Worlds Collide

The camera flickers on, and the scene cuts open to the outside parking lot where The Regulation your bus sits parked outside. Suddenly, from around the corner, Chris Nitro comes around with a gasoline can in hand, pouring it everywhere and on the bus. Ryan Hawkins steps from behind next with the newest member of Purge Caera Bellamira as she seen with her doll Alvera. Ryan steps into the camera.

Ryan- You boys should've mind your business. I really didn't have a strong vendetta against you boys I was only in it to benefit my career but now after Osh screwed me in the Hollywood Champion battle royal and stealing purge moment to get a clean win over Blade and Commander but no you came out and made a statement.

Chris Nitro steps up

Chris Nitro- And now we will make one of our own for Team Bob on behalf of team Purge.

Caera Bellamira steps up with Alvera in her hand, looking creepy in her all-black singlet. She lifts her head slowly.

Caera-So now you will BURN!

Ryan walks over to the bus and lights a match and throws it into the gasoline that surrounds the bus. He backs up and watches the blaze started, forming into a burning, crackling fire.

Ryan- Now let the War Games Begin!

The camera cut off as the scene vuts away.

Exhibition Match
Mike Fisher: We’ve been informed that for unknown reasons Anthony Tudor has not travelled to World’s Collide for the match so this will now be a 1 on 1 match

when the theme music starts playing Dean comes out in black wrestling tights with black kickpads on as well with both has wrapped up in white tape with a water bottle in his hand. He slowly makes his way down the ring then walks to the side of the ring apron and stands facing the fans as they scream his name he takes a drink of his water then spits it in the air letting in rain down on him as he shows his intensity.

The referee calls for the bell. Dean Brady wastes not time and catches Deane with a kick to the good. Brady backs Kevin in to the corner and starts to light him up with chops to the chest!

Dean Brady pulls Deane out of the corner and nails a vertical suplex before quickly pulling him up again. Brady with an Irish whip lowers his head but Kevin puts on the breaks and kicks Brady right in the face! As Brady staggers back Deane blasts him with a spinning clothesline. Brady goes down. Kevin with the pin attempt!



Mike Fisher: Brady with a kick out right before the two!

Deane quickly pulls Ricky to his feet and hooks him for a DDT but Dean Brady shoves Deane back in to the corner! Brady with shoulder thrusts to the gut of Kevin regains Brady control of this match. Dean Brady with a hard Irish whip to the opposite corner with such force Deane staggers back out right in to a power slam! Dean Brady with a cover




Scott James: A vicious power slam by Brady only gets a two count on Deane!

Mike Fisher: Aggressive display here from Brady

Brady staying on Deane drags him to the corner and smashes him head first in to the top buckle. Dean Brady then with a waist lock but Deane with a back elbow to the face breaks the grip!

Mike Fisher: A much needed counter by Deane!

As Brady staggers holding his nose Deane runs in, hooking Ricky by the head and driving him down with a bulldog! Kevin goes for the pin




Deane quickly to his feet and moving to the corner. As Brady staggers up Kevin hops up on to the middle rope and nails Dean Brady with a clothesline across the back of the head!

Mike Fisher: Kevin may have knocked Dean Brady right out with that clothesline!

Kevin powers Brady on to his back and hooks the leg for a pin




Brady with his foot on the rope at the last second!

Scott James: Brady’s ring awareness saved the match!

Kevin again pulling Brady to his feet but he gets caught with a thumb to the eye IMPACT DDT! Brady nails him! He hooked the leg!




RING ANNOUNCER: Here is your winner... DEAN BRADY!

The scene opens up in a dim-lit locker room. There is a table near a window and a man sitting next to that table. The man is smoking a cigarette. The cigarette smoke covers his face, making him even more unrecognizable. The shadowy figure inhales and exhales a few more times and then starts speaking in a recognizable, tranquil, tone.

“Federations come and go, in this business of ours. There are only a few selected ones, who can say they have been around for decades. My second home, First Class Pro Wrestling, is no more. No one can say why or whose fault it is. The fact of the matter is that the place is gone; the contracted fighters are all looking for other places to compete in.


I already have a place I can call home.

But, I crave competition!

I am always looking for places in which I can test myself against the best of the best.

Not that my home federation has a lack of talent, totally the opposite, but I am looking to prove myself in places I am not the hometown hero. Places I can build myself up from the ground.

IIW Is that place!

This federation has been around for ages. It is the home of many great competitors and I am glad I can fight in a place like this.

Who am I?

Name´s Hunter…

…Eron Hunter!”

The shadowy figure switches a light on. Now everyone can see who is talking. A young man, with a childish face, is standing in front of the camera. He smiles and nods as the scene starts to fade to black. The tranquil voice fills the room once more, for a brief moment.

“The pleasure is all mine”

Fade to Black.

Exhibition Match
Joseph Manaia vs Ryan McCann


The bell sounds as the two men circle each other. Ryan McCann jumps towards Joseph Manaia looking for a hurricanrana, but Joseph Manaia dodges and comes back with a big boot! Joseph Manaia goes for a pin!



