Scotty Adams vs Darius Enlil


The cameras open once again on the IIW arena, jumping around to show various fans screaming in anticipation of the next match.

Mike Fisher: Welcome back ladies and gentleman! It’s been a huge Mayhem so far, and we’ve only just gotten halfway through the card!
Scott James: Absolutely, Mike, and you know things are only going to get crazier from here.
Mike Fisher: No doubt about it, Scott, and I think our next match is going to play a big part.
Scott James: Two super talented guys - one still pretty new, the other very established but still looking for his first taste of gold here in IIW - both coming off of tough losses but looking to bounce back in a BIG way by getting a shot at the International Title.
Mike Fisher: But only one of them will be able to do it. The question is, who wants it mo-

Mike is cut off as “Rope Burn Exit” by Panopticon starts to blare over the PA system, though it is almost drowned out by the cacophony of boos which immediately rain down.

Mike Fisher: What the - this ain’t Jack Hill’s match!
Scott James: I’m not sure I like the look of this, Mike. Jack Hill is still pretty new to IIW, but as you can hear from the crowd’s reaction, he’s quickly built an awful reputation here.

Jack steps out from behind the curtain, beaming his typical mile-wide smile, seemingly unphased by the hostile reaction from the IIW faithful. He strolls down the ramp at a casual pace, waving graciously to several nearby fans, before bypassing the ring entirely.

Mike Fisher: Where in the hell is he going?

Jack heads for the announce table, grabbing a nearby chair and awkwardly jamming himself in between both Mike and Scott before grabbing a spare headset and putting it on as his music fades away.

Scott James: Uh… hello there, Jack. To what do we owe the pleasure?
Jack Hill: Well, I figured since I’s the last feller t’tussle with both o’these boys - an’ hand each of ‘em a loss, t’boot - I might have some partic’larly keen insights on this here match. Ifn’s y’all ain’t mind the comp’ny, that is.
Mike Fisher: Uh… no, I guess not, but… remember we try not to work too blue.
Jack Hill: Aww, this ain’t mah first rodeo, boys. I’ll be on mah bes’ behavior.

At that moment, strobe lighting fills the arena and a soft guitar riff swims through the air... Judas by Fozzy plays through the speakers. The crowd pops as Darius makes his way to the top of the ramp, looking pumped up jumping up and down, a sharp, focused look on his face.

Jenny Fletcher: Introducing first, from Shangri-La, standing 5’ 6” and weighing 170 pounds, representing “The Kindred”, he is… Darius Enlil!

Mike Fisher: Jack, you might have handed Darius Enlil a loss on our last Mayhem, but he did repay you for your post-match antics two weeks ago at Explosion.
Scott James: And it sounds like the fans are showing their appreciation.
Jack Hill: Y’know, if I didn’ know any better, I’d think y’all was tryin’ t’make me feel unwelcome here’t the broadcast table. We ain’t want things t’git contentious ‘etween us now, do we?
Mike Fisher: Of course not, Jack, but the last time we saw either of you in the ring, he did lay you out. We wouldn’t be doing our jobs if we ignored that fact.

Darius stalks down toward the ring as the chorus picks up, climbing the apron, jumping the turnbuckle and balancing on it until the lights come back up and the music dies down. He spies Jack at the announce table and eyes him for a few seconds before hopping back down.

Jack Hill: Well yes, he did manage t’git one over on y’all’s good friend Jack Hill - ain’t he ain’t the first, I’m sorry t’say. But ain’t nobody makes a fool o’yours truly an’ gits away ‘thout payin’ the price.
Scott James: Seems like he got away pretty clean at Explosion.

'Fading Light' can be heard blasting out of the PA system, as the lights dim, save for a hazy maroon spotlight that shines on a currently empty stage, before a silhouette can be made out of a male figure, standing just behind the spotlight with his hands extended out in a cross formation, before the spotlight expands to reveal that the figure is wearing a black 'Adidas' hoodie (with the hood up, concealing his identity at this time), Maroon/Purple/Gold wrestling rights and black/blue 'Asic' sneakers Raising his right hand, the figure slowly pushes the hood off, revealing that it is none other than Scotty Adams.

Jack Hill: Speakin’ of Explosion, why don’ we talk about mah decisive vict’ry over Mr. Adams here. Made ‘im tap out fair’n square in ‘is own match!
Mike Fisher: It was certainly a big victory for your 3rd match against a member of the main roster here in IIW.
Scott James: Shame that you didn’t really get to savor the victory, though.
Jack Hill: Alright, Mr. James, you’s jus’ gon’ hafta watch yerself, now. If you’s tryin’ t’rile me up, you’s doin’ one hell of a job.

Slightly smirking, Scotty begins to make his way down the ramp as the lights return to their normal radiance, each step with a swagger about it that to some, could very well border on arrogance --- to others, it is just another exhibit of the belief, the confidence that exudes itself from Scotty, born from a meticulous attention to detail he has. Running his hands down his body, he once again extends them out into a cross, only this time he ac complies it with a quick flick of the wrists once he reaches full extension and pauses to allow the crowd a moment to let everything sink in.

