The apartment of Scotty Adams can be seen, as he sits atop his sofa. Sipping a glass of coca-cola with a smile upon his face. The small font in the bottom left hand corner of the JunboTron making it clear that what is been witnessed currently, is a pre-tape. Most likely from 2 to 3 days prior to Mayhem. Gently tapping his foot against the carpeted floor, he looks into the tripid camera he has set up.

"G'day people."

He smirks.

"I'm sure you're wondering what I'm here for. Why would I indulge you in such discourse right now? It's not the sort of person I am."

He laughs, taking another sip of his coke before placing the glass onto his coffee table.

"But I figured I'd give y'all an answer to the question I'm sure has been on your mind. A question I'm sure you've been talking about around the water cooler."

He gives his famed half-smile.

"The question of when I will be taking my opportunity with the key to success, as they call it; cashing it in."

He lets out a soft breath, before motioning behind the camera. Ensuring that it is focused solely on him, when he gives the answer people have been yearning for.

"Lemme just say this - World's collide is the answer to that question."

He stops himself, smirking as he looks directly into the camera.

"As for who is the one in the crosshairs? That would be Jake E. Dangerously."

He softly laughs, sitting back.

"I'll see you there, Jake."

Tudor vs JT Maverick


The lights in the arena turn a sickly green. The green fades to a low yellow, as if a boom went off before an air raid siren can be heard. The siren perks up louder as Anthony Tudor begins to walk out.

Decked out in a vest and hoodie with his Oncoming Storm logo emblazoned on the front. He stares straight ahead, his muscles flexing before he roars to the camera, shoving the camera man aside as he heads to the ring.

He stomps up the ramp, stopping just at the edge of the entrance ramp and running his palm along the canvas itself before pounding his fists against it and hopping up onto the apron. He slides under the middle rope, stepping into the center of the ring and stretching his arms out before tearing the hoodie in half, roaring back to the crowd with a guttural scream.

Melanie Jackson- Making his way to the ring he stands at six feet and ten inches, weighing in at three hundred and five pounds. From Minneapolis. Minnesota Anthony 'Storm' Tudor!

Tudor slides in the the ring and waits for JT Maverick.

Victory by Sean combs plays over the speakers as JT Maverick walks out with Brian Shaw beside him they stop at the top of the ramo at Brian Shaw points at JT Maverick the pyro goes off behind him and the word Prodigy lights up the screen. As the pyro foes off JT Maverick and Brian Shaw Make their way to the ring.

Melanie Jackson- Making his way to the ring he weigh-in. At two hundred and twenty four pounds and stands at six feet and 4 inches he hails from Las Vegas, Nevada, being accompanied by Brian Shaw this is The Prodigy JT Maverick!

JT Maverick steps inside the ring why Brian Shaw stays on the outside and joins the commentary team.

Brian- move over guys I'm joining in on this .

Mike Fisher- What on earth do you think your doing?

Scott James- You heard him Mikes he's here to join us on commentary.

Brian- Yes Thank you Scott. Mike fishy acts like he can't comprehend what I was saying. Now shut up my client JT is about to start this match off.

The bell rings and they go at it. Anthony Tudor takes control early on and levels JT Maverick with a headbutt. Tudor grounds RJT by his arm now, bending the hand back. JT turns it around in the corner and unloads with strikes. Tudor comes right back with one huge shot and drops JT to the mat. Tudor continues to stalk JT before trying to life him back up but, JT counters a slam and applies a Sleeper on Tudors back in the middle of the ring as Tudor struggles to fight JT he makes a desperate attempt to ram JT back into the corner.

Mike Fisher- Not looking good for the Prodigy.

Brian- Dont get so excited Fishy I might think your not a fan of JT’s.

Scott James- Trust me I've been working with this for a long time he hates good talent I've never understood it.

Mike Fisher- No I just thing character matters more now enough of that back to the match.

Tudor now unloads with back elbows in the corner now as the referee warns him. JT uses this moment to explode out the corner and deliver hard hitting punching combos to Tudors ribs then follows up with a knee strike to the face sending Tudor flying out the ring. JT poses then points towards the turnbuckle as he climbs to the top as Tudor struggles to get to his feet JT leaps from the top and connects with Tudor on a crossbody sending them crashing to the floor.
Brian- Holy shit!

Mike Fisher- God have mercy JT Maverick just broke Tudor in half!!

Scott James- JT is showing why he's The Main Event!

JT Maverick gets to his feet first and rolls Tudor back into the ring and covers him for a pin count. 1...2... NO! kick out by. Tudor. JT starts to show frustration as he argues with the ref. Tudors uses this time to get back up and tries to a running shoulder block but JT moves out the way as Tudor crashes into the referee. Tudor tries to check on the ref but JT delivers a nasty roundhouse kick to his had making him slump over as he motions Brian Shaw for a weapon.
Mike Fisher- I knew he wouldn't stay here long look at that little wisel getting involved.

Scott James- Thats his client he's doing whatever it takes to get him his first win.

Shaw slide a steel chair to JT. As JT picks it up he sizes Tudor up looking to crack his skull! HE HITS HIM HARD...he quickly follows this up and delivers a THE BLOWOUT on the steel chair he goes for the pin as the referee starts to come through.




Melanie Jackson: Your winner and progressing in the International Title Tournament…. JT MAVERICK!

Mike Fisher: I can’t believe Anthony Tudor has been defeated!

Mark Alessio vs Xander Fillmore


Melanie Jackson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall...

Crowd: ONE FALL!

Melanie Jackson: And is an International Title Tournament First Round Match...

