Osh Vaughan is shown in the middle of the ring all suited and booted stood with a microphone.

Osh Vaughan: March 20th, 2007…. What an amazing date that was..that was the day the IIW federation first got the chance to enjoy the one… Donny Allen
I first encountered Donny in the CWA, the CWA was short lived but for what it was it birthed many legends of the IIW such as Kade Ortega, Kilo Jones, Stoner, Verlex to name but a few! Donny and I weren’t quite on the same page back then, I remember I was rolling with Eye Candy, Myself, Jonny C, Leviathon, in themselves IIW Legends and in Leviathon’s case a Hall of Famer.

Donny was rolling with a few guys known as The Hall of Pain back then, but once the CWA folded and I brought him over here, he quickly joined up and became a part of the Company, the faction that dominated IIW and held all the gold!

But I know you’re not here to listen to me, you want to meet the man… DONNY ALLEN!

Back in Black by AC/DC hits the PA and a few seconds later Donny Allen comes out from behind the curtain and stands at the top of the ramp smiling smugly. The crowd breaks out into a chant


Donny: Well then IIW. It’s good to be back here and it’s about damn time Osh Vaughan gave me what I truly deserve a space in the IIW Hall of Fame! I know I’ve not been here for this iteration of the IIW, but whenever Osh Vaughan has called me in the past I’ve been here for him. The guy has done a lot for me and I am truly grateful for it.

To be an IIW International Champion, to be an IIW TV Champion multiple times, to be an IIW Tag Team Champion… So close to the grandslam but I never quite got that world title reign.

I dedicate this to my family back in New Jersey, The Hall of Pain, Kade Ortega and Kilo Jones, the team in the back. The fans I wouldn’t be here without you. It’s been a pleasure serving you guys in the IIW!

Osh Vaughan: Thankyou Donny and with that… WE INDUCT DONNY ALLEN INTO THE IIW HALL OF FAME!

International Title Match
Tyler Debonair vs Savage Grace vs TJ Alexander


Mike Fisher: Here we go before out next match , we got one of the participants of the International Tounament backstage . Savage Grace, with VIP Eddie Zam

Scott James: It's amazing what Eddie Zam has done with Savage Grace.

Mike Fisher: amazing?? Its disgusting did you see him beat him over the head with that lead pipe?

(The IIW Worlds Collide banner is on screen and in walk Savage Grace and VIP Eddie Zam- Grace is decked out ready to wrestle and VIP Eddie Zam is wearing a black suit with a mustard shit....... VIP speaks)

VIP : Intense International Wrestling, I promised I when I signed my contract that I was here to pass on my knowledge and to teach the next generation of superstars about the business, too teach them what it takes to WIN, what it takes to succeed- not just in the ring , but outside of the ring..... On then microphone, on the camera, ON Netflix- Tonight, Savage Grace will step out and face two opponents , by no means easy outs for anyone- Yet for Savage Grace this task is quite literally impossible -... Has he learnt to fail forward fast? Has he Looked listen and learned? Has he remembered anyone I have taught him over the past month? We shall see, I SHALL SEE-he will walk out alone ..

Tonight he walks out to the ring on his own, tonight I sit back in the lockeroom, I kick back and watch- I stay out of the ring and let events unfold....... I let Savage Grace take care of business OR not - I see what The SUN has in store for IIW at World's Collide - and we see what eventuates.... One thing is for sure- at the following Mayhem , I will be there ..... not just as a manager , BUT as a wrestler... I shall cast all doubts placed upon my TRUE SELF, I am putting an open challenge - TOO ANYONE ---- ANYONE in the locker room - singles, Tag Teams, handicapped matches.....whatever ... I shall prove to Manchester and the hard working people of Moss Side and show the world- that twenty twenty one is MY Year..... That this is MY Year - And nothing - not Chris Nitro, Not Tyler Debonaire, Not TJ Alexander - NO one will step in my way........

Now as for Savage Grace??? We Shall see ....


(Zam Does the sign of the cross and pushes Savage Grace out of the frame , and they walk off)

Melanie Jackson: And finally, their opponent, from Los Angeles, California... TYLER DEBONAIR!

[center] The lights in the arena go out as a guitar riff starts up and the rock cover of “lonely" by Justin Bieber and Benny Blanco begins to echo throughout the arena...

Everybody knows my name now
But somethin' 'bout it still feels strange
Like lookin' in a mirror, tryna steady yourself
And seein' somebody else...

Usually at this point Tyler has stepped out onto the ramp, but there is no sign of him. His music stops and the house lights come back up as a small grin crosses the face of both Eddie Zam and Savage Grace in the ring, TJ Alexander still looking a little stunned.

Mike Fisher: I was worried about this, Scott! Every time these lights do their thing around Tyler he disappears and we don’t find him for hours, days and sometimes weeks!

Scott James: While that’s true, Mike, TJ also disappeared during the tag-team match remember?! And he’s here!

The lights go out again and Tyler’s music begins to play through the speakers once more, but still there is no sign of him... The house lights come back up as the crowd begin to get a little impatient.

Scott James: Alright this is getting a little frustrating now, Mike! Tyler was banging on about how he fought tooth and nail to be in the final and... Where is he?!

Mike Fisher: Well, I don’t know but he wouldn’t be doing this on purpose!

An official runs down from behind the curtain, sliding into the ring underneath the ropes and hands Melanie Jackson a piece of paper. She looks at it, speaks to the official but we can’t make out what’s being said. He nods at her, shrugs and leaves the ring as she takes to the microphone again.

Melanie Jackson: Ladies and Gentlemen, I’ve been informed that if Tyler Debonair doesn’t make it to the ring, in the next minute, that is sixty seconds, he will forfeit his place in this match and it will become a straight one on one between TJ Alexander and Savage Grace!

Scott James: That is big! See? The guys in the head office don’t want our time wasted either!

The lights suddenly go out again, but this time the big screen at the top of the ramp flickers to life and on it we see the face of DARIUS ENLIL once more... He chuckles as he looks around as though a giant looking down on ants in the ring.

Darius: So I bet you guys thought this was going to be an easy out for you, huh? TJ... Savage Grace... Especially you, Eddie. You figured if Tyler was removed from the match it wouldn’t be so difficult. I’m afraid though that’s not going to be the case. You see right now, Tyler is making his way to the ring and he’ll be there before the minute is up that I can assure you. But while we’re waiting, I wanted to have a chat with you personally Eddie... Eh, but you know it’s impossible to do that like this so, well...