Jenny Fletcher: And introducing second, from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, standing 6’ 4” and weighing 185 pounds… he is “The Silver Bullet” - Scotty Adams!

Walking around the ring, he slowly takes his jumper off; handing it to one of the attendants at ringside. He also clearly sees Jack at the announce table, but decides to ignore him before making his way up the steel steps in the near right hand side corner and smirking as he glances out to the crowd once more, before stepping between the middle and top rope; turning his full attention and focus to the task at hand.

Mike Fisher: Well, you attacked both Scotty Adams AND Darius Enlil after hard-fought matches, so you can’t really be mad when someone does the same to you, Jack. Really, what you did to Scotty and Darius was even worse because it was unprompted. Did you really think anyone in IIW would take that laying down? Reap what you sow and all that.
Jack Hill: Heh… Mr. Fisher you’s quite the wit, ain’tcha? Well sure, I knew sooner or later some fool’d git an understandin’ o’the scope o’mah good work an’ decide that they’s gon’ be the feller t’put an end to’t, but I thought Mr. Enlil’d have more sense’n t’be that fool, ‘specially considerin’ how I left ‘im when we had us a fair fight.

Scotty and Darius slowly circle around the ring, sizing each other up as the ref gives them a few instructions.


The bell rings and the two men run directly at one another, looking for a tie up. However, Darius feints at the last minute and slips around Scotty, grabbing him from behind. He tries to lift him up for a German Suplex, but the larger Scotty Adams is able to use his leverage to stop the lift, then breaks Darius hold, spins around, and grabs him from behind. He lifts him up for a release German Suplex, but Darius manages to flip in mid-air and land on his feet.

Mike Fisher: Wow! Quite an opening exchange here as neither man can make anything stick.
Scott James: Both men playing to their strengths here in the early going.
Jack Hill: An’ there’s plenty o’strengths t’lean on, lemme tell ya. It weren’t easy t’beat botha these fellers in the span o’two weeks.

Darius takes a few steps back to spring off of the ropes as Scotty scrambles back up to his feet. He leaps off of the mat and catches Scotty’s neck with his legs, whipping him around for a hurricanrana that brings him to the mat. He wastes no time in getting back up to his feet, waiting for Scotty to get back up onto his. Scotty gets his feet under him, but is still bent over holding his abs, allowing Darius to jump over his head and onto his back and bring him down with a code red, which he follows up with a quick pin attempt.

Mike Fisher: Darius trying to end this quickly!
Jack Hill: Smart fer a feller his size.

The ref falls to the mat to make the count.


Scotty kicks out just after the ref counts 1, rolling backwards and into the ropes, which he uses to pull himself back up. Darius follows after him, but is met with a stiff elbow to the face for his trouble. He takes a half step back, giving Scotty the space to deliver a stiff chop to his chest. Darius wobbles on his feet for a second before Scotty delivers an uppercut that sends him off his feet and onto his back.

Scott James: Woah! Quick a striking counter by Scotty Adams to retake control of this match!
Jack Hill: Mr. Adams is watcha call an all-rounder. He ain’t a puncher bell-to-bell, but he can strike with the best of ‘em. Y’gots t’anticipate those kindsa blows ifn’s y’wanna beat ‘em, Mr. Enlil.

Scotty takes just a second to shake out the cobwebs before heading over to Darius and picking him up off of the mat. He lifts him up in a fireman’s carry, then tosses him up and hits him with a GTS as he falls down to the mat. The recoil is so hard that Darius actually lands partially on his feet before falling onto his back, blinking slowly as he looks up at the lights.

Jack Hill: Mr. Adams’s got Mr. Enlil lookin’ up at the lights. I’m sure that’s a familiar sight for ‘im.
Mike Fisher: Me thinks the doctor doth protest too much.
Jack Hill: You bastardizin’ Shakespeare over here?

Scotty takes the opening and rolls Darius over onto his belly before locking him into the Dominion of Flames. Darius comes alive as the hold gets locked in, thrashing with a newfound urgency as Scotty cuts off his oxygen supply. Darius’ face goes a bright red that rapidly starts to darken as he kicks and thrashes trying to get himself close enough to the ropes to break the hold. His fight is short-lived however, as Scotty cranks up the pressure and Darius’ limbs start to slow.

Scott James: This thing could be over, Mike!
Mike Fisher: Darius is fading fast!
Jack Hill: That li’l feller does seem a might tuckered, but maybe he’ll surprise us yet.

Darius limply punches at Scotty’s arms, trying to loosen the hold, but Scotty hold on tight. Eventually, Darius’ arms give one last weak punch before falling limp. The ref drops to the mat to check on Darius, then lifts an arm up. He releases it, and Darius catches it just inches before it hits the mat, his bloodshot eyes shooting open as wide as they can as he begins to throw frantic punches into Scotty’s arms. Scotty holds on for as long as he can, but eventually has to break the hold.