[“Go to War” by NØTHING MØRE begins to play as the lights in the arena fade. In the massive screen it displays a stealth bomber flying into position and a large bomb is seen being jettisoned. The camera follows the payload and when the beat drops it explodes into a huge mushroom cloud. At the same time blinding white light fills the stage to reveal Xander Fillmore when they lighten. His name invades the screen with a militaristic font.]

Melanie Jackson: Introducing First... From Spokane, Washington... Weighing in at One Hundred and Sixty Three Pounds... He is XANDER "THE GENIUS" FILLMORE!!!

Mike Fisher: There has been a lot of hype about Xander, ever since he signed on the dotted line. An accomplished wrestler and Martial Artist, who won gold at the 2016 Olympics in Rio.

Scott James: It's one thing to dominate the amateur scene, and another altogether to translate that into the professional scene. Regardless of the fact he is an Olympic Gold medalist.

Mike Fisher: I'm sure he knows that and intends on showing us just what he can do, here tonight.

Scott James: He better. Otherwise he could join a long list of people who have dominated the amateur scene, but flopped when moving to the big leagues. Plus, his opponent is no slouch by any means.

[ He raises his arms as he gives the crowd a wry grin. Xander starts making his way to the ring giving high-fives to his fans. Upon reaching the ring he hops up on the apron, dusts off his feet, and climbs between the second and top rope. He makes his to the far turnbuckle, mounts, and smiles showing off his baby blue eyes and bright white teeth. He gives a wink as his music fades.]

Melanie Jackson: And his Opponent...

[The opening sounds of "Ready for War (Pray for Peace)" by Adelitas Way are heard throughout the arena, as Mark Alessio walks onto the stage. Posing atop the stage, the fans began to cheer as he looked out to the crowd.]

Melanie Jackson: From Rimini, Italy... Weighing in at Two Hundred and Seventy One Pounds... He is MARK ALESSIO!!!

Mike Fisher: Speaking of Xander's opponent. Mark is a second generation wrestler in his own right, and has an undefeated background in Judo and Kickboxing.

Scott James: He does, but he needs to be mindful like Xander, that this isn't Judo or Kickboxing. Or the minor leagues anymore. Time to put your big boy pants on and show us what you can do between those ropes.

Mike Fisher: Well, he has the chance to show that tonight in a big way.

Scott James: So does Xander. Let's see which one is truly willing to bring their A-Game.

[Walking down the ramp, Mark stops about halfway, posing as the fans continue to cheer. Some fans even hold up "Alessio" signs. He then continues down the ramp, sliding under the ropes as he enters the ring; bending backwards as he does. Rolling into the ring, he poses in the center before heading to his corner as the music fades.]

[Jeremy Oakland calls the two competitors to the center of the ring, frisking both of them to ensure neither have any weapons, before signaling to the timekeeper's area. Xander and Mark simply measure one another up and down, before the bell rings.]


[Xander immediately goes for a Muay Thai style clinch on Mark, who responds by throwing out a forearm smash to the chest, before delivering a sharp right jab into the ribcage.]

Mike Fisher: Alessio not interested in the clinch, knowing that plays into Xander's strength.

Scott James: Why would he? He has the size and strength advantage as is, so why try and play Xander's game? Keep the fight standing and use your size as leverage.

[Mark then hoists Xander into the air, looking for a stalling vertical suplex.]

Mike Fisher: Look at the power of Mark. Holding him there like it's nothing.

Scott James: Can't be getting too arrogant though.

Mike Fisher: I'm sure he won't... Ohh, Xander slamming the knees right into the crown of Mark's head.

Scott James: As I said. He got too arrogant and Xander was able to fight his way out of the predicament. Xander now with a brilliant strategy, targeting the legs of Mark with vicious kicks.

[Xander continues his barrage of toe kicks to the right calf of Mark, finishing up with a short-arm clothesline. He then drops a knee right to the heart of Alessio, before attempting to apply a juji-gatame on him, though Mark is able to slowly elevate his body and arm enough so that Xander cannot acquire full extension.]

Mike Fisher: Mark understands that he cannot allow Xander to wear him down with his array of submissions. Otherwise, this could be a very short bout.

Scott James: He's not a rookie, Mike. Of course he knows that.

[Mark delivers a strong powerbomb, forcing Xander loose from him as he lays on the mat.]

Mike Fisher: What strength. Lifted him up like he wasn't even there.

Scott James: He does have over one hundred pounds on Xander.

Mike Fisher: True, but it's impressive nonetheless.

Scott James: I'm more impressed by the fact that he has stayed on Xander and is using this rear chinlock to try and slowly drain the life from him. Slow him down and not enable him to regain any momentum.

Mike Fisher: Or maybe not, as Xander delivers a nice jawbreaker to create some separation. At least temporarily.

[Mark stumbles back as Xander rises, following up with a jawbreaker with a dropkick and causing Mark to stumble into the ropes. Xander then waits to Mark to bounce back, but he simply hooks his arms over the top rope, causing a second dropkick attempt by Xander to connect with air.]

Mike Fisher: Veteran wits there by Mark. He knows how intelligent Xander is and wanted to show that he can match him.

[Mark attempts a Knee drop, only for Xander to roll out of the way; Alessio's knee connects hard with the canvas.]

Scott James: Or maybe Xander was merely playing possum. Knowing Mark would likely take any bait he set.

[Xander then drops a Knee across Mark's face, then a second, then a third. He stands up, measuring the supine Alessio for a jumping elbow drop that connects with his sternum. He then applies a double wrist lock to Mark, lifting him to a kneeling position before drilling him with a violent knee strike.]

Mike Fisher: Did you hear the impact on that knee? I'd be surprised if it didn't knock out a few teeth.

Scott James: I'm surprised Mark isn't concussed after that. Nice standing double foot stomp to cap off the array as well. Mark needs to find a way back into this match up and fast. Otherwise Xander is going to waltz into the next round of this tournament.

