The camera boots up and you're met with the all-too expected image of a disoriented Stoner, sitting in a poorly lit room and surrounded by a thick layer of smoke. A light above his head wobbles back and forth, causing the light to shift over the scene as Stoner looks around to take it all in. Its clear from his face that he isn't really sure where he is, but that's nothing new.

"Not this shit again."

As the camera pans out we see that he's been tied to a chair by a thick braided rope. He wiggles his body back and forth. I mean these ropes can't be too tight, right? A few seconds worth of movement is all it takes for him to discover that, indeed, he isn't capable of slipping these bonds. That's fine. There are other ways to escape a situation like this. Stoner pauses a moment, takes a deep breath before bellowing out a primal roar as he uses his great strength to burst himself free.


He strains against his bonds for as long as he can before taking another deep breath an immediately begins trying again. This time with even more strength and even louder yelling.


One more sharp inhale followed directly by another attempt to destroy the ropes. All of his power, his rage, his unwavering desire for ultimate freedom he pours into his arms and legs in an ultimate final effort to prove to himself that he is The Man.


His voice cracking from the strain his body is under he finally gives in to the reality of the situation. He takes a bit to catch his breath before speaking to the empty room.

"Guess I ain't going Super Saiyan today either. Guess that means its time to do the only thing ya can do when you find yourself in a spot like this."

He clears his throat and takes a breath, pausing to collect his thought.

"PLEASE! Anyone! Get me out of here! I will say or do whatever it takes for gods' sakes just let me go! You need someone whacked? I'll kill 'em dead! You need someone blown? TO SMITHEREENS!!!! You need someone's dick su-"

The explosive sound of a door banging open against a wall draws a sharp cry of surprise from the Stonerman. Grateful he didn't provably finish that sentence he watches wide-eyed as a television cart is rolled into the room by a group of men at least twice Stoner's size, all wearing a variety of terrifying costumes. Stoner and the man lock eyes and the hatred flowing out of them is almost palpable. Unsure of the giant's motivation he averts his gaze only to see, for the first time, that a rubber chicken has been tied to the frame of the TV cart.

A dumb smile creeps across Stoner's face. He knows he shouldn't. But dammit he wouldn't be him if he didn't do it anyway.

"Nice cock."

Stoner's laughs stumble as the cart attendant dressed as a robot slugs him in the stomach, but the laughter insults the robot's pride so he keeps it going with another trio of strikes. The pain in his gut keeps him from taking any deep breaths, but he holds in a another chuckle as the man turns on the television. On the screen is an animated man with a sick black goatee.

From the speaker of the TV, the uncomfortably familiar voice of Nathan Wisdom makes a simple statement.

"I see that you've once again failed to unlock the secrets of the Super Saiyan Transformation. Pity."

Stoner shrugs with feigned nonchalance. His voice fails to hide his disappointment.

"Well its a genetic thing and I'm a human so.. You know..."

The giant man dressed as a beast with the face of a lion with six horns rotates the cart so the chicken brushes across Stoner's face as Nathan gives a command.


"I'm just sayin'."

The man turns the cart the other way, brushing the chicken across his face again

"No, you are human. Which is precisely why I've brought you here today. With my supreme artificial intelligence I have decoded the laws of black hole quantum thermodynamics. For, countless light years away, at the galactic-"

Stoner's eyes dart back and forth from Nathan and The Giant and t he camera recording everything. Realizing this is going to take a while he scoots his chair closer to the camera. If Nathan or The Giant noticed anything amiss, they gave no indication. He leans in towards the camera and speaks just loud enough to be picked up.

"Osh. Bud. Amigo. Hombre. Compadre. Whatever the English word is for friend. I think I'm really in it deep this time dude. You know how you gave me a six thousand dollar budget? Um. You think that, maybe, you can use that as like a bounty to come rescue me? Nate's hopped up on Monster energy drinks and dick pills so this might take a while, but those big dudes looks like they're gonna mess me up good so you're going to need to send the baddest motherfucker we got. There's no real rush or anything just, you know, before shit starts getting weird. Please?"

Nathan begins speaking louder, drawing Stoner's attention again.


The screen gets those VHS style pause effect as the camera pans back to reveal Osh Vaughn in his office with Johnny Fucking C. Both men are posted on a couch, feet on the table in front of them and each dominating their own massive bowls of popcorn. Johnny, ever the straight shooter, gives it to Osh honestly.

"It was rad and all but what the fuck has it got to do with wrestling?"

Osh's brows furrow. He had asked himself that very question when he first watched it. He knew Stoner was a goof-off but this was weird even for him.

"I... I think it's real. It looks like Nathan Wisdom has gone rogue and kidnapped Stoner. And seeing as how he's basically family at this point I figure we should send someone after him."

Johnny takes his time to put some real thought into the matter. He'd known Stoner a long time. His friends could have ripped off any number of franchises to torture whatever poor soul was sent to perform the rescue. It was doubtlessly going to be a harrowing experience that would leave the hero scarred mentally, physically and emotionally.