Mike Fisher: Wow! What an incredible display by Darius Enlil!
Jack Hill: That boy’s got more fight’n sense. It’d almos’ be endearin’ if he knew how t’use it.

Scotty rolls away, holding one arm as Darius gasps for breath against the ropes. Scotty is the first one up onto his feet, and he rushes over to where Darius is bracing himself against the ropes, going for a lariat, but Darius falls to the ground and pulls the top rope down with him, sending Scotty spilling over the top rope and awkwardly out onto the arena floor. Scotty is quick to get his bearings again, but no sooner does he get to his feet than he is met by Darius, who comes crashing down onto him with a springboard crossbody off the top rope. The crowd pops huge as both men fall to the ground in a heap.

Scott James: HUGE move by Darius there!
Mike Fisher: But did he use the last of his strength to pull it off?
Jack Hill: Great question, Mike! Y’know, I think I’ll go’n have mahself a closer look an’ report back.

With that, Jack gets up from the commentary table and casually walks over to the two men on the outside, saying something inaudible to each of them as they try to get back up to their feet on the outside. The ref starts to shout warning at him, but Jack throws his hands up in a placating gesture and takes a half step back.

Mike Fisher: Jack Hill inserting himself into this match now.
Scott James: As glad as I am to have him away from the table, I’m very nervous about him hanging around this match. These guys are putting on a great match here and I don’t think for a second that Jack’s interest in this match is going to remain purely professional.

Darius gets up to his feet first and walks over to Jack, saying something to him as Jack stares him down with a malicious grin. After a few moments, Jack chuckles and points behind Darius. Scotty has gotten back up to his feet and throws a hard knee strike into Darius’ stomach, doubling him over. Scotty then takes a turn jawing at Jack, who firmly stands his ground and smiles. Scotty decides to focus on Darius, whom he rolls under the bottom rope and back into the ring.

Mike Fisher: Hopefully now that things are back in the ring, the ref can keep things by the book.
Scott James: They’ve gotta keep one of these matches within the rules at some point, right?

Scotty slides under the rope after Darius and pulls him back up to his feet, he pushes him back into a corner and throws a few jabs into his ribs and midsection. Darius slumps down to the second turnbuckle, but Scotty pulls him back up to his feet and delivers a stiff chop to his chest. Scotty then lifts Darius up to a sitting position on the top turnbuckle, then climbs up to the second and sets him up for a superplex. But Darius starts to throw rights into Scotty’s ribs, and eventually breaks the hold. He then drives his head into Scotty’s causing him to lose his balance and fall onto his back on the mat. Darius looks down at Scotty, then scrambles fully up onto the top rope and leaps off, crushing Scotty with a senton.

Mike Fisher: Darius Enlil just won’t quit! Scotty had him in a precarious position, but he found the strength to turn the tables!
Scott James: Jack spouts a lot of nonsense, but he was right when he said Darius has got a lot of fight in him.

Darius goes for the pin.




Scotty kicks out at the last moment as Darius rolls off of him, leaving both men panting on their backs in the middle of the ring.

Mike Fisher: You can’t get much closer than that, Scott.
Scott James: Neither of these men are willing to quit!

Darius is the first one onto his feet, though Scotty is only a moment behind him. Darius takes the slight advantage and whips Scotty into the far corner, following after him and hitting him with a running shoulder. He then whips Scotty into the opposite corner, but Scotty reverses it sending him absolutely flying across the ring to the far corner. The ref, who was standing in this corner, tries to get out of the way, but his leg is being held by Jack Hill on the outside, and Darius crashes into him hard, sending both men down to the ring.

Mike Fisher: And there it is! Jack Hill just couldn’t let this match take its course.
Scott James: Getting a ref involved is taking things to a new level, though, Mike. You have to wonder how management is going to look at this.

The crowd erupts in jeers as Jack Hill takes the opportunity to slide under the bottom rope while the ref lies motionless. He sizes up Darius, who is struggling to regain his senses after the collision, eagerly hopping up and down, ready to deliver his signature double knee strike. Before Darius can get into position for the strike, however, Scotty takes him by surprise and lays him out with Purity’s Calling.

Mike Fisher: And Scotty Adams has just given Jack Hill his just desserts!
Scott James: That’s gotta be especially sweet for him after Explosion.

Jack rolls onto his side and reaches out for the ropes in a daze, but can’t seem to get his bearings. Scotty turns his attention back to Darius, but a moment too late as Darius catches him with a Pysche Out!

Mike Fisher: And now Darius takes advantage!
Scott James: That is a devastating rolling cutter! That could close the deal!

Darius falls to the mat to make the cover, but after a few moments realizes that the ref is still down on the mat. The crowd counts out “1! 2! 3!” but there is no bell. Darius pulls himself back up to his feet and trudges over to the ref.

Mike Fisher: Watch out, Darius!

