As Mayhem returns from commercial break, the cameras fade in on Michael Morrison standing in the middle of the ring while the fans cheer loudly all around. He can barely be heard for the first few seconds he starts speaking as the crowd continues to buzz loudly before finally quieting.

Michael Morrison: We are fresh off of Worlds Collide, a Pay-Per-View event like none other in the history of IIW, and one that has already brought about some truly earth-shaking changes. In fact, many are saying that this is the start of a new era for IIW - not just because of our new Managing Director…

Michael pauses for a moment as the crowd pops slightly for the mention of Bob Mitchell

Michael Morrison: but also because of the huge influx of signings we’ve seen since that fateful night: from the mysterious Venom and Darius Enlil, to the highly-touted teams of The Young Lions and The Celtic Club, to - well, far too many others to name! But right now I want to bring out a new signee who was on our last edition of Combat, and got quite a response from those who watched him in action. Without further ado, please welcome “The Country Doctor” - Jack Hill!

The lights begin to dim, and the violins of Panopticon’s “Rope Burn Exit” sing through the arena. As the violins give way to guitars and blasting drums, the lights begin to strobe rapidly and Jack Hill steps out from behind the curtain sporting a genial smile and carrying his worn, vintage medical bag. He strolls down to the ring, seemingly completely unphased by the low but steady boos coming from pockets of the crowd. He enters the ring, leaves his bag on the mat, and walks directly up to Michael Morrison, extending his arm out for a handshake which is promptly accepted. Jack then walks over to the ropes to grab a microphone from someone at ringside as his music slowly fades out.

Michael Morrison: Jack Hill, thank you for being with us this evening.
Jack Hill: O’ course, Mr. Morrison, the pleasure is all mine.

Jack flashes a bright, beaming smile that shows off his slightly crooked teeth.

Michael Morrison: Now, I’d like to take a moment to walk through the events of our last Combat, during which you faced off against Lance Strong, now he -
Jack Hill: Well, if’n’s you can call that a ‘face-off’.
Michael Morrison: I’m sorry?
Jack Hill: I’s jus’ sayin’, I scrapped with stuck pigs what put up more fight’n that feller. Bled less, too.

The audience starts to boo a little more heavily as Jack chuckles casually.

Michael Morrison: Well, that actually touches on what I wanted to talk about. See, you did make short work of Lance Strong, but you didn’t just stop at getting the victory - you came back into the ring afterwards and assaulted him with a metal pipe. I just have to ask, what-
Jack Hill: Why did I bloody that feller up but good after the conclusion of our... sanctioned tusslin’? Tha’s what you wanna know, you ain’t gotta dress up a question with a buncha fancy words what’s jus’ standin’ ‘round t’look pretty.

Jack chuckles a bit as he turns away from Michael Morrison to turn and address those in attendance.

Jack Hill: Well, y’all’s jus’ gon’ hafta believe me when I say that what I done t’that feller was a kindness. See, that was a sick man what I met in this here ring, an’ what I did? Well, it was t’set ‘im right.
Michael Morrison: Sick? What do you-
Jack Hill: This ain’t no sickness of the body what y’all’d recognize as such. Naw, this here’s a sickness o’the soul. See, that bulky ball o’bluster took it upon hisself t’interrupt MAH self-int’rduction to the people o’IIW. I was doin’ mah bes’ t’explain to ‘em why I done come to IIW, and lay out the good work I intend t’do here. And while you’n me both know these folks ain’t got the mental capacity of a half-dead gol’fish ‘tween all of ‘em put together -

The crowd is booing heavily at this point, causing Jack to throw up a hand in a calming gesture.

Jack Hill: Now, now, don’ get all o’n’ry on me. Gimme a chance t’explain a li’l further. While mah efforts was likely all in vain, y’only ever get but one chance’t makin’ a firs’ impression, and that sorry sumbitch done soiled mine. Even so - I coulda forgiven that. I was tellin’ the world that I was about t’put a mighty hurtin’ on that feller and - hell, if some sorry soul was t’say the same ‘bout me, I’d prolly do the same as he did t’that point. Naw, he revealed the depth o’his sickness when he thought it wise - as I was attemptin’ t’wipe mah face clean from the viscous ejecta of ‘is gapin’ maw - t’slap mah favorite handkerchief out o’mah hand. Not only that, mind ya, but the words he said t’yours truly? Well, it spoke to a corruption o’the very core of ‘is bein’. Tha’s when I knew that this here was a man what needin’ proper fixin’.

Jack starts to laugh heartily as he turns back to face Michael Morrison.

Jack Hill: Funny thing of it is, the ‘fficial fight was over s’fas’ that I jus’ about forgot about ever’thing what happened aforehand! Weren’t ‘til I was makin’ mah way back t’the lockers that I went t’wipe mah brow with that same handkerchief an’ was reminded o’what he done. Tha’s when I remembered that the kind o’ fixin’ a man like that needs ain’t jus’ about beatin’ ‘im down a bit. Naw… ‘t’ain’t nothin’ so simple as all that. You gotsta go beyond jus’ makin’ ‘im feel like another feller got the better of ‘im. You gotsta make ‘im realize that there ain’t nothin’ he coulda possibly done differ’nt t’come out on top. You gotsta put the fear o’god in’o ‘im. Make it so’s next time he thinks ‘bout lookin’ down on his fellow man, he ‘members what it felt like t’be so low ‘at he had t’look up jus’ t’see the worms gnawin’ away at the dirt that’ll one day make his grave.

As he speaks this last line, his smile has dropped away completely, replaced by a bitter scowl and a stare directly into the camera. He pauses for a moment before taking a breath and bringing forth another jovial smile.

