The scene shows up as Bob Mitchell is watching the replay of the TV Title match finish

Bob: Right Commander, you saw what happened out there with Ignis and Hewton, make sure they’re escored out of the building and let them know they are now suspended until further notice!

Legends Title vs Myers Hair

Dan Distoner vs Jason Myers


Jenny Fletcher: Ladies and Gentleman, please welcome multiple Grammy Award winning band. They have released 10 successful studio albums and this year they celebrate their 40th year as a band, give it up for Metallica!

The crowd go wild as multiple fans scream out METALLICA RULES!

James Hetfield: Are you alive Manchester? How does it feel to be alive? It feels good to be here once again, I recognise a lot of faces in the crowd. We're here tonight to support our good friend Jason Myers and witness a good night of wrasslin' and play some music so be prepared to Jump In The Fire!

As Metallica get the crowd pumped up and ready to play Jason Myers to the ring, red smoke fills the stage as Myers rises from beneath the stage, a ring of fire surrounds Myers as he raises his arms, pyro begins to go off in front of him as he raises the devil horns. He then walks over to Metallica singer James Hetfield and gives him a fist bump before making his way down to the ring.

Down in the depths of my fiery home, The summons bell will chime. Tempting you and all the earth, To join our sinful kind, There is a job to be done and I'm the one, You people make me do it, Now it is time for your fate and I won't hesitate, To pull you down into this pit

As the song continues the deadly structure known as Hell's Inferno is lowered. Over 20ft high, 11 tonnes of steel, surrounded in barbwire with a black rucksack hanging down from the ceiling as a few ladders are stood at ringside. Myers then takes his jacket off and throws it down as he enters the structure, slides into the ring and climbs the turnbuckle as Metallica play on, Myers points to Metallica.

Jump by your will or be taken by force, I'll get you either way, Trying to keep the hell fire lit, I am stalking you as prey, Living your life as me I am you you see, So reach down grab my hand walk with me through the land, Come home where you belong

As the band plays the closing moments of the song Myers' eyes are darting around not knowing where to look.

Scott James: It's a big fight feel tonight, Metallica were awesome and now we await our IIW Legends Champ!

Jenna: Ladies and Gentleman give it up for Metallica! And now please welcome to the stage, multi time Billboard Music Award winning band Nickelback!

As Metallica exit the stage Nickelback then walk onto the stage as the band set up, Chad Kroeger, Nickelback frontman approaches the mic:

Chad: Thank you kindly Jenna. Manchester, are you ready? No, I said, are you ready! Then let's Burn It To The Ground!

Well, it's midnight, damn right, We're wound up too tight, I've got a fist full of whiskey, The bottle just bit me, Oh, that shit makes me bat shit crazy, We've got no fear, no doubt, All in balls out!

As they approach the chorus, green smoke fills the stage and what appears to be blunts begin to fall from the sky as Dan DiStoner makes his way to the stage, smoking a blunt himself as he goes over to Nickelback, pulls out his favourite tin, donned with a marijuana leaf of course, and leaves a blunt for each member of the band. He then makes his way down to the ramp as fans take a whiff of the blunts only to realise how they're fakes. Dan then walks up to a fan wearing a Jason Myers shirt and blows smoke in his face and holds the Title high. He then rips a Myers sign from one of the fans hands, throws it to the ground, throws his blunt down and spits on it before stomping on it.

Oh, we got no class, no taste, No shirt, and shit faced, We got it lined up, shot down, Firing back straight crown, We're going off tonight, To kick out every light, Take anything we want, Drink everything in sight

As the band plays on DiStoner enters the structure, not batting an eyelid to what he's gotten himself into as both he and Myers stare daggers into each other. The ref who is wearing a mask and protective clothing for his own safety asks for DiStoner's lighter as a pissed off DiStoner takes it from his jeans pocket, the ref not being stupid goes 'And the other one' as Dan reaches into his boots and gives him the other one. At that point Nickelback are finished up the song;

Chad: Thank you Manchester, we'll see you real soon. Take care of yourselves, enjoy the rest of the show!

The band then exit the stage as Jenna Fischer takes centre stage to make the introductions:

Jenna: Ladies and Gentleman it is now time for Hell's Inferno! In this match, the objective is to retrieve the rucksack hanging above the ring and the first man to set his opponent alight will be declared the winner! It's Hair vs Title with Myers' hair and DiStoner's IIW Legends Title on the line! Introducing first...

At that point Myers chargers at DiStoner, dropping him with The Bitter End as the ref quickly helps Jenna out of the ring and the structure. Myers grabbing a chair, putting Dan in the corner and the chair over his stomach as Myers delivers a baseball slide move to DiStoner:

Scott: Myers wasting little time!

Mike: This has gone on for the better part of the year Scott. There's nowhere left to run for DiStoner!

Myers then goes to the outside as he grabs a ladder and slides it into the ring, propping it up as he scales the ladder. Before he can get halfway DiStoner leaps forward grabbing the leg of Myers, using the ladder to pull himself up as he pulls Myers off the ladder completely and the two then trade blows. Myers goes to swing at DiStoner but he ducks out of the way, grabs Myers' arm and slams it into the ladder before wrapping Myers' arm around the ladder, reaches down and grabs the chair and slams it off Myers' arm, sandwiching the arm between the ladder and the chair. DiStoner then continuously works over Myers' arm, pulling the arm into the side of the ladder as Myers tries to swing his way out of it but to no avail. As Dan once more tries to pull Myers into the ladder Myers stops him and in turn pulls DiStoner face first into the ladder and with his one good arm Myers begins to slam DiStoner's head into the ladder. Dan then slumps down and rolls out of the ring as Myers tries to get the feeling back into his arm.

Mike: We're barely 5 minutes into the match and already these two men have battered each other!

Scott: Myers' arm is hanging down and Dan's head is close to bleeding! I doubt these two will be able to climb the ladder if they keep this up!

Dan is now trying to reach under the ring for whatever he can grab as he clutches his stomach, Myers who has managed to regroup momentarily exits the ring as he sees DiStoner writhing. Myers then goes to the other end as he aims to deliver another Bitter End as he charges at DiStoner and drops him but Myers looks like he got hurt more than DiStoner as he clutches his one good arm. DiStoner gets to his feet and pulls a plank of wood which had nails sticking out of it from underneath his shirt as he taps his head with his right index finger as he slams the board of nails off Myers' forehead, slicing his head open:

Mike: That dirty son of a bitch!