Jack has gotten back onto his feet and comes up on Darius from behind dropping him to his knees with a chopblock. In a flash, he has run off of the ropes and connects with a Take Two of These that sends Darius down onto the mat in a motionless heap.

Scott James: Damn, that is a devastating knee strike.

Jack looks around the ring at the motionless bodies, then walks over to Scotty and drags him by the arm over to Darius. He lays the arm across Darius’ chest, then goes over to the ref and lightly slaps him in the face to rouse him before also dragging him over to the two men and shouting in his face to make the count.





Jenny Fletcher: And your winner… “The Silver Bullet” - Scotty Adams!

'Fading Light' by Aviators plays once more, though Scotty is far from celebratory as he finally rouses enough to realize what has happened. Jack Hill has already rolled out of the ring under the bottom rope and is shouting taunts at everyone in earshot as he walks backwards up the ramp.

Mike Fisher: This is just a disgrace, Scott.
Scott James: Agreed. This was a hell of a match until Jack got involved.

Scotty pulls himself up to his knees against the ropes and glares up at Jack as Darius finally starts to stir.

Mike Fisher: Jack Hill can’t be allowed to keep inserting himself into whatever match he wants. At some point, management has got to step in.
Scott James: Or maybe eventually he’ll cross the wrong person and learn his lesson.

Mayhem fades to commercial as Jack Hill smiles down at the ring.

Mike Fisher: As we all saw, Russell Wayne was defeated by Curtis in a no DQ match. Per the stipulation, Russell must now submit himself to live with Curtis and attend all of his positivity meetings as he also has one on one sessions with Curtis. Let's go back to the day after the exciting match that they had at explosion.

Russell Wayne has arrived at the residence of Curtis. He gets out of the car and grabs his rucksack. He looks up at the apartment and just looks down and sighs and shakes his head. He slowly starts walking up the sidewalk towards the house. As he reaches the door he goes to ring the doorbell but hesitates for a moment and looks back at the car, as if contemplating his options and if the IIW is really worth submitting himself to Curtis for.

Russell: Come on Russell, you've endured mind torture before. You've never backed down and never gave any information, no matter what they did. You can surely handle a month with Curtis...

Russell goes ahead and presses the doorbell. Almost instantly, Curtis opens the door.

Curtis: Mr. Wayne, my friend! I am so blessed to have you in my-

Curtis is cut off by a punch to the face from Russell. Curtis staggers back as Russell pushes his way past him and inside.

Curtis: Well, I'm still standing and you're inside. I call that progress!

Curtis shuts the door and we return to Mike Fisher and Scott James

Mike: Curtis sure has his work cut out for him doesn't he Scott?

Scott: feel so sorry for Russell.

The bell rings and it looks like they’re going to dive into a tie up but Eddie lands an intentional kick to Jonny C’s midsection and begins to rain down on him with clubbing blows to the back of his head and neck, backing him into the corner to fire off with more flying fists and shots until Referee Duke Longbottom starts a five count that Eddie adheres to but not until the count of four. Taking Jonny C by the hand, Eddie throws him out of the corner into the ropes and picks him up on his return, holding him high in the air before dropping him to the mat with a Military press.

Eddie drags Jonny C up to his feet and hits him with a hard uppercut before throwing him into the corner, looking to follow up only for Jonny C to stop him with an elbow to the side of the head. Eddie staggers and Jonny C capitalises, hitting the ropes to the side of him and taking Eddie down with a Lou Thesz press as he straightens up before firing off with a few right hands of his own. Eddie pushes Jonny C off and scrambles up to his feet straight into an arm drag that sends him flying across the ring and scrambling into the turnbuckle for support, only for Jonny C to hit a Busaiku Knee Kick as he gets himself stable! Eddie slumps into the corner and Jonny C drags him out of the corner by the foot then drops to the mat for the cover …

1 … Eddie kicks out!

Eddie rolls onto his stomach and Jonny C is quick to take advantage, grabbing Eddie ’s leg and locking on an ankle lock. Eddie desperately fights to try and get to the bottom rope, denying Jimmy Schultz’s requests for a tap out until he manages to roll over and kick Americommnado off into the corner. Jonny C tries to go straight back to Eddie , but Eddie bursts to his feet and hits Jonny C with a stiff clothesline, knocking him down hard! Eddie leaps onto him for the cover …

1 … 2 … Jonny C kicks out!

Eddie grabs a fistful of hair and drags Jonny C up then slams his head into the turnbuckle before reeling off elbows to the side of his head from behind, prompting Jimmy Schultz to step in again. Showing no remorse, Eddie backs away but is quick to attack as Jonny C steps out of the corner, catching him with another uppercut before throwing him into the ropes and catching him to finish with a fall-away slam!

Jonny C rolls across the ring to the ropes and uses them to support him as he stands up, a move that Eddie uses as an opening and goes for a kick to the side of his head, but Jonny C straightens up out of the way, leaving Eddie to straddle the middle rope! Eddie backs away and Jonny C sees his opening, quickly knocking Eddie through the ropes with a standing dropkick to his back before baseball sliding into him from the ring and sending him sprawling into the security barrier.

