Victory by Sean Coombs plays as Comes out in mma shorts and black tapped wrapped around his feet and hands. He wears a hoodies jackets that read Prodigy. Brian Shaw points at him as pyro comes out from behind him then walks to the ring-like color.

The lights in the arena black out, and the opening riffs of "Hail to the King" blares through the arena. Lights go crazy on the stage before going completely black just as "The Apex Athlete", dressed in a t-shirt and trunks, with a black bandanna over his face. He strolls down the ramp at his own leisure, walking up the steps, he takes a few steps along the apron, turning he leans back against the ropes taking the whole scene in. He steps through the ropes, removing his shirt and bandanna revealing a wide-eyed grinning expression.

Hunter and Maverick faced each other finally, waiting for the bell as Hunter tossed his t-shirt and towel out of the ring.

Hunter and Maverick squared off, and almost instantly they begin to throw punches at each other, Maverick ended up getting the upper hand when he shoved Hunter out of the way and put him on his ass with a clothesline. Maverick bounced off the ropes and did a rolling thunder like manoeuvre, the move hurt Hunter but he stood back up shortly after he caught Maverick out of no where with a super kick though that had the fans going crazy early on.

Scott James: Ouch!

Mike Fisher: JT might be out early.

Hunter went for the cover but JT was simply playing possum as he tried to roll Jason up, it didn’t work though as he jumped out of it, JT rolled back up as Jason went for a clothesline and JT countered with a hurricanrana, the move went Hunter into the ropes as JT jumped on his back and then stood on the back of it as he held onto the top rope until the ref counted to four, telling him to break it. Hunter held his throat as JT tried to choke him, Hunter got back up and JT went for a spinning wheel kick but he missed as his leg bounced off the ropes, this allowed Jason to go for a standing tornado DDT which he got as he quickly covered JT.




Mike Fisher: Not that easily, early on, but some high octane action we’re seeing!

Scott James: These guys want it bad, what can you say.

JT kicked out and Jason got a hold of him as he lifted him up for a suplex, he got it and this time he took the ropes and used them to his advantage as he dragged JT close to them and went onto the apron. Jason leaped over the top rope and landed on Maverick with his back. Jason stood up slapping his chest as he picked JT up in order to get him away from the ropes, with JT away from them he grabbed him once again and connected with a scoop slam and then attempted a standing moonsault

Hunter was on fire and JT made it back to his feet but he jumped into the air and grabbed Jason’s head and brought his knees down to the floor for a vicious jawbreaker hurt Hunter a lot as he turned around and JT brought him down to the mat with a thunderous DDT, the move left Hunter laying as he hooked the leg.




JT can’t believe it!

Hunter began to get back into the contest, as he slipped out of JT Maverick's grasp as he was about to execute a Pendulum Backbreaker. Hunter slid down the back of JT Maverick, and turned him face to face with him; a brutal yet very unexpected Pele Kick homing in on JT Maverick's chin, and eventually hitting it's target. It appeared that he was back in the contest, and was ready to wrap up the match.

JT Maverick is reeling on the ropes, gasping for air, grasping the actual air itself, for balance and composure - but finding neither. It appeared as if Jason Hunter was about to turn a once bleak match into a victorious one, as he hit one of his three finishing manoeuvres on JT Maverick...RECOIL! seemingly sending JT Maverick to sleep.

Hunter goes for the pin




Mike Fisher: He did it! JT Maverick kicked out of the Recoil!

Scott James: What an amazing debut we are getting here by both guys!

Jason looks on annoyed at the young kid who has kicked out of his signature move, he rakes him to standing position, he picks him up and launches him into the ropes, bending down to drop him over his head but JT slides through Jason’s legs, he bounces off the ropes and BULLDOG! He takes Jason Hunter down

Mike Fisher: Can JT build some momentum here to finish it off?

He continues to attack Jason Hunter swinging away at him, he looks to hook him up for a vertical suplex…he HOLDS HIM HIGH!!!

Scott James: Didn’t think JT had this in him!

He continues……unfortunately he loses his balance dropping Hunter behind him out of the move, dazed, Hunter takes advantage quickly spinning the young kid around and hooking his arms………Perfect10n!! !!!

Jason quickly goes for the cover




Scott James: Jason Has pulled off the victory!

Mike Fisher: But if it wasn’t for a rookie mistake, JT Maverick would’ve had this one!

The lights go out as “More” by K/DA starts to play. Five spotlights appear as the holograms of name sake virtual K-Pop band look like they walk into each of their places. As the song plays the girl group entertains the crowd. A few moments later a sixth spotlight shows a small hooded woman. She walks across the stage and it looks like she interacts with the clearly not human singers. Once the chorus hits the woman rips the hood back to reveal that it’s Ryleigh Ruin. Simultaneously her name appears above the singer also as a hologram. Ryleigh kisses her hands before bowing to the crowd and finally to the virtual band. Ry starts to strut to the ring interacting with the crowd the whole way. She gives high-fives and even a few hugs to the littlest girl fans. Once she reaches the hard camera side of the ring she jumps up on the apron. Ryleigh sits on the middle rope and spins in between the middle and top rope to enter the ring. Once inside she rushes to the far corner to mount the second turnbuckle. She blows kisses and gives one last bow as her music fades and the holograms disappear.

