["Born Ready" by Zayde Wolf blares over the PA system, as the fans in attendance all look toward the stage. Intrigued by who might be making an appearance, when a woman, attired in a slate grey pinstripe suit with a white undershirt, jeans and black high heels, holding a clipboard in her right hand, appears on the stage. Looking out at the audience, who are murmuring among themselves. Unsure on who this woman is, or why she is out here. All they know is that IIW has revamped and is re-opening their women's division. The woman continues down the ramp, smiling whilst also looking at her clipboard on occasion. Reaching the top of the stage, she saunters across to the steps, scaling them before entering the ring; being handed a microphone by one of the IIW stagehands. Walking to the center of the ring, she gazes out at the fans, raising the mic to her mouth.]

Woman: Hello and welcome to IIW First Class!

[The crowd pops, as the woman smiles. Just as happy as they are at the news.]

Woman: For those who don't know me, or hadn't heard the news. I am Nicole Lawlor. CEO and founder of the Chic Blaze fashion brand, former wrestler and now, your new General Manager of First Class.

[Another pop from the crowd, as Nicole waits for them to settle down.]

Nicole Lawlor: I know all of the women back there are looking to give you all a taste of what we can provide. An opportunity to show that the collection of talent we have here, is the best the world has to offer. That we can contend with any roster; even the guys on Mayhem will look at us and say "damn, these truly are the best on the planet".

[She pauses, calmly pacing around the ring as the crowd continues cheering. Some even hold up IIW signs, and even one who is holding up a "Marry Me" sign. Nicole laughs to herself.]

Nicole Lawlor: And to prove that, we will be announcing our first women's champion right here, tonight! [She pauses, gauging the crowd's reaction.] Our way of paying homage to a company that has fallen; the main reason we are even here tonight,

[Smiling, she shakes her head. Knowing that it may have come out as patronizing but is also the truth.]

Nicole Lawlor: First Class Pro Wrestling. So, I would like for Victoria McKenzie to come out right now, and we can get this done with.

["Power" by Little Mix hits, and Queen Thicctoria as she is known walks onto the stage, the fans mostly booing. There are some fans though, who are cheering her as Nicole smiles. Applauding her as she makes her way down the ramp. Exchanging words with the fans jeering her as she makes her way to the ring. Climbing up the stairs and entering, as Nicole motions to a stagehand that had been sitting in the timekeepers area to bring her the black bag positioned on his lap. He obliges as Victoria enters the ring. Nicole then turns to her and smiles.]

Nicole Lawlor: So, Victoria. I want to congratulate you on being the last ever FCPW woman's champion first and foremost.

Victoria McKenzie: Of course you do, because you know that you got the best possible result, you have The Biggest, Baddest and Most Beautiful Brit in the Game, Victoria McKenzie...Queen Thicctoria herself as the FCPW Women’s Champion!”

[Victoria smiled widely as she even gave a vain bow as the fans booed and jeered the Geordie, the 275lbs plus sized powerhouse was clad in a fashionable white t-shirt with the phrase ‘Thicc Brit Bitch’ on the front in black letters with some denim shorts that show off her tree trunk thighs and some black and white sneakers]

Victoria McKenzie: “So; this is the greatest moment of my life and I have some people that I’d like to thank and that could make this moment possible...I’d, first of all, like to thank my best friend, my bestest friend in the whole wide world and my partner, Kaitlyn Finley...babe, I know you’re back there and I want to let you know that I couldn’t do this without you!”

[Victoria called out as he gave some over the top and obnoxious squeals as she sounded like she was going to burst into tears in a very melodramatic way that just got the jeers and boos coming from the fans.]

Victoria McKenzie: “I’d also like to thank my mum and dad back in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, my hometown and the greatest place on earth...they’ve helped me with the confidence that I needed to become the greatest person to come out of Newcastle since Ant and Dec! I DID IT, MUM, THIS IS FOR YOU!! DAD, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, I DID IT!! YOUR DAUGHTER IS A CHAMPION!!”

[Victoria called out loudly and brashly as she even jumped up and down, with a massive grin on her face as she showed off her FCPW Women’s Championship to the camera, before also showing it to the booing fans]

Victoria McKenzie: “Now, I want everyone to get a look at this because this is going to be what you see...I’m the first and the only FCPW Women’s Champion because NOBODY is taking this title from me! Because I am the Biggest, Baddest and Most Beautiful Brit in the Game, I am Queen Thicctoria and everyone in IIW...apart from Kaitlyn, my bestie, is going to bow down to me.”

[Nicole smiles, looking at the excitable Victoria; waiting for her to quiet down before handing her the black bag.]

Nicole Lawlor: Well, this is your reward for winning that title. You are now officially the NEW and first ever IIW woman's champion.

[Victoria opens the bag, smiling as she takes the championship and hoists it into the air. Rubbing it into the fan's faces that she is the champion; they're not before leaving the ring and heading back down the ramp. Nicole returns to the middle of the ring, looking down at her clipboard.]

Nicole Lawlor: As for tonight, and I know you're all excited to know what we have planned, we will be commencing the journey to deciding who will get the first shot at Victoria and her title. [She pauses, as the crowd anticipate] Don't worry, it'll be soon enough that we know that.

[She smiles.]

Nicole Lawlor: As tonight, we will be commencing the first round of our number 1 contender's tournament, with the winner getting their shot at Victoria and the title at our first Pay-Per-View.

[The crowd cheers for that, as Nicole laughs.]

Nicole Lawlor: Anyway, let's get onto the action without further adieu.

["Born Ready" plays once more, as Nicole leaves the ring and heads up the ramp. The ring crew kicking into action; setting up the ring for the first match on tonight's card.]

Tony Watson: Huge announcements there by our esteemed GM. First stating that Victoria McKenzie would be the first ever IIW women's champion, due to her win at FCPW's farewell event. Then announcing that tonight would bring the commencement of a number one contender's tournament, to decide who will face Victoria at the first Pay-Per-View.

Lonnie Parks: Yeah, and I can't wait for the action to begin. See who really wants the chance to go one on one with the champion, or who is content to simply be here.

Tony Watson: I'm sure they all want the chance at the gold.

Lonnie Parks: Saying you want a shot and proving it are two completely different things.

Tony Watson: Touché. Anyway, our first match is about to begin and it's a fantastic match up. Bianca Langford versus Fiona Harris.

Lonnie Parks: A match I know plenty have been waiting for. Myself included in that.

Tony Watson: Include me as well.

[The sound of the crowd cheering begins to drown out the commentators, as Amanda Jackson walks to the center of the ring. Microphone in hand.]

Amanda Jackson: The following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL!

Crowd: ONE FALL!

Amanda Jackson: And is a first round match in the Women's championship number one contender's tournament...

[The crowd begins to cheer as The arena lights flash low with the opening riff of "Bounce" until the lyrics hit, before iona steps out onto the entrance ramp, dressed in little blue, black and silver wrestling trunks with a matching low-cut sports bra-style top, knee pads, kick pads over black amateur-style shoes, wrists taped.]