Mike Fisher: I don't think Xander is going to let him even think about getting that window.

]Xander then applies a Bas Rutten style neck crank on Mark, who attempts to swivel his body in order to land some clubbing blows to Xander's chest. Fillmore though, is aware of this and maintains his position, applying more pressure to the neck; moving his body so that Mark cannot raise his arms enough to deliver any meaningful blows.]

Mike Fisher: Xander torquing back hard on that neck crack. He wants to make sure Mark understands who has control right now.

Scott James: Mark needs to worry more about passing out. These neck cranks can definitely cut the oxygen supply to the brain the longer Xander keeps it applied.

Mike Fisher: Especially as it looks like Xander doesn't want to release this hold any time soon.

[Mark is finally able to relieve some of the pressure on his neck, courtesy of three straight left jabs into Xander's ribcage.]

Scott James: Xander losing his grip with each punch, but Mark still isn't out of the woods yet.

[Mark continues throwing the jabs, finally able to cause Xander to relent and release the hold.]

Mike Fisher: Maybe he is now...Or maybe not.

Scott James: Basement dropkick by Xander. You could probably hear the impact in the nosebleed section, as Mark falls back onto the mat.

Mike Fisher: Xander's strikes sound like he's hitting the heavy bag in the gym. Such viciousness behind each and every one.

Scott James: He's hitting them with a purpose too. He wants Mark to remember this match, no matter what.

[Xander then applies a wrist lock on Mark's right wrist, lifting him up and attempting a Belly-to-Belly suplex, but unable to lift Mark up above his head. Alessio simply responds with a straight right to the face, followed by a knee strike to the solar plexus. then a violent powerbomb.]

Mike Fisher: Mark's power game coming into full effect there. The ring shook with that impact.

Scott James: It's all good and well to buy yourself some time. It's what you do with that time that matters most.

[Mark lifts Fillmore to his feet, only to send him plummeting down to the mat with a stiff Side Belly-to-Belly Suplex, then maintaining his hold as he lifts him up again.]

Mike James: What a Spinebuster by Mark there. He saw the opening and has exploited it to great effect.

Scott James: Xander flopping around like a fish after that.

[Mark smiles as he stomps on the grounded Xander, before grabbing his ankles and lifting him into the air for a powerbomb.]

Mike Fisher: Powerbomb...NO, Xander rolls through. Sunset flip.

Scott James: No. Mark manages to grab Xander and lift him up by the scruff of his neck... Vicious chokebomb. Mark stayed a step ahead of Xander there.

[Mark then drops down for the lateral press pin.]


[Xander lifts his right shoulder up.]

Scott James: Xander kicking out with authority there. He's still got a lot more left in the tank.

Mike Fisher: I don't think that was Mark's intention though. Look at how he simply stood up and waited for Xander.

Scott James: He knows that the job is far from done and that he needs to stay on Xander now.

[Mark greets Xander with an uppercut when he stands, causing a now groggy Fillmore to stumble right into the follow up clothesline.]

Mike Fisher: Mark slowing down the pace now.

Scott James: It's a smart strategy. He knows that he needs to ensure he has full control of this bout, and isn't afraid to throw his weight around to do so.

Mike Fisher: Speaking of throwing his weight around... Mark with the Splash right onto the chest of Fillmore.

Scott James: I'd be surprised if the man isn't winded now. At least, temporarily.

[Mark stands up following the Splash, running the ropes and delivering a second one. Causing spittle to rise from Xander's mouth upon impact as Mark rises. This time pulling Xander to his feet, then Irish whipping him toward the rope.]

Mike Fisher: Back Body Drop...

Scott James: No. Xander takes a page from Mark's book and grabs the ropes. Causing Mark to stand back up as Fillmore points to his head.

Mike Fisher: Reminding him why he's called the Genius.

[Mark simply laughs at Xander and charges toward him, looking to send him over the top rope with a clothesline.]

Scott James: You're not wrong, Mike. Xander again showing Mark why he's able to read him like a book. Pulling down the ropes and causing his own momentum to carry him over the ropes.

Mike Fisher: Xander looking like a seasoned veteran here tonight.

Scott James: I have to admit, you're not wrong. It's still early days, but Fillmore looks very comfortable between the ropes. He's taken to this match and the grander scale like a fish takes to water.

Mike Fisher: Well, he is showing to those who may have doubted him, that he is the complete package and up for the challenge.

[Meanwhile, Mark landed on his feet on the outside, and shot a frustrated look at the smiling Fillmore, though he immediately rolled back into the ring before Oakland could even raise his arms to commence the count out. As he does so, Xander manages to land a few stomps on Mark, before allowing him to rise up.]

Scott James: Mark with the right hook.

Mike Fisher: No! Xander ducks under it, knowing about Alessio's prowess with his fists.

Scott James: He felt that impact earlier too. Anyway, Xander attempts a superman punch.

[Mark manages to wrap Xander in a bearhug while he is in mid-air. Squeezing him as Fillmore lands two stiff straight rights to the face of the much stronger Mark. Although his head rocks back, Mark does not release the bearhug and instead hoists Xander up and over his shoulders.]

Scott James: What power.

Mike Fisher: As you like to say oh so often, can he capitalize on this though?

[Mark lifts Xander up and delivers a stiff scoop slam, followed by a leg drop right to the chest.]

Scott James: Mark in full control now as he lands another leg drop, crushing Xander between a rock and a hard place. I'd say that answers your question, Mike.

[Mark rises, staring down at Xander and thinking about maybe nailing the Mafioso Car bomb, but is pulled down by his tights.]

Mike Fisher: You were saying? Looks like Xander was simply playing possum and waiting for the right moment to spring Mark with that schoolboy.

