TV title Match

Rogue vs Acheron Revok vs Zack Steele


Mike Fisher: Welcome Back to Explosion as tonight IIW has delivered on tonight being one of the best events in wrestling history and we are not done yet as The IIW TV Championship match is up next. As Rogue puts his Championship up against Acheron Revok and Zack Steele.

Scott James: That’s right after the way things went down on Mayhem this triple threat title match was made by Bob Mitchell and Fenix. I can also tell you fans you won’t be disappointed as the match has all the ingredients of a slobber knocker event.

Mike Fisher: Yes, Indeed but let’s turn to the ring and get ready for the introductions.

The doom-marching drone of “Ouroboros is Broken” by Earth plays for 30 seconds as the lights slowly dim. Once Revok steps out, the dimmed lights turn a dark red and he slowly trudges to the ring with the executioner’s hood draped over his head. He climbs into the ring with little fanfare, tests the ropes on two sides of the ring, and lays on his side on the mat until the music fades and the light goes back up. When the lights are up completely, he removes the hood and awaits both Zack Steele and Rogue.

Scott James: Revok looks ready to get some payback against Rogue and win The TV Championship in the process.

Mike Fisher: Yes, he does but first he has to go through this man as well.

Nero Forte plays as the arena is plunged into darkness and strobe lights start going off around the stage area, as the drums kick in Zack Steele emerges from the curtain with his head down, his long wet hair draped over his face, he stands there for a few seconds before Corey Taylors vocals kick in, at which point, Zack walks down to the ring, pumping his fists by his side, he jumps up onto apron, places his gum shield in his mouth before looking out at the abuse hurling crowd, he just shrugs his shoulders with a smirk on his face before climbing into the ring, runs at the opposite ropes before coming to a standstill in the middle of the ring and raising his arms in the air, soaking in the abuse from the fans, the same smirk still on his face. The fading music only amplifying the fans distaste for him. Zack and Revok exchange words as they lock eyes but gets interrupted by the sound off.

Scott James: And here comes our IIW TV Champion

Mike Fisher: Well just tell us how you feel Scott.

Scott: I’m Sorry That I respect the Champ.

"Disco//Very" by Warpaint hits over the sound system, and the arena goes dark. As the song picks up, the lights brighten just a little, revealing Rogue standing at the top of the entrance with Cora Black behind him, holding her small black coffin under her left arm.

A purple tint of light mixes with the darkness in the arena, and smoke floods the ramp area. Rogue and Cora slowly make their way down to the ring as they drag clouds of smoke with their feet, being followed by the purple light.

As they reach the ring, the lights come to full brightness, and most of the smoke disappears. Rogue walks up the steps to the ring apron and enters through the middle rope as Cora stands on the outside of the ring, focused on Rogue.

The bell hits as they go at it. Zack Steele gets dropped with a hard right by Revok as he turns around into a slap in the face from Rogue. Revok responds back with a headbutt to Rogue followed by a close line and a back body drop to Rogue. As Rogue tries to get up Zack has made it back in the ring and hits a belly to belly suplex on Revok then tries to go for a headlock to bring Revok down but he throws hard elbows into the stomach of Zack and then sends him flying into the turnbuckle but as Revok goes towards Zack Rogue comes out of nowhere and hits a running neck breaker on Revok then throws body shots at Zack why in the corner then hits an exploding suplex on Zack sending him flying across the ring as he rolls out to the outside.

Revok gets back up and charges at Rogue and hits a big boot to the face of Rogue knocking him down then drops his elbow into the chest of Rogue. Revok gets up and stalks Rogue now and waits as Rogue staggers to his feet then hits a massive German suplex on Rogue, but Revok doesn’t let go and works his way back to perform another German suplex on Rogue driving Rogue’s head hard into the mat. Revok works himself back up with Rogue and gets ready to perform a third one but Zack Steele slides back in then hits a backbreaker on Revok and then delivers a loud chop to Rogue in the corner, but Rogue turns it right around with one of his own. Rogue decks Zack in the corner and works him over now. Revok gets back up and takes both competitors down, hitting a clothesline on Rogue knocking him out of the ring and then a big suplex to Zack for a two count. Revok gets back and up to launch Zack face-first into the middle turnbuckle. Then More offense by Revok as he launches Zack with a big belly-to-belly across the ring. Revok picks Zack back up and hits a German suplex bridge pin, but Zack kicks out at two by this time Rogue has rolled back into the ring and hits a running crossbody on Zack and Revok as they spill out to the outside of the ring.

Mike Fisher: This has been one hard hutting match I must say nobody willing to give up.

Scott James: With that gold on the line, I don’t expect any man to call it quits.

We return to the action outside the ring and start to see the guys use the triple threat rules to their advantage as Rogue and Zack Steele work together to beat down Revok as they try to take him out of the match up. Rogue slings Revok into the steel steps and Zack follows up with a vicious running kick to the head of Revok why he was up against the steel steps. Revok slumps over but Rogue and Zack continue to work together as they drag Revok towards the announcement table.

Mike Fisher: I don’t like where this is going Scott.

Scott James: Neither do I let’s get the HELL OUT OF HERE!!!

As Mike and Scott move out the way Zack and Rogue both hook one arm of Revok and perform a double suplex right through the announcement table laying Revok out as his body lays on top of what’s left of our announcement table. The partnership of Zack and Rogue is over as Rogue delivers a kick to the gut of Zack and sends him flying back into the ring. Rogue rolls back in but Zack has gotten back to his feet and stomps at Rogue and then goes for an armbar in the middle of the ring. The referee gets in closer to see if Rogue wants to tap but Rogue refuses as he looks out to Cora who cheers him on as she beats her hand son the apron. Rogue uses his other free hand to starts punching Zack repeatedly in the face until he breaks the hold. Rogue gets back up on his feet and hits a ddt on Zack then transitions to a cross face in the middle of the ring. The referee looks at Zack as he begins to move his hand in a tap out motion, but Revok comes out of no where with a big kick to the face of Rogue then hits him with a spinebuster. Rogue rolls outside the ring and Revok picks Zack Steele up looking to inflict more pain but Zack counters with a step up enziguri to the face Zack goes for the Knee of Steele, but Revok blocks and hits his finisher the Dull Axe on Zack and goes for the pin. The referee gets in position and begins the count one…. two…the… NO WAIT Cora pulls the referee out the ring and gives him a strong slap to the face knocking him out on the outside.

