Grudge Match


We return to the commentary table after the last segment as we get set for the next match on this PPV card.

Mike Fisher: Welcome back ladies and gentelamn to Up In Smoke as we continue to bring you the hottest action in all of pro wrestling!

Scott James: That’s right Mike and coming up next is a grudge match between Adam Bradley and Anthony Tudor that has

Had some bad blood going all the way back to KKnD when Tudor walked out on Bradley in their tag team match against the James Gang. Then would put Bradley on the shelf for months until he return at Explosion.

Mike Fisher: What a return it was as Bradley would make his way down the ring to cheers as he would start a brawl with Tudor

And setting us for this final clash of two heated rivals. Now lets go to the action.

Jenny Fletcher: Makins his way to the ring he weighs in at 210lbs, from Manchester England I give you Adam Bradley

The lights in the area abruptly go out. Pyro shoots from each side of the entrance ramp and DVP by PUP erupts from every speaker in the arena, a hooded man emergences with the lights focusing on him his pink and black tights grab the attention. A wry smile of superiority curls onto his face, he flicks the hood down as he makes his way down the ramp. Jumping onto the mat he he walks the side and climbs the turnbuckle he crosses his arms above his head displaying 2 shakas, he leaps into the ring slowly lowing a finger gun from above his head before shouting pow with a smile.

Jenny Fletcher: Making his way to the ring he weighs in at 305lbs, from Minneapolis. Minnesota I give you Anthony 'Storm' Tudor!

Limp Bizkit – Breakstuff starts to play over the speakers as Tudor comes out on stage and starts heading down the ramp as he make shis way down, Bradley has launched himself out of the ring hitting a suicide dive on the outside on Tudor before the match can even get started. Both still down on the ground as the referee yells for them to get in the ring so the match can begin.

Bradley makes it to his feet and turns around right into a spear from Tudor who made back up first then, picks Bradley up and tosses him back into the ring with authority, as Bradley lays in the ring showing only a little life, Tudor rolls into the ring for the first time and referee makes him go to the corner as he checks on Bradley to see if he can continue. Bradley yells to the referee YES as he make sit to his feet and looks Tudor into the eyes with great disgust. The referee motions for the bell and the match begins.

Bradley charges in and goes for the Front Dropkick to push Tudor back into the corner but The Storm isn’t going to allow Bradley to get the advantage, catching the legs of Bradley and allowing him to fall to the mat before driving both feet into his chest with a Double Foot Stomp. Bradleys arm is held onto by Tudor as they climb over and then rolls down onto their back to lock in a Triangle Choke hold onto The Bradley, but he floats over and bridges for a sneak pinfall attempt!




Mike Fisher: Tudor is able to kick out and break out from the Triangle Choke hold!

Scott James: That was an amazing counter into the pin, but Tudor was smart enough to not allow Bradley to take the easy way out of things.

Bradley scrambles to his feet and then turns around to Tudor charging in- but a Throat Thrust takes the breath away from Tudor before knocking him down to his knees with a Spin Kick to the abdomen and then Bradley comes off of the ropes with a Penalty Kick that takes down Tudor with ease! These two men are already beating the hell out of one another. Bradley stands in the corner and steps closer in with a Superkick right onto the jaw of a kneeling Tudor. Bradley grabs onto the wrists of Tudor and looks for an Armbar but Tudor grabs onto the leg of Bradley as he lifts it up, he then rolls him up into a pin but rolls Bradley fully through and then delivers a sickening Punt Kick to the head of Bradley!

Mike Fisher: WHAT A PUNT KICK! Tudor has this match to his advantage but man, they are putting each other through a vicious cycle of strikes here tonight!

Scott James: You're not wrong there.

Tudor takes a few steps back before charging in from Bradleys blind spot and landing a stiff Bicycle Knee Strike to the temple of Bradley as he falls down to the mat, seemingly knocked out from the knee strike but Tudor rolls him over onto his back and goes for the cover.



Bradley is able to kick out, meaning he’s still in this, but that knee strike took a whole lot out of him by the looks of it. Tudor makes a move to the ropes and might be looking for another lethal blow from Bradley’s blind spot and he charges in, attempting another blow to the head, but Bradley catches Tudor leg and rolls him over into and ankle lock into the middle of the ring. The referee looks at Tudor to see if he wants to tap, but Tudor shake his head furiously as he tries to ignore the pain to fight out of the hold. Bradley tightens the grip on the hold as Tudor struggles to push himself to the ropes but falls short and instead uses the power of his leg to flip Bradley over into the turnbuckle as he hits head on the top buckle and turns right around into a The Oncoming Storm(F-5) Delivered by Tudor who rolls Bradley up for the pin




Jenny Fletcher: Here your winner by pinfall The Storm Anthony Tudor!!!

Tudor Celebrates in the ring as Bradley rolls out the ring and the scene cuts to the next segment.

Interim United Kingdom Championship Match


Jenny Fletcher: "The Following match is scheduled for ONE FALL!"

Crowd: "ONE FALL!"

Jenny Fletcher: "And it is for the interim IIW United Kingdom Championship."