Scott James: Joseph Manaia with a bit of size advantage

Mike Fisher: And Ryan McCann with a speed advantage from my estimation!

Joseph Manaia picks up Ryan McCann and hits a fireman's carry on him! Joseph Manaia follows up with a chin lock! Ryan McCann is able to quickly get out of the hold. Ryan McCann slaps Joseph Manaia and hits an STO! Cover by Ryan McCann!



Mike Fisher: These men have been fighting since they arrived!

Joseph Manaia slugs Ryan McCann from the ground and Ryan McCann staggers backwards. Joseph Manaia grapples Ryan McCann and hits a scoop slam! Joseph Manaia follows up with an elbow drop! Joseph Manaia covers!



Scott James: Lot's of cover attempts in this match!

Ryan McCann slips away from Joseph Manaia, he bounces on the second rope! He lands on Joseph Manaia's shoulders! But Joseph Manaia reverses! JACKKNIFE POWERBOMB! Joseph Manaia goes for the quick cover!

Mike Fisher: This one has to be over!



Rope Break!

Ryan McCann grabs the rope! Joseph Manaia looked angry that he didn't secure the arm and stomps on Ryan McCann!

Scott James: That Jackknife is deadly!

As Joseph Manaia approaches, Ryan McCann does a small package pin attempt!

Mike Fisher: Small package!

Scott James: Now's not the time to describe yourself!



Ryan McCann ducks a charge by Joseph Manaia and hits a kick to the back of the head! Joseph Manaia goes down. Ryan McCann goes behind Joseph Manaia and locks in camel clutch Joseph Manaia is trapped! Is he going to tap?

Mike Fisher: That's a leg trap camel clutch!

The referee is checking on Joseph Manaia! Ryan McCann has it locked in tight... but Joseph Manaia is too strong! He frees one arm, and is able to turn around and punch Ryan McCann right in the face! Ryan McCann is forced to break the hold!

Mike Fisher: He's out!

Joseph Manaia gets up and flies at Ryan McCann! What a Superman punch! Ryan McCann is down!

Scott James: Good lord!

Joseph Manaia is dragging Ryan McCann to the center of the ring, He leans in for the cover but Ryan McCann kicks him in the head! Ryan McCann is up! MyCanise!! The dragon whip sends Joseph Manaia down! Ryan McCann makes the cover!

Mike Fisher: Pinfall attempt!




RING ANNOUNCER: Here is your winner via pinfall... Ryan McCann
Ryan McCann stands in the ring after his victory over Joseph. He arrogantly smile as he bows to the fans as they boo him. He turns his attention towards Joseph who gets back up on his feet. Ryan delivers a chop block to the back of Joseph's leg and continues to stomp him until he lays motionless. As the fans give an adverse reaction to the assault, Ryan goes to the outside and grabs a chair, and returns to the ring with ill intentions. As he measures Joseph up for a shot to the back of the head. The lights go out and start to flicker as the screen lights up and letters smoky start to form on the screen. V-E-N-O-M. Forming the word VENOM as the light go out and then come back on as a man in a black jacket and black full tights, and black boots with the terms Venom on the side as his face is painted with black and white face paint.

Ryan McCann looks shocked at first as he try to take in what he is seeing and then snaps out of it as he swings the chair at Venom but Venom ducka and kicks Ryan in the gut then delivers the Dark Justice dropping Ryan hard down to the mat as the fans pop to Venoms debut.

The camera switches to the back locker room of Ryan Hawkins as he sits in the dark with only a dem light in the center that stays on him. He looks across into a mirror looking into his own eyes as if he were trying to see something from within.

Ryan- You know ever since Caera Bellamira has join The Purge the voices have become even stronger almost if there trying to push another intensity out, she tells me not to worry and that the voices only want to help me find my right path. You see to long I have avoided my destiny but not anymore. I have given in to the other side and tonight I will allow only a glimpse of what is to come.

As the camera stays focused on the mirror reflection of Ryan, he pulls a creepy dark Hannibal Lecter type mask out and holds as he stares at it as a creepy smiling doll appears in the mirror as Ryan raises his head laughs uncontrollably e as the scene fades out.

No.1 Contenders TV Title
Ultimate Destroyer vs Arkady Frost vs John Tolly

Arkady Frost and Ultimate Destroyer are in the ring as we await John Tolly
Blind hits as John Tolly walks out he looks around cracks his neck and makes his way to the ring he poses for a second on the turn buckle before hoping in the ring

The bell rings and John Tolly immediately hits Arkady Frost with a Russian legsweep. Once John Tolly is back to his feet, he is drilled with a DDT by Destroyer. Arkady Frost climbs to his feet and bounces Destroyer off the ropes before knocking him down with a clothesline.

Mike Fisher: Who’s gonna get the early advantage here?

John Tolly is up again, and he comes from behind and hits Arkady Frost with a one-hand bulldog. Destroyer gets up and locks up with The John Tolly. He whips John Tolly into the ropes, who ducks a big boot, but is speared by Arkady Frost on the rebound.

Scott James: Good spear by Arkady Frost, but he’s gotta hit his finisher.

