Fargo vs The Dream Doctor

The lights in the building turn off. As the music kicks in. white lights flash in time with the beat, as a single spotlight shines down onto the centre of the entrance way. Around the twenty second mark into the song, Scott Fargo slowly steps out of the darkness and into the light. He then takes his time to look from side to side, scanning the darkness. After a few more seconds, Fargo begins a slow, confident walk toward the ring, ignoring any fan trying to grab his attention. Fargo then makes his way up the stairs and across the apron, the spotlight following him every step of the way. He stops and turns his head in the direction of the hard camera and removes his sunglasses as the lights in the building all turn themselves back on. After a few moments of Fargo giving a death stare to the camera, he steps into the ring and immediately makes his way to the corner. Fargo then removes his coat and crouches himself down in the corner waiting for the bell to ring.

The stadium's lights dim, a soft blue glow emanating from the stage. "You Belong To Me" hits the sound system. Dr Charlie Eames dances his way out in his unique little way, limbs loose and swinging from side to side. His movements are a little jarring, similar to that of Charlie Chaplin's. On his head is his classic black tophat, which he lifts and tilts to different women and children in the crowd. A sleepy smile is plastered on his face, with the lightest scent of whiskey emanating from his disheveled white shirt and waistcoat. Kids scrunch up their nose at the scent, with only the most eccentric women offering him their hands for him to plant a kiss onto. As he dances his way up the stairs, he comes to the center of the ring. Extending his hat out towards the stage, he pulls out his burlap mask, just as the music gets louder. Placing it on his head, he immediately stands up straight, turning on his heel to face [his opponent/his back to the stage].

The two wrestlers square off against each other, but before the bell can ring the arena goes dark…… The lights of the cameras begin to appear before suddenly apa Roach - Between Angels And Insects begins to blast out… and a tall man walks out with his face covered by a mask


Scott James: ITS IGNIS!

The lights are on as Ignis climbs into the ring with Fargo and The Dream Doctor. They both move towards him but he grabs them both by the throat and delivers a double ENGULF! As he single handedly chokeslams both men!

Mike Fisher: OH MY GOD, what a showing from Ignis out here for the first time.

Ignis points to the ramp as a a row of Fire pyros explode off in different directions as the arena goes dark again.

A voice over speaks out.

The lights are back on and the ring is empty.

Mike Fisher: What have we just seen?

Scott James: IGNIS!

We catch up in the ring with Bob Mitchell who is standing there, microphone in hand.

Bob – Ladies and Gentlemen... Now I know there's been a great deal of talk swirling about the main event of Explosion coming up in July, and for those of you who can't get it through their thick skulls, I'm still in charge around here and that means I'm booking the matches, and what I said goes. At Explosion in the Main Event we will see Jake E Dangerously put his title on the line against none other than BLADE ALEXANDER!

The crowd is mixed towards this decision, but mostly there is applause towards the announcement. Bob Mitchell looks at the stage expecting to hear the theme music of Blade Alexander at this announcement but instead he hears “Rumble Kings (Dynamite)” by Run the Jewels instead and out comes Jason Fenix.

Fenix – Now what did I tell you last week, Bob? That's not how this works. Last week I warned you, but here you are again trying to make matches without my say so. Big no no, Bob. As a matter of fact, you can't make your little match anyway. A couple weeks ago on Mayhem we saw Jay Vaughn was in possession of a document from his uncle Osh that names him the number one contender, so at Explosion it will, in fact, be Jay Vaughn who faces Jake E Dangerously for the World Heavyweight Championship!

The fans are not a big fan of this turn of events and start to boo, but as great as their displeasure is, it's Bob Mitchell who is beside himself, stripping off his brown suit jacket in a rage and throwing it on the mat.

Bob – You know you can't do that! You can just go cancelling matches on a whim, you can't cancel shows without going to Netflix, and you SURE AS HELL can't put a guy who's only ever been in one match in IIW in a Main Event for the World Championship!

Jason – I sure as hell can Bob, and I just did. I don't care what you say about it, a contract is a contract and I'm honouring this one.

Bob – A contract! The only thing that family has ever contracted is VD! There's no way in hell...

But before Bob can ever express whatever thought he had about Jay and the Vaughn family he's cut off yet again, not by Jay Vaughn or Blade Alexander, but instead by “The End of Heartache” by Killswitch Engage drowning out whatever conversation was going on between the two authority figures.

The World Champion strides out with purpose first staring a hole through Jason Fenix while he walks past him, but then also Bob Mitchell as the champ stops mid way between the stage and the ring.

Jake – I've had just about enough of everyone talking about me like I'm some prop. Listen to yourselves. 'My guy gets a shot', 'No! My guy!' You sound like little girls fighting over a dolly. I'm sick to death of sitting in the back week in and week out seeing guys like Tyler Debonair and Rogue defend their titles while I, the World Champion, twiddles my thumbs like an idiot listening to businessmen and has-beens argue over who I'm facing for this title.

He takes the IIW Championship from around his waist and holds it up for everyone to see before resting it over his shoulder.

Jake – It's like you two morons have forgotten or were never aware who the hell I am. I didn't get to the top by sitting back and letting other people pick my battles and I'm sick and tired of hearing about it from you two. So here's what we're going to do, at Explosion Bob you've got a guy and Jason you've got a guy, you bring them BOTH and I'll beat the both of them and remind each of you and everyone else around here just who Jake E Dangerously is.

