Anthony Phoenix vs Devin Stone


Mike Fisher: This is place is electric Scott, I cannot wait, Im buzzing!

Scott James: The roof is on fire.

Mike Fisher: here we go , Jenny Fletcher beautiful as ever - she has the mic.

Jenny: Ladies and Gentleman the following contest is scheduled for one fall.

Introducing first making his IIW Debut - from Sacramento , California.....The Iconic LEGEND - DEVINNNN STONEEEEE!!!

(The first chords begin to My World by Brand New Sin. Out walks Devin Stone with his girl Riley by his side. The crowd boos him relentlessly as he walks down the ramp toward the ring. He stops midway and takes in a breathe of the hatred they have for him. He smiles at this and he leads his lovely lady up the ring steps and holds the ropes as she climbs into the ring. He then joins her and stands in the corner waiting for his opponent with an evil smirk on his face.)

Mike Fisher: a New comer here Scott, i'm keen too see what he brings to the table

Scott James: Devin Stone comes in with a massive reputation. This card tonight is stacked from top to bottom.

Mike Fisher: Indeed

Jenny Fletcher: And his opponent- WEIGHING two hundred and twelve pounds and standing six foot two inches . From PALERRRMOOOO , Italy. The King of Controversy- The Xineohp- ANTHONYYYY PHOENIX!!

(The lights flicker three times as the singer sings "1...2...3" followed by a brief pause. The lights in the arena start to change colors for all of a minute as the guitar begins to play the lights go out with only a spotlight in the middle of stage.)

(Phoenix comes out from backstage wearing a zipped up jogging jacket and navy blue trunks and stands in the middle of the spotlight. He holds arms out forming an 'X' which is slightly moved to the side. Phoenix then taunts the crowd with one crotch chop as pyro in the form of an X shoots out behind him.)

(He then starts to walk down the ramp, the spotlight following him looking very determined. When he reaches the ring he enters under the bottom rope and walks to the middle of the ring all the while the spot is still on him. When he reaches mid ring he stares at the camera as he holds his arms out forming the same 'X' as he did at the entrance. Phoenix scowls at the camera as the song ends.)

Mike Fisher: The intensity has risen , this place is insane. Anthony makes his way onto the ring apron and through the ropes.

Scott James: Devin Stone wasting no time and runs right into the NEW version of Anthony Phoenix.


Mie Fisher: Jeremy Oakland signals this match is under way - The bell has rung, we are all systems go ladies and gentleman.

Totally uncalled for By Devin Stone attacking Antony, yet Phoenix not buckling and they are exchanging blows.

Scott James: Phoenix returning with interest, running clothesline! Stone to the ground... Phoenix comes in hot and connects with a straight punch.


Mike Fisher: Intense International Wrestling living up to its name Scott, the crowd loves it and Devin Stone quickly to his feet, Phoenix stalks him, kick to the mid section goes for a spinning wheel kick..... NO...Stone out of the way , in the nick of time. Knee to the gut- and ...............

a DDT!!

And Stone letting him know all about it...

Scott James: Fast Start here by the newcomer.

Mike Fisher: Choke HOLD!! Devin Stone jumps onto Phoenix and he is choking him....


Phoenix trying to fight the hands, but Devin Stone relentless..

Scott James: The ref should do his job!

Mike Fisher: Devin Stone not messing around here letting everyone know he means business. the referee starts the count...

1.........2 .....................3.................. ............4

Stone lets go of the hold and reapplies it again.

Scott James: Anthony Phoenix is loving this.

Mike Fisher: Oh Please Scott! The Xineohp fighting for air here as refeeree begins the count again...

Scott James: Excellent way to kick of the night here...........Wait what is this?

(The crowd gets restless as down the aisle dressed in his leotards wearing his new IIW T Shirt- smoothly walks VIP Eddie Zam- his hair slick as ever. He reaches the which point both partipants have noticed him... He claps them on and approaches the commentary booth)

Mike Fisher: VIP Eddie Zam is here, his coming over here. Please!