Jack Hill: An’ y’know what, Mr. Morrison? I think I did jus’ that. An’ what’s more, that was only the beginnin’ o’the work what lies ahead o’me here in IIW. See, it’s mah personal mission on this here earth t’fix the broken. An’ like any good doctor, the first step o’curin’ is diagnosin’. Consider mah li’l encounter with Mr. Strong an… initial examination. After that, I done read up on ever’ member o’the IIW roster as best I could t’make mah determination on jus’ how severe the sickness is here in IIW. At the risk o’puttin’ a hat on a hat, as some folks like t’say, this part o’what I do is less like bein’ a doctor an’ more like bein’... judge an’ jury. See, I gotsta weigh the actions an’ the characters o’mah new colleagues carefully an’ determine the best course o’treatment. An’ y’know what I learnt, Mr. Morrison?

Jack shakes his head slightly and sucks his teeth.

Jack Hill: This might jus’ be the sickest damn place I ever set foot in. There is a mighty rot what’s set in here, an’ it needs t’be cut away an’ cauterized, piece… by… piece…

With that, Jack lets his smile fade and lowers the mic as the audience lets out more boos. This continues for a few moments before Michael Morrison steps forward to get back into Jack’s field of vision.

Michael Morrison: Well, big words from one of the newest members of the IIW roster. I do have to ask, with you having never been in the ring with any main roster members of IIW before, how can you so confidently proclaim yourself judge, jury, and executioner of the entire company?

Jack turns slowly to Michael Morrison, giving him a confused look for a moment before he raises the microphone to speak once more.

Jack Hill: Mr. Morrison, I’m afraid we may have a bit of a misunderstandin’ ‘etween us. Maybe it’s the charmin’ dialect I carry with me from mah hometown, or maybe you’s jus’ not the most attentive feller. I said I was playin’ judge an’ jury in this here exercise...

Jack gives Michael Morrison a devious grin as he pauses.

Jack Hill: I never said I was the executioner…

The lights suddenly go out throughout the building, and all that can be heard for several seconds is the murmuring of the crowd punctuated by the occasional excited scream. “Ouroburos is Broken” by Earth starts to drone over the speakers as the lights suddenly come on with an ominous red glow. Standing at the top of the rampway is a hulking figure wearing an executioner’s hood - the newly signed Acheron “Headsman” Revok. He is motionless for several seconds before slowly plodding down to the ring with heavy, methodical stomps. The camera cuts back to Jack, who is grinning a proud, malicious grin as Acheron steps into the ring and slowly approaches him. Jack slaps his back and says something the audience can’t hear, but Acheron does little to react, simply turning to face the same direction as Jack.

Jack Hill: It is mah absolute pleasure t’intr’duce t’y’all mah brother-in-arms in this good fight - Acheron Revok.

With that, Acheron nods a slow nod.

Jack Hill: Now, normally, y’all’d wanna hear from the man hisself, but the Headsman here don’ care much for words - both on account o’his preference for speakin’ with ‘is actions an’ a... slight slip o’the hand he took shavin’ some years back.

Jack motions casually to his own neck in the area where Acheron has a ghoulish scar on his own neck. Acheron remains mostly motionless, but the small holes in his hood do betray a momentary narrowing of the eyes.

Jack Hill: Yes, folks, he might sound like got-damn Mickey Mouse when he deigns to open ‘is mouth t’speak, but rest assured that ‘is terrifyin’ physical presence ain’t jus’ for show. This here’s one o’the few men what ever managed t’give y’all’s good friend Jack Hill a taste of ‘is own medicine, and believe you me it’s a long list o’fellers what tried. We done spilled blood together many times in the past, and we ain’t shy ‘bout doin’ more o’the same here in IIW. So for any feller out there what’s thinkin’ they’d like t’get in the way o’mah good work curin’ the sick, or mah associate’s personal vendetta ‘gainst anythin’ that dares draw a breath, jus’ know that you ain’t gon’ have to worry about jus’ one of us. Naw - we’s gonna break each an’ ever’ one o’you what stands in our way. An’ we’s gone’ do it together.

With those final words, Jack flashes one final knowing smile and drops the microphone as “Rope Burn Exit” begins to play once more and the cameras fade out for another commercial break.

TV Title Match

"Disco//Very" by Warpaint hits over the sound system, and the arena goes dark. As the song picks up, the lights brighten just a little, revealing Rogue standing at the top of the entrance with Cora Black behind him, holding her small black coffin under her left arm.

A purple tint of light mixes with the darkness in the arena, and smoke floods the ramp area. Rogue and Cora slowly make their way down to the ring as they drag clouds of smoke with their feet, being followed by the purple light.

As they reach the ring, the lights come to full brightness, and most of the smoke dissapears. Rogue walks up the steps to the ring apron and enters through the middle rope as Cora stands on the outside of the ring, focused on Rogue.

Blind hits as John Tolly walks out he looks around cracks his neck and makes his way to the ring he poses for a second on the turn buckle before hoping in the ring

Jenny Fletcher: The following is for the TV Championship and will be contested over ONE FALL!

John Tolly comes out of the corner and steps to the middle of the ring where Rogue waits on him. They tie up with Rogue using his strength advantage to throw John Tolly back and down to the mat.

John Tolly gets back to him feet and moves back in on Rogue, avoiding a second tie up and connecting with several quick rapid fire punches into Rogue’s stomach. Rogue takes a step back before driving his thigh into John Tolly’s stomach, doubling him over. Rogue follows up by pulling John Tolly into him with several knees into the chest, before hitting him in the face with a front toe kick that knocks him up in a daze, and knocking him down to the mat with a jumping spinning back kick.

