The ref turns to the time keeper and signals for the bell to be rung. Malboro Man and Nitro walk out to the center of the ring and Nitro starts to poke fun at Malboro Man's look and begins to mock him and even blows kisses at him. Before long Malboro Man slaps Nitro across the face and the fans erupt with a loud ovation as Nitro looks at the ref and tells him to admonish Malboro Man over the slap. But Malboro Man grabs his arm and twists it twice before Nitro starts to scream in pain but soon he walks over to the ropes and grabs the top rope and back flips out of the armlock and then arm drags Malboro Man across the ring. Malboro Man gets up and runs back at Nitro who quickly leg sweeps Malboro Man and then climbs on Malboro Man's back and delivers a few weak punches to the back of his neck and then tries to lock in a sleeper but Malboro Man manages to get to the bottom rope and forces Nitro to break the attempted sleeper. As Nitro is forced off of Malboro Man he makes a grimacing face and shakes his arms as if they were hurt.

Mike Fisher:You'd think this guy was punching brick walls the way he's shaking his arms after punching Malboro Man.
Scott James:If thats the case then Nitro picked the wrong profession to be in if a simple punch hurts you more than your opponent.

Malboro Man rolls out of the ring and looks at Nitro who points at him and trash talks but gets too close to the ropes and thats when Malboro Man grabs Nitro by his legs and yanks them from under him and then he grabs one of Nitro' leg and slams it onto the ring apron. Nitro grabs at his knee but is pulled out of the ring and given a stiff shot with a elbow to his face as Malboro Man pulls him onto his shoulders and walks towards the ring steps with Nitro and tosses him up as if he was going for a GTS but lets Nitro fall face first onto the top of the steel steps as the fans cheer it on and the ref admonishes him about doing it and he slides back into the ring to take the verbal abuse and to stop the refs count. Nitro lays on the arena floor holding his face as Malboro Man looks back down at him and smiles. He steps out onto the ring apron as Nitro gets to his feet and stumbles around and turns around in time to have Malboro Man run off the apron and dive and wrap his legs around Nitro head using a hurricanrana and sending Nitro into the barricade. Malboro Man pops up and celebrates as the fans erupt for him and he walks over and pulls Nitro up and drags him back over to the ring apron and shoves him back into the ring.

Mike Fisher:Malboro Man showing his aerial assault here tonight.
Scott James:But one has to wonder is when is one of those moves gonna be one too many for Malboro Man and possibly cost him.

Malboro Man poses a few times for the fans as he jumps back onto the ring apron and grabs the top rope and leaps up onto it and leaps off for a 450 splash but Nitro rolls out of the way and rests on the ring apron as Malboro Man lands chest and face first into the mat and Nitro pulls himself up slowly and stumbles towards the corner where he climbs the ropes and stands on the top rope as Malboro Man stands up unaware of where Nitro is and is dazed as Nitro stands on the top rope and watches as Malboro Man looks for him. He then leaps off the top rope and delivers a missle dropkick to Malboro Man's back and the impact sends Malboro Man crashing into the corner chest first. Nitro gets up and takes a running charge at Malboro Man in the corner and splashes him in the corner but instead of letting Malboro Man fall out of the corner he holds him there and starts to drive his shoulder into the small of Malboro Man's back repeatedly. Nitro then backs up and raises his arms in the air and then grabs his head with his hands and then falls to the mat onto his knees. Malboro Man slowly forces his way out of the corner holding his back and stumbles into the center of the ring where Nitro is kneeling. As Nitro makes his way up… Malboro Man delivers the CASH SETTLEMEN whipping him straight in the throat, Nitro begins to cough as Malboro pushes him towards the ropes… lifting him up there he positions him for CHEMO…. BACK BREAKER OFF THE TOP ROPE

He goes for the pin




Jenny Fletcher: Your winner by Pinfall… THE MALBORO MAN!

After the match a pair of figures dressed in black wearing hoods jump over the guardrail and attack Chris Nitro at ringside. Hitting him from behind with a double axe handle the smaller of the two bulls over Nitro and the pair of them start kicking him over and over.

Mike Fisher: Now just what the hell is this about! This match is over! Who in the hell are these guys and just where did they come from?

Scott James: I'd say out of the crowd from the looks of it.

Mike Fisher: Thanks for clarifying the obvious, but what is it they want?

Scott James: I'd say Nitro owes them money!

Mike Fisher: They better get it back quick because here comes Ryan Hawkins to help out his partner!

Hawkins bolts out from the back at a full sprint down to ringside to where the two men are beating down his partner. Just before he can reach them to even the odds he's blindsided by another hooded man in all black who hits him with a jumping knee off the barricade.

Mike Fisher: What the hell! Now Hawkins is down too and there's a third man out here! Where's Phoenix in all this!

Scott James: He's busy getting ready for his title match, he has no idea his Purge partners are out here getting their asses handed two them!

Mike Fisher: Because they got jumped from behind by a trio of men laying in wait like snakes in the grass!

Scott James: Well it's working!

The first two men throw Nitro head first through the ringside barricade and roll in the ring, before the third guy tosses Ryan Hawkins headfirst into them. Each of the men hold an arm as the third man grabs a steel hair from ringside and slowly stalks up the steps to the ring.


The Managing Director of IIW walks out from the back by himself. Microphone in hand he storms down to the ring.

Bob Mitchell: Nobody in this ring better move a goddamned muscle before I say so!

Mike Fisher: We might finally get some justice out here!

Mitchell climbs the rings steps opposite the ones the man with the chair entered the rings and slowly joins the men in the ring, staring daggers at the man holding the chair. Meanwhile on the outside a group of paramedics and officials rush to the aid of Chris Nitro laying on the floor.

Bob Mitchell: Now just what in the hell is going on here? What in the hell has gotten into everyone in MY company? Disorder and bedlam all over the place, I wouldn't have any idea I was in charge if it didn't say so in my bio. Every ten minutes on MY SHOW someone's jumping someone else from some goddamned reason or another and this is all starting to feel a whole hell of a lot like a bad dream or some sort of Deja Vu. There's one guy hurt there at ringside, there's another one held ransom right here... I've had enough of this, you look like a bunch of bad movie villains. You two take off those hoods right now...

Still holding Ryan Hawkins who is as confused as he is hurt, the two men holding him use their off hands to pull off their hoods revealing..