The crowd waits in anticipation, as the beginning of Little V- Battle Cry plays over the speakers as pyro and sparks go off around the entrance and stage. Shawn Stone comes out in red and white wrestling tights that says All-Star on the back. He comes to the ring occupied by his towel boy Roger who carries a towel to while up any sweat from Shawn and a bottle of water from when he is thirsty.

Jenny Fletcher: "Introducing First … From Boston, Massachusetts … Weighing in at 229 lbs … he is "ALL STAR" SHAWN STONE!

Mike Fisher: "Shawn looks ready for business here tonight, knowing exactly what is at stake for both him and Arches. A chance to back up his moniker and hold some gold here in the IIW. Even if it is Interim gold."

Scott James: "That still counts in the history books."

Mike Fisher: "That is true."

Shawn poses on stage then makes his way down the ramp and antagonize fans. Roger opens the ring ropes for Shawn Stone as he make this way up the steel steps and steps through the ropes and stands in the middle of the ring and flexes as the words All-Star light up on the screen.

Jenny Fletcher: "And his opponent …"

"Not Today" by Sevendust plays over the PA system, as Mike Arches steps onto the ramp, looking out at the crowd and absorbing their raucous cheers. Posing, he begins to make his way down the ramp. Occasionally posing for his adoring fanbase.

Jenny Fletcher: "From Ottawa, Ontario, Canada … Weighing in at 235 lbs … He is "THE EPITOME" MIKE ARCHES!"

Mike Fisher: "Currently undefeated in his return to the ring, Arches wants to show that this is simply another step in him proving he still has it. That he can still match up against the best of them in the ring."

Scott James: "Stone is the toughest test he has had in his return to the ring, however. Not only does he have the athleticism, he has the intelligence to go toe to toe with Mike."

Mike Fisher: "Shawn is still young, however, so you know Arches is going to use that to his advantage here tonight."

Mike rolls into the ring, staring across at Shawn and nodding before heading to his corner.


The man who calls himself "All Star" and his opponent, better known by his moniker of "The Epitome" circle around one another, as they stare into the others eyes the moment the bell rings to commence this match. Both of them in a stance similar to a boxer preparing to begin a bout, except without actually taking a shot at the other, and with neither man giving the other an inch.

Mike Fisher: "Both men are taking their time early on here. Neither one wants to make an early mistake."

Scott James: "Obviously not, Mike. Why would theyJenny FletcherIt'd be foolish of them to show their hand this early into the match."

Continuing to circle around one another, Shawn and Mike occasionally feint going in for a double leg takedown, but end up deciding against it before Mike holds up, raising his right hand in the direction of his opponent, as if to offer him a test of strength. Something that Shawn decides to take the more established name up on, only to suddenly and swiftly drive his knee into the stomach of the Canadian as they lock hands, causing him to keel over.

Mike Fisher: "Ooo, Shawn roped him with by accepting the offer, only to call his bluff with that knee. Nice instincts there by the younger competitor, who knows he has to take whatever advantage he can get here tonight."

Scott James "Arches with a rare misstep there. Not often you see a veteran for him fall for a trick like that. Though not often he faces off against a Harvard educated athlete like Shaun either."

Shawn then lands a vicious DDT to spike Mike's hard on the canvas, before kipping up and taunting the crowd in attendance, who have been jeering him ever since he came out. An attempt to get under their skins and let them know just who is in charge here tonight. That doesn't mean he isn't focused on his opponent though, as he delivers a knee drop across the back of his skull, raising his arms and making a "bring on the boos'' motion with his hands after its execution, whilst he grinds his knee across the back of Arches' head. Standing up after the third time of doing so, he moves back and to his right, before sharply toe kicking Mike in the ribcage, causing the elder statesman to cough as he attempts to work his way back to his feet. Something that Shawn isn't allowing him to do, as another knee drop follows, this time right to the center of his spine and driving him stomach first back down to the mat.

Mike Fisher: "Shawn playing it smart here. Keeping the match grounded and on his terms, knowing that he cannot allow Arches any breathing room whatsoever."

Scott James: "As he shouldn't. Don't want to be giving your opponent a window of opportunity. Especially when you know the stakes involved in this one."

Shawn then lifts Mike up to a bent over position, looking for and connecting with a snap suplex, holding onto it as he turns his hips and connects with a second.

Mike Fisher: "I think Shawn's well aware of that, Scott."

Releasing the suplex, Shawn kips himself up, scowling as he glances at the carcass beneath him, somewhat disappointed in the lack of resistance he has received tonight. That changes, however, as he attempts another knee drop. One that Mike is able to roll onto his back and out of the path of, causing his arrogant opponent's knee to drive straight into the mat. Despite that, Mike is still struggling to rise whereas Shawn has already gotten back to his feet, barely affected by his missed maneuver. What he is affected by, is the two rapid fire jabs to his ribs that Mike is able to execute, followed by a dropkick that causes him to stumble back three steps before he falls atop the mat.

Mike Fisher: "Could this be the window that Arches needsJenny FletcherYou had to know that something like this would come at some point."

Once again though, Mike is slower to get back to a vertical base than Shawn, which costs him in the form of being on the receiving end of a running knee strike to the temple as he was crouched over. A strike that causes a glaze to come over the Ontario native's eyes.

