[center]The lights go out and a blue and white swirling pattern begins to encompass the arena. Suddenly a humming sound begins to reverb around the crowd, before Masked Wolf’s “Astronaut in the Ocean” smashes through the speakers.

Watchu know about rollin down in the deep?
When your brain goes numb, you can call that mental freeze...
When these people talk to much, put that shit in slow motion, yeah...
I feel like an Astronaut in the ocean...

Mike Fisher: Good evening ladies and gentlemen and we are kicking Mayhem off with a bang tonight! But, who is this Scott?!

Scott James: How should I know Mike?! Oh who’s that coming through the curtain?!

The curtains shift and from behind steps Mercedes Debonair, all giggles and jumping up and down until she steps to one side of the ramp and stops, a menacing look on her face. As the music continues, she is followed out on stage by Casie, who stands on the opposite side of the ramp, then Steph who stands beside Mercedes.

Scott James: Okay it’s The Coven, Mike! The Coven are out here on Mayhem! But why?

Mike Fisher: Well maybe this will answer your question Scott, look! Here’s Darius Enlil.

Darius walks out with a confident look on his face before walking to stand next to Casie and then from behind him with the IIW International Title draped over his shoulder, is Tyler Debonair. All five are dressed in varying degrees of street wear, none ready for any kind of in-ring action, the three girls in black sneakers, black combat pants and black hooded tops with spray paint design and “The Coven” written on the back, whilst both Tyler and Darius are wearing white sneakers, denim jeans and black hoodies with something written on the back we can’t work out.


Scott James: Yep, I can see that Mike! And he has Darius Enlil and The Coven with him! To what do we owe this pleasure?! And yeah that’s slight sarcasm...

Mike Fisher: Really not sure what to expect here as Tyler and the rest of the group climb into the ring...

Darius walks to one of the turnbuckles and asks for a microphone, chucking it to Tyler as The Coven take the other three corners either leaning against them, or looking out at the crowd. Tyler shuffles the weight of the International Title on his shoulder and looks around in contemplation before stopping mid-ring and holding up the microphone.

Tyler: You know, when I first arrived here in England and walked through the doors of IIW, I did so under partially false pretences, I did so with the knowledge that, I’d just excused myself from a psychiatric Hospital back home in Los Angeles, after being there of my own accord for the last five years... Only to find out that wasn’t the case!! The minute I got here, things were happening to me... When I battled Curtis, when I fought for The Hollywood Title, when I took on Scotty Adams and the list of incidences go on! And you know, I thought I had it all figured out! Scotty, Mickey Kinkade, Eclipse Deimos!! But as with every good mystery, just when you think you’ve gotten to the end, the prime suspects begin dropping like flies! And the narrative keeps changing and leaves you with way more questions than answers...

So, I got to thinking maybe there’s actually something in the saying that the enemy of my enemy is my friend but also that blood is thicker than water and to combine them is elemental... So I decided to listen to this man, Darius... And the more I paid attention, the more the memories came flooding back and as much as they pained me the more I realised the guy has always been there for me! He has ALWAYS had my back over all those years I was stuck over at the Resnick Neuropsychological Hospital. In short, this man is my family!

And then I remembered how much this lady, Steph, has always been by my side. Not just from when I was committed, but I’m talking about back in the days of High school onwards. It didn’t matter what I did or why, she didn’t question or judge me, she had faith and trust... And then of course my sister Mercy and my Auntie Casie who, despite being a Wrestler herself and being on the road just as much as my parents! Was there for me, looked after me and made sure I had everything I needed when they couldn’t!

So, I know you’ve all been paying attention during First Class and you’ve been listening when I introduced you to, The Coven. But now... Now with everything I’ve just explained to you all about every single person in this ring I would like to introduce you to, my family... I want to introduce you, to THE KINDRED!

Tyler and Darius both pull their hoods over their heads and point to the writing on the backs of their tops, which we now see reads “THE KINDRED”. The crowd really aren’t sure how to respond, still a mixed response with some cheers from the Debonair loyalists but otherwise muted boos. Tyler shakes his head as he waits for things to die down.

Scott James: Wow! Ok, I wasn’t expecting that! So I mean it was probably a given but Tyler has officially teamed up with The Coven and also Darius and calling themselves The Kindred!

Mike Fisher: The Coven and Tyler have actually been leaving little hints in the last couple of weeks, Scott, talking about the bigger picture and how people would finally understand and I guess this is it?!

Tyler fist bumps Darius as the girls mill about the ring, Casie talking trash to the crowd, Mercedes clapping and giggling whilst Steph puts an arm around Tyler and they share a quick kiss. Tyler turns and picks the microphone up again.

Tyler: Alright, now we’ve got those pleasantries out of the way, understand we’re not even a portion of the way through what we’ve come to achieve! The Coven was created by design, The Kindred was created both by family ties but again, also by design! There is a long way to go and a lot of direction to follow but that will come with time firstly I want to address a few things I’ve not done, since Worlds Collide! We’ve had people asking us guys, were you a bit pissed when John Cavanagh and The Celtic Club gate crashed your little soirée?! Why would we, why would I, be pissed?!