Amanda Jackson: Introducing first... From Trenton, Ontario, Canada... She is "F Yeah" FIONA HARRIS!!!

Tony Watson: Fiona was extremely unlucky in the women's title match at April Annihilation. Getting oh so close to walking out as champion, but she has a chance tonight to take a step toward getting another shot.

Lonnie Parks: She did, but you know what they say about almost.

Tony Watson: Yeah, but she still deserves credit for it. Put up a fantastic effort during the match.

Lonnie Parks: She did. Let's see if she can replicate that tonight, against a hungry and determined opponent like Bianca.

[Fiona struts a little down the ramp before breaking into a sprint about halfway down, sliding headfirst into the ring under the bottom rope, popping up to hit the opposite ropes and coming back, stepping up onto the ropes, one foot on the middle and the other on the bottom, facing the entranceway and striking a double bicep flex pose with a grin before hopping back towards the middle of the ring, ready to compete.]

["Phoenix" plays through the PA system, as Bianca comes out onto the stage with the fans cheering her, immediately doing a twirl before extending her arms out like a cross, smiling as she looks out to the crowd. She makes her way to the ring with a purpose - making sure to slap the hands of fans in the front row as she does so.]

Amanda Jackson: And her opponent... From Melbourne, Victoria, Australia... She is BIANCA LANGFORD!!!

Tony Watson: Bianca looks primed and ready to go tonight. We know she's the wife of number one contender to the World title on Mayhem, but she informed us that she is an accomplished wrestler in her own right.

Lonnie Parks: Yeah, and tonight, she has the perfect opportunity to prove just that, against Fiona. Show the world that she is just as good as she claims to be.

Tony Watson: More importantly, the chance to progress toward a shot at the Women's championship.

Lonnie Parks: True.

[Bianca smiles, she spins around, arms outstretched before raising them above her head and pointing to the sky. Rolling into the ring, she climbs to the top rope before doing a backflip onto the mat and posing as her music fades.]

[Jeremy Oakland motions for both competitors to come to the center of the ring and frisks them. Ensuring they didn't bring any weapons to the ring. Both of them allow him too, laughing as he then signals to the timekeeper's area to ring the bell and begin the bout.]


[The two women circle one another, arms extended in front of them. Waiting to see which one of them wishes to make the first move in this match.]

Tony Watson: Neither woman wants to be the first one to make a mistake here. They know how important this match is; what it would mean for them to attain the win.

Lonnie Parks: It's called strategizing. Picking your spots and attacking when you have an opening.

[Bianca shoots a kick into Fiona's solar plexus, causing her to bend over and right into position for a DDT. Spiking her head onto the mat.]

Tony Watson: Like that?

Lonnie Parks: Yes, like that DDT. Beautiful in its execution too.

Tony Watson: It's simple but deadly. Good way to signal intent.

[Bianca follows up with a knee drop to the skull of Fiona, before lifting her up by the right wrist, hoping to whip her into the corner.]

Tony Watson: Fiona drops down, hooking Bianca's legs and dropping her instead with a drop toe hold. Trying to buy herself some time.

Lonnie Parks: It's still early, but she knows she can't let Bianca get too much momentum. She knows she can ill-afford Bianca's game plan of slowing down the pace; wearing her down. Can she capitalize on this though?

[Fiona rises, waiting for Bianca to do the same, as she flexes for the fans in attendance. Though she is able to leap into the air and connect with a dropkick when Bianca does rise, showing that she hadn't taunted for the sake of taunting.]

Tony Watson: Beautiful dropkick. There's a reason why Fiona's name always pops up in discussions of who has the best dropkicks in the game.

Lonnie Parks: You're not wrong there.

[Fiona then connects with a jumping elbow drop, right onto Langford's sternum before grabbing her by the wrist; connecting with an arm drag that sends Bianca toward the ropes. Using them to assist her standing up, Bianca looks toward the now charging Harris, who intends to clothesline her over the top, but is thwarted by Bianca driving a knee into her stomach.]

Tony Watson: That's one way to stop momentum.

Lonnie Parks: I felt that knee from here. Fiona keeled over, right in position for that sharp elbow to her back.

Tony Watson: Neither woman wants to give the other an inch here. Ooo, nice snap suplex there by Langford.

[Bianca kips up following the suplex, before extending her arms out and posing for the fans. Though she makes sure to notice as Fiona prepares to rise to her feet, grabbing her left wrist when she does; whipping her into the corner.]

Tony Watson: Bianca asserting herself now, with those sharp kicks to the chest of Harris.

Lonnie Parks: She's trying to make it harder for Harris to breathe. Make it difficult to breathe and you have control of the match. Especially as it wears on.

Tony Watson: Indeed. Makes it into a war of attrition, which will benefit Langford as she knows she'll have more gas in the tank.

[Fiona slumps down in the corner, only to be aided to her feet by Langford, who reels her in for a short-armed clothesline. Then following her down with an elbow drop of her own as Fiona lets out a gentle yelp. Trying to let out a breath.]

Tony Watson: Bianca helps Harris to her feet, and levels her with a violent Belly-to-belly suplex. You can feel the impact from here.

Lonnie Parks: Bianca understands that she's in control. That she needs to stay on top of Fiona and not let her find a path back into this bout.

Tony Watson: I'd expect her to. She is a pro after all.

Lonnie Parks: You of all people should know that Fiona is just as much a pro.

Tony Watson: Never said she wasn't. Though this barrage of unblocked stomps Bianca is delivering to her chest is showing that Bianca is a notch above her presently.

[Bianca then pushes Fiona onto her right hip with her boot, lining her up and delivering a vicious boot to her spine. Following that up with a second one, delivered with even more force than the first, causing Fiona to roll into a prone position on the mat.]

Tony Watson: Bianca dropping down, looking to apply a crossface here.

Lonnie Parks: Fiona using her instincts though, and dragging herself to the ropes before Bianca can fully lock it in. Using her ring smarts to her advantage.

[The referee attempts to pull Bianca off her, but Langford simply releases the hold as soon as she sees Harris has gripped the bottom rope with her free hand.]

Tony Watson: Bianca with the sportsmanship there. Though she uses the break to deliver a stomp to the back of Fiona, preventing her from rising.

[Attempting an knee drop, Bianca hits the canvas as Fiona rolls out of the ring and onto the floor. Using the time to regain her breath. Though Jeremy Oakland begins his count.]


Lonnie Parks: Fiona trying to regain her composure. Figure out a strategy and point of attack.

Tony Watson: She needs to think fast, otherwise all she's doing is enabling Bianca to continue her own assault.


[Fiona slowly begins to make her way to her feet, staring at Bianca. Waiting with trepidation to see if she is setting anything up.]


[Fiona then rolls into the ring, not taking her eyes off Bianca, who charges toward her.]

Tony Watson: Running Knee Strike... NO!

Lonnie Parks: Fiona manages to drop her head just in time. Otherwise, it may have gone into the third row. We've heard and seen the power Bianca processes in her strikes here tonight.

Tony Watson: Crisis averted in Fiona's eyes there.