Scott James: "Judging by the impact of that knee strike, I would have to say no."

Not wanting to waste any time, Shawn drops down following the knee and covers his opponent.


Arches however, is able to kick out as the referee attempts to bring his hand down for a second time.

Mike Fisher: "Still too early to be thinking about the end here."

Scott James: "Sure, but you have to appreciate the ambition that Stone is showing here. Letting Mike know that he is going to remain on him, no matter what."

Mike Fisher: "No shit. That's kind of the aim of our sport."

Slightly flustered, the Boston native drives his forearm into the face of Mike, attempting to disorient him, or at least put him into a position where he cannot resist the impending onslaught he has in store. One that commences by Stone lifting the Epitome up, only to send him back down to the mat with a short-arm clothesline, followed by a scoop slam into a jumping fist drop. The impact of his fist against the exposed nose of Mike causing the ring to shake ever so slightly. As he had done before, Shawn rises and then immediately turns toward the fans, mockingly clapping his hands and shouting "Is this the best you've got?" as the boos rain down.

Mike Fisher: "Uh, I'd probably be more focused on the task at hand if I were Shawn."

Scott James: "WhyJenny FletcherHe has it in hand."

Just as Scott James states that, however, Mike Arches has slowly made his way to a standing position, albeit a little bit groggily. That doesn't mean he is unaware of his surroundings however, and he uses Shawn's own ego against him by attempting an O'Connor roll pin.

Mike Fisher: "That's why."



Scott James: "Almost had him, too. That would have been the ultimate insult to Shawn."

Frantic, the man who claims himself as the "All Star" manages to push Arches off him, as his face flushes. He knows that he had just been embarrassed and fallen into Mike's trap, causing him to turn around and attempt a roundhouse kick to his foe's skull. That attempt, is dodged as Mike ducks his head and instead connects with a stiff knife edge chop to the now exposed chest of Shawn. A second and third chop follow, before Mike grabs Shawn's arm, looking to Irish whip him into the corner turnbuckles. Stone was prepared for this, however, and instead sends Arches chest first into the nearest turnbuckle, following him in with a lariat to the back of the neck.

Mike Fisher: "I'd be surprised if Arches doesn't have a concussion after that, at the very least."

Yet Shawn isn't done, dropping Mike with a neckbreaker as he stumbles back and causing the ring to shake once more before immediately going for another lateral press cover.



Mike Fisher: "Does he have it?"

At what can be best described as two and sixth-eighths, Mike is able to lift his shoulder up. Unconvincingly, but enough to avoid being down for the count of three.

Scott James: "So close, yet so far."

Mike Fisher: "I must admit, Shawn is making an impressive account of himself here tonight."

Scott James: "I wouldn't have expected anything else. He is the All-Star after all."

Scott James: Shawn is strutting around the ring now though not taking Mike seriously!

As Shawn poses he goes to pick up Mike Arches, who quickly forces the advantage and sets him up for the HIGH ROAD!!!!

He Pins





Jenny Fletcher: Your winner..... AND NEW INTERIM UK CHAMPION..... MIKE ARCHES!!!!

Grudge Match


Up In Smoke continues at the sound of the bell and the beginning of “Bad Boys for Life” by Diddy echoing through the speakers. Jay Vaughan makes his way down interacting with fans who approve and disapprove alike.

Jenny Fletcher- The following contest is a grudge match and is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, hailing from Manchester, UK…JAY VAUGHAN!!!

Nero Forte plays as the arena is plunged into darkness and strobe lights start going off around the stage area, as the drums kick in Zack Steele emerges from the curtain with his head down, his long wet hair draped over his face, he stands there for a few seconds before Corey Taylors vocals kick in, at which point, Zack walks down to the ring, pumping his fists by his side, he jumps up onto apron, places his gum shield in his mouth before looking out at the abuse hurling crowd, he just shrugs his shoulders with a smirk on his face before climbing into the ring, runs at the opposite ropes before coming to a stand still in the middle of the ring and raising his arms in the air, soaking in the abuse from the fans, the same smirk still on his face. The fading music only amplifying the fans distaste for him.

Jenny Fletcher- And his opponent, making his way down the aisle, hailing from Coventry, England…ZACK STEELE!!!

The bell rang leading to a trot around the ring by Steele and Vaughan before the two men finally came together in a collar and elbow. Vaughan backed Steele up into the turnbuckles and the referee broke the hold. Steele charged out with a flying forearm smash that caught Vaughan off guard. Steele grabbed his dazed opponent and tossed him over with a hip toss into an armbar. Steele drove his knee into Vaughan’s back as he stretched out the arm.

Mike Fisher: Zack Steele is known for his submissions specialities.

Just then Steele took his a hand from the hold and began to chop away at the side of Vaughan’s neck.

Scott James: He may be a man of one thousand holds but he also has one thousand strikes.

Steele pulled Vaughan up as he refused to tap and delivered a series of knife edge chops to Vaughan’s chest as the crowd “wooed” in response. Steele whipped Vaughan to the ropes and caught him with an exploder suplex. Steele with the cover but Vaughan gets his shoulder up at two.

Mike Fisher: Steele remaining on the offensive.

Scott James: There seems to be nowhere for Jay Vaughan to escape to.

