Taylor Blazer and Bianca Langford are already in the ring and sizing one another up, Langford goading Blazer on to lock up with her.

Lonnie Parks: Alright we’re all set here for what will be our first semi-final to crown the number one contender to Victoria McKenzie’s FCPW Women‘s Championship!

Tony Watson: These are two of the toughest female competitors to have come through the doors at IIW, Lonnie! And the other semi-final to come after this is no shaker either! Oh what the heck is this now?!

Suddenly the lights go out just as the two women are about to lock up and a soft red lighting fills the entire arena. Both women stop what they’re doing and look up at the ramp, as Casie Debonair slowly walks down the aisle, carrying what looks like a lamp.

Lonnie Parks: What is Casie doing here, Tony?!

Tony Watson: I have no idea, she already made an example of Alaqueesha Payne earlier tonight! Maybe she’s annoyed she wasn’t invited to take part in the title tournament?!

Lonnie Parks: Her and the rest of The Coven it seems, look! Behind Bianca and Taylor!

As the two women are watching Casie, who’s now stopped mid-ramp and bowed her head, Steph and Mercy have slid into the ring behind them and dive straight into a brutal unknowing attack as the house lights come up.

Lonnie Parks: MJ and Steph going straight for Langford and Blazer in an all out assault here! They’re just ruthlessly battering them!

Tony Watson: Taylor and Bianca are fighting back but it’s a struggle... Steph sweeps Bianca off her feet and is now stomping on her!

Casie has walked to the ring and slid under the bottom rope, just as Taylor is about to knock Mercy onto the floor, she smacks her with the lamp sending her sprawling into the turnbuckle face first. As Taylor is stumbling backwards, Mercy grabs her arms jumps up and nails her with the “Merciless” double-knee backbreaker!

Tony Watson: Oh my God that was devastating by Mercedes there! Steph hoists Bianca Langford up now she wraps her arms around her and...

Lonnie Parks: OOOH! That move! It’s what’s known as a Hanging-Dragon Suplex, Steph calls it “Sunny Daze”

Tony Watson: Nothing sunny about that for Bianca though Lonnie! And these girls still haven’t left Taylor Blazer alone either!

Mercy and Casie stomp on Taylor a couple more times before dragging her up by her hair, as Steph runs up the turnbuckle, twists around stands and spins off the top nailing Blazer with a stunner!

Tony Watson: STEPHACIDE there by Steph, on Blazer! These girls really do enjoy making a mockery of their opposition!

Lonnie Parks: Or you could call it an example, Tony! All I know is, this is one semi-final that won’t be happening! Casie pulling Taylor to her feet now kick to the stomach! AGENT PROVOCATEUR SNAP DDT!!

The lights go out again as we see both Langford and Blazer sprawled on the canvas with Casie, Steph and Mercedes standing above them as Casie picks up the lamp again. Billie Eilish’s “You should see me in a Crown” begins to play over the speaker system as all 3 women drop to their knees or backs and crawl and roll out of the ring, making their way to the back as Amanda Jackson reaches for a microphone.

Amanda Jackson: Ladies and gentlemen, due to the level of interference and injuries suffered... This match has been ruled a NO CONTEST!

The lights go out and purple and white strobing fills the arena as Billie Eilish, “You should see me in a crown” blasts over the speaker system. Casie Debonair steps out from behind the curtain and stands there tapping her foot with her head down.

As soon as the chorus hits, pyros explode and the lights slightly come up. Casie swings her head up and jumps in the air and begins skipping down to the ring.

Casie jumps up onto the apron and front flips over the top rope climbing the turnbuckle as the song continues. She turns and sits on the turnbuckle, waiting for the song to end.
Alaqueesha Payne and Cassie Debonair circle around the ring a couple of times Cassie Debonair moves first, as she wraps her arms around the head of Alaqueesha Payne, loving for a headlock, but Alaqueesha Payne squeezes out of it immediately Cassie Debonair begins taunting a bit, as she preforms a back-flip, and motions Alaqueesha Payne to "come get some" The two of them lock up, Alaqueesha Payne gets a hold of Cassie Debonairs right arm, as she twists it around putting the pressure and pain right on Cassie Debonairs shoulder Cassie Debonair looks to get out of this, as this time she does a front flip, reliving the hold on her shoulder, and turning it around on Alaqueesha, Payne reaches over to the top rope, as the ref signals Cassie Debonair to let go of the hold The two women circle each other once again, trying to get the advantage

