[center]The show opens up with IIW backstage interviewer, Michael Morrison, standing outside a dressing room with the words “KINDRED” on the plaque stuck to the door, he smiles a little nervously to camera.

Michael Morrison: Alright guys I’m going to see if I can get a quick word with the IIW International Champion, Tyler Debonair, about his tag match tonight…

Michael knocks on the door and waits for a bit, but shortly it’s opened by this man…

Morrison looks confused as the man removes his sunglasses and tilts his head slightly.

Michael Morrison: Sorry I was looking for Tyler Debonair, have you seen him??

Man: Mike, it’s me… Just less hair and makeup.

Michael Morrison: What? Oh wow, Tyler?! Holy hell what a new look! Okay well, I was wondering if you had any words about tonight’s tag team match with you and Rogue against John Cavanah and Zack Steele??

Tyler stands there for a minute as if in thought, then goes to say something into Michael’s microphone before pulling away. He slowly puts his sunglasses back on, smiles and proceeds to shut the door on Michael Morrison without so much as a reply.


Joe Barone and Brandon Hendrix both go to dive into the tie up, but Brandon Hendrix puts the boot into Joe Barone before they meet then hits him with a knee to the face, staggering him back into the ropes. Brandon Hendrix throws Joe Barone across the ring and picks him up on the rebound, only to drop him with a sidwalk slam before quickly hooking the leg ...

1 ... Joe Barone kicks out!

Wasting little time, Brandon Hendrix climbs on top of Joe Barone and begins to fire away with stiff right hands until Jimmy Schultz's count reaches four and Brandon Hendrix stops just in time, dragging Joe Barone up with a handful of hair. Taking his hand, Brandon Hendrix throws him into the turnbuckle and charges to attack, but Joe Barone connects with an elbow then flies out of the corner to plant the staggered Brandon Hendrix with a bulldog! Joe Barone quickly gets up and pulls Brandon Hendrix up to his feet then throws him into the ropes before dropping him with a standing dropkick on the return! Joe Barone drops to the mat for the cover ...

1 ... 2 ... Brandon Hendrix kicks out!

Joe Barone drags Brandon Hendrix up and sets him up for the Spin Cycle, but Brandon Hendrix shoves him away and quickly drops him with a reverse DDT! Rather than pinning, Brandon Hendrix grabs hold of Joe Barone's legs and wraps him up into a figure four leg lock! Joe Barone desperately reaches out but denies Schultz's requests for the submission as he fights to edge himself closer to the ropes. He cries out in pain as Brandon Hendrix pushes up and increases the pressure but Joe Barone refuses to give in, changing tact and reaching up to hit Brandon Hendrix with a right hand. He lands another and another until Brandon Hendrix loosens his grip and Joe Barone gets his fingers around the bottom rope, making Schultz call for the break. Brandon Hendrix complies once the count reaches four, leaving Schultz to check that Joe Barone is still good to compete, but he jumps right back on the attack at the first chance, dragging Joe Barone away from the ropes and trying to lock him up again! Joe Barone tries to block the move, pulling Brandon Hendrix down into a small package as he bends his legs ...

1 ... 2 ... Brandon Hendrix kicks out!

Both men fly to their feet but Brandon Hendrix gets in first, almost taking Joe Barone's head off with a stiff lariat. Joe Barone sits up on the mat and Brandon Hendrix hits the ropes, slamming him face first with a low dropkick that sends him flying backwards! Using the ropes for support, Joe Barone brings himself back to his feet, but Brandon Hendrix swiftly grabs hold of his wrist and tries to throw him across the ring, only to have Joe Barone reverse it and send Brandon Hendrix sailing into the ropes to come back to a kick to the gut! Joe Barone tries to set up for a jumping DDT, but as his feet leave the mat, Brandon Hendrix shoves him off, leaving Joe Barone to land flat on the mat on his face! Joe Barone gets to his hands and knees but Brandon Hendrix drives him into the mat face first again with the Cattle Branding before rolling him over and hooking the leg...

1 ... 2 ... Joe Barone kicks out!

Leaving Joe Barone on the mat, Brandon Hendrix ascends the turnbuckle and leaps off for a moonsault, but Joe Barone gets the knees up! Brandon Hendrix crashes and burns on the mat, allowing Joe Barone to lay in wait and hit the Wipe Down as Brandon Hendrix rolls to his knees! Joe Barone quickly hooks the leg ...

1 ... 2 ... Brandon Hendrix kicks out!

With Brandon Hendrix laid out on the mat, Joe Barone grabs hold of his legs and looks to lock him into the Mop Up, but Brandon Hendrix kicks back hard, sending Joe Barone back first into the turnbuckle before he scrambles up. Joe Barone charges to attack but Brandon Hendrix ducks the clothesline attempt and drops Joe Barone with a superkick as he waits, crouching for Joe Barone to get up… he hooks an arm…. HENDRIX BOTTOM!!!!....

Mike Fisher: This man is out!!!!

Brandon makes the pin




Jenny Fletcher: Your winner Brandon Hendrix

Mike Fisher :A classic debut for this young star!

As Mayhem begins and we see a shot of the crowd and the arena, we find Bob Mitchell in the center of the ring to kick off the show.

Bob: Ladies and gentleman, welcome to another exciting edition of Monday Night Mayhem!

The crowd starts to cheer and Bob raises his hands to hype the crowds cheering.

Bob: We've got an amazing card set up tonight with some great matches for you all here with us. I know we had some hiccups with our last Combat show that Im still looking into, but we keep our focus ahead and...

Bob is suddenly cut off as "Rubble Kings (Dynamite)" by Run The Jewels starts to boom through the arena. Bob looks confused and starts looking to the ringside hands for any kind of answer. After a few moments, Jason Fenix steps out onto the top of the ramp in a sharply tailored black suit, mic in one hand and a clipboard tucked under the other arm. The crowd erupts again as Bob and Jason stare at each other. Jason raises a hand to call for his music. Another tense moment passes after the music fades before Jason starts to speak.

Jason: Hello, Mr. Mitchell. Terribly sorry to interrupt your little ego stroke fest here. Allow me to introduce myself, since I dont expect you to have taken the time to get to know who you are working with. My name is Jason Fenix. I have been around with IIW for most of my career. I have held every title this company has had up until this new era. I lead one of the most dominant factions this company has ever seen in The Franchise, where we held every title the company had at once. I am a living IIW legend, and more importantly, I am the IIW Commissioner...

The crowd erupts again and Bob continues to stare at Jason

Bob: I know your name, Mr Fenix. I...

Jason holds up a hand and shushes Bob, cutting him off again.

Jason: Im not here to exchange pleasantries, Bob. I am here to explain things. Lets start with Combat. Combat didnt happen for a very simple reason. I cancelled it.