Mike Fisher: John Tolly is going to have to approach this match a lot more cautiously. There are very, very few people that can go strike for strike with Rogue.

John Tolly gets back to his feet and looks to tie up with Rogue again, this time sliding around the back of him and taking him down to the mat with a double leg takedown. John Tolly slides around, looking to take Rogue by the head only to have Rogue kick him way free and get back up to him feet. Rogue goes for a spinning heel kick, only for John Tolly to avoid it and run into the ropes. John Tolly rebounds back into the ring and hits Rogue with a flying forearm. John Tolly gets back to him feet and turns around to see Rogue already up. John Tolly lands several punches into Rogue’s stomach and goes to whip him into the ropes, only to have Rogue reverse it. John Tolly rebounds back into the ring and looks for a second flying forearm, only for Rogue to sidestep it and throw John Tolly face first into the mat on him way back.

Mike Fisher: John Tolly, going back to that flying forearm, but Rogue was ready for it that time and He sent John Tolly face first into the mat.

Scott James: That’s what you pick up with experience, the same thing won’t work on you twice.

John Tolly starts to get back up to him feet but takes a kick to the back of his head which drives him back down to the mat. Rogue walks around to the front of John Tolly and steps on him face and keeps him foot on top of if as John Tolly tries to free hisself by thrashing his arms around, before eventually being able to spin him way free. John Tolly gets back to his feet and He and Rogue begin to circle each other again. Rogue raises a hand, and John Tolly takes it, only to have Rogue kick him in the thigh a few times, wrench him arm around, and hook kick him in the face, knocking him to the mat. Rogue picks John Tolly up by the head, only to have John Tolly hit him in the stomach with several punches. Rogue responds with a hard slap in the face, before dragging him over to the ropes. John Tolly puts on the breaks and shoves Rogue between the ropes and sending him down to the floor. John Tolly climbs up to the top rope, as Rogue gets back to him feet and leaps off, sending both crashing down to the floor with a flying cross body.

Mike Fisher: God! Look at John Tolly fly! He took a huge gamble there and it paid off!

Scott James: That’s exactly what He’s going to have to do in this match! Go big or go home!

John Tolly gets back to his feet and lifts Rogue up to his. John Tolly sets up a suplex on the outside, only to have Rogue land on him feet behind him. Rogue grabs John Tolly by the head and shoves him head first into the barricade. Rogue quickly rolls back into the ring, and looks out over the crowd with him back to the downed John Tolly. The crowd gets on their feet as John Tolly begins to get up and Rogue rushes into the opposite ropes, and rebounds back across the ring, building up speed as He dives over the top rope, performing a perfect front flip flying senton attack landing across John Tolly’s body, and standing up on him feet to a massive cheer from the crowd.

Mike Fisher: And Rogue dives right back at him! And this crowd loving it!

Scott James: Of course they do. They have no taste whatsoever!

Rogue rolls back into the ring as strides back over to him corner, waiting on John Tolly as He slowly gets back to the ring and slides back in himself. Rogue wastes no time coming in on him, arm dragging him back into the center of the ring. Rogue stays on him, jumping into the air and going for a hand stomp, only to have John Tolly move him hands at the last moment. John Tolly gets back to him feet and hits several forearm strikes in Rogue’s face, driving him back into the ropes. John Tolly takes Rogue by the wrist and goes to whip him, only to have Rogue put on the breaks. John Tolly hooks up Rogue’s around from behind, only to have Rogue free himself, and drop John Tolly with a seated cutter. John Tolly spins back in a daze, and Rogue hits him in the face with a front toe kick. Rogue lifts him back to him feet and looks to hit a spinning heel kick, only to have John Tolly duck it, and run to the turnbuckle, jumping up to the middle rope, then the top and flying off with a crossbody, only to have Rogue move out of the way and have John Tolly crash into the mat.

He grabs John Tolly and lifts him up and spins him FOREVER ALONE!




Jenny Fletcher: Your winner… And STILL IIW TV Champion… Rogue!

Rogue stands in the middle of the ring holding his title up….then out walks Zack Steele

Zack Steele. You know what Rogue, I’ve watched you run through all these hacks as the IIW TV Champion… WELL I’M TELL YOU… I’M NEXT IN LINE! GET READY TO LOSE YOUR TITLE!

The scene opens up to the inside of a sedan car. Random Cameraman is driving down a lane through a town. A voice is heard off camera

Voice: Woah, slow down a minute Rando.

Rando: You know I have a...

Voice: I pay you...and let you do as I say. Shut up, I don't care what your name is.

The view goes to the front of a nursing facility where a huge banner showing Curtis is on display. It is advertising a positivity seminar that he is hosting that day in about an hour.

Voice: Oh...this is perfect...pull in.

Random Cameraman pulls in and parks. The view goes to the outside of the vehicle where we see Rando get out followed, on the other side, by none other than Russell Wayne.

Russell: Just follow my lead.

Rando grabs the gear as Russell is heading towards the entrance. A nurse comes out to meet them.

Nurse: Oh! You must be a part of Curtis' team!

Russell: Yes we are! Actually, unfortunately Curtis isn't able to make it today and asked me to step in for him. If it's all the same to you, I need to go ahead and get started a bit early.

Nurse: Oh that shouldn't be a problem dear. They can listen to you talk as they eat anyways. Everyone is already in the cafeteria where the stage is and are so excited to hear about the power of kindness and positivity!

Russell almost cracks at this, having to hold in laughter.