Tony Watson: "These two are just going back and forth at it so far in this match up"

The two women in the ring begin exchanges right handed jabs to one another A punch from Cassie Debonair lands to the face of Payne, but Payne returns a right hand jab to the face of Cassie Debonair in return Back and forth these two women exchanges blows to the face Payne seems to catch Cassie Debonair off guard with a right hand, as Cassie Debonair drops down to the knee Payne see the opportunity, as she runs and bounces off the ropes, comes running straight for Cassie Debonair and delivers a knee to the right side of Cassie Debonairs head Payne immediately goes for the cover



Cassie Debonair is still on the mat, trying to make it to her feet Payne continues the ambush though, as she delivers some hard right stomps to the back of Cassie Debonair Payne once again bounces off the ropes and delivers a leg drop right to the throat, causing Cassie Debonair to struggle catching her breath Payne doesn't waste any time, as she continues with stomps all over the body of the downed Cassie The Ref has to separate Payne from Cassie Debonair, giving Cassie Debonair a chance to make it back to her feet With her back to Payne, Payne sprints towards Cassie Debonair, but Cassie Debonair sees it coming and meets Payne with a elbow right square to the temple of Payne, knocking her off balance Payne now has her back to Cassie Debonair…. Cassie approaches…. Sultry-in-Motion!!!!





The lights in the arena have just come up on Caera Bellamira’s entrance and she’s standing, staring straight ahead as “The Noose” by A Perfect Circle begins to play over the speakers.

Lonnie Parks: Okay well finally we’ll get around to seeing our second...

Tony Watson: First!

Lonnie Parks: You’re right Tony, first semi-final of the number one contender tournament! With Kaitlyn Finley making her way out here to face Caera Bellamira!

Tony Watson: I’m not sure what Nicole Lawlor plans to do now, with The Coven, seemingly trying to take matters into their own hands in the last match...

Lonnie Parks: Ugh! And this one for crying out loud!

Kaitlyn Finley is only halfway down the aisle, when Casie Debonair runs from behind the curtain, lamp in hand again and just hurls herself, full sprint at the back of Finley‘s head, taking her clean out onto the floor! As she does, Caera moves closer to the ropes to see what’s going on.

Lonnie Parks: Bellamira trying to get a better look at what Casie is doing to her opponent, but as she does, for... Some reason that creepy doll of hers, Alvera, has caught her attention as Steph and Mercy have climbed in the ring behind her!

She looks at Alvera then behind her a little too late as both Steph and Mercedes run up on her and begin lying waste to her. As they’re beating down on Caera though, Casie looks at them in the ring, then to Alvera, back to the ring and walks towards Caera’s “daughter”.

Lonnie Parks: Oh no... What the hell is Casie doing man! She’s heading for Alvera, really?! As inside the ring Mercy and Steph just set Caera up for a jumping leg drop on the back of Bellamira’s neck and she just drops...

Tony Watson: And Kaitlyn is just sprawled on the ramp here, struggling to get up, but Casie now, Casie is reaching her hand out for Alvera and... And is she, Lonnie am I seeing things or is that puppet lifting it’s hand to Casie Debonair?!

Lonnie Parks: I can’t quite see but both Steph and Mercedes have left the ring now, they’re picking up Kaitlyn and Mercy just launches her! Into the ring steps!

We now see that Casie has picked up Caera Bellamira’s doll, Alvera and is carrying her away up the aisle, with Steph and Mercedes in tow, but Caera slowly turns and sees them and lets out an almighty shriek! She scrambles out of the ring, clearly in some distress and pain and fights her way back up the aisle toward The Coven, who now have Alvera in their possession.