Jason lets the revelation hang in the air for a moment with Bob displaying a growing look of disbelief. Bob stammers to start speaking again, but Jason continues, cutting him off once more.

Jason: I cancelled every single match on that card. None of it was run by me or approved by me. So I made it all go away. And that brings us to tonight...Again, you chose to build out a whole card without consulting me. I'll be honest, Bob, seems a little suspect, and rather disrespectful of you. Consequently, Im sorry to inform you and the crowd here, but tonights Mayhem has also been cancelled. Maybe next time you can learn to play nice and we can have a show.

Boos start to echo through the arena from the crowd. Bob looks shocked

Bob: Jason, why would you cancel the whole show?! What possible good reason would you have for that?! Do you know how much this is going to cost the company?!

Jason shrugs nonchalantly

Jason: Frankly, thats not my problem. Thats on you. Should have consulted with me.

Bob: Jason, please, you cant just cancel a whole show like this with no notice!

Jason: *cocking an eyebrow at Bob* Oh, I cant? Thats funny cause I already did. Yeah, everyone in the back is already packing up. I give the word and we all head out.

Bobs mouth hangs open in shock as he leans on the ropes in the ring.

Bob: Jason, you cant....

Jason: Sorry Bob, already did. Apologies everyone! We'll try this all again next Mayhem once Bob learns to be a team player! Good night everyone!

Bob starts yelling at Jason off mic as Jason turns to leave. Jasons music starts playing again, but Jason pauses just as hes about to back through the curtain. He slowly turns on his heel and holds up a hand to cut his music once more. Bob at this point has climbed out of the ring and started moving up the ramp after Jason. Jason stares him down for a moment.

Jason: I assume I have your attention now?

Bob nods and yells something to Jason that isnt picked up

Jason: You know what? I feel like I've made my point. I've changed my mind. All matches are reinstated and approved

The crowd erupts and starts cheering again. Jason looks over his clipboard and jots something down on it.

Bob: Why are you doing this?!

Jason: Simple, Bob. To prove a point. You have to work within the system, and now, I am part of that system. My contract as commissioner is ironclad at this point, so you have to deal with me whether you want to or not. Now, Im not an unreasonable man. I simply expect to be afforded the respect and responsibility my position is due. You can work with me, and things can go just fine. Or you can work against me, and we've seen what happens when you do that. Have I made my point? Do you understand?

Bob simply nods silently

Jason: Perfect. Have a wonderful show, everyone! First match starts right now!

"The Doctor of Thuganomics" begins to play, signalling Johnny Franchise's entrance as Jason smirks and turns to leave, giving a wave of the clipboard over his shoulder as he disappears behind the curtain, leaving Bob to scramble to the back to restore order.

vs vs

Jason Ryan comes out to a chorus of boos he smirks at the crowd then quickly makes his way in the ring.

“Mein Teil” by Rammstein hits and Das Ungenheuer makes his way out to the stage accompanied by his manager and uncle Jon Tees. The boos and jeers seem to fill the arena from top to bottom, but have absolutely no effect on the monstrous German, whose angry, hateful expression never seems to change. Tees leads his monster into battle as the big man easily steps over the top rope into the ring. Tees takes his place at ringside as Das Ungenheuer prepares to destroy yet another victim.

The bell rings and the match up begin as Jason Ryan and Johnny Franchise charge at the massive monster Das, but he quickly clotheslines both men knocking them down to the mat with hard authority. Johnny Franchise rolls out the ring as Das picks up Jason by his head and then delivering a thundering shot to the head with a punch. Das tosses Jason across the ring and then charges at Jason as he stands up in the corner driving his shoulder into Jason’s mid-section before duplexing him to the other side of the ring.

As Jason lays on the mat motionless Johnny Franchise come back in the ring and starts throwing punch combinations at Das as the big man starts to wobble back, he lands devasting head butt to Johnny Franchise knocking him down to the mat. Jason Ryan comes back from behind Das and tries to perform a backbreaker but Das reverses it into a chokeslam on Jason Ryan. As both Jason and Johnny lay down on the mat Das circlers them looking to finish them match but suddenly Monster - The Automatic Adam The Monsters theme music hits and out comes Adam The Monster making his way down the ramp with a fierce look on his face Shaun Hart comes out trying to stop him but Adam Pushes him to the side and makes his way to the ring as him and Das comes face to face.

Mike Fisher- Dear lord look at the size of both these men.

Scott James- I have feeling we are going to need a new ring after this encounter.

Adam The Monster and Das exchange roars with each other before throwing hard right and left hands at each other as the blows are echoed around the arena. Das takes Adam over the top rope as the action spills outside. As Das gets to the outside Adam The Monster throws him into the crowd and the two monsters start brawling into the back of the arena disappearing out of the camera view.

As we return to the ring Jason Ryan has made it back to his feet, he goes to pick Johnny up, but the Franchise reverses it into his finisher The Franchise Takeover. Johnny goes for the cover as the referee gets in position. One…two…. three.

Jenny Fletcher- Your Winner Johnny Franchise

Johnny celebrates in the ring as the scene goes to commercial break.

The cameras fade in on the locker room area, in which Acheron Revok is seen slowly wrapping his wrists ahead of his upcoming bout with TJ Alexander. The crowd lets out a smattering of boos as Acheron’s lackey Dierdre excitedly runs back and forth, head just barely in frame as the camera stays focused on Acheron.

Voice: Some folks like t’say “the journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step”.

Acheron slowly looks up as the camera pans out and to the left slightly to reveal Jack Hill casually strolling into view, warm smile on his face as always. The crowd starts to boo a little more heavily upon seeing The Country Doctor.

Jack: Always struck me as a mighty powerful motivator t’take that firs’ step. Don’ you think so, m’friend?

Acheron stares Jack down for a moment before going back to wrapping his wrists.

Jack: But y’know what nobody ever thinks about when they go ‘round lettin’ loose with this ol’ sayin’? After y’take that firs’ step, y’still got jus’ about ever’ bit o’that thousand miles left ahead o’ya. Now last week, when we done made our… grand proclamation, we took our firs’ step. We got folks’ attention. Now comes the thousand mile trek t’earn their respect.

Jack takes a step forward and lays a hand on Acheron’s shoulder, causing him to tear off his tape abruptly and turn to fully face Jack, clearly annoyed by this familiar gesture.

Jack: Look, I know y’think that all o’this wins ‘n’ losses, rules ‘n’ regulations business is just a bunch o’nonsense what gits in the way o’you inflictin’ the maximum amount o’pain on folks, but you’n I each got lofty goals here, an’ what we both want? It’s gon’ require more’n jus’ people’s fear; it’s gon’ require their respect. See, a man might rightly fear any number o’things o’er the course of ‘is life, but there's differ'nt kinds o’fear.