Arkady Frost gets back to his feet. He ties up with Destroyer and hip tosses him over the top rope before hooking The John Tolly in the STF

Scott James: What is he doing? This isn’t a submission match.

Mike Fisher: Maybe he’s trying to wear John Tolly down.

As John Tolly cries out in pain, Destroyer O'Connor attacks Arkady Frost from behind to break the hold. Destroyer O'Connor whips Arkady Frost into the ropes and hits a big boot on the rebound.

Mike Fisher: This time Destroyer connects!

The John Tolly gets back on his feet and throws some hard right hands into Destroyer’ face. John Tolly bounces off the ropes, but Destroyer connects with a clothesline. As John Tolly struggles to get back to his feet, Arkady Frost comes in and throws Destroyer out of the ring. Arkady Frost turns around and The John Tolly hits him with Champaign dream ddt!

The John Tolly moves back to his feet and crushes Destroyer with a Code Breaker! He waits for Destroyer to get back to his feet, he goes for another STUNNER but Tolly pushes him away before drilling him with a European uppercut.

Mike Fisher: Destroyer is still alive.

Scott James: But for how long?

Destroyer waits for John Tolly to get up, and Irish whips him into the ropes. He goes for a clothesline, but John Tolly ducks it, stops in his tracks, and drops Destroyer with a Champaign dream ddt!!

Mike Fisher: That’s it! This one is over!

RING ANNOUNCER: Here is your winner... and new Number 1 contender for the TV title… JOHN TOLLY!

Tag Team Match
TJ Alexander and Mickey Kinkade vs Tyler Debonair and Thomas Stone

[center]All four men are in the ring, waiting for the bell with Tyler and Stone discussing who's going first, Stone seeming to more want to talk about Tyler's sudden change in attitude

Mike Fisher: And from behind here, TJ Alexander gets the match underway, whether or not Tyler wants it to, with a forearm to the back of the head! And the two trade punches now.

Tyler and TJ trade punches back and forth before Alexander sends Tyler into the ropes, springing himself back into the opposite ones. Alexander attempts a clothesline, but Tyler ducks it, stopping as TJ hits the ropes again, Tyler lowers himself in order to life TJ but he catches him off guard and kicks Tyler in the face sending him sprawling!

Scott James: Great capitalisation by TJ Alexander there and Tyler definitely didn't see that coming, Mike!

Mike Fisher: No, he did not! And TJ tags in Mickey Kinkade, who's been waiting a long time to get his own back on Tyler Debonair as the two set him up for a double suplex here, but Tyler blocks it!

Tyler stops the two men sending him over and begins sending body shots TJ's way, pushing him back into the corner. When he turns around he catches a straight smack to the jaw that slightly rocks him, by Kinkade. Tyler flies back to his corner and puts a hand out to tag in Thomas Stone.. Suddenly the arena lights begin flickering, rapidly.

Mike Fisher: Oh boy... Why do I get the feeling, this isn't going to be good?!

Scott James: Look at that, Mike, on the screen!

The lights begin to flicker rapidly then they go out. On the big screen there is a countdown...





The lights come back up and Tyler is standing there, hand still out; but Thomas Stone is nowhere to be found. Tyler looks around in shock and Mickey Kinkade takes advantage of the situation by landing blows left and right on Tyler. Tyler blocks the last two and grabs Mickey, sending him sprawling into the corner and rains his own blows down, before the lights begin to flicker again; the screen once more coming to life...





...When the lights come up again, TJ Alexander is also nowhere to be seen!

Mike Fisher: Can somebody please explain what in the world is going on?! First Stone now TJ who's supposed to be in the International Title match later tonight!

Scott James: I don't have a clue what's going on, Mike but I do know Tyler and Kinkade are still in the ring and Kinkade just got BLASTED by a step up Enzuigiri right there!

Mike Fisher: And now he's going to the top!

Tyler runs up a turnbuckle, but before he can launch himself off; the lights once more go out... Nothing comes on the screen now, except for a symbol, THE symbol Þ and when the lights come up; Mickey Kinkade is gone... Tyler jumps down from the turnbuckle, the crowd in shock, Tyler the same as he just walks around the ring, looking over at Mike and Scott, then the lights flicker again and a face appears on the screen... DARIUS ENLIL.

Darius: Tyler... I've told you, I'm not your enemy. Abe told you, I'm not your enemy. Even Mercedes has told you, I'm not your enemy... And I keep telling you, there may be times where you feel like you’re by yourself... But you’re never alone.

The entire arena suddenly goes black and when the house lights come up, Tyler has also completely disappeared from the ring. Nowhere to be seen at all.

Mike Fisher: I mean, do we even want to ask?!

Scott James: Well if you don't, I will Mike. What the hell is going on here?! Tyler just like Stone, TJ and Kinkade, has disappeared!

Mike Fisher: And like TJ, Scott, Tyler is in the International Title match this evening!

Street Fight
Dan Distoner vs Jason Myers


Michael Morrison: We are back ladies and gentleman and stood with me is a man who is ready for war. That's right we are mere moments from what is going to be a vicious match. Jason Myers, I can see you're prepared for war, you've got your street clothes on, you've got a steel baseball bat in hand which has the initials ''DD'' on. What are your final thoughts before hitting the ring?