[Fiona then manages to use her right hand to roll Bianca up in a schoolgirl pin.]


Lonnie Parks: Genius by Fiona there, catching Bianca napping.

Tony Watson: Can it be the opening she needed, though?

[Bianca manages to get her shoulder up at a count of 1 and a quarter, thrusting her legs up in order to ensure Fiona releases the hold.]

Lonnie Parks: I don't know, but maybe that basement dropkick will allow her to assert control on this one.

Tony Watson: It's a start, but she still needs to follow up on it and make sure that it wasn't just false hope.

[The two then begin to rise to their feet, with Fiona managing to connect with a stiff chop to the chest, then a running bulldog as Bianca turns around in pain. Slamming her head into the canvas before Harris kips up and drops a knee to the middle of Bianca's spine.]

Lonnie Parks: How's that for a follow up?

Tony Watson: I wouldn't get overly arrogant on Fiona's behalf there, Lonnie.

Lonnie Parks: I'm not. I'm just stating the facts.

Tony Watson: For now, at least. Though I will admit, Fiona is starting to work her way back into the match.

[Fiona grabs Bianca's right wrist and attempts to lock in a grounded wristlock, though three straight rights prevent her from fully locking it in. So, instead, Fiona places the arm on the mat and leaps into the air...]

Lonnie Parks: That could have very well broken Langford's arm. The full weight of Fiona landing directly on it with that nasty double foot stomp.

Tony Watson: Even if it didn't, you know she'll be feeling that in the morning. That much is for certain.

[Fiona then lifts Bianca up by the same arm and reels her in. Thinking Belly-to-Belly suplex, but Bianca is able to block it.]

Lonnie Parks: Small package out of nowhere by Langford.

Tony Watson: Fiona got a little too overconfident there and let this happen to herself.




Lonnie Parks: SHE GOT HER!

Tony Watson: No. The referee is only signaling two there.

[Sure enough, at a count of 2 and 7/8, Fiona was able to raise her right shoulder off the mat and cause Bianca to stare at the ref in shock. Much like the fans, who had thought her surprise pin had nabbed her the win, Bianca believed it was a three count.]

Lonnie Parks: You can't be focusing on that now, Bianca. Fiona's already back on her feet.

Tony Watson: Brutal Roundhouse kick to the skull. I'm sure Bianca will know now, not to buy into her own belief.

[Fiona is straight atop of Bianca as soon as she hits the canvas and turns her body around, appearing to set her up for her Comet Crash finishing move. However, she simply leaps into the air, connecting with a standing moonsault into a lateral press pinning attempt.]



Lonnie Parks: So close, yet so far right there. Bianca able to get the shoulder up.

Tony Watson: Weakly... but enough to prevent herself from taking the loss right there.

[It's Fiona's turn to look at the referee in irritation now, though she makes sure to not neglect Bianca, who is still on the mat. Barely able to rise to her feet and in perfect position for Fiona to run off the ropes and nail her with a shining wizard.]

Lonnie Parks: What vicious impact on that shining wizard by Fiona there. I wouldn't be surprised if Bianca is out for the count here.

Tony Watson: Or if she has a concussion, judging by the way her neck whipped back.

[Bianca then heads to the apron, waiting for Fiona to slowly work her way back to her feet...]

Lonnie Parks: ELTHAM's GLORY! The Slingshot DDT sends Fiona's head into the canvas.

Tony Watson: I'd be surprised if there wasn't an imprint left on the canvas after that one.

[Bianca then drapes an arm over Fiona for the pin.]


Lonnie Parks: This has to be it.




Amanda Jackson: Here is your winner... BIANCA LANGFORD!

[Phoenix plays as Bianca celebrates her victory.]

Tony Watson: Fantastic opening match there, and great win by Bianca. We now know the first participant in the semi-finals of the women's title tournament.

Lonnie Parks: For the first ever match to introduce what First Class is all about, you're not going to see many better than that. Both competitors put their heart and soul into this match, but sadly, one of them had to lose.

Tony Watson: That tends to happen in wrestling, Lonnie.

[Just then, the FCTron comes to life, as the figure of Nicole Lawlor can be seen, sitting in front of an oaken table inside of her office. A smile across her face as she looks out at the crowd.]

Lonnie Parks: It appears our esteemed General Manager has something to talk about. We had heard rumors online of an imitative she has in store.

Tony Watson: Indeed. It's been one of the main trending topics all across social media, but all we know is that Nicole explained that she will give us more details in time.

Nicole Lawlor: Hey again, everyone. I hope you all enjoyed that first taste of First Class as much as I did.

[The fans cheer, as Nichole adjusts her body in the chair.]

Nicole Lawlor: Congratulations must go out to Bianca for booking their name into the semi-finals of the tournament, but that's not why I'm here to talk to you all right now. Instead, I'm here to talk about the initiative that I mentioned last week on twitter that would be taking place. More specifically, how it pertains to First Class.

Nicole Lawlor: I'm the sort of person who believes that all female talent that is out there in the world, who believe that they can match up to the talent we have, should be given the chance to prove just that. So, as such, I am opening up what I call the "Lawlor Agreement", where if a talent wishes to come in, they will have the chance to do so. Whether it be here on First Class or on IIW Combat.

[Nicole smiles, taking a sip from her glass of water.]

Nicole Lawlor: When will this initiative be beginning?

[She laughs, slightly shrugging her shoulders.]

Nicole Lawlor: It already has begun and the first names have been filtered through. In fact, you'll be seeing one of them in the Main Event tonight. You'll be seeing more in the near future too, so be on the lookout.

[She pauses, allowing everyone to process this information.]

Nicole Lawlor: Anyway, I'll let you guys get back to the show.

[The scene cuts off, as the fans are left to ponder her words and wait for the next match to begin.]

Tony Watson: I'm excited to see what this new talent initiative Nicole was talking about entails.

Lonnie Parks: As she said, one of the participants in the initiative will be in tonight's main event, going one on one with now newly minted IIW women's champion.

Tony Watson: Yep. Should be an interesting contest if nothing else. Hopefully she can put a good showing on for herself against the top dog of First Class.

Lonnie Parks: Not embarrassing herself would be a good showing. Especially considering how talented we know Victoria is in the ring and the size difference between the competitors.

Tony Watson: Right now though, we have the second match in this tournament. Between Kaitlyn Finley and Cora Black.

Lonnie Parks: Another match I am very excited to see.

[Once again, Amanda Jackson makes her way to the center of the ring. Holding the microphone close to her lips.]

Amanda Jackson: The Following Contest is scheduled for ONE FALL!


Amanda Jackson: And is a first round contest in the Women's Title tournament.

[The big screen comes to life with the sights and sounds of a country style townhouse, where two silhouettes are standing side by side, as the lights begin to dim, with a soft pink glow. The image on the screen then fades into one of the Atlanta skyline, shortly followed by a female figure whose identity is concealed by a hood. Standing alone and surrounded by a forest. It is then that a male and female figure appear on the stage, their identities concealed by a hood similar to the one shown in the picture. A picture that has now faded into black as letters appear on the screen. One at a time.