Jack takes a step back and looks down at Dierdre.

Jack: Dierdre, tell me some’n: you scared o’spiders?

Dierdre nods his head vigorously.

Jack: Course y’are, you’s a delicate thing, afterall. Jus’ outta curiosity, wha’ d’you do when y’come across a big, nasty spider?

Dierdre: Try to squish it, usually!

Jack nods knowingly.

Jack: Try’n squarsh it, tha’s right. Now, lemme ask ya’ ‘nother question: you scared o’big ol’ grizzly bears?

Dierdre nods his head even more vigorously as Jack looks down at him with a serious expression.

Jack: Now, if you ever come across a bear what’s in your way, would you try’n squarsh it?

Dierdre laughs nervously and shakes his head no, and a satisfied smile spreads across Jack’s face.

Jack: Naw, o’course not.

He turns his attention back to Acheron.

Jack: You know what the differ’nce is, Acheron? Respect. Both’re feared far’n wide, but only one of ‘em is respected. Fear ‘thout respect makes you a pest, somethin’ t’be chased off or destroyed. Fear with respect? That makes you a beast, a force o’nature what’s not t’be trifled with. You git some respect behin’ ya, and folks’ll clear right on out your way as you go ‘bout your business. And ain’t no better way t’earn respect 'round here'n by beatin’ anyone an’ ever’one they put in front o’ya. An’ I don’ mean jus’ bloodyin’ a feller up - I mean havin’ yer hand raised in the middle o’the ring when all’s said’n done. We do that, git some wins un’er our collective belts, and we’ll git our respect in short order. But we jus’ go ‘round puttin’ some hurt on folks ‘thout ever closin’ the deal? Well… let’s jus’ say that we each got a choice ahead of us.

He takes another step forward, such that the two men are almost nose-to-nose, or as close as they can be given the difference in their standing heights. There is no smile on his face as the two men eye each other, the tension in the room so thick that even Dierdre stops his frantic scrambling for fear of setting someone off.

Jack: D’we wanna be pests? Or fearsome forces o’goddamn nature?

With that, he takes a step back, and smiles warmly.

Jack: I can’ make your decision for ya, mah friend, but I know what direction I lean in fer mine.

He then looks down at Dierdre, whom he gives a quick wink.

Jack: Pleasure as always, Dierdre.

With that he gives Acheron a small nod and walks out of view. The camera pans in close on Acheron’s face. He eyes Jack with a mixture of annoyance and consideration as the cameras fade to black.

The segment opens up to a cabin deep within the woods; a cold dark atmosphere hangs in the air. Silent as a man that just had his throat cut, the woods' deep sounds echo in the back. As the camera gets closer to the house, the door swings open as a gust of wind had blown it open, but the wind is as calm as a corpse.

As we enter the room, it's dark with only one flickering light that hangs in the middle; as the light continues to flicker, a figure suddenly appears in sight. His hair long and dark with red blood stains dyed at the end, he wears a mask that resembles that of Hannibal Lecter. He swings his head from side to side, then stops and life his head up, staring directly into the camera as if he can see everyone's soul that's watching.

Ryan: Many people do not understand my actions at Worlds Collide. I did not know why I snapped the way I did, and then as I sat in my locker room alone with just me and Hannabelle as I finally listen to her and let the voices guide me to my true calling. You see, I thought I knew what it was like to Kill a mans dreams, honestly, but I was only scratching at the surface. Now I know I must get a little deeper and a little darker to conquer the sick-minded ones that believe in fairytale dreams.

That's why I turned on Bob and stuck it to Osh as well. I owe no man any loyalty except to The Purge. Of course, the higher power in Hannabelle and soon everyone in IIW will answer to her as she mourns for more power which requires The Purge to seek more Championships in IIW. We The Purge hear the threats being sent out at us and welcomes anyone that wants to try and pry the Tag Team Titles from us. Still, you'll only receive shattered dreams and agony you'll never recover from, and to Jake Dangerously, I want you to hold on to that IIW World Championship because very soon, you'll get to witness what it's like to have your Dreams killed! IIW will quickly be purged and freed of its virus as I inject the cure and let it run wild in the IIW system. Prepare to be Purged

Hannabelle appears in the camera as the scene goes dark.


Hardcore Match

Anthony Phoenix vs Chis Nitro

Anthony Phoenix is now the longest reigning IIW Hardcore champion and is going to defend it as a result on the IIW Mayhem show against Chris Nitro, to show how much he has raise the prestige of the Hardcore championship it’s now being defended on the main shows

The lights flicker three times as the singer sings "1...2...3" followed by a brief pause. The lights in the arena start to change colors for all of a minute as the guitar begins to play the lights go out with only a spotlight in the middle of stage.

Phoenix comes out from backstage wearing a zipped up jogging jacket and navy blue trunks and stands in the middle of the spotlight. He holds arms out forming an 'X' which is slightly moved to the side. Phoenix then taunts the crowd with one crotch chop as pyro in the form of an X shoots out behind him.

Mike Fisher: OMG…. Look at Phoenix… HE LOOKS COMPLETELY DIFFERENT!

He then starts to walk down the ramp, the spotlight following him looking very determined. When he reaches the ring he enters under the bottom rope and walks to the middle of the ring all the while the spot is still on him. When he reaches mid ring he stares at the camera as he holds his arms out forming the same 'X' as he did at the entrance. Phoenix scowls at the camera as the song ends.

The bell rings and here we go! The two lock up square in the middle of the ring. Anthony Phoenix tries to slip out, but Chris Nitro is just too damn strong. Chris Nitro takes control and hits a big suplex right on Anthony Phoenix, but Phoenix is right back up.

Mike Fisher: Chris is stronger than Anthony Phoenix. What an opening move!

Chris Nitro Irish whips Phoenix into the ropes and hits a big clothesline on the return sending Phoenix to the mat. As soon as Phoenix is back up he goes for a wristlock, but Chris reverses into a headlock. Chris pushes Phoenix away and hits him with a few quick jabs. Phoenix tries to return punches, but Chris is able to clobber Phoenix with a series of strikes.

Mike Fisher: It's not a good idea to try to box with Chris Nitro, this man is a striking master.

Scott James: Phoenix needs to take control and get Nitro in some holds here.

Anthony Phoenix runs into the ropes only to be caught with a huge sidewalk slam by Chris Nitro. Chris gets up and flexes with intensity, the crowd pops massively for this display of power. Chris Nitro picks up Phoenix and hits a huge German suplex, sending Phoenix to the mat.

Scott James: I don't like where this is going.

