The KKND Music starts playing as the fans begin to cheer…. Out steps to the ring Mike Fisher and Scott James, they wave to the crowd as they take their seats ringside at the announcers desk.

Mike Fisher: Well we do this again don’t we Scott

Scott James: IT’s so good to be back isn’t it Mike

Mike Fisher: And it’s got that big night feel hasn’t it?

Scott James: You can feel the anticipation in the air!

Mike Fisher: So folks you’re in for a big show tonight 10 matches we have for you tonight, including the crowning of the IIW World Champion!!!!

Scott James: IT’s sure to be one hell of an event Mike!

Mike Fisher: We’re now I hear going to be joined by former IIW Co-Owner Kurt Stevens and IIW Hall Of Famer Hitman

Kurt Stevens: My God, this has been one hell of a return hasn’t it Mike?

Mike Fisher: You’re right on that one Kurt, glad to have you back with us, is it just for one night only?

Kurt Stevens: Yes it is unfortunately, business is booming in other places, you know me, I’ve got many fingers in many different pies

Scott James: And Hitman….You’re making your first return to IIW in 14 years!!!!!

Hitman glares at Scott and remains silent

Kurt Stevens: Whose idea was it to invite Hitman? I mean he’s an IIW Hall of Famer, but he was never known for his talking was he? More the destruction he did in the ring.

Scott James: True…You were a legend weren’t you Hitman?

Scott holds out his hand for a high 5, Hitman just stares at it and slowly shakes his head.

Mike Fisher: So moving on, we start with our first pre show match Chris Norton taking on Bam Miller

Kurt Stevens: Let’s start with an easy one here, ITS FUCKIN MILLER TIME ISNT IT

Mike Fisher: Can you watch your language please Kurt

Kurt Stevens: Fuck Off

Scott James: Well that’s that then,

Scott James: Got to think Chris Norton takes this one here!

Kurt Stevens: So guess you’ve got the deciding vote Hitman

Hitman is shown just playing on his phone not paying any attention to the panelists

Mike Fisher: Guess we’re calling this one a draw then Scotty! The second pre-show match see’s Thomas Stone taking on Joe Barone

Kurt Stevens: Ah the old, Barone-Stone-Drone

Scott James: Are you going to say this is gonna be boring?

Kurt Stevens: Hell Yeah man, Joe Barone has no chance here, This is a pure ass kicking session from Thomas Stone

Scott James: I’ve got to agree with you here I can’t see this going any other way!

Mike Fisher: Do we not give Joe a chance?

Kurt Stevens: If Joe wins this I will make a return to ring and take on Adam The Monster in a pie eating contest!

Mike Fisher: A Strong statement indeed Kurt! Hitman, anything to add?

Hitman continues to ignore the panel

Scott James: We have some breaking news regarding the first match of the main show

Mike Fisher: Yes Scott, Jalen Rose is now officially MIA

Kurt Stevens: He’s become a girl called Mia?

Mike Fisher: No, he’s missing in action

Kurt Stevens: Well have you asked any girls called Mia if they are Jalen Rose?

Mike Fisher: Well No….

Kurt Stevens: Well don’t rule it out then!

Scott James: So you’re telling me that Adam is going one on 3 against the Sky Squad? He’s got no chance surely!

Kurt Stevens: I’m gonna have to agree with you here

Hitman: Now listen here you useless imbeciles, I know Adam very well, me and him are former Tag team champions and this guy just has it, he’s going to pulverise and destroy the foes in front of him, there is not a man on this roster who Adam is scared of and he will take out the Sky Squad one by one

Scott James: Wow, you’re here are you Hitman, how are you doing?

Hitman glares at Scott

Scott James: Next!

Mike Fisher: The return of the tag team titles has been met with a great response in the IIW with so many teams coming back to stake a claim for these titles, even if Bob Mitchell truly believes that he, The Commander Blade Alexander retain the full rights to those belts

Kurt Stevens: Well we all know Bob Mitchell loves a bit of a moan don’t we.

Scott James: True, but this match seems Adam Bradley and the Oncoming Storm Anthony Tudor taking on the James Gang who have been on a bit of a mission recently themselves!

Kurt Stevens: Two strong teams here, this really could go either way, I think I’m going to go for Team Bradders, I’ve known this guy since he was a rookie and he as much as I hate to say it is really coming along!

Scott James: You can tell you haven’t been about because….These 3 Dudes are on fire, plus that have a pretty cool team name, so I’m JAMES GANG all the way

Kurt Stevens: Any relation?

Scott James: I bloody hope so!

Scott James: Is there any point asking you Hitman?

Hitman looks at Scott, stands up and leaves the Panel

Mike Fisher: Do we think we can get anyone else out here?