Scott James: ...

[Oakland slides onto the mat, beginning his count.]



Mike Fisher: HE HAS IT!

Scott James: Look again, Mike. Are you counting their chickens before they hatch?

[Sure enough, Mark managed to power his way out of the schoolboy. Thrusting his legs into the air and sending Xander up into the air, landing on the mat just in front of Mark's head. Though Xander doesn't have any time to remonstrate, or show his frustrations with Oakland, as Mark has worked his way to his feet.]

Scott James: Did you hear the impact from that Big Boot, Mike? Xander looks out cold.

Mike Fisher: I'm sure people outside of the arena heard it. It's surprising that Xander doesn't have a broken jaw after that.

Scott James: Who's to say he doesn't?

[Mark scrapes his foot across Xander's face before grasping his right wright, hoisting him back to his feet.]

Scott James: Mark whips Xander into the corner, following him in with a splash.

Mike Fisher: Xander gets his knees up though. Driving them right into Mark's ribs.

Scott James: So, there is life in Xander, after all.

[The relief granted to him by his knees, however, is only temporary. Mark is able to somewhat shrug the knees off and charge in once more. This time connecting with a stinger splash, causing Xander to hit the turnbuckle padding hard.]

Scott James: Mark isn't done though. Knee to the stomach.

Mark then lifts up the dazed and confused Fillmore in a crucifix Powerbomb position...

He Goes for the pin




Melanie Jackson: Your winner and progressing to the next round of the International Title Tournament……… MARK ALESSIO!

We cut to a box in the arena, Zack Steele and Jay Vaughan are hanging out watching the show, there’s a knock on the door

Zack: Doors Open

Michael Morrison enters.

Jay: Stop there, you can ask whatever you need to ask us from there

Michael: Erm ok…I was just wondering if Zack could let us know whether he’ll be entering the Hollywood Title Invitational?

Zack: Did you see my match at the last show?

Michael: Yes, of course

Zack: Who won?

Michael: You did Zack

Zack: Exactly, so Osh has awarded me with a night off to give myself some R&R before the next round of the tournament, in order to maximize the chances of me bringing some gold to this unit. So I’m going to hang out up here with Jay and watch Russel beat the Freddy Krueger cosplay guy. Now if you’re done wasting my time, piss off.

Michael: Ok Zack, sorry for bothering you.

Michael leaves and closes the door behind him, as we (CUT TO COMMERCIAL/TRANSITION BACK TO RINGSIDE)

Jason Hunter vs Travis Blake

Camera quickly cuts back stage where Jason Hunter is exiting the locker rooms and hyping himself up , the crowd pops as he readys himself for the first round of the IIW International Championship. Suddenly Savage Grace the Combat show mainstay jobber confronts him and pats him on the shoulder and gives him the thumbs up....

Mike Fisher : Jason Hunter looks hungry for a fight!

Scott James: What is this? Savage Grace is wishing him luck!

Mike Fisher: V.I.P Eddie Zam mentioned earlier today he was looking for Savage Grace. I wonder if they met?

Jason Hunter bemused and perplexed; goes to walk off to ready himself for his match introductions when Savage Grace pulls him back by his right hand, infuriating Hunter- who pushes Grace firmly sending him to the hallway floor. Out of nowhere from the side VIP Eddie Zam creeps in like a caracal with his one inch metallic clipboard in hand and nails Jason Hunter on the back of the skull- hard as he sprints in.

Mike Fisher: Its Zam!! He just nailed him , he just nailed him with that metal clipboard. And Jason Hunter is out cold .. out cold. And theres our answer. They did meet!

Scott James: Savage Grace and VIP Eddie Zam obviously had this planned!

Mike Fisher: What is Zam doing now? He is motioning for Savage Grace to grab Jason Hunter they're taking him into the Locker room and what is he doing? Electrical tape?

VIP Eddie Zam picks a limp Jason Hunter, hooks an arm, up he goes... delayed brain buster on the locker room floor.. Zam quickly gets up and uses the whole roll wrapping up Hunter's ankles and wrist in industrial electrical tape. He gestures Savage Grace to pick him up and they stuff him into the Janitor room. VIP Eddie Zam makes sure the room is locked and he breaks the key off and laughs: MUUHAHAHA and motions Savage Grace to follow out of the locker rooms and towards the ramp as they both make their way ringside to a chorus of mixed feelings.

Mike Fisher: Jason Hunter , He is in the first round of the IIW International Championship Tournament , what is going on Scott?

Scott James: You're guess is as good as mine at this point. VIP Eddie Zam is coming here, he is coming to talk to us?

VIP Eddie Zam makes it to the commentary table, as he points at Savage Grace to enter the ring- his metallic clipboard in hand- snatches a microphone and commences speakiing

Zam: I said earlier when I arrived, my purpose today was to inscribe names into these pages on my clipboard- names which will shape the future of Intense International Wrestling. Jason Hunter was such a name, and it was only my duty to 'help' him and I did..... and it now seems he will not be able to attend his first round eliminator- There will however be a match- So before Travis Blake thinks he can waltz into the next round without breaking a sweat, he needs to think again - Here, as you see before you I have somone who is willing and able to participate. I have a six foot five behemoth of a man , officially he is the first man to agree to Fail, Forward, FAST!!! He is SAVAGE GRACE!!!!

Mike Fisher: Savage Grace with VIP Eddie Zam in his corner ? Am I hearing this correctly?

Scott James: Just when I thought I'd seen it in all!!

Zam: So Travis Blake get your midget self out here!! NOW!

"Scars that I'm Hiding" by Ashes to New - starts pumping on the speakers...As he is announced -

From Detroit weighing two hundred and thirty seven pounds and standing five foot seven inches.......TRAVIISSSSSS BLAKE!