Myers then snatches the mic from Morrison as he stares down the lens of the camera:

Myers: I want the whole world to bare witness to the demise of DiStoner. He's going to wish he never crossed me. I bailed him out so I could make sure that chickenshit wouldn't be able to hide! There will be blood, you see, it's funny we're in the city of Manchester. Their football club has a red kit, and tonight the streets of Manchester will be covered in crimson straight from the drugged up corpse of Dan DiStoner!

Myers then slams the mic into Morrison, grabs Lilith's hand as 'Land Of The Living' by Jonathan Young hits, Myers and Lilith walk out from the curtain onto the stage.

Mike: Myers is not wasting any time and he didn't fumble his words right there! He's out for blood here tonight at World's Collide!

Scott: We've waited a long time to see these two in an actual match! The things these men have done to each other is unspeakable, and this was before we even got to tonight!

Mike: And let's not forget that Revolution X are barred from ringside!

Scott: That's right, last week on Monday Night Mayhem, Myers managed to beat Kevin Deane despite all of the shenanigans we saw throughout the contest!

Myers wastes no time in making his way to the ring as he stands in the centre of the ring, pointing his baseball bat towards the rampway, fixated on the fact DiStoner will be making his way out to the ring in mere moments. All of a sudden a hooded figure slides into the ring from behind and slams the IIW Legend's Championship off the back of Myers' head. The figure then removes his hood and mask and it's Dan DiStoner.

Mike: That rotten bastard!

Scott: We should have known DiStoner would pull a fast one!

DiStoner then orders the ref to ring the bell and we are under way as DiStoner looks down at Myers, he then points to Lilith and says she'll get hers soon enough as DiStoner grabs the baseball bat, looks at it and smirks as he grabs the bat and then grabs the hair of Myers as he slams the base of the bat into Myers' chest, momentarily winding Myers as he preps for another baseball bat swing as DiStoner plays to the crowd and yells ''Batter Up!'' but before he can land a shot, Myers punches DiStoner square in the family jewels.

Mike: To quote a famous movie line, Right In The Kenigan!

Myers then grabs the bat, puts it around the throat of DiStoner before delivering a Russian leg sweep, giving more of an impact on the larynx of DiStoner as he clutches his throat. Myers then drops the bat before performing a running baseball slide to the stomach of DiStoner. Myers then rips the cover of the barricade off, picking up DiStoner and dropping DiStoner on his back on the exposed barricade, before dragging the corpse of DiStoner over to the steel ring steps, lifting the top part of the steps up and puts DiStoner's hand in-between the steps, grabs the bat as he holds the bat up high before striking it down with all his strength, crushing DiStoner's hand between the steps.

Scott: DiStoner throughout the feud DiStoner has been called a puppet master but he won't be pulling any strings any time soon with a shattered hand!

Myers then grabs the fingers of DiStoner, pulling them back, working the fingers before grabbing them again and snapping them like a twig.

Mike: Myers paying homage to his fellow countryman right there!

Scott: You could say his days of rolling papers with that hand are 'Dunne' for!

Myers then grabs the other hand of DiStoner, putting it in-between the steel steps but this time placing the bat over the arm of DiStoner and he grabs a steel chair but just as he goes to swing the chair off the steps DiStoner manages to pull his hand out of harms way, swipes the feet of Myers, clipping the back of Myers' knee and slams the head of Myers off the steps. Whilst Myers is momentarily out DiStoner tries to get out of dodge, making his way up the ramp.

Mike: There's no where Dan can run, this is a street fight!

Scott: He's gonna take a breather right here! We're just getting started with this one!

As Dan makes his way up the ramp, Lilith helps Myers up and quickly chases him to the backstage area. DiStoner makes his way down the hallway but Myers chases him, Dan though senses this and quickly grabs a chair, throwing it off Myers who bats it away as the two then make their way to the catering area, Dan grabbing the long golden locks of Myers, slamming it off a vending machine. He continuously slams it off the machine as he drives his shoulder into the stomach of Myers, then grabbing him and throwing him head first into the machine as the glass shatters, blood pouring down the face of Myers.

Mike: DiStoner has drew first blood in this war!

Scott: It was only a matter of time before one of these men began to bleed!

DiStoner then walks over to the catering table and sees a portion of battered fish, a portion of chips and salt and vinegar. He grabs the fish using the tongs, forcing the fish down the throat of Myers, grabbing the chips and shoving them in the face of Myers, then grabs the salt and vinegar and pouring the condiments all over Myers, then rubbing the salt and vinegar in the wounds over the forehead of Myers:

Mike: Talk about rubbing salt in the wounds!

Scott: I know Jason enjoys fish and chips but not this way! This will put him off it forever!