Mike Fisher: BUM Squad!!!! What the hell! The BUM Squad just jumped the Tag Champions from behind! What in the world... That means the third guy HAS to be Benz!

Scott James: There's no doubt! Benz is BACK with the BUM Squad!

Bob Mitchell: What the hell are you men doing? Jumping the Tag Team Champions? Who put you up to this?... Don't answer, because we already know. You...

He turns back to the man holding the chair.

Bob Mitchell: This feels really familiar doesn't it? Destruction all around, someone's standing there holding a chair, and look at you...

He turns to face Ryan Hawkins who's still being held by BUM.

Bob Mitchell: You still never even saw it coming, did you?

Before another word can be spoken the third hooded man swings the chair and cracks Hawkins over the head with it.

Mike Fisher: Benz just about KILLED Hawkins with that chair! And all for what?

Scott James: He did it for Bob Mitchell!

Bob Mitchell: You think I hadn't heard everything you said? You think I was so busy I didn't pay attention to every little dig? Look at everything I gave you! A shot at the World Title, the TV Championship, and all AFTER you stabbed me in the BACK! You really didn't think any of this would come back to bite you? I gave you EVERYTHING and you tried to throw it all away. Well, boy, these are all your sins remembered.

He grabs the hood on the last man and pulls it off.

Mike Fisher: BLADE ALEXANDER!!! It was BLADE under the hood all along!

Scott James: I KNEW IT!

Mike Fisher: Blade is BACK and he just sent one HELL of a message to Ryan Hawkins! He's back, and he's come for revenge!

[The scene opens up and we are backstage with TJ Alexander and Shaun Hart both wearing Michael Morrison]

Michael Morrison: Ladies and Gentleman we are here with TJ Alexander and Shaun Hart, guys how are you?

TJ: Michael we are doing great, especially now without that Brandon Hendrix.

[TJ Smiles]

Michael Morrison: Shaun, I know it’s been a emotional issue with you and how close you was with Brandon Hendrix, have you heard from him?

Shaun Hart: Michael as I’ve said recently I’ve had no contact with him, his blaocked me on all social media, and through every other communication but things are looking up for Team Hollywood.

[TJ Coughs]

Shaun Hart: I mean things are looking up for TJ and myself.

Michael Morrison: Clearly things are strange at the moment for you but are Team Hollywood going to be recruiting?

TJ: Michael Team Hollywood is dead and buried, I’m gonna ask you this and never mention Team Hollywood again.

Michael Morrison: So what do we call you?

[TJ Smiles]

TJ: You’ll find at Up In Smoke.

Shaun Hart: At Up In Smoke something big begins, just wait and see.

[Scene ends]


Shawn Stone is quick on the attack as he pushes Ryan down with a quick shoveShawn Stone pulls Ryan McCann up to his feet. Shawn Stone irish whips Ryan McCann towards the ropes but Ryan McCann reverses it and falls to one knee holding his head causing the ref to walk over to check on him


Shawn Stone shoots his shoulder out from pin and Ryan McCann looks at the ref holding up three fingers but the ref shows him two. Ryan McCann gets up and pulls Shawn Stone up by his hair and delivers a weak european uppercut to Shawn Stone which only jars Shawn Stone to stumbles into a corner. Ryan McCann follows in after him and grabs Shawn Stone's arm and tries for an irish whip but Shawn Stone reverses it pulling Ryan McCann towards the corner but Ryan McCann jumps onto the second rope and as Shawn Stone charges in for a shoulder block Ryan McCann school boys him and the ref goes for a count but can't cause Shawn Stone has rolled through it and grabs Ryan McCann legs and flips over for a pin but before the ref could slam his hand down for a count Ryan McCann bridges out of it and spins with Shawn Stone and forces Shawn Stone into a backslide the ref counts.


Shawn Stone kicks out of it and rolls to his feet and as Ryan McCann gets up and makes an attempt to go for his patent roll up but Shawn Stone blocks it with a kick to Ryan McCann gut and tries to go for a northern lights suplex but Ryan McCann delivers two elbows slams into Shawn Stone's back. Ryan McCann goes for a neck breaker but Shawn Stone reverses it and kicks Ryan McCann in the gut again and grabs his and runs towards the ropes and tries for a tornado ddt but Ryan McCann blocks it and continues the spin and forces Shawn Stone onto the top rope and delivers a open handed slap to the side of Shawn Stone's face. Ryan McCann backs up and runs in but catches a boot to the face as he turns around dazed Shawn Stone wraps his legs around Ryan McCann neck and forces Ryan McCann to carry his weight. Shawn Stone makes it look like he's going for a victory roll but quickly spins around and delivers THE GRAND SLAM… Shawn Stone tiredly pushes his way onto Ryan McCann and grabs his leg and the ref slides in for the count.