Russell: I am so looking forward to talking with them and showing them that they still matter!

Russell, Rando and the nurse walk in and are taken straight to the cafeteria where everything is already set up. The nurse explains the situation to those in attendance and introduces Russell Wayne as Rando starts to film.

Russell walks to the podium and clears his throat.

Russell: Good afternoon everyone! My name is Russell Wayne and today, I want to talk to you about truth. The truth about who you are and the truth about how much you still matter to society!

First, let me tell don't matter. You are old, decrepit and nobody loves you that's why they stuck you in this hell hole eating this horrid food dealing with these terrible nurses!

There is an audible gasp as the nurses try wrangling the microphone away from Russell! Russell just holds them at bay and keeps the microphone away from them and blocks access to the soundboard which is right behind the podium as well.

Russell: The truth is you'd all be better off dead, nobody owes you a thing, and the sooner you are dead the better off you'll be and society will be as a whole. Curtis, your regularly scheduled speaker, was going to come in here and lie to you and tell you that he loved you and you still matter and all this other crap. The truth is, you don't and he really doesn't...he's just too stupid to know any better. He was going to lie to you, all I did was just tell you the truth...I think I deserve a little thank you!

All of the old people are booing Russell and telling him to get off the stage. They are also attempting to throw their food at Russell. Russell seems oblivious and is standing there acting like they are actually thanking him and saying "Don't mention it, you are more than welcome!" Suddenly, the power is cut to the cafeteria, presumably by someone turning off the breaker.


The old people who were still capable of understanding are throwing a fit and crying as Russell is laughing at them all and the chaos he caused as the scene fades to black.

International Title Match

The bell rang as a graphic for the IIW International Championship scrolled across the screen.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for your IIW International Championship!

The crowd popped.

Mike Fisher: The time has come for Tyler Debonair’s first defense of the International Championship!

Scott James: Zack Steele has the opportunity of a lifetime here—to take down the champ in his first defense.

Nero Forte plays as the arena is plunged into darkness and strobe lights start going off around the stage area, as the drums kick in Zack Steele emerges from the curtain with his head down, his long wet hair draped over his face, he stands there for a few seconds before Corey Taylors vocals kick in, at which point, Zack walks down to the ring, pumping his fists by his side, he jumps up onto apron, places his gum shield in his mouth before looking out at the abuse hurling crowd, he just shrugs his shoulders with a smirk on his face before climbing into the ring, runs at the opposite ropes before coming to a stand still in the middle of the ring and raising his arms in the air, soaking in the abuse from the fans, the same smirk still on his face. The fading music only amplifying the fans distaste for him.

Ring Announcer: Introducing first, making his way down the aisle, he is the challenger, standing at 5’11” and weighing in at 221 pounds, he hails from Coventry, England…ZACK STEELE!!!

The lights dim and a blue and white swirl begins to circle the arena as a tune keys up over the speaker system...

What you know about rollin' down in the deep?
When your brain goes numb, you can call that mental freeze
When these people talk too much, put that shit in slow motion, yeah
I feel like an astronaut in the ocean, ayy

After the first line of the chorus has hit, Tyler Debonair has already stepped out onto the ramp, International title draped over his shoulder. He stands there looking around, focused and intense, before stalking down to ringside.

He stands at the apron before pulling himself up, placing the belt on a turnbuckle, grabbing the top rope and front-flipping over them into the ring. He picks up the belt again, leaning into the corner, until the lights come back up and the music dies down.

Ring Announcer: And his opponent, making his way to the ring, he is the current reigning IIW International Champion, standing at 6’2” tall and weighing in at 275 pounds, he hails from Los Angeles, California…”The Alchemist” TYLER DEBONAIR!!!!

Mike Fisher: It looks like we are just about ready to get under way.

Scott James: The questions is…is Tyler Debonair kissing goodbye to that championship?

Tyler kissed the International Championship before handing it off to the referee who held the championship high in the air as the bell rang. Steele rushed from his corner and began to attack Tyler with stiff forearm shots to the upper part of Tyler’s back, neck and head. The Englishman was able to trap the Californian into the corner and began to drive his shoulder into Tyler’s midsection. The referee got in between and was able to back the challenger off.

Mike Fisher: Zack Steele coming out of the gates on fire.

Scott James: He’s going to have to go into this one full steam ahead if he has his eyes on becoming the second International Champion!

Steele backed up and allowed Tyler to get out of the corner before taking Tyler down with a leg sweep and locking in an ankle lock. The referee checked for the tap but Tyler was able to wiggle his way to the ropes before Zack was able to do much damage to the ankle. The referee counted and Steele let go of the submission at four. Tyler gets back to his feet and Steele charges but Tyler intercepts him and ducks a lariat attempt only to catch Steele in the jaw with a super kick that sends Steele through the middle ropes and to the outside.

Mike Fisher: Perfectly scouted by the International Champion.

Scott James: You can already see Tyler favoring that ankle a bit—you’d have to think that will be where Zack Steele looks to target for the remainder of the match up.

Tyler hit off of the ropes and connected on the challenger with a baseball slide that sent Steele to the announcer’s desk. Tyler climbed out onto the apron and when the challenger moved closer to the ring the champion connected with a cannonball senton to the outside. The referee began his count towards ten but the men began to stir at the count of four. The two men climbed to their knees and began to trade right hands on the outside as they moved back to a standing position and continued to exchange blows.

Mike Fisher: We’ve got two second generation wrestlers duking it out in front of us for the IIW International Championship…

Scott James: It seems both of them were listening when their families taught them how to throw a punch!