Ryleigh walks towards the ropes and out stretches a hand. A pink diamond encrusted microphone is handed to her. She smiles to the stagehand and gives him a wink. A diamond plate rolling suitcase is slid under the bottom rope as Ry brings the mic to her mouth to speak.

Ryleigh: Hello IIW it’s your resident Little Monster here to address the virtual non answer I got from this come per the yoozh. You see, I made what many around here would say is an unreasonable demand for my return to this company. I demand that the company joins the 21st century and lets us talents compete against one another as equals regardless of what gender you were born with.

Some of the members of the IIW cheer loudly as some others boo as well. Ryleigh smiles and adjusts a bit of hair that’s fallen in her face before continuing.

Ryleigh: I see that just like within this very company there’s a mixed reaction to the apparent revolutionary idea. The thing is that IIW isn’t and won’t be the only brand I compete in. Every other federation has made this move to great fanfare and here a shocker has female champions.

She giggles a bit to herself.

Ryleigh: So where am I going with this witty banter I’m spewing upon all of you? I tell ya in just a second. Because, it’s blatantly apparent that my terms have not been met because as Scarlett Fitzpatrick announce via the IIW webpage there going to be a second show on Thursday day night called Ignition that is breaking history by giving women their own show.

Ry laughs more outward this time.

Ryleigh: You see, Osh Vaughan and his yes men are in their same bullshit as what made this brand shutdown years ago. They couldn’t even give the men and women on the IIW roster intergender shows and just add a second night to showcase the vast roster that his company is lucky enough to have. It just baffles me how his brain works. But…

Ryleigh takes a deep breath.


Ryleigh: I’m not here to psychoanalyze the owner of this company. As many of you may have seen I have thrown my name in the hat of ladies that have signed to the history-making women’s division. Not because I agree with the way things are run around here but because I’m the only one that’s EVER he’s the women’s championship that is still interested in join this place. Hell there has to be one veteran of the brand to show how this place works. Because, I swear on all that’s holy that if the same crap that was allowed to go down in the last run of IIW happens again Osh will no longer be the owner of this place. That’s not a threat… It’s a promise!! For those of you that are in the know, you’re fully aware that some of the people that clean this place are perverts.

Ryleigh is clearly getting worked up from the thoughts of what Charlie did in the past. She takes another deep breath.

Ryleigh: Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest I have another surprise for y’all. Seeing that I’m a ladies only wrestler here I figured that I’d invite a very close friend of mine to display to these fellas what it would have been like if I were able to complete the way I intended to. He’s my protégé at the school my brother and I have been running since IIW shut it doors. He the pride of TRIOCS… Ohhhh that stands for The Ruin Institute of Combat Sports, by the way. He’s an Olympic gold medalist at the Rio game, a two time NCAA Divison One National Champion, and since turning professional he only has blemish on his record. He’s fought in both the wrestling ring and MMA cage where he's a multi time champion. Intense International Wrestling I bring to you Xander “The Genius” Fillmore!!


“Go to War” by NØTHING MØRE begins to play as the lights in the arena fade. In the massive screen it displays a stealth bomber flying into position and a large bomb is seen being jettisoned. The camera follows the payload and when the beat drops it explodes into a huge mushroom cloud. At the same time blinding white light fills the stage to reveal Xander Fillmore when they lighten. His name invades the screen with a militaristic font. He raises his arms as he gives the crowd a wry grin. Xander starts making his way to the ring giving high-fives to his fans. Upon reaching the ring he hops up on the apron, dusts off his feet, and climbs between the second and top rope. He makes his to the far turnbuckle, mounts, and smiles showing off his baby blue eyes and bright white teeth. He gives a wink as his music fades. He’s in his wrestling gear and looking ready to compete.

Ryleigh: So… This is what it is! Xander and I are here to show IIW that TRIOCS is the premier combat sports institute on the planet one opponent at a time.

Xander nods at Ryleigh looking hungry to show his brand of violence to the IIW universe.

Ryleigh: Hey, I just got a fantastic idea!! If there’s anyone in the locker room that want to see if they have what it takes to beat one of the biggest problems they may ever face, come on down here and take on good ole Xander here. Any takers…

There’s no initial response from the locker room.

Ryleigh: Come on fellas. There’s gotta be one of you that is dying to prove to good old Osh that you got a set. Hell if you beat him I’m sure it’d look good for you career.