He drops the mic and “The End of Heartache” starts up again while Jake E Dangerously walks back up the ramp holding up his title taking a moment to smirk at both Jason Fenix and Bob Mitchell who are now the ones shooting daggers at him.

Tag Team No.1 Contenders Match
Syndicate (Marcus Fuller and Mr Goldstein) vs Celtic Club vs Zam/Destroyer

vs vs

The Celtic Club (Andy Donahue & Trigg) vs. Destroyer and Zam. (Eddie Zam & The Destroyer) vs. Mr. Goldstein & Marcus Fuller

The Celtic Club slide into the ring and are almost immediately set upon by the Destroyer and Zam contingent, who hammer away at them with savage punches and kicks. They pull Goldstein and Fuller up to their feet, looking to whip them into the ropes...only to have both men reverse the whip, pulling them back into stereo eye pokes! Stereo low blows! Trigg throws Eddie out to the floor! Destroyer charges right into a superkick from Donahue! He stumbles backwards...Superkick from Goldstein! DESTROYER IS STILL STANDING! DOUBLE SUPERKICK FROM THE CELTIC CLUB, AND THE DESTROYER FALLS OUT TO THE FLOOR!

Mike Fisher: The Celtic Club are on fire, and have Destroyer and Zam on the run!

The Destroyer and Zam. contingent is stumbling up on the floor. The Celtic Club catch sight of them, They run toward the ropes...but Mr. Goldstein and Marcus Fuller cut them off to a chorus of boos!

Mr. Goldstein and Marcus club away at the Celtic Club as the crowd continues to boo, and Destroyer and Zam finally gets up on the apron. Goldstein lifts Trigg up and plants him with a one armed spinebuster, showing off his power, as Marcus throws Donahue into the ropes, catching him coming back with a clothesline. Trigg rolls out as Marcus pulls Donahue up, hitting the ropes to nail him with a running clothesline He makes a tag to Goldstein, who hits an impressive slingshot elbow drop before going for the cover...


Tw---Kickout by Donahue.

Goldstein makes a quick tag to Marcus, who comes back in, stomping away at Donahue before picking him up. He hits a quick suplex before rolling through, pulling Donahue right into a brainbuster He makes another tag to Mr.Goldstein, who comes in to hit an Exploder suplex of his own. He covers...



Eddie Zam breaks up the pin.

Mr. Goldstein gets up, and Zam gets in his face, shoving him. Goldstein shoves him back, and the two start to trade blows! Zam goes to the eyes and throws Goldstein toward The Destroyer, who comes in and haphazardly throws him over the top rope to the floor! Destroyer goes outside and slams Goldstein into the post before rolling him back in. Meanwhile, Marcus has come into the ring and is brawling with Zam, trading chops and kicks as things have entirely broken down. Both men are brawling as John Cavanagh leaps up onto the apron, yelling for their attention. Both of them whip around and go after the Celtic Club leading member...WHICH ALLOWS THE CELTIC CLUB TO COME IN AND SUPERKICK THEM BOTH OVER THE TOP TO THE FLOOR!

Mike Fisher: John Cavanagh sacrifices himself for the good of the team!

Donahue makes the tag out to Trigg, who steps back in through the ropes. Donahue sees Destroyer still on the floor, he launches him self off at him. Goldstein stumbles up...Jab from Trigg!

Eddie quickly drags him to the corner and tags himself in!

Eddie goes charging into the ring...AND IMMEDIATELY GETS CAUGHT WITH A SUPERKICK!

Scott James: God. Fucking. Damnit.





Marcus Fuller tries to make the save, but Donahue cuts him off with a chop block!


The Celtic Club (Andy Donahue & Trigg)

''Ring Of Fire'' by Johnny Cash is heard playing over the PA system as it's announced as the official theme for Hell's Inferno between Jason Myers and Dan DiStoner at explosion. In the middle of the ring Jason Myers is stood, there are items covered in white sheets in the ring with him. The lighting is dark as he grips a microphone and begins to speak;

''On the last edition of Monday Night Mayhem we saw a most heinous act. My girlfriend Lilith Morningstar was brutally assaulted by those two whores DiStoner hangs around with. Now Lilith is at home resting because I know if she was with me she'd try to convince me not to do something stupid. Now I want only one thing and that is to obliterate DiStoner and watch his empire crumble. I want him to suffer. Let me give you a glimpse into your future Danny boy''

Myers then removes the sheet from one of the items in the ring to reveal a lifelike wax model of Dan DiStoner, with a makeshift blunt in his mouth;

''It's the best you've ever looked. It really brings out the douchebag in you doesn't it?

Myers then pulls the sheet off a table that was stood next to the waxwork version of DiStoner to reveal a can of gasoline and a box of matches and proceeds to douse the model with gasoline, strikes the match and sets the model on fire;

''This is your future DiStoner. Funny you challenged me to a match which I invented. A match I've competed in and a match I've won. I set my best friend who was like a brother to me, who was like family to me on fire. I was a victim of sickness but in a miracle moment I was awoken and the light shone through. So I broke him and showed him pain but the question remains, If I can do that to him, what can I do to you?''

It's at that point Dan DiStoner makes his way to the stage, his IIW Legends Championship placed proudly over his shoulder. Holding a mic in hand, DiStoner gets closer to the ring. Myers then rushes out of the ring in an attempt to chase DiStoner down. DiStoner throws the Championship to the ground before Myers can get to close DiStoner, but just as Myers gets near DiStoner he blows a fireball towards Myers who quickly throws his arm up to protect his face, however MJ and Lynn then come from the crowd holding two buckets, one full of fresh fish, the other full of chips, batter salt and vinegar. As Myers pats his jacket down the girls then throw the buckets over Myers, the stench instantly fills the arena, MJ then shouts; ''You smell just like how your bitch did when we made her piss herself!'' Dan then blurts out, ''Myers your limey British ass is like a walking, talking fish fryer. Hit the showers shit head!''