The screen goes blank again and strobe lighting fills the arena, before the lights come back up and Darius is standing outside the ring but on the apron, microphone in hand. Eddie Zam looks absolutely shocked as Darius lifts the mic up.

Darius: Boo!

Mike Fisher: Darius is in the building! Darius Enlil is here!

Scott James: Yeah and he doesn’t belong here!! Where’s security?

Mike Fisher: Well he’s certainly shocked TJ, Grace and Eddie Zam, Scott, look at them backing away!

Darius: Oh, one more thing guys... Turn around!

The lights completely black out this time, no sparks, no strobes, nothing. And when they come up, Darius is gone. But in his place, behind Eddie Zam, stands Tyler Debonair.

Mike Fisher: THERE HE IS! Tyler Debonair! Tyler Debonair!

Scott James: Turn around, Eddie!

Eddie Zam turns around and catches a fist, straight to the jaw that sends him reeling, Tyler follows up with a kick to Zam’s midsection!

Mike Fisher: Tyler sets Eddie Zam up! TRANSFIGURATION! Nailed it! But Savage Grace is quick on the ball from behind with a forearm smash to the back of Tyler’s head!

Scott James: Eddie Zam is pretty much out of it, as he falls outside the ring and now the bell rings and we are FINALLY underway!

The ref rings the bell and Savage Grace too wastes no time, he literally bowls Tyler out of the way to flatten TJ Alexander in his corner. Savage Grace grabs both sides of the ropes and smashes himself back and forth against TJ Alexander. The ref and Tyler both try to pull Savage Grace out of the corner but he keeps battering away at TJ Alexander using his massive size.

Mike Fisher: Despite losing three hundred pounds Savage Grace is still by far the largest man on the roster. That is still a lot of weight. What he’s doing to TJ Alexander right not cannot feel good.

Scott James: I think that’s probably the point.

Savage Grace finally backs away and Tyler quickly nails TJ Alexander in the mouth with a jaw-jacking Super Kick. TJ Alexander stumbles forwards out of the corner and flips over, landing square on his back in the center of the ring. Tyler and Savage Grace look from the prone TJ Alexander and then up at each other. They make their move at the same time. Both bounce off the ropes but Tyler is much quicker. He nails Savage Grace with a front-dropkick, landing on TJ Alexander in a pin at the same time. Savage Grace however is not dropped by the kick.


Savage Grace regains himself and grabs Tyler’s legs. The giant falls backwards and catapults Tyler over the tope rope. He flips mid-air and lands in a three point stance. The crowd is on their feet chanting.

“That was awesome! That was awesome!”

Savage Grace takes advantage of both the opportunity and his lighter size. With more speed than usual Savage Grace bounces off the ropes and hits TJ Alexander with a huge splash! EXTRA GRAVY! The ref slides to make the count as Tyler rolls into the ring with a steel chair.


Instead of smacking Savage Grace with the chair, he places the chair between Savage Grace and TJ Alexander, directly in between the pin.

Scott James: What in the world…?


Tyler uses the chair as a lever to roll Savage Grace off of the pin. Savage Grace has a look of surprise on his face. Tyler grabs the chair and begins to wail away at TJ Alexander.

Scott James: So quick to judge, he wasn’t going to attack your precious Savage Grace, the chair was so he could break up the pin and then beat the-ever-loving crap out of TJ Alexander

Savage Grace stares as Tyler hammers away at TJ Alexander with the steel chair.

Mike Fisher: Savage Grace is seeing what Tyler must have done trying to get TJ Alexander off of him.

Savage Grace gets up and grabs at his side as if he’s in pain. His hand comes away red. Tyler looks worriedly from Grace to his hand and back as Grace begins to shake with anger. Tyler brandishes the chair and uses it to keep him at bay while he rolls out of the ring. Savage Grace’s attention snaps towards TJ Alexander.

Tyler slides into the ring and connects with a drop-kick to the side of Savage Grace’s head. It does not budge Savage Grace’s, but it does snap the incensed giant’s attention towards Tyler and miraculously TJ Alexander gets his shoulder up. They both stare at him in surprise and he groans. Savage Grace gets off of TJ Alexander and stands to his full height over Tyler, who quickly rolls down out of the ring once more. As he turns his attention back towards TJ Alexander, Tyler quickly mounts the top turnbuckle. He brings her hand to her mouth and whistles loudly to get Savage Grace attention.

He jumps off of the ropes and lands on Savage Grace’s shoulders in a hand stand facing away from TJ Alexander, from there he flips up and forwards completing a full rotation before slamming into TJ Alexander with a vicious splash. The momentum bounces Savage Grace off of the ropes as the ref slides into the cover.

“That was awesome” chants fill the arena once more.



Savage Grace lands with a huge splash on the back of Tyler.

Scott James: OH MY GOD! He just sandwiched Tyler between he and TJ Alexander, and used all of Tyler’s weight to add more to his move.

Savage Grace quickly gets to his feet and grabs Tyler and lifts her up. The fans are on their feet, sensing the end is near. Like some miracle TJ Alexander stumbles to his feet and clotheslines Tyler!

Mike Fisher: How is TJ Alexander up?

TJ Alexander grabs Savage Grace and nails a hard DDT!

Scott James: Oh man!

TJ Alexander covers Savage Grace!



THRE-NO! Tyler is up and pulls TJ Alexander off! He kicks TJ Alexander in the gut and nails Transfiguration on TJ Alexander!

Mike Fisher: Tyler is going to take the title back home!

Tyler pins TJ Alexander




Melanie Jackson: Your winner and NEW International Title Champion…. TYLER DEBONAIR!!!!

As Tyler raised the IIW International Championship high above his head with pride the lights suddenly cut black. A guitar chord is heard followed by the words "Behold the King, the King of Kings", the lights began to flicker in different shades of green in different directions as the words "on your knees, dog!" are heard and the remainder of Motorhead´s "King of Kings" begins to echo throughout the arena. The lights come back on the "The One Man Dynasty" John Cavanagh seated on a throne of skulls on top of the IIW rampway. To John's right stands the lovely Shannon Riley and behind the throne stood the younger Cavanagh brother--Chris better known to the world as Trigger--and the mountain of human being that calls himself Trigger's tag team partner...Andy Donahue. The crowd has a mixed reaction, as one of the biggest scumbags in the industry many fans are aware of John and his crew and they begin to boo but some fans, who have seen him and are fans of his ruthless tactics, pop at the same time leading to a smattering of cheers and boos from the crowd. The music comes to a stop as John stands to his feet, a championship belt perched perfectly on his right shoulder, he begins to raise a microphone to his mouth while still seated.