"What about Russel? He has a few kills to his name at this point, he might be able to pull it off."

"Those were tragic, unavoidable, workplace accidents. Besides Dave doesn't know Russ all that well. He just as likely to assume its a ploy by Nathan to trick him and then we'd have two people trapped by this monster. No its going to have to be someone he knows. Someone he trusts."

Johnny sets the popcorn down.

"Do I get the six grand?"

Osh rolls his eyes and nods.

"Yeah I'll make sure you get it. If he's uninjured I'll give you more. Plus he'll be grateful and will probably offer to get you high."

Johnny's smile cannot be contained.

"Well damn boss that's all you had to say."


J. Robert Oppenheimer's famous quote booms over the PA system, as the lights go pitch black, save for a singular spotlight that shines on the stage as Requiem by Avenged Sevenfold begins to play through the speakers, causing a cold chill to begin rising in the air as a figure makes his way from behind the curtain, their identity concealed by the hood over their head as they walk into the spotlight. Not stopping to even acknowledge the fans in attendance, the figure's eyes are focused strictly on the ring ahead of them as they methodically walk down the ramp. As they reach the top of the ramp, they pull off the hood, revealing themselves to be the man known simply as Xero whilst finally looking out to the crowd, his eyes glazed over as if he is in a trance, and only has pain on his mind.

Ring Announcer: "From Parts Unknown ... He weighs in at two hundred and Thirteen Pounds ... He is XERO!"

Xero then slides into the ring under the bottom rope and walks over to his corner, his eyes burning a hole right through his opponent(s)/the entranceway [[[Dependent on if he is introduced first or second/after someone has already entered the ring]]] as the lights return to normal and Requiem fades.

The bell rings and we are off! Griffin walks up and slaps Xero right in the face! Xero reels as Griffin faces the crowd and smiles only to get knocked on his ass by a clothesline by Xero.

Scott James: Hahaha!

Griffin gets up and exchanges blows back and forth with Xero. Griffin takes advantage and does a leg sweep to take down Xero. Griffin stomps Xero a few times. Griffin picks up Xero and hits him with a solid DDT.

Mike Fisher: Xero is down! He may have bitten off more than he can chew tonight!

Griffin locks in the sleeper hold on the ground. Xero is immediately filled with rage and breaks the hold violently, Griffin runs at Xero only to be hit with a Spinebuster!

Griffin is trying to get up, but Xero hits the Silence of the Lamb on Griffin!

Scott James: That's not even the deadliest thing in his arsenal, Mike!

Xero goes for the cover on Griffin!

Mike Fisher: He's trying to end it early here!




Scott James: Not enough!

Mike Fisher: It'll take more than that! I think Griffin was caught off guard there!

Griffin ducks another clothesline attempt and hits a swift side kick on Xero which sends him reeling. Belly to Belly suplex by Griffin! Griffin catches his breath while Xero is on the ground.

Griffin runs at the ropes and bounces backwards off of the second rope successfully hitting a running moonsault! Griffin hooks the leg and covers.



Mike Fisher: This Xero is tough as nails!

Griffin doesn't let up and mounts Xero and hits a series of punches to the face. The referee counts to 4 before Griffin stops, narrowly avoiding getting disqualified. Griffin picks up Xero from behind lifts him up and hits the Death Valley Driver!

Scott James: Griffin is feeling confident now!

Mike Fisher: He better stay on him if he wants to win.

Griffin goes to the corner and runs at Xero as he gets up. Clothesline by Griffin! Xero is down again. Griffin gets on the 2nd turnbuckle in the corner and hits a diving elbow drop directly on the chest of Xero.





Mike Fisher: That was closer than Xero would like to admit I would think.

Xero tries to get up but Griffin follows up with a neckbreaker sending Xero to the ground once again. Griffin is waiting for Xero to get up... Griffin runs at Xero but Xero dodges! Xero runs at Griffin trying to hit a big boot but Griffin ducks and bounces off the ropes right back at Xero... SPEAR!

Mike Fisher: He caught him! Spear by Griffin!





Scott James: What does Griffin have to do to put Xero away?

Griffin appears to be growing frustrated as he adjusts his tights. Xero is fumbling on the ground as Griffin swoops in from behind and locks him into a choke hold! Xero is struggling to breathe!

Mike Fisher: What a chokehold. Is that even legal?

Scott James: The referee isn't stopping it, so it must be!

However Xero is just to close to the ropes and is able to hook his arm in the ropes forcing a break. Xero roles out of the ring to create some separation. Griffin is taunting the crowd with a bit of a show. At the count of three, Xero rolls back into the ring and locks up with Griffin.

Xero pushes Griffin away and immediately hits a big time dropkick! Griffin falls to the mat as Xero stomps Griffin in the face. Now it is Griffin clinging to the ropes to create some separation.

Griffin stand up and elbows Xero in the stomach, doubling him over... Peon!

Scott James: Peon! This one is over!

Griffin hooks both of Xero's legs...




Xero hooks his pinky on the bottom rope at the last possible moment.