Kurt Stevens: Charming….Well sounds like we’re ready for the first match!

Pre Show Match 1
No One Will Survive blasts out as the sound of revving engine is heard as Bam emerges to the ring on his Motorcycle, the fans clearly impressed greet Bam with a loud reaction!

Chris Norton who has been waiting in them idle of the ring looks on as he awaits Bam getting in the ring

TheY hook up and Bam immediately smashes Chris round the face, Chris nodded at the blow to the face as if to say he wasn’t going to make that mistake again. He advanced on Miller who backed away and began to strafe to the left, quickly both competitors were circling around each other trying to find their best chance of opening.

The two stepped forward struggling to be the one in charge of the lockup, Miller managed to sweep around Chris to his back; he linked his hands around Chriss waist and lifted him up for a German suplex, Chris thrashed his legs out though causing Miller to botch the lift. Chris lashed out with his elbow two times connecting with Miller’s face causing him to become stunned, after a third strike Miller released the hold and stumbled backwards.

Chris advanced on him quickly hitting him with a European uppercut causing Miller fell backwards into the turnbuckle. Chris blocked his escape and began battering Miller with forearm smashes to the face causing the referee to break it up at a count of four.

As the soon as the referee had moved back out of the way Chris connected with another hard forearm smash, Miller fell back against the ropes and rebounded to be hit with yet another one. Once again Miller fell back against the ropes and rebounded but when Chris lashed out with his forearm Miller managed to grab a hold of it and take Chris down to the mat locking in a kimura.

Chris however was not done, using his hips he managed swivel onto his side and break his arm free of the hold, quickly he slid around Miller and put him in a cross-face. Chris didn’t lock Miller’s arm however, he broke the lock and rolled through putting Chris into an armbar. Chris responds by lifting his legs up and managing to do a backward roll back onto his feet, he then lifted Miller up by his neck and applied a dragon sleeper hold.

Miller manages to twist his body around and out of the hold, he shoves Chris backwards and finally the two are free of the technical wrestling. The crowd began an applause because of the beauty of the exchange, Chris held his two hands out to except it and Miller gave him a curt nod.

The two competitors had begun circling each other once again, both of them seemed much more cautious this time however now that they were aware of what the other was capable. Every time Chris tried to close the gap between the two Miller would lash out with a huge hay-maker to keep him at bay, measuring his distance.

Miller charged forward with another hay-maker but it was a feint punch, he delivered a leg sweep which caused Chris to bump to the ground – immediately however Chris did a kick up back to his feet and delivered another European uppercut to Miller.

Miller launches back with a fierce hay-maker which does indeed connect this time, Miller steps forward to deliver more punches but Chris holds him at bay with an inner thigh kick. Not giving him a chance to recover Chris proceeds to hit Miller with a snap-suplex and quickly went for the cover.!

Not disheartened Chris quickly got back to his feet and delivered a series of elbow drops. On the third attempt Miller rolled out of the way and Chriss elbow hit the mat with a hard crack. Before he knew what was happening Miller had sneaked behind him and locked in the sleeper hold he called:

Chris stretched his arm out madly trying to reach the top rope, his finger nails scratched the surface of the rope briefly before Miller managed to pull Chris away into the middle of the ring. Chris sunk to one knee in despair and the referee stepped in to check he was still conscious.

The referee raised Chris’
s arm and...

He manages to keep it held up and the referee gives the signal that the match is not yet over. A surge of adrenaline rushed to Chris because of panic and he managed to wildly get back to his feet, he thrashed and spasmed and Miller struggled to keep the hold locked in. Again he stretched his hand out and was less than a centimetre away from the ropes-

Miller released the hold and wrapped his hands around Chriss waist nailing him with a German suplex, he finished the move in a bridge and so the referee fell to the mat to make the pin-!

Chris just managed to get his shoulder up, within seconds both men were on their feet trading back and forth blows, Miller again got the upper hand here delivering a series of shots, Chris fell against the ropes stunned, Miller bounced off the adjacent ropes and attempted a clothesline but Chris pulled the rope down causing Miller to go tumbling to the outside of the ring.

Chris (clearly weary) just managed to pull himself up to the top turnbuckle where he rested for a while. Surprisingly Miller recovered on the outside with a bit more speed and managed to get to his feet, he staggered towards the ring and looked up just in time to see Chris leaping off the top rope to perform a moon-sault, Miller on the outside just manages to avoid the move which causes Chris to crash to the floor. Hard.

Bam Miller slowly moves over to Chris, he lifts him up hooking him over his shoulders….

“ITS MILLER TIME” Bam Shouts as he smashes Chris into his knee and covers for the pin



Melanie Jackson – Your winner….BAM MILLER!

Mike Fisher: Wow well we just had our first match there with Bam Miller picking up the victory!