Scott: DiStoner used his brain on that one. He knows Myers' moveset in and out and had one over on Myers!

DiStoner then picks Myers up and scrapes his already bleeding head off the barbwire. He then grabs Myers by the legs and puts him into a slingshot position, sending Myers flying into the side of the cell as blood goes all over the place, Myers' hair being dyed a strong crimson red. DiStoner then drags Myers over to the steel ringpost as he pulls out a set of handcuffs in an attempt to cuff Myers to the post but Myers fights back as he spits blood into the face of DiStoner, grabs the cuffs and puts DiStoner into a headlock as he slices DiStoner's forehead open as blood gushes from the head of the Champ.

Myers then props DiStoner against the side of the cell, reaches into DiStoner's pocket and grabs his weed tin, force feeds DiStoner his own blunts and then makes some space before forcing his boot into the face and mouth of DiStoner, scraping the back of his head off the structure. DiStoner now spitting out a mix of blood and blunts as Myers grabs a bottle of water to wash his face.

Mike: This is next level violence!

Scott: Every stoner watching this are hating Myers right now! That's a waste of some good weed because we know the Champ only gets the best!

DiStoner continues to spit up as he's on his knees but Myers kicks him in the gut. Myers then sets a table up before he lines up to punt DiStoner in the head, as he runs forth DiStoner moves out of the way and Myers winds up kicking the cell, his boot getting stuck in the barbwire and DiStoner chops the back of Myers' leg as Myers buckles and DiStoner punches him in the nuts for good measure.

Mike: I knew we weren't going to see a normal one-on-one contest but this is too much!

Scott: They've both done a fair amount of damage to one another, but the objective is to climb the ladder and burn your opponent. If these two keep this up they'll be in no fit state to climb the ladder!

DiStoner then slides into the ring as he props the ladder up, begins to climb it as Myers hobbles toward the ring apron and climbs into the ring. DiStoner getting closer to the top but Myers falls forward and pushes the ladder over to the ropes but DiStoner manages to balance himself on the top rope, bounces back whilst clinging onto the ladder and uses his feet and the ladder and takes Myers out in the process.

Mike: What a manoeuvre!

Scott: This isn't your typical Ladder match but damnit we aren't being robbed of moves like that! Great athleticism by DiStoner!

DiStoner then throws the ladder down as he grabs the damaged leg of Myers and wraps it around the ladder rung, pulling it back as Myers begins to tap but it's irrelvant as pinfalls and submissions won't end the match. DiStoner then drives Myers' knee into the ladder. DiStoner then grabs the legs of Myers as he stomps on the thigh of Myers and then stomach, working over Myers before throwing him to one side.

Mike: If this continues the ref might have to throw this one out!

Scott: DiStoner has done well to wear Myers down. He wants to put the nail in the coffin on this feud once and for all!

Mike: Feud is an understatement. These two men absolutely despise each other!

DiStoner then drags Myers close to the ring apron, gets onto the apron and stamps on Myers leg on the hardest part of the ring. DiStoner then continues to drag Myers closer to the ringpost, pulling Myers groin first into the post. With Myers' legs hanging down DiStoner applies a Figure 4 Leg Lock around the steel post.

Scott: DiStoner is channelling his inner Hitman here tonight!

Mike: He's came to this one with a clear mind and a game plan. We've seen plenty of hijinks between the two, Dan ruining Jason's birthday and Jason in turn made Dan violently ill with a prank involving pretzels but the time for jokes is over. These two men are waging war on one another and don't care what they do to their own bodies, as long as the other man can't move.

Myers is fading as Dan eventually releases the hold, slowly gets to his feet as he gets into the ring and looks down on Myers, calling him pathetic. He kicks Myers out of the ring and goes to prop the ladder up but due to the usage of the ladder earlier, it can barely stand. DiStoner throws the ladder out of the ring and goes for another one.

In his search for a ladder he looks under the ring and sees a glass door, pulling it from beneath the ring and slides it in as he grabs two chairs and puts them in the ring before grabbing a ladder and slides it into the ring. He then props up both chairs and bridges the glass door between the chairs. As he sets the ladder up and checks it can stand, Myers climbs into the ring, using the apron as leverage he pulls himself up.

DiStoner tries to quickly scale the ladder but Myers does his best to scurry forward and quickly grabs the ladder to prop himself up. The two then ascend the ladder and neither men show any signs of quit. The two then begin to trade blows on top of the ladder, Myers grabbing DiStoner's hair and slams it off the top of the ladder, Dan trying to kick the bad leg of Myers, in turn Myers responds with a high kick to the temple of DiStoner.

At that point the ref seemingly stumbles into the ladder, knocking both men off the ladder and they're sent crashing through the table Myers had previously set up.

Mike: What the?

Scott: Did the ref...did the ref just push the ladder over?

Mike: It looked like he fell into it but I can't be too sure! Can we get a replay?

The replay shows from a different camera angle that the referee intentionally pushed the ladder over. The camera then goes back to the ring as we see Myers and DiStoner laid out. The ref then laughs as he rips his mask off, then pulls off what looks like a bald cap and it's revealed to be Chino!

Mike: What!

Scott: What the hell is Chino doing as the ref? He had everyone fooled!

Chino then looks down at the two men as he pulls out a bottle of lighter fluid, squirts some fluid on Myers and then DiStoner before he gets the lighters he took from DiStoner. At that point Bob Mitchell comes out with a mic in hand:

Bob: Chino! What the hell are you playing at? I've just found out the refs locker room was locked from the outside and now I see you're out here pulling this crap? Get the hell out of there and don't you dare think about setting them on fire!

Chino then flips off Mitchell and drops the lighter, setting Myers and DiStoner on fire as he grabs the IIW Legends Championship and a mic and yells out

Chino: Here's your winner and newwww IIW Legends Champion, Chinoooooooooo!

Mitchell: You're delusional! Security get your ass out here and remove this man from the building! Raise the cage!