DiStoner then picks Myers up, putting him on his shoulders before dropping Myers with a Death Valley Driver through the catering table. DiStoner then makes the cover;



Myers just gets the shoulder up, a pissed off DiStoner then grabs him before lacing Myers with lefts and rights, picking Myers up and throwing him down the hallway, stomping on the chest of Myers. DiStoner then picks Myers up, props him against the a door, DiStoner preps himself to throw a right at Myers who ducks at the last second, the bones can be heard cracking in the hand of DiStoner. Myers then creates distance between himself and DiStoner, Myers then goes for The Bitter End but DiStoner moves out of the way at the last second, Myers going through the door, breaking the door and himself in half, going shoulder first as he clutches his arm in agony. DiStoner then rushes down the hallway, shouting at Phoenix and Deane to get him out of the arena but Myers is to his feet, just before they can get in their getaway car Myers rushes the back of DiStoner with an elbow to the back of the head.

The two then brawl towards the production truck as backstage team members rush out of the truck, Myers and DiStoner brawling in the truck. Before they can get the brawl underway the truck begins to move. Phoenix and Deane are still on the outside and look panicked, as they get into the minivan they intended to drive out and follow the truck.

Myers and DiStoner are in the back of the truck, brawling away as Myers slams the head of DiStoner off a monitor, then scraping his head off the controls, but the truck goes over a bump and the two fall over, Myers then grabs a cable and wraps it around the throat of DiStoner in an attempt to choke him out, refusing to let up as DiStoner begins to pass out and turn blue, Myers then kicks at DiStoner. Before he can get to his feet the truck stops and parks up. Myers then opens the door of the truck, Lilith then gets out of the truck as she was revealed to have been the one who stole the truck.

Myers is then grabbed by the arm of DiStoner and headbutts Myers before climbing the truck which is right next to the windows of the Manchester Cathedral. Myers is in hot pursuit as he climbs up the truck, the two then brawl on top, trading lefts and rights. Myers then drops to his knees and once more aims straight for the testicles of DiStoner, creating separation. Just at that moment, Deane and Phoenix pull up but Myers charges at DiStoner with The Bitter End, the two going straight through the stained glass windows of the church. As they land on the floor, it's revealed that Sunday mass is on and the church goers quickly rush out of the church. The two men are writhing in agony, glass in their bodies.

At this moment, Lilith and Rev X have made their way into the church, Rev X helping Dan up and Lilith helping Jason up. The two, with blood pouring down their bodies are clearly not in one piece but the two quickly engage in a fight once more, DiStoner then slams the head of Myers off one of the pews as they intimidate the priest who retreats to his podium, the two men then brawling down the aisle of the church. Myers then drops Dan with a clothesline, throwing him head first into the podium. He then attempts to go for another Bitter End but at the last second Rev X pull Dan out of the way at the last second and Myers winds up spearing a priest.

Rev X then jump Myers, DiStoner then signals to the two to deliver a Flying Fucks Powerbomb as the two put Myers on Dan's shoulders and they drop him through the communion table. Then from out of nowhere, Lilith swings a chair at the trio, taking out Deane, narrowly avoiding DiStoner but Phoenix grabs the chair and intimidates Lilith, scaring her off. Phoenix then sees a crucifix, and he and Dan then pull it down and look at the prone corpse of Myers. They then slump Myers over the crucifix, Phoenix grabs a box of nails from his pocket and Deane who has now regained composure grabs a hammer from his back pocket. They then hold the arm of Myers down, putting the nail over the right hand of Myers and hammer the nail square through the hand, blood pouring from the hand of Myers. The trio then prepare to do the same to the left hand of Myers before Lilith returns with a fire extinguisher and sprays it all over the trio.

Lilith then grabs the hammer, plucks the nail out of the hand of Myers, blood squirting all over the place as the two then try to escape from the church but inadvertently wind up near the rooftop. DiStoner is in hot pursuit and they wind up brawling above the front of the church. They are on the outside as DiStoner and Myers look down to about a 20 foot drop, and next to the front door of the church is the minivan Rev X arrived in. Lilith and Rev X are at the ground level and yelling to the pair to get off the roof. Myers kicks DiStoner back and goes for The Bitter End but at the last second DiStoner kicks Myers in the knee and then yells NO REMORSE! Before dropping Myers with a No Remorse, but at the same time sending the two off the roof and right on top of the minivan!

Lilith and Rev X quickly rush over to the aide of their fallen friends as Lilith grabs her mobile phone and calls for an ambulance.

We then cut back to the arena:

Mike: Ladies and Gentleman we'd like to apologise, we couldn't be heard during that, well I don't quite know what to call that, but because the production truck was stolen we had no feed but we witnessed the entire thing.

Scott: In all of my years of being a commentator, I have not seen anything like that. I'd like to apologise to the residents of Manchester, and the church members for any offence caused and you have our full support.

We then cut back to Jason and Dan being lifted onto a stretcher, the two men not moving an inch as we cut to a commercial hyping up the next Monday Night Mayhem.
Curtis enters the locker room of Team Bob. Sitting inside are Bam Miller, Blade Alexander, Ryan Hawkins, and team captain Bob Mitchell.

Curtis - Alright guys bring it in and take a knee. We are about to go to war Gentlemen and there is no one else I would want on my side.