Travis Blakes comes out to his usual entrance routine, he hesitates to enter the ring keeping a firm eye on VIP Eddie Zam, rattled by the change in circumstance.

VIP Eddie Zam: Now lets get this first round of the IIW International Championship tournament underway, ring the bell!


Mike Fisher: And we're off in this somewhat unexpected match up. We all saw what happened to Jason Hunter backstage .... Savage Grace goes for a kick, Travis Blake catches it and pumps his fist.... Punches him in the head. And another , And another..... a fourth .. FIFTH spins him around -

drop kick!!! to the back and Savage Grace stumbles, turns... and another drop kick!!! Grace on the ground.. Travis Blake quick as a fly up to his feet, runs, bounces of the ropes , gains momentum and launches a flying drop kick right to Savage Grace's face...

Scott James: Savage Grace stinks. I wonder what VIP Eddie Zam sees in him , that the IIW doesn't.

Mike Fisher: Good point Scott, Travis Blake stands over Grace and stomps him in the face, and elevates and drops a heavy knee .... Grace feeling the effects. Blake picks him up, has something to say to Eddie Zam and ......Piledriver!!! Goes for the pin.......




Look at Zam grabs Blakes leg and interrupts the count, the Red didn't see it.... And Blake is fuming. Blake pleading his case with the ref..

Scott James: VIP Eddie Zam just saved Savage Grace.

Mike Fisher: Look at Blake, pointing at Eddie Zam , has Grace by the hair picks him up.... pucnhes and punches and then quickly turns and jumps of the second turnbuckle with a diving back elbow!!

! Ring the bell, this is over. Blake not done ....scoops up Grace , bodyslam.. stands over him..and drops a head butt!!

Scott James: Savage Grace is done. He should go for pin!!!

Mike Fisher: Grace no offense whatsoever so far, VIP Eddie Zam, trying to inspire Savage Grace by yelling at him instructions. Here we go, Irish Whip, Savage Grace crashes off the turnbuckles and is reeling in the center of the ring. Elbow, and another.... And Travis Blake all over Savage Grace.

Scott James: There is a reason Savage Grace is on the Combat show.

Mike Fisher: Zam looking impatient, look at him he gets up on the apron and Travis Blake is mouthing off again and inviting him to get in the ring. Referee warning VIP Eddie Zam to stay out of the ring and get off the apron...... Travis Blake showing no respect for either men in front him.

Scott James: He should keep his eyes on the prize Mike!

Mike Fisher: Travis Blake willing Zam in the ring and gesturing that he will break him in half... Look at this , Turn around Blake!

... Savage Grace is moving ... Blake is unaware, Grace on all fours, stumbling. Look at Zam, O my god!! He just spat on Blake.. he spat on him!!

And Blake disgusted turns . straight into the ref - who stumbles backwards , Zam on the apron with his Clipboard lunges, half his body in the ring.

whack!!! Travis is out cold!!! The ref didnt see it!!!! Not like this....Savage Grace on all fours; looks at the ref!! Looks at Zam instructing!

Scott James: Listen to Eddie Zam , Grace, pin him! pin him.




VIP Eddie Zam grabs a disorientated Savage Grace and drags him out of the ring and slaps him into some consciousness and they quickly exit towards the ramp as Eddie Zam makes the sign of the cross

Scott James: He did it!! He did it!! Savage Grace won. He advances in the tournament?

Mike Fisher: He did nothing, that was disgusting , Eddie Zam spat right in the eyes of Travis Blake, and then whacked him with that metalic clipboard-

Scott James: He won. Savage Grace won.

Mike Fisher: I can't believe what I just saw, somehow, without throwing one punch , one kick , nothing .. Savage Grace is onto the next round of the International Championship tournament!


[Backstage, Mark Morrison, IIW interviewer, can be seen standing in front of a white banner, with IIW written on it in icy blue font. Attired in a charcoal suit with a white shirt and concrete grey tie, as well as black loafers. A microphone is in his right hand, as two figures can be seen standing to his right. Panning out, it can be seen that those figures are Kasey Miles and Kaitlyn Finley. Kasey attired in his ring gear plus a faded grey shirt with an ornate design on it. Kaitlyn attired in a velvet purple halter top, denim jeans and black "Converse" sneakers. Both of them with smiles on their faces as they look across at Morrison. Waiting for their cue.]

Mark Morrison: I'm here presently with Kasey Miles, who will be competing in the Hollywood Title Open Invitational later on tonight, as well as his girlfriend and second generation wrestler, Kaitlyn Finley. Great to have you both here.

[They both smile, as Kasey softly laughs.]

Kasey Miles: You meant I will be winning the Hollywood title. Not just competing.

[Mark slightly shakes his head, but warmly smiles regardless. Not wanting to piss the former standout Offensive Lineman off.]

Mark Morrison: I mean, there are a lot of tough competitors in that match. So, I wouldn't go counting your chickens before they hatch.

[Kaitlyn leans into the mic.]

Kaitlyn Finley: We're aware, but that doesn't mean shit to Kasey. As he said, he's there to win the match and walk out with the Hollywood title. With me there to support him and make sure that he does just that.

Michael Morrison: Well, we learned this week that he trained under your father. I'm guessing that's what has led to your confidence in him?

[Kaitlyn laughs as she steps back, allowing Kasey to answer that question.]

Kasey Miles: No. She's confident in me because she knows what everybody else in the Open Invitational is going to learn. That I am everything that I say I am in that ring. I don't just think I'm the best wrestler in that match. I know I am. Just like I know everybody else is simply competing for second place.

Mark Morrison: Well, there are the likes of Tyler Debonair and Ryan Hawkins in this match too. Both of whom are highly touted. Are they the biggest threats to you?