Jonny C pulls Eddie up and rolls him into the ring then hops onto the apron and heads towards the top rope, only for Eddie to shove Jimmy Schultz into the ropes and knock him down, Jonny C landing on the top turnbuckle! Eddie climbs onto the bottom rope and starts to fire off more stiff shots to Jonny C’s head before he locks him into a front face lock and drags him down from the top rope to hit a DDT! Eddie rolls Jonny C over …

1 … 2 … Jonny C kicks out!

Eddie tries to pull Jonny C up, but Jonny C pulls him down into a small package …

1 … 2 … Eddie kicks out!

Both men fight to make it to their feet in order to get the first strike in, but Jonny C wins the battle, throwing Eddie into the ropes and planting him with a spinebuster that makes him writhe in pain on the mat. Feeling the support of the crowd, Jonny C lays in wait for Eddie to make it to his feet before almost knocking him clean off his feet with a wind up punch to the side of the head! Jonny C makes a cover …

1 … 2 … Eddie kicks out!

Eddie is on dream street as he gets to his feet, but he turns around into Jonny C trying for The Star Spangled Stunner, only for Eddie to catch his foot as he goes for the kick and knock him down with a hard clothesline! Eddie quickly follows up with an elbow to the chest of Jonny C before he pulls him up to his feet and throws him into the ropes. Eddie looks for a clothesline that Jonny C ducks under and F’N POINT CONNECTS

1 …

2 …



Outside of Dan Distoners locker room. The former IIW Legends champ is standing with a cameraman. Distoner gives the tech a look and he raises his camera. Distoner focuses his icy blue eyes on the camera.

Distoner: So Bobby boy has finally made a great decision. He is giving Jase and I one more fight to end this war between us. And he is putting the power in our hands. In two weeks on Mayhem. Jason Myers and I will have a beat the clock challenge to determine who picks the stipulation for the final showdown between us. And even better yet. He has given us the power to choose the others opponent for the challenge.

Now as deep as the IIW roster is. I could pick anybody. I could pick one of the new up and coming talents. I could pick one of the IIW legends. I could even pick Charlie Schmidt. There are so many people here who want to get a piece of Jason Myers.

But I have to pick who might be the biggest challenge for Jason. Now I first encountered this man before I signed an exclusive contract with NWA many years ago. And even then he was a grizzled veteran. So my pick to face Jason Myers in two weeks is an old running mate of mine. A legit tough guy. My pick is Devin Stone

Winners of match 5-7 will be placed in a number one contenders match next week for the International title
The mournful violins of Pantopticon's "Rope Burn Exit" fill the arena as the lights dim. As the frantic drum blasts kick in, the lights begin to strobe and "The Country Doctor" steps out from behind the curtain at a slow, methodical pace, wearing a button-down shirt and carrying a vintage brown medical bag. He takes a moment to look over the crowd with a devious smile and then sucks his teeth, smooths down his hair, and makes his way to the ring. He first slides his medical bag under the bottom rope, then jumps up onto the ring apron before leaping into the ring over the top rope. Once in the ring, he saunters around, calling out to various people in the crowd with taunts and mockery, all delivered with the same steady, malicious grin.

No one will survive starts to play over the speakers as the sound of a motorcycle is heard as it rolls on stage with Bam Miller on it. He points around to all the fans before riding down the ramp and riding around the ring. He parks his bike and high fives a fan in the front row, then gets a Miller Lite beer tossed to him. He walks up the Steele steps, and walks slowly into the middle of the ring. He opens the can up and as soon as the can touches his lips pyro goes off behind him. As the pyro stops Bam Miller walks over to the corner to wait for the match to start.

Duke calls for the bell and Bam wastes no time trying to go on the offensive, his hands extended in attempt to grip around his neck. Jack scrambles away and waits for Bam to try it again, but this time he sidesteps him and thrusts a knee into his midsection. He follows it up with a roundhouse kick, and continues the combo with a spinning backfist, landing square on his jaw. Bam is shaken for a second, but challenges Jack to give him his best boxing hook, his hands clasped behind his back. He backs up a step and surveys the crowd, who are firmly behind him, and readies him stance for him boxing background. But he doesn't give him a hook he charges him and takes him down

Mike Fisher: Bam was pissed before he even came out to the ring. In fact, I think he really does walk around all day, foaming at the mouth.

It's pretty obvious that Jack is enjoying these games he's playing, and Bam is getting increasingly more pissed off. Bam lunges at Jack, but he dodges it yet again, coming in with an uppercut to his jaw and a quick sidestep out of the way. But Bam's left hand is outstretched and he finally has a grasp of him now, pulling him in close. He slams him down and bounces himself off the ropes, looking for a big leg drop, but Jack moves out of the way. Jack is quick back to his feet, Bam a little less so, and Jack runs to the ropes and springboards backwards, landing a back elbow to Bam's chin. He drops down to his level and goes for an armbar, but Bam's strength allows him to shake him off. He gives him a stiff kick to the back before eyeing the moment he gets back to his feet.