John Cavanagh: By the sounds coming from the refuse of the audience it sounds like most of you already know just who the fuck I am. For those of you who are unaware--my name is John Cavanagh and this…

Cavanagh takes his championship off of his shoulder and hoists the title belt high in the air. The light glistens off of the ruby and diamonds that have been molded into the shape of a maple leaf and outlined in the tricolor of Canada.

John Cavanagh: This is the First Class Pro Wrestling Canadian Championship...and as long as I hold this championship belt this is the ONLY singles championship that matters in this industry. As a street guy, I just so happen to be the type of guy to keep his ear to the rumor mill...don´t wanna get caught by surprise and all of that...and that rumor mill has been telling me that right here, in the IIW, that is the new place where the top talent of our industry goes to prove their worth. For those of you who have been a little too preoccupied to keep your eyes on The One Man Dynasty--let me fill each of you in a bit. Since the State of New York gave me my walking papers I have done the same exact thing I have done my entire career...dominate. A small outfit out in New Jersey...dominated. Went to the Great White North in Toronto and turned First Class Pro Wrestling on its head. Some of the guys in that locker room back there happened to share a locker room with me in FCPW so maybe those of you who were unable to take the challenge can go talk to some of the other FCPW alumni about this bastard right here. For those of you who have sat by idly, thinking that the IIW would be the place that you could hide in relative safety--think a-fucking-gain.

Cavanagh motions towards Andy, Trigger and Shannon--the trio walk towards John. Shannon grabs him by the arm and John places his arm around her--Andy and Trigger smile and hold up matching championship belts.

John Cavanagh: And while good old Johnnie Cav was dominating every challenge the wrestling world through at him in singles competition--these two sons of bitches have been taking every tag team thrown their way and bent them up like fucking pretzels! So now...the million dollar question...what is the IIW roster going to do to stop The Celtic Club from dominating this shit hole too? Tyler Debonair, congratulations on your championship victory. In case you were wondering, kid, the reason I decided to make my presence known right here...right now...is because of the history I have with a certain Fred Debonair. Tyler, enjoy basking in your moment of glory--and to all of the other champions in this place, enjoy your status...your time at the top is numbered because there isn't a soul on this entire fucking island that can match up with the three miserable potato eating bastards you see on this stage, at this very moment.

Cavanagh pauses as the crowd begins to boo heavily. Some sections of the crowd have broken out into a smattering of "Fuck You Cavanagh" chants which are joined by claps of hands. The chant grows louder as John smiles.

John Cavanagh: You can all say whatever it is that you want, doesn't matter. One thing that's never changed about me...and you can ask your daddy this Tyler...good old Johnnie Cav doesn't give a shit about the opinions of others, now, I may not need to be that asshole to gain the "cheap heat" that the smart marks all reference while they hide behind their keyboards but that doesn't mean I won't poke fun at this nation. I am an Irishman born and raised in the United States of America--what does that mean? I am a decendent of the only two groups of people to successfully rebel against your shittin' monarchy and tell you to take that whole Commonwealth idea and shove it straight up your ass!

The cheap heat works as water bottles, streamers and other articles of garbage begin to fly towards the rampway from the crowd but The Celtic Club remains unphased.

John Cavanagh: We will NOT stop until I take the Union Jack down from the flagpole in front of this building and replace it with the Tricolor and Old Glory.

Cavanagh held the FCPW Canadian Championship in front of his face and smiled.

John Cavanagh: And while all of you IIW boys claim "champion"...the REAL champion will be waiting. You've all been put on notice.

Cavanagh dropped the microphone as "King of Kings" blared. Cavanagh walked behind his throne and raised up his championship as the pay-per-view cut.

Stoner's Smokeshop
Stoner vs Chris Nitro

Stoner is driving to the arena for Worlds Collide when he abruptly slams on his brakes. The camera spins to show Nitro standing on the highway holding a kendo stick in one hand and a Frappuccino in the other.

Nitro - This is far from over Stoner. Get the hell out of your car I'm not waiting for the damn man we are doing this now.

Stoner gets out of his car smiling yelling it's on like Donkey Kong.

The men run at eachother right in the middle of the highway. Nitro throws the Frappuccino at Stoner then swings the kendo stick hard at Stoners head but Stoner ducks and kicks Nitro in the stomach. Stoner grabs Nitros head and slams it on the hood of his car. Nitro goes down. Stoner lays kicks into Nitros back. Nitro rolls out of the way, grabs a hand full of gravel off the road the throws it in Stoners eyes.

Nitro flags down a passing truck and grabs a pole from the bed. Stoner swings the pole but Stoner grabs it. Stoner takes the pole and hits Nitro in the back. Nitro manages to stay on his feet. Stoner tries to swing the pole at Nitros head. Nitro ducks grabs stoner and powerbombs stoner onto the hood of the car. Nitro runs to the back of the car and pops the truck. A plethora of bongs and pipes fall out onto the highway.

Nitro - Jesus Stoner enough paraphernalia.

Nitro starts to stomp on all the glass peices laying on the road. Smashing almost all of them.

Stoner kips up completely enraged.

Stoner - You're going to regret that.

Stoner charges at Nitro spearing him into the trunk of the SUV. Stoner slams the truck closed.Nitro falls out of the back down of the suv, runs and jumps the barrier on the side of the highway and runs down a hill into the parking lot of Olson's Family fun center. Stoner takes off after him.

Nitro runs into the front door and jumps into a bumper car. As soon as stoner enters the family fun center Nitro droves the bumper car into Stoner who his the front hard. Nitro gets out of the bumper car and whips Stoner into the glass counter of prize center sending spider rings and Chinese finger traps flying everywhere. Nitro takes a deep breath and grabs a bottle of water from a child playing on the games. Stoner stumbles to his feet. He grabs a stuffed banana from the prize center and throws it at Nitro. Nitro laughs and swats with away.

Nitro - A stuffed banana is all you got.

Stoner throws a food court table at Nitro it connects. Nitro goes down hard. Stoner starts to climb up the children's play scape. Nitro gets to his feet and sees a lady holding a cat carrier. He grabs it takes the cat out and throws the cat at Stoner. The cat latches onto the stoners back. Stoner yells and slips down a bit giving Nitro enough time to start climbing up the play scape as well.