Mike Fisher: Huge German right there!

Chris whips Phoenix into the ropes, but Phoenix is able to hang onto the ropes and stop himself from the return. Chris charges and clotheslines Phoenix over the top rope, much to the delight of the fans, but Anthony Phoenix lands on his feet! Phoenix taps on his head and points at Chris. But Chris Nitro trips him up.

While Phoenix is down, Nitro takes the opportunity to step outside and grab a steel chair. Chris slides back in the ring as Phoenix is getting back up. As Phoenix turns around, Chris swings the chair at his head, but Anthony Phoenix ducks! While Chris is off balance from the furious swing, Phoenix comes in from behind and hits a blatant low blow, causing Chris to double over and drop the chair.

Scott James: That's not fair!

Mike Fisher: It's a hardcore match, It's just as fair as trying to take a mans head off with a damned steel chair!

Anthony Phoenix kicks the chair to the outside of the ring and locks Chris Nitro in the figure four leglock! Chris Nitro is screaming in pain trying to escape.

Mike Fisher: The figure four leglock sure is a deadly submission hold! I can see Phoenix's train of thought here. Submissions are indeed valid in a hardcore match!

Anthony Phoenix has the figure four cinched in tight. Chris Nitro may be in trouble here! Chris has been locked in the hold for what seems like an eternity but his strength is showing it's value as he inches towards the ropes. Chris keeps inching closer and closer.

Scott James: What a fool! This is hardcore, there are no rope breaks!

Mike Fisher: I'm sure Chris realizes that, even if it won't break the hold he can use it for leverage to get out or even as a means to try to escape the ring!

Scott James: He should just tap now and get it over with.

Mike Fisher: This match can end by pinfall or submission, there are no DQ's, no rope breaks, and no count outs.

Scott James: But the match still has to end in the ring and all weapons are legal!

Chris finally is able to reach the ropes and pull himself to them, but Phoenix still has the figure four cinched in! Chris grabs the second rope and begins to pull himself up much to the horror of Anthony Phoenix. Chris is now got a hold of the top rope! He is almost completely vertical now! Anthony Phoenix is forced to break the hold due to the awkward body positions. Chris Nitro goes for a clothesline, but Phoenix ducks and gets Nitro with a Russian leg sweep.

Mike Fisher: Phoenix wants to keep Chris on the mat!

Anthony Phoenix stomps on Nitro a few times and tries to lock Chris on the Boston crab, but Chris quickly uses his upper body strength to reach the edge of the ring and pull himself out. Chris picks up one of the weapons strewn on the floor, in this case, a baseball bat. Anthony Phoenix goes out to try to get Nitro back in the ring.

Chris is feigning dizziness as Phoenix approaches and turns and swings the bat at Anthony Phoenix, but Anthony Phoenix ducks causing Nitro to hit the turnbuckle with the bat! Chris is forced to drop the bat due to pain and Anthony Phoenix tried to slide under the ring apron to escape Chris.

Scott James: What a good strategy here!

Mike Fisher: More like what a coward!

Nitro is annoyed and furiously tried to grab Anthony Phoenix. He just catches his ankle! Chris Nitro pulls out Anthony Phoenix. As Anthony Phoenix stands up, we see that he has put on a protective catchers mask! Phoenix starts running away from Nitro.

Mike Fisher: Is he wearing a baseball catchers mask?

Scott James: Brilliant!

Anthony Phoenix looks furious and runs at Chris Nitro. Chris Nitro ducks and delivers a back body drop to Anthony Phoenix right through the announcers table!
Mike Fisher: Good gawd almighty! Anthony Phoenix has just been put through the announcers table!

Chris Nitro picks up Anthony Phoenix and slams his head on the apron sending him to the ground. Nitro picks up a steel chair and slams it into the back of Anthony Phoenix as he tries to get up. The crowd roars.

Mike Fisher: I think these fans get a kick out of Anthony Phoenix taking this kind of punishment!

While on the ground, Chris Nitro repeatedly smashes the chair into the back of Anthony Phoenix, until the chair falls apart. Chris Nitro picks up Anthony Phoenix and hits a belly to belly suplex, slamming Phoenix right into the rubble on the ground, causing Phoenix to writhe in pain.

Scott James: Someone should put a stop to this madness!

Mike Fisher: Would you be singing the same tune if the tables were turned?

Chris Nitro picks up Anthony Phoenix and throws him in the ring. Chris picks up the IIW Hardcore Championship before heading back into the ring. Chris stalks Phoenix waiting for him to get up, Chris swings the championship at Anthony Phoenix, but Anthony Phoenix leaps backwards in an impressive dodge.

Mike Fisher: What skill!

Chris Nitro repeats the attempt, but Anthony Phoenix catches the title with his hands and they struggle over the title belt. Anthony Phoenix spins counter clockwise, ripping the title from the grasp of Chris. In an instant, Phoenix tosses the title at Chris Nitro; Chris crouches slightly to try to catch the title on basic human instinct, and Anthony Phoenix jumps on Nitro's knee and hits a thunderous enzuigiri!

Scott James: Now that is impressive! Beautiful and smart!

Mike Fisher: That certainly caught Chris off guard!

Anthony Phoenix picks up the Hardcore title and fixes his hair a bit in the shiny silver reflection before sliding it outside of the ring.

Scott James: He's got to stay presentable, now doesn't he?

Anthony Phoenix takes the legs of Chris Nitro and locks in a Texas Cloverleaf! Chris Nitro is in agony trying to endure the hold.

Mike Fisher: Classic Texas Cloverleaf!

Scott James: I don't think Chris can escape this!

Chris Nitro's endurance is amazing! Anthony Phoenix keeps the hold on in the center of the ring. He uses his free hand to wave at the crowd much to their dismay.

Mike Fisher: Anthony Phoenix likes to slow this down to swing the advantage his way.

Scott James: The fans should appreciate this beautiful wrestling hold.

Mike Fisher: The fans paid to see a hardcore match, so I don't think they appreciate Anthony Phoenix kicking all of the weapons out of the ring all of the time and using holds.

Chris Nitro powers out of nowhere! But Anthony Phoenix stays on him with an elbow smash to the back of the neck. He locks in a half crab on Chris Nitro, but Chris is able to reverse the hold after about a minute kicking Anthony Phoenix into the ropes.

Anthony Phoenix tried to hit a German suplex on Chris Nitro, but Nitro elbows Crane in the face. Chris Nitro grabs Phoenix and hits a Gutwrench Powerbomb! He goes for the cover, hooking one leg and resting his forearm on Phoenix's face.

Mike Fisher: Gutwrench Powerbomb!


Two... Anthony Phoenix elbows Chris in the face!

