Damian Winters vs Anthony Tudor

Damian makes his debut against Anthony Tudor who has been struggling recently for a victory
The lights go out and “Thunder Boom” hits the pa system. Pyros go off and Kip Sabian is on the stage looking over the crowd, He smirks has he fixes his collar on the leathering jacket that he is wearing. He begins to walk down the ramp ignoring the fans that are trying to reach out and touch him. He slides into the ring from under the bottom rope jumps up and walks to the middle of the ring and raises his right arm his hand is in a fist.

Limp Bizkit - Breakstuff sounding off with a loud bass boom as the lights in the arena turn a sickly green. The green fades to a low yellow, as if a boom went off before an air raid siren can be heard. The siren perks up louder as Ragna begins to walk out, decked out in a vest and hoodie with his Oncoming Storm logo emblazoned on the front. He stares straight ahead, his muscles flexing before he roars to the camera, shoving the camera man aside as he heads to the ring. He stomps up the ramp, stopping just at the edge of the entrance ramp and running his palm along the canvas itself before pounding his fists against it and hopping up onto the apron. He slides under the middle rope, stepping into the center of the ring and stretching his arms out before tearing the hoodie in half, roaring back to the crowd with a guttural scream.
The bell rings and Damian explodes out of his corner and begins laying in several lefts and rights into Anthony’s body that seem to have little effect on the big man. Anthony drives a knee into Damian gut before dropping him to the mat with a European Uppercut.

Mike Fisher: Damian is coming out quickly here, but Anthony has more than a hundred pounds on him.
Scott James: He’ll definitely have his work cut out for him.

Damian moves back to his feet and Anthony rushes forward leveling him with a lariat, that sends him crashing back to the mat on his chest.

Scott James: And there’s that power from Anthony.
Mike Fisher: Yeah, Damian just got floored.

Anthony grabs Damian’s wrist and pulls him back to his feet, yanking him forward and looking for a second Lariat, only to have Damian avoid contact and land a straight punch to the head of Anthony. Damian lands a couple more, before stepping back and kicking him in the chest.

Mike Fisher: This is what Damian is going to need to do against a man this size.
Scott James: Hit and run is his best shot.

Damian then jumps up into the air, hitting Anthony in the face with a dropkick that rocks him back. Damian gets back up, gives him another kick in the chest before dropping both of them down with a neckbreaker.

Mike Fisher: Damian brings the big man down!
Scott James: and he’s ready to pick up the pace.

Damian runs into the ropes, rebounding back and running full speed into a rising Anthony, who catches Damian and tosses him down with an exploder suplex.

Scott James: That kind of thing is really not going to help though.
Mike Fisher: What a devastating move from Anthony.

Anthony stands over Damian and kicks him in the ribs before dragging him up to a kneeling position, and smashing him in the face with a forearm. Anthony rains down several clubbing shots into his back and head over and over again until Duke Longbottom gets between the two.

Scott James: This is looking like the curtain for Damian.
Mike Fisher: Those shots are just brutal.

Anthony moves back in on Damian, looking to lift him back to his feet only to have Damian drag him down with him and into a small package as Duke gets down to make the count.

Mike Fisher: Small Package!




Scott James: Anthony gets out.

Damian gets back to his feet and as Anthony gets back to a kneeling position, leaps and hits him in the face with an enziguri kick to the face that twists him around. Damian runs into the ropes and runs at high speed at Anthony, who spins around in place and nearly knocks Damian’s head off with the THE ONCOMING STORM!!!

Scott James: How is he alive after that?
Mike Fisher: NO WAIT… Damian Winters as rolled through!!!




Jenny Fletcher: Your winner…. DAMIAN WINTERS!

‘F Yeah!’ Fiona Harris strolls casually down a hall backstage at Mayhem, dressed to play spectator for the evening in jeans, high tops and a High Voltage™ tank top, IIW Women’s championship belt draped over her shoulder, sipping on a can of High Voltage Cherry Lime Chillin’ Time. She pauses in step, breaking into a little smile before starting to walk again, giving a little wave as the camera pans over to Curtis as she nears him.

Fiona: “Hey Curtis, good luck tonight. All ready for Russell?”

Curtis: “Thank you Fiona! I’m still hoping to help Mr. Wayne, hopefully beating him tonight can start him on a better path. And congratulations on your title win!”

Fiona: “Thanks Curtis, looking forward to holding this baby for a long time. I’m sure you’ll do great out there. Have you been hitting the gym harder for this one? Or did you cut out carbs or something? You’re looking extra cut, right? You look great, really.”

Curtis: “Wow, so nice of you to notice. Yes I have been working on my core. Oprah did a show about how your core is the key to fitness. Also I started using this new Eucalyptus conditioner to bring out the volume in my hair. Hey, is that one of those drinks from that company that sponsors you? How do they taste anyway?”

Fiona: “Oh, you’ve never had one? They’re really good. Anytime you’re feeling thirsty and want a taste, swing by my locker room and I’ll hook you up, eh?”

Fiona bites her lip and raises an eyebrow at him as she raises the can to her lips, enjoying a long sip as Curtis smiles good-naturedly.

Curtis: “With a sip like that man it must be mighty refreshing indeed. You looked like you really enjoyed that sip quite a bit.I would enjoy getting the hook up from you I could always use new drinks to quench my thirst. Anyway, my match is up soon, talk to you later!”

Fiona watches as Curtis heads off down the hall, blinking in surprise before turning and heading the other direction, muttering to herself as she goes.

Fiona: “Okay, more out of practice than I thought with the flirting. More direct next time, Harris…”

Tag Match
The Young Guns vs Eddie Zam and Total Destroyer


(The lights dim and Mr Lovernman by Shabba Ranks starts playing on the PA)

Mr. Loverman (Shabba)

Mr. Loverman (Shabba)

Mr. Loverman (Shabba)

Mr. Loverman

Woman if a loving yuh looking for yuh buck upon the right man

Loving yuh looking for yuh buck upon the right one

Woman a loving yuh looking for yuh buck upon the right man

Loving yuh looking for yuh buck upon the right one

Because a woman tek a trip she coming from England

To satisfy her soul you know seh she want a man

But is Shabba Ranking she buck upon,

A gwain mek she explode just like a bomb

Every hour , every minute ,and every second ♫♫♫

(The lights brighten and out walks Eddie Zam wearing his single strap black Leotards with black boots with the initials EZ written on them. By his side two sexy looking women;one -we know from an earlier promo- Tam, the other is a Spanish/french looking delight ,both are wearing mini skirts.)