Jay gets up in the ropes but Steele clotheslines him over the top. Steele follows him out, leaping off of the apron with a double axe handle but Jay catches him with a super kick on the way down. Jay rests against the turn post, catching his breath as Zack shakes off the cobwebs while holding his jaw on the ground.

Mike Fisher: Jay Vaughan needs to take this opportunity to capitalize.

Scott James: If he doesn’t get it together Zack Steele will continue his early domination in this one.

Steele gets to his knees but Jay catches him with a running knee strike. Jay hops up to the apron and waits for Zack to climb to his feet and executes a perfect Asai moonsault on the outside. Jay pops up and explodes to a pop. The referee’s count reaches six and Jay pulls Zack up to slide him into the ring.

Mike Fisher: Here’s the Jay Vaughan that so many know and love.

Scott James: Also the same Jay Vaughan that so many people know and hate.

Jay slides under the ropes in pursuit and catches Zack with a leaping enziguri. Zack stumbles and Jay catches him with a sling blade. Jay covers but Steele forces out at a count of two.

Mike Fisher: The momentum is shifting rapidly.

Scott James: This two athletes are so evenly matched this could really go either way.

Steele gets to his feet and goes for a clothesline but Jay ducks and connects with a V Bone Suplex. The crowd begins to boo as Kassidy Owens begins to make her way down the ramp way.

Mike Fisher: Now just wait in a god damned minute!

Scott James: Kassidy Owens isn’t liking what she’s seeing so far!

Jay, with his back turned to the ramp, is unaware. He charges at Zack who uses the ropes to pull himself up and connects with a vicious spear that nearly cuts Steele in half. Jay rolls over for a cover and hooks the leg but Kassidy Owens hops on the apron at the same time distracting the referee.

Mike Fisher: ASSASSINATION! That should be all!

Scott James: Kassidy Owens on the apron is making that a bit difficult, wouldn’t you think?

The crowd pops as Charlotte Vaughan is spotted running from the curtain. Jay pops up in time to see Charlotte rip Kassidy off of the apron and begin to strike her with forearm blows, Kassidy strikes back and the crowd begins to roar.

Mike Fisher: The Vaughan Family taking care of business at Up In Smoke!

Scott James: This match isn’t over yet, I wouldn’t go that far.

Jay turns back around and plops back down to Steele for a cover, the referee falls in and counts to a two before Steele is able to kick out and the crowd deafens.

Mike Fisher: Now if that isn’t some bullshit! Jay Vaughan should have had that one won.

Scott James: Yeah, but, ya know…he didn’t.

Jay pops back up and motions towards Zack, the crowd pops and Jay sets up for another Assassination attempt. Jay sprints towards Steele but Zack dodges. Jay hit the brakes before he hits the turnbuckle but turns around to a chop to the throat, then the chest, a kick to the gut sends Jay to the turnbuckles. Steele charges in with a corner splash.

Mike Fisher: Now this is a shame, Jay Vaughan had this won.

Scott James: He may still win but looks like Zack Steele is ready to take care of some business.

Zack whips Jay to the other side but Jay reverses the Irish Whip. Zack bounces off of the turnbuckles hard and Jay hits him with a pop up power bomb. Both men lay flat in the ring as the referee begins to count.

Mike Fisher: These two warriors are spent!

Scott James: And these two valkyries are still going at it!

Kassidy and Charlotte continue their battle outside. Charlotte had gained an upper hand for a bit as she was seen bouncing Kassidy’s head off of the apron but Kassidy was able to break up the assault with an elbow to the gut. Kassidy walks around the ring, shaking off the cobwebs but notices Charlotte has gotten it back together and is in hot pursuit. Kassidy slides in the ring as both Zack and Jay begin to stir. The referee grabs her to stop her from interfering, Charlottes gets into the ring and the two ladies begin to brawl, Charlotte ripping Kassidy down with a double leg takedown and beginning to throw right hands at her face.

Mike Fisher: The ladies of First Class are most definitely not a breed to be trifled with.

Scott James: Quite a few of them terrify me…they could definitely kick my ass.

The referee breaks up the two ladies by forcing Charlotte off of Kassidy, which allows Kassidy the time to drop something out of her hands next to Zack Steele. The ref pushes Charlotte back but that just allows Kassidy to spear her through the ropes and both ladies fall to the outside. Zack Steele picks up the foreign object, he places it around his hand and the camera closes in.

Mike Fisher: Brass knuckles! Jay watch out!

Scott James: GENIUS!

Steele connects with a stiff right hand that sends Jay to the mat. Zack takes the knucks and tosses them out of the ring as the referee turns around. Zack falls to the mat and hooks the leg as the referee counts the three.

Jenny Fletcher- Ladies and gentlemen here is your winner…ZACK STEELE!!!!

The music hits as Zack rolls out of the ring, grabbing the knucks and stuffing them in his tights. Charlotte rolls into the ring to check on Jay who is coming to as Zack and Kassidy meet at the base of the ramp and laugh. Jay and Charlotte begin shaking their heads.

Mike Fisher: I don’t think the Vaughan family is very satisfied with the outcome of this one.

Scott James: I can tell you that Zack Steele and Kassidy Owens look very happy.