Mike Fisher: I don't think Xero was taking Griffin seriously tonight.

Scott James: Xero is always serious, Buddy.

Griffin slams the mat in frustration. Griffin hangs over the ropes as he wipes sweat from his face. Xero stammers over and clubs Griffin in the back of the neck sending him to the ground. Xero viciously assaults Griffin on the ground nearly getting himself disqualified as well. Xero whips Griffin into the ropes, but Griffin slips behind Xero on the return and sets hip up for a back drop suplex.

Mike Fisher: Here we go!

While in the air Xero lock his arm in a headlock position around Griffin's head and punches him with the other hand. Griffin is forced to set Xero back down on his feet, inadvertently setting himself up. Dead on Arrival!!!!!

Mike Fisher: Dead on Arrival! This might be it!

Scott James: Cover!




RING ANNOUNCER: Your winner by pinfall... XERO!


Down In The Catacombs by Dave Oilver hits and Dr. Skull comes back from the back laughing, Prototype-020 follows and beats his chest and roars. The crowd boos the two as they make their way to the ring. They both enter the ring and Prototype takes off the big chain around his neck and would the roar to the crowd. Prototype would lean towards the turnbuckle to wait for his opponent.

His theme music hits and Nick Hart comes out occupied by Shaun Hart, Nick stands at the top of the stage as Shaun points to him pyro goes off then slowly starts walking down the ramp. Once they get to the ring Nick slides in and opens the ropes for Shaun Hart as he gets inside Shaun takes the microphone from Jenny Fletcher and does the introduction.

Shaun Hart- Ladies and gentlemen, from Hollywood California, weighing in at 265 pounds The right hand man to Team Hollywood I give you my nephew NICK HART!!!

Nick Hart turns to the fans and flexes and let's out a big roar towards them before returning to his corner for the match up to start

The bell sounds as Nick Hart immediately dives at Prototype-020's legs and wraps him up in a schoolboy pin!


Two... Kickout!

Mike Fisher: Wow! That was almost the quickest match in IIW history!

Scott James: Haha! Two talented guys right here. I'm not really sure who will come out on top.

Prototype-020 doesn't appear to appreciate that cheap roll up and kicks Nick in the face on the way back up to his feet. Prototype-020 hits a small running elbow on the back of Nick and sits on his back. Prototype-020 locks in a camel clutch while yelling high brow insults at Hart.

After a few moments, Nick is able to lift himself up and fall backwards smashing Prototype-020 into the mat. Nick stomps on Prototype-020's legs and ankles a few times before taunting the crowd. The crowd doesn't seem to like either of these guys very much. Nick lifts Prototype-020 up and hits a textbook suplex on Prototype-020, which causes Prototype-020 to writhe in pain.

Scott James: Prototype-020 is no slouch, even in his rookie year, Mike!

Nick climbs up to the top rope and quickly jumps off, hitting a double foot stomp right on the chest of Prototype-020!

Scott James: Ouch! Big time hurt right there.

Before Nick can go for the cover, Prototype-020 rolls over and hooks his arm on the rope, showing great ring awareness. Nick drags Prototype-020 away from the ropes and hits a few elbow drops on Prototype-020. Nick runs and bounces off of the ropes and hits a leg drop on Prototype-020.

Mike Fisher: Nick Hart has got complete control of this match right now!

Scott James: Let's see if the rookie can hold his ground tonight.

Nick picks Prototype-020 up and hits a Russian leg sweep. Nick gets on the ground and locks in a headlock on Prototype-020. Prototype-020 is nearly able to roll out of the hold a few times, but Nick is able to hold him in it. The referee is asking Prototype-020 if he wants to submit... Prototype-020 screams "NO!"

Mike Fisher: This Prototype-020 is has a bright mind but I'm not sure if he will have a bright wrestling career based on what I've seen so far, but time will tell.

Scott James: Oh, you're such an idiot; both of these guys will be World champions. I can feel it.

Prototype-020 is finally able to hook his foot on the rope forcing a rope break. Prototype-020 locks up with Nick and tries to hit a suplex of his own, but it gets reversed; Nick hits another suplex on Prototype-020! Nick nearly jumps to the top turnbuckle and flies off... MOONSAULT!

Mike Fisher: This guys is quicker than a fox!

Prototype-020 rolls out of the way just in the nick of time!

Scott James: Prototype-020's pretty quick himself! He was just barely able to get out of the way of that deadly moonsault!

Prototype-020 rolls over and makes the cover on Nick.


Mike Fisher: Prototype-020 tried to capitalize on Nick's mistake but Nick is just too fresh.

Nick picks up Prototype-020 and goes for a third suplex, but this time Prototype-020 is able to reverse and get his feet back on the ground. He flips Nick around and hits a neckbreaker! Prototype-020 is looking a bit frustrated. He hits a series of elbow drops on Nick to take out his anger.

Scott James: I think Prototype-020 is a bit salty.