Tyler blocked a punch from Steele and gained the upper hand with two stiff blows to the face followed by a chop to the chest. Tyler moved away from Steele to catch his breath, Steele looked back and charged but Tyler moved out of the way allowing Steele to crash, face first, into the ring post.

Mike Fisher: Quite the veteran move by Tyler right there…let Zack Steele’s own momentum be his biggest enemy.

Scott James: Sometimes it pays to have a father that was in the business.

Tyler grabbed Zack from the back of the head and rolled him into the ring at a count of eight. Tyler climbed to the top rope and flew off with a guillotine leg drop. Tyler went for the cover but Zack was able to kickout at a count of two.

Mike Fisher: We were just one second from Tyler Debonair’s first successful title defense!

Scott James: Wait a minute…what do we have here?

The crowd turned into a chorus of boos as all four members of The Celtic Club made their way out onto the ramp way and stared down at the ring.

Mike Fisher: Now just what in the hell are these four doing out here?

Scott James: They’re contracted talent, Fisher…they’ve got every right to be here!

Cavanagh and his goons stood atop the ramp way with their FCPW Championships in hand as Tyler stomped away at his challenger in the corner. Tyler pulled Zack up and sent him into the opposite corner with an Irish Whip. Tyler caught a glimpse of Cavanagh and the gang and shouted “what do you want” up the ramp way but there was no response, just a simple hand motion telling him to continue. Tyler charged with a Stinger Splash but the challenger moved at the last moment, sending Tyler’s sternum crushing into the turnbuckles.

Mike Fisher: And this is why these goons shouldn’t be allowed to just waltz out from behind the curtain whenever they please.

Scott James: Maybe Tyler should focus on his match rather than The Celtic Club because it looks like Zack Steele may be our next champion.

The International Champion gasped for air as he turned around into a vicious overhead belly to belly from Steele. Steele popped up and exploded in a roar as the crowd booed their countryman. Steele went over to Tyler, who was beginning to move, and pulled him up by his hair into a bridged German suplex. The referee counted to two but Tyler was able to get his shoulder up.

Mike Fisher: Just a split second away from a brand new International Champion!

Scott James: And I’m sure Tyler would have blamed the Celtic Club rather than Zack Steele’s wrestling skills.

Steele pulled Tyler up by the hair and then delivered a vicious kick to the ankle that Steele previously had in an ankle lock. Steele dropped a knee to Tyler’s ankle before pulling Tyler to the ropes and jumping up and down on Tyler’s ankle twice. The Celtic Club moved slowly down towards the ramp. Steele looked up and locked eyes with them before shouting “get your asses to the back!”

Mike Fisher: If Zack Steele doesn’t keep his focus on Tyler Debonair I would think he will be the one blaming The Celtic Club for him not winning the championship!

Scott James: If he keeps up the pressure on that ankle I think it doesn’t matter.

Steele turned back into the ring and grabbed Tyler by the ankle, pulling him to the center of the ring and locking in an ankle lock once again. This time Steele dropped to the mat and locked in a grapevine. The champion began to contort his body in pain as he reached for the ropes.

Mike FIsher: Is is just me or is this crowd actually cheering for Tyler Debonair to get to the ropes?

Scott James: I mean…Zack Steele is one hell of a bastard…especially when his own countrymen are behind the American!

Tyler inched closer and closer towards the ropes. Steele kept his ankle lock locked in tight as Tyler’s face was covered in pain. Tyler finally was able to reach the ropes and the crowd popped. Steele kept the hold locked in for four seconds before letting it go and getting into the referee’s face. Tyler, using the ropes for leverage, hobbled to his feet. He looked down at John Cavanagh who was merely fifteen-twenty feet away from the ring. Cavanagh shrugged his shoulders.

Mike Fisher: I’m not one hundred percent sure what is going on here.

Scott James: Is The Celtic Club here to screw Tyler or screw Zack?

Mike Fisher: Maybe they’re just scouting?

Scott James: Scouting their next victim…or their next member?

Steele charged at Tyler for a chop block but Tyler caught it out of the corner of his eye, he leaped to the air, allowing Steele’s shoulder to crunch against the bottom turnbuckle. Tyler delivered two kicks to Steele’s midsection but it was obvious that he couldn’t put all of his force behind the kicks due to his ankle. Tyler walked off and attempted to shake off the pain on his ankle.

Mike Fisher: It may be hard to win this one with his ankle mangled thanks to the submission specialist Zack Steele.

Scott James: How in the hell is Tyler Debonair going to be able to put enough pressure on that ankle to mount an offense?!

The challenger climbed to his feet and was able to duck under a clothesline attempt from Tyler. Steele grabbed him for a capture suplex but Tyler got his leg in-between Steele’s legs. Tyler began to fight back with a flurry of elbow strikes to Steele’s face. Tyler was able to get out of the hold and hit off of the ropes, delivering a flying forearm to the challenger which knocked him down.

Mike Fisher: Tyler Debonair needs to take advantage of this momentum.

Scott James: If he doesn’t do it now, I’d say this one is as good as over.

Tyler grabbed Steele’s leg and pulled it up, driving two elbows to Steele’s knee. Tyler backed off which allowed Steele to pull himself up using the ropes but Tyler was on top of it and hit out his knee with a chop block. Tyler grabbed Steele’s legs, Steele wiggled but Tyler was ultimately able to lock in his version of a cross-legged Boston Crab.

Mike Fisher: The Satori!!!

Scott James: And its in the center of the ring…going to be difficult for Steele to get out of this one!

