quickly plants him to the mat with a snapmare then lands a stiff kick to the spine that sends Trigg arching forwards in pain. Trigg pulls himself up with the ropes and Fred Debonair charges to attack, but Trigg lands a kick to the midsection that stops Fred Debonair in his tracks, Trigg pulling him away and hitting him with a hard right hand before quickly pulling him up and dropping him with a brainbuster!

Mike Fisher: I think we can safely say Fred Debonair’s clock just got cleaned.
Scott James: It’s fine, Fred Debonair has got a hard head.

A dazed Fred Debonair rolls away to stop the pin, but Trigg stops him by locking on an anklelock, making him cry out and reach for the ropes in desperation! Schultz drops down beside Fred Debonair to check for any sign of him giving up, but Fred Debonair reaches deep and pulls himself towards the ropes on his elbows, taking an age but finally grabbing hold of the ropes. Trigg lets go and backs away at Schultz’s request, checking that Fred Debonair can continue before allowing Trigg to go for another attack, but the gap is what Fred Debonair needed and he jabs Trigg with a thumb to the eye! Fred Debonair hits Trigg with a kick to the midsection and drops him with a DDT! Fred Debonair tries to lock in the a choke hold but Trigg rolls away and grabs hold of the ropes before he can, prompting the ref to stop him in his tracks.

Mike Fisher: Great ring awareness from Trigg.
Scott James: Yep, he knew he had to get away from that move and quickly!

Fred Debonair backs away but as soon as he turns to Trigg, Fred Debonair charges at him at the ropes, leaving Trigg to pull the top rope down and send Fred Debonair flying to the floor outside, landing with a thud. The Ref begins to count while Fred Debonair tries to make it to his feet, but he barely gets there before he’s sent crashing into the security barrier by a baseball slide from Trigg, who slides out to the floor afterwards. The Ref restarts the count as Trigg takes his opportunity to stamp down on Fred Debonair before throwing him back into the ring and hopping onto the apron, climbing to the top rope as Fred Debonair lies out on the mat, leaping off and hitting a leg drop right across Fred Debonair’s chest! Trigg hooks the leg …



Fred Debonair kicks out!

Trigg drags Fred Debonair up to his feet and throws him into the ropes, looking for a clothesline that Fred Debonair ducks under, but Fred Debonair charges back straight into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker from Trigg! Maddoxs leans forward on the mat and Trigg hits him with a stiff kick to the middle of the back that sends him sprawling before quickly slapping on a Crossface

Fred Debonair cries out as he desperately reaches for the nearest rope to break the hold, but he’s not close enough and Fred Debonair fights to edge closer and closer to the ropes, finally managing to latch onto them and prompting the ref to call for the break. Trigg releases him and takes a step back, waiting for the go ahead before throwing Fred Debonair into the ropes again and almost breaking him in half with a spear!! Rather than go for the cover, Trigg drags Fred Debonair over to the corner by his hair and perches him on the top rope before climbing the ropes himself to look for the Tattered Dream. Fred Debonair suddenly comes to life as Trigg teeters precariously on the middle rope, hitting him with a hard strike.

Fred sends Trigger into the ropes and runs into the ropes to his right, as he comes back Fred nails him with a flying bulldog.

Mike Fisher: “Debonair back on the offensive here, Scott what a bulldog! He’s picking Trigger back up now and signalling for the God Complex!”

Scott James: “Wait Mike!! Out of nowhere, that’s “The Heir Apparent” Andy Donahue, he slides into the ring and just brains Debonair in the skull! He drops Trigger as Andy hits him again!”

The referee calls for the bell, as Trigger gets to his feet and both members of The Celtic Club put the boots in on Debonair.

Jenny Fletcher: “Here is your winner by way of a disqualification, Fred Debonair!”

Scott James: “The Celtic Club continue to rain blows on Fred Debonair Mike! He struggles back to his feet and he’s fighting back but the numbers game is too much!”

Mike Fisher: “Trigger now pointing to Fred and telling Donahue to set him up for “The Troubles”, an Argentine Backbreaker! He grabs Fred but wait! The crowd are going nuts!!”

From the back, bolting out of the curtain and down the ramp like a greyhound on race day, is Mike Arches and he’s wielding what appears to be a black and red Louisville Slugger.

Mike Fisher: “It’s Mike Arches!! Fred’s good pal from back in the day and he’s carrying what appears to be Cindy-Lee!”

Scott James: “Is that Fred Debonair’s mistress? The bat he used to carry around everywhere back in the day?!”

Mike Fisher: “It certainly is, Scott!”

Andy drops Fred as Mike flies into the ring and begins wildly swinging Cindy-Lee around. The Celtic Club both exit the ring sharpish laughing and pointing at Mike and Fred while walking up the ramp backwards. Arches leans down to see if Fred is okay as the crowd go nuts.


Griff Waners music hits and he makes his way out to the top of the ramp. He pauses looking around than makes his way to the ring.