Chino then looks around waiting to escape but at that point Myers and DiStoner have managed to pat the fire down and look baffled. As the cage slowly rises they both look at each other and charge for Chino, just as he goes to jump over the barricade Myers grabs him from behind and throws him shoulder first into the ring post. The pair then throw Chino into the ring and look at the glass door Dan had previously set up. Myers then gets Chino into a Package Piledriver position, holding Chino over the door and Dan climbs the top rope and drops Chino through the door with a double foot stomp straight through the door.

Mike: By God Chino has been decimated!

Scott: On top of that it was by the hands of Myers and DiStoner!

Mike: For a brief moment we saw these two team up and that's something I never thought we'd see!

Scott: But what about the match? What about the Championship?

Bob: Now do me a favour and drag his ass outta here! Don't worry about the match fellas, this match will officially restart. We need a ref out here right now!

As a ref comes down the ramp, MJ and Lynn are just behind. Just as they try to assist DiStoner Lilith comes from the crowd with a chair in hand and slams it off the back of MJ. Just as she takes a swing at Lynn she ducks out the way and punches her in the gut. Lynn helps up MJ and the two drop Lilith with a double suplex onto the broken glass. Lynn then climbs the rope as MJ spreads the legs of Lilith as the two go WAAAZUUUP and Lynn delivers a headbutt to the crotch of Lilith. The ref gets the girls out of the ring before they can do any more damage to each other and the match can carry on.

The cage is then folly lowered and just as Dan and Jason are regrouping and trying to grasp what's just happened and Myers wastes little time in shifting his focus on DiStoner and charges at him with a shoulder tackle, sending DiStoner into the ropes as he bounces back and Myers goes to drop DiStoner with No Remorse but DiStoner manages to reverse from this, lifting Myers up and goes to drop him on the shards of glass but Myers manages to wiggle free and goes for No Remorse yet again but Myers' leg once again buckles and doesn't get all of No Remorse.

Scott: Myers didn't get all of that!

Mike: Myers' leg still causing him a lot of pain and agony.

Myers then slides to the outside and grabs a pair of bolt cutters as he begins to cut bits of barbwire off the side of the cell and cuts a hole in the side of the cell and crawls through the hole. He begins to signal to the back and Lilith comes out with a mysterious looking box but just as she gives the box to Myers but DiStoner has followed him to the outside and attacks Myers from behind as Lilith retrieves the box quickly as both men begin to brawl around the outside of the ring, the two attempt to scrape each others face off the side of the structure, both trading elbows between one another.

Myers then chops DiStoner in the throat before using the cell like a cheese grater, grabbing DiStoner and throwing him off the barricade and then off the side of the cell. The two then make their way to the announce table area as they yell at the commentators to get out of the way. Myers grabs a pencil and jabs it in the eye of DiStoner in an attempt to blind him before grabbing a monitor and slamming it off the head of the cocky Champion. Myers then places DiStoner onto the table as he looks up at the structure, yells at the ringside doctor for some tape as Myers wraps his hands with the tape and begins to scale the side of the cell. DiStoner then begins to stir and with one good eye follows Myers up, the two men not caring the damage they're doing to their hands as neither man lets up and the two bash each others heads off the side of the cell. Myers takes a risk and pokes DiStoner in the eye and DiStoner loses balance but just as he slips he grabs Myers by the hair and the two are sent crashing through separate announce tables, DiStoner through the UK announce table and Myers through the Spanish announce table.

Mike: Oh my God! These two men are broken in half!

Scott: I bet if Myers wins this one he'll want a haircut either way!

The ref then goes to check on both men, making sure both men are willing to continue. Both men slowly get to their feet as Myers makes his way to where he cut the cell open and DiStoner slowly makes his way back to his feet, but he yells at Mike to help him into the announcers chair and push him along. A baffled Mike clears some of the carnage away and proceeds to push DiStoner closer to the entrance to Hell's Inferno. Myers goes back into the cell and the ref and DiStoner soon follow. Just as DiStoner gets back into the cell Myers kicks him square in the face. He then reaches into the box and pulls out a piercing gun and some metal rings. Myers then proceeds to pierce DiStoner, including piercing DiStoner's ear to his shoulder blade.

Mike: What the hell are we witnessing?!

Scott: In all my years behind this desk, I never once imagined I'd see something like this...

Myers then grabs DiStoner by the head and proceeds to rip the ear from the shoulder blade as blood spills all over the place. Myers then grabs a pair of pliers and begins to pluck out the remaining piercings Myers had embedded into Dan's skin, including a nipple piercing which damn near rips DiStoner's nipple off as Myers twists it around multiple times before ripping it from Dan's chest. DiStoner writhes around in agony, not knowing which one hurts the worst. Myers then shouts he isn't done yet as he pulls out a tattoo gun with a set of inks, he then looks at the wound from the bullet that pierced Dan's body all those years back, Myers fires up the tattoo gun and tattoos over it ''NWA 4 LIFE'' complete with a devilish face and the initials ''JM''

Mike: I have never witnessed anyone, ever, be tattooed and pierced. I hope those watching aren't afraid of needles!

Scott: Last I checked Myers wasn't a trained tattoo artist but hey, that ink isn't half bad.

Mike: Considering the fact Myers free handed it, he might be able to do tattooing on the side!

Myers then goes to jab the tattoo gun in DiStoner's other eye but he manages to fight him off before stamping on the tattoo gun and then grabs the piercings and throws them in the face of Myers, picking up the pliers and smashes Jason in the back of the head. DiStoner then sits Myers on the steps and forces his mouth open before grabbing the pliers, pulling out a tooth of Myers and forces him to swallow it as blood spurts from the mouth of Myers.

Mike: Tattoos, piercings, now dentist work?!

Scott: Dentist Dan DiStoner. That has a nice ring to it.

At that point MJ and Lynn make their way down with a makeshift BBQ and fire pokers and a branding iron. DiStoner then opens the cell door and the girls give DiStoner the makeshift BBQ. DiStoner picks up the branding iron and goes to strike Myers in the face with it but he moves out the way, DiStoner catching the elbow of Myers as he keeps aiming for him but Myers grabs one of the fire pokers and stabs DiStoner in the side, the sound of sizzling skin can be heard and smoke emits from the body of DiStoner who throws the branding iron down and grabs a fire poker for himself as he pokes Myers in the arms. He manages to trip Myers up as he jabs the fire poker into Myers' back and drags it down the back of Myers, leaving a massive scar as he writhes in agony. DiStoner then looks around and finds two ladders on the outside and sets them up, grabs a table and bridges it across the top of both ladders.