At that moment the familiar flames are released from the IIW entrance ramp as Ignis makes his way down to the ring, he storms Rogue and Revok pushing them out of the way.. as they back off. Ignis goes for Zack Steele, he picks him up and IGNITE!....again IGNITE…. The man is down! Ignis ignores the other two as he leaves to the back

Rogue is in and he boots Revok out of the ring as he chances the opportunity to pin Zack Steele





Tag Team Titles

The Purge(Chris Nitro and Ryan Hawkins) vs The Celtic Club (Andy Donahue and Trigg)

The lights go out in the arena as red and blue lights start flashing and a siren plays over the speakers before Purge Games
Song by Nathan Whitehead starts to play out and Chris Nitro appears in the middle of the ring. As he puts his hands together and says a little ritual and then the lights flicker and The Dream Killer Ryan Hawkins appears with Hannabelle in his hand as the lights come on they wait on the match to start.

What's Left of the Flag" by Flogging Molly hits as the strobe lights in the arena flicker between green and white with sights of lights shaped as Irish flags moving throughout the arena. Trigger makes his way to the ring chewing a piece of gum and trash talking each fan that comes near him.

The bell rings with Hawkins and Trig starting. They lock up with Trig powering Hawkins backward. He uses his momentum to bring him down with a drop toehold, before rolling backward to hook a side headlock. Trig pushes up before Hawkins can ground him, shoving him off and sending him into the ropes. He comes off with a high leg lariat and poses, standing over him and preening. When He leans in to taunt him, Trig provides an open handed strike to the face. As Hawkins staggers backward, he pops up and grabs him for a DDT. He looks for a cover, but there is a quick kick out

Mike Fisher: Well, this isn’t taking long to break down.
Scott James: Screw it. Just let them all mix it up.

Nitro and Hawkisn whip Celtic Club into the ropes, but each comes back with a flying forearm strike. They take a second to pose, then hook Andy Donahue up and hit a Double Suplex! Now the Trig come back, bringing the fight to The Purge and pushing them back toward the ropes. Trig back body drops Hawkins over the top, only for Nitro to dropkick him through the middle rope. He turns around, appealing to the crowd

Mike Fisher: The crowd is coming alive for the Purge!
Scott James: They could be cheering for Celtic Club! You don’t know!

All four men continue to brawl on the floor, a mess of bodies and flying fists. Hawkins sees him opening, running the ropes and diving through the middle one with a HUGE Suicide Dive, laying out all competitors! Everyone is down on the outside as the crowd roars in excitement!

Scott James: What a move from Hawkins!

The crowd is still buzzing as Hawkins slides Andy Donahue back in and lines him up. A recovered Nitro grabs him, lifting him up for a backdrop while Hawkins springboards in with a huge missile dropkick! Nitro casually rolls into a cover.




Scott James: So close!
Mike Fisher: Credit where it’s due, the opportunistic champs are great at picking their spots.

Trig slides back into the ring, hooking Hawkins with a quick reverse DDT. Nitro rushes him and Trig hits him with a big Double Arm DDT. Nitro is stunned, as Trig checks on Andy, making sure he’s shaking off the cobwebs before lining up Hawkins. The crowd is humming as he connects with the IRISH DESTROYER! He covers Hawkins!



Chris Nitro dive in for the save!

Scott James: Whew. Thought we were in trouble there.
Mike Fisher: Very nearfall for the The Celtic Club!

Trig tries to fight them off, but Celtic Club begin unloading with Superkick Overkill! They hit three, before Hawkins returns and spins Andy into A vicious DDT rollout combo! Trig charges him and gets caught with a HUGE clothesline! He’s on fire, but when he turns around, he gets clipped by a rising Andy Donahue who looks for the Troubles! Ryan counters though, slipping out the back and looking for Nightmare on Dream Street! Andy counters though, spinning to hit a HUGE STO! He covers!




Scott James: Dammit! I thought my man Andy Donahue had it there!
Mike Fisher: Close only counts in…
Scott James: Oh, SHUT UP MIKE!

Celtic are back now, grabbing Hawkins and pulling him in, beating him down before hitting a BIG Spike Piledriver! They cover!



Nitro saves!

Mike Fisher: Nearly had new champions there.
Scott James: They’re too flawless a team to lose.

Nitro and Trig exchange blows as each man is clearly getting more and more tired, Nitro gets the advantage but then he’s barged into from Andy Donahue, the two of them continue to beat down on Nitro while Hawkins is hardly stirring after that Spike Piledriver

Mike Fisher: Ryan Hawkins hasn’t moved a muscle!

Andy and Trigger pick up Chris Nitro now, as they look for a double powerbomb…they lift and DELVIER….

Mike Fisher: this one is over!

But …They don’t go for the cover, instead they lift up Nitro and DOUBLE POWERBOMB again down into the ring as they laugh…suddenly Ryan Hawkins sits up, he has a familiar look on his face

Mike Fisher: LOOK AT HAWKINS!!!!

Scott James: That’s how he looked at World’s Collide! Just before he took every one out

Ryan Hawkins rises from the mat, staring down both Trigger and Andy…he walks towards them….he blocks ablow from Trigger then a blow from Andy Donahue as he pushes Trigger away, he grabs Andy… Nightmare on Dream Street…Trig is rushing back in though, he swings for Ryan Hawkins who ducks it…he grabs him and SHATTERED DREAMS!!!!