Blind hits as John Tolly walks out he looks around cracks his neck and makes his way to the ring he poses for a second on the turn buckle before hoping in the ring

Tolly and Griff lock up both men are trying to take advantage. Tolly wins out moving Griff to a side headlock. Tolly rakes his arm a few times. Griff pushes Tolly hard into the ropes, tolly bounces off Griff hits the mat as Tolly jumps over him. Tolly bounces off the other side of the ring comes back as Griff is getting up and hits a clothesline. Tolly immediately picks up Griff whips him into the corner running after him with another clothesline. Tolly steps back letting Griff fall to his butt in the corner. John Tolly steps back throws his arms up doing a half spins for the fans.

Larry - It's been all John Tolly so far here tonight. Griff hasn't been able to get anything going offense wise.

Mike - looks like he barely showed up. He attended one little reversal but it immediately backfired on him.

Larry - I wouldn't count him put yet but it definitely doesn't look good for him so far.

Tolly grabs the hair of Griff picking him up than smacks him in the face and laughs. Tolly grabs Griffs head under his arm hooks his leg delivering a fisherman's suplex. Tolly spins hooking the leg making the cover. The ref slides down to make the count.


Griff barely gets his shoulder up. Tolly slaps the mat in anger before standing up. He kicks Griff in the stomach a few times before grabbing his leg locking in a figure four leg lock. Griff is screaming but refusing to tap out. The ref is asking but Griff keeps yelling no.

Mike - I dobt see how Griff gets out of this. He is to far from the rope.

Larry - This could be ending right here.

Suddenly TJ Alexander's music hits and he makes his way to the top of the ramp. Tolly let's go of the hold stands up pointing and yelling at TJ who is smiling on the ramp. Griff is slowly getting to his feet. Tolly isn't paying attention.

Mike - Tolly needs to keep his eyes on Griff.

Larry - Not smart to turn your back on an opponent.

Griff makes it to his feet. He grabs Tollys arm spinning him around throwing a huge right hand. Tolly gets his arm up to block the punch kicking him in the gut. Tolly grabs his head under his arm lifts him up hitting a brain buster.

Larry - Hail to the orange. He did it He his his finisher.

Tolly makes the cover.


Larry - Tolly did it.

Tolly is getting up from the pin but TJ has run down to the ring, he slides in than kicks Tolly in the head. TJ mounts Tolly raining down punches. TJ picks up Tolly than hits a double arm DDT. TJ picks up Tolly sets him up than delivers the Game Over.

Larry - Get security out here right now. This is wild.

Security runs down to the ring as TJ Alexander slides out of it. They are checking on Tolly as TJ is laughing.

Mike - Tolly won the match but he doesn't look like a winner to me.

Larry - He definitely doesn't look like a winner at all. If I where TJ I wouldn't be laughing Tolly will be out for blood now.

Mike - A receipt is coming for sure.

vs vs

When the bell rings Ed Money Lynn, Liam Cain, and Xero stare down each other from their positions in their respective corners. Liam Cain makes a move toward Ed Money, but he connects on him with a back heel kick before rushing across the ring into Xero and brings him to the mat with Headscissors arm drag. Ed Money keeps a hold of his arm, and leaps into the air, driving her knee into his arm and driving it down to the mat below. With Xero down, Ed Money runs into the ropes, rebounds back and lands across his chest with a handspring splash.

Mike Fisher: This is what we’ve grown to expect from Ed Money, fast pace right out of the gate that his opponents have trouble matching.
Scott James: This is the first time he’ll be in the ring with more than one though, so he’ll have to keep his focus.

The moment Ed Money gets back to his feet, Liam Cain hits him in the mid-section with a spinning back kick, and tossing her to the outside. Xero gets to his feet and lays in a couple of shots to Liam Cain. Liam Cain grabs blocks an attempt, and grabs his wrist, before pulling him forward and bringing him back down with a leg lariat. Both men get back to their feet quickly, and Liam Cain pokes Xero in the eye, forcing him to stumble back into the corner. Liam Cain drives a kick into Xero’s jaw before rushing across the ring to the opposite turnbuckle, and coming back, to connect with Poetry in motion.

Mike Fisher: Great opportunism from Liam Cain there, and now he’s in control.
Scott JAmes: Love him or hate him, you can’t deny what he brings to the ring.

Ed Money then slides back into the ring and charges into the corner, jumping into Xero before tossing him back into the ring with a monkey flip. Getting back to his feet he charges him, and lands across his body with a front flip senton. As Liam Cain rolls over to the opposite corner, Ed Money rushes into the ropes as Xero gets back up to a kneeling position, and rebounds back with a shining wizard, before making the cover.

Mike Fisher: Shining Wizard!




Scott James: But Liam Cain breaks it up!

Liam Cain drags Ed Money off Xero, lifts her to her feet and brings her back down to the mat with a back suplex. Ed Money rolls out to the apron, before getting back to his feet. Before he can get back into the ring, Liam Cain springboards off the middle rope, over to the adjacent side dropkicking him off the apron and sending her hard down to the floor. Liam Cain moves quickly, locking in his Cattle Mutilationon Xero.

Scott James: Cattle Mutilation
Mike Fisher: Xero has to tap here!

Ed Money gets back up on the outside and sees Liam Cain has the hold locked in, but before he can get back into the ring to break it up, Xero taps out.

(We cut to the ring where Bam Miller stands inside; He wears a black zipped-up leather jacket, some Levi blue jean pants, and black biker boots. He paces back and forth with a microphone in hand as he waits for the sold-out crowd in attendance to settle down.)

Bam: Well, Up In Smoke was some PPV, huh? Yeah, I know it was very exciting and full of surprises.

( Bam Pulls a Miller Lite glass bottle from his back pocket, the fans start to boo as the big monitor in the arena plays back the moment Bam smashed Curtis with the glass bottle. As the video finishes playing, Bam chuckled to himself as the fans boo him some more.)

Bam: Hey, I don't know what you all are so upset about; that was the best highlight of the night to me. Yeah, I know you all love the lovable idiot Curtis, and I used to as well. I thought Curtis was the family I always needed; I thought Curtis could be the brother I always needed; I thought Curtis could feel a void that was left by my parents but just like everyone else, Curtis turned on me and left me in the trash. A feeling I was so familiar with, but this time I didn't hide or try to forget the pain; instead, I let it in. I let the rage and pain fuel me to what I had to do. No more could I let people walk into my life, take advantage of my kindness and just walk out. You see, Curtis forgot about our plans to form a team and go on and best The Purge for the IIW Tag Team Titles, but instead, he dropped those plans at the last minute to fix Russell Wayne, which led to their little kindergarten partnership taking place. Now to tell you the truth, I never imagined that those sons of bitches could do it, but they did it, and that was the final straw. That was supposed to be me up there holding them IIW Tag Team Titles with him!

(Bam paces back and forth for a moment.)

Bam: But that's ok because now Curtis is somewhere, probably at home, having all the time in the world to think about his actions that led to me having to bust his ass with this glass bottle. ( Bam, hold it up.) Not to mention I was just fucking Jenny just an hour before I did it. (Bam laughs)

Now let me address Mr.Wayne, the former Work Place Accident Assassin turned goofy goober. I've got to say, Wayne, you disappoint me, I would've thought of all. People, you would've applauded what I was doing instead you saved him? What a weak man you have become no wonder why your kid and wife died with you on the watch!

(Suddenly, the lights in the arena go off, and the sound of Faith" by Limp Bizkit starts to blast over the stadium, fans erupt to the familiar music as Curtis comes out on stage, still clearly recovering from his attack as his head is banged up. He slowly walks down the ramp halfway before coming to a stop as the ring staff hands him a microphone.)

Curtis: I never forgot you. I am deeply sorry from the bottom of my heart that you have felt left out. It was never my intention to do anything like that to you. I know you felt hurt and betrayed by my actions but you want you acted was reprehensible Bam. You let your feelings control you and I'm pretty sure you're drinking too. I needed to help Mr Wayne more than you. It's not about who I like more, it's about who needs my help more.

Bam: Like a modern day Mary fucking Poppins.

Curtis: Yes exactly like that except I won't just up and leave someone after I help them.

Bam: Except me, and it was before you helped me.

Curtis: Again that was never my intention Bam. Like I have already told you I help people and I love everyone. I have not and will not ever play favorites. If I made you feel that way I am sorry but you're wrong Bam I never moved oh from you I just had to re focus my priorities.

Bam: Bullshit

Curtis: OH you think it's all bologna huh? I had to just beg Mr Wayne to not come out here. He was so close to reverting back to the old Russell Wayne I needed to step in. He has come so far and I would hate to see that happen. We have worked so hard.

(Bam punches Curtis in the face. Curtis wavers a little bit but stays on his feet. He holds his jaw with his hand.

Curtis: I can see my actions have caused you great pain and I'm sorry Bam I really am. I see you as one of my best friends here. We have been through a lot and I would hate to see that all get thrown away because of a mistake.

(Russell Wayne jumps the guard rail then slides into the ring. He spears Bam, taking him down while punching Bam in the head. Russell picks up Bam whips him into the corner and begins stomping a mud hole into Bam. Russell is smiling the whole time. Russell points at Curtis saying this one is for you buddy. Russell picks up Bam and sets up for the Last Resort.)

Curtis: HEY…...HEY…...HEY...That' s enough Mr Wayne. We talked about this. I told you I would handle this on my own. We have worked so hard and you have come so far. Please don't ruin it all now. Bam is my friend as well and together we can be the 3 best friends that anyone can have. I just know it. Please Mr Wayne put Bam down so we can all talk this out like men.

(Russell Wayne pauses for a minute. He is staring at Curtis.)

Russell Wayne: This isn't me trying to hurt someone, it's me sticking up for my friend and getting a little bit of pay back for what he just said. You heard what he just said! Nobody mentions my family, blames me for their deaths, and gets away with it!

(Russell delivers the last resort to Bam. Curtis throws his hands up and yells NO.)

Curtis: Mr. Wayne! As I told you before I didn't need you to stick up for me. I could handle Bam on my own. I understand how you feel about what he said, that was way out of line, but there are better ways to handle this!