Both men get to the top. The cat jumps off stoner and heads down into the ball pit. Nitro drop kicks stoner down a spiral slide. Stoner slides all the way to the bottom and is laying on the ground. NITRO smiles as he yells this ends now.

Nitro climbs on top of the slide and jumps off atteping a splash. Stoner quickly gets to his feet and super kicks Nitro. Both men fall to the ground.

Stoner gets to his feet first. Stoner makes his way to the mini ferris wheel and starts to climb it. Nitro slowly follows. Both men are climbing the ferris wheel as Nitro grabs stoners foot. Stoner pulls it away and kicks nitros head. Stoner climbs into the top seat. Nitro is trying to do the same but Stoner keeps stomping on his hands. Nitro gets in and both men trade punches. They are attempting to toss eachother off the ferris wheel. Nitro punches Stoner he loses balance and starts to fall but he grabs Nitro and Both me fall off the top of the ferris wheel landing hard into the ball pit below. Both men are laying motionless in the ball pit. Staff is running over to check on them as the scene cuts back to IIW Worlds Collide.

World Title
Jake E Dangerously vs Scotty Adams

Melanie Jackson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and is for the IIW World Heavyweight championship! Introducing first, the challenger…. SCOTTY ADAMS!

'Pure Evil' can be heard blasting out of the PA system, as the lights dim, save for a hazy maroon spotlight that shines on a currently empty stage, before a silhouette can be made out of a male figure, standing just behind the spotlight with his hands extended out in a cross formation, before the spotlight expands to reveal that the figure is wearing a black 'Adidas' hoodie (with the hood up, concealing his identity at this time), Maroon/Purple/Gold wrestling rights and black/blue 'Asic' sneakers Raising his right hand, the figure slowly pushes the hood off, revealing that it is none other than Scotty Adams.

Slightly smirking, he begins to make his way down the ramp as the lights return to their normal radiance, each step with a swagger about it that to some, could very well border on arrogance --- to others, it is just another exhibit of the belief, the confidence that exudes itself from Scotty, born from a meticulous attention to detail he has. Running his hands down his body, he once again extends them out into a cross, only this time he ac complies it with a quick flick of the wrists once he reaches full extension and pauses to allow the crowd a moment to let everything sink in.

Walking around the ring, he slowly takes his jumper off; handing it to one of the attendants at ringside, before making his way up the steel steps in the near right hand side corner and smirking as he glances out to the crowd once more, before stepping between the middle and top rope; turning his full attention and focus to the task at hand.

Melanie Jackson: And his opponent, he is the IIW World Heavyweight Champion... JAKE E DANGEROUSLY!!!

Scott James: There he is!

Mike Fisher: Love him or hate him, the man has been champion for two long months, but I have a feeling that ride is about to come to an end tonight.

Scott James: This has match of the year written all over it.

Jake strolls to the ring, steps through the entryway and into the ring.

We start with Scotty In full control, Scotty Adams brings Jake back to his feet. He lifts Jake high in to the air with that sleeper hold...and he tosses Jake E Dangerously overhead!

Mike Fisher: JESUS! Jake crashed hard chest first on the mat! And again Scotty Adams follows up quickly!

Scotty Adams lifts up Jake, and brings him up to his shoulder and makes his way over to the corner... snake eyes! Jake stumbles back as Scotty Adams hits the far ropes. Jake turns as Scotty Adams is on the rebound...SPEAR!!! NO!!! Jake saw it coming and leaped over Scotty Adams! Jake with a springboard as Scotty Adams gets back to his feet. Jake spins in mid-air...summersault senton...and he takes Scotty Adams to the mat!

Mike Fisher: That was pure desperation by the World champion. Other than two brief counters, the challenger has taken it to the champion!

Scott James: I think that's about to change.

Jake struggles to crawl over to Scotty Adams and make a cover. After several seconds have pass he finally makes the cover.



Jake gets back to his feet... Scotty Adams runs in... SUPERKCIK!

Mike Fisher: Superkick out of nowhere! Again, almost out of desperation!

Scott James: And Jake falls forward onto Scotty Adams! This is it!




Mike Fisher: SHOULDER UP!

Scott James: Phew, so close!

Both men take their time getting back to their feet. Jake uses the ropes to get back to his feet, but he has trouble standing, visibly not putting much pressure on his right leg. He hobbles over to Scotty Adams who has manage to get back to one knee. Jake fires off a kick to the chest of Scotty Adams with his good leg, and another, and a third... Jake steps back, bounces off the ropes and comes in with a flying knee... NO! Scotty Adams springs up and catches him... sidewalk slam!

Mike Fisher: High impact and Scotty Adams with another cover.




Jake kicks out and Scotty Adams helps him back to his feet... Scotty Adams tosses the champion into the corner... Scotty Adams follows in.... big splash in the corner! Jake stumbles forward out of the corner and falls face first on the mat. Scotty takes another run at Jake but Jake ducks and hoists him over the ring ropes onto the floor!

Jake uses the side of the ring to climb back to his feet, he slides out of the ring and looks at Scotty. Jake pulls Scotty Adams into him and whips Scotty Adams into the steel steps! NO! Scotty Adams reverses it and Jake goes back and shoulder first into the steel steps!! Scotty Adams shakes his head and slowly moves towards the steps.

Mike Fisher: Scotty isn’t a big fan of weapons but that was a bit out of necessity there!

Mike Fisher: That was a sickening thud! Did you hear that?

Scott James: This is a war. Back and forth.

Scotty Adams picks up the champion and puts him over his shoulder. Scotty Adams runs as fast as he can and slams Jake back first into the ring post! Jake arches his back in pain, Scotty Adams follows it up by rolling E Dangerously back into the ring and making the cover.




Mike Fisher: Shoulder was up! Just barely, but the shoulder WAS up!

Scott James: That was close! Now the champ has back and knee issues. This is great, just great.

Scotty Adams can't believe it and he picks Jake up and whips him into the ropes, Jake bounces off the ropes and returns, Scotty Adams throws a clothesline but Jake ducks under... Jake bounces off the ropes again and Scotty Adams catches him this time! NO! Jake wraps around Scotty Adams and snaps him to the mat with a float over DDT!! Both men lay down and out on the mat!


Mike Fisher: I couldn't have said it any better than the fans here in Manchester just did!

