The camera pans around the ring which has balloons, banners and an enlarged photo of a bloodied Jason Myers holding the IIW Legends Championship over a bloodied, beaten and burnt Dan DiStoner with the Hell's Inferno structure towering above the two men. Land Of The Living by Jonathan Young is then heard as the new IIW Legends Champ makes his way out from guerrilla position, Lilith Morningstar by his side as the fans in attendance go mental:

Scott: The Champ is here!

Mike: The IIW Legends Champ, that is!

Scott: That was one of the most brutal encounters I have ever witnessed, I can see why there's only been two in existence!

Mike: Both won by Jason Myers I might add. It's fitting the creator has won both of them!

Scott: I bet DiStoner is instantly regretting challenging Myers to his own creation! He won't be making that mistake again!

Myers is lapping up the crowds reaction as he stands at the foot of the ramp, holding the Championship high as pyro goes off behind him, confetti falling from the ceiling as the Champ and Lilith make their way into the ring:

Scott: England may have lost the Euros but here's something they can be proud of!

Mike: In that match it was the UK vs the US and the UK kicked America's arse!

Myers is in the centre of the ring as he's handed a mic as his music dies down:

Myers: It is good to be me right now! I finally ended DiStoner once and for all. I put him out of his misery. Six months. That's how long it's been between me and him. Six long months. I finally pulled the thorn from my side and now I can continue to ascend the ladder and realise my true destiny. I can break through that glass ceiling. I'm going to do what DiStoner has never done with this Championship; Give it prestige. Actually defend it, and I don't care who steps up.

Make no mistake about it though. What me and Dan have been through, it hasn't been seen since me and Matt Robinson waged war in WWA and NWA, and no one can take that away from us. I despise Dan to my very core, but damnit he's earned my respect because despite all the tricks, all the pranks, all the bullshit we put each other through, to challenge me to my own creation, to step up like that, it takes guts. That doesn't mean I like him, but what we've been through, it changes you. He took me to a dark place, he reached deep down and exposed me for who I truly am; The Devil's Reject; The Bitter One. The one who's been to Hell and back but damnit they ain't found a way to kill me yet. So whoever wants to step up and try to take it from me, don't blame me if you're torn apart because I'm putting the locker room on notice. That goes for the IIW World Champ as well.

Myers then signals for the cameraman to get closer as he removes his sunglasses and holds the Title in the air. Before Myers can speak the cameraman swings the camera off the skull of Myers;

Mike: What the hell?

Scott: Is he a Dan DiStoner fan?!

The cameraman removes his hood, wearing a half mask as it's revealed to be Dan DiStoner!

DiStoner then climbs into the ring fully as he scares Lilith off as he grabs the Legends Championship and shouts at Myers to get up and goes to strike with the Title but Myers ducks at the last second, kicks DiStoner in the gut and goes for No Remorse but DiStoner punches Myers in the nuts as he falls to his knees before DiStoner grabs the large photo and smashes it off Myers' head. All of a sudden Bob Mitchell comes out on the stage, a mic in hand;

Bob: Quit it! Quit it right now! For six months you two have caused nothing but chaos and destruction. The damage you both caused at Hell's Inferno took it too far. This must end so I'm stepping in to say next month, Myers vs. DiStoner: The Finale at the next PPV. I don't care what match it is, I don't care if the Title is on the line or not but if you two even so much as look at each other the wrong way after the PPV, your contracts will be terminated immediately! Now get out the ring because I have a show to run!

Mike: What a blockbuster announcement by Bob Mitchell!

Scott: These two have been fighting for long enough and next month they're going to write the final chapter in their storied rivalry!

Mike: I was gonna say I could watch these two fight forever but with these crazy matches, forever would be out the question!

Limp Bizkit - Breakstuff sounding off with a loud bass boom as the lights in the arena turn a sickly green. The green fades to a low yellow, as if a boom went off before an air raid siren can be heard. The siren perks up louder as Ragna begins to walk out, decked out in a vest and hoodie with his Oncoming Storm logo emblazoned on the front. He stares straight ahead, his muscles flexing before he roars to the camera, shoving the camera man aside as he heads to the ring. He stomps up the ramp, stopping just at the edge of the entrance ramp and running his palm along the canvas itself before pounding his fists against it and hopping up onto the apron. He slides under the middle rope, stepping into the center of the ring and stretching his arms out before tearing the hoodie in half, roaring back to the crowd with a guttural scream.

Anthony Tudor stares down Damian Winters in the ring…. The bell rings as he charges him…. CLOTHESLINE…. He picks up Damian Winters… ONCOMING STORM!



Mike Fisher: This could be the dominant win Tudor’s been looking for…

Scott James: This will help get his mom…what’s he doing?

Anthony Tudor has slide outside the ring and picked up a chair, he lashes the back of Damain Winters …. Then suddenly a man charges out and the crowd goes wild


Adam charges the ring as Tudor backs off and Adam stares him down

Mike Fisher: Yes Adam hasn’t been seen since KKND When Anthony Tudor put him on the shelf… It’s so good to see an OG IIW Member back now though!

IIW Mayhem returned from commercial break to “King of Kings” by Motörhead playing and The Celtic Club inside of the ring in their street clothes. John stood in the center of the ring taking in the chorus of boos that greeted him. He looked to his brother, Trigger, and protege, Andy, without championships…then to Shannon who held the International Championship for John with a smirk on her face. John raised the microphone to his lips and began to speak.

John Cavanagh: “Not that any of you ingrates or the Debonair family care to hear this but…I told ya so! I told the world that good old Johnnie Cav would walk his ass into Explosion the challenger and he would leave Manchester that night as your brand new IIW International Champion and that is exactly what transpired! Afterwards, there was a nice celebration…Trig and Andy didn’t enjoy it as much as they should have but that’s OK..growing pains. See, Trig and Andy might be a team on the streets but in the ring…they’re still growing as a professional wrestling unit. With that said, it doesn’t change the fact that I am immensely disappointed that there aren’t three leather straps with gold attached to them resting in this ring as we speak. I hope The Purge knows that they haven’t chased Andy Boy and Trig outta the IIW, its just a matter of time before my boys meet you two again in the ring and finish the job they started”

Andy flexed and smirked towards the hard cam as Trig could be faintly heard saying “that’s right, that’s right!”

John Cavanagh: “Now, Tyler boy…I hope that you’ve learned the lesson that I labored to teach you. You ain’t on my level so its best to stay level headed, kid! As for this championship…”

Shannon begins to dance around, shaking her ass much to the enjoyment of the males in attendance, while the gold glistened off of the overhead lights.

John Cavanagh: “You could have held this championship for a god damned year and defeated each and every single opponent that was sent your way and guess what? Me winning this championship and holding it these last two weeks would STILL give it more prestige! As for your father, Fred Debonair. You were out of line putting your hands on Trig and Andy. You, Fred, of all people should know better than anyone that the last human being on this planet that someone should test is this miserable son of a bitch right here.”

John pointed to himself while Trigger and Andy nodded their head in agreement.

John Cavanagh: “I feel another retched sack of shit from my past. Another man that like Fred is unfortunately also part of my present. Jonny C. I heard you talking all of that shit on the podcast—you can’t keep going on and on with your cute little “Celtic Cunts” nickname all you want that doesn’t change the pure and simple fact that John fucking Cavanagh, on his worst day, shits all over you on your best day!”

John spits on the mat in disgust of Jonny and his comments before bringing the microphone to his lips a final time.

John Cavanagh: “Now that all of that business is settled…on to the next one. I may be the International Champion but anyone who knows Johnnie Cav knows that my eyes are always on the most significant prize a promotion has. With that being said, Jake E. Dangerously…your days as the most dominant force atop the IIW mountain are most certainly numbered. Whether you retain against Rogue or Hawkins next Mayhem or not…come the next IIW pay-per-view extravaganza…John Cavanagh is the NEW IIW World Champion.”

John dropped the mic as “King of Kings” hit the PA system and The Celtic Club began to leave the ring as Mayhem cut


The lights go out, Entry Of The Gladiators hits and the lights turn back on. Happy is on the entrance way with a balloon. He turns the balloon into something and gives it to a kid before popping it. He laughs as the kid cries and enters the ring. He smiles and gets ready for his match!

the moment the bell rings Happy rushes across the ring into Mike Arches’s corner and connects with The Glomp~! Expecting this, Mike Arches pats him on the pack lightly, before spinning around flipping Happy over with a monkey flip. Happy rolls back to his feet quickly, shaking his head and his finger at Mike Arches.

Mike Fisher: Mike Arches with the sneaky monkey flip to start things off.

Mike Arches moves in to take advantage of this, only to have Happy leap up into the air and connect with a knee to his face, knocking him down to the mat. Shaking the cobwebs out, Mike Arches gets back to his feet as Happy runs into the ropes, rebounding and running back to shove Mike Arches back down to the mat.

Happy bends over the top of Mike Arches, only to have him grab his from the mat and take his down with a rolling snap mare takeover, rolling through, and he jumps up into the air and connects with a drop kick to his chest that down back down to the mat. Happy sits back up on to do so right into a shuffle side kick to the face from the debutant.

Mike Fisher:: Mike Arches with the early advantage here

He awaits Happy getting to his feet, he wraps an arm around him…. THE HIGHROAD! He plants him face first into the mat!

Mike Fisher: What a debut this has been from Mike Arches!

Scott James: Well you’ve seen what his daughter Moira’s been like, are you really surprised?




Jenny Fletcher: Your winner by pinfall.. Mike arches!

The ring of the bell hasn’t even faded before TJ runs at Hendrix and hits him square on the jaw with a Busaiku knee strike. Hendrix falls back against the turnbuckle and staggers forward. TJ hits the ropes and knocks him down with a Yakuza kick that lands right on the ear.

TJ goes to pick up Hendrix, but Hendrix grabs a side headlock. TJ gets his legs under him and tries to counter with a back suplex, but Hendrix blocks it with some left hands to the forehead. Finally, TJ gets him up in the air, takes a few steps back, and sits down hard on the mat. Brandon Hendrix’s head BOUNCES off the top turnbuckle and he lands face-down next to TJ. He clutches at his neck but doesn’t stay down. He pounds hard on the mat and gets to his feet. He turns to face TJ, who decks him right above the eye with a hard right hand. Hendrix doesn’t go down, but he definitely felt it.

Mike Fisher: Hendrix’s reeling a bit from that shot!
Scott James: I’d say most of it’s from landing on the turnbuckle, but I think that one punch opened him up a bit.

Sure enough, Hendrix wipes a bit of blood away from his brow, only for TJ to land another hard right hand to the exact same spot, knocking Hendrix back. TJ holds his fist up a bit to show his middle knuckle sticking up from the others.

Mike Fisher: He’s hitting him with knuckle spikes!

TJ goes for another knuckle spike but Hendrix spears him down and lays into him! TJ stealthily wraps his leg around Hendrix’s and reaches the ropes. The ref tells Hendrix to get off of him, but TJ’s holding him in place with his leg, unseen by the ref, who starts his five count.




Hendrix finally gets the ref to see TJ holding him there, and the ref breaks the count as TJ smirks at Hendrix while he lets go and rolls to the corner.

TJ runs at Hendrix for another Yakuza kick, but Hendrix ducks and bowls TJ over with a kitchen sink knee strike. He follows up with a swinging DDT, and when TJ is halfway to his feet he lands a springboard enziguri. He signals for the end and heads up top.

Mike Fisher: I think he feels he has TJ down,
Scott James: He’s got him!

Hendrix dives off with the beginnings of a picture perfect gainer for the shooting star elbow drop, but TJ is right there to catch him in an inverted fireman’s carry. Hendrix tries to fight out of it, but TJ drops him hard, the back of Hendrix’s head landing right on the point of TJ’s knee.

Mike Fisher: He caught him! And he hit him with a… I don’t even know, an inverted GTS?

TJ covers…



Hendrix kicks out. TJ drags him into the middle of the ring and pulls him to his feet. When Hendrix’s up and sturdy, TJ slaps him in the face. Hendrix stares him down and swings for a haymaker, but TJ catches the arm and slips behind him to lock on a cross face chickenwing.

Scott James: Cross-face chickenwing, another staple of his matches in previous promotions.
Mike Fisher: Looks like Hendrix’s fighting it well enough, though.

Hendrix lands a few elbows to TJ’s ribs and thrashes around until they’re facing the nearest ropes. He reaches his arm out for the ropes, and the tip of it just barely brushes against it, but TJ pops his hips and launches Hendrix backward, right on his head!

Mike Fisher: That’s gotta be it!

TJ covers…



Hendrix kicks out again. He starts to pull himself up by the turnbuckles, but TJ cuts him off with a knee to the ribs. He picks him up on his shoulders and sets him up for another Play Dead. Hendrix counters, though, with a series of elbows to the face. TJ is shaken but still has Hendrix on his shoulders, until Hendrix manages to kip up off of TJ’s shoulders and onto the top turnbuckle!


Scott James: What a display of athleticism from Brandon Hendrix!

TJ runs to the corner, but Hendrix kicks him away. He dives for the shooting star cross body, but TJ hits the Busaiku knee strike while he’s still in mid air! Hendrix lands hard on the mat in the center of the ring. TJ starts to go for the pin, but instead pulls Hendrix to his feet. He grabs him in a front facelock and hits a quick snap suplex, holding on and rolling them back to his feet.

He hooks Hendrix’s leg and hits a hard Fisherman’s Buster, rolling them through to their feet again.

Scott James: This is it! He calls this the Crash Landing,

He keeps the leg hooked and hoists Hendrix up one more time, and drops him right on his head with! He has his shoulders down…




Mike Fisher: He got him!

Jenny Fletcher: Your winner… TJ ALEXANDER!

John Tolly vs Ryan McCann

Blind hits as John Tolly walks out he looks around cracks his neck and makes his way to the ring he poses for a second on the turn buckle before hoping in the ring

"Just Like You" by Three Days Grace begins to play as the crowd boo when they see Ryan McCann make his way down to the ring. McCann enters the ring and, climbs to the top of a nearby corner and tosses his arms in the air and urges the crowd to get louder, as they do

As expected, Ryan McCann rumbles forward, trying to get the offensive early, but John Tolly is quick to dodge the haymaker attempt. John Tolly spins a kick to Ryan McCann's gut, following it up with a knee to the head. John Tolly bounces himself off the ropes, looking for a flying clothesline, but Ryan McCann catches him in mid-air and slams him down with a modified backbreaker across his knee! John Tolly writhes on the ground, grabbing his lower back, as Ryan McCann throws a boot right into the tender area. He slams another into John Tolly's face, keeping him down momentarily.

Ryan McCann bounces himself off the ropes and looks for a big leg drop, but John Tolly rolls out of the way quickly and all the way out of the ring to catch his breath. Ryan McCann screams at him to re-enter, and then begins to harass referee Schultz for not forcing John Tolly into the ring. John Tolly notices Ryan McCann preoccupied, and trips him up from the outside. Using his lightning-fast quickness, he hops back onto the apron and springboards over, landing an elbow drop right on Ryan McCann's throat! Ryan McCann gasps for breath as John Tolly bounces himself off the ropes, a short front drop-kick landing on a kneeling Ryan McCann's forehead! John Tolly scales the top rope, just waiting for the right time---

Mike Fisher: What's this maniac thinking about here?
Scott James: He's turning backwards... maybe a moonsault?

Scott James's prediction is right on the money, as John Tolly flips in mid-air, looking for a moonsault! But Ryan McCann sees it coming and sticks both of his knees up, firmly embedded in John Tolly's torso! John Tolly rolls around the ring in agony as Ryan McCann stalks his opponent, drilling him with a high knee to the face once John Tolly is doubled-over. John Tolly backpedals to a landing in the corner, and Ryan McCann raises his boot and wedges it in John Tolly's neck with a big choke. But John Tolly slips underneath and makes Ryan McCann lose his balance with a drop toe hold, Ryan McCann's neck nearly severing on the middle rope! John Tolly springboards all the way to the mat below, his hands pushing Ryan McCann's head down, the pressure of the guillotine on Ryan McCann's throat resulting in McCann stumbling around the ring trying to catch his breath. John Tolly hops back onto the ring apron, springboards up to the top rope and uses it as leverage to fly through the air, landing on Ryan McCann's shoulders and dropping him with a hurricanrana! He hooks a single leg...



...but Ryan McCann kicks out!

Jenny Tolly runs down to the ring jumping up on to the ring apron to try and distract the ref

Mike Fisher:Thats Jenny Tolly, John's sister what the hell is she doing here?

Scott James: Well Jenny is John's manager, so it obvious she here for moral suport.

as Jenny keeps the ref distracted a giant of a man comes out from the crowd, he steps over the ropes and grabs Ryan by the neck picking him up and slamming him violently across his knee with a chokeslam backbreaker! Tolly gives a shocked look that slowly fades into a smile and a laugh as the crowd begins to boo loudly, the large man slides out side of the ring as Jenny hops down from ring apron as John picks up Ryan, he flips off the booing crowd before planting Ryan with a Champaign Dream DDT and pinning him.




Jenny Fletcher: Your winner…. JOHN TOLLY!
Jenny: Ladies and Gentleman allow me to formally introduce you to the man you see before you this is de Vlaamse Reus, the Flemish Giant Heer Heinderick Van Berg. 7ft of pure destructive power.

John: We are no longer going to just sit back and wait for opportunity to just happen to come our way, from now on WE make the demands.

Jenny: Ladies and Gentlemen Tolly Incorporated is here to stay!

The lights go dim around the whole arena as "Blow Me Away" hits on the sound system. As the first words hit in the song Hunter makes his way onto the stage. He walks to the end of the stage just before the ramp and crosses his arms. He closes his eyes and lifts his head up as if he is absorbing the atmosphere. Then he raise both hands in the air as pyros go off behind him. Afterwards he opens his eyes and makes his way down the ramp looking at the fans with disgust. He walks up the steps to the ring and wipes his feet on the canvas. Then he hops through the ropes and walks into the center of the ring and then across to the other side. he climbs the turnbuckle and raises his hands in the air with arrogance. He hops down as his music stops and waits for his opponent.

Nero Forte plays as the arena is plunged into darkness and strobe lights start going off around the stage area, as the drums kick in Zack Steele emerges from the curtain with his head down, his long wet hair draped over his face, he stands there for a few seconds before Corey Taylors vocals kick in, at which point, Zack walks down to the ring, pumping his fists by his side, he jumps up onto apron, places his gum shield in his mouth before looking out at the abuse hurling crowd, he just shrugs his shoulders with a smirk on his face before climbing into the ring, runs at the opposite ropes before coming to a stand still in the middle of the ring and raising his arms in the air, soaking in the abuse from the fans, the same smirk still on his face. The fading music only amplifying the fans distaste for him.