Russell Wayne: Curtis…

Crowd: Shut the fuck up!

(Russell smirks at the crowd and shakes his head “no” and takes a breath.)

Russell Wayne: Sometimes, the only way to resolve an issue is a good ass-kicking. That’s what I just did. Besides, it’s not like I did it from the top rope or onto a chair, like he deserved.

Curtis: True, progress is progress...

(Curtis and Wayne exit the ring and continue fussing as they walk back up the ramp. The hard cam turns back to the ring as Bam Miller lays out in the ring as we go to commercial break.)


"Infamy" by def rebel begins to play as Anthony Phoenix walks out holding the UK title in his shoulder. Gone is the body paint, replaced with a business suit and dark spectacles on his face.

Shaun Hart, an IIW official and the man who handed the title to Phoenix in the first place, is standing in the middle of the ring.

Mike Fisher: I wonder what's going on

Scott James: Rumor has it that he's here to…

Phoenix makes it to ring and asks for a microphone.

Phoenix: I bet you all are wondering why I'm out here instead of getting ready for my match against Mike Arches.

The crowd cheers. Phoenix holds his hand up to silence the crowd

Phoenix: Well I'm out here due to unforseen circumstances that will take me away from the IIW, I will not be able to defend my title. And instead of being a part time champion, I am relinquishing my title so that it can be represented by someone that will be around full time.

The crowd cheers again.

Phoenix: When the issues revolving around my doing this are resolved, I will return. Make no mistake I do this without any pressure from anyone. And know this, when I do return, I will gun for this title…

Phoenix holds up the belt before continuing.

Phoenix: To all the guys in back, remember I was never defeated for the UK title and I will one day return for it. So keep it nice and shiny till then.

Phoenix holds up the belt once more before handing it to Hart. The crowd starts to chant, "Thank you Phoenix"

Just as Phoenix is stood in the ring Bob Mitchell walks out

Bob Mitchell: This isn’t the way we do things in the IIW Anthony…. You’re here… You’re not injured… you will fight!

Mike Arches makes his way down to the ring as Phoenix looks on in shock in his suit.

Mike Arches wastes no time, grabbing a handful of Phoenix's hair and dragging him forward, right into her knee. Releasing him, he immediately slams a fist into his face. He follows this up with a buzzsaw kick, watching the man stumble back, shaking away the cobwebs. Mike Arches doesn't let up, taking Phoenix down again with a vicious multiple kick combination before mounting him for a Thesz press only to get a warning from Duke for the severity of her closed-fist strikes.

Scott James: Mike is properly on his game here!
Mike Fisher: To be fair, Phoenix wasn’t expecting a match was he?

Back on their feet, Mike Arches slings Phoenix into the ropes with the old standard Irish whip, and when Phoenix comes back, catches him with an overhead belly to belly suplex that shakes the ring. Mike Arches scoops Phoenix up yet again, only to slam him right back down with a vicious scissor kick. Phoenix lays on the mat, gasping, clutching his face. He drops for the cover and hooks the leg.



Mike Fisher: He just kicked out!
Scott James: You think he'd just stay down. He's asking for more.

Mike Arches lets Phoenix stumble to his feet, but he gets back up, only to be on the receiving end of a deep arm-drag by Mike Arches that sends the fisherman sliding across the ring. Phoenix is back up again, springing to his feet like a demented jack in the box, but Mike Arches puts him back down with a stiff roll-through clothesline. Phoenix pounds the mat in frustration. The crowd is on their feet, cheering on the carnage as Mike Arches connects with a standing moonsault and then straddles Phoenix again

Arches nails Phoenix with a DDT and Phoenix rolls to the outside. Mike goes through the ropes and jumps down, jamming an elbow into his forehead as he tries to climb to his feet.

Scott James: “Mike Arches is really proving his worth here as the UK Champion, as he ploughs Phoenix into the steel ring post then sends him back into the ring, Mike.”

Mike Fisher: “He certainly is Scott, but no sooner have we said this that here come The Celtic Club! Straight from the crowd! They’ve jumped the guardrail and are laying into Mike while the ref is checking on Phoenix. But wait! What’s this, now?!”

The crowd erupt into very random and unexpected cheers as both Fred and Tyler Debonair come flying down the ramp toward the ring, Fred with Cindy-Lee in his hand.

Scott James: “And The Celtic Club aren’t even sure what to do here, Mike! Andy wants to stay but Trigger pulls on his shoulder and they steam back off into the crowd!”

Tyler takes off after The Celtic Club, whilst Fred stays back and checks on Mike. He says he’s okay and slides into the ring leaving Fred to jump the guard rail and join Tyler.

Both Mike and Phoenix are stumbling around in the ring, Phoenix’s suit is half ripped now as Mike is the first one to recover, as he grabs him delivering THE HIGH ROAD and making the pin





The scene cuts backstage as Tyler Debonair can be seen making his way toward the arena exit.

Tyler: “Ayo Andy?! Trigger?! Where are you two little bitches?!”