Scott James: Called it MILLER TIME all over! It’s the start of something I can feel it!

Mike Fisher: Well thankfully after Hitman left we’ve been sent down IIW Alumni Sebastian Redditch

Sebastian: Glad to be here Mike, I’ve been waiting a long time for Osh Vaughan to call the Gymniac back to the square circle, I just assumed it would be to wrestle again rather than to give my opinions on these out of shape, overweigh yobs he’s currently recruited to wrestle

Mike Fisher: Well hopefully a good showing here and Osh may allow you back in!

Scott James: Well start us off Sebastian, how are you calling the Boiler Room Brawl match?

Sebastian: This is exactly what I mean by out of shape yobs, 3 guys here who are only achieving something by throwing the kitchen sink at each other! I don’t know, the middle one

Scott James: Ryan Hawkins?

Sebastian: Sure, why not

Mike Fisher: I honestly didn’t think we could get worse review after dealing with Hitman, but here you go!

Kurt Stevens: Sebastian, I personally told Osh not to rehire you, so that’s why you haven’t got a job here! Now look do your job right and you might have a chance, Mike, I’m going for Chris Nitro here… How can anyone argue with Monday Night Nitro?

Scott James: I’m going to go with Ryan Hawkins, not because he’s the one in the middle but because he’s had such a good showing in these first few months, I really believe he will stake him claim as the new Hardcore Icon!

Mike Fisher: This moves us onto Tyler Debonair vs Ryan McCann

Kurt Stevens: I never thought I’d see the day when Ryan McCann was on a hot streak! The way he’s disposed of Lucifer and The Lost Soul when no one else gave him a chance is admirable

Scott James: Yes against the unknown quantity that is Tyler Debonair, I’m going to side with you and go Ryan McCann

Kurt Stevens: I didn’t actually pick Ryan, so you know what I’m going against you and I’m going for Tyler Debonair

Sebastian Redditch: Someone in the shape that Tyler Debonair is in, surely can’t lose this match, I’m team Debonair all the way!

Mike Fisher: Things really begin to ramp up now with the Key 2 Success Match don’t they?

Kurt Stevens: Osh always was fun of a wacky concept!

Scott James: you’re telling me, I won a competition to become the new announcer!

Kurt Stevens: In a way you could say the rest of us all lost…. The two winners is an interesting thing though, I’m not really sure which way to call this. I think my thoughts are I go down history and we go with Blade Alexander… He is undefeated after all you know!

Scott James: It’s a great shot, I can’t get away from thinking Jess James does it you know, it’s all in the name!!!!

Sebastian Redditch: Hale Cassidy

Kurt Stevens: Are you serious?

Scott James: You really have been paying no attention have you

Sebastian Redditch: I like his name!

Scott James: That really isn’t’ any reason to pick someone to win!

Sebastian Redditch: BITE ME!

Mike Fisher: Things really name a twisted turn as we see the ultimate Grudge match as Commish Chino takes on Dan DiStoner and the returning Jason Myers

Kurt Stevens: I’ve known these 3 guys a hell of a long time, they really are 3 of the sickest bastards I’ve ever come across, Chino, the Hardcore icon speaks for himself…Dan Distoner just seems to thrive on Pain and Jason Myers really just feeds off the adrenaline returning here

Mike Fisher: This really could be the show stealer!

Scott James: It just shows how big this card is, that every single match could go either way, Osh actually has done something well

Kurt Stevens: Don’t’ give this guy too much credit alright?

Sebastian Redditch: Chino

Scott James: I’m really going to put in a word to Osh that we get much better calibre of panelist

Kurt Stevens: He obviously spent all his budget on me! I am incomparable!

Mike Fisher: Well you’re not the only one but we’ll come to that soon or later, so whose your pick here?

Scott James: I’m actually going to agree with Sebastians astute suggestion and go for Chino

Kurt Stevens: I think this is the first clean sweep, Chino is a sick fuck and he will do something outrageous to ensure he gets the win.

Mike Fisher: Big pluses here for Chino then, now…This next match, Anthony Phoenix has been on the receiving end of a few beatings in his short stint back in the IIW, yet still finds himself with the opportunity of claiming the IIW TV Title

Scott James : A great redemption arc no doubt!

Kurt Stevens: But how can you write off Benz? What a man this guy is, he’s literally dragged himself up from the gutter to become the IIW TV title, he’s lived and dreamt outside the IIW Arena in the bushes for so long now, he’s back he’s a made man again… I don’t see how you can’t go anywhere but Bens for the 1…2…3

Sebastian Redditch: They’re both Bums to me, neither of these will achieve the great heights I goto in the IIW

Scott James: Don’t you hold the longest losing streak in the company history?

Sebastian Redditch: You can twist facts to your own pleasure can’t you Scott?