Chris Nitro is forced to break the pin due to the elbow shot!

Mike Fisher: Desperation move right there!

Chris Nitro gets up at the same time as Anthony Phoenix. Anthony Phoenix hits a running knee! While Chris Nitro is doubled over, Phoenix kicks the inside of Nitro's knee bringing him down. Anthony Phoenix locks in yet another submission hold in an armbar on Chris Nitro.

Scott James: Back to basics!

As nitro powers out of this once again, Phoenix realises he needs a new tactic

Phoenix Irish whips Chris Nitro towards the ring post and follows up with a strong clothesline thus staggering the Chris Nitro just enough for him to jump up towards the top rope. Phoenix then jumps off the rope backwards hitting a moonsault landing behind Chris Nitro’ head and slamming it down backwards onto the mat in a reverse DDT type move on top of a steel chair

Mike Fisher: THIS ONE IS OVER!!!!






We cut back stage to find Bob Mitchell storming down a hallway with Larry Fishburg in toe.

Larry – Bob, a minute! What do you think of Jason Fenix trying to cancel Mayhem? Bob!?! Anything?

Mitchell doesn't pay much attention and steams on ahead down the hall with Larry keeping pace until we see him reach a door with a nameplate:

Connor Briggs

But Bob doesn't bother knocking, instead he barges in.

Bob – Briggs! Just what in the hell do you think you're trying to pull here! How am I supposed to put on a show with your man Fenix coming out there and jerking all the boys around telling them there's a show, there's no show... Who the FUCK does this guy think he is?

Connor Briggs, in the middle of a phone call, lets out a long sigh.

Briggs – I'm going to have to call you back.

He hangs up the phone and shakes his head.

Briggs – Calm down Bob, you know he's not going to cancel the show, he can't cancel the show. Ho are we to put on a program if someone is cancelling all the matches, think about it. He's just trying to get you riled up and throw around his weight. He used to be a competitor, he's used to being in the spotlight. It's given him a flair for the dramatic and we love that about him. He's just trying to get a reaction out of you because he's not happy about being left out of creating the card for this weeks show.

Bob – The card? That card was in place before he was ever announced as Commissioner and you know it! And if that asshole wanted any say then maybe he should have taken my calls or answered my emails. All week I was trying to get a hold of him to figure this guy out and work with him and he ghosted me the whole time. For a guy who loves the spotlight he sure is good at making himself scarce. If you think you're just going to shove some asshole on me and have HIM report to ME then you sure have another thing coming. I don't give a fuck who he signed an Ironclad contract with, I'm running the show now, he better get used to that QUICK!

Briggs – Please calm down Bob, he just wanted to flex his power and let people know he's here and he plans to make a difference. We thought it in everyone's best interest to create a team to run IIW. We've seen what happens when one person has absolute control and it's an environment that none of us want to repeat. Just try to give him a chance and we'll talk with Jason and make sure he sees it the same way. Don't worry Bob, everything is under control.

While this conversation has been going on Larry Fishburg is right there, big grin on his face getting the whole thing before someone else barges in, this time it's Bob Mitchell's own client, Blade Alexander, hand in hand with his acting manager, Melanie Jackson.

Blade – Bob, just what's going on here? The shows cancelled, then it's back on? And I can't even get a match? Donny Allen has a title match tonight and he hasn't been in the ring in about a hundred years, but no body in this company has ever beaten me and I have to sit on the sidelines?

Bob – Can you just cut me a break, Blade? You know that was out of my hands. That contract was signed before I took control.

Blade – Oh, I see, it's I now. It was us, but the minute you get the company it's I now.

Bob – God Dammit, that's not how I meant it and you know it. I'll see what I can do, you know you deserve that shot, I know you deserve that shot, but now I've got to work with this Fenix and he's a loose canon. I'll do what I can. One way or another we'll make it happen.

Before Blade gets the chance to respond however, Melanie Jackson is almost bowled over and everyone gets shoved further into Connor Briggs now cramped office.

Voice – There you are finally!

Pushing his way through the crowd is Boz, IIW's heretofore rarely seen HR Officer.

Boz – Oh good, Netflix is here too. Good. Look I've come up with an idea and I think you'll all just be buzzing, it's aces.

Bob – Make this quick, Boz.

Boz – Well I know everyone's been on pins and needles around here lately and I've come up with the perfect idea to put everyone at ease, take each others hand from around each others throats and get everyone together again...

Bob – Get to the point, Boz.

Boz – We need a good old fashioned SOCK HOP! Think about it, everyone brings a date, everyone's chatting and social, there's smashing music, we can raise money for charity, we can get live music and stream the whole thing as an extravaganza on Netflix...

Connor Briggs meets this idea with an epic eye roll.

Boz – And to top it all off, we can run a contest amongst the fans for the chance for one lucky fan to accompany the IIW Superstar of their choosing to the event!

Melanie – Well I've already got my date sorted.

Boz – That's the spirit! See, everyone's getting on board! What do you say chaps? A smashing idea am I right? Shall I start getting music acts sorted?

Bob – Boz, you take this to the Commissioner. This is right up his alley.

Boz is delighted with this answer and takes off down the hallway at a full sprint as the program goes to commercial.


Acheron Revok vs TJ Alexander

Jenny Fletcher: Ladies and Gentleman the following contest is scheduled for ONE fall.

(The crowd clap)

Jenny Fletcher: Introducing first, fighting out of London, ENGLAND. Weighing in at one hundred and eighty eight pounds and standing six foot one inches!!!

KIDD KRAZYYY - TJ Alexander!!!

("Demi-Gods" By Lab-Rats and Slim J starts blasting on the PA , and out walks TJ Alexander to a neutral reception and confidently makes his way ringside)

MIke Fisher: Well Scott, TJ Alexander here at twenty years of age has his whole career ahead of him ..

Scott James: Indeed! Can he bounce back after the World's Collide pay per view?

Jenny Fletcher: And his opponent, from Salem, New Hampshire , U S A. Standing six foot five inches and weighing and at two hundred and forty five poundssssss

Acheronnn "HEADSMANS" Revokkkk

(The crowd rise in expectation for the following contest as Ouroboros is Broken” by Earth begins to play thru out the arena as the lights dim. A good half a minute passes until the lights grow red and out comes Revok wearing an executioners hood draped over his head)

Scott James: another witch in IIW, Can you imagine that Mike?

Mike Fisher: Ask him Scott, all I know is from Salem, New Hampshire, this man means business! Well referee Jeremy Oakland is in the ring taking control of this one, TJ Alexander patiently waiting by his corner trying to keep warm, while Revok checks out the ropes .

Scott James: Intelligent man, you never know who they hired too set the ring up.