Mike Fisher: What an evening it's been so far and there's more to come ladies and gentleman! Scott James: That's right, as we get closer to Up In Smoke more matches are being announced, and last week we witnessed two Beat The Clock matches! Mike: Jason set the standard when he beat IIW International Champion John Cavanagh in under 8 minutes and unfortunately for Dan DiStoner he couldn't quite best the time, as his time clocked in over 8 minutes! Scott: And Myers has remained quiet about what he has planned for DiStoner at Up In Smoke... All of a sudden the titantron is lit up and Myers is sat backstage, the light is dim as he tells the cameraman to remain focused on his face as he begins to speak: Myers: A few weeks ago I beat Cavanagh, in quick fashion I'd like to add. Couldn't quiet put your money where your mouth is, huh Johnny boy? You see when I say I'm gonna do something I do it, and I said I'd beat you in quick fashion. We've all seen legendary Title holders go up to an hour with their Championships on the line, and what we witnessed at Mayhem was supposed to be a special night; Champion vs Champion with Up In Smoke ramifications on the line. What you fail to realise is that on that night it wasn't just my aim to beat you in quick succession, but it was your chance to show the world what you can do. It was your chance to prove why you're a Champion. Alls I seen that night was a choke artist. I humiliated you and I embarassed you and I question how you're a Champion in the first place and I question what management sees in you that I should demand they strip you of the Title and hand it to me because I'm someone who won't embarass them. But fortunately for you I have bigger fish to fry and trust me kid, when I see fit, I'll come knocking on your door, embarass you again and add prestige to the International Championship, much like what I've done with the IIW Legends Championship. Myers pauses for a second as he gets to his feet and paces around, demanding the cameraman to remain focused on his face again as he remains shrouded; Myers: Which brings me to mine and DiStoner's match at Up In Smoke. What could I possibly conjure up to once again dismantle DiStoner in front of the entire world? Do I dare bring back Hell's Inferno? Do I bring back my own creation much like Dr. Frankenstein and once again burn DiStoner alive? Do I conjure up another original creation that is so sinister that it may put the company in hot water where they'll be forced to close their doors? Do I just choose a basic one on one contest and defeat you in a singles match, show off my wrestling expertise, expose you for your lack of wrestling skills and beat you a hell of a lot quicker than I did with Cavanagh? Hell, do I even put this very Championship on the line? This is where I hold all of the cards. But you know that just isn't my style; There is no way in hell we can replicate what we did at Worlds Collide or at Explosion. And I made a vow to elevate the prestige of this Championship so it'll be on the line. So here it is, at Up In Smoke I'm going to take you on...in a Submissions Count Anywhere match! A little history lesson for you, back in NWA about a decade or so ago, I defeated Ryan Omega in a Submissions Count Anywhere Iron Man match for the NWA World Championship. Something I haven't really shown in my 7 months in IIW is my submission expertise, and at Up In Smoke I'll make you tap like a little bitch! Myers continues to pace around as he seems to question himself before he goes to speak once more; And I'll also take you on in a Strap Match! We'll be attached by a leather strap and the aim is to hit all four corners before we have to make a pin. I'll give you the whooping your folks should have given you when you were being a little shit. Myers then signals for the lights to fill the room as it's revealed he's been stood atop a structure; a ring is placed beneath him as there's scaffolding around and a glass centre; Behold! The first ever Glass Ceiling Match! There's been a lot of talk about breaking through a glass ceiling lately and what better way to end our saga than actually putting one another through this glass ceiling? I'm going to take you on in a 3 Stages Of Hell Match! My only qualm is that we won't get to see this match unfold because I aim to cripple you so badly in the Submission Match you won't be able to walk, then I'll hog tie you like the pig that you are and beat you. All of a sudden Dan DiStoner makes his way to the ring with a mic in hand; DiStoner: Myers I'll give you some credit. That is a hell of a stipulation. But you've signed your own death warrant with this. It's irrelevant what happens in the first few matches because I still aim to bash your skull off the glass to end you once and for all! But before we get to Up In Smoke, I'm gonna embarass you some more. I know your dirty little secret. Myers: What the hell are you talking about DiStoner?! You've got nothing on me! DiStoner: Get your ass down to the ring or else I talk! Myers then climbs down the structure and makes a beeline from the backstage area as he approaches gorilla position: DiStoner: Tick tock Myers! Myers then reaches the top of the ramp but DiStoner holds the mic up and speaks: DiStoner: You see, something all of you may not know about Jase is that when he was divorced, he was a very desperate man. Me and him, we used to be real close buddies. One time when he came over to America, me and him, we met up and hit up some strip joints in San Francisco. He told me he it had been a while since he got laid and asked me to hook him up. So I rang the only chick who'd put out for 20 bucks and a Subway. And that is the woman we see with Myers to this very day. Miss Lilith Morningstar! That's right, Jase is banging the town whore! Myers slides into the ring before requesting a mic: Myers: Is that the best you can do, huh? From what she tells me about you, what you have in your pants is the equivalent of a cocktail sausage! DiStoner: You got jokes, huh? That's real cute. What I've got down there is incomparable! The crowd begins to chant Cocktail Weenie to DiStoner as he gets embarassed and gets frustrated: DiStoner: Shut up you limey pricks! Your women over here look like neanderthals and you men are the reason why condoms were invented! Myers you son of a bitch... At that point Myers slaps DiStoner, sending him back before he drives his elbow in the back of DiStoner's neck before he gets to his knees and strikes him with lefts and rights before getting to his feet and lines him up for a punt kick to the stomach. Myers then exits the ring as he looks under the ring, grabbing a kendo stick before sliding it into the ring. He grabs a steel chair and slides into the ring with it in his grasp. He wraps it around the ankle of DiStoner and stomps on the chair continously, refusing to let up. Myers then grabs the kendo stick, wraps it around the neck of DiStoner and pulls back as DiStoner goes blue in the face. Officials then charge down the ramp as they try to pry Myers off of DiStoner. Some succeed but Myers grabs the kendo stick and strikes each official before grabbing DiStoner by the neck and delivers No Remorse onto the steel chair as more officials run down the ramp. Myers slides out of the ring and exits through the crowd as a stretcher is rolled down the ramp for DiStoner as we cut to commercial.

vs vs

As Zack Steele makes his way to the ring, suddenly he is ambushed by none other than Jay Vaughan!

Jay Vaughan – This is it Zack, youv’e been walking around here like you own the place, not caring a damn what damage you and your family have done to my family, when Osh returned he gave us the message that no one who has cost him is safe!
I’m now here to avenge the pain you’ve caused my family…. At UP IN SMOKE… I WANT YOU in the ring!

Jay finally picks up Zack and delivers the V-BOMB off the stage as he looks on and smirks while Ryan McCann and Ed Ridell stand in the ring looking on…

The referee has no option but to call for the match to start as a now one on one match

The bell rings and both wrestlers dive straight into the tie up, with Ryan McCann pulling Ed Ridell into a headlock but it doesn’t last long. Ed Ridell pushes Ryan McCann off and into the ropes only to be knocked down with a shoulder block. Ryan McCann hits the ropes as Ed Ridell gets up and looks for a clothesline but Ed Ridell ducks under and catches Ryan McCann as he comes back with a windmill kick. Ryan McCann uses the ropes to pull himself up but Ed Ridell whips him across the ring and sets him up for an STO, but Ryan McCann lands an elbow to the side of the head then drops him with a legsweep DDT! Ryan McCann rolls him over and makes the cover …

1 … Ed Ridell kicks out!