With a couple of parting kicks to the doubled-over Bam, Jack backs up into the corner, waiting for him to get all the way to his feet. He runs at Bam, looking for a flying clothesline, but Bam catches him in mid-air and slams him down with a monstrous sidewalk slam!.

Mike Fisher: Jack just felt all of his weight come crashing down on him body! He can't feel too good right now!

Bam, pleased with himself, casually hook a leg from a seated position and counts with referee Duke.



3-- NO!

Bam can't believe it! He pulls Jack up by his hair and wraps his massive arms around his waist in a nasty bearhug, his ribs cracking underneath the force! A sinister grin appears on his face as he's struggling to maintain a little distance to keep the air flowing into him lungs. Out of nowhere, he rakes Bam's eyes, a move that Duke seemingly doesn't see, and Bam relinquishes the hold and drops Jack down. He backs up into a corner, trying to catch his breath as Bam demands the referee keep a better eye on the match. Bam turns around to face a charging Jack, but he is quick to recover, spinning him around in a tilt-a-whirl... but he hook his legs around his neck and drops him down with a headscissors takedown!

Campbell: What an exciting turn of events there! Jack reversing a backbreaker into a headscissors--- and he's keeping the leg grapevine around Bam's neck!
Vaughn: Indeed he is! Looks like he's going for a modified triangle choke right here to put him out!

Jack is able to sink his foot inside the back of his knee, his arm and neck trapped in a nasty triangle choke! Jack can sense that Bam is fading, and he's trying to hold him ground, tightening the hold with every second!

Bam slinks to a knee, and his arm is starting to go limp! Duke lifts it once, and it drops to the mat!


And he repeats the process, once again, Bam's hand hitting the mat! Damn near choked out right here, but he still sensed enough of a resistance from Bam.


And he picks it up a third time... but out of nowhere, Bam stands back up with the triangle still around his neck, but it takes his toll and he drops as Jack releases the hold, Bam is looking very groggy as Jack sees the opportunity. He bounces off the ropes TAKE TWO OF THESE!

He goes for the pin





"Infamy" by def rebel begins to play as Xinoehp walks out in his body paint, a spotlight is shown on him, he stares directly at the ring. Xinoehp turns around as he faces the Oshtron. He raises his arms like he's aiming a bow and arrow. Xinoehp lets the imaginary arrow fly as the arena explodes in pyro and the colors of red, orange and yellow.

Xinoehp then begins to walk deliberately towards the ring not even paying attention to the fans in attendance, staying laser focused on the task at hand. He enters the ring and makes a b-line to the center of the ring. Xinoehp raises his arms and holds them up in an 'X' symbol.

As the music fades, Xinoehp prepares for the match.
Here we go! The bell has rung and the match begins with the two men going right for the holdup. Eron Hunter pushes Anthony Phoenix to a nearby turnbuckle for the advantage, unleashing a bunch of forearms and chops! But alas, it’s not too successful at this moment it seems, as Anthony Phoenix turns that around and does forearm after forearm. Boom, boom, and boom. He quickly backs up… clothesline!

Mike Fisher: Remember Guys this is now for the Hollywood Title!

Eron Hunter stumbles forward into Anthony Phoenix clotheslining him once again. Eron Hunter gets up again, ducks it and gets a right on Anthony Phoenix. Punchfest time. It’s back and forth for a few moments.

Anthony Phoenix gets the advantage with a big uppercut then a quick hit to Eron Hunter’s gut and DDTs him. Anthony Phoenix follows that with a few elbows for good measure. He watches Eron Hunter get up and TWIST OF FA – no, Eron Hunter turns that into a spiked DDT! D’oh. With that done, Eron Hunter stomps Anthony Phoenix a few times, then lifts Anthony Phoenix up to his feet.

Eron Hunter picks Anthony Phoenix up for a suple – NO. Anthony Phoenix counters by getting a side headlock on Eron Hunter instead, quickly getting his feet on ropes and ta-da, tornado DDT! What a beauty! As Eron Hunter gets up to his feet, DOUBLE STOMP! Eron Hunter’s head bounces off the mat, as Anthony Phoenix climbs to top of the turnbuckle.

But Eron Hunter rolls himself out of the ring. But Anthony Phoenix jumps off the turnbuckle and dives onto him! The crowd marks the heck out at this development, both men crashing onto the floor!

One. Two. Three.

The referee counts as Anthony Phoenix gets up to his feet and throws Eron Hunter into the ring. As Anthony Phoenix hops onto the apron, Eron Hunter grabs Anthony Phoenix’s head and jumps down, Anthony Phoenix’s neck crashing onto the top rope hard. Eron Hunter takes a moment to collect his wiles, dragging Anthony Phoenix to center of the ring and locks in the crossface.