Scott James: Trouble is in the air, What, what!

(Zam grabs a chair and head set and sits with Mike Fisher and Scott James)

Zam: Buenas noches damas y caballeros , buenas noches a I I W Internacional Wrestling. You know Mike it's a pleasure to be here ringside with youse.

Mike Fisher: Welcome, I presumed you where here to cause trouble

(In the ring - Devin Stone brings Phoenix over to the nearest turnbuckle and points at the commentary team and goes for an irish whip- gets reversed and Phoenix whips him to the opposite corner and runs in connecting with a kick ...quickly jumps of the ropes with a moonsault and connects. )

Zam: O Great move there by Antonio from Palermo. I like it Scott , I like it.

Scott: So you aren't here to cause trouble?

Zam: What do you take me for Scott, hey? Some animal? Some Monster? A Pig? No there's only one man worthy of the title King Pig . The Pig of IIW - The One Man PIG - Johnny Cavanagh

Mike Fisher: why dont you two focus on the action.

Zam: How tall is this guy Devin Stone? You're the know it all around here ain't you Mike Fisher? How tall is he?

Mike Fisher: Good question.. Well his a big boy and he is back too his feet and now Anthony Phoenix former five time? Six time? Hardcore champion coming in with a series of kicks to the back of Devin's knee... and then a a drop kick to the leg... Devin felt that.

Scott James: Smart move by Phoenix, he should go after that leg.

Zam: For once in your little announcement career you might be right Scott James.

Mike Fisher: Phoenix drops a double axe handle on Devin Stone.. and another... But Stone is fighting thru it all , impervious. Phoenix with a a karate super kick and Devin Stone felt the brunt of that foot and he's definitely feeling the consequences ....

Scott James: SO why are you here Eddie Zam?

Zam: Whats wrong? You dont want me here? For your information- Im here to enjoy the action from ring side, No harsh feelings, no devious plans...The VIP seat in the house. With you two dorks! You know I might make this a regular thing, ME and you Scott ...What do you think?

Mike Fisher: Well what might be a regular thing is Devin Stone and Anthony Phoenix going at it , these two guys are definitely leaving it all in the ring. Phoenix stands over Stone.

Drops an Elbow!

Scott James: Right on his ribs.

Mike Fisher: Going for the count!!




Anthony Phoenix piling on the pressure- Irish Whip, Devin Stone crashes hard.... Anthony Phoenix runs in... climbs the ropes... and BULLDOG!!!

What a maneuver!!

Zam: Excellent! Antonio has really impressed me tonight

Mike Fisher: Phoenix with the pin, hooks the leg?




Devin Stone out in the nick of time.

Zam: Oakland is slow on the count

Scott James: He was abit slow, you are right Zam.

Zam: Im always right Scott.... Always!

Mike Fisher: Here we go Phoenix with all the momentum now...gets ontop of Devin Stone and applies a Camel Clutch... and Stone is in a world of hurt.

Zam: I wasn't aware Phoenix was such a good grappler, I thought he was all kicks and high flying.

Mike Fisher: Phoenix telling the ref to check on Stone.. Stone is still in it.. trying to fight out... almost out!?

Scott James: Amazing...

Mike Fisher: Anthony Phoenix gives up on the hold and drives his knee to the back of Devin Stones head... Brutal! absolutely brutal.. And Pheonix signals that his going on high... Here we goooo.....

Phoenix on the top rope like a flash, The best frog splash ever!!!!

He hits it!!

The crowd go wild... he goes for the pin...


2....................................... ............................

3....................................... ....................!!



Zam: Very impressive indeed. I like it , I like it..

Jenny fletcher: Ladies and gentlemen.... You winner via pinfall .... THe King of Controversy ... Anthony PHOENIXXXX!!

Stoner vs James Barratt


Scott James: Im loving the action so far tonight Mike.