Mike Fisher: VIP Eddie Zam, Here we go Scott.

Scott James: I Wonder whats is gonna go down now?

(Zam and the ladies reach ring side and Eddie Zam grabs a mic, they all enter the ring )

Zam: Intense International Wrestling, I was meant to have a debut Tag Team match tonight BUT yet again, I have scared away the opposition, yet again men tremble and retire around me. Nothing new. I was born with a pen in one hand and a microphone in the other - Ultimate Destroyer-

before you come out here and BE my next guest in The Thirty Third Degree, I want YOU and all the I I W faithful to know the following - we are NOW Amigos!

(The Crowd become restless and begin to make noise, Zam turns and winks at his two lady friends)

Zam: Get out here Ultimate Destroyer!!

(The Air raid sirens begin to blast and out runs Total Destroyer. in a usual frenzy he charges towards the ring and aggressively makes his way to confront Zam. )

Zam: Espera , Espera, Hold up Hold up....

(Zam grabs the asian lady, Tam by the shoulders and positions her between himself and the man mountain Total Destroyer. Destroyer backs away immediately)

Zam: Now now, I see you like to behave around the ladies , right?

Total Destroyer : CUNT LAPPER

Zam: Yes you like that dont you? Muy muy rica!!! Very tasty she is, Her name is Tam, why dont you shake her hand Total Destroyer ?

(Eddie Zam presents her to Total Destroyer , She goes to shake hands but Total Destroyer just grabs her and hugs her like an over protective bear)

Zam: Now now, I know you like what you see but you will scare her away like that you big Monster!! Have you ever even met a women in your life before?

Total Destroyer: Arrrgggg Cunt Lapper!! No little man, I never ever touched a women before. They dont talk with me

Zam: Well since we are gonna be friends and IM smarter than you I will be the team boss ..........................

(The crowd erupt as Total Destroyer grabs Eddie Zam by the neck and lifts him up off the ground .............)

Zam: Hold on......UN MOMENTOOOo....

(Ultimate Destroyer lets him go)

Ultimate Destroyer: Speak pissant!

Zam: Wait wait, you see this other young lady here , her name is Veronica. She loves it very very big and strong - like YOU, she likes YOU.

(Ultimate Destroyer loves the look of Veronica and Tam and is quite pleased with Eddie Zam's offerings)

Total Destroyer: you have a deal for now ..... try to screw me over .. or do something that displeases me they wont be able to scrape enough off the ground to identify you ... ... Now get outta my sight until then ... And be thankful that you still; live!

Zam: Ultimate Destroyer , Amigo before I go, Lets shake hands for the world too witness!?

(Ultimate Destroyer is in heaven with his two ladies and ignores Zam completely)

Zam: OK ok... Dont shake hands.... BUT how about this? So as everyone in Manchester is finding out very quickly, I have an IQ of One hundred and forty and I know exactly what to name this Tag Team of ours.....!!?

(The crowd boo and Ultimate Destroyer's becomes aggressive)

Zam: BUT Because I'm fair, I'm honest and KIND ... I'm going to give you a chance , Ultimate Destroyer, to name this Tag Team of ours...... IF You Beat me.... THEN and ONLY then WIllll.................................. ........................................

(The Crowd Explodes!!!!!!!)

Mike Fisher: Oh my GOOSHHH .. Ultimate Destroyer just decked ZAM!!! His HAD ENOUGH!!!!

Scott James: Right on the kisser!!

Mike Fisher: Ultimate Destroyer Picks him up high by the neck........kicks him in the groin.

.......There it is!!! His signature move. The SOPRANO!!! Whats Ultimate Destroyer doing?? His calling for the ladies to count .....The Ladies count?


2....................................... ..................


(The place erupts in JOY and Ecstasy)

Scott James: Ultimate Destroyer! I Love it !!

Mike Fisher: Does that mean he accepted Eddie Zam's deal? Will Ultimate Destroyer now get to NAME their new Tag Team?

Scott James: Only The Ultimate Destroyer knows!!!

(Ultimate Destroyer walks off with the two 'sluts' on either arm ...leaving Eddie Zam in the ring wincing )

We open back up to the Celtic Club locker room after commercial break Andy and Trigger sit in the locker room waiting on their signal from Cav to come out at ringside during the tag team match up. Suddenly a loud sound is heard from the outside of the locker room door. Trigger stands up and goes over to see what’s going on he touches the handle of the door and jumps back as he holds his hand and shakes it.

Andy: What the hell is wrong with you?

Trigger: That god damn door handle is hot!

Andy: Say what now?

Andy gets up and goes towards the door and touches the handle slightly but not as much as Trigger and he jumps back.

Andy: Damn you are right is hot. What the hell is going on here!

The scene cuts to the outside of the door where The Purge Chris Nitro is using a blow torch to weld the door shut.

Nitro: Don’t worry boys I are almost done you lads sit tight or better yet sleep tight.

The camera cuts back open to the room where Andy and Trigger are looking at each other confused.

Trigger: That sound like one of those goth boys and what he means by sleep tight?

As soon as the question leaves his mouth The Purge doll Hannable appears on the bench staring at them with a sinister smile.

Andy: Trigger was that doll just here a few minutes ago?

Trigger: I don’t think so…

Suddenly smoke starts appearing inside the locker room as the lights start flickering The Dream Killer Ryan Hawkins appears and disappears each time the light flickers wearing his creepy Hannibal Lecter mask as Andy and Trigger begin to cough and grow weak as the smoke becomes thicker. They both fall a sleep on the ground as Ryan Hawkins looks them in their eyes and rubs their hair back.

Ryan Hawkins: That’s right go to sleep boys dream big for me I need those dreams to be filled with goals and hopes that you know you can not reach make them as ridiculous as you look right now and please set your sights on The IIW Tag Team Titles because The Purge would love to play with you.

The Dream Killer Ryan Hawkins investigates the camera.

Ryan Hawkins: COME AND SEE!!!

The scene begins to fade as Ryan Hawkins and Chris Nitro disappear as the light go off and come back on.