Suddenly “Temple of Love” by Sister of Mercy begins to play as Vitor Reynard makes his way to the ring along with a referee. The man that is a huge underachiever slides in the ring and steps to Xander saying “Bold claims little lady, I’ll take him on!”

Ryleigh: Okie dokie… Good luck buddy, you’re gonna need it!!

Ryleigh exits the ring and takes the case with her. She stands ringside still with a hot mic looking beyond excited for what the IIW universe is about to witness.


The referee calls for the bell and as a show of respect Xander puts out a hand for a high five. Raynard looks at him puzzled for a few moments as Xan stays loose in front of him.

Ryleigh: It’s a show of respect buddy slap his hand and prepare for war!

Vitor looks at Ry and then to the hand. He reluctantly high fives the Olympic Champion immediately Xander shoots for the veterans hips. This takes Raynard by surprise as Xander is in a dominating position before he was even able to ready himself. Xander secures a bulldog choke, he wrenches on the hold until Vitor realizes he’s right next to the ropes and puts his foot on the bottom one. The ref calls for a break and before the official even has a chance to start counting Xander releases the hold. He rolls away for the still stunned Vitor and gets to his feet.

Ryleigh: Now if that’s all you got my student is going to wear you out quick, bud. Come on, get to your feet and fight the man.


Vitor is totally out of sorts at the situation he’s in. He rises to his feet rubbing his neck while looking at the blonde with the microphone.

Ryleigh: Not me… Him! I’m not allowed to face you!!

Xander is laughing on the other side of the ring at his boss. Raynard visibly becomes frustrated by the circumstances he agreed to in this match and charges at Xan. The Jiu Jitsu black belt side steps him while hitting him with a drop toe hold that makes Vitor fall on to the middle rope. Xander sprints to the far ropes and returns with a flying knee to the back of his opponent's head. He looks at Ry who just nods in approval. Xander smiles and grabs the near knocked out Raynard from his perch. He slings him across the ring and on the rebound delivers a Popup Powerbomb to Vitor. The man bounces of the match a clear two feet as Xander quickly goes for the cover.



At the very last second Vitor does the weakest kick out that maybe has ever broken a count.

Ryleigh: Wow… He’s got some heart, Xander. Please just teach him The Lesson that many will learn in the IIW so I can make my final presentation and we can let the rest of the show continue.

Xander has a wry smile on his face as he gets up to his feet. He pickup Raynard and performs a picture perfect Doomsday Saito Suplex that he does call The Lesson. Vitor land on the back of head as Ryleigh giggles in the mic like a girl meeting her favorite pop star. Xan hooks a leg…




The ref could have counted to twenty if that is what they so chose to do. Xander again pops to his feet having barely broken a sweat. Ryleigh slides the case back in the ring and Xande holds the middle two ropes for his boss. She enters the ring and rolls the case right next to Vitor’s prone body. She proceeds to open the case and pulls out four different title belts and places them upon Raynard’s body.

Ryleigh: These are every singles title from the last run IIW failed at. Yes between myself, my brother and our associates we held all of them. Now that there’s a era in IIW, we have no need for them any longer. So… I’m gonna leave them right here. Right here in the first in a long line of bodies this man and I will inevitably leave.

Xander looks at the display, then to the crowd, and finally Ryleigh. He once again nods in approval.

Ryleigh: Thank you all for your time and to all the talent both male and female… Good luck… You’re gonna need it!!

Ry drops the mic in the suitcase, closes it, and blows a kiss to the crowd. Her music hits as Xander again shows respect to his boss and holds the ropes for her. They two walk up the ramp like they own the place as the camera changes to the commentary team.

Eclipse Deimos vs John Tolly vs Bam Miller vs Kevin Deane
vs vs vs
4 New IIW Talents step in the ring eager to progress their careers, but only 1 man can come out on top

Mike Fisher: Unfortunately we’re going to start this match without Kevin Deane, we’ve been informed he was taken out earlier in the night, but we’re not too sure who by?

Scott James: Weird, but I guess he’s had a target on his back from the last PPV!

Mike Fisher: Rev X really have been attracting attention

Scott James: Even so this is to be a great 3 way match!

The referee calls for the bell and the first match gets under way as all three men circle the ring being careful to begin with. Then both John Tolly and Eclipse kick Bam Miller in the mid section and take turns to hit him with right hands. Bam Miller covers himself as Eclipse and John Tollywhip him into the ropes, Bam Miller comes off the ropes and ducks a double clothesline, turns and kicks John Tollyin the mid section and clotheslines Eclipse hard. Bam Miller continues to use a hard right hand on John Tollyforcing him into the corner of the ring, Bam Miller then whips John Tollyinto the other tunrbuckle and follows it up with a hard elbow to the face. Eclipse comes back at Bam Miller who is equal to it and gets the upper hand on Eclipse and hits him with a neckbreaker. John Toll r uns at Bam Miller looking for a clothesline himself, but Bam Miller hits a lightning quick powerslam and he hooks the leg of John Tolly. The ref begins the count.