For those of you who aren’t aware and I know John pointed out a little bit at the Pay-Per-View, my father, Fred Debonair had quite the friendship and some deep rivalries with him too! But I’ve got to say whenever my dad used to ask us, if we wanted to come along with him the first thing I’d say is, will John Cavanagh be there?! Will Trig be there?! Man I absolutely bugged out every single time I watched those guys in the ring! Admittedly not so much if it was against my dad but you get the picture! So I’ve got to say a big welcome to The Celtic Club and I really, really hope you guys enjoy your stay! Now, I know there was something else I wanted to talk about, Casie? You mentioned something before came out here...

Tyler smirks and rubs his chin as he paces the ring and Casie leans in and says something. He stops, holds a finger up and turns back outward toward the crowd before continuing.

Tyler: That was it! EDDIE SHAM! Oh Eddie, I bet you thought that I’d been ignoring you, didn’t you? I bet you thought that Tyler Debonair had just decided you didn’t exist and were just another figment of my imagination right?! Well I tried to, but this guy right here, my good friend Darius, wouldn’t let me! He reminded me that after having to endure almost a fortnight of you yammering away before I finished off your stooge and took home The International Title, you just wouldn’t let up! He reminded me that I’m up a good few dollars, sorry... Quid! Because I’m living rent free inside your head, hoss!

He showed me video footage of after Worlds Collide where you were still whinging and moaning about yours truly and if I’m being brutally honest, Eddie, you sound more like someone who’s been conditionally released from the loony bin than I do! You’re ranting and raving, venting and raging about things that just quite frankly are a little above your experience level, ese! You’re trying really hard though Sham I’ll give you that! You’re really, really trying hard to goad me into something... And against my better judgement, I feel like, okay.

Tyler pulls the microphone down from his mouth and looks around at Darius, then Steph, Mercedes and finally Casie. He frowns and shrugs before bringing the microphone back up.

Tyler: Eddie Sham... You have got... TO EARN IT! I don’t just accept challenges from anyone! I don’t just allow myself to be drawn into drama from someone who thinks because they held the I’m an inner statesman Championship in some God forsaken organisation half a decade ago, they deserve a shot at MY title! So you continue berating the likes of Combat “athletes” such as Savage Grace and Bobbi 2 Secondi, that is your level after all... And let the grown ups do the talking eh?!

And speaking of people challenging for my belt, tonight I go into my first defence against Zack Steele and boy that’s going to be one hell of a ride. I sure hope you’re ready to rock Zack because I’ve got The Kindred here and a man can do absolutely anything with his family behind him! There’s a new dawn fast approaching, a new day is here... We told you something big was coming and this is just the start!

Tyler drops the microphone and “Astronaut in the Ocean” smashes through the speaker system again. He holds the IIW International Title high in the air as The Coven and Darius all hold their arms up too, they all make their own individual ways out of the ring either hopping over the turnbuckles, under the ropes, through them or whatever and slowly begin heading back up the aisle.

Debut Match

Eddie Zam vs Savage Grace
(we return to action as Smooth Operator by Sade is playing on the PA - as VIP Eddie Zam is in the middle of the ring , he stands with his black single strap leotards, golden knee pads, and a right elbow sleeve- gold in colour. In his left hand he has his thick one inch metallic clipboard and on his hand he has a microphone. Most of the crowd aren't pleased too see him.)

Zam: Cut the Music!! Cut!! Moss Side were you at?

(The crowd boo , yet one or two people love the shout out)

Zam: Intense International Wrestling fans, if you saw I I W Combat , then you saw me lead the show with what I called The Thirty Third Degree....now I plan to upgrade this little show, week by week and show by show- yet I was thinking it went down soooo well - that I might aswell bring it over to the big show- Monday Night Mayhem-... Ladies and Gentleman, this is only the start of what I expect too be a great endeavour ....

THE 33rd Degree .....tonight I have a guest I wish to introduce - One you know very well- the other NOT soo much. SO dont let me stall anymore, and let me just ACT- Without further ado -

Let me introduce to everyone - one of the most repulsive things I have ever seen- Mrs Grace . ....

(An Older fat woman walks out and makes her way ringside .....she gets in the ring and smiles)

Zam: So Mrs Grace! You are the mother of Savage Grace?

Mrs Grace: Yes!

(The crowd clap)

Zam: And you are proud of that UGLY FAT PIG you call a son?

(Zam puts the microphone on Mrs Grace face)

Mrs Grace: Savage Grace is my beautiful boy!

Zam: MUUHAHAHAHA , okay lady - a mothers love for her son is blind, almost like the passion for the TOP the passion for glory without the skills- Blind passion- Your son is an ugly hack with two moves- YET I have given him the chance few others would - I gave him a chance too show himself at World's Collide .. millions of people saw what I did for him...how I HELPED him, millions saw , how he let me down- HOW he failed me...So Mrs Grace, go sit by that chair ring side over there ..and watch what happens to your FAT PIG of a son.... watch how he grants me my first win here at Intense International Wrestling.

(Zam points at her too sit on a chair ringside and watch)

Have yourself a VIP spot.... Mrs Grace! Now as for her Son....