As soon as the "Y" appears, the screen fades image of the two silhouettes that are atop the stage, only this time they are in front of a church with the image having a coffee stain filter.

It is now that the beginning strains of The Noose by A Perfect Circle are heard, as the image fades into a setting awash with people scurrying to enter an arena. A replica of the one they are presently in. The two figures then slowly begin to remove their hoods and drop them onto the stage, revealing themselves as Kaitlyn Finley and Victoria McKenzie. Making their way down the ramp together, the two stop halfway, with Kaitlyn posing as Victoria stands behind her. Smiling and pointing at her.]

Amanda Jackson: Introducing first... From Atlanta, Georgia... Accompanied to the ring by Victoria McKenzie... She is KAITLYN FINLEY!!!

Tony Watson: Well, here they are. The supposed new "Power Couple" of First Class. Kaitlyn Finley and Victoria McKenzie. Two fierce competitors who are only interested in victory.

Lonnie Parks: As they should be. Especially when it comes to that women's belt, though both had said it won't drive a wedge between them at all.

Tony Watson: They can say that, but doesn't mean that it won't. We'll see in time how truthful they are in that regard.

[Kaitlyn and Vic continue making their way down to the ring, occasionally slapping the hands of fans in the front row, as well as stopping to pose for those in the audience who wish to take pictures before Kaitlyn makes her way to the ring steps; ascending them. She stops once she reaches the top step, posing once more before flipping over the top rope and entering the ring. Heading over to her assigned corner, she leans back against it, waiting for the bell.]

[Disco//Very" by Warpaint hits over the sound system, and the arena goes dark. As the song picks up, the lights brighten just a little, revealing Cora Black standing at the top of the entrance with Rogue behind her. Cora is holding her small black coffin under her left arm.

A purple tint of light mixes with the darkness in the arena, and smoke floods the ramp area. Cora and Rogue slowly make their way down to the ring as they drag clouds of smoke with their feet, being followed by the purple light.]

Amanda Jackson: And her opponent... From Chicago, Illinois... Accompanied to the ring by Rogue... She is CORA BLACK!!!

Tony Watson: Here is the enigmatic Cora Black. She kind of gives me the creeps, but from what we do know about her, she is immensely talented in the ring.

Lonnie Parks: She is. Though she has a handful ahead of her tonight, especially against a second generation talent in Kaitlyn. Especially as her father is an icon of the sport.

Tony Watson: That is true, but let's not discount Cora's chances here tonight. Especially as we know the tarot cards are in her favor.

[As they reach the ring, the lights come to full brightness, and most of the smoke disappears. Cora sets her coffin under the bottom turnbuckle in her corner and she rolls into the ring under the bottom rope.]

[The referee, again Jeremy Oakland, calls the two participants to the center, so that he can frisk them down and explain the rules. Satisfied that neither have any weapons on them, he motions for them to head back to their corner before calling for the bell as Amanda leaves the ring.]


[As soon as the bell rings, Kaitlyn approaches Cora. Dropping down and taking her to the mat with a double leg takedown before mounting her and connecting with a barrage of hammerfists to the skull.]

Tony Watson: Kaitlyn wasting no time here, making sure Cora knows exactly who she is and what she intends to do.

Lonnie Parks: I don't blame her either. Assert yourself early on the contest and don't allow your opponent to have any opportunity to work you out.

tony Watson: Those strikes are devastating too. They'll leave a mark on Cora tomorrow morning, for sure.

[The strikes continue, as Cora is finally able to raise her arms in order to block the punches, although a few manage to pierce through and connect with her.]

Lonnie Parks: Cora trying to mitigate the impact of these punches, while managing to connect with a few of her own here. Kaitlyn however, isn't relenting.

Tony Watson: Why should she relent? You said it yourself before, you don't want to allow your opponent a moment of space to attempt to figure you out.

Lonnie Parks: I didn't say she should be relenting.

[Kaitlyn grabs Cora's left wrist, lifting her to her feet before whipping her into the corner and following her in.]

Tony Watson: Vicious clothesline to the back of Cora's skull. Her head whipping forward into the turnbuckle there with force.

Lonnie Parks: At least there's padding on them. That's a positive.

Tony Watson: Still won't prevent the impact from causing serious damage. Though, that vicious thrust kick to her skull may have just knocked her out anyway.

[Kaitlyn looks down at Cora, smiling as she hoists her back to her feet. Connecting with a snap suplex, before floating into a second one.]

Lonnie Parks: Can she get the trifecta here?

Tony Watson: No. Cora shows some life at last and manages to block. Kaitlyn attempts again, and once more, no dice.

Lonnie Parks: A sharp knee there by Cora, kneeling Kaitlyn over and allowing her some space and OHHHHHHHH, nice spinning heel kick by Cora there. Right to the crown of Kaitlyn's skull.

Tony Watson: Might want to check that no teeth were knocked out after that.

[Kaitlyn drops to the mat, as Cora rises up, stomping three times into the small of her back before grabbing her hair and driving her into the mat with a knee drop.]

Lonnie Parks: Cora on the offensive now and looking to ensure Kaitlyn realizes that she can't just walk all over her.

Tony Watson: As she should. This wouldn't be an interesting contest if Kaitlyn were able to simply bulldoze through her, would it now?

Lonnie Parks: I guess it wouldn't be.

Tony Watson: You guess? No, it definitely wouldn't be. Anyway, Cora lines Kaitlyn up for a basement running dropkick.

[Cora leaps forward from her running start, attempting to connect with the move, but Kaitlyn manages to roll out of the way, just in time to send Black crashing ass and back first into the canvas.]

Lonnie Parks: Nobody was home though. Yet Kaitlyn seems more interested in posing for the fans as she rises.

Tony Watson: She shouldn't be, because Cora's back on her own feet now and... Ah, Kaitlyn was simply messing with her. That discus lariat is enough to take down even the strongest of women.

Lonnie Parks: I wouldn't go that far, but it would at least daze them. Just as that jumping knee drop would wind them.

Tony Watson: That elevation she gets on it too is amazing. Putting her athletic background to good use there.

[Kaitlyn stands up, waiting for Cora to do the same. Or at least, reach a seated position before attempting a low angle roundhouse kick, though Cora bends back under the kick.]

Lonnie Parks: Kaitlyn connecting with air there on that kick.

Tony Watson: But connecting with flesh there on that standing moonsault. Did Cora forget about Kaitlyn being extremely mobile, due to her past life as a cheerleader?

Lonnie Parks: Perhaps she did. Though why isn't she going for the pin? Take the chance while it's there.

[Instead of going for the pin, Kaitlyn lifts Cora to her feet and underhooks her arms. Connecting with a release butterfly suplex, before kipping up and hitting a leg drop right to the heart of the now winded Cora.]

Tony Watson: Nice combination of moves there, but she should probably think about the pin now. Even if it isn't enough to get the three.

Lonnie Parks: I agree. Show your intent at the very least. But no, Kaitlyn again lifts Cora to her feet. Thinking Curb stomp perhaps.

[Just as Kaitlyn attempts to connect with the move, Cora flings her head up and levels her with a clothesline instead. Laying both women out on the canvas.]

Tony Watson: Both women down on the mat. Both of them are trying to create separation and regroup, it appears.

Lonnie Parks: You'd expect so. Though Kaitlyn let that happen by focusing more on sending a message rather than capitalizing on the opportunity she had created for herself.

Tony Watson: True, though she probably wanted to make sure she could keep Cora down, rather than pin for the sake of pinning. Or give Cora a chance to play possum.

Lonnie Parks: By walking right into her trap? That's a weird way to go about it.

[Both women work their way to a vertical base, before Cora connects with a toe kick to the stomach of Kaitlyn, positioning her for the follow up DDT before she kips up.]

Tony Watson: Cora with a sharp elbow drop right to the small of Finley's back there. Letting her know she fully intends on scrapping her way to a win here.

Lonnie Parks: Or showing her that her ego has gotten a little too big for her birches. Reminding her that she does have an opponent who wants the exact same thing as her.

Tony Watson: I think she knows that already. If for some reason she didn't, that double wristclutch dropkick to the back will inform her.

[Kaitlyn's head bouncing off the mat upon impact, she tilts her head to the right as Cora lifts her up, Irish whipping her to the ropes and bending over for the back body drop when the second generation superstar rebounds back to her. Following up by going for a jackknife pin.]

Lonnie Parks: See, Kaitlyn? That's how you make the most of the opportunities that present themselves to you.


[It's only a one count though, as Kaitlyn elevates her right shoulder from the mat. Forcing Core to fall beside her.]

Tony Watson: Kaitlyn still has a lot of fight left and wants Cora to know she isn't fazed by her. At all.

Lonnie Parks: If she spent more time focusing on pinning, rather than jawing at Cora, maybe the match would be done by now.

Tony Watson: I wouldn't discount Cora's toughness, Lonnie.

[Upon rising to her feet, Kaitlyn managed to wrap her arms around Cora and toss her across the ring with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex before immediately kipping up and posing for the fans, and Victoria. She is mindful to keep at least some attention on Cora, however and nails her with a running knee strike as she attempts to sit up.]

Lonnie Parks: That knee ought to have knocked Cora out. I could hear the impact from here.

Tony Watson: Sounded like a thunder strike. I'd be surprised if Cora can even stand after that.

[Kaitlyn then drops down into a cover.]

Lonnie Parks: Looks like Kaitlyn is finally listening to my advice.

Tony Watson: I don't think she can hear you, Lonnie.



Lonnie Parks: Does she have her?

Tony Watson: No. Cora manages to get her shoulder up, just in the nick of time.

[Indeed. At a count of 2 and a quarter, Cora is able to lift her right shoulder off the mat, much to the chagrin of Kaitlyn who gets up and stares right into the ref's eyes. Certain that it should have been three, Meanwhile, Cora manages to gingerly make it to her feet, though appears to be somewhat dizzy.]

Lonnie Parks: Cora appears to be out on her feet here. Just how much does she have left in the tank?

Tony Watson: I'm not too sure, but she's a fighter. So, if nothing else, she knows internally that there's still something left in the tank.

[Kaitlyn simply wraps Cora's right arm around her throat, and delivers a sickening cobra clutch slam.]

Lonnie Parks: Or maybe not, as that was the Chaos Theory. Expertly delivered too.

Tony Watson: Stick a fork in Cora. She's done.

[Kaitlyn drops down for what should be an academic pin.]





Amanda Jackson: Here is your winner... KAITLYN FINLEY!

[The noose plays as Kaitlyn celebrates her win alongside Victoria.]

Tony Watson: Well, we know half of the semi-finalists now. Bianca Langford and Kaitlyn Finley. Time to find out who will be joining them in the next round.

Lonnie Parks: Not just that, but also who will be facing off against Kaitlyn Finley in one of the semi-finals.

Tony Watson: Yep. Alaqueesha Payne v Caera Bellamira. A match up that has flown under the radar in many people's eyes. Mainly due to the lack of experience the two competitors appear to have.

Lonnie Parks: Alaqueesha at least has some experience on her side in this one, but very little is known about her opponent from an in-ring perspective.

Tony Watson: Not a lot appears to be known about her in general.

[Amanda Jackson, just as she has for the first two matches of the night, makes her way to the center of the ring. Raising the microphone to her lips.]

Amanda Jackson: The following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL!

Crowd: ONE FALL!

Amanda Jackson: And is a first round match in the IIW women's title tournament.

[Never Scared begins to play, as Alaqueesha Payne walks out onto the stage. Flexing and posing in an attempt to garner any sort of audience reaction, but is unsuccessful in her attempts. The fans simply look at her, not knowing how they should be reacting.]

Amanda Jackson: Introducing First... From Brooklyn, New York... She is ALAQUEESHA PAYNE!

Tony Watson: Alaqueesha looks especially amped tonight. She knows exactly what is at stake here and wants to imprint her name upon the First Class roster and take a step towards getting her chance at the women's title.

Lonnie Parks: We'll see, but I wouldn't look past tonight's encounter if she wants to make herself into a threat. As inexperienced as her opponent may be, that just means she is even more dangerous.

Tony Watson: True, but Alaqueesha understands that experience matters in this situation. Especially when your opponent has never set foot into the ring before.

[Alaqueesha continues making her way down the ramp, flexing and trying to get the crowd somewhat interested in the match, but to no avail. They seem bored as she rolls into the ring and heads to her corner, still posing.]

[The lights around the arena drop to pitch black, as two voices can be heard, emitting around the arena as gothic imagery appears on the screen. Surrounding what appears to be a decrepit home, somewhere in South Dakota.

"Alvera": Mommy, I wanna play...

Caera: Shhh, my darling. You'll get to play soon.

"Alvera": I wanna play now.

As soon as that statement is made, the opening to "Waltz of the Marionettes'' can be heard, as a doll appears on the stage. Appearing to be controlled by nylon strings. It walks into the middle of the ramp and looks around, stating "Mommy look..." as the imagery behind it changes to a cinematic shot of Alvera laying inside of a violet painted cot. The shot itself is in black and white.

Caera: Darling, I told you not to go out there.

"Alvera": Mom, it's okay... They won't hurt me.

The puppet begins to walk up the ramp, looking around at the fans, who are either in a state of shock or afraid of what this puppet can do. It is then that child-like giggling reverberates around the arena as Caera makes her way onto the stage. Devoid of emotion and fixated solely on Alvera. On the screen, the imagery has changed to a singular female, rocking back and forth in a wooden chair.]

Amanda Jackson: And her opponent... From Spearfish, South Dakota... She is CAERA BELLAMIRA!!!

Tony Watson: This girl gives me the shivers... Especially that doll of hers.

Lonnie Parks: You can sense it in the air too. There's... something about her.

Tony Watson: Glad someone else notices it too.

[Caera: Mommy wants to have some fun...