Ryan McCann pulls him up and throws Ed Ridell at the ropes, looking for a clothesline but Ed Ridell ducks underneath and drops Ryan McCann with a neckbreaker then hits the ropes and slams him back with a low drop kick to the face. Ryan McCann doesn’t have time to react as Ed Ridell wraps him up in a sharpshooter, but its quickly broken as Ryan McCann manages to grab the ropes. Ed Ridell goes to whip Ryan McCann across the ring but Ryan McCann reverses it, sending Ed Ridell rebounding back towards him and taking him down with a spinning heel kick. Ed Ridell scrambles up but he’s quickly knocked down again with a missile drop kick. Ed Ridell gets to him knees but Ryan McCann damn near takes him head off with a shining wizard. Ryan McCann makes the cover …

1 … 2 … Ed Ridell kicks out!

Ryan McCann tries to pull him up but Ed Ridell catches him with a jawbreaker and staggers him enough to throw him into the ropes and drop him with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker then waits for him to get up before planting him with a springboard bulldog! Ed Ridell hooks the leg …

1 … 2 … Ryan McCann kicks out!

Ed Ridell lands a standing moonsault then heads up the turnbuckle, leaping off and looking for a 450 splash but the former world champion gets the knees up! Ed Ridell doesn’t have time to catch him breath as Ryan McCann drags him up and throws him at the ropes, taking him down with a double arm DDT. Ryan McCann pulls him up and throws him into the corner, looking for a handspring back elbow, but Ed Ridell gets both him feet up, stopping Ryan McCann in him tracks. Ed Ridell plants Ryan McCann with a bulldog then rolls him over for a cover …

1 … 2 … Ryan McCann kicks out!

Ed Ridell pulls him up and throws him into the corner then charges but Ryan McCann holds onto the top rope and leaps up, pulling Ed Ridell down into a sunset flip style roll up …

1 … 2 … 3!!!!

Jenny Fletcher: Your winner ED RIDELL!!

In the back of the IIW Arena. Paramedics are loading a stretcher with Dan DiStoner strapped down. After being laid out in the ring by Jason Myers earlier in the night. A defiant Distoner begins to argue with the first responders and takes off the belts holding him into place on the gurney. He kicks the door open. And pushes other medical personel out of his way.

DiStoner makes his way to the gorilla position and heads out to the ring during a match between enhancement talents The Masked Mauler and Simon Star. He slides in and nails Simon Star with a vicious lariat. And throws The Masked Mauler into the ropes. DiStoner hits him with a drop toe hold followed by a vicious cutter. He picks Simon up and nails him with a Cash Out. leaving both enhancement talents laid out in the ring. He grabs a microphone from a tech and glares down at the two men laying in the ring.

DiStoner: Jason. You think this is all fun and games. Well you son of a bitch. I hope you were keeping a close eye on what I just did to these two pieces of garbage laying here in this ring. This right here. Is a look into your immediate future. At Up in Smoke. When we end this war between us. This is what you have to look forward to. Now you have seen and felt my Cash Out many times. But what you just witnessed happen to The Masked Mauler. Is something I have been working on. A drop toe hold into a cutter. That I like to call "The Roach Clip".

You see Jase. I know you are gonna stop at nothing to make sure that I don't make it to Up in Smoke in one piece. As I was laying in the ring earlier. I could hear everything that came out of your mouth. And I am very well informed about what you decided as the stipulation to our match in two weeks. And let me just tell you Jase. This match is destined to be Match of the Night. And Likely match of the year. It will be a benchmark in brutality. And will be spoken of for years to come. And when the dust settles. And the smoke clears. Only one man. Can walk out victorious.

Jase, matches and wars like we have had for the last 7 months. Would take years off of any other superstars career. But the harder we fight. No matter what stipulation is there. Is a testament to what we are willing to put our bodies thru. For the sake of this business. And for that. I can't believe I am saying this. I respect the fuck out of you. But that respect only goes so far. At Up in Smoke. In this ring. I'm going to rip you apart. You favorite band speaks of Beasts under your bed. In your closet. In your head. Jason. I am more in your head than any other opponent has been. Let the hate you have boiling inside consume you. Its the only way. To release your full potential in this "Comeback" of yours. Embrace the Hate Jase. Embrace it.

Distoner drops the microphone in the middle of the ring. As Mayhem goes to a commercial break.


Liam Cain is in the ring as Devin Stone is facing up to him

Mike Fisher: Devin Stone hasn’t had the best start here and Liam got off to a losing start in the last event…

Before the bell can Ring the new Head of Operations Shaun Hart makes his way out to the ring

Shaun Hart: As your new Head of Operations, I feel like spicing things up around here, so this will now be a LOSER LEAVES TOWN MATCH! That’s right, neither of you have started well here and we just don’t carry people here anymore! NOW RING THE BELL

The Bell rings as Devin Stone looks on his shock, he turns around and Liam Cain is looking angrily at him, he smashes him in the mouth repeatedly as Devin Stone backs up against the ropes, he continues to pummel away at him before whipping him into the opposite corner, he charges him up with a strong clothesline… as Devin stumbles out of that corner

He nails the Hickory Handshake knocking Devin Stone off his feet

Mike Fisher: This isn’t looking foor for Devin Stone

Scott James: I feel Liam Cain has really been on a mission here!

As Devin steps back to his feet Double Aught!!!! Basically knocking Devins head off as he drops out again

Liam stands on top of Devin with one foot as he tells the ref to count the pin




Jenny Fletcher: Your winner…. LIAM CAIN

Liam makes a quick exit as the crowd chant






Blind by Korn blares through the area as John Tolly makes his way to the ring, he's accompanied this time by Jenny and his body guard Heinderick. Heinderick immediately gets in the face of Ryan.

Scott James: Oh oh? looks like we could get some action before the match even starts. Heinderick getting right in the face of the TV Champ, showing no intimidation.

Mike Fisher: at 7 ft tall and over 300lbs there is very little that can intimidate the Flemish Giant.

after a few seconds Heindrerick backs off and Ryan slowly turns around and right into a CHAMPAIGN DREAM DDT!

Mile Fisher:WHAT THE HELL??

Scott James: I think Tolly inc just joined forces with Shaun Hart and TJ Alexander

John sits on the mat looking over at Shaun Hart who has a completely shocked look on his face, the looking quickly fades into a smile as one creeps across my face. Shaun gets in the ring as John and TJ start to lay the boots into Ryan.

Tolly takes the mic

John: 23 years, thats how long i have been in professional wrestling. 23 years, and in that time I have won championship after championship, accolade after accolade. Yet after all this time, after every title held its still the same. Everytime I sign with a new company, I'm told that what I did in the past doesn't matter and that I have to "earn" my shots.