Mike Fisher: Very true, well Jeremy Oakland making sure the combatants are ready and , we are off


(The crowd pop)

Mike Fisher: Immediately Revok after TJ , closing in on him fast...both men clinch , Revok with the size advantage and Belly to Belly suplex and TJ Alexander felt that one.... and Revok back to his feet and smiles and is warming up to this bout ... TJ Alexander back to one knee, Revok closes in

TJ rolls at the last second, out of danger .

..back to his feet. Revok spins, DROP KICK!!

And Revok quickly back up... and another drop kick!!!

(And the crowd clap in approval)

TJ definitely has the speed advantage in this match up Scott!

Scott James: Well at thirty five years old Acheron Revok is no spring chicken.

Mike Fisher: Indeed, Acheron , refocuses and both men clinch again, arm drag by TJ Alexander.... and up gets Revok, and TJ Alexander with another arm drag and Revok back to his feet

TJ goes for a third arm drag???

Scott James: No... what a counter Mike Fisher!!

Mike Fisher: Excellent timing by Acheron then ....on the third attempt denies the arm drag and just throws the much lighter TJ Alexander to the mat...

Wasting no time and Acheron lays a running knee to the side of the head and Jeremy Oakland gives him a verbal warning and Revok just smiles it off and grabs TJ Alexander by the head......


Scott James: Tremendous form and Revok looking to gain the upper hand here. Has TJ by the hair going for a maneuver.

Lifting Double Underhook DDT and goes for the quick pin??




TJ just in time gets his shoulder up, Acheron will have to do more than that to keep the International tournament finalist down for the three count.

Irish whip, TJ coming in hot , Acheron with a brutal clothesline!!!! And Acheron closes in for a verbal lashing.

Scott James: Showing no respect for TJ Alexander here.

Mike Fisher: Small PACKAGE!!! TJ Out of nowhere......

Referee goes for the count....

ONE......quick kick out!

Acheron gets up and slaps TJ in the face. And TJ responds with a blow to the midsection and another , both men trading blows and on their feet.

Acheron runs in for another clothesline and TJ ducks and OVER HE GOES!!

And hits the pavement ... TJ taking this chance to catch his breath.

Scott James: TJ is quick MIke.

Mike Fisher: Acheron up to his feet stumbling on the outside, here comes trouble.....
and TJ baseball slides , feet first ...and connects!! and both men on the outside now... Here goes TJ again. Up on the ring apron, quick as a cat- Points to the fans, and double axe handle!!! And Acheron crashes onto the railing.

Referee Oakland is up to the 4 count... TJ rolls back in the ring . Acheron makes his way onto the ring apron and TJ comes in ...using the ropes to slingshot Acheron in. But NO.... Acheron stuffs it and smacks TJ square on the jaw and ...





And Acheron up to his feet first, applies a half nelson to slow down TJ and they scramble towards the turnbuckles....TJ wincing in pain from the lock, Acheron looking to slow the pace down of this match,

Scott James: Electric pace

MIke Fisher: TJ on one knee... Acheron still has the half nelson locked in, TJ fighting it off , up to his feet, climbs the turnbuckles , jumps and escapes the hold.... Acheron turns , TJ with a massive punch and another... TJ uses the ropes to springboard, flying forearm shot... and goes for the pin

ONE .........



TJ Frustrated, complains to Jeremy Oakland about the count. He focuses on Revok and kicks him in the legs , and then in the stomach and follows it up with a chop to the throat. Lighting fast. TJ gaining some momentum.

TJ has Acheron by the corner... Irish whip to the opposite corner.. Revok hits hard and proceeds to leans on the turnbuckles, TJ runs in ......Splash?


Revok moves and TJ bounces of the turnbuckles and is dazed.

Scott James: Hit might of hit the post.

Mike Fisher: TJ Alexander doesnt know were he is, Revok see this quickly goes for a school boy....






(Revok immediately rolls out of the ring and makes his way backstage, while TJ Alexander looks at him)

Mike Fisher: Acheron Revok with a handful of tights gets the win here tonight , yet TJ Alexander has nothing to be ashamed about , this could have gone either way

Scott James: Either way Mike , either way.

We cut to the parking lot where Jonny FnC is riding around in the parking lot on Bam Millers Harley Davidson Motorcycle. Jonny FnC holds a microphone in his hands as he does donuts in the parking lot before stopping in front of the camera.

Jonny- OK! Fun time is over Bam you may not have a match tonight, but I know your sorry ass is back there with the greatest mistake of my life Curtis and probably that bitch Jenny as well. You really thought you could end me Bam! Well look in my eyes Bam you’ve gotten hat you wanted you’ve awoken the monster that made me a legend. So now get your ASS OUT HERE RIGHT NOW!!!

The cameraman cuts to the locker room where they see Bam Miller watching on the monitor with Curtis in the back. Curtis looks concerned as Bam face turns bright red as he glitches the Hollywood Championship in his hand.

Bam- Curtis I’m about to kick your dads ASS!

Bam storms out the locker room as Curtis rushes behind him and shouts down the hall to him.

Curtis- Can you please just make sure you make your fist real tight, so you don’t break your hand please and tell dad I said hi with lots of love and hugs.

Bam turns around and looks at Curtis for a moment before continuing to storm off towards the parking lot. He walks down a few corners and then finally see the exit leading to the parking lot. The garage door is let up as Jonny sits on Bam’s motorcycle still taunting Bam.

Jonny- Come on Bam come get your little bike back Bitch.

Bam take his black leather jacket off and starts charging towards Jonny but Jonny fires up the Bike and starts driving off out of the parking lot. Bam sees Shaun Hart getting out of his Lamborghini as Shaun turns around Bam takes the keys out his hands and pushes Shaun out the way and hope sin the car and pulls of yelling out to Shaun.

Bam- I promise not to crash the car!!!

Shaun stands there baffled as the camera man hop in an IIW tv truck and follow the action on the road.

The camera crew catches up to Bam and Jonny who have made it all the way to Salford Quays Bridge an area of Salford, Greater Manchester, England, near the end of the Manchester Ship Canal. Jonny gets off the bike and starts charging towards Bam as he gets out the car and heads towards Jonny. They collide with each other as Jonny tries to throw a wild punch at Bam but Bam scoops him up and drops him on his back as he throws punches at Jonnys head, but Jonny covers up and uses his feet to kick Bam off him. Jonny rolls to his left and stands back up as he quickly kicks Bam in his ribcage as he was trying to stand up. Jonny drags Bam back to Shaun’s car and Supplex’s him onto the hood of the car leaving a dent of Bam’s back.

Mike Fisher- Shaun Hart is going to have a heart attack.

Scott James- Shaun is calling Adam when he fins out what just happened but my god these two men are tying to kill each other.