He pins Trig to the mat





Explosions cuts to John Cavanagh and Shannon Riley walking through the hallways of the arena.

John Cavanagh: “Where the hell are these two?”

Shannon Riley: “I don’t know, babe.”

The two continuing walking, John and Shannon’s heads on constant swivels looking down different halls to try and find Andy Donahue and Chris Cavanagh.

John Cavanagh: "This makes no fucking sense..."

Shannon Riley: "I know, they would never just up and disappear like that!"

John looks around with a seething look on his face as the camera cuts back to the ringside area.

International Title vs Canadian Title

Tyler Debonair vs John Cavanagh


As soon as the bell rings Cavanagh attempts a lockup but Tyler slips though the big man's grasp and gets behind him. Debonair delivers several quick forearm blows to the back of Cavanagh 's head and shoves him off balance. John stumbles toward the corner. He grabs the ropes for balance before spinning around amazingly fast and launching a Lariat at Tyler who slips behind him again.

Tyler hops to the middle rope, twists and leaps at Cavanagh to deliver an uppercut but is slapped out of the air by John who has managed to regain his wits. The crowd lets out a symphonic "ohhh" as the sound of the slap echoes across the arena. Debonair tries to get back to his feet so Cavanagh decides to help. By lifting him up by his hair. Tyler, still groggy from the slap, is helpless as Cavanagh wraps his arms around him and flings him up and over for a belly-to-belly suplex. The Zensational One is flung halfway across the ring but uses the momentum of the flip to roll to his feet, holding his back in pain. Cavanagh hurries and catches Debonair in the back of the head with a big boot and goes for a pin.

One count! Tyler is in no position to be taken out just yet!

Having shaken the stars out of his eyes, Tyler is to his feet first. As Cavanagh gets to his knees Tyler hits him with a brutal dropkick to the face. John drops to his stomach but starts to get back up again as Tyler hits him with another heavy dropkick, but within moments Cavanagh is trying to get back to his feet, albeit a little slower than before.

Tyler backs up, running to the ropes for momentum. On his return Cavanagh launches at him for a lariat again but Tyler must have it spotted because he ducks the move and hits the ropes again, this time coming back and smashing John's head into the mat with a bulldog. Tyler covers.

One count!

Tyler again gets to his feet first and begins laying kicks into Cavanagh to keep him down. As Cavanagh gets his balance he grabs Debonair's leg and twists in a sort of dragon screw. It brings Debonair to the mat. John smirks as he watches Debonair holding his knee on the ground and returns Tyler's stomps with several of his own - all targeted at his new favorite target.

John laughs as Tyler begins crawling toward the center of the ring. Each step he tries to stand up but is met with another kick to his twisted knee and he stumbles. Satisfied with Tyler's inability to fight back, John lifts the other man onto his shoulders into a fireman's carry. He flings his body back to attempt a samoan drop but Tyler adds just enough spin of his own to turn the move into a crucifix and goes for a pin!

One count!

Cavanagh is able to slip out of the hastily performed maneuver!!

Tyler, using the ropes to support his knee watches as John begins to do t he same in the corner. He slaps his leg a couple times and runs at Cavanagh, leaping off of his back to the rope while sending his opponent back into the ground. Cavanagh rolls away from the ropes and rests on his back, not realizing the predicament he has put himself into. Debonair springs off the top and delivers an absolutely brutal leg drop to Cavanagh and goes for another pin.



Th-NO!!! John has no intention of going down just yet!!

Tyler rolls away from John under the ropes and gets to his feet outside of the ring. John rolls to his stomach, up to his arms and knees and looks Debonair in the eye. Both men glare with hatred at one another for a moment while the crowd takes the opportunity to scream their heads off. Tyler slides back into the ring and is on his feet at the same time as John and the two men begin trading flurries of blows at one another. Still groggy from all the attacks on his head, Cavanagh is sent reeling, giving Tyler an open shot at his abdomen.

He takes it, kicking him in the stomach. John doubles over and Tyler grabs for a DDT but John begins punching him in his bad knee causing Tyler to buckle. Cavanagh grabs Debonair around the waist and with Tyler's arm still around his head lifts him up and over for a beautifully nasty northern lights suplex! Cavanagh covers!



Th-NO!!! Somehow Tyler kicks out and is still in it!

Cavanagh stands and begins lifting Tyler to his feet with a hand wrapped around his throat. He smacks Debonair in the face to spin him around and goes to grab for a german suplex but Tyler is able to block by holding his balance before John could lift. Tyler elbows John behind him, loosening his grip so that Tyler can turn to face him. Cavanagh tries to kick Debonair in the stomach but Tyler manages to grab his leg and trips John to his back.

Wasting no time Debonair crosses Cavanagh's legs. He's going for the Satori!!! With a purposeful grimace and a terrible sound John kicks Tyler away and sends him stumbling backwards towards the ropes. As Tyler comes running back at him, Cavanagh is on his feet and rams his knee into Tyler's gut. Debonair - spit flying - doubles over and John sets him and powers him up before delivering a perfectly timed Liger Bomb! John holds the move as Tyler just lies there, unmoving. The ref begins the count.



Thr-Tyler grabs the ropes!!!

John Cavanagh is in absolute disbelief!!

John is visibly pissed as he gets a grip of Tyler's hair and forces Tyler to his feet, slapping him with his free hand as he does so. With little concern for Tyler's ability to retaliate he tuck's the other man's head under his arm and hooks his good leg, putting all of his weight on the bad one. In one motion he lifts Debonair up but instead of just hitting the brainbuster he sets Deb on the top rope, climbing to the middle rope himself. Cavanagh takes a breath before hoisting Debonair one last time and bringing his head dead into the mat with his Hell's Kitchen Drop!

Cavanagh drags Debonair to the center of the ring, by his bad leg just to be a dick, and covers.




John Cavanagh has won!