But alas, that would not last too long. Anthony Phoenix gets up to his feet, as Eron Hunter transitions the crossface into the STF, still holding it in. Anthony Phoenix falls backwards and boom. Anthony Phoenix awaits Eron Hunter to get up to his feet and CLOTHESLINE! And again, but this time… DROPKICK! He’s got the crowd on his side already, as he awaits Eron Hunter to get up to his feet. Bouncing off the ropes, RUNNING BULLDO – NO. Eron Hunter pushes him forward.

Anthony Phoenix quickly gets up to his feet, however, but he is then met with a windmill kick! As Anthony Phoenix gets up to his feet, HURRICANARA! And then… reverse bulldog! Eron Hunter picks Anthony Phoenix up and gives him a quick back suplex! As Eron gets up to his feet…

Hunter Charges – NO.

Anthony Phoenix ducks! He then kicks Eron Hunter in the gut – X-DT!





World Title Number 1 Contenders Match

Announcer: “The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is a number one contenders match for the IIW World Championship!”

For Whom The Bell Tolls” by Metallica continues it’s iconic introduction, upon each toll of the bell appears a flash of strobe lighting, revealing a figure in the darkness standing in the centre of the entrance stage, his appearance now revealed by the strobe lighting... it is Ryan Hawkins

Ryan Hawkins remains still on the stage, his face covered by his intimidating the entrance mask, his eyes focused intensely on the ring.

Upon the 4th tolling of the bell, he slowly unbuttons his trench coat without breaking his intense gaze on the ring, revealing “The Dream Killer in blood-stained writing across the chest of his T-shirt.

Announcer : “Introducing first, hailing from No Where, he stands at six feet four inches tall and weighs in at 220 pounds…he is “The Dream Killer” Ryan Hawkins!!!”

"Disco//Very" by Warpaint hits over the sound system, and the arena goes dark. As the song picks up, the lights brighten just a little, revealing Rogue standing at the top of the entrance with Cora Black behind him, holding her small black coffin under her left arm.

A purple tint of light mixes with the darkness in the arena, and smoke floods the ramp area. Rogue and Cora slowly make their way down to the ring as they drag clouds of smoke with their feet, being followed by the purple light.

As they reach the ring, the lights come to full brightness, and most of the smoke dissapears. Rogue walks up the steps to the ring apron and enters through the middle rope as Cora stands on the outside of the ring, focused on Rogue.

Announcer: “And his opponent, hailing from Orlando, Florida, he stands at five feet ten inches tall and weighs in at 210 pounds…he is Rogue!!!”

Hawkins and Rogue locked up in the center of the ring in an attempt to feel each other out. Hawkins pushed Rogue towards the corner but Rogue was able to reverse around Hawkins into a waistlock. Hawkins began to toss a few elbows backward but Rogue dropped down and pulled him over into a roll up but the pin was broken up at one. Rogue and Hawkins both popped to their feet, Rogue charged with a lariat but Hawkins ducked. Hawkins turned on a dime to lay a dropkick but Rogue sidestepped. The two men stared each other down from mere feet away as the crowd popped.

Mike Fisher: “Looking like a pretty even match up here in the early going.”

Scott James: “Lets see which one of these two gladiators will be the first to gain the upper hand.”

The two begin to move towards one another and Hawkins reaches out, trapping Rogue in his grasp and tossing him over his head for a belly to belly. Rogue rolls to the corner and is met with a running knee strike from Hawkins. Hawkins pulls Rogue up by the hair and puts him up in the air, thundering back down with a delayed vertical suplex. Hawkins goes for the cover but Rogue kicks out at two.

Matt Fisher: “I think Hawkins had a better chance on that one if he hooked the leg.”

Scott James: “I usually don’t agree with you, but I feel I have to on that one.”

Hawkins comes up from behind Rogue and locks in a chin lock and begins to drive his knee into the small of Rogue’s back. The referee checks for a submission but this hold won’t make that happen. Rogue powers back to his feet and grabs Hawkins by the head driving Hawkins’ jaw into the top of Rogue’s head. Hawkins springs up holding his jaw and Rogue comes from behind with a backstabber. Hawkins, rolling around in pain, is hit by an elbow drop from Rogue, followed up by a knee drop. Rogue climbs to the top rope and flies off landing a flying elbow drop.

Matt Fisher: “Shades of the Macho Man Randy Savage!”

Scott James: “Ooooooh yeahhhhh!!!!”

Rogue goes for the cover but Hawkins is able to get his shoulder up at the count of two. Rogue pulls Hawkins up and tosses him into the ropes, dropping him down with a drop toe hold and immediately applying a calf crusher. Hawkins face displays the agony his body is in but before he can even answer the referee he is able to outstretch his arm and get into the ropes.

Matt Fisher: “That just goes to show the young wrestlers out there you need to know where you are inside of that ring at all times.”

Scott James: “That could have been the end of the match if Hawkins hadn’t realized his proximity to the ropes.”