Suddenly a voice can be heard shouting behind him.

Voice: “Hey Tyler! Medical bay said to keep these!”

Suddenly Jonny C comes sprinting up from behind Tyler, with one of his crutches and nails him right behind his knees sending him buckling. He then rains one, two, three blows on the back of his head and torso with the crutch.

Jonny C: “Don’t you ever think you can just mock me, without consequences again! I know you’re not stupid, Tyler… Don’t act it!”

Jonny C throws the crutch down on Tyler, before stepping over him and walking off.

After an intense match. We go to commercial. As the break ends. We see former NWA members Chris Storm and John Stine walking down to the ring. Stine and Storm dump the commentary team out of their seats at ringside. And put on their headsets.

Storm: Ladies and Gentlemen at home. It's time for our main event. And a main event of this quality. Deserves to be called by two men who know Dan and Jason well. So I am Chris Storm. And to my left is The Cowboy John Stine. And we are going to take you to the end of the night.

Stine: That's right Chris. Tonight ends it all. Tonight we have a best of 3 falls match between Legends Champion Jason Myers. And the challenger. My old pal Dan Distoner. These two men have a rich history. Dating back to 2008. And for almost 8 months have been going back and forth. Tonight. We will see. After all this time. Who will come out victorious. Let's take it to the ring and to special ring announcer for this match. The founder of NWA. Mr Johnny Diamond for the introductions.

Money by Pink Floyd begins to play as Johnny Diamond makes his way down the ramp. Dressed in a Pin Striped suit. Wipes his feet on the apron and enters the ring to a chorus of Cheers.

Diamond: Ladies and Gentleman. I am Johnny "by god" Diamond. And this is the main event for the night.

Bodies by Drowning pool begins to play and then green and red smoke appears Dan Distoner. Dressed in only stone washed Jean's and a pair of cowboy boots. Distoner looks more focused than ever.

Diamond: From Columbus Ohio. He weighs in at 260 lbs and stands 6'2. He is a 4x Heavyweight champion. And a surefire pain in the ass. He is. Dan Distoner.

The crowd boos Distoner vehemently as he makes his way down the aisle. Halfway to the ring a spotlight shines above the glass ceiling and Metallica begins to play "Sad but True" a Cage begins to lower from the ceiling. With Myers hanging from the side. Inside the cage is Lynn Franklyn. DiStoner's manager and girlfriend. Distoner runs towards the ring and begins scaling a scaffolding around the ring. Myers has dropped to the glass ceiling and meets Distoner at the top of the scaffold with a boot to the face making him crash down to the floor below. Winded from the fall Distoner begins rooting around under the ring and pulls out a steel chair.

Storm: If Distoner uses that weapon. He will lose this first fall by disqualification. This is the submission portion of the match. But a competitor can still lose this fall by day.

Stine: Stupid rule by Bob Mitchell here Storm. In a match like this. There should be nothing about disqualification in this sort of fight. But then again. Bob Mitchell ain't that bright.

Myers climbs down the scaffolding and grabs Dan by the feet. Distoner kicks Myers in the stomach while from under the ring Distoner has a chair in hand. Distoner kicks him in the leg and gets up to his feet. Leaving the chair on the floor. The two begin to trade rights and left's and the brawl to end it all is under way.

Distoner takes the upper hand and rakes Myers eyes before putting him in a headlock. Myers reaches around Distoner and Dan grabs his wrist and wrenches it behind Myers back. Myers lands a few quick elbows to the chest getting himself free from the wrist lock. Kicks Distoner in the stomach and takes him off his feet with a running knee.

Storm: Stine, Distoner needs to get his head in the game. He see's Lynn in that cage suspended above the glass ceiling. And he is distracted. So distracted. This match hasn't technically even started yet.

Stine: Of course he is distracted Chris. A good woman is hard to find. Unlike you. Distoner has had a good track record with the ladies. Distoners Dollhouse always had the finest ladies possible surrounding us. But Storm here wouldn't know that considering he is a 50 year old virgin.

Back to the action Distoner gets his head slammed into the scaffolding. And rolled into the ring by Myers. Myers sees the chair laying there and decides to wing it into the ring. Myers claims in the ring and the referee rings motions to ring the bell and the match is underway.

The two lock up and Distoner shoves Myers into the corner. With a flurry of rights and left's to the stomach. Myers falls into the corner and Distoner runs towards him and hits him with a drop kick to the chest. Banging his head off the 2nd turnbuckle. Distoner puts his boot to Myers throat. Before beginning to stomp a mud hole in him.

Stine: Looks like Dan's not so distracted now. He has the upper hand in these early moments.

Storm: Well Distoner has nothing to lose at this point.

As Myers begins to get to his knees. Distoner sees the chair that Myers threw into the ring. He picks it up. And a devilish smirk appears on his face.

He slams the chair squarely across the back of Myers. And the referee calls for the bell. Awarding the first fall to Myers. Distoner slams the chair into Myers back repeatedly before the referee grabs it and orders Distoner to the corner of the ring.