Cavanagh is standing in the ring, catching his breath as the official brings him both the IIW International Title and the FCPW Canadian Title. Tyler Debonair is clambering to his feet as John looks at him. He places both belts on the floor either side of himself as he shakes his head. Tyler looks up and stands straight. John puts both hands on his hips then extends a hand to Tyler.

Mike Fisher: “John Cavanagh, extending the hand of respect I guess to Tyler Debonair. Tyler just looking at it as he steps forward.”

Scott James: “Is he going to accept it though? That’s the real question! And it seems like he is?! Tyler shakes Cav’s hand?!”

John and Tyler look at each other and speak as they shake hands, but the words aren’t audible. Suddenly as Tyler goes to pull away, Cavanagh kicks him straight in the nuts! As Tyler doubles over Cav catches him and sends his head and face straight onto one of the belts with a vicious DDT!

Mike Fisher: “Cavanagh with a nasty DDT! And back to his feet now and just continues to rain stomps and kicks on Debonair!!”

Scott James: “Debonair seems like he’s out cold! John grabbing him up now he’s setting him up, Mike!”

Mike Fisher: “He’s getting him set for the Hell’s Kitchen drop! But no! Now Tyler’s fighting back, getting weak jabs of his own in but jabs nonetheless and Cavanagh let’s him go!”

Scott James: “And what’s all this about now?!”

As Cavanagh let’s Tyler go, the lights go out and the big screen comes to life.

Scott James: “Oh my God, I recognise that music, Mike. Is that?!”

Mike Fisher: “It sure seems like it! Yes, yes it is! IT’S FRED DEBONAIR!! Fred Debonair is here in IIW!

Tyler half falls and half rolls out of the ring, somewhat in shock as his father, Fred Debonair, steps out from behind the curtain onto the ramp dressed in a pair of black brogues, black jeans and matching shirt, open at the first three buttons. A look of both surprise and smugness crosses John Cavanagh’s face as Debonair returns the cocky smirk, lifting one hand to reveal a microphone as the music dies down. The crowd aren’t too sure how to react.

Fred Debonair: “Alright, alright… First and foremost I’m going to need you guys to zip it! Seriously, I need you all to keep quiet… I’m not here to please you! I mean damn, the way you guys are reacting to me being here, you would think you’ve just woken up from being cryogenically frozen for the last ten years! Hey, hey son… Sorry let me just deal with this and I’ll explain!”

The crowds reaction seems to waver as they realise Fred isn’t here to make friends. Cavanagh, still looking slightly disheveled but still slightly pleased at what he’s seeing, waves his hand toward Fred indicating for him to carry on whilst Tyler slowly makes his way up the ramp.

Fred Debonair: “Oh hey, John! Almost didn’t notice you over there, you see all this? It doesn’t matter what I do, these ingrates just can’t seem to get enough of me! I guess that’s the one thing you’ll always have over me pal, just how hated you are! Anyway, how are you doing? Good, good… How’s Shannon? Not seen her in a while. How are Trig and Andy? Oh, what’s that? You’re not sure how they are? Would you like me to tell you?”

Cavanagh’s smug demeanour suddenly turns more confused and cold when Fred says this. Fred raises an eyebrow and turns toward the big screen. As it comes to life we see Trigger and Andy pounding on what looks to be the door of a boiler room and rattling the handle. The screen goes blank again and Cavanagh is in the ring shouting the odds in Fred‘s direction.

Fred Debonair: “Woah there killer calm down! I hold my hands up, that right there is on me. Wasn’t easy either I tell ya, Johnny… But I had to do that, just to be clear, because I know you… And I know what you’re about. I know if I hadn’t done that, I’d probably be on this floor right now without getting to say what I came here to say! Now as I say, I know you John and you sure as hell know me too… But there are people out there who have no idea who the guy standing here is! So let me break it down for you…

I am Fred Debonair, I’ve been The Fly One, I’ve been The Full Force, I’ve been The Illuminatus and I’ve been The Truth! But ultimately I am that boys father! Over the last three decades, I’ve been RWF Hard-to-the-core Champion, two time Battle-Bowl Champion, two time Television Champion, two time Pro Champion, two time Tag Champion, four time North American Champion and seven time World Champion! As well as being Rookie of the year and Wrestler of the year!”

Cavanagh laughing and shaking his head, holds the microphone up as if he’s gonna say something, but Fred quickly cuts him off before he’s able to speak, this pisses John off and the look in his eyes says it all.

Fred Debonair: “Now wait a minute, John! I’m not quite done… You see during that time I was also the FcW North American Champion, three time Extreme Champion, and World Champion! I was also named the winner of the 2008 Seven Deadly Sins match and me and this son of a bitch right there, went against each other in the 2007 match of the year, a Solitary Confinement match! Also Johnny boy told you previously that Fred Debonair had ended his title run in the Ladder from Hell match too, but what he didn’t tell you… Was that I’d actually ended his undefeated streak!”

As the crowd react to this, Cavanagh snatches his mic up again, this time not allowing Fred to interrupt.

John Cavanagh: “Now you listen to me you piece of shit! You may have ended my undefeated streak, you may have ended my title reign but guess what? I just did the same thing to your baby boy and whether you want to admit it or not you were only able to end my dominance because I ALLOWED it to happen! I don't give a rat's ass what names you've gone by or what titles you've held, you're still just a second tier athlete!"

Fred chuckles and wags his finger toward Cavanagh whilst nodding his head and mouthing oh that’s good John, keep it going! As Tyler has now made it to the top of the ramp. Fred picks his mic up again.

Fred Debonair: “You did John, you’ve ended Tyler’s undefeated streak and his Championship run. Well done! But John really? You’re going to play these games? I mean it was okay doing it with Tyler, leading up to this match… Spouting the tip for this new breed of uncouth fans who probably don’t remember the legendary stories you and I have told in that ring together and against each other! But you’re going to try and sell the same bullshit to me?! Well okay then! Just hold fire there because I’m coming back to you!