John chuckles as he scratches the back of his neck.

John: Earn my shot huh? Ok. Well let me tell you something! I don't have to earn shit! You want to know what gives me the right to stand here and challenge for any title in this damn company?
Its not just the fact that i have won over 24 titles in my career, or the fact that I have proven time and time again that i am the best wrestler in the world! Its the fact that I have give my blood sweat and tears to this business.

The crowd cheers for John in appreciation.

John: NO! YOU DON'T HAVE THE RIGHT! I have wrestled with a cracked vertebrae, with a concussion but you people need a week off work for a hangnail. So you can take your applause and shove it up your fat asses! At up in smoke...the reign of the Empire begins


The bell rings our referee for this contest Jimmy Schultz steps from between the two competitors, the crowd noise surging! Mike Arches and Eddie Zam circle each other briefly before Mike Arches goes in with a big swinging forearm, but Eddie Zam reacts like lightning, ducking under it and sweeping the legs. Eddie Zam is into the ropes like a flash, coming back and landing a running shooting star press!

Mike Fisher: Did that honestly just happen in the first six seconds of this match?
Scott James: Eddie Zam wasting no time in going high risk!
Mike Fisher: Mike Arches is gonna mess his shit allllll up!

Eddie Zam holds his gut slightly as he drags Mike Arches to his feet, sending his into the ropes and dropping his back to the mat with an enzuigiri as he approaches! Eddie Zam hits the ropes again and comes back with a springboard moonsault! The crowd are in awe of his athleticism and go crazy as he goes for a pin!


....Mike Arches powers out! Eddie Zam is quick to his feet, trying to cut off Mike Arches getting to his feet with some stomps, but the champion manages to battle through the boots and clocks Eddie Zam with a nasty looking uppercut! Eddie Zam staggers back and Mike Arches pushes him back into the corner, following on and lifting a knee strike right into the gut! Eddie Zam buckles over forward and powers him to the floor


..Eddie Zam rolls his shoulders out of the pin, Mike Arches showing no sign of frustration yet

Scott James: Eddie Zam needs to keep moving, speed could win him this match.
Mike Fisher: Or it could run him into a broken nose a bit quicker...

Eddie Zam rolls into the ropes and drops outside the ring, trying to recuperate as he slowly climbs to his feet. Mike eyes his opportunity, hitting the far ropes and sprinting across the ring, throwing herself between the ropes in a suicide dive! Eddie Zam’s reactions are lightning though, ducking out of the way, leaving Mike to crash head first into the outside barrier, a sickening crack emanating through the arena!

Mike Fisher: MEDIC!
Scott James: Holy shit, I think Mike might be out cold
Mike Fisher: I wouldn’t worry about being unconscious, he might have a fractured skull, he hit that barrier like a dart!

Eddie Zam see’s his opening, pulling a limp Mike to his feet and having to forcefully drag and roll his into the ring. Eddie Zam quickly makes a cover, hooking both legs on a seemingly unconscious Mike!



...The referee’s hand almost grazes the mat before he realise Mike has somehow got his hand firmly clasped around the bottom rope!

Eddie Zam hits the top rope, the flashbulbs around the arena flickering as he launches off the turnbuckle with a death defying 450 splash, but there’s nobody home, Mike Arches somehow managing to roll over, leaving Eddie Zam to crash face first into the mat! Mike Arches rolls to the corner, pulling herself up with the ropes, staggering towards a prone Zam he somehow drags him to his feet, dead lifting him and spinning him round, before delivering THE HIGH ROAD!




Mike Fisher: He’s done it, he continues his winning streak!!!! MIKE ARCHES IS OUR WINNER

The mournful violins of Panopticon’s “Rope Burn Exit” begin to play over the arena’s PA system as the crowd begins to let out a steady stream of boos. The guitars kick in and the lights begin to strobe, and after a few moments - slightly longer than the delay to which the audience has become accustomed - Jack Hill steps out from behind the curtain, looking not quite like his usual self. His usually crisp, clean clothing is wrinkled and slightly dirty. His hair, usually swept back, hangs haphazardly across his brow. His usually warm smile and a confident gait are nowhere to be seen, instead replaced by an almost blank stare and a slightly shambling walk.

Mike Fisher: Looks like we’re going to be hearing from The Country Doctor after his big loss last week.
Scott James: Yeah, if he doesn’t collapse on the way to the ring, first. I mean, jeez, look at the guy!

Rather than bounding up into the ring, Jack lumbers up the ring steps and slowly steps between the ropes before trudging over to the other side of the ring to grab a microphone. He looks around the arena with weary eyes as his music slowly fades out.

Jack: Howdy folks.

The crowd lets out a renewed chorus of boos as Jack chuckles weakly.

Jack: Yeah, I ‘spose I ain’t deserve the warmest o’welcomes ‘round here. Lord knows I ain’t exactly gone out mah way t’make friends since I ‘rrived here.

He pauses for a moment, nodding slightly as the crowd continues to jeer. He holds up a hand to the crowd, motioning for them to quiet down a bit.

Jack: I un’erstand y’all’s displeasure, b’lieve me, I do. As y’all can prolly tell by lookin’ at me, I ain’t too happy with mahself neither at the moment. It’s about all a feller can do t’drag hisself outta bed’n the mornin’ when he realizes just what a got-damn fool he’s been.

The crowd quiets as Jack continues to speak.

Jack: Now I’m sure most o’y’all’s prolly thinkin’ I’m sore ‘bout losin’ las’ week t’Mr. Phoenix, an’ I guess I am, a bit. Ain’t nobody in this business what likes t’come up short. But I’s come up short afore, an’ all it’s ever done is light a fire under mah ass t’make sure it don’t happen again. Naw, what’s really eatin’ me up right now? It’s knowin’ that I… well, I’s been a right bastard.

He pauses for a moment, swallowing hard as his eyes start to glisten.

Jack: I ain’t expect y’all t’quite un’erstand what I’m talkin’ about, but… know that all the hurtin’ wicked folks that I’s done here’n this ring an’ in countless others, it pales in comparison t’the hurtin’ I done t’folks what ain’t deserve it. An’ I tol’ mahself fer the longes’ time that it was necessary, that there was sick, wicked men out there what needed t’be fixed, that there was good folks out there what needed protectin’ from ‘em, an’ that there weren’t nobody else gon’ step up an’ do it.