Curtis drops to one knee. No one else moves. Bam walks over and stands next to Curtis.

Good morning. In less than an hour we will have to join forces and be launching the largest wrestling battle in the history of IIW.
IIW that name should have new meaning for all of us today. We can’t be consumed by our petty differences anymore. We will be united in our common interests. Perhaps it’s fate that today is the 16th of May and you will once again be fighting for our freedom not from tyranny, oppression, or persecution but from annihilation.

Blade leans into Bob

Blade - Isn't this the speech from independence day.

Bob - Yes, but he is on a roll just let him go.

Curtis - We’re fighting for our right to live, to exist, and should we win today the 16th of may is the day when Team Bob declared in one voice “We will not go quietly into the night. We will not vanish without a fight. We’re going to live on. We’re going to survive. Today we celebrate our Independence Day!”

Curtis stands up and screams hands in Team Bob on 3. All the men look at each other and reluctantly places their hands on top of Curtis's. They say team Bob and raise their hands.

Curtis - Let's give them hell boys and remember to have fun. We are blessed always and forever remember that.

Curtis turns and storms out.

Ryan - I would say he is overly ready

Everyone nods awkwardly as the scene cuts back to Worlds Collide.

TV Title Match
Cage Match
Rogue vs Anthony Phoenix

Ladies and gentlemen IIW’s World’s Collide continues and the following contest is a steel cage match for the IIW Television Championship!

The crowd erupted as the ring announcer, for the first time in the night, stood at the side of the ring.

To win this match up one competitor must escape the cage by climbing up and over the top and having both feet touch the floor.

The lights flicker three times as the singer sings "1...2...3" followed by a brief pause. The lights in the arena start to change colors for all of a minute as the guitar begins to play the lights go out with only a spotlight in the middle of stage.

Phoenix comes out from backstage wearing a zipped up jogging jacket and navy blue trunks and stands in the middle of the spotlight. He holds arms out forming an 'X' which is slightly moved to the side. Phoenix then taunts the crowd with one crotch chop as pyro in the form of an X shoots out behind him.

He then starts to walk down the ramp, the spotlight following him looking very determined. When he reaches the ring he enters under the bottom rope and walks to the middle of the ring all the while the spot is still on him. When he reaches mid ring he stares at the camera as he holds his arms out forming the same 'X' as he did at the entrance. Phoenix scowls at the camera as the song ends.

Introducing first, he is the challenger, currently residing in Las Vegas, Nevada by way of Palermo, Italy…he is “The King of Controversy” Anthony Phoenix!!!

"Disco//Very" by Warpaint hits over the sound system, and the arena goes dark. As the song picks up, the lights brighten just a little, revealing Rogue standing at the top of the entrance with Cora Black behind him, holding her small black coffin under her left arm.

A purple tint of light mixes with the darkness in the arena, and smoke floods the ramp area. Rogue and Cora slowly make their way down to the ring as they drag clouds of smoke with their feet, being followed by the purple light.

As they reach the ring, the lights come to full brightness, and most of the smoke dissapears. Rogue walks up the steps to the ring apron and enters through the middle rope as Cora stands on the outside of the ring, focused on Rogue.

And his opponent, accompanied to the ring by Cora, hailing from Orlando, Florida, he is your current reigning IIW Television Champion…ladies and gentlemen, this is ROGUE!!

The bell rang and the crowd grew tense as Rogue and Anthony Phoenix stared each other down from across the ring within the not so friendly confines of the steel cage. The two men moved towards one another and got nose to nose and began firing insults at one another until Rogue delivered a headbutt as the opening salvo. Catching Anthony off guard Rogue immediately went to make the cage his friend as he tossed Anthony face first to the steel. The King of Controversy turned backwards into a belly to belly from the brawler from Orlando.

Mike Fisher: The Television Champion coming out of the gates firing on all cylinders.

Scott James: I really wouldn’t expect less—there is some serious bad blood between these two.

Rogue began to lay stomps to Phoenix and attempted to pull him up but Phoenix pulled him over with a fireman’s carry to the mat. Phoenix grabbed Rogue underneath the chin and wrenched the champion’s head backwards into an early crossface but Rogue was able to get his hand between and slither his way out. Rogue crawled to a corner and the two men locked eyes once more. The crowd popped as the native Italian charged and took to flight catching Rogue with a head scissors takedown followed up with a dropkick that sent Rogue flying to the corner.

Mike Fisher: And just like that the momentum of this battle has changed.

Scott James: Anthony Phoenix is just making sure he takes back what is rightfully his.

The King of Controversy charged and took to the air with a Stinger Splash but Rogue moved at the last moment sending The King’s sternum crashing against the turnbuckle. Rogue grabbed the former champion by the face and delivered a snap DDT. The champion rolled over and got to his feet and began to ascend the turnbuckles but the challenger began to stir.

Mike Fisher: Rogue making the first attempt to take the win and the championship.

Scott James: I’ve got faith in Anthony, this one is far from over.