[Kasey shoots a shit eating grin towards Mark.]

Kasey Miles: Tyler is. I'll give him that. Ryan, not so much. Though if I'm being totally honest, I'm not sweating either man and I know they can't match up to me in this match. After all, they can both think all they want, they'll see soon enough that what I say is the truth.

Mark Morrison: Okay. Then all I can really say is good luck in the match then.

[Kasey begins to walk off, as Kaitlyn glances at Michael. Grabbing the microphone from him with a smile.]

Kaitlyn Finley: He doesn't need luck. Everyone else in the match does.

[She then hands back the microphone and walks off with Kasey. Leaving Mark there to ponder what Kasey stated. The arrogance that exudes from him, as the scene returns back to the commentators..]

TJ Alexander vs Mickey Kinkade

Scott James: This is going to be a great match between to highly gifted athletes.

Mike Fisher: Mickey Kinkade looks like he has a bright future to me.

*The bell sounds, but before the two men can lock up the video screen comes alive with Thomas “The Truth” Stone’s face. Thomas shakes his head from side to side, causing his braids flutter about. Kinkade and Alexander stop and stare at the screen.*

The Truth: Ya know, if there is one thing, I hate in this world it’s a f**king liar. They may say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but there is a big bold line between imitation and plagiarism. Someone who plagiaries, isn’t just a liar, they are thief. A thief of something that can never be obtained again, a thief of something original and one of a kind, a thief of an idea.

TJ… you are a f**king liar, and a thief.

*Suddenly Thomas’s face fades into the logo of the now defunct Alpha Pro Wrestling logo. The logo fades out to a shot of “The Predator” Sky Edwards.

"I'm a wee bit nervous," I say as I clip the microphone onto my tie.

"It's nothing to be nervous about, just think of it as having a casual conversation", the producer assured me as he adjusted the camera and made sure I was on my mark.

My first sit down interview on international television, yeah it was something to be nervous about. The hot canned lights along with my nerves had me sweating bullets, and dampening my button-up shirt. I try to clear my throat when a production assistant hands me a small bottle of water. My hand shakes a bit as I take a sip.

Sky, you’ll be fine. Just take a deep breath and I’ll count you down.

I watch as he counts down to five, then goes silent and uses his hand, and after one points at me. I’m frozen, I try to say something, to say anything but no words can escape my mouth. The silence is deafening and moves to awkward. I see the producer with his hands on his hips shaking his head. Then out of the corner of my eye, I spot the lovely young production assistant who brought me the water. She is encouraging me, using her hands as if to say, “come on you've got this”. I smile, and she smiles. I keep that smile and turn it to the camera.

Hello everyone, my name is Skylar Edwards, but you can all call me Sky. I’m the new chap on the block here in APW, but I suppose you could say I’m the new chap on the international scene as well. I've been cutting my teeth for the past few years on the independent scene both here in the states and back across the pond. Sprinkle in a few trips to Japan, and little holiday spent fighting through Mexico and I've become a pretty well-rounded bloke, and a bit of what some call an internet sensation.

While I have worked very hard to get here, I will say that I feel I am truly blessed to receive an opportunity to compete here in Alpha Pro Wrestling. This holiday special will be the biggest event of my career, and the biggest audience I’ll ever be exposed to. Obviously, I don’t know who else is going to be competing in this Holiday Horror scramble match as it is open to anyone.

I may not know who else will be competing in this match, but that doesn’t matter because I cannot control who is in the match or what they do, I can only control what Sky Edwards does. And I’ll let the secret out right now of what Sky Edwards is going to do. I’m going to use every bit of knowledge, speed, and strength I have coupled with my never say die attitude and I am going to win this match. It doesn’t matter if it is myself and one other person, or if it is me and ten other competitors, I will come out on top.*

The Truth: TJ, you clearly STOLE this mans original ideas and re-enacted them nearly shot for shot and word for word. You thought you could pull a fast one, but not here, not when THE TRUTH watches over IIW.

Mike Fisher: I don’t think this is over just yet.

*Mickey has left the ring and as TJ Alexander slowly gets to his feet trying to shake the cob-webs lose from Kink Slam. Alexander looks at the video screen and sees that it is off, but suddenly Thomas Stone appears from the crowd behind Alexander. Stone grabs Alexander around the waist and hooks one of Alexanders wrist spinning him around into The Wakeup Call (Rainmaker lariat).

The crowd comes alive with cheers as Stone stands over the fallen Alexander. Stone looks down at Alexander and spits on him when suddenly Mickeu Kinkade slides into the ring, and this time has a chair. Stone turns to see Kinkaid but sees him just in time to take a chair shot to the head. Stone goes down hard, holds his head and tries to roll to all fours when Kinkaid blast him with the chair again.*

Scott James: Clearly Mickey Kinkaid knows he may have to face Thomas Stone sometime in this International Title tournament and wants to soften him up.

Mike Fisher: Soften him up? Mickey may just put him out of action with these chair shots.

*Kinkaid slams the chair across the back of the fallen stone again and then slowly lifts the char up for another shot but as he does Tyler Debonair slides into the ring and grabs the chair pulling it from Mickey’s hands and tossing it down. Mickey turns around right into a hard right hook from Debonair. Mickey is knocked to the mat and rolls out of the ring quickly as Debonair lifts up the chair and challenges Mickey to get back in. Mickey slowly backs up but stops as the scene fades out. *

Melanie Jackson : I have been informed due to the attacks involved… TJ Alexander will be progressing in the International Title Tournament

As we return from commercial break, Michael Morrison is stood in the centre of the ring holding a mic;

''Ladies and gentleman, last week we witnessed a most heinous assault on Jason Myers right here in this ring with Revolution X, led by the IIW Legends Champion Dan DiStoner absolutely dismantling The Bitter One. Things escelated to the point where Jason had to be took out of the arena on a stretcher before being took to a nearby hospital. Now at this moment in time, Jason Myers is recuperating at home and is yet to be cleared to compete, IIW staff received his medical documents this morning which may indicate that he may not even be available to compete by the next pay-per-view, but that remains to be seen. However, we have since spoken to Jason and we have an exclusive interview with him, live via satellite. Guys, when you're ready.

