Did Not take place

[The scene opens up after a commercial break and as have TJ’ Alexander’s music hits through the P.A. system, we then see that TJ Alexander and Shaun Hart both dressed in tailored suits walking down to the ring, as they get closer to the ring, Shaun Hart climbs the ring first and opens up the middle rope for TJ. Shaun Hart then follows after and gets into the ring, they circle the ring for a few seconds then Shaun requests a mic from one of the ring crew members, Shaun Hart gets the mic and stands next to TJ, just as Shaun is about to speak, TJ grabs the mic off from him and interrupts him.]

TJ: Shaun I know that what we discussed backstage that you wanted to be the one to tell the fans in attendance and everyone else in the world about our recent news, but I find it absolutely fitting that I’m the one to divulge this shocking news. So if you don’t mind Shaun, step back behind me.

[Shaun steps a few places back]

Scott James: What the hell is going on Mike? Do you have any idea?

Mike Fisher: I’m speechless, this feels like its big news. And remember Scott TJ had a massive win last win against Brandon Hendrix to become the number one contender for the Television Championship.

Scott James: It certainly feels like it’s big news the tension in that ring is deafening, let’s hear what TJ has to say.

[TJ cough’s the clear his throat]

TJ: Ladies and Gentlemen and boys of girls of all ages it’s an unfortunate that what I am about to tell has happened. You see last week on Mayhem I went up against my fellow team Hollywood team-mate Brandon Hendrix and even though we through verbal trash at each other, it’s unfortunate for you all that what I’m about to tell is that I WAS RIGHT.

[TJ smiles with the biggest grin on his face]

Mike Fisher: What the hell is he on about?

Scott James: I don’t know but whatever it is his got that grin on his face that says it all.

TJ: Ladies and Gentleman last week just a few short hours after my match with Brandon Hendrix that I won, Shaun Hart received some devastating that and that news Brandon Hendrix has left IIW.

Scott James: What the hell is he kidding? This is unbelievable; Brandon Hendrix is a star and the commissioner of the First Class division, like what the hell is going on.

Mike Fisher: Scott calm down bud, there’s obviously an explanation.

[Fans boo and cheer at the same time]

TJ: That’s right everything that I have said about Brandon Hendrix about him ditching Team Hollywood the first chance he gets has come true, now Brandon Hendrix joins a small elite talent pool that I have sent packing out of this company. Thomas Stone, Mickey KinKade and now Brandon Hendrix. Brandon Hendrix had all the smack-talk and looks like a god, but in reality and when he stepped foot into this ring, he saw that I wanted it more. He saw that I have more willpower in my little finger than the amount of steroids he puts into his body. I came out last week and stood in his face and I put everything I had against him and he knew it. He got scored and now he has ran away, sure Brandon and his PR people will spin it and say his got a A-List movie deal that will take him out of action for a year or two, but I know, Shaun knows and Brandon knows that I was just better.

[TJ smiles again]

Scott James: He certainly has come into his own has he Mike, since the first day he copied another wrestler from another company.

Mike Fisher: We don’t need to mention that now Scott, TJ has earned that to be erased from the history books. TJ is now the leader of Team Hollywood, this is great.

[TJ passes the mic to Shaun Hart]

Shaun: I was close to Brandon like a brother and now he did exactly what you TJ have been saying all along, Brandon ditched me by a text, a quick text, not even a phone-call. Once that text came through his cell-phone number was unreachable. He must have blocked my contact details, as you know I am distraught. I am heart-broken by Brandon’s actions and I hope that whatever movie he is in bombs straight to hell.

Scott James: Man, Shaun’s almost in tears Mike.

Mike Fisher: Do you blame him? He built Brandon Hendrix up from nothing that coward.

[Shaun passes the mic back to TJ]

TJ: Shaun I know your feelings about this and I respect them and I want you to work for me, but I need to know that you one hundred and ten percent behind me now?

[TJ holds the mic close to Shaun’s mouth]

Shaun: YES I AM.

[TJ quickly pulls the mic away from Shaun and back to his mouth]

TJ: Now as regards to the future, I believe that a re-packaging is in order. I think we need a new name and that you scout talent to join. I already have a new name in mind and I will tell you backstage, but as for now I think it’s time to let these fans sink in the news of Brandon Hendrix.

[TJ drops the mic on the floor as his music hits again and the scene ends]

Mike Arches and Liam Cain meet each other in the center of the ring and begin a feeling out process, that ends time and time with them stepping away from each other after a quick exchange.

They go for a new tie up, but Mike scores with a quick front kick to the gut. Mike follows this up with a roundhouse kick to the legs, another to the ribs, and another to the head that somehow doesn’t take Liam Cain off his feet. Mike follows up and grabs him in the clinch, driving knee after knee into Liam Cain’s chest. Finally, Mike grabs his legs, taking him off his feet and mounting him, with a series of mounted punches into the head.

Mike Fisher: Mike is getting off to a hot start here, he’s really brought his best tonight.
Scott James: It’s only a matter of time before he chokes.

Duke Longbottom gets between Mike and Liam Cain, forcing Mike to get up and allow Liam Cain to return to his feet. The two square off again, and enter into a tie up. Liam Cain gets the upper hand, pulling Mike into a side headlock and squeezing tight. Mike escapes with a fast elbow, and grabbing Liam Cain, before bringing him back down with a Russian Leg Sweep. Both men get back to their feet quickly, and Mike rushes forward at high speed, bringing the big man down again, this time with an STO.

Mike Fisher: Mike is really taking it to Liam Cain!
Scott James: Duke needs to do a better job controlling that animal! You saw the way he had to get in between him and Liam Cain while he had him down!

Mike lifts Liam Cain to his feet, only to take a hard headbutt to the face from him. Mike staggers back several steps as Liam Cain steps forward and knees Mike in the gut hard, causing Mike to elevate into the air. A European Uppercut later, and Mike’s been stood back up. Liam Cain leans into him with heavier and heavier strikes until Mike is cornered into the turnbuckle. Duke Longbottom goes to break up the corner again, only to back off when Liam Cain drags him out of the corner himself. Liam Cain lifts Mike onto his shoulder and walks to the center of the ring, before running in a circle and planting Mike down onto the mat, and transitioning it into an ankle lock.