Jonny picks Bam up by his hair but Bam elbows him the cut and follows up with an uppercut and goes to spear but Jonny moves out the way and Bam head goes through the glass window. He staggers back as blood drips down his face and back up all the way to the railing of the edge of the bridge. Jonny looks in the car and see the Hollywood Championship he looks at it for a minute then at Bam and his face light up with a sinister smirk. He takes the title out the car and holds it in his hand then looks at Bam.

Jonny- I told you Bam not to mess with me I told you not to try and hang with me because you can’t, but since you tried to end me, I might as well do the same you bastard!

Jonny takes off charging at Bam and use the Hollywood Title to crack Bam over the head with it as it knocks Bam over the edge and falls deep into the ocean below the bridge disappearing out of the cameras reach.

Mike Fisher- What the HELL!! Did Jonny just do.

Scott James- Oh my god someone call the British Navy Bam needs some help what the Hell was Jonny thinking.

Jonny stand there looking over the edge as he smiles and starts laughing to himself.

Jonny- I told that punk not to mess with me and he thought I was washed up but look who’s washed up now.

Jonny fires up a cigarette and puts the Hollywood championship around his neck as he speeds off on Bam’s motorcycle leaving the chaos behind as the scene closes out.

Ryan McCann and Jack Hill lock horns in what will potentially be a big clash of styles
Jack Hill vs Ryan McCann

The mournful violins of Pantopticon's "Rope Burn Exit" fill the arena as the lights dim. As the frantic drum blasts kick in, the lights begin to strobe and "The Country Doctor" steps out from behind the curtain at a slow, methodical pace, wearing a button-down shirt and carrying a vintage brown medical bag. He takes a moment to look over the crowd with a devious smile and then sucks his teeth, smooths down his hair, and makes his way to the ring. He first slides his medical bag under the bottom rope, then jumps up onto the ring apron before leaping into the ring over the top rope. Once in the ring, he saunters around, calling out to various people in the crowd with taunts and mockery, all delivered with the same steady, malicious grin.

"Just Like You" by Three Days Grace begins to play as the crowd boo when they see Ryan McCann make his way down to the ring. McCann enters the ring and, climbs to the top of a nearby corner and tosses his arms in the air and urges the crowd to get louder, as they do

As the bell rings, Jack Hill extends a hand. Ryan McCann seems to consider it for a moment, only to slap Jack Hill across the face instead. He runs the ropes, looking to follow with high speed offense, but Jack Hill catches him in a HUGE belly to belly suplex, laying him out immediately. Ryan McCann crawls to his feet slowly, only to be drilled with a brutal slap that knocks him to a knee. Jack Hill follows with a brutal elbow strikes and leans into a cover.




Scott James: Well, it looks like the kinder, gentler Jack Hill still hits pretty damn hard.
Mike Fisher: Were you expecting any less? The man’s always packed a punch.

Jack Hill seems displeased at Ryan McCann’ survival, so he moves in and drops a huge knee across his forehead. Ryan McCann starts to crawl back to his feet, so Jack Hill drives him backward with a series of chops and elbows, pushing him into the corner so he can fire away with brutal machine gun chops. Ryan McCann limply falls forward out of the corner, leaving Jack Hill to run the ropes. When he comes back, he’s met with a dropkick to the knee though! Jack Hill pushes back to his feet, but a high dropkick lays him out!

Mike Fisher: Smart move by Ryan McCann there, picking his spots.
Scott James: Of course it was. The guy’s a genius!

Ryan McCann stays on the knee, picking it apart with an elbow drop. Jack Hill swings for him, but Ryan McCann stays out of reach, hooking in the leg and turning Jack Hill over into a Single Leg Crab. Jack Hill grits his teeth and digs in, dragging himself toward the ropes. Ryan McCann leans back as hard as he can, but Jack Hill grabs the ropes. The referee counts to four before Ryan McCann releases the hold. As Jack Hill crawls to his knees, Ryan McCann slaps him across the back of the head. Jack Hill responds by popping up in a fury with a huge forearm to the face! Ryan McCann hits a wicked chop in response before grabbing him for an Irish Whip, but Jack Hill reverses sending Ryan McCann off…right into a HUGE Spinebuster!

Scott James: That was NASTY!
Mike Fisher: Jack Hill certainly has the advantage, but he also landed hard on that knee that Ryan McCann was working over.

Jack Hill is slow to rise back to his feet, while Ryan McCann climbs up using the ropes. Jack Hill catches sight of him and charges, looking for the Take 2 of These, but Ryan McCann ducks leaving Jack Hill’s weak knee to drop hard across the top rope! Not missing a chance, Ryan McCann delivers a sharp kick to the exposed leg! He senses blood in the water, whipping Jack Hill into the ropes…but he rebounds with Missile dropkick! Ryan McCann is down but Jack Hill’s knee is hurting! He crawls toward him, pulling himself into a cover!




Mike FisheR: Such a close nearfall by Jack Hill!
Scott James: But Ryan McCann’ great legwork kept him from picking up the win.

Both men struggle to recover, with Jack Hill signaling for the end. He lifts Ryan McCann up and looks for the Muscle Buster, but his knee can’t support Ryan McCann’ weight! Ryan McCann hits him with a nasty kick to the bad knee, then leans in to grab it, hoisting Jack Hill up on his shoulders…Dreamscapes! Ryan McCann hits it! Jack Hill drops to the ground, motionless as Ryan McCann falls into a cover!



3…NO! Jack Hill kicks out at the last second! Ryan McCann can’t believe it!

Scott James: WHAT?
Mike Fisher: Jack Hill is showing his tenacity here! Has anyone kicked out of the Dreamscapes before?
Scott James: Not that I know of.

Ryan McCann is fuming as Jack Hill uses the ropes to keep his weight off the bad knee. He crawls into the corner, barely holding himself up. Sensing blood in the water, Ryan McCann charges…right into the corner Uranage! Ryan McCann is dropped hard onto his neck, giving Jack Hill an opening! He smacks his leg, working to overcome the pain before running the ropes and dropping Ryan McCann with a HUGE Lariat!

Scott James: That’s it. He’s done.
Mike FisheR: Not quite yet, I don’t think.

Jack Hill stares over the fallen body of Ryan McCann, and considers it for a moment before dragging him to his feet, he bounces off the rope and TAKE 2 OF THESE!




Jenny Fletcher: Your winner…. JACK HILL!

Mike Fisher: Welcome back from break ladies and gentleman and we have a hell of an evening ahead...

At that point Bob Mitchell comes charging out with a microphone in hand, making his way to the ring and speaks:

Bob: I am sick to death of this crap! I'm wasting no time tonight and I need Myers and DiStoner out here right now!