Jason Myers then appears on the titantron, live from his hotel room;

''Michael, I'm cutting straight to the chase; I don't care what my medical records say. I don't care what the GM or the Board Of Directors say. Nothing is going to keep me from tearing DiStoner limb from limb. He decided to make it personal, he's made me look like a jackass, and it doesn't sit right with me''

''Well Jason, I do have it on good authority that you have been banned from the arena until Mr. Vaughn receives official word from the doctors to clear you''

''I don't care what anyone says. I'm signed to IIW, I'm an employee. I just hope that DiStoner has eyes in the back of his head, because it's doubtful he'll see me coming. You see Michael, I don't plan on merely putting Dan in a hospital bed, only to rehab his injuries and come back at some point. No. I plan to eviscerate him. I plan to do everything possible to make sure he struggles to breathe. He did this to himself''

''I fully understand where you're coming from, but do you not think that this is going to result in you being fired from IIW, or possibly even result in being arrested?''

''Morrison do you need to wash the wax from your ears? Did you not just hear what I said? Dan DiStoner decided to go overboard with this. Dan DiStoner decided to make it personal. Do I care if it costs me my contract with IIW? No, I don't, because if I do, at least I know I still have what it takes in the centre of that ring, and at least I know damn well I'm fully accountable for my actions''

''Jason I can see where you're coming from, but do you think this is all worth it? I myself am not the biggest fan of Dan DiStoner and his cronies, but I respect what you do in this business, with what every IIW Wrestler does in this ring, I admire that''

''I appreciate that. I truly do. But all manner of respect has been thrown out of the window. I'm not just doing this for me. I'm doing this for everyone DiStoner has ever crossed. He's a cocky bastard who has no respect. Well, I'm gonna beat some respect into him''

At that point, Myers' phone begins to vibrate, as he checks it, it's a text from his Doctor asking him to make his way to the doctors office as soon as possible.

''Look Morrison, I gotta cut this short, but I appreciate the interview''

''Thank you for time Jason, I hope we see you soon''

We then cut back to Jason leaving his hotel room and getting into his 67' Chevrolet Impala. As he pulls out and drives away he gets so far down the street when a black Nissan Qashqai comes out of nowhere, slamming into the side of Myers' car in an attempt to run him off the road. He gets out of the car with a slight stumble, visibly shook over what just occured but just as he gets out the same car comes speeding toward Myers but he jumps out of the way at the last second, but the car slams into Myers' prized possession, deeming it completely undrivable. The car then speeds off as Myers reaches into his pocket to call the police.

Blade Alexander paces back and forth in the ring as The Commander stands stoically behind him. Centuries by Fallout Boy begins to play and Ryan Hawkins and Chris Nitro appear on the stage amidst a chorus of cheers. Blade Alexander stops his pacing and turns to the duo mouthing off at them and motioning for them to get into the ring.

The Purge wastes no time in coming after Blade Alexander and The Commander

Mike Fisher: Here come's The Purge and they ARE NOT waiting for an introduction!

Scott James: Jesus Christ!

Mike Fisher: The Commander and Blade Alexander came ready for war but it looks like their plan got away from them.

Blade Alexander and Nitro are trading vicious heavy-handed blows on the outside. Blade Alexander’s nose is bleeding already while Chris has a gash over his eye.

Scott James: Those two are really going at it. Someone’s going to get hurt and I really hope its Nitro.

Inside the ring the referee looks around and shrugs once again, ringing for the bell to start.

Mike Fisher: Apparently once again Ryan Hawkins and The Commander are starting as the legal men.

The Commander shoves Hawkins off himself and gets to his feet at the same time the purple pimp is. They charge at each other. The Commander flips Ryan Hawkins over backwards with a vicious clothesline.

Scott James: HOLY SHIT.

“Holy Shit! Holy Shit!” chants break out.

Mike Fisher: I can’t believe that just happened. Have we ever seen strength like what The Commander possess? It’s damn near super human.

Blade Alexander and Nitro have made it out into the audience with their fighting. Each men is busted open in multiple locations. The gash over Nitro’ eye has opened further and blood is now trickling down his face.

Scott James: Look at them go! Those two are really trying to hurt each other!

The Commander bends over and picks Ryan Hawkins up by the front of his shirt. Ryan Hawkins suddenly springs to life and slaps The Commander hard across the face.

Mike Fisher: VICIOUS SLAP!

The Commander reels backwards against the ropes. Ryan Hawkins wastes no time and rushes forwards grabbing The Commander and slamming him with a belly-to-belly suplex.

Mike Fisher: That was huge, he just smacked the taste out of The Commander’s mouth and planted him with authority. If he can get into the cover this one might be over.

Hawkins crawls into the cover.


Scott James: Kick out with authority by The Commander! This monster is just all power.

Chris and Blade Alexander tumble over the barricade having fought in a giant loop around the crowd. Chris’s face drips with blood from the gash over his eye while Blade Alexander’s nose and mouth are covered with that from his apparently broken nose. Chris gets up first and looks from Blade Alexander and into the ring directly at The Commander.

Mike Fisher: Nitro has to choose between keeping on fighting Blade Alexander or helping Ryan Hawkins like an actual tag-team.

Scott James: I bet the chicken won’t do it. You heard how terrified he is of The Commander.