Prototype-020 picks up Nick and hits a classic DDT. Prototype-020 then lifts Nick and hits him with a series of knees to the abdomen. Prototype-020 whips Nick into the ropes and hits a tilt-a-whirl slam on Nick on the return. Prototype-020 goes for the cover.



Scott James: Not even a two count there.

Mike Fisher: This Nick Hart is tougher than he looks!

Scott James: Are you saying Nick doesn't look tough?

Prototype-020 elbows Nick in the back a few times to send him back to the mat so he has a moment to catch his breath. Prototype-020 bows to the crowd, as if he is expecting adoration but receives nothing but boos. Prototype-020 picks up Nick and locks up with him. He takes Nick arms and applies a wristlock, but Nick reverses it into a wristlock of his own. After a few moments of struggling, Nick puts his elbow into Prototype-020's neck and pushes his head closer to the floor.

Mike Fisher: Classic chain wrestling here...

Nick tries to transition the hold into his Cigar City Stretch but Prototype-020 is able to break the hold and nail Nick with an uppercut, then another uppercut, and another! Nick is now reeling. Nick stumbles towards Prototype-020, and Prototype-020 hits Nick with a back body drop in the middle of the ring.

Scott James: Back body drop!

Prototype-020 picks up Nick and whips him into the corner. He charges the corner, but Nick slips out of the way just in time. Nick grabs Prototype-020's hair and slams him to the ground.

Mike Fisher: That is such a cheap tactic.

The referee steps in to admonish Nick while Nick is backed into the corner. He is playing dumb to the ref. Prototype-020 rises from the ground and jumps at Nick! Nick "accidentally" positions the referee in between them, and the referee takes a huge hit! The referee crumples to the floor.

Scott James: Mark your calendar folks! The first match in IIW history where the referee stuck his nose where it didn't belong! Hahaha.

Mike Fisher: Damnit, Scott. He's got a family for God's sakes! Nick did that on purpose, that son of a bitch!

While Prototype-020 looks down at the ref, Nick kicks Prototype-020 right in the balls! Prototype-020 falls to the mat while Nick smiles with content.

Scott James: I hope Prototype-020 didn't want children!

Nick slips outside and grabs a kendo stick and slides back in the ring. As Prototype-020 climbs to a crouched position, Nick strikes an stomach shot and then cracks the kendo stick over Prototype-020's head!

Mike Fisher: This just ain't right... that damn Nick should be fined, or fired, or both!

Scott James: If it were illegal, I'm sure the referee would've stopped the match, so calm your tits!

Nick tosses the kendo stick to the outside of the ring. Nick picks up Prototype-020... he gets set up, ENFORCED! Nick goes for the cover... but the referee is still down!

Mike Fisher: Hart's own dirty tactic has bit him squarely in the ass!

Nick goes over and smacks the back of the referees head, trying to wake him. Nick is now lifting on the collar of the referee and shaking him about.

Scott James: Wake up ref!

Prototype-020 sneaks up from behind and grabs Nick… Disintegrate! Prototype-020 rolls over on top of Nick as the referee stumbles over.

Mike Fisher: What a gut wrench powerbomb!




Scott James: So close!

RING ANNOUNCER: Your winner via pinfall... Prototype-020!

IIW Tag Team Championship


Ryan Hawkins climbs the steps as Chris slides into the ring and mouths off at Curtis and Russell Wayne. Wayne and Curtis give it right back. It is clear neither team is intimidated by the other. Chris laughs at the two as he climbs out of the ring, leaving Russell and Curtis alone to decide who to face him. Russell nods and climbs out of the ring as Curtis turns around to face him.

The bell rings and Curtis wastes no time going after Chris Nitro, smacking at him with punches and blows, but Chris Nitro powers through and shoves him into the corner roughly. Chris Nitro hammers away at the body of Black and finishes with a large slap to his chest.

Curtis cries out in pain and staggers forward, Chris Nitro clotheslines him in the back of the head and sends him hard to the mat. Chris Nitro steps on Curtis’s and walks over him. Ryan claps in his corner as Russell cringes in his. Chris Nitro lifts Curtis to his feet slaps in a bear-hug.

Curtis screams in pain as he struggles against the hold but Ryan Hawkins hangs on. Curtis hits punch after punch against Chris Nitro’s face, but Chris Nitro chucks him into the corner like a rag-doll. Black rebounds hard off the turnbuckle and smashes to the ground once again.

Back in the ring, Chris Nitro drags Curtis over to the corner and tags Chris in. Chris quickly leaps over the ropes and brings his knee down hard into the spine of Curtis. Curtis cries out in pain as Russell attempts to rally both he and the fans in him corner. Ryan lifts Curtis and shoves him roughly into the corner, hammering away at him with vicious stomps.

Scott James: Team Friendship had to figure that power would be a factor in this match.

Ryan turns and taunts Russell. Russell stands up in the corner with a look of rage on his face, he moves to strike Ryan, but is punched in the back of the head by Chris Nitro. Ryan stomps away at him again with vengeance, incensed by the fact that Curtis was about to strike him. Ryan backs into the corner opposite of him, keenly aware of Russell’s presence.