Mike Fisher: We are just getting started Scott, IIW Explosion is about to boil over with a grudge match between two of the greatest...... Err what is this . I'm been told that we have a one of the participants backstage now with none other than VIP Eddie Zam .

Scott James: What?

Mike Fisher: Lets cross over to , Eddie Zam.

(VIP Eddie Zam is standing by with THBIC the gorgeous Taylor Blazer in her lockeroom )

Eddie Zam: Thank you Mike Fisher- this is a special backstage , inside scoop - up close and personal- edition of the thirty third degree- MY show- Tonight I'm very excited for a couple of reasons, I get to start my singles winning streak by pinning that big dork Ignis for the one two three- and secondly, I AM extremely delighted about the following - Check this out; welcome fans , welcome to IIW Explosion only on pay per view , and welcome to the locker rooms with none other than The Head Bitch in Charge , the gorgeous , the beautiful, the immaculate:


Blazer: Thank you Papi you always know how to acknowledge me unlike these simpletons in the arena.

(Zam stares at Blazers body up and down)

Blazer: Eyes up here Papi I know you like what you see, but it’s business before pleasure…

Zam: I do like what I see Señorita , and I cannot wait too see you out there in a short time , in a grudge match against 'Queen' Vic .... I cannot wait too see what you have in store for her. I'm sure you will have fun out their and come out VICtorious .... MUUHAHAHA Tell us all about it ? please señorita Taylor.

Blazer: Tonight will be the day the world witness pure domination as I destroy Victoria and use her as my stepping stone to the title.

Zam: No doubt, this will be a night too remember. You know I would love to be ring side for your eventual world title match... Nothing is gonna get in your way señorita Taylor, id love to be there and witness it firsthand -ringside for that moment.. Up close , and personal... with a ringside view....

(Zam smirks and admires Taylors assets)

Blazer: I’m sure we can arrange for that to happen when the time comes.

Zam: Well there you have it IIW Universe - there you have it- a world exclusive with the beautiful Head Bitch in Charge and NEXT champion of the world - Taylor Blazer .

(The scene cuts back to the commentary booth)

Mike Fisher: Eddie Zam and Taylor Blazer, somethings in the air there, Scott.

Scott James: Well with Eddie Zam Mike, anything is possible. This Grudge Match is going to be one for the ages , here we go!!

Grudge Match

Taylor Blazer vs Victoria McKenzie


Victoria smirks as she saunters down to the ring to Little Mix's 'Power', the cocky and plus sized Geordie looks at the fans up and down with a mocking look of contempt; she even gets in the face of a few fans to jaw jack with them before she hops onto the apron and shows off her size by swinging her hips and grinding in a teasing way. Victoria then enters the ring through the middle rope and swaggers around, again showing off her size as she starts to talk trash to the booing fans, giving them the double middle finger or spinning around, bending over and slapping her own rear to show them what she thinks of them.

Notorious by B.I.G plays over the arena as the monitor lights up H.B.I.C. Taylor walks out onto the ramp. As lighting goes across the letters and a thunder bolt strikes the stage as a little smoke comes out on the stage. Taylor Blazer makes her way out from behind the curtains, with Jason Burns coming out, stepping to the side, trying not to be in her way. She poses at the top, showing her muscles, then slowly walks to the ring with a bit of attitude before stepping into the ring. Jason holds the ropes open for her as she steps inside.

The two stare each other down, and walk side to side in their corners, sizing each other up.

The bell rings and the two meet charge to the center of the ring, but Taylor is quick to land a double leg takedown on Victoria. Victoria lands hard and covers up while Taylor rains down shots. Victoria lands a few, but gets to her feet and starts stomping Victoria's chest hard. The ref separates her and gives Victoria a few seconds to try to recover, to no avail. Taylor quickly follows up by picking Victoria up by her hair, and delivering several elbow smashes to the side of her face. Taylor kicks her in the gut, and drops her hard with a DDT. She drops down as if to make a pin attempt, but stops herself. Taylor doesn't want this match to end quickly, but neither does Victoria. Victoria takes this brief pause to land a few weak punches on Taylor from bottom, but Taylor overpowers her and drops another hard elbow. Taylor lets out some raw emotion here, bringing a real fight to Victoria.

Taylor picks her up by her hair again, and kicks her in the gut. Victoria slouches over and Taylor runs off the ropes. Taylor comes back and wraps Victoria's head up, pulling her to the side and landing a hard cutter. Taylor stands up and takes a few deep breaths, being wise to not wear herself out. Victoria crawls towards Taylor's feet, and grabs at her waistline to pull herself up. Victoria battles back with a few short punches, but Victoria clubs her on her back hard, sending Victoria back to her hands and knees. Taylor bends over to pick up Victoria but is hit with a hard backhand by Victoria, sending Taylor turning to face the opposite way. Victoria landed that backhand hard, and stood to her feet. She quickly moves in on Taylor, and lands a running dropkick, sending Taylor stumbling forward, going through the middle turnbuckle and hitting her shoulder on the ring post. Taylor looks shaken, and grabs at her shoulder in pain. Victoria wraps her arms around Taylor's waist and drags her out of the turnbuckle, setting her up in the center of the ring, delivering a hard backdrop. Talyor now starts to favor her back, while still feeling the pain in her shoulder.

Victoria rolls to her feet and regains herself after letting out a lot of energy. Taylor is now on one knee, and as Victoria walks towards her, she starts delivering hard over-hand right shots to Victoria's midsection. Victoria battles through the first few, but eventually bends over. Taylor athletically hops up to both feet, and hooks Victoria's head. She hoists her up in the air and holds her there for a few seconds, showing off her strength, then lands a gruesome brain buster. The back of Victoria's head, neck, and shoulder area made a hard connection with the mat on the end of that brainbuster, leaving her feeling loopy and out of it. Taylor looks down slightly satisfied at her work, but isn't sure enough damage has been dealt. Taylor walks over to Victoria and stands over her body. Taylor bends down and grabs Victoria by both sides of her face, and starts slamming her head on the mat repeatedly. Victoria's head smashed against the mat about five times before the ref got involved again to get Taylor under control.

The crowd is mostly mixed with the cheering and booing, but all seem to be enjoying the intensity of the matchup so far. Victoria rolls over and gets on her hands and knees. Taylor walks into the corner of the ring and lines up to deliver a hard running knee strike to Victoria's head, trying to finish her. Victoria rolls to her side and dodges it! Taylor is sent flying to the other corner of the ring. Victoria slowly makes her way to her feet as Taylor stands up in the corner and leans against the turnbuckles. Victoria charges her, going for a big splash in the corner, but Taylor dodges to her right side. Victoria's face smacks the top turnbuckle, dazing her. She turns around and is met by Taylor slapping her hand around Victoria's neck area. Victoria grabs at Taylors hand, trying to break the hold, but she can't! Taylor hoists Victoria up into the air, trying to deliver a huge chokeslam..... but Victoria counters it! Victoria slips out, and lands on her feet. Jumping Enziguri by Victoria! This sends Taylor tumbling to the mat, holding her face. Taylor's lip is busted open, and Victoria smells blood. Victoria waits for Taylor to roll to her back, and she bounces off of the ropes. Coming back, Victoria lands a hard leg drop. This sends Taylor's body bouncing off of the mat. Taylor seems out of it.

Victoria grabs Taylor by her wrist, and drags her to the corner of the ring. Taylor isn't moving. Victoria climbs to the middle turnbuckle, and lines up for a bonsai drop. Victoria bounces a couple times to gain extra momentum. When Victoria comes down, Taylor pulls both of her knees up, causing Victoria to land hard into them. Victoria rolls off of Taylors knees, writhing in pain. The ref watches on but doesn't call anything, as the contact was caused by Victoria herself. Taylor sits up and backs herself into the corner to regain some energy. Victoria eventually stands up, still holding her private area in pain. Taylor charges forward and lands a devastating big boot to the head of Victoria. These two are beating the shit out of each other. This is a grudge match!!

Victoria falls over, lifeless for the moment. Taylor turns her over and turns her body, dragging her to the center of the ring. Taylor runs to the corner of the ring, dripping blood from her lip on the mat. She climbs to the top turnbuckle, and launches herself through the air, landing a perfect shooting star press! This takes all of the life out of Victoria, but puts Taylor in some serious pain herself. The exhaustion and the high risk maneuver caused some unnecessary damage to Taylor on this one....

Taylor rolls on the mat, holding her stomach, letting out sounds of pain. Victoria lays on the mat not moving. About forty-five seconds pass, and Taylor is able to stand up and hand herself on the ropes. She watches Victoria laying on the mat.

Taylor - Get up!....

Fifteen seconds go by.....

Taylor - Get up!!!!....

Another fifteen seconds go by..... Victoria is showing signs of life..... Her fingers twitching.... Her head slowly starting to turn....

Taylor - GET.... UP!!!!

The fans are going crazy. This match has been fucking insane.

Victoria's head raises barely off the mat....

Taylor comes charging at her, and jumps into the air....

She comes down and lands the hardest Bitch Stomp of her career.... rattling the head of Victoria.... busting her open....

The fans are going absolutely ape shit.


Taylor looks on at her work.... She nods, knowing it's over....

She rolls Victoria onto her back and lays across her.




And your winner.... Taylor.... BLAZER!!

The camera pans back on Tyler Debonair walking through the backstage area of the arena. He stops at the dressing room door of The Kindred, opens it and steps inside, we see he’s alone but something is sat on the table. He approaches it and sees it’s a bag with his name on it. Opening the bag he pulls out a Bible, that seems to have a sticky note attached somewhere inside. Tyler looks at it oddly, turning it over in his hand, then flicks through the Bible until he comes across where the sticky note is placed, we cannot see the chapter and verse, but Tyler peels off the sticky note and begins to read.

Tyler: “No matter what happens tonight, the Kingdom and everything in it, is yours… This is for you, it’s all for you and has always been, for you. What the hell? Who sent this?”

Tyler drops the sticky note on the table, as he looks around and walks back to the dressing room door, looking around before exiting and shutting the door behind him. We pan back to the sticky note to see the message Tyler has just read, but at the bottom of the message, as if a signature is the Þ symbol.

NO DQ Match

Russell Wayne vs Curtis


The lights in the arena start to flicker white and gold. The titantron comes to life with the words Stay Blessed on it the fans explode as Don't worry Be happy blares over the PA system. Curtis walks through the curtin waving and smiling at all the fans. He keeps yelling no you're the best.

Mike Fisher - The fans in Manchester sure love Curtis. They are going nuts right now.

He stops at the top of the ramp and motions to 3 nice chairs on the left side of the ramp.

His music stops, Curtis stops smiles than points to the curtain.

Suddenly THANK YOU FOR BEING A FRIEND the golden girls theme song hits the pa system. Curtis starts jumping up and down like a child as his 3 best friends Rose, Blanche and Agatha make they're way out from the back. All 3 ladies are dressed very fancy and looking incredibly excited to be part of Explosion.

Mike Fisher - Look how happy Curtis is you love to see that excitement in someone.

Scott James - Did he really fly his old friends all the way here for this?

Mike Fisher - It would appear that way. They have been very involved in this feud so it does make sense. Only in IIW ladies and Gentlemen.

Curtis runs to hug them all. He walks them over to their chairs gives them all kisses on the cheek nods his head than makes his way down to the ring. All the way down the ramp Curtis is high-fiving and hugging fans. He slides under the bottom rope than immediately climbs to the ropes bowing to all the man's. He turns to his girls sitting on the ramp points, smiles and winks before hoping down from the ropes.