Quick kick out by John Tolly, but Eclipse is back up and drop kicks the back of Bam Miller who falls out of the ring through the ropes.

Scott James: Finally Bam Miller is stopped in this match, he's come out of the traps quickly.

Mike Fisher: That's what needs to happen in the match, get one of them out of the ring so you can concentrate on one person.

Eclipse hits a snap suplex on John Tolly, he picks him back up and hits another snap suplex, he covers John Tolly.


Kick out by John Tolly again. Eclipse is quick to keep on top of John Tolly and begins stomping him. Eclipse stalks John Tolly who gets to his feet and Eclipse hits him with a bulldog. Eclipse whips John Tolly into the corner and runs at John Tolly and hits a stinger splash, he back pedals with John Tolly still in the corner and hits a high knee to the face of John Tolly in the corner and follow it up with another Bulldog. Bam Miller slides back into the ring before Eclipse can cover John Tolly and hits Eclipse hard with a big boot. Bam Miller waits by the ropes as Eclipse gets back to his feet and goes for a springboard dropkick, only for Eclipse to dodge it, Bam Miller lands on his feet but only for Eclipse to hit a DDT on Bam Miller, he hooks the leg.

John Tolly jumps on the pair to break the count up.

Mike Fisher: That was quick from John Tolly who needs desperately to get some offence in this match up, it's been two way traffic so far.

All three men slowly get back up and start slogging it out, Eclipse gets the upper hand and knocks John Tolly out of the ring with a clothesline over the top rope. Bam Miller connects with a spinning heel kick to Eclipse knocking him to the mat, Bam Miller then hits Eclipse with a gutwrench powerbomb and he motions to the crowd to a huge pop.

Scott James: Look at this idiot, pandering to the fans, he wasting time, he needs to cover Eclipse.

Mike Fisher: Bam Miller is in full control now Jack, looks like were looking at the first qualifier here.

Bam Miller grabs Eclipse and pulls him up, he lifts up Eclipse and throws him with a fall away slam, but Eclipse has the where with all to roll out of the ring. John Tolly slides back into the ring and hits Bam Miller hard with a clothesline, Bam Miller is up only for John Tolly to again hit a clothesline. The fans begin to boo as John Tolly taunts them, but Bam Miller is up quickly and hits a front russian leg sweep on John Tolly, Bam Miller signals for the finish. Bam Miller stalks John Tolly who gets back up only to be hit with a devastating Bulldozer. Bam Miller then sets up John Tolly for Bulleye, but Eclipse enters the ring and takes out the legs of Bam Miller. Eclipse hits a fisherman suplex on Bam Miller before a piledriver to John Tolly , he covers John Tolly.



Shoulder up by John Tollyto break the count.

Mike Fisher: I thought that was it, credit to John Tolly where credit is due, that was a devastating piledriver.

Eclipse covers Bam Miller who's down after a fisherman suplex.


Kick out this time by Bam Miller. Eclipse looks frustrated as the crowd try to give Bam Miller a positive reaction and pump him up.

Scott James: Come on Eclipse keep your cool.

Eclipse stomps Bam Miller and sets him up for the Torture Soul, but Bam Miller manages to counter and hit a double arm DDT on Eclipse who rolls out of the ring. John Tolly struggles to get to his feet using the ropes to help himself up and Bam Miller hits a MILLER TIME on John Tolly.

Scott James: Eclipse needs to get into the ring because Bam Miller has John Tolly right where he wants him.




Melanie Jackson: Here is your winner by pinfall... BAM MILLER!!!

Anthony Tudor vs Adam Bradley

After Anthony Tudor viciously turned on Adam Bradley at KKND costing them the opportunity in the Tag Titles tournament, Adam will be gunning for revenge here, will The Storm is looking to blow over all who stand in his way

Limp Bizkit - Breakstuff sounding off with a loud bass boom as the lights in the arena turn a sickly green. The green fades to a low yellow, as if a boom went off before an air raid siren can be heard. The siren perks up louder as Ragna begins to walk out, decked out in a vest and hoodie with his Oncoming Storm logo emblazoned on the front. He stares straight ahead, his muscles flexing before he roars to the camera, shoving the camera man aside as he heads to the ring. He stomps up the ramp, stopping just at the edge of the entrance ramp and running his palm along the canvas itself before pounding his fists against it and hopping up onto the apron. He slides under the middle rope, stepping into the center of the ring and stretching his arms out before tearing the hoodie in half, roaring back to the crowd with a guttural scream.