He runs at the corner and attempts to boot Curtis in the face, but he rolls out of the way and Ryan’ leg runs over the ropes, hanging himself up. Curtis grabs him by the hair and smashes his knee into Ryan’ back for a vicious back breaker.

Mike Fisher: Huge move by Curtis! He desperately needs to make a tag!

Curtis begins to stir and crawls towards his corner. Ryan is quickly to his feet and drags Curtis over to their corner, where he tags Chris Nitro in.

Mike Fisher: Curtis was so close, but The Purge seems to be on top of their game.

Chris Nitro splashes the back of Curtis.

Scott James: The Purge are proving to everyone how dominant they are here tonight. Is there any tag-team that can defeat them?! I certainly don’t think so.

Once again Chris Nitro lifts Curtis to his feet, but this time Curtis kicks him in the stomach and hits Chris Nitro with a vicious neck-breaker. Curtis covers.

One… Kickout!

Mike Fisher: Powerful kick out at one by Ryan Hawkins.

Chris Nitro makes his way to his feet with the assistance of the ropes as Curtis tags in Russell Wayne. Chris Nitro smiles confidently as Russell makes him way into the ring.

Scott James: What chance does Russell Wayne have against Ryan Hawkins?!

Mike Fisher: Curtis had no other choice but to tag-out. Team Friendship was not winning this match at the pace it was at. The power of The Purge is too much.

Russell stares down at Ryan Hawkins, as Ryan Hawkins stares at Russell. They circle each other before locking up. Ryan Hawkins quickly gains control. Russell sneaks out of the side-headlock that he found herself in and dropkicks him in the back.

Chris Nitro staggers forward and slams into the turnbuckle and rebounds off into a spinning-heel kick. Chris Nitro goes down hard. Russell covers.



Chris Nitro powers out and stands, still holding Russell Wayne in his arms.


Chris Nitro slams him down and the covers.



Thr—Kickout! At the last moment Russell Wayne kicks out.

Scott James: There was no logical way he should have kicked out of that.

Chris Nitro drags Russell Wayne over towards their corner as Ryan and Chris Nitro both stare down Curtis and taunt him, as he tags in his partner. Ryan hops back over the rope and kicks him hard in the face. Curtis walks back and forth on the corner, clearly upset. Ryan continues to t-off on Russell, stomping away at him in the corner.

Scott James: The size and power of Ryan and Chris Nitro is just too much for Team Friendship.

Ryan stomps at Wayne again, but he sneaks out of the way and rolls Ryan up!




Ryan is to his feet and looks surprised that he nearly lost the match. He boots him in the face and he falls back hard. Ryan tags Chris Nitro back in and the beast enters the ring once more. Chris Nitro bounces off the ropes and slams down onto Russell Wayne.

Scott James: The Purge has not let up. The size and power advantage is difficult to overcome!

Quick cover by Chris Nitro!




Ryan Hawkins stands up and yells at the referee, only to be kicked in the head by Russell Wayne. Cover by Team Friendship!



POWERFUL kick out at two by Ryan Hawkins. Chris Nitro rubs his forehead and stands up, looking upset. Russell Wayne moves to tag Curtis in but Chris Nitro grabs him ankle. He turns and moves to kick him in the face, but he dodges at the last second and Russell lands on his shoulders. Chris Nitro lifts him up and slams him down with and slams forwards.

Scott James: THE OUCH! NO way does he kick out of this!

Chris Nitro rolls into the cover.



Thre- Kickout!

Mike Fisher: How in the world did Russell Wayne just kick out!

Ryan Hawkins is on his knees, looking up at the referee with surprise. Curtis stands on the corner, holding his hand out for the tag. Russell begins to slowly crawl towards the cover. Chris Nitro tags in Ryan at the same time that Russell tags in Curtis. Curtis takes down Chris with a huge clothesline. He bounces off the ropes and attempts to hit another clothesline, but instead runs into a roundhouse kick. Quick cover by Ryan.



At the last moment Russell dives in and breaks up the cover. Ryan is quickly to his feet once more, a look of anger on his face. He picks Russell up by the hair, yelling at him as he does so. Once he reaches him feet, he once again attempts to kick him in the face. Russell ducks it, THE LAST RESORT!

He slumps a pin over





Curtis celebrates in the ring after him, and Russell Wayne has one of the IIW Tag Team Titles after a hard-fought victory over The Purge.

Mike Fisher: What a win by Team Friendship. If you had told me that Curtis and Russell Wayne would be able to coexist long enough to dethrone Nitro and Ryan Hawkins from the top of the tag team division, I have told you to give me what you're smoking.

Scott James: Well, you better roll it and smoke it because the Cinderella story has come true.

Back in the ring Curtis tries to hug Wayne but Russell is having none of it as he rolls out the ring leaving Curtis alone to celebrate. As Russell Wayne makes his way up to ramp a song starts to blast over the speakers.

No One Will Survive
Song by CFO$

As the song plays the fans erupt to a pop as Bam Miller comes out on stage with two Miller Lite glass bottles in his hands. He gulps one down and puts it in his back pocket as he continues down the ramp, passing by Russell Wayne, who looks at him with a curious look. Wayne stops halfway up the ramp with curiosity as he looks on.

Bam Miller walks up the steel steps, and steps inside the ring to greet Curtis with a Hug. Curtis jumps around the circle, excited to see his best friend back in IIW after being gone a while from Manchester. Bam finishes his second beer in the ring and instantly nails Curtis over the head with the glass bottle and blood starts dropping from a cut about his head. Russell Wayne ignores it at first as he turns his back about to leave but ten fans start up a chant.


Bam continues his assault on a bloody Curtis a he throws hard punches into his head.


Wayne conflicted with himself paces back and worth, then finally charges down to the ring as the fans erupt as he rushes inside the ring and tackles Bam off Curtis. As both man make it back to their feet they trade punches with each other until Russell Wayne gains the advantage and sends Bam over the top rope with a hard closeline. Bam escapes through the crowd. Meanwhile back in the ring Russell Wayne checks on a bloddy Curtis as medical has now hit the ring.

Mike Fisher: I can no believe what we just witness here tonight Bam Miller turns on Curtis for what reason Scott?

Scott James: I have no idea Mike but my God what a night this already turning out to be.

Medical puts Curtis on a stretcher as the roll him up the ramp to the back as Russell Wayne follows holding both belts.

The camera cuts away from ringside where we see two sets of feet walking along the backstage area. As the camera pans up see that it is Mike and Moira Arches. The pop from ringside echoes throughout the entire arena. They’re talking animatedly and laughing, until suddenly something stops them in their tracks. As we back out for a wide shot we notice Casie and Fred Debonair walking in the opposite direction. They all stop and Fred smirks.

Fred: “Well if it isn’t my good and one of my oldest friends… Mike! How are you buddy?! It’s been a while man…”

Mike: “Oldest friends? Is that some kind of age jab, Freddy? Because if so, you're not looking much better than me nowadays. But no, man. It's good to finally see you again.”

Moira: “Hi Fred. Hi Casie.”

Fred: “Age jab? Come on Mike you know me better than that! Although I see your knees are working well?! How’s the Academy treating you?”

Casie: “Hey guys, yeah congrats on the win, Moira… Shame it won’t last too long.”

Fred: “Casie…”

Moira: “You have some nerve, you know that?”

Mike: “Chill out, girls. We’re all basically family here. Fred was one of the first people to come visit your mom and I in the hospital when you were born Moira, and I’m pretty sure that was in the middle of a World Title reign too.”

Moira: “These people are NOT my family.”

Fred: “It was, I’m surprised you remembered that actually; and Moira c’mon you used to call me Uncle Fred all the time…”

Casie: “Wasn’t it Conkle Fwed?”

Fred: “Oh yeah that was it!”

Casie: “And you spent more than half your childhood at our house… I babysat you more times than I remember.”

Moira: “Sorry, guess I try and block out bad memories. Got to focus on that mental health, right Casie?”

Mike: “Anyway, it was nice seeing you guys again finally. Moira and I have some things to take care of, but good luck tonight against Cain. That kid ain’t too bad, hope you can hang with him like I did, Fred.”

Casie: “Hey c’mon that’s unfair… It’s not my fault Tyler wouldn’t look twice at you. Is it true you’re still dealing with that rash by the way?”

Fred: “Casie enough! You’re a grown woman… Anyway thanks Mike, always looking out for your friends, but I’m sure I’ll be fine. Just try to keep your pins in place and bring home that UK Title brother!”

Moira: “Is it true your wandering hands and eyes are the reason Fred and Angel broke up?”

Mike: “Moira! Over the line! Come on, let’s go.”

Casie and Moira begin to square up to one another, as Fred and Mike pull them away in opposite directions. Suddenly both Fred and Mike appear in shot again with a look of curious confusion.

Mike and Fred: “Is it true though?”

We then cut back to ringside being none the wiser.

Newbie Introduction!
vs vs [img] boroMan.jpg[/img
We return from the last segment and back to the commentary table

Mike Fisher: Welcome back to action ladies and gentlemen as we get set for the next match on the card.

Scott James:Yes indeed as the next match up will see three newly signed superstars to IIW as all three men will be looking to make an impact here tonight and start off on the right path. We’ve got Malboro Man Vs AVO Vs Chris Williams and it’s up next.

Jenny Fletche: Making his way to the ring from Richmond, Virginia I give you Marlboro Man!

Ghetto Cowboys by Bone Thugs hosts the speakers as Marlboro Man Walks to the ring smoking and enters the ring.

Headstrong" by Trapt

plays over the speakers

Jenny Fletcher: Making his way to the ring from Detroit, Michigan weighing in at 245 l give you Chris Williams!!!

As “Headstrong" by Trapt blasts from the sound system, Chris Williams sprints out from backstage and heads straight to the ring. The crowd responds with a roar of approval for Williams, who high fives as many as he can while heading down the ramp. He slides headfirst into the ring and keeps sprinting to the corner. Williams quickly climbs up the turnbuckle and throws his hand high into the air, pointing to the sky. As the music and crowd dies down, Williams climbs down from the turnbuckle and throws a few phantom punches to stay loose. He walks over to his corner go wait on the match.

We Will Not Go Quietly by Sixx AM plays over the speakers.

Jenny Fletcher: Making his way to the ring from Houston TX weighing in at 181 lbs I give you Axel Van Osbourne!

When Not Go Quietly begins a shower of pyro covers the entrance and Axel jumps through it. Pyro and lights blink and shoot off up and down the ramp as Axel makes his way to the ring. Grabbing the top rope he jumps into the ring dropping to one knee and pointing to the sky.

AVO, Chris Williams, and Malboro Man circle each other in the ring, each one looking to see who’d be the first to make a move. It’s Chris Williams who makes the first move, kicking AVO in the midsection. That’s when Malboro leapfrogs over Chris and hits a Stomp on the back of AVO sending him to the mat. Chris is still standing there shocked at what Malboro had just done as he smiles at him before hitting him with a Hurricanrana. Malboro then walks over to Chris grabbing his leg and hitting an Elbow Drop not once, not twice, but three times.

By this point AVO is back on his feet and as soon as Malboro gets to his feet he hits him with the Running Bulldog. AVO then sets Malboro up for an elbow drop he runes at the ropes and bouncing off them. As he does bounce off them he is interrupted by Chris who stops AVO in his tracks with a Palm Strike to the throat and follows it up with a Snap Suplex going for the pin.




AVO shows off his strength as he kicks out and he manages to throw Chris across the ring. This gives AVO enough time to get up to his feet as Malboro gets to his feet too. AVO runs at Malboro and Chris, taking them down with a Double Clothesline before throwing his hands up as the crowd cheers. Chris and Malboro get back to their feet, and as AVO turns around both Chris and Malboro kick AVO in the midsection before hitting him with a Double Suplex. The team work doesn’t last for long though as Malboro grins at Chris hitiingt him with the Genocide Kick (Superkick).

Chris falls flat on his back as AVO comes flying from the top rope hitting a beautiful phoenix splash right on top of Chris. AVO pops up and charges at Malboro man who lead up against the ropes. As soons as AVO comes at him Malboro man flips AVO over to the outside of the floor cfrashing hard to the ground as the fans explode with excitement. Malboro Man measures Chris Willams as he staggers back to his feet turning right into CHEMO. Malboro covers him for the pin.




Jenny Fletcher here is yout winner by pinfall Malboro Man!

AVO walks up the ramp holding the back of his head until hes blindsided by … SCOTTY ADAMS, he lifts AVO up in the air and delivers a Shattered Faith! On the ramp.


Scotty Adams stares down Malboro man from the ramp and then rushes inside the ring and they begin to brawl as Scotty gets the advantage of a tired and worn down Malboro man who’s already competed. Scotty hits him with a quick closeline knocking him down to the mat. Then begins to stomp away at Malboro Man. Scotty Measures him as Malboro trys to stagger to his feet. Scotty hits him with THE SILVER BULLET. Malboro Man lays lifeless in the ring as Scotty Adams stands over him as the scene fades out.

Grudge Match


Mike Fisher: What a night of action it has been here tonight, and just like a blunt, we're going to keep it rolling and smoking with hot action with our next match-up between Fred Debonair vs. Liam Cain.

Scott James: Yes indeed, this one will be a clash of old school vs. new school when these two collide tonight.

Mike Fisher: Well, we won't have to wait long as Jenny Fletcher is ready to announce the match.

Jenny Fletcher: Ladies and gentlemen, making his way to the ring, he weighs in at 225lbs, from Hickory, North Carolina I give you Liam Cain

The Duel by Michael Ramir C starts to play, and Liam Cain comes walking down the ramp. He takes his time walking up the steel steps, then steps in between ropes and poses in the ring, then walks to his corner to wait on his opponent.

Jenny Fletcher: Ladies and gentlemen hiss opponent for tonight, making his way to the being he weighs in at 224lbs from Hell’s Kitchen, New York I give you Fred Debonair!

Fred and Liam come out of their respective corners and meet in the center of the ring. Liam goes for a right hand right away, but Fred side steps out of the way and grabs his wrist, twisting it behind his back for a hammer lock. Fred drops down and brings him down to the mat, before spinning around on his back, and keeping the hold on. Liam forces his way back to his feet, and shoves his back. He goes for a jab with his right hand, but Fred counters with an arm drag and follows up with an elbow drop to the chest of Liam. Fred quickly goes for his arm for an armbar. Liam uses his strength to force his way into the ropes, and forcing the break.

Mike Fisher: Fred Debonair has come out of the gates hot tonight, showing young Liam how a veteran gets the job done.

Scott James: Of course he is.