He puts one end of the strap on Distoners wrist. He then checks on the fallen Myers. And puts the strap on his wrist also.

Storm: That was a dumb move by Distoner. Now he has to win two consecutive falls to win.

Stine: I think it was brilliant. Distoner may have lost that first fall by disqualification. But we both know. 10 chairshots to the back. Is gonna slow any man down.

In the ring. A cocky Distoner begins to tap the ring posts. By the time he reaches the third. Myers drags him away.

In the ring Myers begins to take the upper hand. Taking the strap. Myers begins to lash Distoner across his back. As welts begin to form. Myers wraps the strap around Dan's neck and begins to choke him out.

Distoner falls to the mat with a loud thump as Myers looks towards Lilith for inspiration. He begins to drag Distoner to each corner. Tapping each turnbuckle in succession. Before placing a foot on Dan's chest. The ever resilient Distoner kicks out at two. And uses the strap to trip Myers. Taking him off his feet and giving Distoner time to gather his wits.

Myers enraged looks at Distoner on his knees in the corner of the ring. Shouts at Distoner "Why won't you Die" to which Distoner responds by flipping him off with both birds.

Myers runs towards Distoner and lowers his head to deliver a spear and Distoner leaps up and drops him with a quick Cash out. Distoner begins to drag Myers and reaches the third turnbuckle before Myers gets to his feet. And hits Dan with a low blow from behind. A clang is heard and Myers begins to favor his left arm. Unfazed Distoner turns around and drops Myers with a quick clothesline taking him back down to the mat.

Storm: If I had to guess. They way Myers is now favoring his arm. Distoner must be wearing iron underwear tonight.

Stine: Well unlike you Storm. Distoner has balls. And knowing the brutality of this match. He is being smart to protect them.

Back in the ring. Distoner whips Myers into the corner. And comes at him spearing him into the corner. Distoner then lifts Myers to the top turnbuckle. Delivering a wicked superplex to the mat below.

With both men down in the ring. Lilith enters the fray. She gets in the ring and takes her long nails across the welts on Distoners back. Then kicks him in the stomach. Making Distoner roll over onto his back. She goes to the corner and begins to climb to the top rope. Distoner laying in the ring with his legs towards the corner.

Storm: Stine. I dont like the looks of this.

Stine: If this crazy bitch wants to commit suicide. Who am I to stop her. Jump Lilith Jump.

Storm: But she could be severely injured if she does this. Remember Myers arm Stine.....

In the ring Lilith glances down at Distoner with an evil look in her eye. She jumps with full force behind her And lands a diving headbutt square to the groin area of Distoner. Her body goes limp immediately in the middle of the ring. The crowd begins to go wild.

At ringside Stine jumps to his feet

Stine: MAMA Said knock you out.

Storm: I can't quite figure out what the crowd is chanting. It sounds like Holy Shit.

Stine: No Storm. I think they're saying Liliths Dead

Back in the ring both men begin to stir. Myers crawls over and checks on Lilith. Rolling her out of harm's way. As he turns to stand. Distoner runs in with a boot to the face. Distoner drags Myers to his feet. Whips him off the ropes and hits a drop toe hold. Before dropping Myers back to the mat with a vicious roach clip.

Distoner takes the strap as Myers lays probe on his back. Hog tying Myers hands and Feet together. Distoner proceeds to hit each turnbuckle in succession. And pins Myers for the three count. To even the count at one fall apiece.

Distoner rips the strap off of this arm. As Jason Myers is still Hogtied. He runs the strap thru the rungs of the scaffold and begins to suspend Myers above the ring. Distoner slides out of the ring and grabs a Kendo stick. And begins to beat Myers with it.

Stine: Hey Storm. I think this match has turned into a pinata party.......Ole!!!.

The referee backs Distoner into the corner of the ring. For a 5 minute rest period.

The best of 3 falls is now knotted at one fall apiece as we head to the third and deciding fall. The referee removes the strap from DiStoners wrist. And unties Myers.

The two men glare at each other. Distoner glances up at the cage with Lynn in it and Myers down at the knocked out Lilith. The ref motions for the bell and Myers floors Dan with a spear. He grabs Distoner by the throat and begins to choke him. Before grinding his elbow into Distoners face. Distoner responds by biting Myers forearm. And get back to his feet. As he bounces off the rope Myers levels him with a boot to the face. And back out to ringside. Following him to the floor.

Stine: This is where it gets fun Stormy. With the glass ceiling to decide this benchmark in brutality.

Myers slams Distoners head into the announce table. Before taking a monitor and smashing it across Dan's forehead. Busting him open. Myers begins to climb the scaffolding. And Distoner reaches at his legs. And gets met with kicks. Slowing Myers down momentarily. Distoner begins to follow him up and the two begin to trade elbows and chops while climbing.

Distoner elbows Myers hard in the chest and Myers hangs on with one hand. He crosses his heart and delivers a flying roach clip to Myers and both men go crashing thru the announce table at ringside.

The crowd begins to chant Holy Shit as both men are down.