At that point DiStoner pulls out a pair of scissors, grabs Myers' hair and cuts off a lock of his hair and proceeds to run off. Myers rips his jacket off, throws it off MJ and chases DiStoner through to the backstage of the arena. As Myers gets backstage he looks around for DiStoner who is nowhere to be seen. Just as Myers walks towards the car park, a wire trips him up as DiStoner was hiding underneath a table. DiStoner then grabs the lock of hair from his pocket and shoves the hair, which is still covered in batter, salt and vinegar and bits of chips, into Myers' mouth.

As Myers gags DiStoner grabs the pair of scissors and attempts to gouge Myers' eye out but Myers knees DiStoner in the balls and throws DiStoner over the table. Myers then grabs DiStoner and smacks him head first onto the table, grabs the scissors and cuts off a tuft of DiStoner's hair. He then grabs a can of deodorant and a lighter from his pocket, begins to spray the deodorant in DiStoner's direction and clicks the lighter. DiStoner rolls out of the way and gets out of dodge as Myers bursts out in a fit of maniacal laughter, DiStoner with a scared expression on his face as we cut to commercial.

Blade Alexander vs Ryan Hawkins

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is scheduled for one fall.

For Whom The Bell Tolls” by Metallica continues it’s iconic introduction, upon each toll of the bell appears a flash of strobe lighting, revealing a figure in the darkness standing in the centre of the entrance stage, his appearance now revealed by the strobe lighting... it is Ryan Hawkins

Ryan Hawkins remains still on the stage, his face covered by his intimidating the entrance mask, his eyes focused intensely on the ring.

Upon the 4th tolling of the bell, he slowly unbuttons his trench coat without breaking his intense gaze on the ring, revealing “The Dream Killer in blood-stained writing across the chest of his T-shirt.

Announcer: Introducing first hailing from Nowhere, he is “The Dream Killer” Ryan Hawkins!!

'Poison' by Alice Cooper hits.

Jenny Fletcher - Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce to you at this time IIW's own.... MELANIE JACKSON!!!

Out steps the former ring announcer on the stage, her deep brown hair done up in a fierce braided mohawk on the top of her head, her huge blue eyes highlighted by thin black eyeliner and lips accentuated by dark red lipstick. She raises a hand in the air and does a turn on the stage showing off the short tight red dress with silvery glitter highlights that's tightly hugging her slim frame. She lets the IIW fans enjoy the view for a moment before she makes her way to the ring, surrounded in the aisle by security guards so she doesn't get mobbed by men and women both who are hanging themselves over the barricades to touch her.

Once she makes her way up the stairs and under the second rope into the ring where she is handed a microphone and her music stops.

Melanie Jackson - Ladies and Gentlemen.... Introducing first... Hailing from the muddy banks of the Pedicotiac River in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada... Weighing in at at a perfect 222 lbs... He has never been pinned, he has never submitted in IIW... He is the ONLY man in IIW history to win War Games and change the future of IIW....He is a second generation prodigy and the CARDINAL SINNER of professional wrestling... He is BLADE ALEXANDER!!!

Know me broken by my master
Teach thee on child, love hereafter

'Would' by Alice in Chains hits. In the crowd a spotlight finds a man standing at one of the entrances to the arena foyer. Dressed in long black trunks with a rusty red belt and grey laces tying up the front, the left leg with green paneling with silver highlights down the side, the right leg with the same green and silver highlights in block lettering spelling 'SINNER' down the side, a pair of mustard yellow fronted knee pads, the left sporting the Alexander 'A' logo on the left pad, and black kickpads with rusty maroon red covers with silver highlights strapped over them. On his right hand, the dreaded Iron Claw hand he wears a simple black glove symbolizing the potential doom of his opponent and a ring jacket that consists of a black sleeveless chest with padded metallic green sections with silver highlighting and a black hood which is covering his black hair. Over his nose and mouth is a mask very reminiscent of a Japanese demon mask with curved silver fangs that has the same green and yellow pattering from his attire.

Into the flood again
Same old trip it was back then
So I made a big mistake
Try to see it once my way

Blade makes his way down through the crowd towards the ring. Once he reaches ringside he pushes a security guard out of his chair and stands on it, holding his arms out and taking in the reaction from the crowd before launching himself over the barricade into a roll up to his feet at ringside. He pulls the hood down before sliding into the ring and pulling the mask off, climbing to the second rope, holding out his arms again, before leaping back to the mat and removing his ring jacket.

The bell rang as Blade and Ryan came to the center of the ring and began to argue back and forth until Blade gave a loud open hand slap to Ryan’s face.

Mike Fisher: “I don’t think Ryan Hawkins liked that.”

Scott James: “That would be a safe assumption.”

Ryan turned back to Blade who was laughing and tackled him with a Lou Thesz Press and began to lace Blade’s face with punches as the crowd began to build. The referee counted to four and Hawkins got to his feet. Ryan hit off of the ropes and connected with a discuss elbow when Blade got to his feet. Blade fell to the mat and rolled out of the ring holding his jaw.

Mike Fisher: “The Dream Killer is firmly in control of this matchup.”

Scott James: “Blade Alexander is smart to get the hell out of dodge!”