Hunter calls for a test of strength, and Zack cautiously obliges, interlocking fingers. The more seasoned Hunter reverses Zack's attempt at a wristlock into an armdrag, and immediately comes over the top with a hammerlock. Zack fights himself to his feet and drills an elbow into Hunter's gut. He whips Hunter to the ropes and leapfrogs over him on the return, but Hunter stops behind Zack and sends him down with neckbreaker. Both competitors are back to their feet quickly and engage in a collar-elbow tie up, and this time Zack takes the offensive with an arm-wrench, followed immediately with a step-over enziguri which draws a pop from the crowd. Zack reaches down and picks Hunter up, drills him with a boot to the gut, and locks his head in for a DDT. But it's reversed into a northern lights suplex, the bridge!



But Zack kicks out!

Mike Fisher: Some counters early... and a near pinfall, but Zack won't go down that easy!

As if they read his mind, Hunter whips Zack to the ropes and tries to follow him in with a lariat, but Zack braces his hands on the corner and lifts his feet up, locking Hunter's face in a headscissors before taking him down! Zack pops up and springboards off the middle rope, connecting with a leg drop across Hunter's neck. Not slowing down at all, Zack then scales the top rope and waits for Hunter to return to his feet, before leaping off and connecting with a flying dropkick! Hunter is downed, and Zack grabs his legs, turning him over for a Boston Crab. But Hunter is able to use his leg strength to power himself out of it, and is up to his feet quickly. Zack runs at him, looking for a spear, but Hunter dodges it. Once Zack turns to face him, Hunter connects with a shuffle side kick out of nowhere, the impact sending Zack sprawling out of the ring entirely!

Zack gets to his feet on the outside, and Hunter runs at him and gives him a baseball slide, his feet connecting with Zack's head! Zack backpedals into the crowd barrier, and Hunter bounces off the ropes and leaps over, trying to hit a plancha. But he connects with nothing but the barrier, the rubber pushed in towards the front rows with the weight of Hunter!

Referee is apprehensive to start the count-out, but slowly begins when he notices Hunter stirring.



3-- Zack rolls into the ring, and right back out to reset. This time the ref doesn't even bother to begin, because Zack grabs Hunter by the head and slides him into the ring.

Zack immediately climbs the top rope and measures Hunter, who's still down. He leaps off, going for a moonsault, but Hunter picks his knees up in the nick of time, Zack's youth and naivety getting the best of him there! Hunter is quickly on the offensive, swiveling his hips for a roundhouse kick to Zack's side. He whips Zack to the corner and follows him in with a back elbow. He braces himself on the middle rope and starts raining down a ten count of right hands, but on the sixth, Zack ducks underneath his legs and trips his feet out from under Hunter, his chin crashing on the turnbuckle. Zack grabs him by the waist and sends him down with a german suplex, the impact leaving Hunter sprawled on the mat, and Zack's own fatigue setting in, keeping him down for a seconds himself. Zack finally throws his body on Hunter and hooks a leg, Duke reacting with the count.



...but Hunter kicks out!

Scott James: Hunter's resiliency is keeping him in this match, as Zack nearly had the fall right there!

A frustrated Zack answers the call, as he starts to rain on a couple of kicks to the downed Hunter. Hunter seeks shelter in the corner, but Zack is relentless in the mudhole stomping as Hunter is trying to pull himself out. Zack turns to the opposite corner and starts running full speed, looking for the Bronco Buster, but Hunter slinks out of the way just in time, as Zack is straddled on the bottom turnbuckle! Hunter is quick to lock Zack in a reverse DDT, and sends him down. He transitions beautifully into an armbar, as Zack is frantically grasping for the bottom rope!

Duke is right on top of things, trying to see if Zack will tap, but Zack wisely outstretches his foot and hooks his toe on the underside of the bottom rope. Hunter, seemingly with a second wind, stalks Zack as he pulls himself up, favoring his right shoulder.

Hunter runs at Zack and hops up onto his shoulders, looking for a hurracanrana, but Zack pushes his legs up off of him, Hunter's chin crashing into the top turnbuckle once again! With a full nelson double-underhook behind Hunter, he yanks backwards, connecting with a Sky Blue Way!!!!