DiStoner then drags Myers up the ladder with him and the two are now sat atop both ladders, DiStoner drives a knee into the stomach of Myers and looks toward the ring where there's still copious amounts of broken glass. Dan then yells it's time to finish it as he delivers a Cash Out from the top of the ladders on the outside to the ring, Myers' body now full of glass and some shards are in the knees of the Champ but he manages to get to his feet slowly. DiStoner then goes to the outside, grabs the table and slides it into the ring, propping it into the corner before grabbing a ladder and sliding it into the ring.

DiStoner props the ladder up and climbs the ladder, Myers not budging an inch as DiStoner retrieves the rucksack and climbs down the ladder. Before he can go any further, he props Myers up against the table as he chokes Myers out. He then charges at Myers who moves, or falls out of the way rather sending DiStoner head first through the table.

Mike: This match has been vicious!

Scott: It's something straight out of a horror movie. You have to have a sick mind to do what these two men have done to each other in this match!

Myers' arm is slumped over the bottom rope as he coughs up a mix of spit and blood, DiStoner clutching his head. Myers then goes to the ladder and throws it down, dragging DiStoner's legs through the bottom rung as he applies a Sharpshooter, applying tonnes of pressure to the legs of DiStoner who taps out immediately despite knowing the match won't end this way.
Myers carries on with applying pressure before DiStoner passes out completely. Myers goes to the outside of the ring, grabbing the barbwire he cut from the structure earlier on in the match and gets back in the ring as he props a ladder up in the corner, Myers then puts DiStoner upside down, wrapping DiStoner's legs around the rung of the ladder with barbwire and stretches DiStoner's arms out, wrapping the barbwire around his wrists and attaches them to the ring ropes, almost in an Inverted Cross like position. Myers then pours the lighter fluid over the body of DiStoner and strikes a match before throwing it on the prone and lifeless carcass of DiStoner.

Jenna: Here is your winner and newwww IIW Legends Champion, Jason Myers!!!!

The cage is then raised as the fire on DiStoner is quickly put out, an exhausted Myers falls back as he's handed the IIW Legends Title as Lilith joins him and tries to help him up.

Mike: In all my years of being a sports broadcaster, I never once thought I'd see something like that!

Scott: Both these men's lives have been altered forever following that brutal encounter!

Mike: There's a reason why there's only been one of these before. Myers has survived both times, but at what cost?


The scene shows up in the parking lot, there is a circle of cars with a small entrance, placed around the border of every car is a metal fencing for protection I guess ,but I don’t know who envisioned this ridiculous situation for a match!

Jonny C walks into the pit to clear booing from the spectators that are set a bit further back, he ‘s dressed in more street attire than his usual wrestling attire as he looks round taking in the full environment that he’s found himself in.

Bam Miller is next to make his entrance as he jumps in there sliding off one of the cars making a stylish entrance holding in his hand a 2x4.

There is no bell to start this match but Bam starts by throwing the 2x4 at Jonny catching him offguard as he jumps on him ramming him into the steel meshing over and over before Jonny can compose himself and get back in this match.

Jonny brings Bam up to his feet by the arm, slamming the limb onto the metal pole! She then attempts to wrap his arm, but Bam is not having it, as he puts a foot on one of the cars and back elbows Jonny. Throwing Jonny back into the centre, he gets up onto one of the cars only to be dropkicked right on the shoulder! This causes him to fall onto the front screen of the car and a crack begins to form in the windshield, as Jonny drags Bam' arm and gets yet another armbar locked in. Bam is quick to get up to his feet, picking up Jonny with ease and side slams him onto the hard concrete…Bam writhes in Pain as Jonny laughs picking up the 2x4 and jabbing into Bams midsection repeatedly. Jonny leans back and goes for a big blow but Bam dodges it

Jonny gets up to her feet after a quick moment, Bam getting up a second after. Jonny DROPKICKS the living hell out of Bam, who then gets up again, albeit slowly. Jonny is right there, jumping onto him, but instead, Bam powerbombs him onto a car! This time around, Bam makes sure to keep Jonny grounded, getting him to a seated position. He holds onto his left arm, wrapping it around his neck, and then delivers a flurry of elbows onto his right shoulder.

Mike Fisher: Bam is really showing how much of a seasoned ring general he truly is becoming
Scott James: Any schoolyard bully can land a few punches, That's not skill in the least!

Bam brings Jonny up to her feet only to be elbowed in the midsection. But this doesn't deter Bam as he gives a knee to Jonny, wrapping his arm around him and falling backwards with a backspin DDT! Content with Jonny barely moving on mat, Bam climbs onto a car before bouncing off with a moonsault!! Jonny puts her knees up, so Bam feels the impact.

Scott James: CRASH AND BURN! Serves him right!

The hard concrete really hits hard and Bam and Jonny are already feeling the effects of it.

Bam gets to his feet slowly with a hand still on his neck. As soon as he's upright, Jonny gives him a springboard dropkick to the chest that sends Bam reeling into the cars and the metal. Bam catches himself, springs off and dives with a fast clothesline, which finally sends Jonny down hard. Jonny grabs hold of Bam' leg, pulling him down to the concrete before slamming his knees into his throat. He stands up slowly, and grabs the collar of his opponent's shirt, using it to drag him back to his feet, further choking Bam before the top two buttons pop off. Jonny slowly brings his hand back, and Bam suddenly lunges forward, driving his back with a series of vicious chops that gets the crowd cheering loudly. He charges Jonny full force onto the front of a car causing a big dint in the bonnet

Mike Fisher: These two are going to kill each other!
Scott James: Good!

Jonny battles back, firing in a few chops of his own as Bam starts to flag, clearly favoring the arm and shoulder that have been so systematically worked over. In desperation, Bam goes for a clothesline but Jonny ducks and follows up with a spinning wheel kick to the face. Bam scrambles back to his feet and waits for Jonny to get back up, before hooking his up and landing a textbook side belly-to-belly suplex. Bam seems to have the momentum on his side as drops a knee, now two, onto the midsection of Jonny in an attempt to level the playing field. This is quickly followed by a Fujiwara armbar, applying pressure to the shoulder and arm of Jonny. This time Jonny breaks the hold by getting his feet on the bottom rope, but Bam seems reluctant to break the hold, and only does so when the referee reaches a count of three. Bam backs off, leaving Jonny clutching his left arm in pain. He's slow to get up, but as soon as he makes it to his knees Bam comes in with a springboard dropkick to the shoulder. Bam drops for the very first pinfall of the match, bringing the crowd to their feet!