The lights dim as the guitar hits, then as the horns pop a spotlight illuminates Fiona's bowed head. "I'm knockin' at the door!" and the spotlight expands, illuminating Fiona completely, standing in blue long tights with "F YEAH" down the outer right thigh and "HARRIS" down the left in black writing, outlined in silver, a black maple leaf, also outlined in silver, on her backside, with matching sports bra, kickpads over black amateur-style boots and knee pads, wrists taped. "Got the north star guidin' me, it's the fire burnin' inside of me" and Harris raises her head and starts down to the ring as the spotlight continues to follow her to the ring. Fiona hops up to the ring apron, looking out to the crowd. "That's me, I'm knockin' at the door!" and the lights flash on, Fiona posing with a fist raised, grinning at the fans, into the hard camera, before stepping into the ring, ready for the fight.

Monster by automatic begins to play as Eve The Monstress makes her way down to the ring with Shaun Hart hyping her up. She slides into the ring and squares up to Fiona Harris
Fiona Harris looks at Eve, much taller and a massive weight advantage causes the Canadian native look slightly worried about the upcoming match. Eve doesn’t seem to move as the bell rings and Fiona Harris begins to circle in towards Eve. She looks to lock up and Eve immediately pulls her in and tosses her across the ring and into the opposite corner. She charges and drives her knee square to the jaw of her opponent. Eve takes her boot and drives it into the throat of Fiona Harris, using all of her weight as she cuts both the air flow and the circulation from her head. The referee struggles to pull the big man away, but finally, at the count of four, Eve backs away.

Tony: Eve is a wrecking machine!

The referee looks to check on Fiona Harris, but Eve pulls the referee away and lifts herself to her feet, dropping her back down with a huge short arm clothesline. Eve lifts her back up and grabs her by the throat and drives her back into the corner. She lifts her hand and brings it crashing down on her chest with a huge SMACK! Her chest immediately grows red as Eve pulls her out of the corner and lifts her up in the air, bringing her crashing down with a huge Jackhammer Suplex, she holds it for the cover.




Eve seems slightly frustrated at Fiona Harris as she drags her to her feet and throws her shoulder first into the steel turnbuckle! Fiona Harris crashes into the metal bar shoulder first, crumpling to the ground in the corner. Eve charges and delivers a huge running knee to Fiona Harris, her head bouncing off of her knee as she crawls away from the corner. Eve drives the boot to her spin, stopping her fleeing as she drives the heel of her boot deeper Fiona Harris lets out a slight yelp of pain. Eve crouches down and lifts Fiona Harris up by her abdomen, deadlifting her high over her head, approaching the ropes she crouches then launches Fiona Harris into the turnbuckle. Her back crashes into the top of the steel as she stumbles out and eats a running big boot. Fiona Harris falls to the ground momentarily, as Eve lifts her limp body off the ground and onto the top rope. She climbs up with her and Fiona finally begins to fight back. Lefts and rights send Eve reeling back and off the ropes. Fiona begins to attempt to stand to her feet when she is met with a devastating Bicycle Kick. she connects with her jaw as she falls off the turnbuckle, crashing down onto the steel steps below and finally settling on the cold floor.

Eve stands there for a moment soaking in the cries of horror from the crowd as they look down at Fiona, unmoving. Eve slides out of the ring and drags her to her feet, lifting her off the ground and throwing her back first into the barricade with the fallaway slam! Fiona bounces off the barricade as the referee pulls Eve away. Fiona Harris shoves the referee away and struggles to her feet. Eve seems almost humored by the audacity of her opponent as she advances and eats a huge right hand. Eve staggers back and Fiona Harris pushes forward, another, and another, each shot seems to do a little bit more damage to Eve as she slowly begins to stagger backward farther and farther. Eve rounds the corner to get some reprieve but there is none to be had as Fiona Harris scales the ropes. Looking to finally down her opponent. She leaps through the air towards the stunned Eve BUT IS CAUGHT ON HER SHOULDERS...KNEE-VE!!! The devasting knee strike connects, sending Fiona crashing to the floor. Eve deadlifts her off the ground and places her body onto the apron. Eve joins her on the hardest part of the ring and drives her head between her legs, Eve does a disgusting cutthroat signal and then looks to hook in a Piledriver but Fiona reverses out of it, lifting Eve over her head and into the ring…..

She looks down at Eve in the ring, turns her back and…MOONSAULT!





Winner Fiona Harris!

The boss women comes out and stands on the stage

Nicole: Well based on what we’ve seen here…. I’ve decided next week THE IIW WOMEN’S TITLE WILL BE DEFENDED FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER