The light searched the crowd as the unfamiliar music of Slash’s “Beautiful Dangerous” sprang to life. The light rested on the woman in the smart business outfit. Shaking out her hair, her heels struck the entrance ramp as lights twinkled up and down its sides. Making her way up the steel steps she slid through the ropes flipping back her hair. Leaning over the ropes she gestured for a mic.

“Hello everyone,” The mystery woman waved to the crowd, her brown hair flowing around her face. “You may be wondering who I am. My name is Jolie Vexx and I have been brought in by the IIW to shine this place up and make it a place women want to come and compete.”

The crowd started clapping and getting louder. She looked around smiling, gesturing for them to get louder. The spotlight swept the crowd, everyone was on their feet.

“Thanks y’all!, some changes will be made obviously. Not a whole lot, just a little streamlining and straightening things out. You may notice our announcer booth is empty.” She gestures to the empty table and a spot light shines on two empty chairs.

“I talked with management and the ladies in the back and it only makes sense that ladies run commentary on the ladies’ brand right?”

She smiles as the crowd goes wild again. Striding around the ring she soaks it all in. Raising the mic to her lips again and gesturing for quiet she looks toward the stage and entrance ramp. The spotlights swoop again as they focus on the entrance.

“First we have a veteran of 25 years wrestling for various companies throughout Japan and Mexico. She is known for scathing wit and no filter so watch out ladies. Born on the mean streets of Champaign, Illinois, welcome her home. Nyssa Laurie !!”

An older woman in tight leather pants and motorcycle jacket glides on to the stage pumping a fist in the air as the PA system echoes Halestorm’s “Vicious”.She makes her way down, stern look on her face, she strides up the stairs.climbing through the ropes as Jolie hands her the mic.

“Damn glad to see everyone of you. I hope those girls are ready for me in the back. I’m as loud as they come and I tell it like it is !!” Nyssa hands the mic back to Jolie and makes her way to the booth.

“Finally the sweet southern belle, just out of broadcasting school. She is brand new at the game of commentary, so be nice ladies.” Jolie shook her head, damn well knowing that wasn’t going to happen, “She resided in Shreveport, Louisiana before joining the company. Welcome Lena Wilcox !!”

A spritely blonde in a beautiful sundress stepped out onto the stage. Blacktop Mojo’s cover of “Dreams” echoes into the arena. She smiles, eyes bright waving to the crowd, even stopping for a few selfies. Bouncing up the stairs she steps daintily into the ring. Jolie hands her the mic.

“Howdy Y’all it’s great to be here let’s get it goin !” Lena walks down the stairs joining her new partner at the table.

“We have a great night in store, the Queen of the Ring first round highlights my very first show! Without further delay, let’s get it on ladies!” Vexx hands the mic to the ring announcer as “Beautiful Dangerous” begins to play as she walks up the ramp.

With purple lights flashing, "The Quiet Storm" Solace Tatum makes her way out to a large pop from the audience, as they watch her descend down the ramp with an unrelenting focus in her eyes. Her hair is wet with the water she doused from her water bottle prior to making her entrance, and the lightning bolts seem to blink along with the lights as the bright strobes behind her reach around her moving body to light up her white/purple tights. She is a walking hurricane, determined to make a name for herself as she picks up the pace and slides into the ring. She grabs the ropes to stretch against their pull, her dark purple boots firmly planted on the IIW ring mat to counter the rope's resistance as she prepares for the coming contest.

The lights dim down to a deep red, as the ferocious entrance music booms on the speakers. Met with boos from disdained fans, Anya Sharapova steps onto the stage. She slowly does a spin with her arms outstretched, letting the negative reaction rain in as if she was feeding onto it. Anya then makes her way down the ramp, red and gold leather jack flowing as she struts confidently down to the ring. Up onto the apron, she orders the referee to sit down on the middle rope to make getting inside easier. While inside the ring she does another spin like the one she did on the stage, letting out a cackle to mock the fans that just love to hate her.

The match starts off hot, as the two men go right for the hold-up. Tatum attempts for sidekicks, but Anya sidesteps her with each one. Anya gets the advantage by locking in an arm wench behind Tatum, locking it in tighter and tighter as Tatum moves around to get out. Putting a foot on the bottom rope, the rope break gets to a one before it stops.

And the action starts again as they go for a hold-up again. This time, it’s Tatum with the advantage as she overpowers Anya, getting her to a turnbuckle. CHOP~! And then brutal kick to Anya’s midsection. Tatum drags Anya away from the turnbuckle, picking her up and… no! Anya slides off, and executes the double knee backbreaker right after!

Lonnie: Anya is not someone to be overlooked, and she's showing why right here.

Anya bounces off the ropes, jumps high, and leg drops Tatum! This gets Solace up to her feet, Anya right there with a dropkick! Tatum is up to her feet again only to be met with a kick to the midsection before Anya gives her a standard neckbreaker. Cover!

Tony: Anya with the quick cover!



Lonnie: Tatum kicks out easily. Not quite the count of two.

Anya brings Tatum up to her feet, picks her up and drops her to the mat with a sidewalk slam! Running off the rope again, Anya jumps up and leg drops… the mat. Tatum had rolled out of the way just in time, getting up to her feet quickly. Anya goes for the clothesline that’s ducked as Tatum bounces off the ropes and comes flying at Anya with a yakuza kick! Anya gets up to her feet in a doozy, as Tatum is right there to deliver a hell of a LARIAT! Anya gets up again, slowly, walking into Tatum giving her a FANCY arm drag. Aaand then another. AND THEN ANOTHER! Anya can’t stand too great as she gets up after the third one, as Tatum gives her a superkick! Cover!

Lonnie: What a combination from Tatum!




Tatum brings Anya up to her feet, before lifting her up and dropping her to the mat with a northern lights suplex. Cover!

Tony: Solace Tatum is really showing why she’s one of the favourites for the Queen of the Ring




Lonnie: Wow! Two covers in a matter of mere seconds! But Anya was able to escape both!

Tony: Not bad for a man that wears costumes.

Tatum brings Anya up to her feet once again, before irish-whipping Anya right onto a turnbuckle. Anya puts her arms around the top rope, Tatum running forward with the HIGH KNEE~! Aaaand no and nope and NOPE. Anya isn’t there, as she had gotten in-between the ropes, her feet on the apron, as she pulls himself back with a kick onto Tatum! Falling down from the impact of the kick, Tatum is on her back as Anya climbs to top of the turnbuckle. Steadying himself at the top, Anya jumps off doing a spin in air with a 450 splash right onto Tatum! Cover!

Lonnie: What amazing airtime from Anya!




Anya picks up Chamber so now she’s on her feet. Aaaand BOOM. Spinning back fist! Spinning back kick! Axe kick! A-CHAN SMASH~! Waiting for Tatum to get up to her feet, Anya begins doing fancy footwork as a way to be distracting. Just as she’s about to go for the finality, Tatum surprises her with a spear of sorts. Anya gets up only for Tatum to be right there with a hell of a kawada kick. And then another. AND ANOTHER.

Tony: Dear lord! That may have caved Anya's head in!

Anya is walking wearily which gives Solace the chance……….. TATUM BOMB!!!....




Solace Tatum progresses in the Queen of thE Ring!

“Entertain You” by Within Temptation plays over the loud speakers as the lights dim to almost complete darkness. Smoke begins to rise up from the center panel of the stage as Lien Xinya stands amongst it, her head down. As the chorus of her music hits, she raises her head and lifts her right hand high into the air, her fingers closing tightly into a fist. She cracks her neck side-to-side as she runs down the ramp and slides into the ring. She runs towards the far ropes, doing a hand stand into the ropes before bouncing back and flipping backwards, landing in the center of the ring and posing for the fans

Junko Souma walks up to Lien Xinya as the bell rings, already trash talking. Lien Xinya isn't amused with Junko's antics, so she goes for a double-leg takedown. Junko lands hard on her back, and Lien Xinya goes for the mount only to have Junko catch her with an eye rake that sends Lien Xinya rolling aside. Both men get into the middle of the ring, lockup, and Junko pulls Lien Xinya into a side headlock. Lien Xinya reverses the headlock with a devastating side slam! Junko Souma lands hard on her shoulder blades, and she is slow to get up.

Tony: Lien Xinya nails Junko in the face with a stiff punch!
Lonnie: She's gonna go for the cover already?!
Tony: Good! Let's get this match over with!



Lonnie: Junko kicks out with authority!

Lien Xinya stays on her, rolling Junko over and slapping on an STF. Lien Xinya is pulling back on the cross-face, yelling at Junko to tap out. With all of her strength and momentum in her favor, she rolls right over Lien Xinya who manages to keep the STF applied.

Tony: Well that's something you don't see every day: trying to break free by rolling over your opponent.
Lonnie: Desperation for sure, but Junko Souma wants this win badly!

Lien Xinya relinquishes the hold and gets to her feet. Grabbing a handful of hair, she goes for an Irish whip, but Junko counters, and sends Lien Xinya into the ropes. Junko sees that Lien Xinya is going for a Thesz press, and steps out of the way. With a smirk on her face, she taps her temple, mocking Lien Xinya before lashing out with a boot and catching her in the midsection. Grabbing a handful of Lien Xinya's hair, she lifts her up sideways and drops Lien Xinya's back across her knee with a pendulum backbreaker.

Tony: Junko Souma's in the driver's seat of this match now.
Lonnie: Lien Xinya isn't down and out yet!

Junko grabs another handful of Lien Xinya's hair, yanks her to her feet, and kicks her in the guts again. This time Junko steps to a side of Lien Xinya, and locks in a pump-handle. She looks around, soaking up the crowd's jeers. Junko lifts her up over her shoulder. Lien Xinya slips out the back door, throws a knee into the small of the back, slaps on an inverted face-lock, and obliterates Junko with an inverted DDT!

Lonnie: Junko Souma's in deep trouble now!
Tony: She's going for the cover.



Lonnie: Junko Souma kicks out again!
Tony: Of course she did! she's going places!

Both women roll to their feet, sporting identical looks of hatred. Junko is intense, rolling her shoulders as she stalks towards Lien Xinya. Lien Xinya goes for a lariat but Junko ducks and immediately cinches in an armbar takedown before moving into a cross armbar. Junko cinches the hold in expertly, using herbody to try and crush Lien Xinya's bones into. Screaming in agony, Lien Xinya manages to power up to her knees, and then her feet, grabbing Junko around the waist with her other arm. Desperately, Lien Xinya rocks back, dropping Junko with a powerbomb, but the armbar is still locked on. Lien Xinya drags himself up again, teeth bared in pain as she tries again, rocking Junko with a side suplex. The hold is broken, and Lien Xinya rolls away, cradling her arm to her chest.

Tony: Junko just about broke Lien Xinya's arm right off!
Lonnie: And she's not done, yet!

Junko charges in and locks her arms around Lien Xinya before she can shake off the pain. She gets Lien Xinya to a vertical base, and executes a textbook neckbreaker, dropping for the cover.

Lonnie: Lien Xinya is in a world of hurt right now!




Tony: What?! Impossible! That was the slowest count I have ever seen!

Junko Souma is beside herself. She is arguing with the referee, telling her that it was a three-count, but the referee holds up two fingers. Junko looks down at Lien Xinya, grabs one of Lien Xinya's arms, pulls her to her feet, and looks for a suplex. Lien Xinya breaks free from Junko's clutches. She charges at Junko but Junko ducks and JNK Driver!!!!





This Means War by Avenge Sevenfold hits and LED lights lining the ramp flash with every beat of the snare. The pause in the intro hits and the lights and screens go out leaving the arena in pitch black. As it drops again green pyrotechnics pop from the corners as the lights come back up revealing Robin standing in the middle of the ring. She raises her arms in the air and stomps the mat with her prosthesis. Then bounces off the ropes a couple times before going to her corner and waiting for the match to begin.

“Daisy Bell” begins to play over the speaker system in the arena as Mercedes makes her way out from behind the curtain all smiles and bouncing up and down. She skips towards the ring but then suddenly stops mid aisle and freezes, her head flopping down to the ground as the music slightly stutters...

As it slowly begins to pick up again, Mercedes lifts her head up with an extremely serious look on her face and she stalks towards the ring, sliding under the ropes and clambering up a turnbuckle backwards, tilting her head and keeping her eyes fixated on the opposition as the music fades.

Both women stare each other down, looking ready to rip each other to pieces.