Hollywood Title No.1 Contenders Match
Eron Hunter vs Venom

After a victory a piece they’ve grabbed the eyes of the brass and they will compete to see who gets to face Bam Miller for the Hollywood Title
The cameras cut to Mike Fisher and Scott James sitting at the broadcast table with the IIW fans in attendance going wild behind them.

Mike Fisher: Welcome back ladies and gentlemen after that exciting tag-team action between The Young Guns and the team of Eddie Zam and The Ultimate Destroyer!
Scott James: Things aren’t going to slow down one bit, Mike, as up next we’ve got a clash between two very promising newcomers to IIW.
Mike Fisher: That’s right, Scott. On one side, we’ve got Eron Hunter, who comes into IIW with a laundry list of accolades -
Scott James: And a win over Anthony Tudor on the last edition of Mayhem!
Mike Fisher: Absolutely, Scott, but his opponent, Venom, also picked up a big win on our last broadcast!
Scott James: Yeah, he managed to get Ryan McCann to tap out - how many guys can say that?
Mike Fisher: I’m having a hard time coming up with a name, Scott, and he’s been with IIW for a long time.
Scott James: We don’t know too much else about Venom at this point, but I’ve already seen enough to say that he’s not out of place here in a #1 contender’s match for the Hollywood Title.
Mike Fisher: Either one of these men would present quite a test for the newly re-crowned champ Bam Miller. Who will get the shot? Let’s get right to the action to find out!

The cameras cut to a wide shot of the arena as “Long Walk Home” by Howl Trance starts to play over the speakers. Out from behind the curtain steps Eron Hunter, who walks confidently towards the ring as the crowd pops slightly.

Jenny Fletcher: Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is scheduled for one fall, and is for the #1 contendership for the Hollywood Championship! Making his way to the ring first, from Sicily, Italy, standing 6’ 2” and weighing 200 pounds, he is… Eron Hunter!

Eron slides smoothly into the ring under the bottom rope, walks to the opposite side of the ring, and starts testing the top rope with his bodyweight. As he does so, the lights go out in the arena, and “Slay Me” starts to play throughout the building. All is dark for a few moments until the word “VENOM” appears on the entrance screen, followed by a spotlight up into the rafters where Venom can be seen looking down on Eron Hunter, stone-faced.

Jenny Fletcher: And his opponent, from Chicago, Illinois, standing 6’ 3” and weighing 240 pounds, he is… Venom!

The lights go out again as the song continues to play.

Mike Fisher: Does anyone in IIW have an entrance quite like this, Scott?
Scott James: No, Mike. It remains to be seen how far he can go in the ring, but outside of it - or, above it, more accurately - he’s already finding ways to stand out.

The lights come back on a few moments later to reveal Venom standing in the middle of the ring, staring down Eron Hunter, who returns his gaze without flinching.

Mike Fisher: We’ve heard a LOT from these two men over the last two weeks, but contrary to IIW tradition, it’s been almost entirely words of praise and respect for one another.
Scott James: That’s right, Mike. Definitely going to be a unique matchup. Both of these guys completely respect each other, and - beyond that - I think both of these guys really get each other, you know? They’re both guys that think no one in IIW can do it better than they can, and I think they’re both really looking forward to seeing who comes out on top in this matchup.
Mike Fisher: Which is not to downplay the importance of a shot at the Hollywood Title!
Scott James: Absolutely not. You know, you come into a company and you win a title in your third or fourth match? That puts you in pretty elite company.

The two men meet in the middle of the ring as the referee makes a few inaudible comments. Both men nod before Venom reaches out his hand. Eron takes it, and the two men shake hands as the crowd pops before they head back to opposite corners.

Mike Fisher: Great show of sportsmanship between these two fierce competitors.
Scott James: Let’s just hope things stay civil once that bell rings.


Right on cue, the bell sounds, and both men rush to meet each other in the middle of the ring to lock-up. The slightly larger Venom quickly gets the upper hand and gets a hold of Eron’s left arm, which he starts to torque forward into an armbar. Eron does a flat-footed front flip to counter, landing on his knees before sweeping Venom’s feet out from under him with his right leg. Eron springs to his feet, back facing his downed opponent, and immediately launches into a standing moonsault, but Venom rolls out of the way while he is in midair, prompting Eron to land instead on his feet. He whips around to face Venom, fists raised, only to find Venom has also regained his feet and has his hands up as well. Both men lower their fists and take a few steps back as the crowd cheers.

Mike Fisher: An absolutely frenetic opening pace to this matchup.
Scott James: I’ve watched the tape on Eron Hunter, and he’s only got 1 gear. Could prove problematic for a guy like Venom who seems to prefer to work the mat and set a more deliberate pace.

Both men circle around each other, each one teasing charges to see how the other reacts. Eventually Eron charges in full speed at Venom, who falls to the mat and catches him with a drop toe hold. Before Eron can recover, Venom has already grabbed his near leg and locked in a half Boston crab. Eron pushes his upper body up off the mat with his arms and grits his teeth as both pain and exertion rack his body. He slowly, carefully starts to handwalk towards the nearest ropes, pulling Venom just off balance enough with each swing of his arms that he’s able to make steady progress. Venom, seeing that Eron is winning the battle, releases the hold while maintaining a grip on the leg. He pulls Eron closer to the center of the ring and then attempts to lock in a heel hook, but Eron uses his free leg to kick Venom several times in the side, forcing him to let go.

Mike Fisher: Eron manages to break free from Venom’s grip, but how much energy has he expended in the process?
Scott James: It takes a lot to break free from a solid submission hold, Mike. Even if you survive it, it makes everything else that comes after that much harder.

Eron manages to pop up to his feet just a moment before Venom can do the same, giving him time to get a running head start and hit him with a leaping leg lariat that sends him right back to the mat. Eron keeps his forward momentum going all the way to the nearby corner and runs up the turnbuckles to quickly make his way onto the top rope facing outward. He does a 180 on the top rope to face Venom, and then launches into a shooting star press, landing perfectly on Venom.

Mike Fisher: Well it looks like energy isn’t a problem for Eron Hunter tonight!
Scott James: He is just flying around the ring right now, Mike!

He goes for the pin.


2 - No!

Venom kicks out just after the two.

Mike Fisher: Quick cover attempt by Eron Hunter, but not enough to get the win.
Scott James: It was a beautiful combo from Eron, but Venom’s not going down that easily.