Quick kickout by Jonny C much to the annoyance of Bam Miller, he picks Jonny up and MILLER TIME!




Mike fisher: Oh my god… Jonny C kicked out of MILLER TIME!!!!!
Bam picks Jonny up and drops him head first onto the boot of the car….this causes the boot to pop open, Bam grabs Jonny and throws him in the boot, he slams it down hard on his head and closes it up, going back to the middle he picks up the 2x4 and starts denting in the boot laying into Jonny C who is inside.
Bam takes a seat for a few seconds regaining his composure before he moves over to the car and pops the bonnet… Jonny C comes flying out!

Mike Fisher: That must’ve not done as much damage as we thought it would have!

Jonny C is fighting back now even if he has a small cut on his forehead which is beginning to drip

Jonny drags himself to his feet, wobbling as she clutches the cars and steel, valiantly trying to remain on his feet. Bam charges and takes Jonny down with a high crossbody block, quickly locking in a reverse gory lock. Jonny is in agony and tries to break out of the hold. The referee gets down and asks if he wants to concede but he refuses, letting out a string of profanity that isn't picked up by the microphones. Finally Bam breaks the hold, dragging Jonny back to his feet. Slowly, he raises him and then Jonny reverses and hits Bam with a thunderous German suplex onto the concrete

Mike Fisher: The tide has turned completely in the favor of Jonny!

Jonny helps Bam up and gets an elbow to the face that sends the blood flowing. Bam staggers back and Jonny nails him with a European uppercut! He gets up onto one of the cars, wobbling as the crowd holds their breath before he sits down and grabs the back of Bam' head. He takes him over with a sloppy but still effective F’N Point and then floats over for the pin.

Mike Fisher: Jonny’s done it this is done




Jonny is in shock… He can’t believe Bam has kicked out…. He picks him up again and slams him down THE F’N POINT once more!

He pins him




Jonny sits down in shock he can’t believe what is going on here, the flash backs to the Jake E Dangerously match is coming…he thinks…he grabs Bam’s wearily body and sets him up for MILLER TIME!!!!....But Bam wriggles free, he punts Jonny square in the face before both men fall down.

Mike Fisher: They’ve both given everything here!

There is no countout here so both men are slowly getting themselves back to their feet, grabbing whatever they can to get their balance back and keep it straight..they walk towards each other they exchange vicious lefts and rights as blood spews everywhere….As expected in a straight fist match Bam gets the advantage….Jonny begins to flake…Bam grabs hmi… MILLER TIME! He fals ontop of Jonny for the pin




Bam is looking on enraged now he isn’t sure what is going on…He walks over to the corner and rips away some of the mesh….He looks at Jonny C on the ground still, he looks under the wheel arches and pulls out the key from the car…he gets in and revs the engine up

Mike Fisher: NO WAY

As he revs the engine he waist for Jonny C to wearily get back to his feet… He puts his foot to the floor and drives it as fast as he can into Jonny C… Jonny manage to jump a little bit avoiding some of the impact but it’s enough to send him head over heels as he hits the ground hard.

Bam follows it up with a pin





Scott James: What a story this has been!!! Bam started chasing Jonny C’s respect… well now he’s possibly ended his career!!!

World Title

Jake E Dangerously vs Jay Vaughan vs Blade Alexander

The crowd is practically in a frenzy coming off of the Hell’s Inferno Legends Title match. The camera pans over the crowd, showing numerous screaming fans and several signs including “Curtis <3’s Grannies”, “It’s Miller Time!”, and “All Hail Queen THICKtoria”.

Mike Fischer: Ladies and gentlemen, it’s been a night that has lived up to its name and then some.
Scott James: Case in point, that absolutely insane match between Myers and Distoner!
Mike Fischer: You’re absolutely right, Scott. On most nights, you wouldn’t dare book a match to follow that, but if there’s anything that can match what we just saw, it’s a triple threat match for the World Title with Jay Vaughan, Blade Alexander, and - of course - the champ himself, Jake E Dangerously!
Scott James: And there’s a lot more than just a title on the line here.
Mike Fischer: With three men in the mix, there’s bound to be a tangled web of rivalries and motivations at play - personal glory, family reputation, setting unbreakable records - all this and much more is wrapped up in this one, Scott.
Scott James: Too much for us to do justice, Mike.
Mike Fischer: With that in mind, let’s throw it to Jenny Fletcher to get things underway!

The camera cuts to Jenny Fletcher standing in the middle of the ring.

Jenny Fletcher: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following match is scheduled for 1 fall, and is for the IIW WOOOOOOOOORLD CHAMPIONSHIP!

Jenny pauses for a moment, allowing the crowd to pop.

Jenny Fletcher: Coming t-

Jenny is cut off as 'Poison' by Alice Cooper hits and the cheers turn to boos.

Mike Fisher: Ugh… again with this?
Scott James: What? The man likes to make an entrance!

Out steps the former ring announcer Melanie Jackson onto the stage, her deep brown hair done up in a fierce braided mohawk on the top of her head, her huge blue eyes highlighted by thin black eyeliner and lips accentuated by dark red lipstick. She raises a hand in the air and does a turn on the stage showing off the short tight red dress with silvery glitter highlights that's tightly hugging her slim frame. She lets the IIW fans enjoy the view for a moment before she makes her way to the ring, surrounded in the aisle by security guards to keep the fans in attendance at an even greater distance than the guardrails already do.

She makes her way up the stairs and under the second rope into the ring, where she promptly takes the microphone from a clearly aghast and infuriated Jenny Fletcher as her music fades out.

Mike Fisher: I’m just saying… we already have a ring announcer!
Scott James: Well, in Melanie’s defense, it was her job first.

Melanie Jackson: Ladies and Gentlemen.... Introducing first... Hailing from the muddy banks of the Pedicotiac River in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada... Weighing in at at a perfect 222 lbs... He has never been pinned, he has never submitted in IIW... He is the ONLY man in IIW history to win War Games and change the future of IIW....He is a second generation prodigy and the CARDINAL SINNER of professional wrestling... He is BLADE ALEXANDER!!!