The Dream Killer hit off of the far ropes and took flight crashing down on Blade with a suicide dive. The two men were on the floor until a count of three when the man from Nowhere pulled himself up. Ryan pulled Blade by the hair and tossed him into the steel steps. Hawkins grabbed Alexander and tossed him under the ropes into the ring. Ryan slid in and covered but Blade kicked out at two.

Mike Fisher: “Almost had him there, shouldn’t be much longer if Hawkins keeps on him!”

Scott James: “Blade Alexander is too talented of an athlete to be defeated this early on.”

Hawkins continues the assault by slamming an axe handle smash to Blade’s lower back. Ryan pulls Blade to his feet but Blade counters with a jawbreaker. Ryan stumbles back, Blade gets to his feet and a quasi-stunned Ryan charges with a lariat that Blade is able to duck under. Ryan turns around and is greeted with a bicycle kick from Blade that stuns him further.

Mike Fisher: “Blade Alexander fighting back, Ryan Hawkins trying to find his footing.”

Scott James: “Blade is now in firm control, exactly where he was meant to be from the start.”

Blade continues his attack as he connects with a super kick that puts Ryan to the mat. Blade falls on top for the cover but Hawkins is able to get his shoulder up at the count of two. Blade argues with the referee regarding a supposed slow count before turning around and delivering a knee strike to the side of the head.

Mike Fisher: “That may be lights out.”

Scott James: “Ryan looks like he doesn’t know what city he’s in!”

Blade climbs to the top rope and drops a flying elbow. Blade goes for another cover but Ryan is again able to kick out at two. Blade gets to his feet, visibly frustrated, and delivered a kick to Hawkins and then drove two successive knees to Ryan’s face. Blade hooks both of Ryan’s arms and connects with his Futureshock DDT.

Mike Fisher: “That might be the final blow.”

Scott James: “The Final Cut!”

Blade goes for the cover but Hawkins again kicks out at two. Blade begins to scream at the official. Hawkins climbs back to his feet and charges with a clothesline but Blade ducks again and Hawkins takes the referees head off. Hawkins turns around and falls into a spinning wheel kick from Blade. Hawkins stumbled and Blade kicked him in the gut, lifting him up for a package piledriver.

Mike Fisher: “If Blade hits this its gotta be over!”

Scott James: “Here comes The Original Sin and we can say goodnight to The Dream Killer!”

Before Blade could slam Ryan into the mat Ryan was able to poke Blade in the eye. Blade moved away holding his eye, Hawking lifted him in the air and brought him crashing down with a Samoan Drop. Ryan climbed back to his feet and measured Blade up. Alexander stumbled to his feet and turned around to a kick to the gut.

Mike Fisher: “Is he thinking Shattered Dreams?”

Scott James: “Oh good God no!”

Ryan lifted Blade into the air and brought him crashing down with a One Winged Angel. Ryan covered but there was no referee to be seen. The crowded counted, as did Ryan.

Mike Fisher: “Come on ref, that’s a count of five if not six”

Scott James: “I mean, I hate to say it, but, Ryan’s got this won in the bag right now.”

The Dream Killer got out of the pinning predicament just to grab the referee and pull him towards his fallen opponent. Ryan shakes the referee to wake him up and then covers Blade once again the referee’s hands begin to move slowly for the ………one ………..two ……….KICKOUT!!!

Mike Fisher: “You have got to be kidding me!”

Scott James: “HAHA! I told you! Blade Alexander is a phenomenal athlete!’

Ryan got to his feet in disbelief. Grabbing at his hair as the referee climbed up. Ryan began to erupt in the half conscious officials face.

Mike Fisher: “You’ve got to feel for the guy—it seemed he had the match won.”

Scott James: “I mean, he did knock the poor ref out cold!”

Ryan turned back after a few back and forth verbal exchanges and went for a punt kick but missed Blade. Blade got to his feet and went for a desperation super kick but Hawkins ducked the offering. Hawkins hit off of the ropes and went for a flying forearm but again Blade was able to sidestep. Blade leaped up on Hawkins back and pulled him down, spinning him over to place Hawkins’ shoulders on the mat while Blade sat on his hind legs.

Mike Fisher: “Surprise roll up!”

Scott James: “Move your ass zebra!”

The referee drops into position and counts for a ….one

Mike Fisher: “That bastard has the tights!

Scott James: “What do you mean?”

…two …three!!

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen here is your winner Blade Alexander!!!!


We comeback from commercial break to inside The Hollywood Executive suite in the IIW arena inside the coaches are bright gold like that of an Oscar award and the window is so wide its wraps around the entire suite to give you a great view of Manchester. As the camera comeback to the seating area, we saw a glass marble table that sits in the center and on top spells the words HOLLYWOOD in bold gold letters on top of the table sits rare Fuente Opus X the Lost City Le Piramide Cigars. Suddenly the double gold doors open and walks in Shaun Hart with… TJ Alexander and a new face to IIW whose name we are not sure of yet but is a very large young man. Shaun wears a nice red Calvin Klein tailor made suit, Why TJ wears a white champagne white suite, the large young man walking in with them wears an all-black track suit. The camera follows them as they take a seat on the couch Shaun sits in the middle because the other two sit to the side. Shaun slides his gold shades off as he stares into the camera.