Eron immediately gets back to his feet and pulls Venom up off of the mat, hitting him with a Northern Lights Suplex. Rather than bridge for the pin, he flips backwards through it, pulls Venom up, and hits him with a second. He repeats the process to hit him with a third, but this time holds the bridge for another pin attempt.




Venom kicks out again, though this time just a moment after the two.

Mike Fisher: A near fall that time!
Scott James: Yes, but how much longer can Venom hold out at this pace?

Eron gets back up to his feet, though not as quickly as the last few times, clearly starting to feel the cumulative exertion of the last few minutes. He looks down at Venom, who is still down on the mat, then looks to the nearest corner, which he starts to ascend. Venom, seeing this, scrambles up to his feet and slides under Eron’s legs, lifting him up off of the turnbuckle in a powerbomb position. He then takes a few bounding steps before throwing Eron down for a powerful sit-out powerbomb.

Mike Fisher: Wow! What a turnaround by Venom!
Scott James: He seemed to be playing a little possum there, Mike, hoping to catch Eron with his guard down.
Mike Fisher: And it worked beautifully!

Venom puts his legs over Eron’s shoulders to transition into a pin.


2 - No!

Eron kicks out just after the 2 count, kicking his legs to get out of Venom’s grasp. Venom is the first up to his feet this time, however and starts rocking Eron with a series of stiff rights slowly driving him back into the corner. Once there, Venom throws a hip check into Eron’s midsection, winding him. Before Eron can catch his breath, Venom squares him up and delivers a vicious knife-edge chop right into his chest. Eron tries to stumble out of the corner, but Venom catches him and throws him back into the corner, He then climbs up onto the middle turnbuckle and starts laying hard rights right into Eron’s forehead as the crowd counts along.






6! 7! 8! 9! The fans chant louder as Venom picks up the pace. There is an audible buzz of anticipation a Venom pauses and draws his fist high into the air before bringing it down for the final strike.


Mike Fisher: Wow! Venom has just completely taken over this match!
Scott James: Eron is going to have to find a break here very soon if he wants to have a hope of winning this thing.

Eron slumps back against the top rope, barely managing to stay on his feet as Venom climbs down and slowly makes his way to the opposite corner. He raises one finger in the air, holding it there for a moment before bringing it down to point at Eron. He then runs full speed at Eron and crushes him in the corner with a splash. Eron crumples down to the mat and Venom immediately rolls him up for the pin.




Eron manages to lay his free foot on the bottom rope, breaking the pin. Venom hooks the free leg with his own and rolls him up again.




Eron kicks out of his own power as both men lay motionless on the mat, each one having survived the other’s onslaught and almost captured the victory.

Mike Fisher: These men are both leaving it all out there right now, Scott!
Scott James: I don’t know if it’s the shot at Bam Miller’s Hollywood title, or the desire to prove they can beat the other man, or just the fear of coming up short in front of the fans, but there is something that just isn’t letting either man quit tonight!

Slowly, but surely, both men bring themselves up to their knees, facing one another. Each one panting, they lock eyes before looking around the arena as the crowd starts to build to a fever pitch. Venom launches a big right that connects with Eron’s head. Eron recovers and returns the favor. The two men then start trading furious rights, simultaneously getting their feet under them as they rise up off of the mat.

Mike Fisher: Look at this, Scott! These guys just refuse to stay down, even when they’re getting pummeled.
Scott James: I know we’ve got a World Title match as our Main Event, but I think Jake and Donny are going to have to bring their A-game if they want to take home match of the night.

After a few of these back and forth blows, Venom starts to get the upper hand, again driving Eron backwards, this time into the ropes. He pushes Eron into the ropes and then launches him into the opposite ropes with an Irish whip. He rushes forward to catch him with a running lariat, but Eron catches him with a slingblade that takes him down to the mat. He then bounds right back up to his feet and towards the ropes, launching himself up for a Lionsault. But Venom rolls him up!!!




The bell rings!

Jenny Fletcher: Your winner… Ve…..

The Ref waves his hand and walks over to Jenny, he whispers into her ear…

Jenny Fletcher: Our Referee has instructed me that BOTH MENS shoulders were down… and therefore this has been declared A DRAW!!!!

After a few moments, Venom makes the “cut” gesture several times until his music quickly fades out. Once it does so, the arena is almost silent. Venom walks over to Eron, who has finally managed to pull himself up onto all fours, and reaches out to him. Eron looks up wearily, then takes Venom’s hand. Venom pulls him up to his feet and points at him as the crowd goes absolutely wild. “Long Walk Home” begins to play over the speakers as Venom and Eron both stand triumphant in the ring, both absolutely spent.

Mike Fisher: And look at this - how often do you see that in this business?
Scott James: I’m not sure I remember the last time a guy pulled his opponent up to have him share the moment with him.
Mike Fisher: Well it’s a draw…. So they both will face Bam Miller for the Hollywood title I guess!

The cameras are set on backstage interviewer Larry Fishburg who's patting his head with a handkerchief as he mutters, ''Are we live?'' and gets a nod of approval. Myers then storms onto the set as Larry nervously brings the mic to his lips, trembling like a leaf caught in the wind, stuttering to no end:

Larry: Mr. Myers....Earlier we witnessed a most heinous assault at the hands of Dan DiSt...

At that point Myers snatches the mic from Larry's grasp, snarls at him and speaks:

Myers: Zip it piss stain. I have no time for you urinating yourself and stinking this up. I ain't in the mood now get outta my sight.

Larry then scarpers off as Myers grips the mic harder and gets closer to the camera lens, yanking the shades off his face and throwing them to the ground as he speaks:

Myers: DiStoner. You can do what you want to me. To my possessions. To my country. But what your flea bag bitches did to my Lilith. You've crossed a line tonight. Lilith is on the way to the hospital now and the blood is on your hands. I don't care what match you want. I'll fight you in any stipulation. I'll fight you anywhere at anytime. You didn't have to be here tonight because I know you're the one who's orchestrated this entire thing to get under my skin. You're only adding fuel to the fire and believe me, it's the last thing you want to do. The clock is ticking on you DiStoner.

Myers throws the mic down and storms off as we cut to a commercial to hype the PPV.

Curtis vs Russell Wayne

After Russell crashed Curtis’ show, Curtis asked in the most polite way possible for a possible encounter with Russell Wayne in the wrestling ring, this has been approved and these two opponents from World’s Collide will now face off

Curtis reached the ring and outstretched his arms to soak in the overwhelmingly positive reaction as the smile on his face grows ever larger.