The giggling continues, as a shrill laughter is played atop of it, causing goosebumps to run up and down the fans entire bodies, as Caera calmly begins to make her way up the ramp.

"Alvera": Hehehehe... Let's play together.

Caera: Yes, my darling. Let's play.

Both: It's playtime.

The two then make their way toward the ring, with Alvera peeling off to the right hand side and a seat that has specifically been placed there for her. The screen showing a bloodstained mirror, fractured and with the two of them standing in front of it, surrounded by its fragments. Harrowing laughter playing alongside the soft, chilling strains of Brian Fietcher's gothic masterpiece. The lights return to normal right as Caera slides into the ring. Her eyes following Alvera to ensure she makes it to her seat safely. When she does, Caera walks over to her allocated corner and stares an icy stare straight ahead.]

[The referee attempts to call the pair to the center of the ring, but as he does, Alaqueesha flies in with a stiff clothesline to Caera, laying her out on the canvas. Pushing herself up, Payne then commences stomping down on her now grounded opponent, causing the ref to push her away.]

Tony Watson: Payne wasting no time going right at the rookie here. Trying to let her know the pecking order from the jump.

Lonnie Parks: Or maybe she doesn't want Caera to use any mystical forces to put some sort of curse on her before this match.

Tony Watson: I doubt she's actually a witch, Lonnie.

Lonnie Parks: You never truly know.

[The ref then goes to check on Caera, who is working her way upright and gazing at him. Almost as if to inform him that she wishes for this bout to continue. Information that the ref responds to with a nod and a motion to the timekeeper to ring the bell.]


Tony Watson: Looks like Caera is ready for this one to begin. Even if she seems a little dazed from Payne's early onslaught.

Lonnie Parks: She knows what's at stake, Tony. I don't blame her for wanting to go ahead with this match regardless.

Tony Watson: True, but maybe that leaping clothesline will make her reconsider.

[Payne kips up, posing to the fans after connecting with the move. Only to notice the 18 year old Bellamira has already risen to her feet. Albeit a little fazed by the early assault.]

Lonnie Parks: Might want to look behind you, Alaqueesha and stop flexing to these fans. It's obvious they don't care for you.

Tony Watson: Maybe that neckbreaker will help her understand that.

Lonnie Parks: Knowing her ego, that's highly unlikely.

[Caera rises, as she gently grips Alaqueesha's left hand. hoisting her to her feet, before embracing her.]

Tony Watson: Now's not the time to be hugging her, Caera. She's your opponent.

Lonnie Parks: Uh, Tony. She's not hugging her. She's setting her up for a Belly-to-Belly Suplex.

[Indeed, she was. A side belly-to-belly at that, which causes Payne to land violently atop the canvas. Writhe in pain as it's not Caera's turn to stomp on her supine body.]

Tony Watson: Caera firmly in control of this bout now. She's letting her opponent know that early assault only fueled her.

Lonnie Parks: As she should. You'd expect that she wouldn't allow something like that to fly.

[Caera lifts Payne once more, though receives a knee to the stomach for her troubles, followed by a snap DDT, leaving both women on the mat. Payne supine, Caera prone.]

Tony Watson: Nice DDT, but can Alaqueesha capitalize?

Lonnie Parks: She'll have to, if she wants any chance of winning this bout.

Tony Watson: Well, that much is obvious.

Lonnie Parks: Then don't ask questions with obvious answers, Tony. Though that leg drop to Caera's back should at least help with giving you the answer.

[Alaqueesha now attempts to lift Caera to her feet, but is prevented from doing so by a boot to her head, causing her to take a step back. However, the boot cannot prevent Payne from landing an axe handle to the back of Bellamira's head.]

Tony Watson: Alaqueesha rolls her over, looking for an early pin attempt here.

Lonnie Parks: She may lack polish in the ring, but she's smart.


[Caera lifts her right shoulder as soon as the ref's hand hits the mat for the one count as Alaqueesha flexes. Believing she had gotten at least a 2 count.]

Tony Watson: Uh, I don't think she's that smart. It obviously isn't anywhere near enough to keep Caera down.

Lonnie Parks: Maybe not, but she signaled her intent at least.

[Alaqueesha then turns back to Caera, stomping down on her some more before grabbing her right hand and successfully hoisting her to her feet. Attempting an Irish whip to the corner.]

Tony Watson: Caera going hard into the turnbuckle... No, she reverses and Alaqueesha meets the padding instead.

Lonnie Parks: Took too long to execute. Caera now makes her pay with a violent dropkick, sending her back first into the turnbuckle.

[Caera then follows that up by running toward Payne and leaping into the air.]

Tony Watson: TORTUOUS PRINCESS. Just like that, this match is over.

Lonnie Parks: That Quick? Damn.

[Caera covers.]




Tony Watson: Yes, that quick.


Amanda Jackson: Here is your winner... CAERA BELLAMIRA!

Alaqueesha Payne is slowly getting to her feet, as Caera Bellamira makes her way to the back...

Tony Watson: What a hard fought victory tonight for Caera on the inaugural IIW First Class!

Lonnie Parks: That’s right and it has been an amazing night with Caera Bellamira the latest of those in the number one contenders tournament to advance with the Women‘s Champion in action soon Tony, woah!

Tony Watson: Hold up, what’s this Lonnie?!

Three women dressed in sneakers, black cargo pants and pink and purple “paint-spattered” hoodies jump the guard rails and slide into the ring next to Payne, one turning toward her and launching a forearm smash into her face!

Tony Watson: This group of fans have just hit the ring and are assaulting Alaqueesha?! Where’s security?!

Lonnie Parks: Wait, Tony! Isn’t that... That’s Steph, that’s Tyler Debonair’s girlfriend! And Casie and Mercedes Debonair, his auntie and sister! What in the world?!

Tony Watson: Oh my God, you’re right! What are they doing?!

Steph and MJ watch on as Casie continues to lay into Alaqueesha Payne. She stomps Payne into the corner, putting her foot into the neck of her victim before picking her back up.

Lonnie Parks: Casie kicks Payne in the gut, she’s picking her up! Powerbomb?! No!

Casie shoves Alaqueesha’s head between her thighs as she lifts her high up and over her shoulders, before crashing down in elevated shoulder neckbreaker! The crowd aren’t sure whether to cheer or boo them as Casie stands up and walks towards a turnbuckle. No sooner has she done this, does Steph run up another turnbuckle while MJ picks an unsteady Alaqueesha Payne to her feet. Steph dives off the top rope with a twist, nailing Payne with a stunner!

Lonnie Parks: This is outrageous now, where in the world are security?! Why have these girls chosen to do this to Alaqueesha Payne and why now after her match?!

Tony Watson: I don’t know but I’ve a feeling it could be over, Lonnie... Steph and Casie have left the ring, MJ is still standing there though as Payne clambers around the ropes and she really is not ok! And now she’s picking Payne up!

MJ Picks Alaqueesha Payne up and wraps her arm around over her chest and hooks under her arms, delivering a thunderous swinging reverse STO! Before numerous referees and security bolt down to ringside and MJ joins the other two outside the ring and they all jump the barriers again.