SAVAGE GRACE get your ugly face out here , I dont wanna hear your stupid music, just get out HERE ... NOW!

(Savage Grace walks towards the ring to a decent oviation... the IIW Combat Show jobber has come a long way. Savage Grace gets to the ring... and he and Zam have a few words that we cant make out.....)

Zam: GIVE ME A REF OUT HERE!! Send me a ref ....

Mike Fisher: Whats going on here Scott?

Scott James: Zam is asking for a ref, we are gonna have a one on one match apparently.. Eddie Zam versus Savage Grace

Mike Fisher: HERE COMES DUKE LONGBOTTOM ....and he makes it ringside.. and here we go...

Zam: NOW RING THE BELLL......(Zam throws the microphone on the floor)


Mike Fisher: We are gonna have a match right now ladies and gentlemen.... VIP Eddie Zam.., whats going on... Zam is shouting at Savage Grace .... Savage Grace looks at his mother, is he crying??

Scott James: His happy!!

Mike Fisher: Savage Grace looks at his mother...and then falls flat on his back on the mat... and Eddie Zam lays onto of him..hooks the leg, and yells at Duke to make the count....

ONE ..........

TWO..................................... ...

THREE................................... ..................................


(Eddie gets up and celebrates like he just won the IIW International Title.... the crowd boo and hurl a few objects ringside)

This one is over.... Savage Grace just did exactly what Eddie Zam wanted... he let him win, what a coward!!

Scott James: Eddie Zam is just that good apparently...

Mike Fisher: Oh please!! Thats not a victory in anyones books..... totally disgusting!! Poor Savage Grace, Eddie Zam making a mockery of the fans here tonight.... disgusting!!!

Lets to to a commericial break!!! That was filthy!!!

Eddie Zam is walking around backstage after his match against Savage Grace. He turns a corner and goes to step into his dressing room, when a giant of a man who’s leaning up against the wall opposite calls out to him.

Man: Oi, you’re that Zam fella ain’t ya?

Zam: That’s me, who are you and why are you speaking to me?

Man: Oh, me? I’m nobody mate. Name’s Cristian Gregory, I’m just the distraction...

Zam: The distraction? Distraction fr...

Suddenly Darius Enlil goes flying into the side of Eddie Zam with a modified spear, sending him crashing through his locker room door. Cristian Gregory smirks and walks off as Darius lays the boots in, pulling a clothes rack down on top of Zam.

Darius: You wanted Tyler, but you reckon you could dump this no name on his head eh? Put me to sleep? Let’s see, escoria!

Darius stomps down on Zam once more, before turning and leaving his locker room, as we head back to ringside.

Debut Match

(Mayhem action continues as we head backstage .....we join the cameras backstage- the beast Ultimate Destroyer is getting ready for action- in his own personal lockeroom.. sounds like he is breaking stuff- No one dares get in the showers or change - near him .... Suddenly the cameras follow VIP Eddie Zam .. who wears a black single strap leotard, golden knee pads , a gold elbow sleeve... and black boots with the initials EZ written in GOLD>... )

Mike Fisher: VIP Eddie Zam.. whats he up to now ?

Scott James: Well he says he has an IQ of one hundred and forty, so who knows!?

(Zam walks into the lockerooms followed by the cameras.....)

VIP Eddie Zam : ONI ONI... Monster Monster... Amigo, Ultimate Destroyer... May i speak with you for one second!!!

Ultimate Destroyer : ( Lets out a growl .... ) CUNTLAPPER!!

Zam: I'll take that as a YES.... Amigo... you like to hurt people dont you?

(Eddie Zam approaches the Ultimate Destroyer cautiously.... VIP never discriminates as Total Destroyer lets out another growl- and answers )

Ultimate Destroyer: I make physical sacrifices and place them at the altar to the gods, of the ring and make examples of anyone who steps in my way!!!

Zam: Of course you do .. YOU BIG savage .. you might have the IQ of an ant but you have the might of a RHINO...

(Ultimate Destroyer gets offended and growls again and closes in on Zam ... which causes him too step back in a panic and calm the situation down)

Zam: Sorry Sorry Amigo... Sorry.. I meant .. You arent as smart as ME, BUT YOU are way way way tougher than me.... isn't that right?

(Ultimate Destroyer growls again and grabs Eddie Zam by the neck and swings him around like nothing)

Zam: OKAY OKAY ... Amigo.. please.. What i meant too say too you , MY FRIEND - is that you are JUST as smart as me and you are tougher than me.. way way way tougher.... Isnt that right?

(Ultimate Destroyer seems pleased- for once)

Total Destroyer: I mean to break BONES and turn them into dust!!!!

(Zam does the sign of the cross, thanking his lucky stars Ultimate Destroyer hasn't killed him by now)

Zam: good good, I know you like too beat people... So i have someone special for you too beat up... and then perhaps I can help you beat someone else UP?

How does that sound AMIGO??

I've had my eye on your since day ONE- i will HELP you ... IF you help me.... OKAY?

(The Ultimate Destroyer growls ... grabs Eddie Zam by the shoulders which makes Zam shit bricks- ...... Yet seconds later Ultimate Destroyer releases him ..)

Ultimate Destroyer: I know and care not about good or evil!!!!

Mike Fisher: What does this mean Scott?

Scott James: I guess it means somebody is gonna get HURT!?

Mike Fisher: With that combination of polar opposites? Anything and everything is on the table. Lets go ringside.

(Jenny Fletcher stands in the ring microphone in hand)

Mike Fisher: Jenny Fletcher! Our NEW Announcer!!

Jenny Fletcher: Ladies and Gentleman, the following match is scheduled for ONE fall!!

(the crowd pops)

Introducing first-

Making his Intense International Wrestling debut . Standing Six foot five inches and weighing in at two hundred and eighty one pounds!!! Hailing from Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of CONGOOO!!


(The lights begin to slowly dim, a single spotlight appearing on the stage as the intro to It's a fight by three six mafia, begins to play over the PA system. Anthony Tulia appears within the spotlight, looking out at the crowd as he poses. Shadow boxing before turning his attention to the ring as he begins to make his way to the ring.)

Mike Fisher: raw talent here Scott James!

Scott James: looks like a powerhouse! Well this match is gonna be two powerhouses going at it...I cannot wait!!!

( Reaching the ringside area, Anthony walks up the stairs, stopping on the apron before entering the ring through the top and middle rope. Shadowboxing once more when he enters )

Jenny Fletcher: And HIS opponent!

(The air raid sirens start blastiing thru out the IIW arena , as the mood changes ... danger is in the air)

Scott James: Are you ready fans? Hide the kids!

Jenny Fletcher: Standing SEVEN Foot tall and weighing in at Four Hundred pounds even! From Parts Unknown!!


(The sirens continue as out runs Ultimate Destroyer !!! He makes it ring side, by which time Anthony Tulia has stepped out of the ring. Ultimate Destroyer bounces up and down and runs wild in the ring, Referee Duke Longbottom calls for the bell and then wants no part of this and has also exits the ring)


Mike Fisher: Anthony Tulia has only two years wrestling experience , doing the right thing there. This man is an uncontrollable force of nature

Scott James: Look at this Ultimate Destroyer aint waiting... He steps out of the ring and starts chasing Anthony Tulia...

Mike Fisher: Duke Longbottom needs to get control here...Tulia walks the around ring post and around one step ahead of the seven footer, who is close behind- Tulia finally gets into the ring and meets Ultimate Destroyer with a boot to the face as the seven footer attempts to get in the ring behind him- and another kick ...Ultimate Destroyer not feeling any of this - grabs Anthony by the neck .....Tulia in trouble!!

Scott James: Tulia has the rope .. Tulia has the rope!!

Mike Fisher: Duke Longbottom trying to let Ultimate Destroyer's attention, he doesnt know he must let him go..Duke counting,

his counting one, two...

Scott James: Ultimate Destroyer cares not for rules Mike! Or Winning ....

Mike Fisher: Finally Ultimate Destoyer lets Tulia go..... Tulia coughing and grabbing at his throat, not a happy camper right now- doesnt look at all pleased. WAIT!!!

UPPER CUT!! Cheap shot!!!!

Ohh my while Duke Longbottom was scolding Ultimate Destroyer about the rules , Tulia with a beautifully placed upper cut and Ultimate Destroyer is furious... look at him... DUKE Longbottom goes flying ... this is out of control... TULIA and Ultimate Destroyer exchanging punches....

Here we goo , its ON!!

Mike Fisher: These blows would knock out most men, I can't believe what I'm seeing!!!

(The crowd loves it... the two big men going at it , punch for punch, Until Ultimate Destroyer grabs Tulia by the neck...... and soccer kicks him in groin.. )

Scott James: Thats his Signature move... The Soprano!.... .. What!! Whats going on...

Mike Fisher: O here we go... It's VIP Eddie Zam!! His coming out to the ring , with his metallic clipboard in hand

(The crowd arent very pleased too see Eddie Zam makes his way ringside)

Scott James: Why isn't Ultimate Destroyer pinning Tulia?

Mike Fisher: Ultimate Destroyer only cares too hurt his opponents, look!! Look at this picks up Tulia by the hair, O wait.. wait...... and now both Duke Longbottom and Ultimate Destroyer have seen Eddie Zam ringside ...

(Ultimate Destroyer is gets out of the ring too confront Zam, as the crowd rises in anticipation... Zam is distracted mouthing off with a few fans ringside)

Scott James: Turn around Zam!!!

Mike Fisher: Zam with no clue, but here comes Duke Longbottom ... Look at this .. Ultimate Destroyer pushes Zam ..who turns around and accidentally bumps Duke and goes crashing down in the commotion - and Zam pleading with Ultimate Destroyer not too hurt him and .. Zam pointing at the ring ..pointing at Tulia.

(The crowd want Ultimate Destroyer too hurt Zam)

Scott James: Heres come Tulia...Here comes Tulia!!

Mike Fisher: His got a chair... his got a steel chair... Zam pleads with Ultimate Destroyer to turn around... but Ultimate Destroyer grabs Zam by the neck!!

(crowd gets loud in anticipation)

Crack!!! Tulia hits Ultimate Destroyer with the chair.......Tulia goes for another and another !!!

Ultimate Destroyer reeling ..... Look at Zam , Look at him.. he is shaking Tulia's hand

Scott James: His thanking him!!

.. and now they are both putting Ultimate Destroyer back into the ring..... check it out!

Mike Fisher: Are they in cahoots? Ultimate Destroyer back in the ring... Duke Longbottom almost back to his feet on the outside.... Tulia about too get back in the ring....

Zam looks at him.. grabs his metallic clip board.... points at Ultimate Destroyer ... tells Tulia too pin him ... motioning one, two, three.... and points..

Tulia about too get back into the ring, Zam taps him on the shouler...


Metallic clipboard to the head....!! Tulia is out cold... Zam quickly rolls him back in ring ....

Scott James: Whats going on???

Mike Fisher: I have no idea, but VIP Eddie Zam just thanked Tulia for saving him from Ultimate Destroyers grasp - and then goes and knocks him out Cold.....Look at Zam, helps a dazed Duke Longbottom into the ring and .....

Ultimate Destroyer is up... he sees Zam , he sees Tulia... he sees Duke Longbottom. What is he gonna do??

Scott James: Great question, Zam's telling him too do it, PIN HIM!

Mike Fisher: He's doing it, he is actually going to do it!! Ultimate Destroyer is going for a victory... he stands over Tulia and puts a single foot down on his chest...Duke LongBottom gets to the mat





Ladies and Gentleman , you winner - The Ultimate Destroyer ... and NOW WHAT!! Ultimate Destroyer is not done. He looks furious!!!!

(The crowd pop)

Scott James: His going after VIP Eddie Zam!!

Mike Fisher: Thats right- he is after Zam ..and Eddie Zam is all sorts of panic runs too the back in a flash and is lost behind the curtains in a panic .. what a coward!!!! The crowd loves it!!! Ultimate Destroyer is in a frenzy...... lets go to the replay of what just went down!!!

Exhibition Match
The Prestige vs Andy Donahue and Trig (Celtic Club)

Main Event Mafia Theme song TNA Starts playing around the arena as Mike James and Mark Lawson walk out first as one stands to the right and the other stands to the left. Jesse James walks out in the middle as he stops and points to the screen as The Prestige appears over the screen in Bold letters. They walk slowly down the ramp then stare down some fans before entering the ring as Mark Lawson and Mike James pose on the turnuckles Jesse poses in the middle of the ring as a bright spot light falls on each one of them as the arena goes dark.

"What's Left of the Flag" by Flogging Molly hits as the strobe lights in the arena flicker between green and white with sights of lights shaped as Irish flags moving throughout the arena. Trigger and Andy makes their way to the ring chewing a piece of gum and trash talking each fan that comes near him.

As soon as Trigger makes it to the ring, Mike jumps on Andy Donahue, Mark on Trigger…and they immediately begin chucking knuckles around. Mike gets the better of Andy Donahue, Mark gets the better of Trigger! Mike tosses Trigger over the top rope! Mark clotheslines Trigger out of the ring!

Mike Fisher: The Prestige have cleared the ring!

Trigger and Andy Donahue stagger around the ring and meet up.

Mark and Mike exchange glances and then immediately hop out of the ring and chase Trigger and Andy Donahue up the aisle… and they nail them both from behind! Mark grabs Trigger and he drags him back up the aisle! Mike James and Andy Donahue brawling at the stage and Mark has Trigger back in the ring!

Mike Fisher: Trigger and Mark apparently the legal men and Mark whips him to the ropes…back body drop! And Trigger sails seven feet in the air and drops hard on his back!

He grabs his back in pain and Mark pulls him up and he whips him into the ropes, Trigger on the return and Mark with a flying shoulder block! Trigger hits the mat and flips backwards with a force. Meanwhile, Mike whips Andy Donahue into the guardrail and then grabs him back the back of the neck and throws him into the ring steps!

Scott James: This is madness.

Scott James: Andy Donahue is hurting on the outside right now... and I think on the inside!

Mike Fisher: The Prestige are cleaning house here and Trigger and Andy Donahue don’t have an answer for it so far!

Scott James: Come on, guys! Get in the game!

Mike leads Trigger by the hair to the back of his hearse and he proceeds to slam Trigger's face into the back bumper of the car!

Mike Fisher: Trigger's been busted wide open!

As Trigger stumbles backwards, John Cavanagh makes his way out to the ring and begins giving Trigger a pep talk.. Trigger turns around anod SUPERKICK to Mike James as he comes up close

Scott James: YES! John's here! I knew he'd be here to save Trigger!

Mike slumps to the ground and John Cavanagh helps Trigger up from the floor and the two of them walk Mike back to ringside. Mike tries to get his wits back while he stands in his corner while Trigger and John Cavanagh walk to their side of the ring, settling things down a bit. Back in the ring Mark whips Trigger to a neutral corner and climbs to the second turnbuckle…and unloads on him with fists of fury! The crowd counts along!



3 …








Trigger wobbles out to the center of the ring and flops to the mat as Mark works the crowd. Mike asks for the tag and he gets it! Trigger gets to his feet just in time for Mike to take him down with an arm drag takedown! Trigger bounces back up, and again gets taken down with an arm drag! Trigger bumping all over the ring and Mike whips him to the ropes…and gets caught with his head down! Trigger catches him with a scissors kick to the back of the neck! And Trigger quickly makes the tag to Andy Donahue!