Fred drops on elbow on his head and lets him get back to his feet, he kicks him a few times in the arms, before taking him by the arm and trying to whip him across the ring. Liam Puts the brakes on before yanking him forward and nearly taking his head off with a brutal clothesline. Liam stomps away on him and starts laying in several outlaw punches into his head and body, driving his back into the corner, where he lays several more rights and lefts, knocking him down to a seated position. Liam runs to the opposite of the corner and gets a running head of steam as he connects with a missile drop kick to the the face of Fred as his head snaps back in the corner. Liam starts playing to the fans and this time come back with a running cannon ball. Launching himself into Fred as the crowd goes wild .He now whips him along the ropes and whipping him across the ring.

Mike Fisher: Young Liam is showing Fred he can hang with even the best in the game.

Scott James: Goddamn it! what a match!!

Fred rebounds off the ropes and comes back across the ring. Liam jumps up, looking to land on him with a Lou Thesz Press. Fred stops short, and Liam lands hard on the mat on to his knees, and hits him in the arm with several kicks. Fred wrestles him down to the mat and gets back up to his feet and stomps on his arm several times, before taking him by the wrist and twisting his arm around and dropping down to the mat, and rolling over before lifting his feet in the air and dropping his knees down into Liams arm.

Fred works Liam into the corner, where he wraps his arm around the top rope and pulls as hard as he can, before releasing at the count of four to avoid disqualification. Fred brings Liam down with an arm drag out of the corner, and rolls out of the ring while holding onto his arm. He slams his arm into the ring apron a few times before wrapping his legs around the arm and pulling back, locking him into a hanging armbar! With Liam under the ropes, the count begins again, and Fred releases at the count of four. Fred slides back into the ring, and takes him by the arm again, this time pulling it back as he places a knee onto his back.

Mike Fisher: Fred has taken full control here, and Liam has taken a LOT of damage to that arm, but is showing refusal to quit.

Fred continues to hold Liam down and throws a couple knees into his arm, but Liam is able to force his way back to his feet, and throw repeated headbutts into Fredd face. He unleashes a bunch of right hand punches into his body and head, driving his back into the ropes. He whips his across the ring and when he rebounds back, levels his with a double fist, shaking out his left arm after impact. He pops back up, and he hits it again, and again, and again. Fred stumbles into the corner where Liam hits him with an enzguri rocking Fred in the corner as he walks out of the corner and falls flat on his face. Liam runs towards the ropes and hits a springboard moonsault across the back of the Fred. Liam gets right back up and hits a knee stomp into the back of Fred, Liam rolls him over and goes for a pin.




But Fred kicks out! Liam hits his with a long series of angry stomps showing his frustration before climbing up to the top rope, and stands there sizing his up as he gets back to his feet, Liam launches himself into Fred as he turns around right into a spear from the top rip, driving Fred down to the mat. Liam picks up him and hits a DDT, and goes for a pin.




Kick out by Fred Debonair again.

Mike Fisher: My God what a match and what a kick out by Fred.

Liam gets up and starts arguing with the referee, Fred crawls over behind Liam and pushes him inadvertently into the referee as he squashes him into the corner and the referee rolls lifeless outside the ring. Fred gets up just realizing what just happens looks over the ropes to yell at the referee to get back up. Liam comes up from behind Fred and tries to hit a back breaker but Fred counters it into a Reverse Gory special Powerbomb. Both man lay motionless in the ring and the fans erups to Andy Donahue and Chris Trigger running down the ramp and entering the ring. They pick up Fred Debonair and hit a double super kick follow up by a double PowerBomb planting Fred down in the middle of the ring. Trigger pulls Liam on top of him as Andy chucks the referee back into the ring. The Celtic club higtails it back up the ramp as the referee starts to count.

Mike Fisher: What the HELL was that ScottJenny FletcherThis match can't end like this.




NO Fred kicks out at the last minute, Liam and the fans are in disbelief. The Celtic Club stop up the top of the ram shocked as well and continue to head to the back. Liam picks Fred up and slings him into the corner and goes for a closeline but Fred steps out the way and hits a cutter on Liam. Fred staggers to the ropes holding himself up, He bounces himself off the ropes as Liam stands up and walks right into the Enigma Divide(Double Knee Facebreaker.)

Mike Fisher: Thats got to be it, Fred just hit Enigma Divide.

The referee gets into position as Fred rolls Liam over for the count.




Jenny Fletcher: Here is your winner by pinfall Fred Debonair!!!

Fred Debonair slowly gets up as the referee lifts his hand up towards the crowd. The fans cheer Fress name as he plays to the crowd. Liam pulls himself up by the ropes and starts walking towards Fred, The referee starts to step in front of them but Liam extends his hand out to Fred.He curiously looks at the hand for a moment but Fred shakes Liams hand.

Scott James: What a great display of sportsmanship after what happens during that match. You love too see it Mike.

Mike Fisher: Yeah, it's a good moment indeed, but you got to think Freds got his sights set on The Celtic Club now.

Liam rolls out the ring walks up the ramp leaving Fred Debonair to celebrate in the ring as the scene cuts to the next segment.