Shaun- Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the private suite of The Hollywood brand and things are changing in IIW which means it was time for me to adapt as well to the golden era of IIW. As you can see Adam and Eve are not here with me as I have banish them from the Hollywood suite until they start winning matches and making the brand pround,but not to worry I have scouted the talent in IIW and have sign two new faces to the Hollywood Brand and one you already know of as The Mega Star, The Don, a Wrestling God in his own right, The Box office draw where ever he goes Hollywood Brandon Hendrix. The face of The Hollywood Brand soon to be the face of IIW you see Brandon Hendrix has a match with Scotty Adams a top talent in IIW but when he steps in the ring with Hendrix he will see why Brandon is a leading man and why Scotty himself is a supporting cast member, Now let me Introduce you to the Game Changer...

The Camera turns to TJ Alexander.

TJ- You know when I first got here, I made some noise and not in the good way and I own up to that but since then I’ve busted my ass! Week in week out The Game Changer has showed up for work and put on matches that would be for an academy ward if they had a category for it. I’m done waiting in line for my opportunities that’s why I hired Shaun Hart he sees my potential and knows I’ve been overlooked but that’s changing the game is changing because The Game Changer just went Hollywood.

Shaun Hart does an applauding clap as the camera turns back to him.

Shaun- My client is done waiting at the table for scraps for now on he’s getting up and carving up the turkey. So to Rogue, Zack Steele,Winters,and Revok you guys are in the path of something my clients wants and that something is The TV Championship so go ahead and fight each other and figure out who’s going to face TJ Alexander at Explosion yeah I said it make the match Bob or Jason fuck I wish Osh was here, but now I know you all been wondering who this large young man is next to me but wait no longer as this is my nephew Nick Hart.

The Camera turns to Nick Hart as he just stares into the camera with a cold stone face.

Tv Title No.1 Contenders
Revok vs Damian Winters

Revok vs Winters
The doom-marching drone of “Ouroboros is Broken” by Earth plays for 30 seconds as the lights slowly dim. Once Revok steps out, the dimmed lights turn a dark red and he slowly trudges to the ring with the executioner’s hood draped over his head. He climbs into the ring with little fanfare, tests the ropes on two sides of the ring, and lays on his side on the mat until the music fades and the light goes back up. When the lights are up completely, he removes the hood and awaits his opponent.
The lights go out and “Thunder Boom” hits the pa system. Pyros go off and Damian is on the stage looking over the crowd, He smirks has he fixes his collar on the leathering jacket that he is wearing. He begins to walk down the ramp ignoring the fans that are trying to reach out and touch him.

Damian Winters and Acheron Revok come out of their respective corners and meet in the center of the ring. Damian goes for a right hand right away, but Revok strides out of the way and grabs his wrist, twisting it behind his back for a hammer lock. Revok drops down and brings him down to the mat, before spinning around on his back, and keeping the hold on. Damian forces his way back to his feet, and shoves his back. He goes for a jab with his right hand, but Revok counters with an arm drag take over, quickly sitting down on his back and pulling back on his arm for an armbar. Damian uses his strength to force his way into the ropes, and forcing the break.

Mike Fisher: Acheron Revok has come out of the gate doing exactly what he said he would coming into this match, and that’s forcing Damian Winters to wrestle his style of match.
Scott James: Of course he is.

Revok drops on elbow on his head and lets him get back to his feet, he kicks him a few times in the arms, before taking him by the arm and trying to whip him across the ring. Damian puts the brakes on before yanking him forward and nearly taking his head off with a brutal clothesline. Damian stomps away on his and starts laying in several outlaw punches into his head and body, driving his back into the the corner, where he lays several more rights and lefts, knocking him down to a seated position where he begins hitting his over and over again in the corner. He lifts him back up and connects with several knife edge chops on his chest, before moving his along the ropes and whipping his across the ring.

Mike Fisher: But Damian is showing just how much he’s willing to bring the fight no matter what!
Scott James: Goddamn it!

Revok rebounds off the ropes and comes back across the ring. Damian jumps up, looking to land on him with a Lou Thesz Press. Revok stops short, and Damian lands on the mat on his knees, and hits him in the arm with several kicks. Revok wrestles him down to the mat and gets back up to his feet and stomps on his arm several times, before taking him by the wrist and twisting his arm around and dropping down to the mat, and rolling over before lifting his feet in the air and dropping his knees down into Damian’s arm.

Mike Fisher: But, Revok is able to get the advantage back just as quickly, and is targeting that left arm of Damian.
Scott James: Yeah!

Revok works Damian into the corner, where he wraps his arm around the top rope and pulls as hard as he can, before releasing at the count of four to avoid disqualification. Revok brings Damian down with an arm drag out of the corner, and rolls out of the ring while holding onto his arm. He slams his arm into the ring apron a few times before wrapping his legs around the arm and pulling back, locking him into a hanging armbar! With Damian under the ropes, the count begins again, and Revok releases at the count of four. Revok slides back into the ring, and takes him by the arm again, this time pulling it back as he places a knee onto his back.

Mike Fisher: Revok is now in full control here, and Damian has taken a LOT of damage to that arm.

Revok continues to hold Damian down and throws a couple knees into his arm, but Damian is able to force his way back to his feet, and throw repeated headbutts into Revok’s face. He unleashes a bunch of right hand punches into his body and head, driving his back into the ropes. He whips his across the ring and when he rebounds back, levels his with a double fist, shaking out his left arm after impact. He pops back up, and he hits it again, and again, and again. Revok stumbles into the corner where Damian drives his shoulder into the body and then scoop slams his down to the mat. Revok gets back to his feet, and Damian hits a fast punch combination, before he catches his with a backbreaker, and makes the cover!




But Revok kicks out! Damian hits his with a long series of angry stomps before climbing up to the top rope, and stands there sizing his up as he gets back to his feet, and Damian readies himself for the White Out!

Mike Fisher: If Damian hits this it could be over!
Scott James: Damn it! GET OUT OF THERE!! THIS IS HORRIBLE! I cannot believe this clown is going to do it

Damian leaps off, but Revok quickly drops down, and sends Damian lands on his left shoulder. Revok gets back to his feet quickly, and takes him by the left arm, hooking it up and hitting the Dull Alex

Fisher: This one’s over!!!!




Jenny Fletcher: Your winner… Acheron Revok!

Revok is standing in the ring facing the main camera celebrating his victory and new status as the #1 Contender for the Television Championship, when suddenly behind him jumps up on the ring apron facing his back. The crowd starts changing their reaction, making it apparent to Revok that something has changed. Revok turns around as the camera zooms in to reveal Cora Black standing on the ring apron behind the ropes. Her face is painted with the witchcraft symbols, which we haven't seen in some time. She's carrying her small black casket, staring a hole through Revok.

The lights dim, then smoke appears under the ring, filling the mat of the ring with a foot of smoke. The lights and smoke fill with a purple tint as Revok looks around trying to figure out whats about to happen, but he stays ready for a fight. The crowd is not errupting, anticipating a Rogue vs. Revok clash.

Slowly, Cora turns her blank, evil stare into a cute smile as she lifts open the lid of her casket. She waves her hand towards Revok, inviting him to walk towards her to look inside. Rebok stands ready in the ring, refusing to approach out of caution of an incoming attack. After about fifteen seconds, Coras smile turns into anger. Quickly, she grabs a handful of something from the coffin and backhand throws it towards Revok. The large handful of whatever the substsnce was soars through the air, creating a trail and cloud of dust leading to Revoks face. It's hits his eyes, just barely, leaving him in intense pain and blinded temporarily.

As Revok backs into a corner and sits down against the turnbuckles, rubbing his eyes trying to regain his vision, Rogue rushes through a crowd of fans and jumps over the guardrail. He slides into the ring and looks on at Revok, who is turning from side to side, holding his eyes in pain. Rogue watches on and smirks. Rogue turns to Cora and nods. She leaves the ring area and gives Rogue his opportunity with Revok.

Rogue slowly walks towards the vulnerable Revok like a lion hunting his prey. He leans down and grabs Revok's ankle, yanking him hard out of the corner. Revok lands somewhere in the center of the ring, still in pain. He attempts to use his ring generalship to make a roll to safety under the bottom rope, but is quickly grabbed by Rogue again. This time, he's picked up and Rogue puts him in a front headlock position, delivering a dozen hard knee strikes to his face. One by one, the knees connect as Revok struggles to break the hold. Eventually Revok drops down to his knees, busted open and dripping blood on the mat.

Rogue leans over as Revok is on his knees, blinded and bloody. He places Revok in a DDT position and plants the top of his head into the mat with a HARD DDT, leaving Revok motionless. Rogue sits up and smiles at the crowd, who has a mixed reaction. Rogue rolls out of the ring and makes his way to the announcing table, pushing the time keeper out of his steel chair. Rogue picks up the chair and slides back into the ring.

Rogue stands over the motionless Revok with the chair in hand. The crowd is errupting. What is Rogue going to do here? Rogue takes a minute to stare at Revok, then decides to drop the chair. Rogue slowly starts inching towards the ring ropes as if hes about to leave....

Then Rogue stops and looks back at Revok. He stares for another minute, then quickly walks back over to the chair. He picks it up, lines himself over Revok, and starts delivering hard, bone-rattling shots to Revoks back and shoulder area, causing Revoks body to bounce up and down off the mat from the impact. After growing tired and out of breath, Rogue tosses the chair into a corner of the ring and stares at Revok again. He takes a second before heading towards the ropes again, and leaves the ring. He walks up the ramp as "Disco//Very" by Warpaint hits over the PA system.

Stoner vs TJ Alexander
- Did not run

The cameras fade in on Jack Hill pacing back and forth backstage in the IIW arena. He looks one way down the hallway in which he is standing, then the other. He sucks his teeth and shakes his head disappointedly before looking at the camera.

Jack: Y’know, after the way I laid into Mr. Adams las’ week, I was kinda hopin’ fer a more… eventful evenin’ tonight. Figured soon’s Mr. Adams heard I’s in the buildin’ he’d be gunnin’ for me lookin’ t’even things up. Seems that mighta been too much t’hope for.

Jack lets out a long, slow sigh before skipping the heel of his shoe off the ground, taking a deep breath, and placing his usual warm, confident smile back on his face.

Jack: Well, I ain’t chalkin’ this evenin’ up t’a loss jus’ yet.

With that, he cocks his head to the side, signaling to the camera to follow him as he walks through the nearest doorway to reveal a small locker room. He walks over to a locker with his name written above it on a piece of masking tape in sharpie.

Jack: Regardless o’what Mr. Adams does or doesn’t do tonight, I got me a nice tussle all lined up with Mr. Enlil.

He bends over to start unlacing his street shoes, his smile fading into a slight scowl as he pauses.

Jack: An’ if I fin’ mahself t’be dealin’ with more’n the usual amount o’frustration on account o’this here disrespectful rejection?

He pauses again, letting another warm smile appear as he gets off one show and turns to face the camera directly.

Jack: Well, all the better fer the fans what’s hopin’ t’see a good fight, am I right?