Tony Watson: And finally! Security and officials are here to stop this! And I’m at a loss to understand what has gone on with these three ladies?!

Lonnie Parks: I’ll be honest this wasn’t what I expect to happen tonight Tony!

[imghttps://www.iiw-efed.com/Roster/TayT ay.jpg[/img] vs

Tony Watson: Seems like Kaitlyn is supremely confident going into her bout with Caera in two weeks time.

Lonnie Parks: She knows her pedigree and realizes that her opponent is still extremely raw in the ring, so can you really blame her?

Tony Watson: Not really, but we'll see how it pans out when the two do face off. Anyway, we have the final semi-final competitor to find out, and see who will be facing off against Bianca Langford.

Lonnie Parks: Not just that, but these two are both a part of "Team Hollywood" as they are known. Eve the Monstress and Taylor Blazer.

Tony Watson: They are, which adds an interesting dynamic to this match too. How are they going to juggle that and push to progress in the women's title tournament? That should be the ultimate goal here.

Lonnie Parks: I'm sure it is for the two of them.

[Amanda Jackson raises her mic to her lips, as she has this entire night.]

Amanda Jackson: The following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL!


Amanda Jackson: And is a first round contest in the IIW Women's Championship Tournament.

[Eve the Monstress begins her slow, meandering walk onto the stage, as she looks around. Surveying the crowd and trying to find her next meal.]

Amanda Jackson: Introducing first... She is EVE THE MONSTRESS!

Tony Watson: Eve is one monstrous being. She's not going to make it easy on the proclaimed HBIC to take down.

Lonnie Parks: I wouldn't underestimate Taylor, but you're right. She isn't going to be easy to take down at all.

Tony Watson: I'm not. Just stating the facts here.

[Eve makes her way down to the ring, letting out a primal roar as she steps over the top rope and heads to her corner.]

[Notorious by B.I.G plays over the arena as the monitor lights up H.B.I.C. As lighting goes across the letters and a thunder bolt strikes the stage as a little smoke comes out on the stage. Taylor Blazer makes her way out from behind the curtains, with Jason Burns coming out, stepping to the side, trying not to be in her way.]

Amanda Jackson: And her opponent... From Atlanta, Georgia... accompanied to the ring by Jason Burns... She is TAYLOR BLAZER!

Tony Watson: Taylor is one hell of a specimen in her own right though, so if there's anyone who can cut Eve down to size, it's her.

Lonnie Parks: You'd hope so, otherwise this isn't going to be a good night for her, at all.

Tony Watson: I think she'll prove it will be a good night for her, when she progresses to the semi-finals.

Lonnie Parks: I hope she doesn't count her chickens before they hatch, like you ate.

[She poses at the top, showing her muscles, then slowly walks to the ring with a bit of attitude before stepping into the ring. Jason holds the ropes open for her as she steps inside.]

[The referee does the now standard frisk search, before motioning for the bell.]


[Taylor screams at Eve to follow through with the deal they agreed on, and just lay down for her. Receiving a firm shake of the head in response.]

Tony Watson: Eve not having a bar of Taylor here. She wants her to earn this win.

Lonnie Parks: I think those firm body punches are showing Blazer has no worries with this route either. She plans on making sure Eve understands she should have just taken the offer.

[Eve shrugs off most of the punches, and connects with a karate chop right to Taylors neck. Blazer's body crumpling as she hits the canvas.]

Tony Watson: Maybe not. Eve wants Taylor to know that even if they are on the same side, she doesn't want her to think she'll take it easy on her.

Lonnie Parks: Is it the right decision though? That's what is left to find out.

Tony Watson: Eve seems to think so, which in her mind, is all that matters.

[Eve lifts Taylor up to her feet, only to cop a few vicious forearm strikes to the chest, before Taylor leaps into the air.]

Lonnie Parks: Roundhouse kick. Yet Eve is only staggered. She hasn't fallen.

Tony Watson: And another one, but Eve is still on her feet and... OHH, she swatted Taylor out of the air like a fly there.

Lonnie Parks: Eve now simply steps on Taylor. Crushing her body under the weight of the Monstress. Making sure her message is heard loud and clear.

[Eve taunts as she steps off Taylor, slowly turning around so that she can grab her, only to be taken down instead with a Japanese style armdrag.]

Tony Watson: Eve finally on the mat, after a smart ploy by Blazer. Catch her off guard, then strike at the precise moment she walks into the trap.

Lonnie Parks: Taylor knows she has to be intelligent, if she wants a chance at winning this match.

Tony Watson: Obviously, but we'll see how she manages to maintain this momentum. That double knee drop to the sternum is a good start.

[Taylor delivers another double knee drop, before applying am armbar. Driving her right knee into Eve's spine as she does.]

Lonnie Parks: Wearing down the bigger woman is probably the best strategy here. Make sure she can't continue using her size to her advantage.

Tony Watson: Probably? No, it is the best strategy. Taylor knows it too.

[Eve manages to push her body upward, only to be the recipient of a knee drop to the ribcage as Taylor keeps the hold applied. Though 12 seconds later, she releases the hold, delivering a vicious kick to the spine of Eve.]

Lonnie Parks: Maybe not, as she seems to be more focused on making sure Eve realizes that she is only going to get more hurt, the more she resists.

Tony Watson: That gleam in her eye too. She doesn't just want to progress. She wants to send a message to Eve. One that no matter if they are on the same side, she is the one between her and another title opportunity.

Lonnie Parks: One that this time, she hopes not to let go to waste. No matter how close she got in FCPW.

Tony Watson: Indeed. Deep down, she knows she can beat McKenzie. She just has to prove it now. OHHHH, what a beautiful elbow drop.

[Following the move, Taylor lifts Eve to her feet and attempts to bend her over. Looking for her Curb stomp, but Eve simply pie faces her, before sending her back to the canvas with a clothesline, before placing a single foot on her for the pin.]

Lonnie Parks: Eve saying it's not over... yet.


[Taylor lifts her left shoulder off the mat, eliciting a smile from her opponent.]

Tony Watson: Eve didn't want this match to end so quickly.

[Eve then lifts Taylor onto her shoulder.]

Lonnie Parks: That body slam almost caused me to jump. Eve now running the ropes.

Tony Watson: What on earth is she thinking? She knows that Taylor isn't going to let her connect with that.

[Sure enough, Taylor rolls out of the way of the incoming senton. Causing Eve to crash onto the canvas with a thud. Taylor then bounces off the ropes herself.]

Lonnie Parks: Showing Eve how it's done. That Neck snap is nasty and sure to cause some pain in the morning. Even for a monstress like Eve.

Tony Watson: That move doesn't care who you are. It is going to cause your muscles to be tender. Just lick that basement roundhouse kick is going to cause a headache.

[Taylor then lifts Eve up, elevating her in a vertical suplex position. Squatting to maintain balance and ensure she has the full weight of Eve on her shoulders.]

Lonnie Parks: My Lord. What strength here by Taylor. And what a freaking suplex.