The lights in the area abruptly go out. Pyro shoots from each side of the entrance ramp and DVP by PUP erupts from every speaker in the arena, a hooded man emergences with the lights focusing on him his pink and black tights grab the attention. A wry smile of superiority curls onto his face, he flicks the hood down as he makes his way down the ramp. Jumping onto the mat he he walks the side and climbs the turnbuckle he crosses his arms above his head displaying 2 shakas, he leaps into the ring slowly lowing a finger gun from above his head before shouting pow with a smile at his opponent mimicking the headshot.
As the bell rings Anthony Tudor looks at Adam Bradley and takes him down with a strong clothesline….He grabs Adam and delivers THE ONCOMING STORM!

He looks down smirking at Adams crumpled body below him before sliding out of the ring and leaving to the back .

Tag Title Round 1
Anthony Phoenix and Dan Distoner vs The Commander and Blade Alexander
The start of RevX was announced by Dan Distoner at the PPV, with New TV Champion Anthony Phoenix joining him, they square off against the newly included Blade and Commander team thanks to IIW Netflix Rep Connor Briggs

The ref checks all competitors and then signals for the bell. The bell rings and the match is underway. In the ring stands Dan Distoner and The Commander. The Commander immediately runs and swarms Dan Distoner in the corner. He nails a few clubbing blows and then Irish whips He into the corner. He nails a shoulder into Dan Distoner's gut and then begins to slam a few more in. Dan Distoner slugs to the bottom and The Commander backs up. He Runs forward and nails a knee to Dan Distoner's face.

Mike Fisher:"Strong start for The Commander ."

The Commander drags Dan Distoner to the middle of the ring. He stomps He a few times and then drops an elbow. He goes for the win.



Kickout at two by Dan Distoner. The Commander runs, rebounds off the ropes, and goes for a Leg Drop. Dan Distoner rolls out of the way and The Commander catches nothing but mat. Dan Distoner tags in Phoenix and Phoenix immediately goes on the offence. He kneels over The Commander and begins pounding in his head. The Commander pushes him off and gets up quickly, but is sent back down with a clothesline. We see Shaun Hart in the audience, watching the match.

Anthony and The Commander are now trading blows after that short distraction. Anthony finally gets the upper hand with a big shove, but The Commander goes into the corner and tags in Blade Alexander. Blade hops into the ring and him and Phoenix stand face to face.

Mike Fisher:"This is about to get nasty."

Scott James:"No shit."

Mike Fisher:"You know, you don't have to be so mean all the time."

Scott James:"Try being on commentary with a complete moron like yourself, then come back to me."

Mike Fisher:"Asshole."

Scott James:"Idiot."

Anthony and Blade are locked up and both men are trying to push each other. Neither move. Finally they both break and start trading blows. After a few moments of that they both go for a dropkick. Both men stand up confused. They look at each Other again and then lock up. Anthony gets the upper hand and takes Blade to the ground with a headlock. He keeps hold and tugs as Blade tries to break free. Blade gets up to one knee. He elbows Anthony in the gut. He does it again. And again. A fourth time breaks Phoenix's hold and Blade grabs his head for a DDT. Blade lifts him up and Irish Whips him. Anthony comes back into a crossbody and Blade holds for the cover.



Kickout at two. Blade calls for his Finisher. Anthony gets up and Blade goes for the "Original Sin". Anthony slips out and goes for the "Poetic Justice". He nails it and Blade falls back into his corner. The Commander tags himself in and immediately nails the "Final Commandment". He clotheslines Dan Distoner off the ropes and The Commander goes for the win.




Everybody thinks the three count has happened. But the bell doesn't ring. The ref signals that it was only a 2. The Commander looks livid as he grabs the referee by the shirt. He begins yelling at him as Anthony crawls over to Dan Distoner and gets the tag. The Commander doesn't notice as he is arguing with the ref. He finally lets go of the ref and turns to an awaiting Dan Distoner. Dan Distoner kicks him in the gut and nails a swinging neckbreaker, He covers!




The Commander kicks out and the crowd is shocked. Dan Distoner calls for the "Distoner Plunge" as The Commander slowly makes it to his feet. Dan Distoner goes for it, but The Commander shoves off and flies back into a tag from Blade. Blade comes in and nails a clothesline on Dan Distoner. Dan Distoner get's up and is nailed with a scoop slam. Blade rebounds off the ropes and drops a leg across Dan Distoner's throat. Dan Distoner begins gasping for air as Blade get's down and grabs him by the head, picking him up… He lifts him up……….ORIGINAL SIN

The Commander is quickly in the ring to nail Anthony Phoenix before he can break up the pin




Melanie Jackson: Your winners…and moving forward in the IIW Tag Team Title Tournament…Blade Alexander and The Commander

Tag Title Round 1
Ryan Hawkins and Chris Nitro vs Bum Squad

Chris and Ryan beat the shit out of each other at the KKND PPV, but they have signed up to the tag tournament and they take on the B.U.M Squad this week looking to continue their surprisingly good start to the federation

A Lucifer/Voices mash-up blasts across the arena.