He starts to unlace his other shoe, his smile remaining though his eyes have taken on an almost manic edge.

Jack: An’ if Mr. Adams is watchin’ this right now, jus’ know that I’m waitin’ for ya… fer now. But patient a man as I might be, I won’ wait forever.

He pulls off his other shoe and throws the locker open with a quick jerk.He starts to toss his shoes into the locker, when suddenly he stops. His expression quickly dissolves into one of mild confusion, before slowly turning to a genuine, devious grin. The camera pans down as Jack bends over, revealing a small object sitting in his locker. He picks it up, and holds it closer to the camera, eyeing it hungrily.

It is a medium-sized hourglass, maybe 8 inches tall, made with crystal clear glass nested in an immaculately crafted Mahogany wood frame. Jack turns it over, and the sands begin to empty out from the full chamber. As the sands empty, two things are revealed. On the top surface of the hourglass is an inscription carved into the wood, and inside the rapidly emptying chamber, there is a tiny carving - a bust of none other than The Country Doctor himself. Jack’s smile continues to widen as he rotates the hourglass to read the inscription.

Jack: “The Sands Await You…”

He chuckles as he turns to face the camera directly.

Jack: Well whaddaya know. Looks like mah invitation’s been accepted.

He looks back down at the hourglass.

Jack: Things is about t’git in’erestin’ folks. You ain’t gon’ wanna miss what comes next.

The cameras fade out on Jack watching the sands continue to pass through the hourglass.


Strobe lighting fills the arena as a soft guitar riff swims through the air... Judas by Fozzy plays through the speakers as Darius makes his way to the top of the ramp, looking pumped up jumping up and down, a sharp, focused look on his face.

He stalks down toward the ring as the chorus picks up, climbing the apron, jumping the turnbuckle and balancing on it until the lights come back up and the music dies down.

The mournful violins of Pantopticon's "Rope Burn Exit" fill the arena as the lights dim. As the frantic drum blasts kick in, the lights begin to strobe and "The Country Doctor" steps out from behind the curtain at a slow, methodical pace, wearing a button-down shirt and carrying a vintage brown medical bag. He takes a moment to look over the crowd with a devious smile and then sucks his teeth, smooths down his hair, and makes his way to the ring. He first slides his medical bag under the bottom rope, then jumps up onto the ring apron before leaping into the ring over the top rope. Once in the ring, he saunters around, calling out to various people in the crowd with taunts and mockery, all delivered with the same steady, malicious grin.

The bell rings, and the two circle around each other. Jack raises his hands up to challenge for a double knucklelock, and Darius grabs his right hand. He quickly twists around to drop him with a top wristlock, and then lets go and scores with a hard kick across the back and he drops a knee into the side of Darius's head!

Scott James: Oh my god, is he abandoning matwork too? Does Jack Hill want to become my favourite wrestler, because he's sure inching his way up the ranks right now.
Mike Fisher: You're the worst, can we talk about the match?
Scott James: I miss Charlie.
Mike Fisher: What?

Jack Hill pulls Darius up, and he holds him steady for a headbutt, followed by whipping him into the corner. He runs in, but Darius lucha rolls out of the way to the side. Jack stops himself with a foot against the middle turnbuckle, and Darius runs off the ropes. Hill turns around, and he hits a Swinging Huracanrana! He rolls up to his feet, and Darius hits a series of kicks to the chest that gets cut off when he drops him with a Yakuza Kick! he rolls around holding him face, and he sits him up and puts on a basic Chinlock. He twists back and forth at the neck. He lets go, and puts him arms behind his legs to lock them in place, and he puts the hold back on. Jack leans forward in it, and lets go, forcing Darius to bend with him head between him legs. He puts his arms out to the side as he lays on him back.

Jack turns to the side and into something of a Clutch!



Darius kicks out!

Jack gets up to his feet quickly and he starts to drop the point of his elbow over and over into the top of Darius's head before heswats at him with slaps to the midsection and a closed-fist right hand to the stomach. Jack backs off, allowing Darius to get up to him feet. he runs off the ropes, BUT HE RUNS AND HITS A LARIAT!

Mike Fisher: That's how to beat Jack hill down!

Darius holds his face on the mat, and Jack winds his arm up and contorts his fingers into a W before he turns and stomps on Enlil's chest. He pulls him off the mat, and then hooks him for a Suplex before dropping him stomach-first across the top rope. Jack runs to the side and he tries a Running Knee Lift, but Darius stands onto the apron and out of the way! Jack runs, and HE lowbridges him out to the floor!


Mike Fisher: He cannot let him take to the air like that!

Darius lands on his feet rolls him back into the ring. HE goes up to the top rope, and jumps off with a Crossbody!



Jack kicks out!

Darius rolls off the cover and to him feet, and he throws some kicks at the leg, but he grabs him by the arm with his left hand and pulls him into a forearm across the jaw! Darius is stunned and doubles over holding him mouth, allowing Jack to stomp down on the back of him head! he stands up in a daze and he hits another forearm to the side of the head, and a Saito Suplex!

Scott James: And likewise, HE can't get into any kind of a striking battle.

Jack pulls Darius off the mat, and he sends him into the corner. He slaps his hand against his elbow to signal for another forearm, and the crowd boos. Jack runs in, but the time allows Darius to get him boot up into the jaw! Hill stumbles backwards out of the corner, and Darius runs off the ropes in front of him to hit a Calf Kick! HE lands on him feet when he drops and he hits a Flipping Senton!



THR - No! Jack kicks out!