Scott James: They sure love this kid folks.

Mike Fisher: Well, some people just can’t stand him.

Curtis begins to hop around the corner as South Texas Death Ride hits the PA system and Russell Wayne began to make his way down towards the ring. As Russell reached the ring, Bam Miller came sprinting down the aisle wielding the IIW Hollywood Championship. Bam ran full speed and connected with a sick thud when his championship met the back of Russell Wayne’s head.

Scott James: Now just what in the hell is this?

Mike Fisher: I think its blatantly obvious that Bam Miller is trying to make Curtis the favorite in this match.

Miller pulled Wayne up by the hair and slid him into the ring. Curtis turned around puzzled as he and the referee had been conversing. Curtis looks down to his opponent before looking to the outside of the ring at Bam Miller who smiled and held up the IIW Hollywood Championship.

Scott James: From the look on Curtis’ face I don’t think he approves.

Mike Fisher: Does it matter? He should be thankful!

Curtis began to express his frustration with Bam Miller but the Hollywood Champion waved everyone’s favorite good guy off and headed backstage. Curtis began to shout back at Bam to try and get him to return to the ring but in all the commotion, Russell Wayne had begun to stir.

Scott James: Curtis really needs to get his head into this match.

Mike Fisher: To be fair the bell hasn’t rang yet.

Wayne came up from behind and hit Curtis with a low blow before tossing him through the middle ropes and to the floor. Wayne popped down to the outside, still holding his head, he grabbed the steel steps and connected with the side of Curtis’ head. The referee told him to break it up but he refused, swatting at the referee and sending him down. Wayne picks up the stairs again and slams them into Curtis’ ribs. The referee got up once more and went to stop Wayne from using the steps once more but Wayne dropped them, then grabbed the ref by the head and tossed him to the mat.

Scott James: That’s enough!

Mike Fisher: We, um, might need security down here.

The referee signaled for the bell and the bell sounded.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner via disqualification…CURTIS!!!

Russell Wayne went over to the announcer’s table and retrieved a steel chair but before he could use it on Curtis security was able to hit the ringside area and get in between the two competitors. The officials were able to work an enraged Russell Wayne up the ramp way and to the back as Curtis used the ring apron to pull himself up. Curtis grabbed microphone.

Curtis: Bam Miller!!! While I can say thank you for attempting help me—I could have won this match all by myself! I didn’t need Bam to hit Russell with a belt! I didn’t need Russell Wayne to get himself disqualified! So, that’s it, next week…Curtis and bam Miller against Russell Wayne and a partner of his choosing!

Scotty Adams vs Jesse James

Ever since these two both joined the IIW they have continuously clashed, James is still bitter he didn’t get the IIW Key to Success and Scotty needs a bounce back after his loss to Jake E Dangerously, the bad blood is here to spill!

The scene cuts back on as the camera takes us to the commentary table where Mike Fisher and Scott James get ready to call the action for the next match.

Mike: Welcome back ladies and gentlemen hope you enjoyed the commercial break, but we got a great one coming up next. As Jesse James leader of The Prestige gets ready to take The Silver Bullet Scotty Adams and this one is going to be nothing more than a fight as this has been a match everyone has been waiting to see.

Scott: That’s right and nobody has been wanting this match more than Jesse James since KKnD when he was inches away from reaching the key only to have Scotty knock him down and take his moment. Which has led us to this match up. Now let's go to the ring.

Pure Evil' can be heard blasting out of the PA system, as the lights dim, save for a hazy maroon spotlight that shines on a currently empty stage, before a silhouette can be made out of a male figure, standing just behind the spotlight with his hands extended out in a cross formation, before the spotlight expands to reveal that the figure is wearing a black 'Adidas' hoodie (with the hood up, concealing his identity at this time), Maroon/Purple/Gold wrestling rights and black/blue 'Asic' sneakers Raising his right hand, the figure slowly pushes the hood off, revealing that it is none other than Scotty Adams.

Slightly smirking, he begins to make his way down the ramp as the lights return to their normal radiance, each step with a swagger about it that to some, could very well border on arrogance --- to others, it is just another exhibit of the belief, the confidence that exudes itself from Scotty, born from a meticulous attention to detail he has. Running his hands down his body, he once again extends them out into a cross, only this time he ac complies it with a quick flick of the wrists once he reaches full extension and pauses to allow the crowd a moment to let everything sink in.

Jenny Fletcher: From Melbourne, Victoria, Australia he weighs in at 185 pound she Silver Bullet Scotty Adams!!!

Walking around the ring, he slowly takes his jumper off; handing it to one of the attendants at ringside, before making his way up the steel steps in the near right hand side corner and smirking as he glances out to the crowd once more, before stepping between the middle and top rope; turning his full attention and focus to the task at hand.

The Prestige Theme song music begins to play as Jesse James walks out alone and stops and points at the screen as the word Prestige begins to appear. Jesse makes his way to the ring and poses as a bright spotlight appears on him.

Jenny Fletcher: The Pinnacle of Excellence Jesse James

The bell rings and Jesse quickly goes for a shoulder bump locking Scotty down to the mat following it up with an elbow drop to the chest of Scotty. Jesse tries to go for a leg drop but Scotty Adams rolls out the way and gets back to his feet as Jesse struggles to get up from the miss. Scotty throws him into the far-right turnbuckle then perform a big splash into Jesse then performs a suplex out of the corner. The fans pop as Scotty starts to build momentum. Jesse still lays there on the mat as Scotty goes to the top of the turnbuckle and goes for a frog splash but Jesse rolls out the ring at the last minute as Scotty catches nothing but canvas as he lands hard on the mat rolling around in pain as the referee starts his count on Jesse.

Mike Fisher: Very early back forth contest but that time Scotty went for it all and missed and I don't think he likes the result.

Scott: Yeah The Silver Bullet tried it but Jesse great ring awareness pays off right there.

As we return to the ring the referees count get to seven before Jesse comes back and in and rushes at Scotty as Jesse hits him with a sling blade dropping Scotty to the ground as Jesse pops up and starts showboating. As Jesse stills has his ack turn Scotty Adams pops back up and hits and explosive German suplex sending Jesse flying to the outside of the ring.