The bell sounds. Mercedes and Vengeance meet in the middle of the ring and lock up. The two struggle for a bit, but the larger, slightly stronger Vengeance is able to walk Mercedes back into her corner. Vengeance lays her forearm across the face of Mercedes and pushes her head back hard, stretching back behind the top turnbuckle. The ref reaches a four count and Vengeance releases the hold, backing up with her hands in the air as the ref tells her off. Vengeance steps towards Mercedes and delivers a kick to Mercedes mid-section, bending her over. Vengeance with a hard club leaves Mercedes on her hands and knees in front of the turnbuckles. Vengeance climbs to the middle turnbuckle and jumps down, landing a stomp to Mercedes lower back area, flattening her out. Vengeance takes a few seconds to turn around and grabs Mercedes by the hair. Pulling back to deliver a straight right, Mercedes manages to duck it and side step behind her.

Mercedes wraps her arms around Vengeance and sends her back with a beautiful German Suplex. Both women lay on the mat and take time to get themselves back together. Mercedes kips up to her feet while the brawler Vengeance takes a second longer to stand up. Mercedes hits a perfect Enziguri, leaving Vengeance stunned. She follows it up with a dropkick that leaves Vengeance leaning over the ropes. Mercedes takes off, bouncing off the opposite ropes, and running back full speed. She launches herself through the air and lands a cross body.... but no, Vengeance catches her and walks to the center of the ring. Vengeance with a solid body slam leaves Mercedes holding her lower back. She leans over and grabs Mercedes by the hair, delivering four elbow smashes to Mercedes shoulder and neck area, followed by a stomp to the lower back. Vengeance clearly looking to work on Mercedes lower back here, focusing her attacks.

Vengeance stands on Mercedes back until the ref reaches another four count. Vengeance steps off, only to step right back on her opponents back, and this time pulls her hair back to cause more pressure to Mercedes back. The ref shoves Vengeance this time, clearly sick on Vengeance's clear disregard for him. Mercedes rolls out of the ring quickly to try to take some time as Vengeance stays arguing with the ref. Vengeance notices Mercedes leans against the ring apron, and walks over to the ropes. Vengeance leans through the middle rope and grabs Mercedes around the arm, only to be hit with a high leaping axe kick! Vengeance is laid out, leaning with her head sticking out of the middle rope. Mercedes takes a few seconds to regain her composure and hops onto the ring apron. She quickly runs to the turnbuckles and climbs up. She takes aim, and launches herself halfway across the ring, landing a hard knee strike to the back of Vengeance's head! This knocks her down to the mat, holding her head in pain. Mercedes takes advantage, and quickly wraps her arms around Vengeance neck area, locking in a strong headlock.

Mercedes keeps the hold locked, securing a better position. Vengeance eventually makes it to her feet with Mercedes on her back, still not letting go of the hold. Vengeance attempts to fall back and land on Mercedes, but Mercedes anticipates this, quickly letting go of the hold but switching into a swinging neck breaker! She goes for the pin....




Vengeance isn't going to be beat that easy.

Mercedes pauses on her knees and looks frustrated. She quickly pulls Vengeance up by her hair as the ref yells for her to let go. She delivers multiple kicks to Vengeance chest and back area, then runs against the ropes. She comes back fast, but Vengeance stands up quickly and lands a hard clothesline followed by a nasty looking elbow drop. Vengeance takes a few seconds to stand up after the assault Mercedes just laid on her. She lines up carefully to deliver another elbow drop, but Mercedes rolls out of the ring quickly, turning around to get ready for Vengeance to follow. Vengeance quickly rolls out of the ring herself, only to be caught with several punches. Left, right, European Uppercut, and a dropkick to Vengeance's knee sends her bending over, holding her leg. Mercedes climbs onto the ring apron and lines herself up. Vengeance slowly makes her way to her feet and turns around. Moonsault off of the ring apron! Mercedes showing here that she is dangerous in the air. Both ladies lay flat out on the ringside padding as the fans cheer on the match. The ref begins to make a count to ten.







Mercedes makes her way to her feet...



Vengeance slowly stands up...


Both ladies quickly slide into the ring. They stand up and lock up again. The size and strength advantage of Vengeance is more apparent now. Vengeance forces Mercedes into a corner again, and delivers hard knee strikes to her stomach, leaving Mercedes hunched over in the corner. A snap mare by Vengeance, followed by a boot to the lower back area. Vengeance again attacking the lower back. Vengeance leans over to grab Mercedes.... Small package pin attempt by Mercedes!...