Now Tyler I’m sorry things had to work out this way, boy. You came here alone and that wasn’t right! And that’s why I sent Casie here, to watch you, Mercedes too… Steph has of course always been here and then Darius! I had planned on a few other soldiers but things didn’t work out as they should have unfortunately! Either way, yes this was all me son. The path, the Kindred forming… You being where you stand now. I did all this and I did it, for you! Long live the King. The King of Kings is dead!”

Fred turns back toward Cavanagh in the ring who’s looking more and more annoyed by the second.

Fred Debonair: “Now John, you ALLOWED me to end your undefeated streak? You ALLOWED me to take your FcW World title? I also heard what you had to say this week, weird how these things work out isn’t it? Speak of the Devil and he shall appear and all that! But you told my boy that everything you were going to do to him was MY fault? You told him you were going to make him pay basically because you couldn’t get your hands on me? Well I’M BACK YOU BASTARD! And like I said ultimately I’m this boys father! You really want this John? You really want to try again? That’s okay, I don’t care where I have to start here in this organisation because trust me, I’ll be seeing you real soon, Cav.”

Fred drops the mic onto the ramp as he and Tyler turn to walk away conversing inaudibly as “Money” by Pink Floyd blasts through the PA system leaving John Cavanagh standing in the ring with a murderous look on his face.

Grudge Match

Jack Hill vs Scotty Adams

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is scheduled for one fall and is a submission match. In order to win this match you must force your opponent to tap out!

The mournful violins of Pantopticon's "Rope Burn Exit" fill the arena as the lights dim. As the frantic drum blasts kick in, the lights begin to strobe and "The Country Doctor" steps out from behind the curtain at a slow, methodical pace, wearing a button-down shirt and carrying a vintage brown medical bag. He takes a moment to look over the crowd with a devious smile and then sucks his teeth, smooths down his hair, and makes his way to the ring. He first slides his medical bag under the bottom rope, then jumps up onto the ring apron before leaping into the ring over the top rope. Once in the ring, he saunters around, calling out to various people in the crowd with taunts and mockery, all delivered with the same steady, malicious grin.

Ring Announcer: Introducing first hailing from The Mountains of Eastern Kentucky, he stands at six feet one inch tall and weighs in at 225 pounds…”The Country Doctor” Jack Hill!!!

'Pure Evil' can be heard blasting out of the PA system, as the lights dim, save for a hazy maroon spotlight that shines on a currently empty stage, before a silhouette can be made out of a male figure, standing just behind the spotlight with his hands extended out in a cross formation, before the spotlight expands to reveal that the figure is wearing a black 'Adidas' hoodie (with the hood up, concealing his identity at this time), Maroon/Purple/Gold wrestling rights and black/blue 'Asic' sneakers Raising his right hand, the figure slowly pushes the hood off, revealing that it is none other than Scotty Adams.

Slightly smirking, he begins to make his way down the ramp as the lights return to their normal radiance, each step with a swagger about it that to some, could very well border on arrogance --- to others, it is just another exhibit of the belief, the confidence that exudes itself from Scotty, born from a meticulous attention to detail he has. Running his hands down his body, he once again extends them out into a cross, only this time he ac complies it with a quick flick of the wrists once he reaches full extension and pauses to allow the crowd a moment to let everything sink in.

Ring Announcer: And his opponent, hailing from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, he stands at six feet four inches and weighs in at 185 pounds…”The Silver Bullet” Scotty Adams!!!

Walking around the ring, he slowly takes his jumper off; handing it to one of the attendants at ringside, before making his way up the steel steps in the near right hand side corner and smirking as he glances out to the crowd once more, before stepping between the middle and top rope; turning his full attention and focus to the task at hand.

Mike Fisher: This one should be a sight to behold.

Scott James: All I know is one of these tough bastards is going to be submitting here tonight!

The bell rang as Jack and Scotty began to square each other up. The two men came together locking up collar and elbow, Jack forces Scotty to the corner and drops down to begin delivering shoulders to the gut followed up by a few kicks before Scotty is able to get his arm up and take control of Jack’s leg taking him over with a dragon screw leg whip. Scotty follows that up with a hip toss and then a belly to belly suplex. The crowd pops as Jack Hill slides out of the ring.

Mike Fisher: It seemed as if The Country Doctor had some early control in this one but Scotty Adams has already evened the playing field.

Scott James: Yeah, its early yet, just remember that.

Hill walked back up the steps and told the referee to force Adams back, which he did. Hill sprinted into the ring and attacked Adams, who had turned his back, with a double axe handle to the back of the neck. Hill grabbed him by the side and locked in an abdominal stretch and begin to deliver some blows to Scotty’s side. Jack dug his knuckles into Scotty’s ribs, the referee checked but Scotty wasn’t ready to give in. Jack’s frustration grew and he broke the hold.

Mike Fisher: It’s going to take more than an abdominal stretch to win this match.

Scott James: I’m sure that was much more about inflicting pain on Scotty’s core than anything else.

Jack walked towards Scotty but Scotty pulled him down onto the mat and flipped over into an ankle lock. Jack’s face popped with pain as the crowd cheered on Scotty’s about face. Scotty let out a savage scream as Jack reached for the ropes. Inch by miserable inch but eventually The Country Doctor was able to reach the bottom rope with his hand. The referee told Scotty to let go of the hold but he just twisted harder on the ankle.

Mike Fisher: Scotty Adams has no binding rules that would force him to break this hold.

Scott James: As much as I hate to admit it, you’re right!

Scotty continues with the hold for another few moments before letting go. Scotty hops back to his feet and begins to lay the boots to Jack. Scotty pulls him up by the hand and delivers a forearm to the face before tossing Jack into the ropes. Scotty catches Jack on the rebound and brings him crashing down with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Scotty grabs hold of Jack and begins to drive his two knees into the small of his back while pulling Jack’s arms backwards. The referee drops to check in on Hill once more, Hill continues to wave him off.