Scotty rolls out the ring and goes to pick up Jesse but Jesse elbows him in the stomach and sends Scotty flying into the steel steeps then does a running kick to the ribs of Scotty as he rolls around in the floor. Jesse walks over slowly to Scotty as he slaps him in the head repeated times as the referee count is at four. Jesse slings Scotty back into the ring and takes a moment to get back in as he argues with fans.
He turns around and SILVER BULLET!!!!.... Scotty Adams nails Jesse James who flops down to the mat as Scotty makes the pin




Jenny fletcher: Your winner….. SCOTTY ADAMS!

Mike Fisher: This has been great redemption for Scotty Adams after his loss to Jake!

Scott James: WAIT A MINUTE MIKE!!!!

Scotty Adams who’s laying rested against the ropes after his victory against Jesse James is VICIOUSLY taken out by Take Two of These….. As The Country Doctor Jack Hill takes him out propelling him out the ring.

He continues to lay into Scotty on the outside as he slams him into the side of the ring

Jack smirks as he leaves Scotty down on the ground as he heads to the back having made his mark

Tag Match
Tyler Debonair and Rogue vs John Cavanagh and Zack Steele


With Tyler due to face John Cavanagh for the International Title and Rogue due to face Zack, the two teams of mixed individuals is sure to cause some chaos and see who can work with who

Jenny Fletcher: Making his way toward the ring, weighing 275lbs, from Los Angeles, CA… This is, THE ZENsational Tyler Debonair!!

[center]What you know about rollin' down in the deep?
When your brain goes numb, you can call that mental freeze
When these people talk too much, put that shit in slow motion, yeah
I feel like an astronaut in the ocean, ayy

After the first line of the chorus has hit, Tyler Debonair has already stepped out onto the ramp, International title draped over his shoulder. He stands there looking around, focused and intense, before stalking down to ringside.

He stands at the apron before pulling himself up, placing the belt on a turnbuckle, grabbing the top rope and front-flipping over them into the ring. He picks up the belt again, leaning into the corner, until the lights come back up and the music dies down.

"Disco//Very" by Warpaint hits over the sound system, and the arena goes dark. As the song picks up, the lights brighten just a little, revealing Rogue standing at the top of the entrance with Cora Black behind him, holding her small black coffin under her left arm.

A purple tint of light mixes with the darkness in the arena, and smoke floods the ramp area. Rogue and Cora slowly make their way down to the ring as they drag clouds of smoke with their feet, being followed by the purple light.

As they reach the ring, the lights come to full brightness, and most of the smoke dissapears. Rogue walks up the steps to the ring apron and enters through the middle rope as Cora stands on the outside of the ring, focused on Rogue.

Nero Forte plays as the arena is plunged into darkness and strobe lights start going off around the stage area, as the drums kick in Zack Steele emerges from the curtain with his head down, his long wet hair draped over his face, he stands there for a few seconds before Corey Taylors vocals kick in, at which point, Zack walks down to the ring, pumping his fists by his side, he jumps up onto apron, places his gum shield in his mouth before looking out at the abuse hurling crowd, he just shrugs his shoulders with a smirk on his face before climbing into the ring, runs at the opposite ropes before coming to a stand still in the middle of the ring and raising his arms in the air, soaking in the abuse from the fans, the same smirk still on his face. The fading music only amplifying the fans distaste for him.

A guitar chord is heard following by a voice "Behold the Kings. The King of Kings." Lights begin to flicker with the music "on your knees, dog". At the 0:13 mark, out from the darkness of the tunnel emerges the “One Man Dynasty” John Cavanagh in a hooded black robe with green trim, he heads down towards the ring accompanied by his valet Shannon Riley who is wearing a tight fitting and revealing dress. The two walk to the ring arm and arm they ignore the fans and Cavanagh trash talks to the camera. They reach the ring and Cavanagh walks up the steps, outstretches his hand for his valet who carefully walks up the steel steps. Cavanagh grabs the middle rope and raises it while simultaneously pushing the bottom rope down with the foot allowing Shannon to easily enter without revealing anything much to the chagrin of the men in the front row. Cavanagh steps in to the ring and outstretches his arms as Shannon grabs him from the side. Shannon takes his robe off as Cavanagh helps her out of the ring. Cavanagh turns his view to the inside of the ring as he prepares for the match.

It's decided that John Cavanagh and Rogue will start off the match while Zack Steele and Tyler Debonair take their positions on the ring apron. From there, The Ref calls for the bell, and the match is about to begin.

It's obvious from the get go that neither man is willing to back down as they trade European uppercuts and forearms with one another. John Cavanagh, however, catches Rogue with a front thrust kick that literally knocks the wind right out of the champion as he slams into the corner. It's not a good corner either because Zack Steele is right there, and he makes it a point to tag himself into the match.

Scot James: You know, I don't know if that was a wise move by Zack Steele.
Mike Fisher: Why not? He wants a piece of the action too.

Despite the potential blow-up the tag might have caused, John Cavanagh and Zack Steele work together once he steps into the ring. The two men grab Rogue and slam him down to the mat with a double elevated suplex. As John Cavanagh takes his place on the ring apron, Zack Steele goes for the cover on Rogue.



Scot James: Kick out by the champion, but I still wonder if he's one-hundred percent in this contest.

After the kick out, Zack Steele quickly locks Rogue into a grounded crucifix hold. With the hold firmly locked in, Zack Steele proceeds to hit his opponent in the head repeatedly with vicious elbow strikes. Looking for a quick way out of this predicament, Rogue reaches and reaches until he's able to grab the bottom rope. With the champion's hand on the rope, Zack Steele waits until The Ref reaches three in his count before he breaks the hold. After giving Rogue enough breathing room to make the referee happy, Zack Steele drags the champion back to his feet and nails him with a European uppercut. With Zack Steele close to his team's corner, John Cavanagh slaps his partner on the back, making his own tag.

Scot James: And there's another blind tag for the team of John Cavanagh and Zack Steele.
Mike Fisher: This team is showing they're not cohesive enough to take down Tyler Debonair and Rogue.
Scot James: I don't know about that. They're still working together quite well.