Scott James: Wooo! Good job, Trigger!

Andy Donahue steps over the top rope and towers over Mike. He pulls him up by the hair and whips him to the ropes…big boot! And Mike spits high into the air as the leather from the boot smacks him in the chin. Andy Donahue pandering to the crowd as Mike reels. He picks up Mike and heaves him over his head for a fisherman's suplex! Mike’s body twists upon impact and he arches his back in pain. Andy Donahue pulls him back to his feet…and he hooks him in for a DDT! As Trigger falls back for the DDT, Mike blocks it and pushes him to the mat!

Scott James: Ahhh!

Mike Fisher: And that has to hurt! Normally with a DDT your opponent’s head breaks the fall but it’s a risky move, if it gets blocked you’re putting yourself in harm’s way and a veteran move by Mike James there to block that attempt!

Mike James crawls over to Mark and makes the tag! Andy Donahue backs up into a neutral corner and begs off Mark. Mark looks down at him begins stomping a mud hole in Andy Donahue! Andy Donahue frantically looking for a way out but Mark is a house of fire! He pulls Andy Donahue to his feet and whips him to the ropes… Andy on the return... powerslam!

Mike Fisher: What a feat of strength! Mark picked up Andy Donahue and slammed him and the crowd roars!

Andy rolls out of the ring to collect himself as John Cavanagh runs over to check on his mate. John Cavanagh helps Andy back to his feet and begins to get him to slide into the ring. He grabs a chair and slides it in to Trigger, he gets up on the ring apron getting the attention of Duke Longbottom distracting him

Trigger slides back in with the chair but Mark runs towards him with a head of steam... Trigger tosses the chair to MAC, who catches it... Trigger with a spinning back heel kick to the chair!

Mike Fisher: What a shot! Mark Lawson is down!

Andy Donahue gets to his feet, prompting Mike to step through the ropes, John Cavanagh drops to the ringside noticing this and points at the ref to look behind him, The ref runs over and holds Mike James back back. Andy Donahue from behind Mark…LOW BLOW! He got him with a low blow and the ref had his back turned! And Andy Donahue leaves the ring…there was no legal tag! The ref turns around and Trigger insists a tag was made. The crowd boos loudly. Trigger now mounts Mark and delivers stiff right hands into Mark’s forehead. Mark in trouble here and Trigger gets up off him and pulls him up by the hair... and Trigger whips him into the ropes, Mark on the return... Enziguri by Trigger!

Mike Fisher: That rocked Mark and Trigger with a cover.




Mike Fisher: Mike with the breakup there!

Trigger seems undaunted and he scoops up Mark before dropping him back to the mat with a dicuss lariat!

John gets up on the ring again but this time the crowd roars as Jesse James has come down to ringside, he grabs John and throws him over the ringside barrier, the two of them continue to brawl as they make their way through the crowd. In the middle of the crowd Jesse takes a step back PERFECTION! He nails John Cavanagh across the face in the middle of the crowd

Mike Fisher: This isn’t looking good! That could’ve gone seriously wrong!

Back in the ring Andy Donahue mockingly tosses Mark into his own corner, and then holds Mark’s hand out as if to tag out to Mike James. Mark Lawson fights back and throws a right hand! And a left! And a right! And a left! And Andy Donahue is staggered…the crowd getting behind Mark…Mark off the ropes…clothesline! Andy Donahue won’t go down! Mark off the ropes again…another clothesline! Andy Donahue teetering now! Mark off the ropes again…wait a minute, Trigger in the ring… Coup d'Grace! He blindsided Mark and nailed him him and the ref screaming at Trigger to get out of the ring!

Mike Fisher: COME ON!

Scott James: HA!

Andy Donahue shakes out the cob webs and makes a cover!




Jenny Fletcher: Your winners…. THE CELTIC CLUB!

Exhibition Match

:The lights go out one the arena and the song slay me starts to play as the Wors Venom lights up over the arena. As the lights start to flicker Venom is seen in the rafters at first once they flicker again he appears in the ring.

"Just Like You" by Three Days Grace begins to play as the crowd boo when they see Ryan McCann make his way down to the ring. McCann enters the ring and, climbs to the top of a nearby corner and tosses his arms in the air and urges the crowd to get louder, as they do

McCann grabs Venom as the bell rings, pulling him to his knees only to have the powerdown attempt foiled when Venom follows up with a quick knee to the midsection. McCann shakes it off and comes back hard with a knife-edge chop against Venom's neck. He keeps on his opponent, sending him reeling towards the corner with a series of hard chops. He sends a vicious sidekick into Venom's midsection and then applies a belly to back release suplex. Not wasting a moment's time, McCann lays the boots to Venom, stomping and kicking hard as the crowd begins to grow restless.

Scott James: That circus freak is going to blow up out there!

Mike Fisher: I don't know about that, Vic. Ryan McCann is a skilled technician

Scott James: And a terrible wrestler, if you ask me.

Mike Fisher: I didn't.

Venom gets to his feet slowly and just as he does, McCann gives him a big boot to the face. Sending him crashing back to the mat, McCann immediately scrambles into position for a high angle Boston crab, working on the still tender back of his opponent. Venom wraps one hand around the bottom rope, and Ryan McCann refuses to break the hold until he gets a warning from the ref. Levelling another vicious kick into Venom's stomach, McCann backs off, rolling out of the ring for a breather. Venom pulls himself upright, still favoring his back. The two men lock gazes again, and then, surprisingly, Venom springs over the top rope, launching himself at Ryan. McCann tries to duck, but Venom sails over his head, catching the back of his neck for a DDT on the outside. Venom rolls back to his feet and levels a few kicks to the ribs of McCann before helping him back into the ring.

Mike Fisher: Venom is a force to be reckoned with!

Scott James: Really? Have you been dipping into my stash again?

Mike Fisher: Say what you want

McCann goes for a clothesline but Venom ducks and follows up with a forearm smash to the face. Venom catches his arm and sends Ryan into the ropes. When he comes back, telegraphing a clothesline, Venom dives and catches him in a grapple, reversing it into a spinning side slam. McCann regains his balance and as he does, Venom executes an amazing windmill kick that sends his opponent down hard.

Scott James: I don't know how much more of this punishment Venom can take!

Mike Fisher: Are we even watching the same match?

McCann grabs the foot of Venom as he tries for another cheap stomping, pulling him off balance. Venom goes down but drops a fist right to the face of McCann. He scrambles off McCann, but doesn't quite make it as the former boxer manages to flip him over, applying a facelock against his knee. Venom goes limp, ignoring the pain as McCann jerks on his neck before Venom violently breaks the hold. He gets up to his knees, moving his jaw around as he watches McCann. As soon as he moves to get up, Venom dives on him with a Thesz press and starts pummeling him with punches.

Scott James: Oh, it's all over now.

Mike Fisher: Wait! Wait!

The two collide and Venom throws his weight backwards, rolling McCann into a small package.



McCann kicks out, and reverses it into a modified STF, locking his forearm against Venom's chin to wrench his neck back. He drills his fist into Venom's ribs and back only to eat a wild elbow to the face. Venom takes advantage of the situation, immediately locking him into his patented Dark Face submission (reaper lock). Caught in the middle of the ring, already hurting, Ryan McCann has no choice but to tap out.

Jenny Fletcher: Your Winner Venom

The scene opens to Jonny C laying in a hospital bed. He has an IV in his arm and other wires connected to him. He is also wearing a neck brace.

Jonny - Where the Hell is the DR? I need to get out of here right now. I'm going to find that fucking asshole Bam and let him know it will take more than that to keep me down. If he thinks he can get away with trying to kill me he has another thing coming this is far from over.

Jonny grabs the call button and presses it repeatedly. Jonny rips off his neck brace, starts to remove wires and goes to pull put his IV as the DR enters the room.

Dr Taylor - WHOA Mr. C you can't do that. We still aren't done running tests on you. You took one hell of a fall and we need to make sure you didn't do any major damage.

Jonny - I can do anything I want. Look Doc I'm fine, I didn't even break anything. Get me whatever paper work is needed for me to leave. I will sign anything you want but I need to get to the arena I have unfinished business to attend to tonight.

Dr. Taylor - Absolutely not Mr. C under no circumstances are you to wrestle tonight.

Jonny - That's fine I don't intend on wrestling in any way. I can promise you from the bottom of my heart that I will in no way be wrestling anyone tonight.

Jonny looks to the camera and winks

Dr. Taylor - What exactly does that mean.

Jonny - That is of no concern to you Doc. Look I'm telling you right now I am leaving this hospital reguardless of what you say.

Dr. Taylor - I don't agree but there is nothing I can do to hold you here. Fine than you will need to sign paper saying it's against my orders.

Jonny - Jesus I asked that before. What are you waiting for take your happy ass to get that while I get dressed or hang around and stare at my balls either way I don't care I'm leaving paperwork or not.

Jonny pulls out his IV and sits up and slides out of the bed.

The Dr. Looks mortified but leaves to get the forms. Jonny looks right into the camera.

Jonny - Bam try as you might but I'm still standing. You got balls I will give you that. But once again you tried and failed to end me at Worlds Collide. Yeah your team took home the W but I know that's not all you wanted. You tired damn hard to end my career but look at me standing here fit as a fiddle on my way to beat your ass.

Jonny takes off his hospital gown and puts on his wrestling gear that he wore to the hospital. The Dr comes back in Jonny rips the clip board out of his hands and signs it. He throws is back to the Dr than walks out of the room.

Jonny - Bam it might not be today, or tomorrow but I am going to get my hands on you one way or another. Your days are numbered in the IIW. You speared me off the top of a fucking cage and couldn't put me down. You took your best shot and missed. You missed in a major way, you attempted to commit a war crime in a war games match and in the IIW we just don't stand for that unless you're on Team Osh than murder is allowed. Oh what it's not murder what did Russell call it.

Jonny grabs his phone out and shoots a text to Russ. He gets a text back immediately and smiles.