Mike Fisher: Ankle Lock!
Scott James: Just Tap! You’ve got nowhere to go Mike!
Mike Fisher: Mike needs to get to the ropes here, or it’s over for him.

Mike screams in pain as he trashes about for the ropes, but Liam Cain pulls him out of reach. Kelsey gets down to the level of his eyes, asking him if he wants to end the match now and submit. Mike refuses, and manages to push himself up on his palms, and hand walks forward, thrusting forward and grabbing the bottom rope.

Mike Fisher: Mike gets to the rope!
Scott James: I guarantee that there was a lot of damage done already though. You don’t just shake that kind of thing off.
Mike Fisher: No, but he’s out now, and he’s got a much better chance in this match now that he is.

He releases the hold as Mike pulls himself back to his feet. Liam Cain rushes into him, but Mike scores with a spinning back elbow. Mike goes to rush back, but runs right into a boot from Liam Cain, who quickly plants him with the Rope-a-Dope, holding on for the cover.

Scott James: Rope-a-Dope




Mike Fisher: Mike gets the shoulder up!

Liam Cain lifts Mike back to his feet, only to take several elbows to his gut. He shoves Mike back, and rushes him with a lariat, that Mike is able to sidestep, and bring Liam Cain down, locking him into a crossface.

Mike Fisher: Crossface! Mike’s got it locked in tight!
Scott James: Where the hell did that come from!

He struggles against the hold, slowly inching his way toward the ropes. Mike pulls with all his might, trying to get Liam Cain to tap out as Kelsey is right in position to see it if he does. Liam Cain refuses, and keeps inching closer and closer until he is able to grab the bottom rope.

Scott James: Liam Cain gets to the ropes!

Mike Fisher: He got caught there, Mike is extremely talented in this style as well as Liam Cain is.

Mike releases the hold and both men are able to bring themselves to their feet and begin exchanging lefts and rights. Mike starts to get the upper hand before Liam Cain drives a knee into his gut, but Mike Arches counters it before grabbing him and dropping him with a front leg Russian legsweep

Scott James: The Highroad




Mike Fisher: Mike Arches continues his progression up the ladder!

The IIW cameras are panning across the arena as the fans continue to scream and cheer, eagerly anticipating all the action to come. The cheers turn to boos in an instant, however, as Panopticon’s “Rope Burn Exit” starts to play over the speakers and the lights begin to strobe. Moments later, “The Country Doctor” Jack Hill steps out from behind the curtain and saunters down to the ring, grinning ear to ear as his vintage medical bag bounces at his side.

Mike Fisher: Oh great, to what do we owe this pleasure?
Scott James: So long as he isn’t going to try and do commentary again, it’ll be an improvement over last week.

He leaps up onto the ring apron, then bounds over the top rope and signals for a microphone before taking a lap around the ring while he waits for it to arrive. His music fades out as he drops his bag in a corner and raises the microphone to speak.

Jack: Well, hello there, good folks o’Manchester. How’re y’all feelin’ tonight?

He pauses for a moment to take in the crowd’s response - a renewed chorus of jeers which elicits a fresh smile from The Country Doctor.

Jack: Mahself? Well I’m just as excited’s can be. See, here’n a li’l bit, I’m gon’ have me the chance t’book mahself an appointment with none other’n Mr. John Cavanagh hisself! Ain’t nothin’ ever guaranteed in this here world o’course, but jus’ the possibility o’gittin’ t’tussle with Mr. Cavanaugh with the International Title on the line’s enough t’git mah heart beatin’ a mile a minute.

He beams at the crowd for a few moments before his smile slowly starts to fade into a look of consternation.

Jack: But I ain’t out here t’talk about a future what might not come t’pass. See afore I can turn mah sights t’Mr. Cavanagh, I gots me some loose ends t’deal with. Not jus’ the match I gotsta win t’actually be named number one contender, but also a couple o’fellers what seem like they ain’t got the sense t’steer clear of a man what’s already proven he can put ‘em down. I’m talkin’ o’course about Mr. Scotty Adams - who I’m gon’ face later on - but mostly I’m talkin’ about Mr. Darius Enlil. Now, Mr. Enlil you mighta thought that after I come down here las’ Mayhem an’ made sure you was outta the runnin’ fer the International Title that we’d be square. Well, I’m sorry t’say that I ain’t done witcha quite yet. See, I come t’the realization ‘at if you’s too dense t’stay outta mah way after I beatcha fair’n square’n the ring - an’ then laid y’out after fer good measure - well, you ain’t gon’ stop jus’ cause I cost y’a match. Naw, you’s gon’ need a li’l more forceful convincin’.

His smile takes on a devilish twist to it as he pauses. He raises the microphone to speak once more, but is stopped before he can by the sound of “Fading Light” playing over the speakers, followed by Scotty Adams stomping down the ramp towards the ring, shouting something at Jack with his arms spread out wide.

Mike Fisher: Look like Scotty Adams has heard enough!
Scott James: Jack has been looking past him ever since their match at Explosion, and you know that’s got to drive a guy like Scotty crazy.

Jack immediately drops the microphone and rolls under the bottom rope to meet Scotty halfway down the ramp, and the two immediately get face to face, shouting in each other’s faces as the crowd starts to build to a fever pitch. After a few moments of this, Scotty surprises Jack with an open-palm strike to the side of his head.

Mike Fisher: Scotty Adams not satisfied with words!
Scott James: At a certain point, if a man won’t take you seriously, you’ve got to assert yourself physically.

Jack almost loses his balance for a second, but recovers quickly and gives Scotty a wide smile. He then takes a small step back, tapping his wrist where a watch would be, and then simply side-steps him and starts to walk past him back up the entrance ramp.

Mike Fisher: But Jack is continuing to ignore Scotty Adams!
Scott James: I don’t know if he’s just trying to get in Scotty’s head, but I can’t recommend ever turning your back on a guy as dangerous as Scotty Adams!

Scotty will not be ignored, however, and grabs Jack’s shoulder, wheeling him around once more. This time, it is Jack who catches Scotty by surprise with a strike to the head, and within moments, the two men are trading hard rights all the way up the rampway. The feed cuts to a mobile cameraman as the two spill into the backstage area, surprising a number of stagehands and production crew who have to flee for fear of being caught up in the scuffle.