Mike Fisher: The body of Jack Hill has got to be throbbing in pain, such a brutal hold from Scotty Adams.

Scott James: I’m just glad I’m not the one sitting in, whatever the hell you call that move.

Scotty let go of an arm and tried to fishhook Jack but Jack did what was easiest to do, he bit. Scotty broke the hold while holding his fingers. Jack got up, hobbling and holding his lower back. An enraged Scotty Adams came at Jack with a clothesline but came up empty. Jack grabbed Scotty from behind and began a flurry of chops to Scotty’s chest that placed Scotty into the corner. Jack began to kick away at Scotty’s midsection before sprinting to the opposite side and running back catching his opponent with a running back-first splash. Jack lets Scotty pop out of the corner and brings him down with a bulldog.

Mike Fisher: This has been back and forth, it seems whoever gets the upper hand at the right moment will win it.

Scott James: Jack better capitalize right now if he wants that to be him.

Jack floated over and locked in a camel clutch. The referee checked in on Scotty who didn’t give in. Jack let go slightly to land a strike to the front of Scotty’s face. After a few moments of Scotty not giving in Jack let go and leaped in the air dropping his bodyweight across Scotty’s lower back. Jack pulled Scotty up and tossed him through the middle rope and down to the floor. Jack followed Scotty out and began to drive forearms into the small of Scotty’s back. Scotty got back to his feet only to be Irish whipped into the stairs with his back striking first. Jack pulled Scotty up and then drove the small of his back into the turnbuckle twice before sliding him back into the ring.

Mike Fisher: This isn’t looking all that great for Scotty Adams at this point.

Scott James: It definitely looks bleak but you know damn well Scotty would do the same thing if the tables were turned.

Jack slid back into the ring. Scotty used the ropes to pull himself up. Jack charged, Scotty saw it coming and dropped Jack with a drop toe hold that he floated over and locked in an STF. The crowd began to pop as the referee again checked to see if Jack Hill was ready to give up. Jack pressed up and was able to slowly turn the hold by rolling over with Scotty, forcing Adams to break the hold. Jack and Scotty both climbed to their feet. Scotty charged, Jack moved, Scotty hit the turnbuckle sternum first and fell to his knees.

Mike Fisher: Scotty Adams’ own momentum may have just cost him an offensive flurry.

Scott James: That may be a turning point in this one!

Jack squares up and runs towards his cornered opponent with a running double knee strike to the small of his back.

Mike Fisher: Vicious!

Scott James Take Two of These to an already weakened lower back.

Scotty fell to the mat holding his lower back. Jack pulled him by the leg into the center of the ring before once again applying a camel clutch. The crowd booed The Country Doctor while some cheered for The Silver Bullet to escape. Scotty did his best, he tried to fight it off but his back had already been too damaged. Scotty began to tap on the side of Jack’s leg.

Mike Fisher: A hard fought victory for Jack Hill and an amazing showing from Scotty Adams!

Scott James: Just remember who picked up the W!

Ring Announcer - Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner…”The Country Doctor” Jack Hill!!!

The match comes to a close and both Scotty Adams and Jack Hill are on the mat in some fashion. Jack is clambering up a turnbuckle as Scotty is on his knees… Suddenly the lights go out.

Scott James: “Really?! Fifty pence in the meter guys! Come on!”

Mike Fisher: “Why always the lights?? Hey! Hey what’s happened?! Where’s Scotty??”

The lights are back up and we see that Jack Hill is alone in the ring, Scotty Adams is gone and nowhere to be seen. As Jack begins to walk out from the turnbuckle the lights go out again. Jack spins around looking for an answer and he isn’t happy, shouting out loud things that can’t be heard or repeated even if they could.

Suddenly the screen at the top of the ramp flickers on with a staticy picture, that which when comes to life reveals Darius Enlil standing in an unlit area. He walks around slow-clapping.

Darius: “Hey Doc… Congratulations on your win against me the other week, I did mean to say so sooner but I’ve been resting up to tell you the truth. You know though, what I really wanted to do, was thank you and show my appreciation for the level of respect you showed me, after the match!”

The screen cuts off again and a spotlight hits the top of the ramp, showing Darius just standing there as his voice continues to boom over the PA system.

Darius: “You’ve made it very clear, Jack, that you attack people in such a fashion to show them, that you respect them if they want that direct approach…”

The spotlight disappears and Jack is in the ring shouting, hollering and lambasting as he kicks the ropes, challenging Darius, daring him to face him. Suddenly another spotlight appears, this time in the crowd and Darius is standing on an empty chair while the crowd make a noise around him.

Darius: “I felt that from you last week, Jack! Really really felt it. And so I thought it only fair that I show you that same respect. That same appreciation.”

The spotlight goes out once more, this time though the house lights come up and Darius is standing in the ring right behind Jack Hill.

Mike Fisher: “DARIUS! He’s in the ring!”

Scott James: “This was so predictable, why wasn’t Jack ready?! He turns around and Darius nails him!”

Jack and Darius begin trading blows back and forth, Darius, Jack, Darius, Jack, Darius… Darius, Darius, Darius! He sends Jack into the ropes and comes off the opposite side… BAD MOON RISING!

Scott James: Darius nails Jack with that flying punch that he calls Bad Moon Rising! Jack struggles to his feet as Darius lies in wait!

Mike Fisher: Darius grabs Jack from behind and yanks his head! PSYCH OUT! And LIGHTS OUT AGAIN!

Darius grabs Jack and hits him with the PSYCH OUT, rolling cutter. As he hits the move the lights in the arena go out again. When they come up ten seconds or so later, both Jack Hill and Darius are nowhere to be seen!

Scott Adams: “Well Darius definitely showed Jack he respects him a lot! But where did they go?!


Jon Cav


Then a light. One light, tiny and alone, but soon join by a second, then a third. One by one tiny flickering flames blink into existence until tiny flames are all than can be seen. Flames as far as the eye can see twisting and dancing their entire existence heedless of whomever may see their mad writhing.