Jake tries to wipe the blood from his face as he gets back to his feet. Jake goes to pick up Scotty Adams, Scotty Adams throws a punch to the midsection, Jake rakes the eyes of Scotty Adams causing him to drop back down to one knee. Jake bounces off the ropes and dropkicks Scotty Adams in the face! Scotty Adams falls to the mat! Jake uses the ropes to help himself up and he moves gingerly over to the corner. He climbs the top rope...

Scott James: What is he doing? He can barely stand! Get down, Jake!

Jake wobbly stands atop the top rope and he leaps... flying elbow drop!!

Mike Fisher: The elbow drop landed straight across the heart of Scotty Adams, but Jake hit his knee hard on the way down there and he's rolling around in pain!

Scott James: I told him! I told him, didn't I?

Mike Fisher: You did.

Scott James: I should be his new manager.

Mike Fisher: Well you already kiss his ass for free, so you might as well!

Jake finally makes it over to cover Scotty Adams.




Mike Fisher: Kickout by Scotty Adams again! He won't stay down!

Scott James: Neither man will!

Jake slams the mat in frustration and yells at the referee for what he thought was a slow count. Jake turns... Scotty Adams is back to his feet and he charges in... Eltham Massacre! NO! Jake ducks under it... Scotty Adams turns around and...

Mike Fisher: SUPE…! NO! Scotty Adams catches Jake's foot and he spins the champion around... Eltham Massacre

Scott James: NO!

Mike Fisher: Scotty Adams covers...




Mike Fisher: NO! KICKOUT!

Scott James: Do you see the fans ringside? They thought that was it!

Mike Fisher: I've thought this one was over about six times already!

Scotty Adams pounds his fists into the mat in frustration. Scotty Adams waits a few seconds and he finally gets to his feet and peels Jake up off of the mat. Scotty Adams whips Jake into the ropes and drops his head for a back body drop... Jake on the return stops himself short and kicks Scotty Adams right in the chest. Scotty Adams stands back up holding his chest! Jake with a quick dropkick that has Scotty Adams stumbling... Jake springboards... Moonsault! NO! Scotty Adams catches Jake right in position for the Dream Catcher! NO! Jake pushes Scotty Adams off into the turnbuckles sternum first and Scotty Adams stumbles out backwards and Jake takes him to the mat with a jumping reverse bulldog!!

Mike Fisher: Counter to counters. These men know each other so well!

Jake signals for the end. He limps over to the corner and slowly climbs his way to the top turnbuckle again. After again motioning to the crowd that he's going to finish things off, Jake then leaps... BROKEN DREAMS!

Scott James: NOOOOO!!! Scotty Adams to his feet and he catches Jake! Chronophobia!

Mike Fisher: He hit it! He hit it! Scotty Adams hooks the leg...




Mike Fisher: Was that it?

Scott James: No! He kicked out!

Mike Fisher: Oh my god that was close. A fraction of a second and this one would have been over!

Both men lay on the mat exhausted for a moment. Jake seems to not have even moved since he kicked out and Scotty Adams pulls himself up using the ropes as leverage. Scotty Adams drags Jake into position in the corner and he climbs to the top turnbuckle. Scotty Adams pearched up high and he goes to drive and elbow into Jake E Dangerously!

Mike Fisher: NO! Jake got his knees up and caught Scotty Adams! Jake locks Scotty Adams into a cradle pin attempt off the counter...




Mike Fisher: Scotty Adams able to shake free but that was an impressive counter by the champion.

Both men back to their feet and they charge in... Scotty Adams grabs Jake and whips him into the ropes... Jake returns and goes to leapfrog over Scotty Adams, but Scotty Adams catches him in mid-air.... spinning powerbomb! NO! Jake able to lock in a head scissors take down at the last second to counter and he sends Scotty Adams over the top rope to the outside!

Mike Fisher: Scotty Adams landed hard on the outside you guys! And I just don't know how much more either of these two can't take.

Jake checks to make sure Scotty Adams is down and he slides to the outside himself. Jake takes a moment to nurse his injuries, he’s stretches out a few body parts in order to try and get the blood flowing again.

Jake goads Scotty Adams to make another attempt at him, Scotty slides into the ring, he’s out on his feet though

Mike Fisher: Scotty has given this match everything!

Visibly struggling now Jake E Dangerously stalks Scotty Adams, he approaches him he lifts him up and DANGEROUS LIASON!





Jake E Dangerously celebrates with the title in the ring….as he does he’s suddenly taken out as the crowd gasp

Mike Fisher: THHATSSS THATSS!!!!

Donny Picks up Jake E Dangerously and delivers WELCOME TO NEW JERSEY!

He stands above Jake E Dangerously as he asks for a microphone.

Donny Allen: You know what…. ONE LAST CHANCE… To get the IIW Grand Slam… 2 weeks from now Jake E Dangerously, it will be 88 days since you won the IIW World Title… I know you have a special longest reign stood at 90 days. This is the last chance for you to beat it. I HEARBY CHALLENGE YOU FOR THE IIW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE!

Main Event
Team Bob (Blade, Bam, Curtis, R.Hawkins)
Team Osh (Jay, Russell, Jonny C, Steele)


As we return to the ring, the ring staff are working away hard to get the double caged environment lowered onto the dual rings set up.

Mike Fisher: This following match will be War Games, as you can see there are two rings that have been set up back to back, encompassed a closed steel cage to keep the competitors inside at all times!

Scott James: I’m not going to lie Mike I’m nervous, I’ve worked for Osh for 17 years! Surely this isn’t the changing of the times

Mike Fisher: Don’t worry Scott, there’s one thing we know, Osh always comes out on top!

Scott James: I know, I know¬

Mike Fisher: Team Osh have the advantage today and we hear it will be Zack Steele starting off this match for Team Osh, and it will be Blade Alexander starting for Team Bob

Scott James: Every 3 minutes another man will be entering first from Team Osh ,then from Team Bob until they are all in the ring, which will then be locked.

Mike Fisher: From that point on the first team to score Pinfall or Submission will take the victory.

Blade Alexander and Zack stare down each other as they look around at the mass steel environment that they have been caged in.

Blade brings Zack back to his feet and whips him in to the corner. Blade rushes in...European uppercut! He backs off and rushes in again...another vicious European uppercut! Blade grabs Zack by the wrist and forcefully pulls him out of the corner... third European uppercut

Mike Fisher: It's been almost all Blade Alexander so far

Blade has Zack back to his feet once again and whips him in to the ropes. Zack on the rebound...and he catches Blade with a boot to the chest after a telegraphed back body drop!

Zack hits Blade with a clothesline of his own, dropping Blade to the mat. He hesitates for a moment as he catches his breath, allowing Blade to return to his feet. Zack grabs Blade at drops him with a quick DDT! Wasting little time, Zack drops to the mat and applies a rear chinlock. Zack with a rear chinlock here, obviously trying to catch a breather and slow down the match.

Scott James: He’s playing for time, but we know next one out is Team Osh, so that won’t be doing Blade any favours at all!

Mike Fisher: Good strategy from Zack. If you give him the opening, he will take you off of your game.

Zack applies the pressure and the referee checks on Blade. Blade is back to his feet as Zack transitions in to a side headlock. Blade forces Zack off in to the ropes. Zack on the rebound, and he slides under Blade, picking the ankle along the way! Zack rolls back with Blade's leg as he grabs the other leg. Zack quickly slides into position for the CROSSFACE! NO! Blade is able to wiggle free and get to his feet. Zack charges in and Blade nails him with an Enzuigiri!

Mike Fisher: Blade with a vicious Enzuigiri out of nowhere! Zack was close to locking in that Crossface but Blade on the offensive again.

Scott James: Yeah, that crossface is a very painful submission, it wouldn’t be able to win the match at this point but it would server well in taking out Blade for the time being

Blade picks up Zack and quickly drops him back to the mat with a spinebuster! After a quick elbow drop to the lower back, Blade locks in an elevated half-crab! Blade really locks the move in and wrenches on the lower back of Zack. Zack yells out in pain!

Mike Fisher: The referee is checking on Zack as he tries to lift his upper body and crawl toward the ropes! He's edging closer...and closer... and... he's got it! Zack has the bottom rope

Scott James: But that doesn’t mean shit in this match Mike!!!!

Mike Fisher: This is true, Blade has really locked it in and he wrenches back a few times before letting go!

Blade releases the hold having dealt a lot of damage to Zack, he smirks and stands up. Zack pulls himself up with the ropes as Blade rushes at him, and he elevates Blade overhead! Blade grabs the top rope and is able to land on his feet on the apron. Zack turns toward Blade...shoulder to Zack's gut! Zack goes flying off and smashes his back against the steel cage!


Scott James: Here comes the next competitor!

6…..5….4….3… .2….1….

Russel Wayne is let out!

Russel sprints down ringside and is let in by the referee.

Straight away he’s helping Zack on the attack as the two on one beat down starts. They lift Zack up and as Blade Alexander delivers a delayed vertical suplex, Russel Wayne drops a falling elbow as Blade writhes about in agony but with no where to go.

Zack picks up Blade and whips him into the turnbuckle, Zack bends down and lifts him over where Russel lifts him over his head and plants him down, Zack and Russell stand above Blade taking turns to kick him, Russell tells Zack to hurry up now and he gets the message

Scott James: They will only have so much time here with the advantage, they need to deliver as much damage as possible!

Zack – Launch him!

Zack grabs Blade and stacks him on the near turnbuckle of the further ring as Russell climbs the other adjacent Ring Post…. Holding onto the steel cage to balance himself, he grabs Blade by the head

Mike Fisher: Hes’ gonna go for the Last Resort here!

Scott James: this will take Blade out of it before he’s got any backup

Russell looks to lock it in but at the last moment Blade wriggles out and pushes Russell off the turnbuckle into the opposite ring taking out Zack Steele with him on the way….he looks to the crowd…HE JUMPS!!! Flying cross body onto both guys

Mike Fisher: ALL MEN ARE DOWN!

The countdown begins as Blade starts to pull himself up gripping the ropes at the cage… The timer rings as Bam Miller charges the ring, before heading to the ring, he runs round to the annoucners area and grabs a few chairs….. he throws them in hthrough the door into the rings before heading in him self

Scott James: WILD CARD BABY!

Bam first of all checks in on Blade Alexander, grabbing him and helping him up, he grabs the chair and CRACK off the skull of Zack Steel….CRACK off the back of Russell Wayne….SMASH….He follows it up by drilling him with the chair into the throat of Russell, he falls rolling about grabbing his throat

Bam grabs Russell and runs him at the cage, he sends him flying into it, he then grabs Zack and throws him into the other side of the ring and does the same smashing Zack’s face into the steel, the 4 men are now in both men as Blade has Russell in his sights and Bam has Zack.

Mike Fisher: Team Bob really have picked up the advantage here now it’s level terms

Scott James: But it won’t last for long!

Bam lifts Blade up and they go together to the corner where Blade rams his shoulder into Zack Steele. Bam stalks back over to Wayne and lifts him up and connects with a vicious backbreaker. As soon as he stands up he leaps into the air and brings his elbow down into Wayne’ sternum.

Blade picks Zack up and immediately plants him with an inverted DDT. He picks him up once again and plants him once more with another DDT, this time a regular snap DDT.

Mike Fisher: TeamBob is toying with the two of them now!.

Blade bends down and grabs Wayne by his hair lifting him up. Blade goes for a short-arm clothesline but Wayne ducks and counters it into a neck-breaker.

Wayne and Blade both begin to crawl towards each other in the centre of the near ring, while on all fours they begin swiping at each other, lefts and rights as they slump further and further back down. Wayne has a disgusted and anguished look on his face but. Bam leaps into the match and grabs Wayne by the leg. Wayne turns and attempts to kick Bam away but Blade boots Wayne in the face.

Scott James: Now that is what I call teamwork!

Mike Fisher: Well Team Osh are about to have the advantage again!

Bam gets to his feet and he helps Russell up and drops him back down with an inverted DDT!! Bam picks up Zack Steele quickly and whips him into the ropes, Zack bounces back and Bam quickly locks on a sleeper hold tightly on Zack. Zack struggles to get free, but can't seem to get out of the old school sleeper. The ref gets in there and starts to check on Krewsade.

Scott James: I think he might be out of it.

Bam releases the hold and whips Zack back into the ropes and again on the return wraps in and locks a sleeper hold on Zack.Zack quickly elbows Bam in the gut one, then twice, and a third elbow to the gut. Bam releases the sleeper and whips Zack into the turnbuckle, but Zack reverses it at the last moment catching Bam off guard sending him flying into the steel as he crashes down!
Scott James: What power from Zack!

Zack goes over to help Russell Wayne who’se been on the receiving end of a brutal Blade Alexander attack as the countdown begins

10…9….8….7…6 …..5….4…3….2 ….1

Jay is straight in and grabs Zack and gets him to bring Bam over, they position themselves between the two rings, there is the slightest of gaps between them


Zack grabs one of the chairs lying about and bridges it across the gap in the two rings as Jay lifts up Bam…V BOMB! The chair crumples down the middle as Bam slips sideways down the gap


Jay, Zack and Russel have a little team meeting with Bam and Blade laid out, turning their attention to Blade they take turns working away at him

There is a loud cheer from the crowd as Bam Miller has emerged from the ring, as he picks up the nearest chair he can find he charges towards Jay, who sees him coming and drops him with a dropkick, smashing the chair right into his face.

Jay lays Blade down next to him as he reaches down into his shorts and pulls out some handcuffs smiling to himself, he walks towards Blade as he throws the other hand cuffs to Russell and tells him to grab Bam…

Mike Fisher: They’re going to be defenceless Scott!

Scott James: Good!

Suddenly the arena goes dark as the crowd grow in noise, the flashlights start getting turned on trying to illuminate the arena…the whistles blow as the crowd wait impatiently…then before you know it the lights are back on and Ryan Hawkins is stood in the ring

The crowd cheer as they see that Jay Vaughan, Russel Wayne and Zack Steele are now all incapacitated and on the ground, Ryan Hawkins looks down and kisses the knuckle duster on his fist. He picks up Jay Vaughan and pings him hard across the face sending him back to the floor

Mike Fisher: HES BUSTED OPEN!!!!!!

The blood begins to pour from Jay’s head as Ryan methodically walks over to him, he drops to the floor talking shit to Jay as he lays there, he gets up turns round and watches as Bam Miller picks up Zack Steele and plants him with a impaler DDT.

Bam picks him up and throws him into the steel cage, he bounces off and Bam grabs again and throws him into the cage again.

He picks Zack up by the scruff of the neck and starts grating his face against the cage as Zack shouts out in pain….

Mike Fisher: That’s another of team Osh now busted open!

Blade meanwhile has Russell Wayne over his shoulder, he takes him over to a ring post, dropping him over onto it as his head bounces back, Blade picks him up again and bounces his head again off the adjacent turnbuckle. He eventually plants him with a flatliner as Team Bob really start to turn the screw on Team Osh.

The timer starts to tick down

Mike Fisher: That doesn’t feel like that’s been 5 minutes Scott!

Scott James: looks like shenanighans have been pulled here by Osh!

10….9….8…..7… .6….5….4….3… .2…1….

Jonny C comes running down the ramp with a steel chair. Jonny C slides into the ring and nails Bam Miller with a steel chair. Blade darts towards Jonny but Jonny nails him with a steel chair in the gut then across the back.

Mike Fisher: Zack is recovering on the ground.

Ryan Hawkins turns Jonny around and gets in his face. Jonny swings for the fences at Ryan and Ryan rolls into the other ring to escape. Jonny sets the chair on the ground and picks up Bam Miller. Jonny lifts Bam up and nails THE FN POINT!

Bam lands right on the chair in agony. Jonny pulls an unknown baggie out of his tights and whips a handful of unknown powder in the face of Ryan Hawkins blinding him who had come to the help of Bam.

All four men charge to the middle in a chaos and flurry of punches, kicks and grappling. Blade Alexander Irish whips Jonny C to the corner and follows up with a running heel kick. Blade Alexander follows Jonny C to the corner and works on him as Ryan Hawkins hits a hip toss on Russell Wayne. Ryan locks in the figure four leglock on Russell Wayne.

Mike Fisher: These are intense!

Jonny C jumps over and breaks up the figure four leglock. Blade Alexander comes up from behind and hits a running bulldog on Jonny. Russell Wayne whips Bam Miller around and hits a series of uppercuts. Russell Wayne hits an eye rake followed up by an Atomic Drop on Bam Miller. Bam falls down and rolls over to the ropes.

Jay Vaughan catches Ryan Hawkins with a German suplex Blade Alexander runes and bounces off the second rope, cross body to Ryan Hawkins!

Blade Alexander continues to work on Russell Wayne as Jonny C low blows Ryan Hawkins. Reverse suplex by Jonny C! Jonny C taunts the crowd as the camera cuts to back stage where Osh Vaughan and Bob Mitchell are shown picture in picture. We cut back to the action as Ryan Hawkins has turned the tables on Jonny C after a snap suplex.

Scott James: Back and forth. Back and forth.

Jonny C stays on Ryan Hawkins and hits a roundhouse kick to the head! Ryan slumps down in the corner as Jonny C follows up with repeated stomps to the head. Jonny C is pulling Ryan out to the middle of the ring as Zack Steele hits a powerbomb on on Blade Alexander.

Mike Fisher: This has descended into madness…and here comes the final entry….

The clock ticks down and Curtis is finally released as he sheepishly makes his way into the steel enclosure
Once inside the steel cage Curtis looks around in awe of all the mayhem and destruction around him

Bam: Come on Curtis get to work!

Curtis quickly sneaks up to Zack steel and pokes him in the eye before delivering a slick DDT, he continues to beat away to him as Bam eggs him on

With all the wrestlers now in the ring, Osh Vaughan has strolled out

Mike Fisher: I’m surprised this took so long!

There is a loud cheer from the crowd as 3 men suddenly make their way out to the ring.

Scott James: OH MY GOD!!! We haven’t seen these guys in 2 months… It’s the JAMES GANG!!!!

Mike Fisher: They’re going by the Prestige now!

Scott James: They’re going to have some real beef here with Bob Mitchell, they’ve been talking about revenge this may be it!

Mike Fisher: But there is no way they can get into this!

As they get down to the ring Jesse pulls out some plyers and begins pinning open the cage as Bully and Mike make sure no one interferes. As they peel away the cage mesh they slide in. Straight away they’re in after Blade Alexander who is on the receiving end of the dual super kicks from Jesse and Mike. They see Jonny C and Bam Miller who are still fighting in the corner of the near side ring. Bully walks over picks up Bam and launches him over his head, he goes flying through the cage and out onto the floor on the outside.

Jay Vaughan walks over to the James Gang and begins to start marshalling them about, they grab Blade Alexander and lay him out on the recently set up table in the middle of the secondary ring. Curtis comes charging in though, and he’s met by a vicious uppercut from Jay sending him to the floor. Jay watches The Prestige as he props himself up on the turnbuckle.

Jay Vaughan – Pass him here!

The Prestige pass Curtis up to Jay Vaughan, who picks him up and….V-BOMB! Through the table, through Blade Alexander! There is destruction everywhere

Osh Vaughan is shown at the top of the ramp on his side looking very happy indeed with himself. He suddenly looks round worried as Connor Briggs has appeared on the big IIW Screen

Connor Briggs: I, Connor Briggs hearby declare if The Prestige are not out of the ring within 30 seconds, the match will be defaulted to TEAM BOB!!!

Osh Vaughan – YOU CANT DO THIS!!!!!

Jay on hearing the news quickly ushers the Prestige out, though they can’t help but lay a few more kicks into Bam Miller on the outside as they leave… on the way up past Osh they can’t help but nod in a ‘job done’ kind of agreement.

Jay meanwhile turns his attention back to the ring and sees the mess infront of him, he drops to his knees and pins Curtis and locks in the VAUG-TIME


Curtis looks ready to surrender but luckily Blade Alexander is on hand to break it up and save the day! Jonny C seeing this does not like it and he clobbers the back of Blade, Blade recovers whipping Jonny towards the steel cage… Jonny stops in time, noticing Bam on the outside, he glances back at Blade before exiting to grab Bam.

He grabs Bam and throws him into the steel steps, he goes to pick the steel steps up and looks to slam them down on Bam but Bam hits a low blow causing Jonny to drop the steps which glances off Bam knocking both men down.

Back in the ring Russell and Blade are taking turns to square off on one another as Ryan Hawkins and Jay square off, Ryan whips Jay into the ropes and drops to the floor as Jay bounces over Ryan launches a high kick catching Jay right on the jaw, Ryan picks him up and delivers the DREAM KILLER!

Bam on the outside has managed to pick up a chair and is now swinging it as Jonny is ducking and diving to avoid being hit, he runs round the ring as Bam chases him…Jonny looks…He jumps! He clints onto the cage as he begins to ascend it, Bam throws the chair at Jonny it hits him but Jonny holds on and begins to climb up…Bam jumps up and starts to follow him up to the top of the cage

Blade picks up Jay and rams his head into the cage. Blade begins to climb. Jay Vaughan rolls over to the opposite side of the cage.

Blade and Ryan are in the ring double teaming Jay Vaughan who is looking really out on his feet now, Ryan whips Blade into Jay in the turnbuckle as Blade turns his body through his full force into Jay who slumps down in the corner.

Zack Steele is in to make the save though, he’s quickly followed by Russell Wayne as they go on the attack of Ryan and Blade

Jay laughs out loud as Russell slams Ryan's leg against the cage. Russel climbs up a few more feet before punching Ryan in the face. Both men are sitting atop the turnbuckle...Russel hooks Ryan Hawkins…LAST RESORT….

Mike Fisher: OH MY… OFF THE TOP ROPE… Ryan Hawkins is done for…. With Bam Miller on top of the cage and with Curtis out cold, this is really not looking good for team Bob! It’s basically 3 on 1… against the man who has been in there the longest! Blade Alexander
Bam is continuing to stalk Jonny C ontop of the cage who is getting goaded by Jonny… Bam takes a run up and lunges as Jonny, but Jonny side steps it sending Bam crashing onto the top of the steel cage.. Jonny laughs

Jonny C: Pathetic!

Bam, gets up gritting his teeth, angrier, he launches himself at Jonny again but Jonny steps back, very unaware of how close he is to the edge of the top of the cage

Jonny C: You are nothing Bam! I beat you last month… and now my team are going to be…..

BAM gets to his feet and charges giving it everything…he connects…HE SPEARS JONNY C OFF THE TOP OF THE CAGE!!!!!

They fly down to the ground crashing through the announce table taking out both Mike Fisher and Scott James who did his best to catch the two of them truly taking one for the team….


The chant just echo’s round the arena…. The action inside has come to a complete pause as they all look at the carnage on the outside
There is an awkward atmosphere within the arena as multiple emergency workers head out as fast as they can.

Curtis is looking on hands on the top of his head in shock… Jay takes this opportunity to sneak behind him and deliver a hooked armed sit-down powerbomb planting Curtis on his coccyx.

He keeps to hands hooked behind Curtis’ head as he grinds his unprotected face into the steel.


Ryan Hawkins smashes Jay Vaughan over the back with a steel chair, he falls to the ground as Curtis gets up

Curtis: Thankyou so much R

Ryan Hawkins smashes the chair over Curtis’ head crashing him to the ground

Blade Alexander walks up to Ryan Hawkins


Ryan smashes the chair over Blade Alexander, as Osh looks on and smiles on the outside. Ryan however turns and nails Zack Steele again, he then nails Russell Wayne and once again all men are down as Ryan looks around at the carnage he has caused. He slips out of the ring through the gap and heads to the back.

With all men down, Osh Vaughan looks around and knows this is his moment, he slides into the ring and jumps between the ropes into the far ring.

He tries to wake up Jay Vaughan who is still struggling, he tries to wake up Russell and Zack but they are also out, as he’s checking them he doesn’t see Blade Alexander beginning to stir. Blade slides up behind Osh Vaughan, he turns him round and delivers the ORIGINAL SIN! To Osh….

He looks around, he looks to the sky through the metal as he realises what he now has to do. He grabs the battered chair that has been left laying in the ring. He positions Osh Vaughan on his back. He lifts the chair up, he positions the leg right above Osh’s face.

Blade: JAY!...JAY!

Jay Vaughan begins to stir as he looks up at Blade….


Jay: NO! NEVER!!!

Blade continues to goad Jay….


Blade suddenly brings the chair leg down hard on Osh Vaughan’s nose….IT EXPLODES… BLOOD EVERYWHERE!!! Jay looks on in shock…..


Blade lifts it up again, he holds it directly above his eye…..

JAY: NO!!! NO!!!

Blade lifts the Chair up ready to slam it down…


Blade smiles and drops the chair, he fall to the ground clearly exhausted as there is a shock in the IIW crowd.

Melanie Jackson: Your winners…. TEAM BOB… As a result…your new IIW MANAGING DIRECTOR…….. BOB MITCHELL!!!!

Everyone is down, there is no cheering here, there is carnage that will have to be unpicked but for now…. We fade to back.