Mike Fisher: We’ve completely lost control of this situation, Scott!
Scott James: It’s bad enough when guys settle a personal grudge in the ring. Backstage? That’s nothing but concrete and blunt objects and innocent bystanders!

Jack begins to get the upper hand on Scotty, Irish whipping him into a nearby scaffolding, which he crashes into awkwardly. Jack prepares to move in for a decisive strike, but out of nowhere a blur rushes into the frame and takes Jack down once again. After a few hard strikes, the figure gets back up to his feet to reveal the familiar face of Darius Enlil.

Mike Fisher: And now Darius Enlil has entered the fray!
Scott James: Let’s not forget who Jack come out to talk smack about. These guys have had it out for each other since their phenomenal match on Mayhem back in June!

Darius walks over to a stack of chairs to grab one, but the camera spins back around to show Scotty Adams, now back on his feet, taking the opportunity to head over to the still vulnerable Jack Hill. He grabs Jack’s hair and starts to pull him up to his feet, but is interrupted by Darius Enlil, who shoves him hard in the side. He points back towards the locker room area and shouts to Scotty that “He’s mine.”

Mike Fisher: Darius is trying to claim this kill!
Scott James: But I don’t think Scotty’s going to be satisfied with watching someone else put Jack down.

Darius then turns to continue his assault on Jack, only to have Scotty Adams shove him back. Darius responds by throwing a hard elbow into Scotty’s forehead just as Jack has regained his balance, and within moments, it’s a frantic three-way scrap with all men throwing wild punches at anything that moves.

Mike Fisher: This is complete chaos, Scott!
Scott James: We need security to get in here! Somebody’s gotta stop this or else our International Title #1 Contender’s match is going to be a one-on-none match for Anthony Phoenix!

Right on cue, a team of IIW officials, led by Bob Mitchell himself, rush into the scene. Bob starts shouting at all involved.

Bob Mitchell: Get them the hell away from each other! Those two have got to wrestle a match later tonight, and he isn’t even booked!

The swarming security start to pull them men apart as Bob Mitchell gets in the very middle to continue shouting.

Bob Mitchell: Now stay the hell away from each other unless you’re gonna let us promote it! I will suspend your asses in a heartbeat!

Seemingly satisfied, Bob turns to walk away, but at that very moment Jack and Darius both manage to break free from the men holding them back and rush towards each other, trading rights once again. Bob Mitchell starts trying to pull the two men apart, but suddenly gets decked with a wild punch from Darius that knocks him to the ground.

Bob Mitchell: That’s it! That is IT! Security! Get Darius out of here! I don’t want to see him in this building again tonight!

Even more security start to flood into the area, finally pulling a livid Darius Enlil away from the scuffle and out of frame. Bob turns to Jack and Scotty, who have also been restrained.

Bob Mitchell: And if you two weren’t already booked tonight, I’d have both of you thrown out as well! But I suppose for now, I’ll have to settle for having each of you confined to a separate locker room until your match!

He motions to the security teams, who begin to drag the two men out of frame.

Mike Fisher: Bob Mitchell finally putting his foot down and putting an end to this situation!
Scott James: For now, Mike, but I don’t think we’ve seen the last of this fight here in IIW.

Beat The Clock


Dan Distoner and Devin Stone are ready for the match that’s ahead of them as they step out of their corners and meet in the center of the ring. Dan Distoner slaps Jason in the face before kicking him in the side of the head, staggering Jason back. Dan Distoner runs into the ropes, rebounding back and hitting Jason in the face with a flying forearm.

Mike Fisher: This is beat the clock match betweeen these two.

Dan Distoner gets on top of Jason and forearms him in the face repeatedly before getting back to his feet and giving Jason a hard kick to the ribs. Jason gets back to his feet only to get a boot to the gut from Dan Distoner following by getting dropped on his head with a DDT.

Dan Distoner gets back to his feet and drags Jason into the middle of the ring. Dan Distoner jumps up, hitting him with a standing senton splash before running into the ropes, rebounding back and dropping his leg across Jason’s neck for a leg drop.

Mike Fisher: Dan Distoner has proven he can hang with absolutely anyone, he just needs to find a way to break through, and maybe, just maybe, this tournament will be it.
Scott James: He still hasn’t though.

Dan Distoner stomps on Jason’s stomach, forcing him to a seated position before kneeing him in the face. Dan Distoner then lifts him back to his feet, and hits him with a suplex, before rolling over and hitting him with a second, and rolls over again to hit a third before floating over for the pin.

Mike Fisher: Three Amigos!




Scott James: Stone gets the shoulder up!

Dan Distoner gets back to his feet and raises his fists in the air, giving a triumphant shout as Jason gets back to his feet. Dan Distoner steps up to him and hits him with a spinning back fist, followed by a spinning back kick to the gut and an axe kick to the back of the head.

Mike Fisher: BIG BLOW THERE!!!

Dan Distoner begins dancing in the center of the ring, showing off bedazzling footwork as Jason gets slowly back to his feet, and turns to face Dan Distoner. Dan Distoner gives him a hard right hook before hitting the SMOKE OUT and making the cover.

Mike Fisher: SMOKE OUT




Scott James: Dan has done it in 8 Minutes and 18 seconds, that’s the time Jason Myerse needs to beat!

Beat The Clock


Jason Myers and John Cavanagh prepare themselves for the Beat The Clock match in their respective corners. Luke Dongbottom signals for them to begin and they meet in the center of the ring, with the crowd solidly behind Myers

Scott James: Listen to this crowd! All behind Jason Myers tonight!

The two of them lock up in the center of the ring, with Cavanagh getting the advantage with an arm wrench, before moving back around his and grabbing his around the waist. Jason Myers elbows him in the face twice to free herself, before grabbing Cavanagh and bringing him down with a snapmare takeover, before jumping into the air and dropkicking him in the back of the head. Cavanagh sits in a kneeling position as Jason Myers runs into the ropes, rebounds back and drives a knee into Cavanagh’s face hard, causing him to rolls out of the ring to regroup.

Scott James: Jason Myers is starting huge here!
Mike Fisher: He needs to, he knows he hasn’t got long to beat Dan DiStoner’s time of 8 Minutes 18 Seconds!

With Cavanagh on the outside, Jason Myers looks down on him and runs into the opposite ropes before rushing forward across the ring and diving through the ropes, landing on Cavanagh and sending him crashing into the guardrail. Jason Myers leaps up onto the guardrail throwing his hands up into the air to the massive roar of the crowd.

Scott James: Listen to this! That almost blew the roof off this arena!
Mike Fisher: Fools!

Jason Myers hops down from the guardrail and lifts Cavanagh away from it, giving him a spinning back kick before tossing him back inside under the bottom rope. Cavanagh gets back to his feet and gives Jason Myers a kick to the ribs as he rolls back in. Cavanagh runs into the opposite ropes and comes back with a dropkick into the downed Jason Myers’s body. After getting back to his feet himself, he picks his up and downs his again with a scoop slam. Jason Myers gets back up right away and goes for a middle kick that Cavanagh stop, before connecting with an enziguri kick to the side of his face.

Mike Fisher: And Cavanagh brings himself right back into this thing!
Scott James: That was one hell of a series for him.

Jason Myers pulls himself back up, falling into the corner where Cavanagh charges in with a hard knife edge chop, followed by another, and another, and another, and another, and another, before grabbing his by the hair, pulling his out of the corner, and nailing his with a snap suplex into the center of the ring. Cavanagh takes his time getting back to his feet before turning around to see a lariat attempt from Jason Myers coming. Cavanagh ducks under the attempt, gets behind his and locks in a sleeper hold tight.

Mike Fisher: Sleeper hold!
Scott James: Cavanagh has that locked in tight, Jason Myers is going to really have to fight to escape.

Jason Myers trashes around, trying desperately to escape, only to not be able to get out of the hold that he has on him. Next, he tries in vain for the ropes, but Cavanagh rolls back, bringing Jason Myers down on the mat with him. Jason Myers’s fight becomes slower and slower and slower, as he fades. Luke picks up his arm to check to see if he is conscious, letting it fall lifelessly to the mat. The crowd begins getting louder in an effort to rallying Jason Myers back awake as Luke lifts his arm a second time, allowing it to fall to the mat. Cavanagh can taste victory now as Luke lifts his arm for the third and final time. With the crowd clapping in rhythm, he lets go… and the moment before it hit the mat, it raises itself back up to the roar of the crowd.

Scott James: Jason Myers’s not done yet! He got his arm up!!
Mike Fisher: No!

Jason Myers has his arm up, but he’s still not out of the hold. Slowly he works his way back to his feet with Cavanagh behind his. He manages to twist his body around and connect with four elbows to Cavanagh’s gut before escaping the hold, and running into the ropes, rebounding back to bring Cavanagh down with a flying Headscissors takeover. Cavanagh is quick to his feet but turns right into Jason Myers hitting him in the face with the bullet dropkick that knock him to the mat.

Scott James: Jason Myers is on fire! And this crowd loves every bit of it!

Jason Myers climbs to the top rope and lies in wait for Cavanagh to get back to his feet. The moment he does he leaps off, connecting with the Missile Dropkick directly into Cavanagh’s face. Jason Myers lies on the mat for a moment before forcing herself over to Cavanagh to make the cover.




Mike Fisher: But Cavanagh gets the shoulder up!

Jason Myers gets back to his feet, and goes to lift Cavanagh back up with his, only to have him reach up and rake his hand across his eyes. Jason Myers stumbles back as Cavanagh gets back to his feet, before rushing forward and connecting with a running neckbreaker that brings Jason Myers down to the mat in the middle of the ring. Cavanagh rushes into the corner as Jason Myers gets back to his feet and rushes at his, connecting with the spear before going for a pinfall of his own.




The clock tils to 7 minutes 30 second and Jason Myers rushes to his feet, he tussles with John Cavanagh, he grabs him bounces him off the rope and lays him out with a DDT



Mike Fisher: This is gonna be close!

The crowd begin to count down from 15 as Myers is rushing about now.. HE delivers No Remorse!!!!!




Jenny Fletcher: Jason Myers has done it HES BEAT THE CLOCK!

''Land of the Living begins to play as Jason Myers is declared the winner. He's handed his IIW Legends Championship as he snatches it from the ref and tells him to raise his hand. He then demands a steel chair be set up in the centre of the ring before sitting down, demanding a mic be handed to him;

''Cut my music! Cut it off! The Champ has a few words to say. You see that DiStoner? I ended him in quick fashion. I just buried the supposed second most prestigious Champion IIW has to offer. Get his ass out of here! He doesn't deserve to be in the ring with someone of my calibre. Who's the jobber now huh? You don't like Manchester, well get your ass back home to the mean streets of New York because we don't want your yank ass on our turf.

You see Dan, I'm not going to announce the match just yet. No, I'm going to announce it to the entire world on the next edition of Mayhem, because I know that you won't be able to last when you face Devin Stone later on tonight. This was my first match as IIW Legends Champion and I proved to the world the type of wrestler I am between these ropes and I know some companies shy away from the dreaded word wrestling but I am a damn good wrestler, I'm not just a gimmick match guy and I not only proved the doubters and naysayers of the world what I'm capable of, I proved to the higher-ups that I don't deserve to be in the ring with dead weight guys like Cavanagh and DiStoner who do nothing for this company. Once I end this thing between me and DiStoner next month, I'm going to make sure that change is implemented around here because I'm sick of the way I've been treat and I'm not only putting the IIW locker room on notice but I'm putting whichever ass hat is in charge this week on notice as well, and I don't give a damn if you fans here tonight or those watching cheer or boo me. A great man once said ''I'd rather be hated be for who I am, than loved for who I am not'' now play my damn music.


As the bell rings, Bradley extends a hand. Nitro seems to consider it for a moment, only to slap Bradley across the face instead. He runs the ropes, looking to follow with high speed offense, but Bradley catches him in a HUGE belly to belly suplex, laying him out immediately. Nitro crawls to his feet slowly, only to be drilled with a brutal slap that knocks him to a knee. Bradley follows with a brutal elbow strikes and leans into a cover.




Mike Fisher: Well, it looks like the kinder, gentler Adam Bradley still hits pretty damn hard.
Scott James: Were you expecting any less? The man’s always packed a punch.

Bradley seems displeased at Nitro’ survival, so he moves in and drops a huge knee across his forehead. Nitro starts to crawl back to his feet, so Bradley drives him backward with a series of chops and elbows, pushing him into the corner so he can fire away with brutal machine gun chops. Nitro limply falls forward out of the corner, leaving Bradley to run the ropes. When he comes back, he’s met with a dropkick to the knee though! Bradley pushes back to his feet, but a high dropkick lays him out!

Mike Fisher: Smart move by Nitro there, picking his spots.
Scott James: Of course it was. The guy’s a genius!

Nitro stays on the knee, picking it apart with an elbow drop. Bradley swings for him, but Nitro stays out of reach, hooking in the leg and turning Bradley over into a Single Leg Crab. Bradley grits his teeth and digs in, dragging himself toward the ropes. Nitro leans back as hard as he can, but Bradley grabs the ropes. The referee counts to four before Nitro releases the hold. As Bradley crawls to his knees, Nitro slaps him across the back of the head. Bradley responds by popping up in a fury with a huge forearm to the face! Nitro hits a wicked chop in response before grabbing him for an Irish Whip, but Bradley reverses sending Nitro off…right into a HUGE Spinebuster!

Scott James: That was NASTY!
Mike Fisher: Bradley certainly has the advantage, but he also landed hard on that knee that Nitro was working over.

Bradley is slow to rise back to his feet, while Nitro climbs up using the ropes. Bradley catches sight of him and charges, looking for the Bicycle Kick he calls Grinfucked, but Nitro ducks leaving Bradley’s weak knee to drop hard across the top rope! Not missing a chance, Nitro delivers a sharp kick to the exposed leg! He senses blood in the water, whipping Bradley into the ropes…but he rebounds with DDT! Nitro is down but Bradley’s knee is hurting! He crawls toward him, pulling himself into a cover!




Mike Fisher: Such a close nearfall by Adam Bradley!
Scott James: But Nitro’ great legwork kept him from picking up the win.

Both men struggle to recover, with Bradley signaling for the end. He lifts Nitro up and looks for a DVD, but his knee can’t support Nitro’ weight! Nitro hits him with a nasty kick to the bad knee, then leans in to grab it, hoisting Bradley up on his shoulders…Nitro Bomb! Nitro hits it! Bradley drops to the ground, motionless as Nitro falls into a cover!



3…NO! Bradley kicks out at the last second! Nitro can’t believe it!

Scott James: WHAT?
Mike Fisher: Adam Bradley is showing his tenacity here! Has anyone kicked out of that before?
Scott James: Not that I know of.

Nitro is fuming as Bradley uses the ropes to keep his weight off the bad knee. He crawls into the corner, barely holding himself up. Sensing blood in the water, Nitro charges…right into the corner Uranage! Nitro is dropped hard onto his neck, giving Bradley an opening! He smacks his leg, working to overcome the pain before running the ropes and dropping Nitro with a HUGE Lariat!

Scott James: That’s it. He’s done.
Mike Fisher: Not quite yet, I don’t think.

Bradley stares over the fallen body of Nitro, and considers it for a moment before dragging him to his feet and hooking him in…THE PRESTIGE I! He covers!




The scene opens to Russell Wayne walking through a backstage hallway. Curtis is trying to keep up with Russell.

Curtis - Slow down Mr. Wayne I can't keep up.

Russell - That's the point.

Curtis - Where are we going anyway?

Russell - I'm going to see Bob. I need to get out of this situation. You're going to kill me long before you "save me."

Curtis - There is no need to bring Dad into this.

Russell stops dead in his tracks turning around, Curtis bumps into him.

Russell - Did you just refer to Bob Mitchell as our Dad?

Curtis - No way I definitely said Mr. Bob. I know he isn't our Dad. But in my defense he is definitely a father figure, being our boss and mentor.

Russell - Your Daddy issues are something of legend. Regardless he is far from my mentor, God I need to get away from you. Now wait here I will be back I'm a few minutes I don't need your sad little puppy ass following me.

Curtis sits down outside of Bob's office as Russell goes in and slams the door behind him. Yelling can immediately be heard outside in the hallway. A few minutes pass Brandon Hendrix walks by stops and looks at Curtis, he just shrugs. The door flys open as Russell comes storming out.

Hendrix - Hendrix assumes that things didn't go when in there. I can smell what Bob Mitchell is cooking from here.

Hendrix lifts one arm into the air and attempts to lift one eye brow but just appears to he a bit challenged. Russell's faces turns even more angry than it was. Russell kicks hendrix in the stomach than grabs his head and lifts him straight into the air. Curtis jumps up out of his chair.

Curtis - Mr. Wayne put that boy down. We have talked about this you're better than it. You don't need to hurt people to ease your inner pain. Put him down and we can walk away no issues.

Russell laughs than hits the last resort through the chair Curtis was sitting in. Hendrix is down and not moving at all. Russell stands up and begins to walk off.

Russell - You said it yourself Curtis relapse is part of this holier than thou shit you love.

Russell walks off down the hall. Curtis is left standing above Hendrix who is still not moving with a horrified look on his face. Curtis kneels down and checks Hendrix's pulse.

Curtis - OH MY GOD he might be dead. Relapse my butt Mr Wayne would need to make progress before a relaspe is warranted. With no progress this was just an assault and possibly murder. Well it wasn't me he attacked this time so a little progress I guess. I really got my work cut out for me.

Curtis runs after Russell yelling for him to wait up as the scene fades to black.


Referee Duke pats both men down, checking for anything illegal, before calling for the bell. TJ, in an attempt to gain the upper hand early, rushes Ed Money for the tie up. Using all of his might, TJ forces Ed Money into the nearest corner, laying into his with a barrage of backhand chops. Taking a step back, he goes for a running clothesline, but Ed Money gets a boot up, slamming it directly into TJ's jaw. He stumbles backward, but Ed Money grabs him by a fistful of hair, reversing the roles and tossing TJ roughly into the corner. Leaving no room for retaliation, he viciously attacks with a series of harsh forearm smashes directly to his opponents face. He tops the attack off with a spinning backfist, sending TJ into a nose dive directly onto the mat. He pulls TJ out from the corner by one arm before flipping his onto his back and locking in a harsh armbar. TJ thrashes, refusing to tap when Duke checks on his. Somehow, he manages to get his fingers around the bottom rope, and Duke calls for Ed Money to break the hold. Instead, he pulls on the arm harder, causing TJ to scream out in pain.. Duke tells his again to break the hold.




Ed Money drops TJ arm, but only for a moment, pulling his a little farther from the ropes and locks his in with the armbar once more.

Mike Fisher: Ed Money means business tonight!

TJ manages to get back to the bottom rope, Ed Money again unwilling to break the hold.




He drops the arm and is back to his feet in an instant, dropping a sharp elbow directly into the sternum of TJ. Ed Money leans forward to grab TJ back to his feet, but in an act of desperation, TJ grabs him by the hair, rolling his up for a pin!



Ed Money gets the shoulder up! Breaking the small pin and shoving TJ off of his. He allows TJ to get back to his feet, but he remains aware of his surroundings, hitting the ropes and sending himself flying towards Ed Money. He ducks out of the way, TJ hitting the ropes on the opposite side of the ring, Ed Money grabbing his fiercely and sending his flying with a massive German suplex.

Mike Fisher: TJ efforts are going severely unanswered tonight.
Scott James: I think our veteran Alexander wasn't expecting such a fight from Ed Money.

TJ hits the mat and skids to the opposite side, attempting to use the ropes to pull himself back to his feet. Ed Money traps his in the corner once more with a flurry of kicks to the midsection. Grabbing TJ by the hair once more, he plants one more stiff kick directly into his gut, before a massive DDT transitioned into a cros face chickenwing choke, a move he calls Money Pit

TJ can't fight off the hold, no matter how hard he tries. Ed Money tightens his grip around the neck, wrenching in a fashion that can almost be compared to a pitbull in attack mode. Duke is down on the mat, checking on TJ who continues to refuse... Until he can no more. He finally caves, tapping out, referee Duke calling for the bell.

TV title Shot

Referee Duke Longbottom looks at both competitors on either side of the ring as they stare each other down. Seeing no reason to keep the match from beginning, he calls for the bell, and the match is now underway. John Tolly and Panos start to approach each other, Panos getting no love from the crowd while John Tolly has a mixed reaction.

Deciding not to take a methodical approach, Panos comes charging at John Tolly. The FTW Hall of Famer is prepared for this and catches Panos to just drop him down to the mat with a huge body slam. With his opponent down, John Tolly goes to lock him into a triangle choke hold, but Panos is quick to squirm his way to the ropes, so Duke Longbottom lets John Tolly know he has to break it up. That doesn't seem to matter though because John Tolly gives the space the Duke Longbottom requests, but he comes back at Panos while he's still basically grounded and starts to hit him with a fury of punches.

Scott James: This is a very different John Tolly than we've seen in the past.
Mike Fisher: Perhaps in how he presents himself, but he's still as talented as ever.

Duke Longbottom steps in again and makes John Tolly gets off of Panos, and he does. As Panos tries to get his head back together, John Tolly stands a few feet away, looking as if he's simply watching and waiting for the perfect time to strike. It does, and John Tolly comes at Panos, hitting him right in the head with a vicious Yakuza kick. Not missing a beat, he drags Panos up to his feet and Irish whips his opponent into the ropes. As he comes back, John Tolly nails him with a diving lariat followed by a kick up.

Vaughn: Damn! Panos is just being annihilated in there!
Mike Fisher: He should have been more prepared

With the momentum firmly on his side since the beginning of the bout, John Tolly keeps a watchful eye on Panos as he steps through the ropes and onto the ring apron. The fans react to this, knowing what's coming next if all goes to plan. Eventually, a dazed and beat up Panos gets back to his feet. When he turns his attention to John Tolly on the outside, he doesn't have any time to react because John Tolly hops up to the top rope and flies at him to hit...


That's right, John Tolly hits his version of the DDT, just planting the head of Panos into the mat. After nailing the move, John Tolly covers Panos with a lateral press and Duke Longbottom drops down to the mat to make the count.





The bell rings and Rogue explodes out of his corner and begins laying in several lefts and rights into Fred Debonair’s body that seem to have little effect on the big man. Fred Debonair drives a knee into Rogue gut before dropping him to the mat with a European Uppercut.

Scott James: He’ll definitely have his work cut out for him.

Rogue moves back to his feet and Fred Debonair rushes forward leveling him with a lariat, that sends him crashing back to the mat on his chest.

Scott James: And there’s that power from Fred Debonair.
Mike Fisher: Yeah, Rogue just got floored.

Fred Debonair grabs Rogue’s wrist and pulls him back to his feet, yanking him forward and looking for a second Lariat, only to have Rogue avoid contact and land a straight punch to the head of Fred Debonair. Rogue lands a couple more, before stepping back and kicking him in the chest.

Mike Fisher: This is what Rogue is going to need to do against a man this size.
Scott James: Hit and run is his best shot.

Rogue then jumps up into the air, hitting Fred Debonair in the face with a dropkick that rocks him back. Rogue gets back up, gives him another kick in the chest before dropping both of them down with a neckbreaker.

Mike Fisher: Rogue brings the man down!
Scott James: and he’s ready to pick up the pace.

Rogue runs into the ropes, rebounding back and running full speed into a rising Fred Debonair, who catches Rogue and tosses him down with an exploder suplex.

Scott James: That kind of thing is really not going to help though.
Mike Fisher: What a devastating move from Fred Debonair.

Fred Debonair stands over Rogue and kicks him in the ribs before dragging him up to a kneeling position, and smashing him in the face with a forearm. Fred Debonair rains down several clubbing shots into his back and head over and over again until The Referee gets between the two.

Scott James: This is looking like the curtain for Rogue.
Mike Fisher: Those shots are just brutal.

Fred Debonair moves back in on Rogue, looking to lift him back to his feet only to have Rogue drag him down with him and into a small package as The Referee gets down to make the count.

Mike Fisher: Small Package!




Scott James: Fred Debonair gets out.

Rogue gets back to his feet and as Fred Debonair gets back to a kneeling position, leaps and hits him in the face with an enziguri kick to the face that twists him around. Rogue runs into the ropes and runs at high speed at Fred Debonair, who spins around in place and nearly knocks Rogue’s head off with the roaring KNEE he calls The Enigma Divide, getting down to make the pin as The Referee makes the count.