When John Cavanagh gets into the ring, Zack Steele hits Rogue with a superkick that knocks him right into the grasps of John Cavanagh, who then goes on to hit his opponent with a butterfly suplex. With Zack Steele now taking his spot in his team's corner, John Cavanagh starts to just go to town on Rogue, hitting him with stiff elbow strikes right to his dome, especially where the bandages are sitting on top of his stitches. While Rogue fights back enough to get to his feet, soon enough trickles of blood can be seen coming from the champion's head as the bandages start to get knocked around. With Rogue back up and blood already coming out of his wound, John Cavanagh then hits him with clubbing blows in his ribs until he decides to place him in an abdominal stretch.

Scot James: With Rogue' wound busted back open, this could be it!
Mike Fisher: Not with Tyler Debonair there it won't be.

With John Cavanagh really wrenching on the hold, Rogue uses all his strength to try to pull the big man closer to the ropes. While it's not enough to reach the ropes, it is enough to reach his partner Tyler Debonair. Rogue makes the tag while he's still locked in the abdominal stretch, and Tyler Debonair comes into the ring on fire. John Cavanagh ends up knocked right in the head with a rushing elbow by Tyler Debonair. As Rogue rolls out of the ring, Tyler Debonair then nails John Cavanagh with a pair of open palm strikes that he follows up with a roundhouse kick that knocks John Cavanagh to the mat. With the big man grounded, Tyler Debonair locks in a clutch lock, and it looks as if he wants to break the challenger's arm. John Cavanagh uses his size to grab onto the bottom rope, but Tyler Debonair doesn't break the hold until The Ref hits the four count.

Despite the submission break, Tyler Debonair's quick to go back on the attack, dragging John Cavanagh back to his feet and just nailing him with some vicious elbows and then knees. After hitting the blows on the challenger, Tyler Debonair moves into a waistlock that he then transitions into a German suplex with a bridge, making sure to keep his own shoulders off the mat. The Ref drops down to make the count.



Mike Fisher: John Cavanagh gets the shoulder up!

Keeping the waistlock in tact, Tyler Debonair powers John Cavanagh back to his feet, but John Cavanagh hits Tyler Debonair with elbows to break it up. With Tyler Debonair a bit dazed from the head shots, he's then knocked down with a short arm lariat by John Cavanagh. In his corner, Zack Steele starts to yell for John Cavanagh to make the tag. After a bit of hesitation on his part, he does and Zack Steele is now the legal man in the match.

Scot James: I bet Zack Steele is going to enjoy this.
Mike Fisher: Judging by the look on his face, he already is.

With the fans firmly behind him, Zack Steele comes into the ring and hits consecutive European uppercuts on Tyler Debonair. To follow up, he powers Tyler Debonair into a fireman's carry position and drops him into a facebuster. With Tyler Debonair down, Zack Steele makes sure to stomp away on him a bit to keep him there before making his way to the corner to ascend to the top rope. Taking a brief moment to gauge the distance between him and his opponent, Zack Steele comes off the top with a devastating leg drop. With Tyler Debonair in the center of the ring, Zack Steele hooks the leg and makes the cover.


Seeing his partner in trouble, Rogue steps through the ropes.


Scot James: There's Rogue with a boot to Zack Steele's head to break the count.
Mike Fisher: That's what I call team work, Charlie.

With Rogue in the ring, John Cavanagh starts to come in, but The Ref keeps him from getting involved in the action. With The Ref distracted, Rogue helps Tyler Debonair get closer to their corner before he steps through the ropes again. Once John Cavanagh is out of the ring and The Ref's attention is back to the match, Tyler Debonair makes the tag to his partner. Despite the busted open head, Rogue comes into the ring and goes right for Zack Steele, who looks like he's going to make his own tag. Coming from behind the challenger, Rogue executes a neckbreaker on Zack Steele and goes for a cover of his own.



Scot James: Another kick out! I don't think Zack Steele's worn down enough to get pinned.
Mike Fisher: It's still smart for Rogue to try. Each kick out takes energy.

Trying to keep his momentum going, Rogue brings Zack Steele back to his feet. Zack Steele, however, has different plans because he surprises Rogue with an Irish whip into the corner. As soon as Rogue hits the turnbuckles, Zack Steele runs at him and hits a high knee to his still-standing opponent that he transitions into a bulldog after catching his head. With Rogue now downed in the center of the ring, he rolls as hard as he can to make the tag to Tyler Debonair, he charges the ring and hoists Zack Steele up….as he does he hooks him and Transfiguration!!!!!!

He makes the pin




John Cavanagh jumps into break the count but he’s too late as the bell rings but he still continues to beat down on Tyler Debonair before Tyler is able to roll out of the ring and escape.

Jenny Fletcher: Your winners…. Rogue and Tyler Debonair!

Main Event
World Title

Jake E Dangerously vs Donny Allen

Built up and delivered by Osh Vaughan as his last move running the IIW, IIW Hall of Famer Donny Allen steps out of retirement for his shot at the IIW World Championship, Jake E Dangerously meanwhile needs to retain the title at Mayhem to ensure he sets a new record as the Longest reigning IIW World Champion in history!

Jake E Dangerously raises the World Championship up in the air, the sea of IIW faithful cheering in anticipation for this upcoming title match. Excitement is in the air as Jake E relishes in the fan appreciation; Donny Allen, on the other hand, looks entirely focused and seems to be tuning out the reaction.

As soon as the bell sounds, Donny Allen roars forward, looking to use him quickness and agility to him advantage. He lands a forearm to Jake E's chest but that doesn't stop him. He continues levelling Jake E with big punches, before running to the ropes. He springboards off the middle rope and comes flying in with an arm extended, landing on Jake E's neck. Jake E stumbles around, trying to keep his footing, and Donny Allen bounces off the ropes again, coming in with a dropkick to the back of Jake E's knee. He finally chops him down as he falls to a knee. Donny Allen levels him with a roundhouse kick to the face, finally dropping him to the mat! He gets on top, hooking a leg for a quick pinfall.



...but Jake E kicks out!

Mike Fisher: Donny Allen looks a little frustrated, but it's still early!
Scott James: This is his chance to finally get the World title Mike!

Donny Allen retreats to a corner and measures Jake E as he pulls himself up. He roars forward, an ill-conceived attempt at him Welcome To New Jersey which is entirely too early, and he pays for it! Jake E catches him in mid-stride and slams him down with a vicious powerslam,He struggles for breath as Jake E lifts him up by the hair, driving a knee into him gut, the impact lifting him a foot in the air. He slams him face-first into the turnbuckle and backs up half-way to the center of the ring. He charges forward, looking for a big splash, but Donny Allen thinks quickly and lifts both feet high in the air, connecting with Jake E's jaw!