Tony Watson: I think that was more a message to the rest of the roster. If she can lift Eve like that, imagine what she can do to them.

Lonnie Parks: You're not wrong there. She wants them to understand that this isn't just a one-off either. She makes them look like sticks in comparison.

[Taylor slowly gets up, feeling a slight twinge in her back, though she is able to shake it off and follow up with a stunner to Eve.]

Tony Watson: BAD BITCH!

Lonnie Parks: I don't think she'll like you saying that.

Tony Watson: No, you dummy. That's the name of her move.

Lonnie Parks: Oh, true.

[Taylor then connects with her curb stomp.]

Tony Watson: Say goodnight, because a bitch just got STOMPED.

Lonnie Parks: I'd be surprised if Eve is able to wake up after that impact.

[Taylor then goes for the pin.]





Amanda Jackson: Here is your winner... TAYLOR BLAZER!

[Notorious plays as Blazer celebrates her win with Jason Burns.]

Tony Watson: It's not what I was expecting to see either, Lonnie. Hopefully we get answers in time.

Lonnie Parks: I don't doubt that we will. After all, they laid waste to an already battered and bruised Payne, so there has to be some reason why they are here.

Tony Watson: Indeed, but at least we know the first semi final for the tournament. Kaitlyn Finley v Caera Bellamira.

[The FCTron once again pops to life, as we see Kaitlyn Finley in her locker room, sitting atop a steel chair. A smile upon her face as she is still in her ring attire, having just finished watching Caera Bellamira v Alaqueesha Payne and found out who she will be facing in the semi-finals of the Women's number one contender's tournament.]

Kaitlyn Finley: So, I have to take on some girl who thinks she's creepy?

[She puts on an expression of mock horror.]

Kaitlyn Finley: Oh goodie. This is going to be fun then. I guess I have to be the one to give her a rude awakening and remind her of just who runs the ship around here.

[Kaitlyn then turns her head, looking at a figure off-camera.]

Kaitlyn Finley: Isn't that right, Vic?

[She softly laughs, as the scene fades.]

Tony Watson: So now we know who the four competitors will be in the semi finals next week, to contend for their chance to compete against Victoria McKenzie.

Lonnie Parks: Yep. Bianca Langford, Kaitlyn Finley, Caera Bellamira and Taylor Blazer. Four fantastic competitors in their own right. Speaking of the champion, however, she is preparing to compete in our inaugural main event, against Kelly Raymond.

Tony Watson: Kelly having been brought in as part of Nicole Lawlor's talent initiative scheme and a means to show what she can do, against the cream of the crop.

Lonnie Parks: Yeah. This is also an opportunity for Victoria to prove why she is the top dog around here. Give whoever wins the contender's tournament a glimpse into their future.

[Power by Little mix begins to play, as Victoria appears on the stage, smirking before she saunters down to the ring ]

Amanda Jackson: The Following Contest is scheduled for ONE FALL!


Amanda Jackson: Introducing First... From Newcastle Upon Tyne, England... She is your IIW Women's Champion... VICTORIA MCKENZIE!

Tony Watson: Here she is. Queen Thicctoria as she likes to call herself and rightly so. She's the champion for a reason.

Lonnie Parks: I don't disagree, but she can't afford to be lax going into tonight's match, at all. Kelly is a second generation wrestler, after all.

Tony Watson: I don't think that will matter much, Lonnie. At least not to Victoria.

[The cocky and plus sized Geordie looks at the fans up and down with a mocking look of contempt; she even gets in the face of a few fans to jaw jack with them before she hops onto the apron and shows off her size by swinging her hips and grinding in a teasing way. Victoria then enters the ring through the middle rope and swaggers around, again showing off her size as she starts to talk trash to the booing fans, giving them the double middle finger or spinning around, bending over and slapping her own rear to show them what she thinks of them.]

[In for the Kill begins to play, as Kelly Raymond appears on the stage. Waving to the fans with a smile on her face, before blowing a kiss down the ramp as she skips her way down it.]

Amanda Jackson: And Her opponent... From Spokane, Washington... She is KELLY RAYMOND!

Tony Watson: Kelly looks excited to be here, which is good. Should she though? That is the question that has to be answered here tonight.

Lonnie Parks: I can't blame her. She has that loveable energy to her. It's a shame that she has to go toe to toe against the champ.

Tony Watson: I doubt she would have signed up for it, if she wasn't expecting such a challenge first up.

[Kelly runs up the steps, leaping over the ropes and into the ring, before scaling the turnbuckles and posing.]

[Once she jumps down, the referee motions for the bell to be rung.]


Lonnie Parks: Victoria not wasting any time here, nailing a brutal hip attack as soon as Kelly rushed towards her. She wants this done with and fast.

Tony Watson: Can you really blame her? I'd want this done with quickly too. More time to celebrate backstage. Remind people just who the fuck you are.

[Victoria then picks up Kelly and drops her with a side slam, before taunting the jeering fans. She isn't having a bar of their abuse.]

Lonnie Parks: Vic needs to remember that she's in the ring. Deal with the fans later if you have to.

Tony Watson: I think she's trying to let them know that Kelly is supposedly their icon and she is picking her apart.

Lonnie Parks: Is she really though?

Tony Watson: Judging by that Big Boot to Kelly's skull, I'd say she is.`

[Victoria follows up that boot by lifting Kelly up and Irish whipping her, despite Kelly managing to delay the whip briefly courtesy of a few kicks to the massive Georgie's thighs. Though they ended up being for nothing, as Victoria nails her with an avalanche splash before getting a running start.]

Lonnie Parks: CANNONBALL! Kelly stuck between Vic's body and the turnbuckle there.

Tony Watson: She's likely struggling for air after that too. The human body wasn't supposed to have that amount of force slammed into it.

[Standing up, Victoria looks down at the near broken Raymond, lifting her up and looking for a belly-to-belly, only to be thwarted by a Mongolian chop, followed by a dropkick. One that merely causes Vic to stagger backwards.]

Lonnie Parks: Superkick from Kelly, and Victoria still hasn't fallen yet. Another one, yet she is still standing. Kelly looking frustrated now.

Tony Watson: She has to keep her nerves. Can't let this get under her skin, otherwise it's only going to end with her defeat.

[Kelly charges in, only to be nailed with a spinning sidewalk slam, causing the mat to shake with its force.]

Lonnie Parks: Looks like it might just be over anyway.

Tony Watson: Yeah. Victoria crashing her party with that vicious sidewalk slam.

Lonnie Parks: She's scaling the ropes now. Go big or go home.

[Victoria connects with her Diving Splash, holding it for the pin.]

Tony Watson: TYNESIDE TSUNAMI! I'm sure even those watching at home felt that.

Lonnie Parks: No doubt they did. To those who are lining up for the chance to face Victoria, this is what you'll be up against.

Tony Watson: Good Luck.





Amanda Jackson: Here is your winner... VICTORIA MCKENZIE!

[Power plays, as Victoria celebrates her victory. The show then slowly fades to black, with the last image being that of Victoria holding the belt high in the air.]