The lights go out as South Texas Deathride by Union Underground begins to play. As the intro goes on fog starts rolling out and strobe lights start going faster and faster. When the crescendo hits Russell comes out to a pop from the crowd. He walks down the ramp ignoring his fans as his focus lies solely on his opponent. He climbs up the ring steps, not taking his eyes off of his opponent. He enters the ring through the middle rope and raises his arms in the air, the crowd cheering in response.

The bell rings and Curtis is right to the attack, shooting in deep for a double leg takedown. Russell tries to shoot and counter but Curtis switches his hips and pops up, grabbing a huge side belly to belly Suplex that brings Russell hard to the ground. Russell immediately rolls to his stomach, where Curtis locks in a front facelock. Russell quickly switches into a hammerlock, but Curtis picks the leg and hooks a gutwrench, Gator Rolling over into a bridging pin.


But Russell kicks out.

Scott James: Curtis is going to take Russell to SCHOOL.
Mike Fisher: Redemption School?

Curtis regains his footing quickly, punting a stomach rolled Russell in the ribs. As Russell crawls to his feet, Curtis intercepts his with a wicked Snap Suplex, driving the air out of his lungs. He crawls over into a loose pin, but Russell immediately pushes his shoulder up. Annoyed, Curtis drags him up by the hair, grabbing his wrist and pulling his in for a shortarm clothesline. Russell ducks and spins though, countering into the dragon suplex!




Mike Fisher: And the first nearfall of the match goes to Russell!
Scott James: Lucky move.

Curtis rolls out of the pin, disoriented and gets smacked in the teeth by a huge dropkick! Russell runs the ropes, coming off again with a HUGE Dropkick to the chest! He climbs to the second rope now and launches off with a HUGE Missile Dropkick that catches Curtis flush on the chin! Russell covers!




Mike Fisher: Lucky move eh?
Scott James: Hey, how about you shut up?

This time when He comes off, Curtis is expecting him. He sidesteps, catching Russell in a huge mid-air Side Slam! Russell bounces hard off the mat, leaving Curtis free to hit a huge jumping double stomp to keep his down! Curtis covers!




Curtis keeps the pressure on, hitting a big double knee drop to further drive the air out of the lungs of Russell before hooking in a deep, grounded bearhug to keep him down. Russell struggles, trying to get enough room to elbow free or fight out, but Curtis rolls away to hook the bearhug in a gutwrench position. Russell’s hand starts to hover above the mat, as though He could tap at any moment…

Scott James: YEAH! Squeeze the air out of him!
Mike Fisher: Smart work by Curtis, seeing the opening to ground the high flying Russell.

Russell starts fighting up though, pushing himself first to his knees, then to his feet. Curtis shakes his head, unable to believe what He’s seeing. Russell grits his teeth though, wrapping his arms around Curtis’s waist and pulling in one great motion to hit a HUGE Gutwrench Powerbomb! Both wrestlers are down!

The referee looks at the two downed wrestlers and begins a ten count!




Neither man moves much, each still taking the time to get their breath back.




Curtis starts crawling toward the ropes, as Russell begins pushing herself off the ground, still clutching his ribs.



Curtis crawls to his feet using the ropes as Russell makes it up to one knee.


Both men are back up, with Curtis pushing forward to hit a huge forearm! But Russell returns it! Curtis hits another forearm so Russell winds up for a BIG forearm to the face! Curtis is reeling but smacks Russell in the face with a third huge forearm! Russell stumbles backward, hitting the ropes and coming forward with a HUGE flying forearm, taking Curtis down!

Mike Fisher: You can feel the momentum shifting here.

Russell looks to follow up, but Curtis rakes at the eyes. He goes for the V2.0 but Russell slips behind and hits a huge bridging German Suplex!




Russell isn’t daunted, immediately running the ropes and looking for the Spear, but Curtis steps forward and pops his hips to hit a HUGE overhead Belly to Belly Suplex! He looks to follow with the V2.0 but Russell resists, so Curtis slips behind and hits a wicked German Suplex instead! The whiplash sends Russell back to his feet, so Curtis follows with a huge Spear! He covers!