Jake E falls to the mat with a thud as Donny Allen leaps up onto the ropes and soars through the air, connecting with a perfect moonsault! Another cover!



...but Jake E gets his foot on the bottom rope!

Mike Fisher: An unfortunate break for Donny Allen there! That moonsault was beautiful!
Scott James: You can tell he wants this World Championship badly!

Donny Allen bounces off the ropes and comes in with a rolling thunder, and Jake E grimaces in pain. Donny Allen wastes no time sliding out to the ring apron, continuing to be quick on him feet in order to stay one step ahead of Jake E at every turn. He springboards over the top rope and lands a big splash on Jake E's sternum!

Managing to tug Jake E a foot away from the bottom rope, he makes yet another cover!




NO!!! So close!

Mike Fisher: Yet another near fall, but Donny Allen just isn't managing to put Jake E away!
Scott James: He's softening him up for the finish! You'll see!

The frustration is growing on Donny Allen's face, but he quickly shakes it off and rolls underneath the bottom rope to the outside, grabbing one of Jake E's legs in the process. He wastes no time slamming his knee right into the turnbuckle in an apparent effort to take out one of his limbs. Jake E grimaces in pain, but Donny Allen is relentless. Donny Allen backs up a step and using him body weight, forcefully wraps Jake E's leg around the steel pole! Jake E kicks him off and clutches his knee in pain, a sinister smile beginning to form across Donny Allen's face!

Mike Fisher: It’s been a long time since we’ve seen Donny Allen in the ring and it doesn’t look like he’s missed a step! If anything he’s more aggressive now!
Scott James: Can you blame him? Jake E is no ordinary opponent!
Mike Fisher: I don't blame him. It was a compliment.

Donny Allen climbs up onto the ring apron, watching Jake E rolling around in agony. He springboards up onto the top rope and leaps off, looking for a leg drop... but Jake E rolls out of the way just in time! Donny Allen lands on him rear end and grabs it, him mouth wide open in both horror and pain!

Jake E stumbles around, trying not to place too much weight on that damaged knee. Donny Allen finally gets to him feet to get some blood circulating back there again. He comes in, fist in hair, but Jake E catches it and sends a big headbutt into him skull, knocking him down. He bounces right back up, but right into a body slam. He bounces back up again and Jake E goes for a kick to the stomach, but Donny Allen notices that it's the bad limb and catches it in mid-air. He falls to him back, locking his leg into a grapevine, bending the leg at the knee and applying even more pressure to it!

Jake E is screaming in pain as Donny Allen wrenches it tighter, but with a burst of brute strength, Jake E swings his leg straight again, the force causing Donny Allen to lose the grip as he slides halfway across the ring!

Donny Allen is at a loss for words, utterly dismayed by how easily Jake E is able to overpower him. But as he's slowly crawling back up to his feet, Donny Allen is getting ready, measuring him as he waits to land the WELCOME TO NEW JERSEY, hopefully successfully this time!

Mike Fisher: If he lands this, I don't see how he recovers!

Donny Allen charges forward like a freight train, but NOO!!!

Jake E lifts his boot up and knocks him head clear off him shoulders with a pin point dropkick using his own momentum carrying him right into it! This is the knockout blow Jake E has been looking for, but his bad leg buckles underneath him, forcing him to a knee!

Mike Fisher: Good God! Donny Allen is unconscious!
Scott James: Nooo!! He's stirring, but Jake E's problem is that he's not able to make the cover! Not that I'm complaining...
Mike Fisher: Jake E is losing valuable time here, and Donny Allen could very well kick out!

Jake E finally stumbles over to Donny Allen and ponders making the tag, but with as much energy as he has left he grabs Donny picks him up and……….DANGEROUS LIASON!!!!

Scott James: Oh crap.
Mike Fisher: The End!

Donny Allen seems to have disappeared under Jake E's body as the ref slides in to make the pin!




Jenny Fletcher: Your winner and STILL IIW WORLD CHAMPION Jake E Dangerously

Bob Mitchell strolls out to the entrance.

Bob Mitchell: Ladies and gentlemen… Congratulations are due for Jake E Dangerously, by defeating IIW Hall of Famer Donny Allen, that now means he has set a new record for the longest reigning IIW World Champion, breaking his own record! But by beating Donny Allen, this means he needs a new challenge for the upcoming 8th edition of IIW Explosion! Please welcome the NEW IIW World Title number one contender!

After a hellacious mayhem main event the fans are still on their feet. Suddenly the sounds of Nickelback come flowing thru the speakers. Burn it to the ground begins to play. Dan Distoner appears on stage with what appears to be Jason Myers ring jacket. He reaches in his pocket and pulls out a microphone.

"Jason Jason Jason. How well I know you. I've been sitting back in the locker room all night. Listening to you every time you open that shit hole on your face. To spew your diarrhea of the mouth. And Jase. Believe it or not. Something you said kinda inspired me. In two ways. First. I had the monkeys in the truck play me out to music that is familiar to both our careers. From your time in Wolfpac. And my singles career. And second. I've decided that a strap match. Doesnt come close to ending this dance between us. You said earlier tonight that My Actions keep adding fuel to the fire. And it got me thinking. Years ago. I saw you fight in a match with Matt Robinson. And it gave me a spark of inspiration. In roughly a month. We have a Pay Per View named Explosion. And what better way to end it. Than by us. Burning it to the ground in a Hells Inferno match.

Now to you fans who don't know what a Hells Inferno match is. It's a 20 foot high enclosed steel cage. With all the tools one needs to set his opponent on fire.

Now Jason. I know you are jealous. Of everything I have. You are jealous that Osh made me the IIW Legends Champion. And you have been chomping at the bit to take this belt away from me. So I will tell ya what Jase. My belt on the line. Versus those golden locks on your head.

Belt vs Hair. That is if you have the testicular fortitude to put your hair on the line.

With that. Distoner drops the microphone on the stage. And pulls a can of lighter fluid out of the pocket of Myers prized jacket. Sprays it down with the fluid and drops it to the ground.

Distoner then pulls a joint from behind his ear. And lights it with a match. Before dropping the match onto the jacket setting it ablaze.

As Mayhem ends Distoner stands there laughing as the jacket burns