Somewhere a bird caws. No, not a bird, two. Two ravens call out in the dark to their master. The birds sing the song that the thousand tiny flames dance to and they illuminate a tree, a hulking mammoth ash tree with branches reaching far to shade it's little flames and in its trunk a curve. Not a curve but a seat. His seat. His seat is empty now, but soon he will fill it.

The All Father is coming.

Hollywood Title

Eron Hunter vs TJ Alexander vs Brandon Hendrix vs John Tolly


TJ Alexander and Erron Hunter are battling now as Hendrix deals with Tolly. Erron Hunter has the advantage over TJ Alexander after a series of knees to the stomach. He pushes him into the ropes and then sends him across the ring with an Irish whip. He bounces off the ropes, and on the rebound delivers a painful piston kick! The crowd oohs as he quickly drops to the canvas with Erron Hunter and locks in a headlock.

Tolly has Hendrix against the ropes with some knife-edged chops. He decides to line Hendrix up, leaps, and sends him over the ropes with a dropkick! Hendrix goes spilling to the outside and Tolly gets up, smiling at his work. He leans over the ropes to talk more trash to Hendrix, but gets tapped on the shoulder. He turns around and sees Erron, who quickly kicks Tolly in the gut. He then tries to lift up Tolly, but Tolly throws Erron over his back and a second man falls to the outside!

Erron Hunter finally breaks the headlock but ends up walking directly into a double-A spinebuster from Hendrix! Hendrix and TJ Alexander lock eyes, and he charges him powerfully and drops the big man with an European Uppercut! He spins around and immediately him jaw drops. Tolly leaps off the top rope out of nowhere and hits TJ Alexander with a hurricanrana!

Tolly sees that he’s the only man standing in the ring, and chooses TJ Alexander as he falls upon him…



Tolly shakes his head as TJ Alexander gets a shoulder up, and he gets up, dragging him with him. Still slightly wobbly, TJ Alexander staggers as Tolly drills him with a fist. A kick to the midsection drops TJ Alexander to a knee, and Tolly backs up slightly before attempting an enziguiri, only for him to duck and scout Tolly.

As he rises to his feet, TJ Alexander charges him and drops him with a spear! He continues to work on him as Erron Hunter and Hendrix get to their feet. They lock up in the middle of the ring in an elbow-collar tie up, with Erron Hunter gaining the upper hand with a stiff elbow to the side of Hendrix’s head.

He then backs Hendrix into the ropes and nails him with a series of fists before Irish whipping him across the ring. Hendrix runs into TJ Alexander, however, who catches him with a shoulder block, but Brandon sends him to the canvas! Turning around, Brandon walks into Erron Hunter, who kicks Brandon in the gut and quickly takes him down with a snap suplex.

On the outside, TJ and Tolly begin to brawl, with Duke Longbottom scrambling to convince them to come back in the ring. Tolly is rising back to his feet, and takes note of Erron Hunter. He immediately charges him and kicks him in the gut. He then turns his back to Erron Hunter and bends before twisting Erron Hunter and hitting him with an Unprettier!

Tolly seems satisfied with his work, but with his back turned to TJ Alexander, now up from the hit placed by Brandon, he takes him into the Russian Legsweep position and hits a Vertebreaker, driving Tolly’ spine into the canvas! He covers…



The hold is broken by Erron Hunter!

Erron grab TJ Alexander and plants him with Flame Desperado!!!




Jenny Fletcher: Your winner and STILL Hollywood champion… ERRON HUNTER!

Women’s Title

Fiona Harris vs Moira Arches


“Postulous” by Puscifer hits over the arena in unison flashing green and white strobes, as the challenger, Moira Arches makes her way from out of the curtains. She takes a few steps out, before pausing with a huge smile on her face. Her music cuts out, as the lights go out as well. A moment later, the beginning of “Not Today” plays with a video of a dilapidated building is show on the screen as similar lights to Moira’s come on around the stage. Right as the music kicks in, a logo appears on the screen. “The Epitome” Mike Arches, wearing a dark suit, makes is way through the curtain and embraces her.

The two of them make their way down to the ring, Moira high-fiving the crowd, as Mike looking stoic and talking her up to the camera.

Scott James: That’s Moira’s father, who we have seen her mention a few times since her time here in the IIW. She had asked to accompany her to the ring, and it looks like he agreed, just in time too.

Mike Fisher: As far as I know, Mike Arches has a long history with the Debonair family, dating back to when he was in the Revolution Wrestling Federation with Tyler’s father. It makes you wonder if all he’s here to do is manage his daughter or not.

The bell rings, and the match begins with the two of them going right for the hold-up

Mike Fisher: What Moira Arches had to say regarding this match was one of the most passionate speeches I’ve ever heard.

Scott James:: I hope they come on over here so I can have an even better view.

Mike Fisher: I talk about Moira’s inspiring speech and you talk about her looks. How typical.

It’s Fiona getting the advantage, pushing Moira towards the turnbuckle. She doesn’t make it easy as she throws her a flurry of punches and kicks. And then Moirais the one turning it around, ducking a punch, before throwing Fiona on the turnbuckle. It’s her turn with the punches and kicks – but this time, she looks to be slightly more cautious.

Fiona runs forward with a clothesline, buuuut this time around, Moira ducks it. When Fiona turns around, Moira’s right there with a standing dropkick!

Fiona gets to her feet quickly afterwards, only to be met with a kick to the midsection… and her face meets with the mat as she just got DDT’ed! Moira continues the onslaught with an enziguri kick as Fiona was struggling to get to her feet. Locking an arm around Fiona’s neck, Moiralocks in the Texas clovercleaf.

Fiona powers through it, however, getting up to a knee, before standing up fully. She throws her down to the mat, and clotheslines her just as she gets up. Again. Roaring elbow. Again. Fiona picks her up for a tilt-a-whirl backbre – no, Moira counters with yet another DDT. With Fiona down and about, Moira climbs to top of the turnbuckle.