Rogue keeps the hold locked in until the ref reaches four. Rogue breaks the count and gets to his feet before laying kicks into Hawkins’ midsection. The referee backs Rogue up, allowing Hawkins to get to his feet. Rogue pushes the referee out of the way and is greeted with a big spear from Hawkins who begins to lace Rogue’s face with a flurry of right hands. The referee tries to get Hawkins off but Hawkins jolts to his feet, the glimpse he gives the referee forces the referee to back off.

Matt Fisher: “I don’t know what that was all about.”

Scott James: “It must be Hannabelle, that doll freaks me out!”

Hawkins turned back to Rogue who had reached his knees and Hawkins connects with a running knee to the face. Rogue falls over to the mat and Hawkins hooks the near leg for a count of two. Hawkins grabs Rogue’s head and begins to bounce it off of the mat a handful of times. Hawkins pulls Rogue up by the hair and sends him into the turnbuckles with an Irish whip. Hawkins charges, full speed ahead, and connects with a corner body splash. Rogue wobbles out of the corner, Hawkins grabs him and hits him with a bridged German suplex for another count of two before Rogue is able to kick out.

Matt Fisher: “Seems to me like The Dream Killer has firm control of this one in the early goings.”

Scott James: “If Rogue wants that World Title match he really needs to get himself together and fast.”

Hawkins, growing frustrated, gets up and pulls at his hair. He lets Rogue climb to his feet with assistance from the turnbuckles. Hawkins charges, this time for a spear in the corner, but Rogue moves out of the way and Hawkins’ shoulder slams into the ring post. Rogue grabs Hawkins and tosses him through the middle rope to the floor. Rogue holds the rope and allows Hawkins to pull himself up before launching himself over the top to land on Hawkins with a splash to the outside. Rogue continues the assault by burying a series of forearm smashes to Hawkins’ face.

Matt Fisher: “Hawkins went to the well one too many times with that spear and it definitely cost I’m there.”

Scott James: “The entire momentum of this match has changed.”

Rogue drags Hawkins to his feet and sends him face first to the ring post. Hawkins bounces back, dazed, and Rogue chucks him, knee first, into the steel steps on the opposite side of the ring. Hawkins holds his knee as Rogue approaches, Rogue grabs Hawkins’ knee and drives it into the concrete. The referee’s count reaches seven as Rogue rolls under the ropes to break the count. Rogue turns back to Hawkins and picks him up in the air, slamming him manhood first on top of the guard rail.

Mike Fisher: “There may not be any little Hawkins in Ryan’s future now.”

Scott James: “He’s definitely singing soprano in the shower tonight, at minimum!”

Rogue hops onto the apron and gets himself a running start before taking flight and connecting with the still guard rail sitting Hawkins, knocking him down and into the front row of the crowd. Rogue follows him over as fans tap both men on the shoulder. Rogue begins to punch at Hawkins but Hawkins begins to rumble back. The referee has bounced to the outside in an attempt to get Hawkins and Rogue to bring the match back into the ring.

Mike Fisher: “There is a World Championship opportunity on the line, you’d think they would both want to get this back into the ring.”

Scott James: “That’s what a normal person would want—these two are far from your normal competitor…they both just want to hurt other people.”

Hawkins stuns Rogue with a flurry of chops and forearm smashes. Security clears some of the crowd and Hawkins charges at Rogue who reverses it and back body drops Hawkins over the guard rail back into the ringside area. Rogue follows his opponent over and drives the small of Hawkins’ back into the ring apron before rolling him back inside. Rogue rolled under the bottom rope inside.

Mike Fisher: “And now we are back inside the much safer, friendlier confines of the squared circle.”

Scott James: “Safer and friendlier? That’s Rogue and Ryan Hawkins in there!”

Rogue grabs Hawkins and sets up for a Crossroads as a portion of the crowd erupts as Rogue motions that it’s over. Rogue goes to turn and drives Hawkins’ head into the mat. Rogue sits up for a moment but rather than cover his foe he motions towards the ropes. Rogue hops up to the top turnbuckle and flies off with a guillotine leg drop. Rogue pulls Hawkins up and hooks the leg.

Mike Fisher: “I think Rogue should have went for the cover after hitting the Forever Alone.”

Scott James: “think he would prefer to finish Ryan Hawkins once and for all.”

Rogue pulls Hawkins over into a bridging fisherman Suplex but Hawkins is able to kick out at a count of two. Rogue pops up looking shocked and begins to argue with the referee. Hawkins sneaks up behind Rogue and rolls him up, the ref drops down for the count and Rogue kicks out at two. The two men get to their feet and Rogue goes for a clothesline but Ryan ducks and catches Rogue on the reversal with a desperation super kick that puts Rogue to the mat. Ryan drops to the ground as he awaits Rogue….
Rogue slowly gets up and Ryan Pounces THE DREAM KILLER!!!!!!




Mike Fisher: We have our winner and number one contender for the IIW World Title……..RYAN HAWKINS!

Scott James: I believe he is also the NEW TV Champion!