Zack and Kassidy turn their backs which provides the perfect opportunity for Jay and Charlotte to pop out of the ring and chase their two rivals down. Jay and Zack, Charlotte and Kassidy—the fists begin to fly once more as mayhem breaks lose and the crowd erupts. The referee tries to maintain order but has no alternative but to wait as more referees and security officials begin to make their way to break up the four competitors.

Mike Fisher: We need to get control down here!

Scott James: You’re telling me, this looks like a shit show right now!

TV Championship Match

vs vs

Blind hits as John Tolly walks out he looks around cracks his neck and makes his way to the ring he poses for a second on the turn buckle before hoping in the ring

Tj Alexander's music hits and he makes his way through the curtin down to the ring.

For Whom The Bell Tolls” by Metallica continues it’s iconic introduction, upon each toll of the bell appears a flash of strobe lighting, revealing a figure in the darkness standing in the centre of the entrance stage, his appearance now revealed by the strobe lighting... it is Ryan Hawkins

Ryan Hawkins remains still on the stage, his face covered by his intimidating the entrance mask, his eyes focused intensely on the ring.

Upon the 4th tolling of the bell, he slowly unbuttons his trench coat without breaking his intense gaze on the ring, revealing “The Dream Killer in blood-stained writing across the chest of his T-shirt.

Larry - All three men look poised and ready for battle.

Mike - They really do but what kind of shape can Ryan Hawkins be in after that brutal tag team match.

Larry - We are about to find out.

Alexander, Tolly and Hawkins are all standing tall looking eachother over. The bell rings to start the match but Hawkins exists the ring. He stands back and says you guys start it off you're bit worth my time yet. TJ fires across the ring attempting to clothesline Tolly but he ducks it. Tolly grabs the back of TJs head hitting a neck breaker. Tolly jumps up points to Hawkins who laughs saying not yet. Tolly kicks the bottom rope than starts laying boots into TJ. .

Larry - Hawkins is playing it really smart here early in the match. He knows he isn't at 100%

Mike - He is letting them take eachother out than he will strike.

Larry - Perks of being the champion.

Mike - Ryan is playing it smart he was already in a crazy tag team match why risk further injury.

Tolly attempts to pick up TJ but TJ smacks his hands away than lays in a hard right hand to Tollys jaw. Tolly stumbles a bit TJ capitalizes by grabbing tolly by the wrist and hits a fireman's carry. TJ immediately picks up tolly shoves him into the corner than climbs to second rope over Tolly. TJ points at Hawkins than begins to punch Tolly.


Hawkins jumps up to the apron grabs the top ropes jumps up kicking TJ in the back of the skull. Hawkins jumps off the apron pointing to his head and smiling.

Larry - Hawkins is like an assassin.

Mike - He is playing it brilliantly. After that war to open the show for the tag titles he definitely isn't at 100% right now.

Larry - Tolly and Alexander need to capitalize on that here and quickly.

Both men in the ring are down as Hawkins slides into the ring. Hawkins picks up TJ by the head than pants him with a DDT than makes a cover.

John Tolly jumps up landing on top of Hawkins breaking the pin. Tolly stands up butnso does Hawkins. Both men are staring at eachother. Hawkins throws a punch but Tolly blocks it, Tolly kicks Hawkins in the gut. Hawkins leans over Tolly spins him grabs his hips and hits a German suplex. Tolly gets right to his feet picks up Hawkins hitting a Russian leg sweep.

Mike - John Tolly has come alive.

Tolly walks over to TJ picks him up lifting him and placing him in the top turnbuckle. Tolly climbs up the ropes hooks TJs head than tries to suplex him. TJ locks his feet around the middle rope blocking the move. TJ pulls his head free and elbows Tolly. TJ stands up jumps around tolly grabbing his head nailing a picture perfect top rope neck breaker.

Larry - What a reversal.

Mike - But TJ is down to. He needs to make a move.

Hawkins and TJ are both getting to their feet. TJ throws a round house that connects hard Hawkins goes down. TJ immediately jumps into a standing shooting star hooks the leg making the pin.

Hawkins gets his shoulder up at the last second. TJ smacks the mat looks at the ref who is holding up 2 fingers. TJ goes to get up but Tolly rolls his up into a pin. Tolly puts his feet on the ropes to add weight to the pin.

The ref sees Tollys feet up on the second rope and breaks the pin attempt. Tolly gets in the refs face yelling that it was a 3 count. Hawkins spins Tolly kicks him in the gut grabs his head sets up and delivers a buckle bomb. Tolly hits the corner hard than crumples to the mat. Hawkins grabs the top rope than steps on Tollys neck using the ropes for more pressure. The ref counts to 4 and Hawkins throws his hands up and let's up on Tollys neck. Hawkins picks up Tolly puts his head under his arm hooking the leg and lifts into a fisherman's brain buster.

Larry - John Tolly is out. There is no way he can come back from that assault by Hawkins.

Mike - It doesn't look good for him at all.

Hawkins grabs the top rope and kicks Tolly out of the ring. He turns back to address TJ and is immediately met with a beautiful missile drop kick. Hawkins goes through the ropes landing hard on top of Tolly. Both men are laying on their back on the outside of the ring. Tolly smiles steps through the ropes onto the apron than points to the camera. He looks back over his should jumps to the middle rope springs off it into an Asai moonsault landing on both men.

Larry - OH MY GOD

Mike - TJ Alexander just put everyone on notice. He came to win

Larry - He really do. He took a huge risk and it paid off.

TJ gets up holding his chest. He picks up Tolly and whips him hard into the ring stairs. Tolly flips over the stairs landing hard of the other side. Tj leans down and picks up Hawkins rolling him into the ring. TJ throws his arms out while yelling something to Hawkins. Tj grabs Hawkins by the head shoves it between his legs but Ryan Hawkins lifts him over with the back body drop…. He bounces back up but TDK!!! He’s out!!!!




Jenny- Your winner and Still TV Champion… RYAN HAWKINS!

Tj is in the ring slowly making his way to his feet but Tolly has gotten to his feet on the outside. He kicks the ring steps hard than lifts the ring apron and grabs a chair from under the ring. Tolly slides in behind Tj.

Mike - That son of a bitch, What is he doing.

Larry - It's pretty clear what he has in mind. If only Tj would turn around.

John Tolly whistles, that gets the attention of Tj who turns around. Tolly his Tj right in the top of the with the chair. Tj goes down hard dropping the title. Tolly uses the chair 2 more times to the back of Tj. Tolly lays the chair on Tjs back jumps than double stomps the chair.

Larry - What a disgusting display from John Tolly.

Mike - A sore loser for sure.

World Title Match


The crowd is absolutely electric and ready to explode with anticipation as the two look around them, taking a moment to soak in the moment before making their way to the center of the ring. The crowd alternates chants between “CELTIC CLUB and “JAKE -E - DUB” as John Cavanagh goes for a tie up, that Jake ducks under and grabs John from behind. John breaks the hold, and spins around, pulling Jake into the clinch, and giving him three hard knees.

Mike Fisher: Here we go! John Cavanagh getting the World Championship opportunity he earnt recently

Scott James: I still cannot believe Up In Smoke has lowered itself to this! That little gremlin is headlining the second biggest show of the year next to John Cavanagh.

John drives a couple more knees into Jake before dragging him in the clinch before hooking him up and bringing him down with a snap suplex. John sits back up after the move and grabs Jake by the arm looking to hook in an early armbar, only to have Jake squirm and wiggle him way away from it.

Mike Fisher: Complain all you like, but there is no denying he didn’t earn this.

Scott James: The only thing I can hope for is that John makes quick work of him

John and Jake both find their way to their feet, and have a quick exchange of kicks. John scores with a forearm, and Jake responds by pushing John back. Jake goes in with a clothesline, but John sidesteps the attempt and grabs Jake from behind, twisting him around and dropping him with a neckbreaker. John, keeps a hold on Jake, getting a front facelock on him.

John holds Jake down with the hold, looking to further weaken him, but Jake manages to get to him feet. She tries to elbow him way free, but John won’t be denied. Jake moves around the ring and finds him way into the ropes. John whips Jake into the opposite ropes, and waits as Jake rebounds back. Whatever John was looking for however, was not to be as Jake is able to bring John to the mat with a Headscissors takeover.

John gets back to his feet quickly and walks into an arm drag from Jake. John again moves quickly going this time for a side kick that Jake catches before bringing John back down with a dragon screw. Jake gets to him feet just as quickly as John, as John steps forward going for the spinning back fist early, but Jake is able to duck under the try, and connect with John’s check with a backhand smack

Mike Fisher: John Cav showing why he doesn’t have many weaknesses.

John responds to the backhand, with a slight smile as he rubs him cheek and grabs Jake by the arm, looking to lock in another submission. Jake fights and claws him way away from John, but John is able to grab him again. John whips Jake into the ropes and watches him rebound, looking for a back body drop, only to have Jake grab him by the forehead and whip him back with a mat slam.

Mike Fisher: Everyone has weaknesses, even the champion. A lot of people have come very close to dethroning him throughout the year.

Scott James: All of them gave it the absolute best shot of their careers, and they still fell short.

Jake runs into the ropes, and rebounds back to John, jumping into the air and front flipping onto John’s body for a front flip senton splash. John grabs Jake on the mat, but Jake is able to elbow him way free. They both get back to their feet and quickly exchange a couple of side kicks, before Jake grabs John and goes to whip him into the ropes, only to have John reverse the attempt and bring Jake down with a hurricanranna the moment he turns back around.

Scott James: See! What did I tell you!

John gets back to him feet and lifts Jake up with him. Jake tries to fight back but John easily overpowers him, shoving him back into the turnbuckle, giving him a knife edge chop. Jake staggers out of the corner as John goes for a lariat, which Jake is able to duck under. Jake goes for a spinning heel kick that John ducks under, before popping up, grabbing Jake from behind and hitting him with a German Suplex, with a bridge for the pin.

Scott James: Beautiful suplex!




Mike Fisher: Jake kicks out!

The crowd cheers loudly as Jake gets the shoulder up. John gets a hold of him leg, locking in a reverse leg lock. Jake wiggles and squirms until he is able to kick at John’s hands until he is free. John and Jake each get to their feet, and John score with a kick to the knee that forces Jake into a kneeling position, where John grabs him and drops him on him head with a quick DDT.

John grabs Jake by him arm as he lays on him stomach and looks to lock in a crossface, but Jake is able to escape the hold before John can get it fully locked in. Jake fights him way to him feet just as John scores with a kick to him stomach. John grabs Jake again and throws him into the ropes, Jake rebounds back and rushes into John, knocking him back several steps with a running shove.

Mike Fisher: Don’t sleep on Jake in this match though. He’s a fighter and isn’t going to go down quietly.
Scott James: John’s in full control, has been the whole time. It’s inevitable.

John rushes back at Jake, only for Jake to jump into the air with a leap frog. John rushes into the ropes and rebounds back, only to have Jake lay down on him stomach as John runs over the top of him. John runs into the opposite ropes again, this time rebounding right into a jumping knee strike from Jake that knocks John down to the mat.

John gets back to him feet and Jake steps into him with a series of slaps and kicks that drives him backwards until he has him back against the turnbuckle. John moves out of the corner and grabs Jake, tossing him in the corner he was just in. John takes a step back and connects with two quick body shots before hitting a rushing elbow. Jake stumbles out of the corner, right into the waiting arms of John, who connects with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex.

Scott James: There we go!
Mike Fisher: Wow! Jake crashed to the mat HARD there.

John gets back to him feet and gets on Jake, dropping an elbow on him body. Jake manages to roll back up to him feet, but John scores with a chop to the body, before whipping him back into the turnbuckle, and charging in. Jake gets him foot up into John’s face, knocking him back. Jake runs into the ropes and rebounds back rushing right into a massive Yakuza kick from John.

Scott James: Oh! Right in the head!
Mike Fisher: Jake keeps getting moments here and there, but he just can’t find a way to sustain anything for more than a short period of time.

Jake crumbles in a heap on the mat with the force of the kick that takes John down along with it. John drags himself back to him feet and lifts Jake back up as well. John just as quickly puts him back down with a quick scoop slam and a stomp in him stomach, before climbing to the top rope. John lies in wait as Jake rolls himself to him feet in a daze, and leaps the moment he turns around, connecting with a Dropkick before hooking the leg for a pinfall attempt.

Scott James: Dropkick!




Mike Fisher: Jake gets the shoulder up!

John grabs Jake’s arm again, this time succeeding in pulling Jake into a crossface, but it’s far too close to the ropes and Jake gets feet around the bottom rope, forcing John to release the hold. John gets back to his feet and drops a knee on Jake, before lifting him up to him feet. Jake slaps John’s hands away and scores with a Codebreaker out of nowhere that brings both of them to the mat, lying motionless.

Mike Fisher: Jake scores with that out of absolutely nowhere!
Scott James: Both of them are down!




Both of them being to move slightly…




John is back to him feet at the same time Jake does and goes for a right hand that Jake manages to block, and wrench him arm out of. Jake moves around behind John, and crosses him arms behind him back before dropping down with a cross armed lung blower that knock the wind out of John.

Mike Fisher: Another big move from Jake! This is him best offense of the night, and he got to keep this up.
Scott James: I hate him and everything he stands for, but he’s still got a lot of fight in him.

Jake gets back to his feet as the crowd is in an absolute frenzy. Jake huffs and puffs and looks down at him hands as the crowd gets to their feet in excitement… Jake E Dangerously moves in on him, striking at him with him hands, letting out a loud “cheer!” with each one.

Jake keeps on smashing him way into John’s body driving him back into the ropes. Jake then whips him into the opposite side, looking for one final big clothesline, only for John to catch him arm, and quickly lock in the satellite armbar on Jake, in the center of the ring.

Scott James: John caught him with the armbar!

Jake struggles and refuses to tap out as the referee continues to ask him. With him free arm, Jake picks at John’s fingers until he is able to bend one back far enough to force John to release the hold.

Mike Fisher: Jake escapes the armbar!
Scott James: Can’t count on being able to do that again, John can catch you off guard so quickly.

Jake gets back to him feet and looks to lift John back to his, but he gets something much different than he was expecting. John throws himself up from him kneeling position on the mat and connects into Jake’s face with the busaki knee. John makes the cover as the referee gets down to make the count.

Scott James: That does it!




Mike Fisher: Jake E Dangerously kicks out!

The crowd cheers loudly for this as John looks down on Jake for a second before dragging him to his feet. Jake tries to slaps him way free from John’s hold but it does him no good as John shoves him back, and connect into him head with a viscous spinning back fist, before making the cover again.

Scott James: Spinning Back Fist!




Mike Fisher: Jake gets the shoulder up again!

The crowd screams loudly, now fully behind Jake to make the comeback, chanting him name loudly as John drags him back to him feet. John rushes into the ropes and comes back, only for Jake to stick his foot out, tripping him up. John gets into a seated position as Jake runs into the ropes, rebounding back and nailing John in the face with a running knee strike, before making a cover.

Mike Fisher: What a shot!




Scott James: John kicks out!

John reaches around the back of Jake, quickly locking in the guillotine Jake struggles against the pressure of the hold and reaches out for the ropes, only to have John start rolling with the hold in place into the center of the ring.

Mike Fisher: Jake has to tap here! He’s way too far away from the ropes!

Jake begins to wiggle and squirm, slowly working his way in a position where John has a much more awkward angle to keep the hold on. Jake keeps working as the referee asks him if he wants to submit, but he keeps refusing. Finally, after several seconds in the hold he is able to get free, forcing John to relinquish the hold.

Mike Fisher: Jake is able to escape!
Scott James: But that took way to much out of him, no way he has much left.

John slaps the mat in frustration as Jake gets back up to a kneeling position. John takes notice of this and rushes into the ropes, rebounds back and connects into Jake with the shining triangle, locking in the submission hold tight.

John gets back to his feet again and grabs Jake by the arm, dragging him into the dead center of the ring. He gets down with Jake, looking in to lock in the kimura lock on him. Jake struggles against it, but John will not stop until he gets it on.

Scott James: Kimura! And away from the ropes!
Mike Fisher: If he can get this on, it’s as good as over!

There is a loud reaction from the crowd as Fred Debonair appears at the entrance

Jake suddenly, right before the hold can be locked in completely, pushes him body back, getting John back on him shoulders.

Mike Fisher: John’s shoulders are down!




Scott James: John releases the hold to escape!

John elbows Jake in the face while both are down and gets back to him feet. John kicks Jake while he’s down and looks to lift him back to him feet, only to have Jake pull him down into a small package, with the referee getting down to make the count.

Mike Fisher: Small Package!




Scott James: John just barely gets out!

Mike Fisher: What an incredible match this has been! I cannot believe some of the things I’ve seen here in this match!

Scott James: What in the hell does John have to do here? What in the hell does he have to do to put Jake away?

John seems to know the answer to that question. He grabs Jake roughly, dragging him over to the corner before sitting him down on the top turnbuckle, facing the crowd. John then climbs up to the middle rope with him, hooking him up from behind.

John lifts Jake onto him back, ready to drop down, only to have Jake wiggle and squirm his way free, and planting his feet back on the top turnbuckle. Jake manages to spin himself around, to face the ring. He slams John’s face down onto the top turnbuckle, and hooks him legs around John’s arms before throwing himself forward, front flipping and slamming John’s back and the back of him head into the mat, before being knocked back himself from the force of the move.

Jake slowly crawls an arm over John Cavanagh




Mike Fisher: How the hell as John Cavanagh kicked out of that?

Fred Debonair meanwhile has made his way down ringside for a better look

As Jake picks up John and whips him into the ropes, Fred grabs Johns leg and holds him sending him off balance as he stumbles back towards Jake… DANGEROUS LIASON!




Fred Debonair smirks and walks off as Jake E Celebrates in the ring with his world title

An explosion echoes around the building and smoke begins to billow from the backstage and entrance ramp area. Stumbling and covered in soot, Johnny C and Stoner emerge. Stoner's gear, save for a pristine black duffelbag, seems to have been torn nearly to shreds. Large bruises and lacerations line his body and he is covered and both old and fresh blood and some kind of black goo. Other than being dirty and coughing from the smoke, Johnny C seems fine. The two manage to make it to the ring. Stoner rolls himself in immediately and crawls about center ring before collapsing, exhausted. Johnny makes his way up the steps and gets in like a normal person.

Johnny motions to someone outside of the ring and a couple of microphones are thrown in. He tosses one at Stoner and it slides into place, not quite close enough to pick up his pained breathing. Johnny is the first to speak.

"You injured?"

A wide grin spreads on Stoner's face.

"Nah man. Just knowing you care makes it all the better."

Johnny shrugs.

"Sure, yeah. You think that was the last of them Stonerman?"

Stoner's shakes his head best he can.

"Not by a long shot. In fact, for us, I think that was just the beginning. Its just good to know that if things get bad I'll always be able to rely on a friend like you to pull me out of the muck. I don't know what I'd do without you bud."

"Osh said he'd give me the six thou if I went and rescued you."

Stoner waits a beat.

"Oh. Told you about that, did he?"

Johnny nods. "More if you were uninjured."

Stoner, despite is best efforts, fails to hide the long sigh of disappointment.

"It was good while it lasted. Hey, you wanna see something cool?"

Johnny lets out a chuckle.

"Sure man."

"Osh! Where's my buddy?"

Suddenly the black bag begins to move. Stoner reaches over and pulls the zipper and within seconds an overweight orange and white striped cat comes crawling out of the bag, meowing loudly.

"Was that in there the whole time? That explains a lot actually."

As the cat rubs against Stoner's head he points at the bag.

"Go gimme snacks bud! Gimme snacks!"

The cat waddles over to the bag and pulls out a smaller bag from within. It carries the bag over to Stoner in its mouth, prancing with pride as Stoner cheers him on. Osh sets the bag in front of Stoner as he rolls over to his back.

"I'll share it with you if you light it for me."

Johnny claps his hands together and laughs, the joy in his face capable of curing cancer in a blind kid.

"Hell man I was insulted you waited so long to ask. Lets go!"

Johnny drops the microphone and makes his way over to Stoner as the IIW logo comes up on screen and the camera fades to black.