Jonny - Thats right it's an unavoidable work place accident. Anyway now it's my turn to shoot my shot. You better grow eyes in the back of your head Bam because I'm coming and nothing can stop me.

Jonny makes his way towards the exit of the ER. The Dr pokes his head out of the room asking his name was Jonny wasn't it, he signed his name as Bamis Adedman. The scene fades.

Exhibition Match

Eron Hunter vs Anthony Tudor

Mike - What a night we have had so far ladies and Gentlemen.

Scott - The action has been non stop so far and we are keeping things rolling.

Mike - We got Eron Hunter and Anthony Tuder, both men are looking to make names for themselves here in IIW.

Jenny Fletcher - Making his way to the ring standing at 6'10 and weighing on at 305 ANTHONY TUDORRRRRR.

Limp Bizkit - Breakstuff sounding off with a loud bass boom as the lights in the arena turn a sickly green. The green fades to a low yellow, as if a boom went off before an air raid siren can be heard. The siren perks up louder as Ragna begins to walk out, decked out in a vest and hoodie with his Oncoming Storm logo emblazoned on the front. He stares straight ahead, his muscles flexing before he roars to the camera, shoving the camera man aside as he heads to the ring. He stomps up the ramp, stopping just at the edge of the entrance ramp and running his palm along the canvas itself before pounding his fists against it and hopping up onto the apron. He slides under the middle rope, stepping into the center of the ring and stretching his arms out before tearing the hoodie in half, roaring back to the crowd with a guttural scream.

Eron and Anthony circle eachother in the middle of the ring. Both men lock themselves into a test of strength. The go shoulder to shoulder trying to put muscle the other. Tudor manages to muscle Hunter to bend backwards then drives him to the mat. Hunter pops up and goes right into a lock up as Eron immediately takes Turdor into a side headlock. He rakes the headlock 2 times before whipping Tudor into the ropes. Eron drops to the mat as Tudor runs over him to the ropes. Eron jumps up and drop kicks Tudor sending him flying outside of the ring. Tudor is getting to his feet but Hunter hits the ropes and dives over the top with a huge cross body onto Tudor.

Mike - Eron Hunter is setting a blistering pase here. If he can keep this pase up he will walk all over Another Tudor tonight.

Scott - No one can keep this pase up Mike. Hunter is going for broke really fast let's see if Tudor can withstand it and mount a come back.

Hunter picks up Tudor and rolls him into the ring. Hunter climbs to the apron and starts making his way to the top rope. Tudor manages to get to his feet and falls into the ropes causing Hunter to stumble and fall stright down low blowing himself on the turnbuckle. Hunter falls into the ring. Tudor picks his up hitting a perfect belly to belly suplex, he follows that up by doing push ups in the ring.

Mike - Tudor stop showing off man and continue the attack don't let your guard down.

Scott - Look at him, he can't help but show off. He is just that good and he knows it.

Mike - This just isn't smart.

Tudor gets up and picks up Hunter whipping him into the corner. Tudor runs at Hunter with spinning elbow to the jaw than climbs to the second rope and starts raining down punches.


Hunter hooks Tudors legs stands up hitting a sit down powerbomb. Hunter immediately picks up Tudor shoves him into the corner and lays a few kicks in. Hunter pulls Tudor puts his head under his arm and lifts into a brainbuster suplex. Hunter makes the cover.

Referee 1......2...Kick out

Hunter stands grabbing Tudor by the head trying to pick him up. Tudor shoves Hunter falls back into the ropes firing off them with a monster clothesline. Tudor climbs to the second rope jumps off hitting an elbow drop. Tudor locks in an arm bar on Hunter. The referee slides down looking for a submission. Hunter screams but doesn't tap out. Tudor gets mad releases the arm bar picks up Hunter and hits a german suplex. Tudor stands up smiling and taunting the crowd. He flexes for a minute before going for a very cocky cover.

The referee makes the count 1.... Kick out.

Mike - Anthony Tudor is way to full of himself here. He didn't even try to lock in that pin attempt.

Scott - He didn't at all but in his head he didn't need to.

Mike - That was a bold move that didn't pan out to well.

Hunter pops quickly grabs Tudor does a fireman's carry directly into a standing elbow drop. Hunter grabs Tudor off the mat picks his up then drives him face first into the mat with a flatliner. Tudor hits hard then rolls onto his back holding his face.. Hunter turns jumps onto the middle rope doing a moonsault. Hunter immediately hooks the leg.


Mike - Wow almost had him there.

Scott - Just barely able to get his shoulder up on that one. Very close indeed.

Hunter slaps the mat in anger. He stands up and picks up Tudor he grabs his head runs and hits his signature running DDT putting Tudor down hard. Hunter jumps up and calls for the Flame Desperado. Hunter grabs Tudor grabs his wrist throws him on his shoulders and plants Tudor hard onto the mat hooking the leg.


Scott - He did it. Eron Hunter takes home a big win over Anthony Tudor in his debut match.

Mike - He said he would and he did exactly that. This is a huge win for Eron Hunter here on Mayhem.

Hunter gets to his feet smiling. He walks over to the turnbuckle and climbs up soaking in the applause of the fans on his first win in IIW.