Darius waits for Jack to get up, he waits he signals for Bad Moon Rising but Jack Hill ducks under it… he spins round… BITTER PILL!....Darius is stunned….. Jack Hill bounces off the ropes…. TAKE TWO OF THESE connecting hard to Darius’ face…

He pins him




Jenny Fletcher: Your winner…. JACK HILL

As “Rope Burn Exit” plays through the building, the referee comes over and raises Jack’s hand in victory while the crowd responds with a chorus of boos. After a moment, Jack jerks his hand away from the referee and starts to pace back and forth in the ring.

Mike Fisher: I’m not sure I like the look of this, Scott. Jack Hill doesn’t seem ready to leave the ring.
Scott James: Yeah, and he’s already shown us on multiple occasions the kinds of things he likes to do when he’s not on the clock.

Jack looks down on Darius, seemingly waiting for something, and then motions to someone outside the ring. A few seconds later, Jack walks over to the ropes and grabs a microphone as his music is cut prematurely short.

Jack: Well folks, I sincerely hope y’all enjoyed the match this li’l feller an’ I jus’ put on for ya, but I gots bigger fish t’fry.

He speaks between panting breaths, sweat still running down his face as he walks over to his medical bag and opens it up. A moment later, he stands up holding the hourglass he found in his locker earlier in the evening.

Jack: Y’all see this? Ain’t this jus’ the purtiest li’l timepiece you ever saw? Foun’ this in mah locker earlier tonight, an’ it don’ exactly take Sherlock Holmes t’figure out who left it there.

He smiles, starting to catch his breath.

Jack: I gotsta say, Mr. Adams. Pleased’s I am t’see that you’s seen fit t’respond to me, I am a bit disappoin’ed.

His smile fades and he sucks his teeth.

Jack: I mean, I done laid you out, right here’n this very ring. I ‘bout broke yer damn neck when I drove both o’mah knees into yer skull, an’ I did it in fron’ o’the whole damn world. Now, when I git one over on a feller, partic’larly when I take advantage of ‘im in a moment o’vulner’bility t’do it, I ‘spect a mighty forceful response in return. Fellers starin’ me down an’ promisin’ t’bring forth the righteous fires o’Hell t’consume me head t’toe, or... jumpin’ me while I’s got mah back turned an’ tryin’ t’cave in mah skull with some kinda blunt object - somethin’ t’show that they got some passion in ‘im. You, Mr. Adams?

Jack shakes his head as he holds up the hourglass.

Jack: Well either you ain’t got the pride t’muster any kinda indignation at the way I done treated ya, or you think I’m the kinda feller what’s intimidated by arts’n crafts.

With that, Jack scowls and throws the hourglass to the outside of the ring, where it shatters.

Jack: I ain’t one for hollow iconography, Mr. Adams. I don’ find it cute, and I don’ find it in’erestin’, so let’s cut t’the chase. I want you in the ring, an’ I want you t’bring ever’ bit o’that intensity y’brought t’yer match with Mr. Dangerously. I wantcha t’come fer me like you’s gon’ mount mah head on a damn pike, an’ like you’s willin’ t’lay down yer own life t’make it happen. I can’ offer you no World Title, but I can offer you three things.

Jack starts to smile a devious smile as he raises up his hand to count off.

Jack: One - we’ll do this at Explosion, since ever’body else seems t’be fillin’ out their dance cards fer that partic’lar evenin’, and I know how much y’love a big audience. Two - I’ll let you name the match. Any kinda stipulation you want. Cage match? First blood? I Quit? Hell, I’ll fightcha in a got-damn chicken suit if that’s what it takes t’stir some real passion in ya.

Jack slowly looks down at Darius, who has finally started to get his feet under him after the match.

Jack: And three - since I know how much you love playin’ the hero t’these simpletons, I’m gon’ do this each’n ever’ Mayhem ‘til you make me stop.

With that, Jack drops the mic, takes a few steps back, and then runs forward and takes Darius back down to the mat with a vicious Take Two of These. He then dives on Darius’ motionless body and continues to lay into his skull with frantic rights.

Mike Fisher: This is disgusting! Somebody get out here! The Commander! The cops! Someone from the concession stand! Get out here and stop this!
Scott James: You know, the ring’s right there, Mike. No one’s stopping you.

Within seconds, the lights dim and “Astronaut in the Ocean” begins to play. The crowd erupts as the International Champion Tyler Debonair runs down the entrance ramp at full speed and slides into the ring.

Mike Fisher: It’s Tyler Debonair! He’s here to save the day!
Scott James: Too bad, you were moments away from making the save yourself, I just know it!

Jack sees Tyler coming and rolls out of the ring under the opposite ropes just as he enters the ring. Tyler takes a moment to check on Darius before hopping up to his feet and staring down Jack, who is beaming a wide grin and smiling back at him as he circles around the ring towards the ramp. Jack mouths something and winks at Tyler, who then kneels back down to check on Darius as Jack makes his ways up the ramp.

Mike Fisher: Well, it remains to be seen exactly what it will look like, but it sounds like we’re going to get Jack Hill versus Scotty Adams at Explosion!
Scott James: Yeah, but I don’t think either of those men are just going to remain quiet until Explosion, Mike. Let’s hope they can keep their hands off of each other long enough for the match to actually happen.
Mike Fisher: And that’s not even mentioning The Kindred. You know they aren’t going to take this cowardly attack lying down.
Scott James: Great point, Mike. So much chaos here in IIW - must be a day that ends in “y”!

Part 2