Stine: I don't think either man looks like a winner here. These men are both physically spent. I don't know how much longer this thing can last

Storm: Both men have lost alot of blood. And who knows. After a fall like that. Jason Myers could have internal injuries.

The two men begin to stir at ringside and Distoner drags himself to his feet. A large splinter of the announce table protruding from his calf.

He climbs slowly to the top of the scaffolding. Eyeing the cage above the ring the whole way. Myers drags himself up. And begins the slow climb to the top.

Distoner having reached the top begins to climb the ladder that Myers made his decent from the cage at the beginning of the match. Distoner is halfway up when Myers begins to climb up the other side. Distoner reaches out to grab Lynn's cage when Myers meets him at the top

The two trade punches and Myers slams Distoners head off the top of the ladder. Myers takes another step up. And hits Distoner with a sunset flip powerbomb from the ladder And sends him crashing thru the glass below.

Storm: Holy Shit Myers wins....Myers wins. Myers has been taking Distoner to his limits for months. And has come out on top on this blood feud.

Stine: And the IIW career of Dan Distoner. Has come to an end. He gave it all he could. But came up short. Distoner has no reason to be disappointed. He gave it his all.

In the ring Myers begins to celebrate his win. He looks down at Distoner sitting in the corner. Head in his hands. Myers slowly walks towards him. Putting his hand on Dan's shoulder. The two speak softly for a moment and Myers helps Distoner to his feet. Distoner pats Myers on the chest and raises his arm in victory.

The two speak a few soft words before shaking hands.

Distoner looks around at the crowd. And then up at the cage above the ring. Before slowly beginning to leave the ring.

Myers motions for a microphone.

Myers: DiStoner. You have earned my respect. You gave it a hell of a fight.

Distoner looks up. And a slight smile forms on his face. Myers reaches into his pocket. Looks up at the cage. And tosses Distoner the key.

The crowd explodes with cheers as Distoner walks away. Chanting "This is awesome" As the cameras fade to black

“Would” Alice In Chains hits the PA and out walks Blade Alexander, dressed in an outlandish suit making him look like a Wish version of a Mariachi. Behind him is Bob Mitchell in a bright white suit pair with a deep red vest. He's flanked by the BUM Squad, dressed the best they can in their usual tatty old jeans and shirts, but looking like at least ten whole dollars, for probably the first time in their entire IIW careers it looks as though their clothes have been washed. Perhaps most shockingly, following the mostly warm reception the group gets is Charlotte Vaughan, who hasn't been seen in months.

Other than the outlandish Blade, who is wearing a big grin on his face the others are more somber looking and straight to business. One after the other the group hits the ring with first Blade and then Bob getting microphones.

Blade: Ha Ha! Did you see it? I know you all did. I know each and every one of you were here last week and all you people at home couldn't resist tuning in and watching me, not just put Ryan Hawkins in his place, but also watching his whole little group fail like the inevitably had to. The Purge just got purged. The whole thing went Up In Smoke! Hey Ryan, buddy... You look like you lost about ten pounds really quick, all around the middle, you sure you're feeling OK?

He goes to continue but Bob puts a hand on his microphone lowering it.

Bob: That's all well and fun and we'll get back to Ryan Hawkins, but Blade, we've got some housekeeping to do first.

Blade: Housekeeping?

Bob: Yeah, now I don't like airing dirty laundry in public, but we don't have much choice here do we?

Blade: I don't know, do we?

Bob: It doesn't seem that way, not to me, not lately.

Blade: What's the matter Bob, you know you can tell me.

Bob: After all we've been through, after everything I've done for you, I'd think so.

Blade: After everything YOU have done for ME?

Bob takes a step back.

Bob: Don't act like this. I brought you into IIW, twice. I helped put titles around your waist.

Blade: And I helped you gain control of this whole company.

Bob: Yeah you did, and I thanked you for that with a shot at the World Title.

Blade: Yeah, a shot that also included Jay Vaughan... YOUR cousin!

He points a finger accusingly at Charlotte, but she just turns her nose up at him and turns away.

Bob: Maybe it did, but his shoulders didn't end up on the mat, yours did. You lost that for yourself.

Blade: BUT!...

Bob has to cut him off again.

Bob: That's not the worst of it. A loss I could handle. One match you can come back from, but you didn't. You didn't come back. At all. For months you were just gone, no one saw or heard from you.

Blade: You know I left to get married.

Bob: I know that NOW. I know that because you told me, after you came back. I got control of this company and right away there were wolves at the door. Osh Vaughan sniffs around daily looking for a way to come back. Connor Briggs stole a lot of money from us and a HELL of a lot of money from Netflix. Debtors were banging on the door and a whole crop of athletes just showed up and I know I didn't hire them. Fact was I had to book them though, and that's on YOU. It was YOU that took off and left us all high and dry without a word on where you were going and what you were doing. When I needed you most to be the crown jewel of MY IIW, you were gone and I was stuck with some girl with a fake leg who'd never even stepped into a ring before. Business should be booming, but thanks to a very small few people, including that champion YOU promised you would beat and ran away when you failed, it's barely hanging on.