Mike Fisher: My god! The nearfalls are coming fast and furious here!
Scott James: And Curtis is getting the best of them.

Russell is reeling, so Curtis climbs to the top rope. He comes off with a HUGE Double Stomp…but Russell dodges! Curtis is stumbling, having landed awkwardly on his ankle so Russell runs up and looks for a Hurricanrana…but Curtis drops his into the C-BOMB! He covers!




Mike Fisher: I can’t believe it….Russell is going to redemption school!

Both men are flat out after that match the effort they have put in has been truly everything they had. There is a loud booing coming out from

He walks out towards the ring as his manager Oliver Sam Hewitt waits at the top of the ramp, he grabs Russell Wayne by the throat lifting him up and SLAMS him back down to the mat with Engulf!... picking him up once more he delivers the IGNITE.

Oliver Hewit laughs at the ramp and pulls out a microphone

Oliver: This is just the start! We’re on a mission here, you’ll be seeing a lot more of us tonight.

Oliver waits for Ignis to get to the back before they both head out of sight

We open up backstage to the basement of IIW as a light flicker from above The IIW Tag Team Champions appear from the shadows. Ryan Hawkins wears his Tag Team Belt around his neck why holding Hannabelle in his grasp. Nitro has his Title belt across his shoulder.

Nitro- I see Bob hasn't gotten that damn light fixed yet.

Ryan- That's because Hannabelle said she would end his dreams if he did and I would gladly be the one to do it for her, but anyways we have other business t0 attend to.

Nitro-That's right tonight we will defend our IIW Tag Team Titles against The Celtic Club a group of gangsters that think they can equal up to The Purge! Ladies and gentlemen this will be a WAR in which The Purge will win we shall show no mercy I promise this won't be for the faint of heart.

Ryan- I can't tell you how long I've waited to hear the agonizing screams of Trigger and Andy. Oh, how the thought of breaking bones and breaking flesh to the point it bleeds has excited me in ways no woman could, but that will be handled later on tonight as of matter of fact! The Purge will sweep are advisories tonight and yeah, I know you are all confused thinking The Purge only consist of two.

The Hannabelle doll lights up a smile as the lights start flickering rapidly as Ryan and Nitro laugh in a sinister way.

Ryan- You see Hannabelle has done it again she's reached out far and wide and borough us a Dream Killing Monster a monster that understands that life is not decided my dreams and free will but instead you must accept a higher power and give in to the destiny that has been chosen for you and for anyone that strays from that path will be dealt with swiftly and harshly. Now thanks to Hannabelle we have help in that agenda because now we have a beast a true monster unlike the fake self-proclaimed monsters that walk around IIW. Oh no we have a legit animal and just last Mayhem you got to see that close and personal when Idris took out two so called promising talents in Dream Doctor a failed imitation of me that I found disgusted.

Nitro- That he did and that's why Idris sought out to deliver pain and agony to him but also Fargo someone that we thought could be like us but turn out to be another imitation of The Purge.

Idris appears from the shadows wearing his reptile like mask as the light flickers over him showing half his mask in the camera.

Nitro- You see that monster right there that's the monster that's going to introduce Eddie Zam who's been a pest to The Purge lately but after tonight all of Eddie's dreams will be shattered by him.

Ryan- Yes, but that's not all Hannabelle has brought to us she's brought a man with so many accolades and so much need to dish out his own brutal hardcore punishment...

Anthony Phoenix steps out from the shadows covered in his all body and face paint. The light flickers over him.

Ryan- Pray to whatever god you believe in because now The Purge stands at four and Phoenix the longest reigning IIW Hardcore Champion in history! Phoenix is going to introduce Devin Stone to what it means to know true pain! Phoenix is going to show the world why he is an Icon in this business. Tonight, we will PURGE! Come and see!