Phoenix pulled himself up and grabbed Rogue’s leg while Rogue reached the top turnbuckle. Anthony climbed up behind him and was met with an elbow strike from his captive. Another elbow strike found its mark and another before Anthony fell down to the mat. Rogue looked to the top of the cage as if he were going to climb but he decided to return to the ring with an elbow drop to his prone opponent.

Mike Fisher: The force of Rogue’s elbow driving into the chest of Anthony Phoenix—he may have collapsed a lung!

Scott James: Way to be absolutely overdramatic for no reason. He may have just as well dislocated his own elbow!

The two men began to stir, Rogue first. Rogue went for a clothesline but his prey was able to duck and connect on the reverse with a super kick that sent his would be attacker stumbling backwards. The man from Sin City ran at Rogue, taking flight and connecting with a hurricanrana. Rogue pops back to his feet as Anthony charges but a dazed Rogue is able to intercept Anthony and send him face first to the fence. Rogue catches him again and rams Anthony’s face once more before ripping the flesh in a back and forth motion that busts Anthony open as the crowd pops at the sight of the crimson liquid.

Mike Fisher: We knew this one wasn’t going to be for the faint of heart folks and now we have seen red!

Scott James: Somebody stop that mad man Rogue! Poor Anthony Phoenix’s face is being ruined by the fence!

Rogue let out a vicious scream before grabbing Anthony once more and lifting him in the air only to slam him down with an inverted atomic drop. Anthony leaped to the air while holding his manhood, Rogue grabbed him from behind for a German Suplex but Anthony escaped the hold with a perfect back kick right through the uprights that sent Rogue toppling over in pain.

Mike Fisher: Now was that really called for?

Scott James: Um, need I remind you that Rogue was just using the fence against Anthony’s face like a cheese grater?

Anthony leaned against the ropes and wiped the blood from his face as the familiar site of a crimson mask developed. Anthony turned with a sadistic grin and his eyes to Rogue who had begun to move. Anthony charged and punted Rogue to the temple. The TV Champ rolled over holding his head as Anthony pulled him up by the hair and landed a few rights to the face that backed Rogue into the corner, Anthony immediately took advantage hitting his cornered foe with a combination of a high heel kick followed by a back elbow strike. Anthony took a step back and sized up his opponent before connecting with a pele kick.

Mike Fisher: A beautiful combination of rapid maneuvers from the challenger.

Scott James: About time you give some credit where credit is due.

Rogue fumbled out of the corner, Anthony licked the blood that fell upon his lips and decided to connect with a backstabber before turning Rogue over into a Texas Cloverleaf. Rogue’s face jolted from the pain coursing through his body as the newly awakened beast within Phoenix pulled back harder. It seemed as though Rogue had begun to fade so Anthony let the hold go. He smiled at Rogue who rolled over in pain before slowly moving to the corner.

Mike Fisher: If this where a standard matchup we may have a new champion due to a knock out.

Scott James: It’s elementary now, all Anthony needs to do is climb a little.

Anthony began a slow ascent from the energy he had wasted. Rogue began to move around on the mat and began to crawl towards the corner. Anthony was climbing the mesh as Rogue got up on the turnbuckles behind him. Anthony got to the top of the cage and began to climb over but Rogue caught him by the tights.

Mike Fisher: And the champion is not ready to surrender his crown just yet!

Scott James: Anthony you couldn’t have moved just a little bit faster, buddy?

The Italian through a left handed slap at the man from Orlando and caught him. Anthony was able to swing his lower half over the thick top of the cage. Rogue turned back and struck Anthony with a right, then another. Anthony began to hang over as if he were going to fall as the crowd erupted.

Mike Fisher: This isn’t exactly the safest place in the arena to have a fist fight.

Scott James: These guys are fighting for the Television Championship…some things are a little more important than safety, Mike!

Rogue reached over and pulled Anthony back, seeing the championship disappearing before his eyes. Rogue pulled Anthony’s head to the hard steel and then delivered a headbutt. Rogue wiped Anthony’s blood off of his forehead and licked the liquid before delivering a few more forearm strikes to his opponent. Rogue began to pull Anthony back over and was able to get one leg back into the ring before Rogue himself pulled himself to the top tossing one leg over. The two men stared at one another momentarily as the crowd erupted.

Mike Fisher: We may need some paramedics down here ASAP!

Scott James: Either of these guys are one fall away from a hospital trip and or the Television Championship!

Rogue and Anthony began to exchange a few forearm smashes and the two men climbed to their feet playing a trapeze act on the top of the cage.

Mike Fisher: That platform can’t be more than a foot and a half wide!!

Scott James: If that!

Rogue blocked a right hand from Anthony and caught him with three abrupt blows before grabbing Anthony and sending both himself and Anthony flying to the mat with a Saito Suplex off of the top of the cage.


Mike Fisher: Rogue may have broken Anthony Phoenix in half!

Scott James: I think Rogue broke himself in half too!

The two bodies convulsed on the mat as the crowd continued to pour it on for a few moments. Rogue began to move slowly, Phoenix not too far behind. Anthony pulled himself up in the corner as Rogue charged but Anthony took a face bump and Rogue’s intended spear had no target sending his shoulder flying into the post. Rogue turned, holding his now jammed shoulder, and went to kick Phoenix on the mat but Phoenix side stepped and brought Rogue to the mat with a leg sweep. Anthony slid on top of Rogue and began to level Rogue with a series of forearm shots and elbow strikes.