“I hear voices in my head- head- head”

Lucifer, Lucifer, son of the morning, I’m gonna chase you out of the earth”

Chris Nitro and Ryan Hawkins walk onto the stage, perfectly in sync. They pause at the top of the ramp to allow pose for the fans watching at home.

Scott James- Nit-Hawk have really become a team, they have a team name and a mash-up. They’re a lock to win the tag team tournament.

Mike Fisher- I’m not sure that’s their team name, but dawn that tune slaps.

Scott James- Do you even know what that means pops?

Melanie Jackson- First….. making their way to the ring… weighing in at a combined lbs, the team of Chris Nitro and Ryan…. The Dream Killer Hawwwwwkins.

Before the pair can get to the ring the BUM squad come over the railing with trash cans of plunder. Ryan and Chris both go down to trash can shots to the head. They roll down the ramp to ring side as their larger opponents unload kendo sticks on them. Referee Duke Longbottom simply watches on with a smile. He raises a hand to call for the bell.

Mike Fisher- It seems Duke is allowing this match to continue under hardcore rules. That gives Joe and McGee a big advantage at the moment.

Scott James- Right now it does but Hawkins and Nitro has made themselves big parts of the hardcore division. Where are they going?

Mike Fisher- it seems they’re hiding under the ring… I never had Nit-Hawk down as cowards.

Scott James- No way are they running, it’s a tactical retreat.

Stabby Joe and PC McGee pull back the apron skirt looking for their opponents but can’t find them. Nitro pops up at the far side of the ring, smiling a sick grin. He slips unseen into the ring holding a steel chair. Cat-like he springs up and charges across the ring. He runs up the corner buckles then front flips onto both BUM’s using the steel chair as a metal cushion to break his fall and break their necks.

With adrenaline causing through him Chris Nitro is back to his feet roaring. He drags PC to his feet before launching him into his partner, who has appeared at ringside with a kendo stick. Ryan beats the hell out of the drunken Irishman, peppering him with shot after shot. Joe tries to intervene only to be cut off with a chair shot to the back of the head.

Ryan and Chris join up to use a kendo stick to clothesline McGee then Stabby Joe.

Scott James- I told you Mike. Ryan and Chris may look like body guys, but they can fight.

Mike Fisher- Finally the match makes it to the ring. Its Ryan and McGee. Oh, another chair shot to Joe by Nitro. This may be a two on one. Hawkins with uppercuts, he’s softening his opponent up. Shots to the head and neck play right into Hawkins trademark moves.

Scott James- Snapmare…. Rolling neck snap, now that’s perfect. Ryan Hawkins can wrestle.

Nitro slides under the bottom rope with two trash can lids. He waves them high to ensure all the fans watching can see, then rings PC’s bell, smashing the lids around his opponent’s head. Ryan snatches one off him. The pair known to some as Nit-Hawk to some stand mid-ring staring at each other… will the come to blows.

No, Ryan and Chris take turns batting a staggering McGee back and forth like a tennis match. Both men rack up 12 shots each. McGee is dead on his feet. The big Scot is up and ringside, he drags Ryan out by his feet and launches him into the guard rail. Chris Nitro reaches out for Joe only to be met with a chair shot to the face.

Nitro staggers back into a “Pissbreak” kick to the balls.

Mike Fisher- Not the prettiest of moves but its effective and more importantly totally legal. Golden Shower!!!

Scott James- Urgh I bet that stinks! A tramp’s nuts in your face via sit-down splash. Nitro will need to bathe in bleach to get rid of the smell.

Mike Fisher- Stabby Joe is wearing Ryan out at ringside but he won’t stay down. He fires back as the pair exchange kendo stick shots. Ryan is quicker off the match, what he gives up in power to the 300lb monster he makes up in speed and finesse.

Scott James- Nitro isn’t taking any more either! A well-placed boot cut McGee off before he could hit his GTF broncobuster. No ways he’s having kids in his lifetime, judging by the way he smells that was unlikely anyway.

Nitro bomb!!!!! On the trashcan lids in the middle of the ring. Chris Nitro goes up top… moonsault. He doesn’t go for the pin, instead he explodes out of the ring hitting Joe with a suicide dive.

Only the ringside barrier keeps Stabby Joe on his feet. Nitro is quick to his feet handing Ryan a chair. Hawkins and smashes it over Joe’s head, leaving it hanging like a bib.

Nitro signals to his partner calling for his big move.

TDK!!!!! With a steel chair!!!!

The biggest member of BUM is down, twitching like and electrified fish out of water.

Nitro and Hawkins bump fists as they share a look. At that instant PC McGee gets to his feet.

A hardcore rain knocks the homeless Irishman back down as Nitro and Hawkins toss everything they can find in the ring. Chairs, trash cans, even a couple of tables get in there. Every time McGee tries to get up any item knocks him down.