The audience is deathly silent as Jack growls the last few worst through gritted teeth, still clearly fighting back tears.

Jack: But I realized that along the way, I done became the very thing I wanted t’destroy - a monster what thought he was justified in hurtin’ innocent folks.

He stops for a moment, wiping his eyes with his jacket sleeve.

Jack: See… truth is… The Country Doctor, he ain’t quite right, an’ he ain’t been in some time. I still b’lieve mah work is as important as ever, but I know that I can’t continue on with it until I fix mahself first. I ain’t know exactly what that looks like jus’ yet, or how long it’s gon’ take, but… god knows I ain’t got any choice but t’try.

Jack pauses again to take a deep breath, looking around the arena one more time. A wistful grin appears on his face for just a moment.

Jack: So, IIW, this is goodbye, fer now. An’ I know y’all ain’t gon’ miss ol’ Jack Hill talkin’ down to ya, but know that I’m sure as hell gon’ miss this place. An’ I hope, should the stars align, t’come on back, if’ns you’ll have me, an’ show y’all what real healin’ looks like.

He swallows hard, gives a small nod to the crowd, who has started to murmur, and then rolls out of the ring under the bottom rope. He stands there for a moment, hand resting on the ring apron, then turns and starts to walk up the ramp in silence.

When he makes it to the top of the ramp, he turns to face the arena one more time, then raises the microphone to speak again.

Jack: Afore I go... I got jus’ one las’ thing I needs t’do. Darius, Scotty, if you’s listenin’, I’d be mighty ‘ppreciative if y’all’d have a quick word with me. Any place y’all want. I won’t make mahself hard t’find.

With that, he passes through the curtain, leaving the arena in a quiet confusion.

Mike Fisher: Wow, what an emotional speech by Jack Hill. Is this… is this really the last we’ve seen of him?
Scott James: Seems to be the case - at least for now. Y’know, normally I’d be cheering this, but… I don’t know, he just seems so broken.
Mike Fisher: Well as we’ve said time and again, IIW isn’t for the faint of heart, Scott.
Scott James: Ain’t that the truth!


Both men come out of their corners cautiouslyIn the blink of an eye, they both simultaneously engage in a classic collar elbow tie up. While John Cavanagh expects a classic exchange, Phoenix surprises him with a sudden T-Bone Suplex sending him up and over eliciting a roar from the crowd.

Neither are down on their backs for long and spring up quickly. The face painted Phoenix is sporting a smile for John Cavanagh who looks less than enthused.

Mike Fisher: Looks like Anthony’s trying to get into John Cavanagh’s head early on here. That smirk on his face says it all.
Scott James He is the master of mind games. That’s how he was able to completely blindside Phoenix,There’s no way to get inside his head.
Mike Fisher: Yeah, that’s probably because he’s a lunatic. Now that I think about it, I can’t imagine anyone wanting to get in there anyway!

Back on their feet, they begin to circle yet again. Anthony looks to be the aggressor at this point of time with John Cavanagh to be a bit timid. Phoenix works his way in and shoots in for a double leg takedown but John manages to sidestep the attempt. John Cavanagh then makes Anthony pay with a European uppercut while getting back to his feet. The stiff strike causes Phoenix to turn his back only for John Cavanagh to capitalize by taking him up in a torture rack and driving him down into a powerbomb.

With his calves over Phoenix’s wrists, John Cavanagh is a pinning position.




Despite the impressive maneuver, Phoenix is able to kick out and pushes himself up to a vertical base. This time it’s John Cavanagh who has a smile for him

Mike Fisher: Now that’s what I’m talking about, baby!

Scott James: John Cavanagh would beat Anthony Phoenix at his absolute best, probably like he is right now.

While getting up to one knee, Phoenix explodes out of it to try and catch John Cavanagh off guard with a Yakuza kick but the Irish man is aware and manages to sidestep the attempt. The momentum carries Phoenix forward and leaves him susceptible for attack. When he turns around, he sees John Cavanagh charging at him for a Yakuza kick of his own! Luckily for Phoenix, he manages to dodge the attack as well. John Cavanagh stops short before running into a turnbuckle.

Yet as soon as he turns around, he’s not afforded the same room as Phoenix was and gets taken down right into a deep arm drag which Anthony quickly transitions into an armbar. John Cavanagh becomes quickly aware though as he gets off his back and moves to his knees to relieve the pressure. From there he grabs a hold of Anthony’s legs and picks him to sling him around with a big swing.

Eventually, John Cavanagh lets go of the maneuver and has Anthony’s body crash right into the canvas. As Phoenix is trying to get up to his feet, John Cavanagh comes rushing in to grab hold of Phoenix who’s still a bit dazed from the spinning. John Cavanagh lifts up Phoenix and puts him into a Gory Special but before he can execute, Anthony counters and gets John Cavanagh into a pinning predicament much to the delight of the crowd!




Emphatically kicking out, John Cavanagh is none too happy with Phoenix’s craftiness. Both men quickly explode to their feet but John Cavanagh is up first. He comes running towards Phoenix for a Running STO. The Incredible One stiffens his body though preventing John Cavanagh from following through. As John struggles, Phoenix grabs a hold of his neck with a choke. That forces John Cavanagh to release his arm triangle around Anthony’s neck.
As John waits for Phoenix to get back to his feet the crowd are buzzing as they can find the end is near…. This time going for a submission again he goes for Celtic Deathlock and this time there is no escaping as Anthony Phoenix taps out!

Jenny Fletcher: Your winner… JOHN CAVANAGH!!!!!

Mike Fisher: the perfect warm up for facing Jake E dangerously at IIW UP IN SMOKE!

The IIW Cameras fade in on Jack Hill, sitting on the edge of a second floor walkway overlooking the backstage area of the IIW arena. A moment later, a pair of boots come into frame, the camera panning up to reveal Darius Enlil, looking down at Jack.

Jack: Mr. Enlil. So pleased y’could join me.

Jack rises to his feet and turns to face Darius.

Darius: I heard you out there in the ring earlier, Jack… So what’s this all about?

Jack: Well, y’all ain’t gon’ be seein’ too much more o’me ‘round here. Not fer a while, at least, an’ I didn’ wanna head out ‘thout clearin’ the air ‘etween us.