In the ring Ryan Hawkins is on his feet waiting for The Commander to get to his feet. As he does Hawkins spins him around. At the same moment Blade Alexander has made it to his feet and grabs Chris, spinning him around.

Mike Fisher: They’re going for The Final Cut into the Final Commandment

Scott James: NO! Blade Alexander ate that kick hard but The Commander stops Hawkins mid-attack! What a hellacious inverted pile-driver from the monster onto Nitro! This one could be it!

The Commander picks Nitro up and lifts him high once again into the air!

On the outside Ryan Hawkins seems to be struggling with his mixed emotions. Nitro is high in the air over The Commander’s head.

Mike Fisher: How can this beast do something like that!?

Scott James: The Commander is a pure fucking badass.

Hawkins slides into the ring and slams The Commander in the chest with a front dropkick. The Commander loses his grip on Nitro who slams down perfectly on top of him in a splash.

Mike Fisher: This is a huge moment for The Purge

Ryan Hawkins rolls off of the monster and shakes his head. Hawkins lifts up The Commander and plants him with authority with the DREAM SNATCHER!

The ref slides into the cover.



THRE- Just as the ref’s hand is coming down for the three count Blade Alexander grabs him and pulls him out of the ring

Blade Alexander slides into the ring and is almost immediately hit with an enzuigiri from Nitro. Nitro’ face is a crimson mask at this point from the brutal gash over his eye. Ryan Hawkins is up and moves to pick The Commander up, but instead the beast sits up first.

Mike Fisher: Did he...

Scott James: He did.

Ryan Hawkins takes a shocked step back as The Commander slowly begins to smile, but there is no humor behind the smile. Nitro has Blade Alexander up, though Blade Alexander quickly spins and hits Nitro with a SHOVEL KICK!

Scott James: What a brutal move from Blade Alexander! He can hit that from anywhere.

The Commander gets to his feet and slowly, as if savouring the moment, walks over to the prone figure of Nitro. The Commander reaches down and picks Nitro up straight off of the ground, then lifts him high into the air.

Mike Fisher: This is Nitro’ worst Nightmare. Thankfully he looks to be unconscious!

Nitro suddenly squirms from the poetic monsters’ grasp and lands on his feet behind him. Blade Alexander rushes at him but eats a spinning roundhouse kick. Nitro kips up and slams The Commander in the jaw with a super-kick! The Commander staggers backwards but does not fall. Chris surges forwards and hits the monster with a PELE KICK, The Commander falls backwards against the ropes but does not fall.

Mike Fisher: This creature isn’t human. He can’t be.

Scott James: He can sure be pissed though, and it looks like he might be.

Chris once again comes at the monster, but The Commander catches his foot out of the air and slips it over his shoulder. In one swift motion The Commander lifts Chris up and power-bombs him down with force

Ryan Hawkins gets to his feet and realizes what’s happening at the same time Blade Alexander does as well. Blade Alexander rushes at Hawkins but Hawkins easily deposits him on the outside but side-stepping him and throwing him over the ropes. The Commander slams Chris a final time. Chris’s face is still covered with blood and his body is limp. Hawkins looks from The Commander to Chris and the rage slowly and obviously builds within him. As The Commander rises Ryan Hawkins…. SMASH…. The Regulation are here!

Zack Steele is leading the attack with Russell Wayne and Jay Vaughan in tow, they start beating down on these bloody and broken bodies…. Jay Vaughan grabs the referee and throws him out of the ring who signals for the bell!

Mike Fisher: This is going to a Double DQ!!!

Zack Steele and Russell Wayne grab The Commander, lifting between them the heavy man, they lift him up to Jay Vaughan who delivers the killer blow with the V-BOMB, the 3 men planting down the Commander, they turn their attention to Ryan Hawkins and Blade Alexander, as Zack and Russel take Blade out with a vicious HI-LOW attack flattening the man as he rolls out of the ring, finally they pick up Ryan Hawkins, Jay casually throws him out of the ring as he orders Russell and Zack to see to him.

Outside the ring Zack and Russell pile Ryan Hawkins into the ring barricade as JaY Vaughan picks up the bloodied Chris Nitro, he drags him on top of the out cold body of The Commander… As this happens… BAD BOY FOR LIFE plays as Osh Vaughan makes his way out

Osh Vaughan: You know what guys…. I’m going to restart this match, and seems as our referee here is out cold…Jay, you can be the special guest Referee!!!

The bell rings as Jay Vaughan counts fast


Melanie Jackson looks uncomfortable before she is ushered on by Russell and Zack


The Regulation laugh to themselves and hi-five as they make their way to the back

Stoner is shown in the cafeteria, he is reading a comic book and taking a sip of his orange mocha Frappuccino, suddenly he is hit on the back with a notice board as he spits out his drink everywhere!


He turns around and Chris Nitro is there who throws the notice board at Stoner

Stoner throws the notice board away and launches himself at Chris Nitro, tripping him up and rubbing his face in the spilt frappucino

Chris Nitro: AHHHHHH

Stoner whips Nitro into the wall with such force it forms a small crack in the wall, he starts laying off lefts and rights away at him, Nitro ducks one as Stoner punches the wall, grabbing his hand in pain Nitro flips him around and then suplexes him through a table, he jumps up and sets himself on another table, he looks around and thinks this isn’t high enough….. So he jumps down and grabs another table, stacking that table on the other table, he climbs on top……

He leads with an elbow drop onto Stoner WHO MOVES at the last second, Stoner grabs Nitro and throws him into the double table knocking it over, he searches around for something to attack Nitro with… eventually he decides to rip a leg off one of the table and starts beating Nitro with it.

He smirks and walks off as he leaves Nitro in a pile on the floor

Part 2