Know me broken by my master
Teach thee on child, love hereafter

'Would' by Alice in Chains hits. In the crowd a spotlight finds a man standing at one of the entrances to the arena foyer. Dressed in long black trunks with a rusty red belt and grey laces tying up the front, the left leg with green paneling with silver highlights down the side, the right leg with the same green and silver highlights in block lettering spelling 'SINNER' down the side, a pair of mustard yellow fronted knee pads, the left sporting the Alexander 'A' logo on the left pad, and black kickpads with rusty maroon red covers with silver highlights strapped over them. On his right hand, the dreaded Iron Claw hand he wears a simple black glove symbolizing the potential doom of his opponent and a ring jacket that consists of a black sleeveless chest with padded metallic green sections with silver highlighting and a black hood which is covering his black hair. Over his nose and mouth is a mask very reminiscent of a Japanese demon mask with curved silver fangs that has the same green and yellow patterning from his attire.

Into the flood again
Same old trip it was back then
So I made a big mistake
Try to see it once my way

Blade makes his way down through the crowd towards the ring. Once he reaches ringside he pushes a security guard out of his chair and stands on it, holding his arms out and taking in the reaction from the crowd before launching himself over the barricade into a roll up to his feet at ringside. He pulls the hood down before sliding into the ring and pulling the mask off, climbing to the second rope, holding out his arms again, before leaping back to the mat and removing his ring jacket. As he does so, Melanie Jackson half-heartedly tosses the microphone in Jenny’s direction and begins to cheer wildly as everyone else in the building lets out a tidal wave of jeers.

Jenny, picking the microphone up off of the mat, forces a smile back onto her face as Blade’s music fades out and “Bad Boy For Life” by P Diddy begins to play.

Jenny Fletcher: And introducing second, from Manchester, UK, standing 6’ 2” and weighing 262 pounds… Jay Vaughan!

There is a mixed reaction to Jay as he steps out from behind the curtain, with a sizable contingent of the audible cheers having popped at the mention of IIW’s home of Manchester. Jay is without his usual cocky demeanor, instead walking to the ring with his eyes laser focused on Blade and seeming to filter out everyone else in the building. He marches down to the ring at a pace just shy of a job before rolling under the bottom rope, springing right up to his feet, and marching over to Blade to start jawing in his face.

Mike Fisher: Jay Vaughan not waiting for the bell to make his intentions known!
Scott James: I’m not sure that’s too smart, Mike. In a triple threat, you don’t want to be the one guy both opponents decide to gang up on. That’s usually the champion and it’s a huge advantage to the challengers, but I’m not sure Blade and Jay are going to be able to coexist even momentarily.

Before Jay’s music can even properly fade out, “The End of Heartache” starts to blast over the arena’s speakers as the crowd gets on their feet in anticipation.

Jenny Fletcher: And finally, hailing from Freddy Beach, New Brunswick, Canada, he stands 6’ 1” tall and weighs 225 pounds, and is your longest-reigning AND defending IIW WOOOOOOORLD champion… Jake. E. DANGEROUSLY!

The crowd explodes as Jake steps out from behind the curtain with the IIW World Title. He takes mere seconds to look over the crowd and smile slightly before turning his eyes to the men in the ring and making his way to meet them.

Scott James: Accept no substitutions, ladies and gentlemen, that is the one and only IIW World Champion!
Mike Fisher: But for how much longer, Scott? Remember, the champion doesn’t even need to give up the fall to lose his title in a triple threat!

Jake runs up the steps to the corner and eyes both of his opponents as he steps between the ropes and into the ring. He brandishes the IIW World Title for the crowd one final time before handing it to Head Referee Duke Longbottom, who raises it above his head for the crowd to take in.

Mike Fisher: There it is - the greatest prize in this business, the IIW World Title.
Scott James: There’s no other promotion that can touch the level of talent we have here in IIW, which means there’s no other title that can touch that one.

Duke Longbottom gives the belt to the timekeeper at ringside, and then checks in with all three men, who have each taken a corner as their own. After a few moments, he motions to the timekeeper and the bell rings.


Mike Fisher: And we’re off!

No sooner does the first “ding” of the bell sound than Jay Vaughan runs full force at Blade, surprising him still in his corner and driving him back into the turnbuckles with a series of hard rights that put him on the defensive. He then grabs him by the hair and runs out of the corner, driving him down to the mat with a running bulldog. He quickly gets up to his feet and turns around to face Blade once more, but as soon as he does so, he is taken down himself with a lightning-quick Backstabber from the World champ.

Scott James: Oooo! Big momentum killer for Jay Vaughan. Like I said a few moments ago, he was so focused on going after Blade that he completely lost sight of the champ.
Mike Fisher: And Jake E Dangerously is not a man you want to lose sight of!

Jake pops back up to his feet and looks down at both of his opponents on the mat, he then takes a few quick steps backwards to bounce off the near ropes and launches himself forward and up to come down on both his challengers with a falling knee strike each. He then reaches down and pulls Jay up off of the mat and launches him up with a snap suplex. He is aiming for the still-prone Blade with Jay’s body, but Blade rolls out of the way at the last moment to avoid the impact. Blade scrambles up to his feet just as Jake does the same, and the two men start trading blows. Jake ducks one of them and Blade’s momentum spins him around, allowing Jake to catch him in a half-nelson and drive his knee into his ribs several times. He starts to transition into a suplex position, but Jay has recovered enough to charge in and Jake breaks the hold to push Blade into Jay.

Mike Fisher: Absolutely frantic here in the early goings, but Jake is staying one step ahead of his opponents.
Scott James: Jay took it to Blade as soon as the bell rang, and it’s really put him behind the eight ball here to start, but Jay’s focus on Blade has really benefited the Champ more than anyone else!

Blade and Jay crash into each other, dazing both. Jake takes the opportunity to grab Blade from behind and take him down with an inverted DDT. Jay, having gotten his bearings again, charges at Jake, who has pulled himself back up to the ring with the ropes. Jay goes for the lariat, but Jake ducks under the attempt and uses Jay’s momentum to throw him high up over the top rope. Jay can’t quite get his feet underneath him in midair and comes crashing down awkwardly on the outside of the ring.