Darius eyes Jack suspiciously, but continues listening.

Jack: See, I ain’t been fair t’you. I attacked ya after our match, an’ then when you did the same t’me at Explosion I was too blinded by mah ambitions an’ mah righteous fury t’admit that… well, I had it comin’. I’da done th’exact same thing in yer shoes, an’... if I’m bein’ frank, I respect the hell out of a feller what ain’t afraid o’ tie-up with a feller what’s already beaten ‘im once. You… You’s gotta lotta potential here’n IIW, an’ I hope nothin’ but the best for ya.

Jack extends his hand towards Darius, looking for a handshake.

Darius: Well I’m not one for who started it, but you… You know what? Don’t worry there’s been enough tit for tat and my belief system teaches me to let bygones be bygones…

Darius reaches out and takes Jack’s hand, and the two men share a tentative handshake for a moment before the familiar face of Scotty Adams enters the scene, coming up behind Jack from the opposite direction. Jack turns to face him.

Jack: Mr. Adams, I-

Scotty: What do you want?

Jack puts up his hands to show he means no harm.

Jack: All I wanted was t’make sure I said mah piece t’y’all afore I leave. I hate t’leave things unresolved as they is. See, I’s made an ass o’mahself these last few weeks an’ I-

Scotty: Is this an apology?

Jack: Well, yes, I’s tryin’ t’clear the air as it were, an’ I-

Scotty: You don’t deserve forgiveness, Jack, and you won’t get it from me.

Darius: C’mon man… It’s pretty evident something ain’t right here. With Jack, be the bigger guy here and just shake his hand.

Scotty: Save it. This is between me and Jack. You were never more than collateral damage.

Darius: Really? That’s the route you wanna take here? Anything is better than being a has-been Scotty!

Scotty and Darius try to push Jack - who is keeping the two separated - out of the way.

Jack: Come on, now, fellers, it ain’t gotsta be this way.

Scotty swings at Jack, who instinctively ducks the attempted blow, causing Scotty to strike Darius square in the face. In a flash, all three men are struggling against one another for positioning on the narrow walkway, until finally Scotty manages to get a leg up on the handrail and push off against it, sending both Jack and Darius backwards. Scotty turns on his heels and runs at Jack for a lariat, but Darius pushes him out of the way at the last moment, taking the strike himself. Scotty looks on in shock as Darius tumbles over the hand rail and lands with a sick thud on the bare concrete 10 feet below.

The camera pans down to show Darius lying motionless, a small pool of blood beginning to form around his head. It then pans back up, showing Scotty looking more than a little flustered. He looks down at Jack, who is just getting back up to his feet after the shove from Darius, and points at him angrily.

Scotty: You made this bed, Jack. Now, it is time for you to sleep in it.

Scotty then looks back down at Darius and starts to run back the way he came, shouting for help the whole way. Jack looks down over the edge of the walkway to Darius and shakes his head as his bloodshot eyes begin to glisten once again.

and vs and

Andy Donahue and Trigg of The Celtic Club stand together in the lower right corner while Russell Wayne and Curtis of Team Friendship stand together in the upper left corner. While Trigg and Donahue look like a cohesive unit as they discuss who's going to start the match, on the other side of the ring are talking amongst themselves in the same matter, however, the conversation looks a bit heated, but it's decided Wayne is going to start the match. Afterwards, The Celtic Club decides that Trigg is going to start off for his team.

With both wrestlers in the ring to start off the match, Referee calls for the bell, and it strikes three times to signal the beginning. Before Russell Wayne has a chance to approach Trigg, Curtis makes the blind tag on his partner's back and steps into the ring. Team Friendship trades words for a moment before Wayne steps onto the ring apron, and he is told by his partner "Russell, I got this." As he approaches the center of the ring, Curtis immediately gets in Trigg's face, staring him down

Trigg looks up Curtis, showing absolutely no fear. As the tension between them builds, it's bound to explode, and it does when Trigg makes the first strike. He hits Curtis right in the chest with a knife-edge chop hard enough to leave a red mark on his skin. Using his speed, he immediately places Curtis in a standing wrist-lock. Not to be outdone so early, Curtis reverse with a wrist lock of his own that he turns into a hammer lock.

He holds the move for a moment to try to maneuver into another lock, that is until Trigg takes his free hand and brings Curtis down with a rolling snapmare as a reversal. Curtis gets to his feet quickly and the two men stand off, getting a bit of applause from the crowd from their exchange. Curtis smiles at Trigg and nods his head, giving Trigg some credit in his own way.

Scott James: What a set of moves! This Andy Donahue is impressive!
Mike Fisher: I could have told you that, Charlie. This guy is going to be a huge star.

The two men start to circle each other, each one looking for the perfect moment to strike. Curtis tries to grab Trigg, who quickly ducks the attempt. Once he comes back up from the ducking position, Trigg hits a roundhouse kick right into the smiling one's knees, causing him to stop in his tracks. Quickly following up, he hits another roundhouse kick to the midsection of Curtis and then another one right to the head, scrambling the brains of the veteran.

He doesn't fall to the mat, however, but Trigg makes sure to change that fact. Going back to the legs, Trigg grabs Curtis' right leg and takes him down with the dragon screw leg whip. He doesn't stop there as he perfectly transitions it into a perfect Texas Cloverleaf submission hold. As he puts pressure onto the back, Curtis uses his size and strength to reach for the ropes. He quickly grabs the bottom rope, and the ref tells Trigg to break the hold, which he does after a couple of seconds.

Scott James: I think Curtis is getting out wrestled here in Manchester
Mike Fisher: If he's smart, he'll get to his corner as quickly as he can.
Scott James: You're right there, and Russell Wayne's yelling for his partner to make the tag.

Making sure not to lose his momentum, Trigg grabs Curtis by the leg and drags him towards the corner of The Celtic Club. As he holds onto the leg of Curtis, Trigg makes the tag to Trigg. When Donahue gets into the ring, he stomps down on the knee of Curtis to keep the veteran grounded. Trigg steps throught he ropes onto the ring apron, and Donahue stomps the midsection of Curtis three times for good measure. When Curtis uses the bottom rope to try and get to his feet, Donahue uses his foot and chokes him with his boot, using the top rope as leverage.