Ignis vs Eddie Zam


Mike Fisher: Zam is in the ring , Ignis is ready to go...Wait what? Eddie Zam is asking for a microphone and he is asking Ignis for a time out...

Zam: IIW Explosion, Moss Side and all MY fans world wide.... This rendition of a classic goes out to MY special lady who is here tonight....Play the music!

(Charles Aznavour's - She .. starts playing over the PA and Zam begins singing like most drunk uncles would. Terrible rendition and outright awful. The crowd boo)

Zam: She may be the face I can't forget

A trace of pleasure or regret

May be my treasure or the price I have to pay

She may be the song that summer sings

(The crowd is furious- Ignis is furious... Olivier signals for him to GO)

Mike Fisher: IGNIS !!! And there it is... He decks Zam!

Scott James: Well his had enough of the clowning.....

Ignis storms the ring picking up Eddie Zam and throwing him to the otherside of the ring, he rolls over. Ignis picks him up and slams him hard to the floor with Engulf

Mike James: My god this man is massive!

Eddie rolls out of the ring, as he holds his back he looks up towards Ignis shaking his head, he continues walking out to the entrance ramp

Scott James: Eddie looks like he’s had enough?

Mike Fisher: I know I know, but the bell didn’t even ring?

Scott James: Well he can’t be counted out then can he?

Mike Fisher: I’m not sure Scott, I think this is a no contest?

Eddie disappears behind as Ignis stands tall in the ring, he poses as the fire pyros flyout from the ring and the roof.

Bob Mitchell walks out with a microphone in hand, with The Commander in toe.

Bob: Oliver, This is getting tiresome now, this has been going on for too long now with your man Ignis creating mayhem and taking my employees out. This is a STOP now… The next time you get involved in a match you’re not part of, you will be suspended from the IIW!

Nero Forte plays as the arena is plunged into darkness and strobe lights start going off around the stage area, as the drums kick in Zack Steele emerges from the curtain. He’s wearing a pair of black skinny jeans and a black hoodie. He makes his way to the ring before climbing in and asking for a microphone. His music fades away as he walks to the middle of the ring. The crowd are mixed in regards to their reaction to Zack.

“Now I know some of you may be hoping I’m out here to announce my forfeiture from my title match tonight but unfortunately for you there will be no enjoyment in my downfall tonight.”

The mixed reaction gets louder.

“What I’m actually out here for is in regard to First Class”

The reaction of the crowd turns to one of confusion.

“No, I’m not out here to announce I’m moving to First Class. I am in fact out here to welcome you to a close friend of mine who is about to bring something new to your Wednesday nights. Ladies, Gentleman, Boys and Girls, Welcome Death Wish Kassidy Owens!”

I Like The Way You Die by Black Honey begins to play as Kassidy Owens emerges from the back. She wears a black VANS T-Shirt tucked into a red checked skirt, a pair of red Doc Marten boots with a pair of red double striped, white socks underneath. She makes her way to the ring, hi-fiving fans. She stops at the bottom of the ramp soaking in the atmosphere before rolling into the ring and walking up to Zack, she gets in his face before they both start laughing and Zack hands Kassidy the mic. Her music fades.

“IIW ARENA! I am Kassidy Owens, the newest addition to the First Class roster, and I am not here for a participation trophy. The scars that cover my body are evidence of the hard work and sacrifice I have put in to stand in this ring tonight.”

The crowd cheer.

“I don’t intend on taking it easy now that I’ve got here, so I am extending an open challenge to any member of the First Class roster who is brave enough to step into the ring with someone who has stared death in the face and laughed. Heck, if there’s any member of any roster who thinks they are up for it, I fear no one. I am Kassidy Owens, and I am YOUR Death Wish!”

As her music plays again, Kassidy drops the mic and stares down the camera with a serious look on her face before cracking and smiling. Zack applauds her as she hugs him and they climb out of the ring and leave.

Part 2