Mike Fisher: Oh!! ENIGMA DIVIDE
Scott James: How is he alive after that?




International Title No.1 Contenders

vs vs
With Anthony Phoenix and Jack Hill in the ring, they’re awaiting the last man Scotty Adams, as his music begins to play he makes his way out to the ring…. Out of nowhere!

Darius Enlil runs out accosting Scotty Adams, he grabs him and runs him off the side of the entrance into all the electrical works below, he stares down at Scotty below him and laughs as he makes his way back to the entrance.

Jack and Phoenix in the ring look on as the referee looks at them then begrudgingly calls for the bell

Mike Fisher: looks like this is going to be a 1 on 1 match now after Scotty Adams was taken out of it!
Coming forward with a big right hand. Phoenix is quick enough to dodge it and Jack Hill comes at him again, trying to knock him out with one shot, but once again Phoenix sidesteps it. He's starting to get frustrated as comes in with another right hand but Phoenix moves at the last possible second and Jack Hill's fist goes crashing into the turnbuckle! Jack Hill shakes his hand in pain and Phoenix comes flying in with a jumping knee, connecting right under the jaw! The fans roar as Phoenix's fist transform into claws and he goes right into a flurry of Phoenix smashes with Jack Hill raising his arms to block as many as he can. He never sees Phoenix's extended foot coming crashing down on the top of his head with an axe kick!

Jack Hill falls to the mat as Phoenix celebrates with his signature pose. Jack Hill slowly pulls himself up and Phoenix comes flying in with a stinger splash in the corner, but Jack Hill has enough sense to catch him in mid-air, squeezing with his massive arms in a bear hug! All of the life isn't squeezed out of Phoenix though as he is able to break the hold with a big ear clap!

Jack Hill lets him go and as he tries to catch him breath, Jack Hill comes in looking for a big lariat but Phoenix ducks it. He drops Jack Hill down with a standing front dropkick which draws a large pop from the crowd! He makes a cover.



...but Jack Hill kicks both feet up in time.

Phoenix rolls to him feet and waits for Jack Hill to get back to his. Jack Hill tries for a clothesline but Phoenix ducks under it. Jack Hill follows it up by attempting a big head kick but Phoenix just ducks under it at the right time as well! Phoenix tries to whip Jack Hill to the ropes... he holds on and reverses it into a whip of his own. But his aggravation is clearly on display as he doesn't let go, pulling him back in and knocking him head off him shoulders with a monster short-arm clothesline! Making sure not to miss his target this time, he pushes him shoulders down to the mat forcefully as the ref slides in for the count.



...but Phoenix kicks out!

Jack Hill wastes no time picking him back up by the hair. He's clutching at his hands, trying to break the painful grip of him long locks, but Jack Hill seems to be taunting him now as he pulls him around the ring like a rag doll. But Phoenix delivers a kick to the gut to soften him up and pulls him down with a chin-breaker instead! The crowd roars in approval as Phoenix bounces herself off the ropes and drops him with a headscissors takedown! This sends Jack Hill sliding out of the ring to take a breather, but Phoenix doesn't allow any time to pass as he bounces off the ropes and goes flying through the middle ropes, landing a clothesline on Jack Hill on the outside!
Jack Hill is down but there is a roar from the crowd as Scotty Adams is stumbling towards the ring, he grabs Anthony Phoenix and throws him into the ring, he builds up his momentum pummelling away at Phoenix on the turnbuckle, he picks him up and tries to lift him into the Silver Bullet….BUT..he gives way… the damage before has been done.

Phoenix looking round sees his opportunity and whips Scotty into the ring ropes, following up with a hard clothesline… Xinoehp then jumps off the rope backwards hitting a moonsault landing behind the opponent grabbing his/her head and slamming it down backwards onto the mat in a reverse DDT type move.
He Makes the pin





Mike Fisher: He was too late Scott!

Scott James: Jack Hill couldn’t break it in time, so it looks like Anthony Phoenox will be taking on John Cavanagh next week for the International Title


Curtis starts with PC McGhee as the bell sounds. PC McGhee charges and goes for THE STUNNER! But no! Curtis catches him and pushes him away! Cross body by Curtis into a cover!



Scott James: He about smashed his guts out!

PC McGhee hits a series of kicks, enzuigiri! Curtis is stunned! PC McGhee tags out to Stabby Joe!

MIKE FISHER Here comes Stabby Joe!

Stabby Joe charges in... SPEAR! Cover!




Scott James: That was close!

Curtis gets up and hits a big chop on PC. Headbutt! Curtis tags out to Russell! Russell comes in and hits a series of big kicks to Stabby. Russell hits a facelock takedown.

Mike Fisher: This is really working out well for Team Friendship

Russell tries to lock in a headlock but Stabby Joe elbows him off. Stabby Joe pushes Russell into the corner and Curtis tags himself in.

Scott James: Curtis back in action!

Stabby Joe and Curtis are circling each other!

Curtis spins Stabby Joe around... C-BOMB! Stabby Joe is down!





Jenny Fletcher: Here are your winners... Team Friendship!

We return from commercial break and back to Mayem as new Head of Operations Shaun Hart stands in the ring with a microphone in hand as he stands next to a podium covered up but can tell there some sort of box underneath the cover. As the fans settle down, the camera zooms in on Shaun Hart as he lifts the microphone to his mouth.

Shaun: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome back to the most exciting and action pack wrestling promotion on the planet Monday Night Mayhem and as always, when I'm out here, it's about business! And more importantly, it's about the Hollywood Championship.

Shaun puts the microphone down for a moment as he fixes his glasses.

Shaun- You see, since I've arrived in IIW, one made it my mission to turn this Manchester lifestyle into a Hollywood lavish one, but I've been met with rejection from your fans and some of the native wrestlers from here. So I did what I did best. I came up with a plan, a new way to cater to you common folk who don't appreciate the finer things in life. So as of right now, The Hollywood Championship has been removed from IIW. It is no longer recognized in this promotion. You people don't deserve Hollywood, so I'm taking it away...

Suddenly the lights flicker on and off, and the new Hollywood Champion Phoenix has arrived in full body paint and suit and holding the Hollywood Championship as he stares down Hart.