Mike Fisher: I think he’s going to bust him open!

Scott James: As if Anthony hasn’t stained the canvas enough already!

Anthony continued to lay on the strikes until, as the commentators mentioned, Rogue’s forehead began to gush blood. Anthony stood tall above the Television Champion and outstretched his arms to the crowd with a mixed smattering of cheers and boos tossed his way. But, Anthony didn’t expect…

Mike Fisher: He’s alive!

Scott James: And he looks pretty damn pissed.

Rogue pulled himself up, wiping the now blood stained hair out of his face. Rogue tapped Anthony on the shoulder, Anthony turned around and looked as if he had seen a ghost. Rogue threw a fist, Anthony threw a fist…Rogue, Anthony, Rogue, Anthony, Rogue, Anthony, Rogue, block, Rogue. Rogue delivered another punch then two knife edge chops and whipped his fellow combatant across the ring and caught him with a running knee strike. Rogue popped back up and roared.

Mike Fisher: I think our Television Champion is trying to say that the former champion will remain as such.

Scott James: I still think The King of Controversy is going to be able to get the upper hand again.

Phoenix moves to his feet and while shaking off the cobwebs he is grabbed in Rogue’s clutches and Rogue connects with his variant of the Rolling Cutter which Phoenix took on the head and popped up onto his back.

Mike Fisher: Forever Alone!!!

Scott James: What a depressing name for a finishing move.

Rogue pulled himself up and whipped his hair up sending a smattering of blood up in the air with it as his crimson mask was visible to the hard camera. Rogue shook his head, gaining that last bit of energy, he cut his finger across his throat.

Mike Fisher: I think he’s going to try and put Anthony Phoenix out of contention in this one once and for all.

Scott James: No! He’s seriously thinking about doubling down? Another Forever Alone?

Rogue slowly sauntered towards his prey. Rogue dropped to his knees and paintbrushed his challenger’s face before spitting on the man he took the Television Championship from. Rogue slowly pulled Phoenix up. Rogue stood on his feet while Phoenix rested on his knees. The champion gave one last yank at the challenger’s neck but the challenger made a last ditch effort to save himself and connected with an uppercut low blow.

Mike Fisher: Well, that’s sure to stop just about anybody.

Scott James: One word sums up a low blow…effective.

Rogue held his family jewels with his mouth wide open as Anthony clutched onto Rogue and hit him with his own finishing maneuver, The Crossroads.

Mike Fisher: Forever Alone!

Scott James: Excuse me, Anthony likes to call that the Poetic Justice.

The two competitors lay on the canvas. The only sign of life the fact that their torsos continue to rise with each breath. The camera switches to a shot from above showing the blood covered mat, the competitors with their crimson faces. Phoenix rolls over and begins to crawl towards the ropes.

Mike Fisher: This battle of attrition may be nearing its end.

Scott James: You’ve finally come around.

The challenger used the ropes to pull himself up and he began to ascend the turnbuckle, following by the wire mesh fence of the cage itself.

Mike Fisher: Maybe not, I see some life in the champion!

Scott James: I would think after the embarrassment of taking his own finisher Rogue would have just stayed down.

Rogue began to crawl towards the ropes but Phoenix’s head start seems to be too much when Rogue collapsed under his own weight as Anthony reached the top of the cage. Phoenix got to his feet, he looked out towards the crowd and then down towards the ground before returning to Rogue.

Mike Fisher: The champion is barely standing.

Scott James: Climb down!

The King of Controversy decided to make what some may view as a controversial decision as he took flight and landed the Best Frog Splash ever on Rogue.

Mike Fisher: OH MY GOD!!!

Scott James: Both men may not have a career left after this one, forget about a championship run!

The two gladiators convulsed on the mat as both men’s bodies had been spent and punished. The crowd cheered at the two warriors who had given their all.

Mike Fisher: That move may have put a world of hurt on the Television Champion but was it worth it for The King of Controversy/

Scott James: I think I would have made my way to the floor, taken the championship and went and iced up at the hotel room!

As the two men get back to their feet, Rogue suddenly grabs Phoenix, wrenching his head and delivers FOREVER ALONE!

Both men are down!

Rogue drapes an arm over Phoenix….




Mike Fisher: Rogue’s done it!!! By the smallest of margins he’s retained the TV title!

The Cage begins to lift but both men are still down and struggling to get to their feet.

As the Cage raises, John Tolly runs down to the ring

Mike Fisher: It’s the new number one contender!!!!

John Tolly grabs Rogue, pulling him to his feet he throws him into the corner, he then grabs Anthony Phoenix and delivers THE CHAMPAGNE DDT!

Turning to Rogue, he walks over to him once again hits him with a solid elbow, he keeps pummelling Rogue, he eventually lifts him up and ANOTHER CHAMPAGNE DDT!

Both men are out as John Tolly stands tall and holds up the TV Title!