Mike Fisher: Good lord! What a hard landing on the outside by Jay Vaughan! Someone’s gotta go make sure he’s still breathing!
Scott James: After a landing like that, you’ve got to wonder if this hasn’t just become a 1-on-1 match!

Blade has made it back up onto all fours, and Jake rushes in to drive a hard boot into his ribs. Blade sees it coming, however, and rolls forward, then explodes off the mat and onto the nearby ropes, launching himself backwards and catching Jake with a cutter. Jake rolls over onto his side and winces in pain as Blade takes a moment to catch his breath on the mat. Blade then gets up to his feet before pulling Jake back up by the head. He then clocks him with a huge right fist, which Jake returns in kind. The two trade blows back and forth once more before Blade drives his boot into Jake’s gut, doubling him over. Blade then drives him down to the mat with a Fisherman DDT and goes for the quick cover.

Mike Fisher: Blade has managed to fight back and find himself in control of this match!
Scott James: And he’s not wasting any opportunity to end this thing!

The ref falls to the mat to make the count.


2 - No!

Jake kicks out right at the count of two, prompting Blade to bring his head up off of the mat and then slam it back down as hard as he can. With the champ looking dazed, Blade makes another cover.



This time, Jake kicks out just before the two count, and Blade rises to his knees, a look of frustration clear on his face.

Mike Fisher: No luck for Blade Alexander as he seeks out the quick victory.
Scott James: It’s about the long game, though, Mike. A lot of people don’t like the early pin attempts, but it keeps your opponents on the backfoot and keeps them from really being able to catch their breath.

Blade gets up to his feet and lays a few more boots into Jake’s torso before rolling him over and locking him in an STF dead center of the ring. Jake comes alive as he starts to writhe and flail his arms, looking for something - anything - to grab on to. The ref falls to the mat and starts talking to Jake, making sure that he is able to keep going. Jake shakes his head, prompting Blade to wrench back with even more force. Jake screams out in pain, and his hand begins to hover over the mat.

Mike Fisher: This is a BAD spot for the champ, Scott! That hold is locked in tight with no ropes even remotely close to break the hold!
Scott James: And still no sign of Jay Vaughan, either!
Mike Fisher: We could have a new champ right here!

Jake’s hand continues to hover above the mat, shaking frantically for several more seconds. But then he turns it to a fist and plants it firmly on the mat, then does the same with the other hand before using all of his strength to push his torso up off the mat and inch ever so slightly closer to the ropes. He collapses for a moment, then begins the process again as the crowd starts to build to a fever pitch. Again and again, Jake uses every ounce of his strength for another foot of progress towards the ropes, until eventually his fingertips are millimeters away. Jake reaches out for them repeatedly, but can’t quite reach them. Just as it looks like he might finally be able to grab the ropes, Blade breaks the hold to drive a few hard elbows into Jake’s head and upper back before dragging him back to the center of the ring and locking in the hold once again.

Mike Fisher: And the champ is right back where he started! After all of that, Blade has him right back in the center of the ring!
Scott James: I’m about ready to call this one, Mike. New champ!

Jake reaches his arm out again, though more weakly this time, and slowly, his hand starts to come down to hover above the mat once again. Suddenly, the crowd starts to erupt as the camera pans out to reveal Jay Vaughan having made it back up onto the ring apron. He launches himself up onto the top rope, and then springboards off of it, flying halfway across the ring to come down on Blade Alexander with a missile dropkick.

Mike Fisher: OH MY GOD! Jay Vaughan out of nowhere just saved Jake from submitting!
Scott James: Every time you think a Vaughan is out, they manage to pop back up and make themselves known.

Jay goes to work on Blade once again, while Jake lies mostly motionless on the mat gasping for breath. He puts a few boots to his head and neck before pulling him up by his hair. He throws him into the nearest corner and starts throwing shoulder blocks into his midsection. Once Blade is completely winded, Jay lifts him up so he is sitting on the top turnbuckle. He climbs up onto the second turnbuckle, throws a few more shots into his head before grappling him and bringing him crashing back down to the mat with a super V-bone suplex.

Mike Fisher: And a V-bone from Jay Vaughan! This could get him the win!

Jay rolls Blade up for the pin and the ref drops to make the count.




Jake someone managed to find the strength to throw himself onto Jay to break up the pin just before the Ref could make the 3 count. All three men lie on the mat, clutching various parts of the bodies and trying to catch their breath as the crowd starts to chant “IIW! IIW! IIW!”

Scott James: Absolutely incredible grit by the champion to break up that pin, and essential too! Blade didn’t look to be kicking out!
Mike Fisher: But to your earlier point about wearing an opponent down, you have to wonder how much that STF took out of Jake. Was breaking up that pin the last of what he had in the tank?

Jay is the first man to move, slowly rolling out of the ring under the bottom rope and wiping his face as he considers the possibilities. He shouts something inaudible before nodding his head and going under the ring apron. A moment later, he reemerges with a table in tow. He begins the process of setting up the table on the outside as Blade and Jake both get up to their knees in the ring. The two state each other down before going forehead to forehead and jawing away at each other. They slowly make their way back up to their feet while the crowd gets louder and louder in anticipation.

Mike Fisher: These men are digging deep right now, Scott. I don't know how they're still managing to get back up to their feet!
Scott James: This is the IIW World Title, Mike. If you want to bring it home, you've gotta push yourself to places you've never been before.

Blade takes a step back and holds his arms out wide, challenging Jake to a test of strength. Slowly, cautiously, Jake approaches and locks in one hand, then the other. As soon as they are locked in, both men go chest-to-chest trying to gain maximum leverage to bring the other down. Things are even for a few moments before Jake's legs start to tremble and he goes down to one knee. Blade cranks up the pressure and Jake goes down to his other knee as well. Blade doesn't let up, and within seconds, Jake's arms are drifting lower and lower. Blade then lets out a roar as he gives one final push to drive Jake's torso down, pushing his shoulders to the mat.



Jake manages to roll to the side just after the two count, but Blade pushes him down once again.



Jake again rolls off one shoulder to break the pin, and the crowd comes alive and starts to chant his name.

Mike Fisher: Two 2-counts for Blade, but Jake is refusing to stay down and the crowd is giving everything they've got to keep him going.
Scott James: There's a certain electricity you can only get from a crowd. It can keep you going long past your normal limits. Can Jake tap into it to get out of this?