Zack tried as hard as he could, coping with the pain while trying to inch towards the ropes. Steele was able to get within a foot of the ropes but Tyler, aware of his surroundings, stood up and pulled Steele back to the center of the ring before locking the Satori on once again even harder. The referee checked and after quite some time of trying to fight off the pain Steele finally gave in with a tap.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner and STILL IIW International Champion…TYLER DEBONAIR!!!

Tyler’s music hit as the referee gave Tyler his championship back. Tyler held the belt in the air while staring at The Celtic Club who began to slowly walk backward up the ramp. John held the FCPW Canadian Championship in the air as Tyler held the International Championship in the air and Monday Night Mayhem cut to commercial break.

Exhibition Match

Anthony Phoenix vs Blade Alexander

The scene cuts back on as the camera takes us to the commentary table where Mike Fisher and Scott James get ready to call the action for the next match.

Mike: Welcome back ladies and gentlemen hope you enjoyed the commercial break, but we got a great one coming up next. As Anthony Phoenix of the Revolution X gets ready to take on War Games winner Blade Alexander in one-on-one action.

Scott: That’s right Blade is coming into this one hot as he comes off a big victory at the Worlds Collide PPV and gets ready to face Phoenix who is coming into this one after a back-to-back loss to TV Champion Rogue. This one has all the ingredients for a great match up and you got to think Mike Phoenix needs this win.

Mike: Yes, many will say this must win for him tonight to get back on track, but it will not be easy against Blade Alexander.

The Camera cuts back to the top of the stage the lights flicker three times as the singer sings "1...2...3" followed by a brief pause. The lights in the arena start to change colors for all a minute as the guitar begins to play the lights go out with only a spotlight in the middle of stage.

Phoenix comes out from backstage wearing a zipped-up jogging jacket and navy-blue trunks and stands in the middle of the spotlight. He holds arms out forming an 'X' which is slightly moved to the side. Phoenix then taunts the crowd with one crotch chop as pyro in the form of an X shoots out behind him.

Jenny Fletcher: Ladies and gentlemen he weighs in at 212, is from Las Vegas, Nevada and is representing the Revolution X the King of Controversy Anthony Phoenix!!!

He then starts to walk down the ramp, the spotlight following him looking incredibly determined. When he reaches the ring, he enters under the bottom rope and walks to the middle of the ring all the while the spot is still on him. When he reaches mid ring, he stares at the camera as he holds his arms out forming the same 'X' as he did at the entrance. Phoenix scowls at the camera as the song ends. He stands in the ring waiting on Blade.

'Poison' by Alice Cooper hits.

Jenny Fletcher - Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce to you at this time IIW's own.... MELANIE JACKSON!!!

Out steps the former ring announcer on the stage, her deep brown hair done up in a fierce braided mohawk on the top of her head, her huge blue eyes highlighted by thin black eyeliner and lips accentuated by dark red lipstick. She raises a hand in the air and does a turn on the stage showing off the short tight red dress with silvery glitter highlights that is tightly hugging her slim frame. She lets the IIW fans enjoy the view for a moment before she makes her way to the ring, surrounded in the aisle by security guards so she does not get mobbed by men and women both who are hanging themselves over the barricades to touch her.

Once she makes her way up the stairs and under the second rope into the ring where she is handed a microphone and her music stops.

Melanie Jackson - Ladies and Gentlemen.... Introducing first... Hailing from the muddy banks of the Pedicotiac River in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada... Weighing in at a perfect 222 lbs... He has never been pinned; he has never submitted in IIW... He is the ONLY man in IIW history to win War Games and change the future of IIW....He is a second-generation prodigy and the CARDINAL SINNER of professional wrestling... He is BLADE ALEXANDER!!!

Know me broken by my master.

Teach thee on child, love hereafter.

'Would' by Alice in Chains hits. In the crowd a spotlight finds a man standing at one of the entrances to the arena foyer. Dressed in long black trunks with a rusty red belt and grey laces tying up the front, the left leg with green paneling with silver highlights down the side, the right leg with the same green and silver highlights in block lettering spelling 'SINNER' down the side, a pair of mustard yellow fronted knee pads, the left sporting the Alexander 'A' logo on the left pad, and black kick pads with rusty maroon, red covers with silver highlights strapped over them. On his right hand, the dreaded Iron Claw hand he wears a simple black glove symbolizing the potential doom of his opponent and a ring jacket that consists of a black sleeveless chest with padded metallic green sections with silver highlighting and a black hood which is covering his black hair. Over his nose and mouth is a mask very reminiscent of a Japanese demon mask with curved silver fangs that has the same green and yellow pattering from his attire.

Into the flood again

Same old trip it was back then.

So, I made a big mistake.

Try to see it once my way.

Blade makes his way down through the crowd towards the ring. Once he reaches ringside, he pushes a security guard out of his chair and stands on it, holding his arms out and taking in the reaction from the crowd before launching himself over the barricade into a roll up to his feet at ringside. He pulls the hood down before sliding into the ring and pulling the mask off, climbing to the second rope, holding out his arms again, before leaping back to the mat and removing his ring jacket.

The bell sounds and both men come center to the ring as they come nose to nose with each other before both men lock up trying to over the power the other until Blade gains the upper hand and wrestles Phoenix down to the mat with a headlock. The referee checks on Phoenix because also making sure Blades shoulders do not touch the mat. Phoenix works his way back up to his feet because still in the headlock and lifts Blade up into the air dropping him down hard on the mat with a backdrop. Phoenix tries to catch his breath as Blade makes his way back to his feet. Phoenix goes for a clothesline, but Blade ducks and goes for a superkick, but Phoenix ducks and Rolls out the way. Both men stand in the opposite corner of each other as the fans erupt from the excitement.

Mike: What a match this one has been so far ladies and gentlemen.

Scott: This has been an exciting one for sure I am not even sure who is going to win this match up.

The camera returns to the ring as Phoenix immediately strikes with a running knee to the chest of blade knocking him into the corner then performing a Supplex. Phoenix goes to the top of the ropes. He goes for his signature the B.F.E. but Blade rolls to the floor. Phoenix runs the ropes and leaps out, taking Blade out. Phoenix brings it back in the ring, but Blade kicks him in the gut the performs a German Supplex sending Phoenix to the opposite of the ring and follows it up with a running moonsault then quickly goes for the cover, but Phoenix kicks out. Blade picks Phoenix up then goes for a backbreaker. Phoenix rolls around on the mat in agony as Blade goes to the top rope and jumps from the top as he lands down on Phoenix with a flying elbow. Blade stands Phoenix but Phoenix goes for a quick roll up, but Blade kicks out at one. Phoenix starts to look frustrated as he and Blade lock back up. Phoenix slings Blade into the ropes and waits for him to come back to him as he performs a standing dropping kick dropping Blade to the mat. Phoenix goes for another quick cover, but Blade immediately kicks out and throws hard elbows to the gut of Phoenix and then tosses Phoenix to the outside out of the ring. Blade stands on the apron of the ring as he waits for Phoenix to stand up then does a running crossbody off the ring launching himself into Phoenix as the crash to the ground. Phoenix tries to crawl away from Blade, but Blade follows and slams the back of Phoenix head into the barrier several times. The referee starts his count as he motions both men to bring it back to the ring. Blade lifts Phoenix into the powerbomb position, then powerbombs him into the barriers with another power move. The referee count gets to eight as Blade rolls Phoenix back in. Blade goes for a ddt, but Phoenix reverses it into a pele kick sending Blade stumbling back as Phoenix follows up with a sling blade. Phoenix clotheslines Blade over the top rope to the floor. Phoenix runs and leaps out, taking Blade down again at ringside for a big pop. Blade gets right up, and the crowd is shocked. Blade grabs Phoenix from behind and drives him down on top of the announce table with a snap Supplex.

Mike: My god! Scott, I think he just broke that man in half.

Scott: Forget about him we do not have a table anymore.

Fan’s chant “this is awesome!” now as the referee keeps counting. Blade rolls Phoenix back in at the 8 count. Blade enters but Phoenix meets him with offense. Phoenix drops Blade with a hard right hand and delivers another double stomp as fans start chanting both superstars name back and forth. Blade gets up but Phoenix nails the running dropkick into the corner. Phoenix goes to the top for B.F.E. again but Blade rolls out of the way. Phoenix lands hard on his feet but Blade rams Phoenix into the turnbuckles, then nails another German Supplex.

Blade picks Phoenix up and delivers a stiff Doomsday Saito Supplex. Blade gets back up and stands tall for a few more cheers. Phoenix makes his way back and goes for a clothesline, but Blade reverse a knee to the head. Blade applies a triangle choke. Phoenix makes it to the ropes and the referee counts to three before Blade breaks the hold. Blade ends up hitting a turnbuckle powerbomb and a superkick. As Phoenix looks dazed Blade signals for the end as he hits Original Sin. Hitting the package piledriver as he rolls Phoenix up for the three count.

Melanie Jackson - Ladies and Gentlemen.... Your Winner Blade Alexander!!!!

Mike: What a match ladies and gentlemen Blade and Phoenix just put on a classic here tonight.

Scott: This one sure is one to remember.

Melanie Jackson gets int eh ring and raises Blade hand as Phoenix lays up in the corner of the ring as the scene fades out.

Main Event

Hollywood Title
The big screen comes to life with imagery of the Atlanta Skyline, which soon changes into one of four people [3 men and a woman] each standing in a row as the arena lighting starts to go out. Followed by the image fading and being replaced by letters. Each slowly appearing one at a time.


As soon as the "S" appears, a silhouette of a male and female can be seen at the top of the ramp. Both of their identities concealed. The imagery behind them then changes to another image. This time grainy and in black and white, with two hooded figures [the same as the ones on stage] standing on opposite ends. Glaring into the camera, their faces hidden.

It is now that the opening of "Enemy" by Sevendust is heard, as the image changes to a setting awash with people scurrying to their seats. Almost an exact replica of the crowd in attendance as the lights slowly start to turn back on, as the two silhouettes pull down their hoods and drop them onto the stage. Revealing themselves as Kasey Miles and Kaitlyn Finley. Making their way down the ramp together, with Kasey posing as Kaitlyn stands behind him, before she turns around and heads to the backstage area.

Ring Announcer: Introducing … From Atlanta, Georgia … Weighing in at two hundred and seventy seven pounds … He is KASEY MILES!

Kasey continues his way to the ring, glancing around at the fans in attendance before walking over to the steps and ascending them. Stopping once he reaches the top and leaning back against the ring ropes. Stepping between the middle and top ropes, he enters the ring and heads to the corner he has been assigned, leaning back against it.

No One Will Survive Song by CFO$ begins to play as the loud revving of a motorbike is heard as Bam Miller makes his way out to the ring on it, he pulls up and parks it as he slides into the ring staring Kasey down from the corner straight away

Both men move toward the center of the ring as Luke Dongbottom meets them in the middle, giving them final instructions. Bam seems ready to start, almost bouncing in place, as Kasey seems agitated beyond belief, pacing somewhat like a caged animal as he waits for the starting bell. Luke goes to take the Hollywood Championship out of his hands, but Kasey pulls it back, holding it up in Bam's face, spitting curses at him before shoving it into Luke's hands. Luke calls for the bell and Kasey immediately charges forward, hammering away at Bam with vicious forearms, sending him staggering back with crushing blows. Kasey grabs Bam and whips him toward the ropes, swinging for a clothesline, but Bam ducks underneath, hitting the ropes on the other side and coming back with a dropkick that sends Kasey staggering. Bam nips quickly back up to his feet as Kasey comes in, ducking another elbow before leaping up and snapping off a step-up enzugiri. Kasey is dazed as Bam runs into the ropes again, gaining momentum before sending Kasey crashing to the mat with a leg lariat. Kasey hits the mat hard and immediately rolls out to the floor, trying to give himself some breathing room as Bam nips back up to his feet, pumping a fist and drawing a pop from the crowd.

Mike Fisher: It's early on here, but Bam Miller appears to have the Hollywood Champion on his heels here so far! That superior speed and quickness is going to have to be used to his utmost advantage if he has any hopes of escaping this match with a win tonight.

Scott: Hope? Are you kidding me, Mike? The only thing Bam Miller can hope for tonight is that Kasey doesn't decide to break his neck on live television!

Kasey stands up on the floor, trying to gather his bearings as Bam watches him from inside the ring. Bam contemplates a moment...Then charges forward...SPRINGBOARD SHOOTING STAR PLANCHA! Kasey and Bam crash to the floor as a "HOLY SHIT" chant erupts from the crowd. Bam rolls away, clutching at his ribs as he fights his way back to his feet, pulling Kasey up to roll him back into the ring. Bam climbs up onto the apron, waiting for Kasey to start to find his way to his feet before slingshotting over the ropes and grabbing him, twisting around and driving him down with a Tornado DDT! Bam immediately goes for the cover...



Kasey powers out before two.

Bam stays on the attack pulling Kasey into a seated position before running into the ropes and hitting a basement dropkick to the back of his head. Standing moonsault! Bam covers again...



Kasey powers out again.

Bam immediately goes to pull Kasey up before suddenly twisting around and pulling him down in a backslide!



Kasey kicks out. Kasey stumbles upright only to get pulled right back down into an inside cradle!



NO! Kasey kicks out AGAIN!

Bam quickly rolls to his feet and rolls away from Kasey, who is trying to get his bearings back. Bam darts in and snaps off a sharp kick to Kasey's chest. Kasey lurches out, trying to grab him, but Bam darts back out of reach before feinting back in again, this time to plant a sharp kick across Kasey's spine. Bam continues the pattern, trying his best to stay out of Kasey's reach and lambasting him with kicks before finally snapping off another enzugiri. Kasey falls again as Bam goes for another cover...



Kasey kicks out.

Kasey struggles up to his knees as Bam measures him, charging forward...But Kasey catches him coming in! Overhead Belly-to-Belly Suplex! Bam rolls up to his feet, clutching at his back in pain...and walks into a HUGE forearm from Kasey that sends him stumbling. Kasey immediately grabs hold of Bam, pulling him in and rocking him with a massive European uppercut that snaps his head back. Kasey hangs on, keeping Bam within distance and pulling him back into another huge uppercut....and then a third. Bam is completely dazed as Kasey hangs onto his arm to keep him from falling, twisting him around and sending him crashing to the mat with a neckbreaker. Bam writhes in pain on the mat as Kasey immediately rolls to his knees, swinging his body weight upward before driving his knee RIGHT into the base of Bam's neck. Kasey drives his knee repeatedly into Bam's neck before pulling him back up again, sending him crashing right back down to the mat with another neckbreaker. Bam clutches at his neck as Kasey rolls him over, pressing down hard with a cover...



Bam kicks out.

Kasey lets out an audible snarl, rolling Bam over and hammering away on his neck again before pulling him up, slamming a boot into his gut before planting him with a DDT. Kasey again rolls Bam over and covers...



Bam kicks out again.

Annoyed, Kasey pulls Bam to his feet, keeping a firm grip on his arm before pulling him into a vicious knife-edged chop. Bam staggers....and fires back with a slap to the chest of his own. Kasey absorbs the blow and fires back with an even more vicious chop....only to have Bam again return fire! Bam goes to twist out of Kasey's grasp but Kasey pulls him back in to a vicious forearm to the back of his head...MILLER TIME!

Bam pins Kasey Miles





The scene shows up as we see Jay Vaughan sat down with a brown envelope last seen handed to him by Osh Vaughan

Jay Vaughan – Well what a month it has been … It hasn’t been the best for me or the Vaughan family, but we do what all the Vaughan’s do, we bounce back, we come back stronger than before and this is just going to be the start of it.

So I guess we’ll get to why I’m here, I hold here the last contract that was signed by my Uncle Osh Vaughan before the IIW was taken away from him… now there’s quite a lot here but let’s concentrate on the main talking points. As I have here which has been verified to have been signed and therefore binding…..

Firstly, this contract confirms the match between Jake E Dangerously and Donny Allen next Mayhem for the IIW World Championship!

Speaking of which, this contract also confirms I, Jay Vaughan as the number one contender for the IIW World Heavyweight Championship at IIW Explosion PPV!... Thankyou very much Osh!

The biggest point we have to concentrate on though is the smartest move by Osh Vaughan. He has officially dismissed Chino as the Commissioner of the IIW… as a result it was a vacancy that needed filling and given what was at stake Osh acted quickly…he would now like me to officially welcome the NEW IIW COMISSIONER OF THE IIW in what I believe is an IRON CLAD CONTRACT!!!!