Bob then steps into the ring as he awaits Myers and DiStoner. Myers' theme music hits, but before it can kick in Myers, who also has a mic in hand begins to speak:

Myers: Mitchell you don't need to tell me twice! I want this resolved just as much as you do. I want DiStoner at the next PPV. I don't give two shits how he's defaced national treasures, or the wreckage we caused at World's Collide. This needs to end!

Bob then steps up to Myers and begins berating him:

Bob: Who the hell do you think you are? I am YOUR boss Myers. I have to speak to the Board Of Directors. I have to cover PR. I have to deal with YOUR mess. I don't care if you paid off any fees, you and DiStoner are a massive headache. So I don't care what match you want to put yourself in with that prick, but so help me God if you and he cause any more black marks toward MY company, you'll be fired on the spot!

Myers: I don't care what you do to me Mitchell. Because I know my value now. Since I've returned, my stock has risen in the wrestling world. I'm getting phone calls left, right and centre with more lucrative contract deals in other companies. So take your threats and stick 'em. Count your blessings I'm a loyal guy, and lucky for you, you've given me exactly what I wanted. Now the only other thing I want is for DiStoner to get out here so we can set this damn thing up. Come on you great big dope, I saw your skanky girls backstage, lingering around the men's locker rooms. Someone get pest control to get the ring rats out of here!

M.J. then walks out to the top of the ramp, mic in hand and speaks:

M.J.: You better watch your mouth Myers, everything you're saying, you're digging your own grave when it comes to DiStoner. Despite the shit going on within Rev X, there are still plenty of boys in the back who want you gone. You're still feeling what he did to you at World's Collide aren't you?

Myers: Funny, I asked to see DiStoner out here. Unless he's had a sex change and looks like Hilary Clinton banged a Hobbit, you aren't DiStoner. So, pray tell, where is he? Or is he to busy licking his wounds after I scarred him at World's Collide and he's to much of a pussy to confront me, mano e mano?

M.J.: You've got jokes huh? Laugh all you want you greasy punk ass bitch. DiStoner has better things to do than to give people like you his time of day, when Dan is ready that's when you're going to get your chance to see him. Until then, you're just going to have to be a good little boy and wait.

Myers: You know it's real cute, he's got you running around like a little lapdog, obeying to his every command. It really is. But if he has the balls to accept this match, you better keep clear because Lilith hasn't got a problem getting her hands dirty!

M.J.: Funny you should say that. Lynn...

Lynn then pushes Lilith out, who's strapped to an office chair, Lynn has a steel chair in hand as she smashes the chair over a defenceless Lilith and then push the chair down the ramp as it rolls down the ramp before the pair scarper. Myers charges out of the ring to check on her, Bob not far behind as they yell for a medic, Myers is foaming at the mouth.

Mike: My God...

Scott: I hope Lilith is OK. Myers adores her and you can tell he's going to be out for blood after the stunt M.J. and Lynn have pulled here tonight.

An E.M.T. has arrived on the scene as Lilith is placed onto a stretcher and wheeled out as we cut to a commercial.


Damian Winters vs Anthony Tudor

Damian makes his debut against Anthony Tudor who has been struggling recently for a victory
The lights go out and “Thunder Boom” hits the pa system. Pyros go off and Kip Sabian is on the stage looking over the crowd, He smirks has he fixes his collar on the leathering jacket that he is wearing. He begins to walk down the ramp ignoring the fans that are trying to reach out and touch him. He slides into the ring from under the bottom rope jumps up and walks to the middle of the ring and raises his right arm his hand is in a fist.

Limp Bizkit - Breakstuff sounding off with a loud bass boom as the lights in the arena turn a sickly green. The green fades to a low yellow, as if a boom went off before an air raid siren can be heard. The siren perks up louder as Ragna begins to walk out, decked out in a vest and hoodie with his Oncoming Storm logo emblazoned on the front. He stares straight ahead, his muscles flexing before he roars to the camera, shoving the camera man aside as he heads to the ring. He stomps up the ramp, stopping just at the edge of the entrance ramp and running his palm along the canvas itself before pounding his fists against it and hopping up onto the apron. He slides under the middle rope, stepping into the center of the ring and stretching his arms out before tearing the hoodie in half, roaring back to the crowd with a guttural scream.
The bell rings and Damian explodes out of his corner and begins laying in several lefts and rights into Anthony’s body that seem to have little effect on the big man. Anthony drives a knee into Damian gut before dropping him to the mat with a European Uppercut.

Mike Fisher: Damian is coming out quickly here, but Anthony has more than a hundred pounds on him.
Scott James: He’ll definitely have his work cut out for him.

Damian moves back to his feet and Anthony rushes forward leveling him with a lariat, that sends him crashing back to the mat on his chest.

Scott James: And there’s that power from Anthony.
Mike Fisher: Yeah, Damian just got floored.

Anthony grabs Damian’s wrist and pulls him back to his feet, yanking him forward and looking for a second Lariat, only to have Damian avoid contact and land a straight punch to the head of Anthony. Damian lands a couple more, before stepping back and kicking him in the chest.

Mike Fisher: This is what Damian is going to need to do against a man this size.
Scott James: Hit and run is his best shot.

Damian then jumps up into the air, hitting Anthony in the face with a dropkick that rocks him back. Damian gets back up, gives him another kick in the chest before dropping both of them down with a neckbreaker.

Mike Fisher: Damian brings the big man down!
Scott James: and he’s ready to pick up the pace.

Damian runs into the ropes, rebounding back and running full speed into a rising Anthony, who catches Damian and tosses him down with an exploder suplex.

Scott James: That kind of thing is really not going to help though.
Mike Fisher: What a devastating move from Anthony.

Anthony stands over Damian and kicks him in the ribs before dragging him up to a kneeling position, and smashing him in the face with a forearm. Anthony rains down several clubbing shots into his back and head over and over again until Duke Longbottom gets between the two.

Scott James: This is looking like the curtain for Damian.
Mike Fisher: Those shots are just brutal.

Anthony moves back in on Damian, looking to lift him back to his feet only to have Damian drag him down with him and into a small package as Duke gets down to make the count.

Mike Fisher: Small Package!




Scott James: Anthony gets out.

Damian gets back to his feet and as Anthony gets back to a kneeling position, leaps and hits him in the face with an enziguri kick to the face that twists him around. Damian runs into the ropes and runs at high speed at Anthony, who spins around in place and nearly knocks Damian’s head off with the THE ONCOMING STORM!!!

Scott James: How is he alive after that?
Mike Fisher: NO WAIT… Damian Winters as rolled through!!!




Jenny Fletcher: Your winner…. DAMIAN WINTERS!