Finally, with all of the under-ring bounty now in the ring Nitro and Hawkins, walk up the ring steps deliberately, milking the fans reactions, the two masters know everyone watching on Netflix are on the edge of their seats in anticipation.

Mike Fisher- Is McGee still alive under all that wood and metal. Hawkins is pulling him out, what a gent… oh wait, he’s passed him to Nitro??!

Scott James- Jeffrey!!!!! Right on top of that pile!! Still no pin… oh my good they’re not going to…..

Mike Fisher- showing their teamwork right here… Ryan grabs the head…. Nitro lifts the feet… Elevated….. Dreamsnatcher!!!!! Headfirst on top of steel chairs and tables… end this ref. 1… 2… 3…

Scott James- The best team won; BUM’s early advantage didn’t last. They wanted a hardcore war and they got it.

The scene cuts open to the IIW arena inside. Shaun Hart stands in the ring standing in front of a podium. Why a small table is placed beside him with an object on top that is covered over.

Shaun- Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for me here today as tonight Osh Vaughan has given me the honor to make this internet-breaking announcement. I've noticed a lot hungry superstars walk through the IIW doors recently and many of them looking to be the next big thing or a Hollywood Star some would say. Well those man are going to get that opportunity. ( he snatches the cover off revealing the IIW Hollywood Championship ) Now this title will represent the next coming of a star you wins the title and you have put yourself in the spotlight. Now for those looking to make a name for me, I'll be holding an open invitational for The Hollywood Championship, and it is hung above the ring, which means that right, just like in Hollywood, you must work your way from the bottom to the top. You'll have to reach the top of the ladder to become a champion.

To prove how prestigious this title is, I am pulling Adam The Monster out of the Tag Team semi finals in order to compete as the first entry of the Hollywood Championship Invitational!

TV Title No.1 Contenders
Rogue vs Stoner

These 2 men put in impressive performances at the PPV now they both have the chance to stake a claim for a shot at Anthony Phoenix’s TV Title!

"Powertrip" by Monster Magnet blasts across the arena the lights dim as copious amounts of fog begin to billow from the entrance area. As the music picks up Stoner emerges from the fog, smile a mile wide.

Melanie Jackson – Making his way to the ring… weighing in at 200lbs., from Texas City, Texas… the IIW Legend … STONER!

He makes his way down the ramp and claps hands with anyone who wants one before rolling into the ring under the bottom rope. He takes a final drag from the small object in his hand before tossing it out into the crowd and turning to prepare for his opponent.

Mike Fisher – The IIW legend has a lot to prove after failing to win at KKND. He’s looking relaxed as always.

Scott James – Maybe he’s just flying high after partying with Mary Jane.

"Disco//very" by Warpaint starts to play as the arena lights dim.

Two people are standing at the top of the ramp as the song gets into its juicy parts. The lights slowly brighten, revealing Rogue standing ahead of his girlfriend Cora Black.

Scott James – IIW’s Power Couple make their way to the ring, has he brought a coffee to ringside with him? He is obsessed

Mike Fisher – With all the coffee he drinks, I’m surprised the man ever gets any sleep.

Scott James: If Cora was my lady; I wouldn’t want any sleep.

Mike Fisher: I meant the caffeine Scott, get your mind out the gutter.

Rogue slowly walks down to the ring, pointing his bat at some fans booing him, and giving hard looks to others. Rogue and Cora both nod and smirk at some of the fans in the aisle to the ring that are cheering.

Melanie Mike Fisher: Making his way to the ring, accompanied by Cora Black... weighing in at 210 lbs, from Orlando, Florida, he is Rogue!!!

The music fades and the lights come to full brightness. Rogue puts his coffee down in the corner with his bat. He then points to the outside of the ring, to Cora, who opens her small black coffin, pulling out her deck of cards. Like a witch over a cauldron, she gestures over her cards before snatching one and holding it up high.

Mike Fisher – That’s picture… it’s Stoner… what are those X’s over his eyes? Is he dead?

Scott James – Maybe he’s just flying high after partaking in the Devil’s lettuce.

The ref checks both men then calls for the bell. They lock up, the more aggressive Rogue pushes his opponent back to a corner. The ref begins to count, Rogue slaps Stoner’s face then ducks through the ropes to avoid his foes angry charge. Rogue smirks as he mock ducks and dives to avoid Hilm’s attack. The ref counts as he orders David ‘Stoner’ Hilm to back off. A well-placed boot to the knee sends Hilm hobbling away. Rogue is on him clipping the knee from behind, then following up with a rolling leg stretch.

Mike Fisher – As much as I hate his tactics Rogue is a shrewd tactician. He suckered Stoner him then struck. More stomps to the calf and thigh. Perfect build for his version of the Calfcrusher he calls going Rogue,

Scott James – We’ve know that Stoner David Hilm can take a lot of damage and keep going. But no matter how tough someone is if they lose the use of their legs they are finished.