Fiona rolls out of the ring and to the floor below. Moira simply gets to the top of the turnbuckle once again, LEAPING onto him with a flying crossbody—wait a second… NO!

Scott James:: What the hell is she thinking!?

Fiona catches her and throws her onto the floor with a spinebuster!

Mike Fisher: Jesus Christ on a popsicle!

Fiona goes for the cover right then and there.



Moira Arches kicks out!

Fiona brings Moira up to her feet only to throw her right onto the barricade. Lifting her up once again, she side suplexes her on top of the barricade!

Scott James:: I sincerely hope Moira doesn’t have any back issues there, because Fiona’s getting to work on it for her deadly finishers!

Holding onto her with a bear hug, Fiona rushes forward onto the pole, only for Moira’s hands to take the damage rather than her back. Getting off him, Moira shakes off her hands, avoiding the running elbow.

Mike Fisher: Her arm just hit the pole!

Scott James:: Mine hurts right now just from witnessing that.

Moira runs forward with a hurricanrana! Just as Fiona gets up to her feet, Moirais right there with the swinging neckbreaker! Fiona sits against the corner of the barricade, to get a breather. But alas, Moira continues to be relentless as she delivers a series of kicks! Lifting Fiona up to her feet, she picks him up only momentarily before dropping him on top of the barricade with a side suplex as Fiona had done to her moments earlier!

Mike Fisher: I sure hope there’s lots of frozen peas in the freezers backstage.

Resting against the steps, Moira takes several seconds to get herself fully together, watching Fiona sit on top of the barricade holding her back. She runs forward with a spinning wheel kick, taking Fiona over the barricade into the crowd as well as herself!

Scott James:: Wow! Moirais controlling this match rather than Fiona.
Mike Fisher: She’s a fast learner. I just hope she doesn’t do something too drastic that’ll knock her out. Fiona is a grimy veteran; she’s not going to give up so easily, so it’ll be a while yet!

Both competitors get to their feet at about the same time, throwing rights at each other, as the nearby crowd cheers loudly. In the midst of the punchfest, Fiona kicks Moira’s knee, which gets her to drop down! Grabbing onto her right arm, Fiona irish-whips her onto the barricade.

She throws her over the barricade almost like a rag doll, before picking her up and setting her down on the apron.

Moira gets herself to the turnbuckle, using that as aid to get herself up to her feet, still feeling the effects. Right as she gets in the ring, Fiona rushes forward with a corner clothesline. This gets Moira falling to a seated position, so Fiona drags her up onto top of the turnbuckle.

Scott James:: I don’t like the sign of this…

It’s brainbuster time!

Aaaand… NO.

Moira wiggles her way out of it, getting her hands around Fiona’s neck and successfully executes the backbreaker! Fiona slowly gets up to her knees, only for Moira to jog forward with a beautiful shining wizard! She goes for the cover.



The Women’s title challenger walks towards the turnbuckle before deciding that’s a mistake, and elbows Fiona from the ground instead.
Moira, about to call Fiona up to hit a running knee, pauses in the corner as the lights flicker, with Casie Debonair’s music playing over the PA. Casie has a smile on her face as she steps out onto the stage.

Scott James: Why is she out here? She may have beat Fiona but that doesn’t mean she needs to be out here now!

Mike Fisher: But look in the ring, the ref and Moira are distracted, and Mercedes and Steph just slid into the ring behind them! They look like they’re going to go after Fiona!

The two girls are circling Fiona, as the champion tries to climb back to her feet, ready to pounce. But before they get the chance, Mike Arches gets into the ring and gets between Fiona and the two Witches. He’s shaking his head and telling them to get out of the ring, when Moira finally turns around and sees what is happening.

Scott James: Should have let them help her, what’s he doing?!

Moira also yells at Mercedes and Steph to get out of the ring. They both look at each other confused, before laughing and sliding back out of the ring and into the crowd. The referee gets order of things once more, as Fiona and Moira are back toe to toe in the middle of the ring.

Scott James:: Whheeew. That was pretty damn close right there.
Mike Fisher: Both competitors are showing a lot of resiliency here… They’ll have to throw more to get the win

Fiona gets up to a knee…

Moira jogs forward jumping on him, then up and delivers the Fame-Asser!!!


Holding onto her lower back, Moira gets up to her feet only for Fiona to be right there with a running knee lift! Lifting Moira up to her feet, she throws her onto the turnbuckle, delivering chop after chop after chop after chop after CHOP AFTER CHOP AFTER CHOP.

Moira is now leaning forward which makes it easy for Fiona to pick her up and POWERBOMB her onto the turnbuckle!

Scott James:: I’m booking us an emergency massage therapy after this match.
Mike Fisher: You don’t need a massage, Scott…
Scott James:: Sitting here is hard work, you know!

Dragging her away from the ropes, Fiona locks in the STF with force.

Mike Fisher: Not only does that crank back the neck, it also puts pressure on her back…

Moira raises her hand up, only for that to ball into a fist…

… and again….

… and again.

Scott James:: I thought she was ready to tap out right then and there!

Moirarolls over, which puts Fiona on her shoulders.


Moira uses her wiles to get herself out of the hold, getting to the ropes as aid to get herself up. Fiona is already up when Moira turns around. Both go right for the hold-up, circling around as both try getting the advantage. It’s Moira that gets it with a wristlock, before giving Fiona a Japanese arm drag. Fiona rushes to get up to her feet only to barely duck the dropkick from Moira.

Moira holds her lower back as she slowly gets up to her feet, only for Fiona to grab ahold of her and drop her onto the mat with a cradle brainbuster suplex! Lifting Fiona back up again she rags her about and then finally she goes and hits THE HIGH ROAD!!!




The bell rings as we have a new Women’s champion!!!!

Jenny fletcher: Your winner and NEWWWW Women’s champion… MOIRA ARCHES!

Part 3