Slowly but steadily, Jake pushes himself back up off of the mat and onto his knees once more. Blade looks furious as he redoubled his efforts, but Jake will not be denied as the crowd continues to chant louder and louder and he gets one foot under himself, then the other. The two men are standing toe to toe once again as the crowd is practically deafening. Blade goes for a knee to the gut to try and take Jake down once again, but Jake manages to dodge it to the side. He breaks the lock up, steps slightly past Blade, and then levels him with a neckbreaker.

Mike Fisher: Incredible instincts by the champ!
Scott James: That's 20 years of experience and god-given talent at work!

Jake looks absolutely gassed as he struggles to catch his breath on the mat, while Blade starts to bring himself up onto all fours. Just as he does so, the crowd starts to cheer anew as Jay Vaughan has made his way up onto the nearby turnbuckle and looks poised to crush him with a high-risk maneuver. Blade sees this and grabs Duke Longbottom's legs, creating a human shield from Jay. The head referee starts to shout at Blade and kick his legs trying to free himself. While Duke is distracted, Melanie Jackson climbs up onto the ring apron next to Jay and delivers a brutal low blow as the crowd erupts in boos.

Mike Fisher: You just KNEW Melanie Jackson was going to make her presence known at some point. Absolutely sickening!
Scott James: Thats the benefit of having someone in your corner, Mike.

Jay crumples on the turnbuckle as Blade lets go of the ref and gets back up to his feet. He marches over to Jay and climbs up onto the second turnbuckle to deliver a few stiff shots to his head. Once Jay is sufficiently dazed, Blade grabs him by the throat and raises him up so that he is standing on the top rope. He then lefts him up in a lateral press position before throwing him to the outside of the ring, sending him crashing through the table he had just set up. The crowd starts to chant "holy shit!" as Jay lies motionless in the wreckage of the table.

Mike Fisher: Blade Alexander has just taken Jay Vaughan completely out of this match!
Scott James: If not completely out of this business!

Blade looks down at Jay and shouts something at his unmoving body, but his moment of triumph is short-lived as Jake comes up from behind him and launches him off the second rope with a huge release German Suplex. Jake pops back up off the mat with a kip-up and plays to the crowd, who shower him with cheers. Blade woozy starts to get his legs underneath him, only to have Jake take him down with a Broken Dream. Jake then rolls Blade up for the pin.



Th- NO!!!

Blade kicks out at the last moment and Jake rises up to his knees to catch his breath for a moment.

Mike Fisher: VERY near fall for the champion there, but you have to wonder how much more offense he can mount.
Scott James: He's already come back from the brink a couple times on this match - how many times can he pull a rabbit out of his hat?

Jake looks to the outside of the ring and sees that Jay is still not moving, then rolls Blade over onto his belly and locks in a crossface. Blade reaches out his hand, but there are no ropes nearby. He kicks his legs frantically, trying to rotate his body around to try and get closer to the ropes, but to no avail. Jake has him stuck in the hold in the middle of the ring and isn't ceding an inch of positioning. Blade uses his free hand to lunch at Jake's hands trying to loosen his grip, but Jake just grits his teeth and keeps wrenching back on the neck. Soon, Blade's hand is the one hovering over the mat.

Mike Fisher: This is it! Jake has got it won!
Scott James: Blade can't do ANYTHING but tap at this point!

Melanie Jackson jumps up on the ring apron holding a steel chair, causing Duke Longbottom to turn his attention away from Jake and Blade and instead start trying to rip the chair out of Melanie's hands. Blade starts tapping out, but with the referee distracted, no one calls for the bell. After a few moments of this, Jake releases the hold and rises to his feet to rip the chair from Melanie's hands and throw it as far as he can up the entrance ramp. He then yells something at Melanie as she stands on the rope, giving Blade an opening to roll him up from behind with a schoolboy



THR- No!!!

Jake kicks out at the last possible millisecond.

Mike Fisher: Blade almost STOLE this match and the title!
Scott James: Look, if you have a chance to beat Jake E Dangerously, you take it, because you aren't going to get many.

At the side of the ring, Melanie Jackson is shouting and pounding on the mat to try and will Blade back up to his feet, while the crowd are doing the same for Jake. Both men find their footing at about the same time, alternating pulling themselves up on one another and getting in some lackluster blows. Finally back on their feet, both men look barely able to stay that way as they continue to throw uncontrolled punches back and forth. Jake grabs Blade's arm and Irish whips him into the ropes. He goes for a lariat as Blade rebounds, but only find air as Blade ducks the attempt. Blade continues to the other ropes, bounces off of them, and comes flying at Jake with a crossbody. But Jake catches him in midair and instead throws him down with a huge fallaway slam!

Mike Fisher: Did you see that! Gassed as he is, Jake just grabbed a man his own size out of the air and used his own momentum against him!
Scott James: And that's why he's the champ.

Jake pulls himself up with the ropes, then turns around and sizes Blade up, potentially looking for another Broken Dream, but as he does so, Melanie climbs back up onto the ring apron and grabs him from behind to hold him against the ropes. Duke comes over and starts yelling at her to let Jake go, but it's already given Blade enough time to get back up to his feet. Blade sees the opening and runs at Jake to club him with a Forearm smash, but Jake falls out of the way at the last second, causing Blade to crash into Melanie and sending her falling down to the outside in a heap.

Mike Fisher: Down goes Melanie Jackson! Blade has taken out his own manager!
Scott James: What a scoundrel! Melanie, if you're watching a replay of this later on, know that I would NEVER do that to you.

Blade looks on in shock, leaning over the ropes and trying to get a response from Melanie, not realizing that Jake has come up behind him. He spins Blade around, drives a boot into his gut, and then lays him out with a Dangerous Liason. He rolls him up for the pin.





Jenny Fletcher: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner… and STILL IIW Wooooooooooooorld Champion… Jake E Dangerously.

"The End of Heartache" plays over the arenas speakers as Jake is handed the IIW World Title, which he holds up into the air as the crowd erupts.

Mike Fisher: He's done it! Jake has retained in this incredible triple threat main event!
Scott James: He's already set the record for longest IIW World Title reign, and at this point the question has to be asked - can anyone put an end to it?

Jake celebrates in the ring as his opponents continue to try and pull themselves up off the ground.

Part 4