Blade: Bob, I...

He cuts him off yet again.

Bob: Save it. Look at you. You used to be one of the best, but now you look like you got drunk on your honeymoon and went native. You can also tell that no good wife of yours she no longer has a job to come back to. Charlotte is WAY too good to waste on First Class so from now on she'll be acting as MY personal assistant.

Bob: But you know what hurts the worst?

Blade shakes his head.

Bob: You ran off and got married in secret. I set you up with your old lady and you couldn't have the decency to invite me or The Commander to your wedding. We thought we were like family Blade, but no, all we get is a picture of your stupid Michael Jackson themed wedding. Betrayal breaks my heart, Blade, and being betrayed by family hurts the worst.

Blade: I didn't know you felt that way Bob, you were...

Blade is cut off yet again.

Bob: Save it. I'm done. I gave you the world because I thought you could take hold of it, but you ran away. You ran away from greatness and you ran away from family. I've moved on, Blade. But you know me, you've known me for years now... So you had to have known this was coming


Out of nowhere the in ring cameraman blindsides Blade in the back of the head with his large camera. Blade drops immediately but he's jumped on by his attacker clad in all black who reigns down lefts on the back of Blade's head. Both members of the BUM Squad briefly look at Bob, but only hesitate for a slight moment before aiding the assailant with boots to the ribs of Blade Alexander.

Bob: You know me well enough to know I hold a grudge and I DON'T forgive! It breaks my heart Blade, but you had this coming.

The three men continue the beat down of Blade until the balaclava wearing cameraman hops out of the ring, fishing for something underneath it. Stabby Joe and Pissy McGee both grab an arm of Blade and force him up to his knees where Bob paints Blade with loud slaps that echo over the hushed shock of the crowd.

Bob: We were SUPPOSED to be FAMILY!

He slaps Blade again.

Bob: You never turn your back on FAMILY!

Another slap.

The cameraman rolls back into the ring holding something up. It's a big bull rope.

Mike Fisher: What has this guy got in mind?

Scott James: And who is he? Is that finally Benz?

Mike Fisher: It's not Benz, Scott.

Scott James: Well he's hanging around the BUM Squad!

The cameraman fashions the rope into a noose and the BUM Squad hold Blade while the rope is forced around his neck.

Bob: I'm sorry to say this Blade, but you've committed treason, treason against IIW and treason against your family... and in MY IIW that's a hang-able offence!

Mike Fisher: There's no way he can't be serious!

The black clad former cameraman hefts the rope over his shoulder dragging Blade along behind him out of the ring and up the ramp. The BUM Squad follow behind helping Blade along with the occasional kick and punch to keep him moving. Behind them are Bob Mitchell and Charlotte Vaughan who now wear the grins.

Mike Fisher: We need help out here! Someone needs to stop this! They can't hang a man on live TV!

Scott James: Get HR on the phone I sense another workplace accident!

They reach the top of the stage and the black clad man tries to throw the rope over top of some of the scaffolding used to hold up the big screen. He misses and tries again.

Mike Fisher: Thank God! I don't think he can get that rope over that metal beam!

Scott James: He's gonna keep trying it!

While the man attempts another throw a rush of security come racing from the back to the stage. The Commander with his security forces start pushing back the BUM Squad and Bob Mitchell with some coming over to stop the man. Just before the man in black can throw the rope again The Commander grabs it from his hands and stares him down.

A moment passes before The Commander lets out a shrill whistle.

Mike Fisher: WHAT THE HELL! All the security guards just turned around!

Scott James: All the security guards just turned around They’re turning a blind eye to this! The Commander is in on it!

Mike Fisher: No he can't! He can't just let this happen!

The Commander doesn't just let it happen. With one might throw The Commander throws the rope over the metal scaffolding beam that the man in black had been trying to use to hang Blade Alexander.

Mike Fisher: He's just helped them out! Damn him!

The Commander hands over the rope to the man who wraps it around his arms and drops to the stage lifting Blade into the air.

Mike Fisher: Come ON! GET HELP OUT HERE!


Blade dangles hung by the neck dangerously, his legs kicking wildly before a new flood of officials, mostly wearing Netflix badges and a few medical personal in scrubs comes out to try to gain some sense of order. The Commander's security pushes back against the Netflix officials while the medical personnel try to get the man to let go of the rope. Finally he does and Blade drops to the steel entrance way with a hard thump.

The personnel rush around to check on Blade and immediately start securing him to a back board.

Mike Fisher: I can't believe they just hung a man!

Scott James: Our own acting boss just presided over a public hanging! THIS is what happens when you question Bob Mitchell! That's how you enforce authority! I LOVE it!

Scott James may love it, but the IIW arena does not, and they let Bob and his team know it, throwing garbage and debris in their direction.

Mike Fisher: But who dished out this justice?

Mike doesn't have to wait long to find out. Bob, with one hand of the assailant raised while they get bombarded with trash grabs the black balaclava with the other and pulls it off to reveal the newest member of his stable...

Mike Fisher: LIAM CAIN! What the hell!