Vengeance with the kickout again. Mercedes grows very frustrated. This time, she gets on top of Vengeance on one knee, with the other leg spread out for stability. Mercedes starts delivering blow after blow, landing a dozen shots before the ref reaches a four count, and holds her arms back from throwing any more strikes. Mercedes falls back, irritated. The ref barks orders at her as she stands up. Vengeance is slowly making her way to her feet. Mercedes climbs to the top turnbuckle and jumps towards Vengeance, but quickly realizes Vengeance is ready to attack. Mercedes doesn't attempt an attack, and instead lands short, and rolls forward, dodging a clothesline by Vengeance. Vengeance turns around to chase Mercedes, but Mercedes quickly hops up to the opposite middle turnbuckle, and jumps backwards, twisting in the air. Cross body by Mercedes! This one lands! Pin attempt!



Thr---- NO! Kickout!

That was a close call. Mercedes stands up and gets behind Vengeance as shes slowly standing up. She's lining up her opponent for Merciless. Vengeance stands up all the way as Mercedes wraps her hands around Vengeance chin area. Vengeance tosses her off over her head! But Mercedes lands on her feet! A forearm smash by Vengeance sends Mercedes into the ropes. She comes back attempting a spinning wheel kick, but shes caught by Vengeance. Vengeance uses her strength to re-position her, delivering a hard sidewalk slam. She goes for the pin...



Kickout by Mercedes!

Vengeance smashes Mercedes across her chest with a couple hard forearms before picking her back to her feet. She swings a hard arm at Mercedes but she ducks under it, spinning her around she grabs her back and MERCILESS!!!!

She pins




Your winner and progressing in the Queen of the Ring tournament.. MERCEDES


Lonnie- Welcome Back to First Class Womens Wrestling and up next we have Katia Fye from Budapest making her debut against Victoria McKenzie in the Queen Of The Ring.

Tony: Yes indeed this will be a great match up and a miss win for Victoria after a few bad weeks here on First Class but let's take you to the action.

- Making her way to the ring From Budapest Katia Frye!

Deliverance plays over the sparks and then Black fireworks blast on both sides of the entrance on stage then a, Lion growl is heard; and Katia Frye appears in the center of the ring waiting on Victoria.

- Making her way to the ring from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, England The Biggest, Baddest and Most Beautiful Brit In The Game, Queen Thicctoria Victoria McKenzie!

Victoria smirks as she saunters down to the ring to Little Mix's 'Power', the cocky and plus sized Geordie looks at the fans up and down with a mocking look of contempt; she even gets in the face of a few fans to jaw jack with them before she hops onto the apron and shows off her size by swinging her hips and grinding in a teasing way. Victoria then enters the ring through the middle rope and swaggers around, again showing off her size as she starts to talk trash to the booing fans, giving them the double middle finger or spinning around, bending over and slapping her own rear to show them what she thinks of them.

They go at it and Katia tries for an early roll-up but Victoria levels Cross with a shoulder bump.

Victoria runs to the ropes and tries to hit a leg drop but Katia rolls out the way and attempts a kick to the chest but Victoria catches her leg and works her way back up and hits a power slam on Katia and keeps control and drops Katia on her neck. Victoria picks Katia up and slings her into the ropes and try a closeline but Katia hits a hurricanrana and sends Victoria flying outside the ropes.

Katia gets a running head start then jumps on top of the too turnbuckle and then performs diving moonsault landing perfectly onto Victoria as the fans chant HOLY SHIT. Katia slides Victoria back into the ring and goes to the top turnbuckle to perform a frog splash but Victoria gets up just in time and catches Katia in mid air and hits a T-Bone suplex sending Katia flying to the other side of the ring. And Victoria runs Seated Hip Drop on Katia and goes for the pin



Kick out!

Victoria picks her up and tries a spinebuster but Katia reverses it into a ddt and lays her out in the middle of the ring, she picks up Victoria and KAT SCRATCH

As she goes for the pin.




Announcer: Your winner and progressing in the Queen of the Ring tournament… KATIA FYRE!