Phoenix: Are you saying all my hard work was for nothing? Are you saying my talent still doesn't get recognized?

Shaun: Well, my emo friend, no need for you to get upset. Why your time as Hollywood Champion has come to an end, a new era begins...

Shaun takes the cover off the podium and reveals a beautiful new Championship Wrestling belt with the UK's initials in the middle of the plate.

Shaun- So Phoenix, congratulations, your the last Hollywood Champion and the very first IIW United Kingdom Champion. It's is now up to you to raise the prestige of this belt and carry it with more honor and pride than what anyone did with the Hollywood Championship. Now good luck Champ,. You'll need it.

Shaun steps out of the ring with the Hollywood Championship belt and leaves Phoenix to hold up the newly IIW UK Championship belt as the scene fades out and goes to break.

World Title Match


As soon as both champions hand of their respective belts to Senior Referee Duke Longbottom, who in turn hands them off to Ring Announcer Jenny Fletcher on the outside, they are ready to get this match underway, and the fans in the building are on their feet in anticipation for what's about to transpire. Seeing the two wrestlers ready to compete, Longbottom calls for the bell.

Ding. Ding. Ding.

Mike Fisher: This main event should be something special, and these fans know it.
Scott James: I wonder if Hawkins can get the win over the seemingly unbeatable Jake E.
Mike Fisher: I guess we'll find out, won't we?

Jake E and Hawkins methodically approach each other in their respective fighting stances, and Hawkins stops and raises one hand up in the air in challenge to the World Champion. Jake E looks at Hawkins and up to his hand.

Mike Fisher: A test of strength? Is that really fair?
Scott James: This isn't about fair. This is professional wrestling!

Even if it would appear he'd be in a losing battle, Jake E accepts Hawkins' challenge of sorts. The two competitors lock hands, each one literally fighting for the upper hand with all their might. After a bit of back and forth, Hawkins eventually gains dominance over Jake, and he forces Jake backward in a bridging position. When his two shoulders hit the mat, Longbottom starts to count.


Jake E gets the shoulder up!

Mike Fisher: No offense, but Jake E Dangerously has overcome greater odds.
Scott James: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Hater.

After Jake gets the shoulder up, he nails Hawkins with a kick to the midsection, and he breaks up the knuckle lock. Jake E stands back up and nails Hawkins with a headscissors takedown, Hawkins' back slamming into the mat with force. It's obvious that bump he took hurt, but that doesn't mean he's going to lay down. Hawkins gets back up and locks it up with Jake E. Once again he's able to overpower him, and he throws her into the ropes. As he hits the ropes, he runs back and hits the opposite ropes. They meet in the center of the ring with Hawkins hitting a flying clothesline on Jake E. When he lands, he rolls through. Hawkins gets back to Jake E before he is vertical again, so he uses the opportunity to land a leg drop on her and once again goes for the cover.



Jake E kicks out!

Mike Fisher: I like what I'm seeing from Ryan Hawkins here.
Scott James: You can't underestimate Jake E Dangerously at all though. he's the World Champion, and for good reason!
Scott James: Way to point out the obvious.

Trying to keep his dominance in tact, Hawkins is quick to try to bring Jake E back to his feet. However, Jake E is definitely a smart wrestler, and he surprises Hawkins with a school boy roll up! Longbottom makes the count.



Hawkins kicks out!

When Hawkins gets back to his feet, he's obviously angry. He charges at Jake E, but he uses his momentum against him when he charges back and nails the Dragon Suplex on him, knocking the TV Champion right back down to the mat with authority. With Hawkins down, Jake E is back on him with a few stomps before he locks him into a triangle choke submission maneuver!

Mike Fisher: Jake E could choke the life out of you if he wanted to.

Hawkins knows he's in a bad way, and the impact of Jake E's previous strike knocked him a bit silly so he has no idea where he is in the ring. With Jake E wrenches back on the hold, Hawkins reaches around, trying to feel out exactly where he is as he does his best to look around. He sees the ropes not too far off from his reach, so he uses his leg strength to move closer to them and gets his foot on the bottom rope, effectively breaking the submission hold.

Mike Fisher: If Hawkins didn't gets out of that, he'd be done.

Jake E breaks the hold and backs away from Hawkins at the behest of Longbottom. When he's allowed to, however, Jake E is quickly back on Hawkins. With the TV Champion on his knees trying to get back to his feet all the way, Jake E just nails him right in the skull with a buzzsaw kick. While Hawkins is dazed yet not out, Jake E pulls him the rest of the way to his feet and executes a DDT, further punishing the head and neck of her opponent with authority. With Hawkins face down in the mat, Jake E makes his way to the corner and ascends to the top rope. he measures him momentarily and flies off, landing a double stomp right into the spine of her opponent.

Mike Fisher: Despite the kind of offense that Jake E Dangerously is nailing, Hawkins' weak point looks to be his back.

The look on Hawkins' face shows that he's hurting badly, and Jake E knows it. Perhaps thinking that the pain is too much for the TV Champion, Jake E flips him over and hooks the leg to go for the cover.



Hawkins gets the shoulder up!

Obviously, he's still up for a fight, and Jake E is prepared to give him even more punishment. Once again, he drags him up to a virtual position. This time, he looks to be going for a snap suplex, but Hawkins blocks it and executes instead his Fisherman's suplex with a bridge.



Jake gets the shoulder up!

Unfortunately, that move further strained Hawkins' back, but he fights back up to his feet at the same time as Jake E. He goes for a dropkick, but Hawkins steps out of the way. After he lands on the mat, Jake E is brought back up to her feet by Hawkins with a waist lock and he throws her across the ring with a German suplex. Once again, he lands on that back of his, but he still gets up even if it takes a bit longer than he'd have liked.

Mike Fisher: Hawkins is only further hurting himself, and Jake E will capitalize.

Despite his own back pain from the impact, Jake E gets up just before Hawkins and nails him with a spinning back fist when he approaches him, seeing the opportunity to get the big score, he scoops Ryan Hawkins up and DANGEROUS LIASON!!!!!




Mike Fisher: Despite the big effort, Ryan Hawkins couldn’t quite get the job done and Jake E dangerously retains the IIW World Title!