The Ref soon steps in and starts to count to five, but Donahue uses the extra seconds to really drive that boot into Curtis' throat. When The Ref gets to four, Donahue backs off so he doesn't get his team disqualified. As Donahue backs off and gets a bit of a tongue-lashing from the referee, Trigg takes a cheap shot on Curtis, kicking him right in the head. This prompts Wayne to step through the ropes, but The Ref sees him and quickly goes to stop him from getting into the ring.

This gives The Celtic Club a chance to play some double-team action on the already-weakened Curtis, and they sure do. Donahue grabs Curtis by his hair and pulls him to his feet. Trigg holds his arms so he can't escape, and Donahue onec again puts the boot into his throat, using the top rope for more leverage. Looking out for his partner, Trigg breaks his hold on Curtis lets Donahue know when The Ref turns around so he can break the choke hold. Curtis slumps into the corner, using the top rope as support as Donahue tags in Trigg.

Scott James: You know, Curtis might have made a mistake letting his pride get in his way. He does say it is his weak point.
Mike Fisher: That sucks for him. He's trapped in The Celtic Club's corner, and it doesn't look like there's a way out.
Scott James: Some say Team Friendship is the greatest tag team in IIW history, but The Celtic Club is showing another team can take this place.

Trigg gets back into the ring as Donahue exits, and Trigg quickly goes on the offensive again against Curtis. With Curtis in the corner, he whacks him in the chest with some brutal knife-edge chops that definitely leave a mark. He then takes Curtis and pulls him up to the top rope with the power he can conjure up. He then puts Curtis in a front facelock and steps up to the top rope, leading his opponent up there with him. Trigg tries to lift Curtis over his head for a top rope suplex, but Curtis maanges to o block it and then push Trigg down to the mat.

Trigg lands with somewhat of a roll instead of a straight up bump, which helps him quickly get back to his feet as Curtis kicks Donahue in the head, knocking the big man down to the ringside area. Before Trigg can turn around, Curtis flies off the top rope, smashing Trigg's head into the mat with a flying bulldog. It's obvious that the spurt of offensive by Curtis took a lot out of him given his already weakened state, and both men are lying on the mat motionless at this point. The Ref looks at both men, and he starts to count to ten.




By now, Donahue has gotten back to the ring apron and he's calling out for Trigg to get up and make the tag. In the opposite corner, Wayne is doing the same to Curtis as he stands on the bottom rope and hits the top turnbuckle. It looks like both partners are doing their job well as both Trigg and Curtis start to stir.




Scott James: Both of these men desperately need to make a tag
Mike Fisher: Curtis needs it more. That man has been beaten and battered this whole match.
Scott James: Even so, he's shown a lot of heart. Say what you will about him, but he's a hell of a wrestler.

Getting to his feet first, Trigg breaks The Ref's count and he makes the tag to Donahue. As Donahue gets into the ring, he starts to charge after Curtis. Seeing Donahue behind him, he reaches deep into himself and makes it over to Wayne to make the tag. Wayne comes into the ring completely fired up and knocks Donahue down with a front roundhouse kick to the face with authority. The big man gets back up and charges at Wayne again, and he gets knocked down again with a Japanese arm drag. This time, Donahue doesn't get up so quickly, but he's still getting to his feet.

Taking the lead, Wayne helps him up the rest of the way, pulling him up by his arm. From there, Wayne throws Donahue into the bottom left corner of the ring with a hard Irish whip. Donahue hits the top turnbuckle with his chest, and Wayne comes at him with a running elbow strike right to the head. The big man is dazed, but he doesn't fall. The impact causes him to bounce off the top turnbuckle and move back a few feet. From there, Wayne Russell grabs him and…LAST RESORT!!!!!




Jenny Fletcher: Your winners… TEAM FRIENDSHIP!!!

Cameras fade in after the final commercial break of the night with Bob Mitchell Standing at "the head of the table" with Dan Distoner and Jason Myers seated on either side of the table. For the official contract signing for Up in Smoke.

Mitchell: During the break. Both of you have had time to review the contract set before you on the table. All your stipulations have been added Mr Myers. This will indeed be a Three Stages of Hell Match. And tho it was not clearly specified earlier in the night. This match will also have 3 other stipulations .

1.) This match ends the hostilities between Jason Myers and Dan Distoner. This war has been going on for seven months and has destroyed half of the city in the process. Making our insurance rates skyrocket.

2.) Mr Myers. Tho not specified earlier in the evening. The IIW Legends Championship will be on the line.

3.) Mr Distoner. This stipulation only pertains to you. Since Mr Myers has to defend his championship. The IIW Board of Directors has decided. If you fail to win this match and the IIW Legends Championship. Your career. At least here in IIW. Will be over. Strictly speaking. Your contract with IIW will be terminated. And you will be fired on the spot.

Now that I have explained these stipulations Gentlemen. It is time to make this match official. Please sign the contract in front of you. Mr Myers you first. Followed by Mr Distoner.

Myers grabs a pen off the table and signs his name to the contract. Distoner hesitates. And reaches for the microphone in Mitchell's hand.

Distoner: Bobby you and the board can make any stipulation that you want. You wanna fire my ass if I lose. So be it. I will just come back. With an army behind me. Bigger and stronger than the IIW has ever seen. You wanna take away what I put my blood sweat and tears into night in and night out. Then that's just how I will sign this contract. In blood.

With that Distoner blindsides Myers with the side of the microphone at a diagonal. Knocking Myers from his seat. Distoner flips over the table and jumps on Myers with a flurry of punches to the forehead. Opening a gash on Myers head.

A flurry of referees come from the back and drag Myers and Distoner apart. As the two continue to struggle.

Myers breaks free and runs towards Distoner. Lowering his body for a spear. Thinking quickly Distoner grabs BOB mitchell by the arm and flings him in front of the oncoming spear. Knocking him into the corner of the ring.

Distoner continues to taunt Myers and Myers comes running towards Distoner again when Distoner sidesteps and hits Myers with the drop toe hold and cutter combination now known as The Roach Clip. That Distoner unleashed earlier in the night.

Mitchell still laying on the mat. Grabs the microphone.

Mitchell: Goddammit that's enough. Now both of you listen and listen good. If you so much as fart in the others direction the next two weeks. You will both be fired on the spot. Now get the hell out of this ring. The show is over.