Mike Fisher – He’s really punishing him here… damn he wrapped his leg hard around that ring post. Get them back in the ring ref.

Revealing in his advantage Rogue stops to sip his coffee. A quick kiss to Cora takes his attention long enough for Stoner to slingshot himself over the top rope. Both men crash to the mat. Stoner is up first hopping on one leg as he dives back into the ring. Rogue is up seconds later; he leaps toward the ring to beat the ref’s count. Hilm slips between the ropes with a dropkick sending Rogue sprawling. The weed-fuelled warrior skins the cat back into the ring. Furious Rogue kicks and slaps the barrier he turns to see Stoner slingshotting himself into a hurricarana.

Worried the men are injured the ref slips out to check on them. Rogue shoves him away and heads back to the squared circle. With the official distracted Cora claws at David’s eyes.

Mike Fisher – That’s what the card meant; Stoner is blind not dead. That wasn’t black magic predicting the future, that’s them telling us their plan.

Scott James – Are you sure she scratched him? He’s eyes are normally pretty red after he smoked a fatty, and I don’t mean what you do with the chubby rats after the show.

Struggling to see Stoner re-enters the ring, a Rogue knee to the temple cuts him off.

DDT! 1-2- Stoner kicks out.

Undeterred Rogue grinds his forearm into Stoners eyes and temples. He can taste the victory and won’t give in. More knees to David’s temple follow before he is whipped towards the buckle, Rogue tugs down on his opponents’ arm seconds before impact making him land upside down awkwardly in the corner.

An elbow drop lands on Hilm’s face busting his nose. Rogue steps over him to climb to the middle rope. He sits on the top rope sizing Stoner up as he tries to scoot away out of the danger zone. Bereft of energy Stoner stops and can barely keep his eyes open as Rogue leaps with another elbow drop.

Mike Fisher – He got his boot up… come on show this upstart what an IIW legend is made of.

Scott James – He’s fired up that’s for sure but does he have enough left in the tank to win this. Adrenaline has made him forget about that bum wheel. He’s running the ropes like he’s 20 years younger.

Mike Fisher – Stonersault or La Quebrada to our Mexican fans. Just a two… he’s calling for The Bong Hit!!! He’s hit it.

Scott James – Rogue is too close to the ropes Hilm cannot lock in the triangle.

With a handful of tights Rogue pulls Hilm towards him and out of the ring. Grown tired of Rogues ringside antics the ref stops him from diving after Stoner. Never one to keep his mouth shut Rogue screams at the ref backing him up across the ring. Cora jumps onto the apron to call to her beau but in his rage, he cannot hear her warning. Hilm is back in the ring.

Roach Clip!!

No referee to count.

Mike Fisher- What the hell? She threw her tarot cards at the ref. It was a good thing they weren’t in that coffin he could have been knocked out.

Scott James – Duke Longbottom is tougher than that. He could have been a wrestler you know.

Mike Fisher – Yes, I know, he’ll tell anyone who near him for more than 3 seconds. It’s a shame he didn’t have 3 seconds to count the fall, Stoner had this won.

Uncharacteristically angry Stoner waves his arms in the arm as he calls the ref on his lack of counting. Duke is busy clearing the cards from the ring and misses Rogues punt from behind, directly to Stoners balls. Hilm drops to his knees, Rogue hits a Sliding D to level his foe then locks in the calf crusher.

Rogue cranks it up, after 30 excruciating seconds Hilm taps, the damage from earlier in the match has taken its toll. Still picking up the 78 tarot cards Longbottom is oblivious. Cora orders the ref to turn around, he orders her off the apron. Irate Rogue grabs Duke spins him around a raise a hand for a slap.

Scott James – How dare Duke out he hands on a wrestler? He just shoved Rogue down, he isn’t a wrestler. He has no right to do that!

Mike Fisher- Rogue was about to hit him, he struck first.

Scott James – How do you know that? Rogue may have been waving.

Screaming like a banshee Cora from the apron. Hilm ignores her but the ref doesn’t. Using the distraction Rogue grabs his coffee and throws it in his opponents’ face. Screaming in pain from the hot coffee Stoner crawls away.

Mike Fisher – Is there no depths to how low Rogue and Cora will sink to.

Scott James – No we know what Cora foresaw in the cards; Stoner is blind. Rogue is looking for…

Mike Fisher- Forever Alone!!! 1-2-3 This is over, get a medic out here, Stoner may have suffered third degree burns.

Scott James – It could have been a whitey.

Mike Fisher – How do you know so many weed related terms?

Scott James – What are you trying to imply Mike? Connor Briggs will be watching, for the record I don’t do drugs. I stayed in school.

As Rogue Celebrates in the ring... Anthony Phoenix strolls out to the entrance

He Holds up the TV Title as he stares Rogue down.... as we head to commercial

Part 2