Scott James: you literally never won a match!

Mike Fisher: Come on guys, we’ve got to be quick!!! The show starts soon!

Scott James: Jake E Dangerously.. Jonny C… A battle from birth to death….These two continue to duel from one side of the earth to the other

Mike Fisher: And now we have the IIW World Title on the line

Kurt Stevens: I Really do just love these guys, they are everything that is Intense International Wrestling… When I ran this place, you knew these were 2 guys you could just depend on!.. It’s no surprise to see them once again facing off for the IIW World Title!

Mike Fisher: So this is it crunch time…Who do you pick??


Scott James: I Can’t go anywhere but my boy Jonny C!

Mike Fisher: Last word goes to you Sebastian….Who is winning this match?

Sebastian: I believe it’s….. Darkness envelops the arena when the house lights dim.


Pre Show Match 2
“Ladies and gentlemen its time for the feature presentation”

Spotlights light up the top of the ramp, on the Oshtron an image of heavy curtains opening reveal the MGM lion roaring.

Two bald-head bouncers walk onto the stage talking to their wrist radios. Over the speakers you hear “They’re ready for the Superstar… Joe Barone to the red carpet”.

The ramp lights up red like a carpet rolling to the ring. As the intro to ""I Made It" (Cash Money Heroes) by Kevin Rudolf plays signalling the arrival of a true wrestling superstar Joe Barone struts onto the ramp, with his shades on of course. He stands at the top of the ramp to give his ‘adoring’ fans a chance to bask in his greatness.

“Paparazzi” scramble either side of the ramp calling for Joe to look at them or pose. Joe walks down the ramp waving and stopping to pose for the “press”.

Melanie Mike Fisher: Making his way to the ring... weighting in at 200 lbs, from Hollywood, California, he is 'Superstar' Joe Barone!!!

When he reaches the bottom, he stops, and the lights go out with a low boom. A single star-shaped spotlight finds Joe stood with his arms outstretched. His music stops to be replaced by Jesus Christ Superstar orchestral intro.

“Joe Barone!!!! Superstar!!!
You’re as good as you say you are!!!!
Joe Barone!!!! Superstar!!!
You’re as good as you say you are!!!!!”

One by one he walks up the ring steps, stops at the top to wipe his boots on the apron then steps between the ropes. He spins in circles with his arms aloft celebrating his arrival. The paparazzi are now ringside with flashbulbs popping as the orchestra reaches its crescendo.

Mid-ring Joe drops to a knee as all goes black.

After three seconds the lights come up with the shot tight on Joe, as the camera pulls back the Truth is revealed behind the Superstar.

Mike Fisher: Wake Up Call by Thomas Stone!!!! Barone hasn’t even taken his robe off.

Scott James: Stone could end it right here. Joe is flopping like a fish and Truth is stood watching calmly, almost bemused.

‘The Superstar’ Joe Barone gets to his feet trying to open his robe. The Truth Serum hits the spot, levelling the stunned Barone.

Mike Fisher: Joe would confess to anything right now to stop the punishment. Stone is looking to end this he’s setting Barone up for his variation of the Sharpshooter… Truth Hurts he got it locked in.

Scott James: Barone taps like Fred Astaire in Swing Time. The ref calls for the break. The Truth has set him free.

Mike Fisher: That could well be the faster match in IIW Supershow history. Thomas Stone showed everyone he is a force to reckon with in IIW.

The humming intro of Wake Up by Rage Against the Machin begins to play throughout the arena as ‘The Truth’ Thomas Stone ‘climbs up the turnbuckle with one foot on the top turnbuckle and one on the middle. Thomas throws up his right hand that is covered in a black glove and holds it in a fist.

New Netflix Rep Connor Briggs is shown getting out of a car driven by Toni Kane, he smirks smugly before throwing Toni a roll of notes and continuing his walk in, Michael Morrison I there to meet him, he is holding a letter in his hand

Michael Morrison: Hello Connor, We heard late this week about your introduction to the IIW

Connor Briggs: Michael, The pleasure is all yours, The thing is look around you, there is massive, massive potential around here, the fans are here in their tens of thousands, the competition is perfect, but the man management of staff behind the scenes is not on. I’ve heard that the Janitor hasn’t been paid yet and that one of Osh’s staff members was kept locked away for years on end, look I get it Osh must be good at the whole wrestling enterprise thing, but the Human Resources, the Taxes, the Policies, I don’t believe any of these have been looked at from day 1, when I asked for a copy of the Fair employment policy, Osh Vaughan handed me something that looked like it had been scribbled down by Stoner and had a photo take of it!

Michael Morrison: So have you been brought here to keep things in check?

Connor Briggs: I’m here to make sure this is a correctly run establishment, look at this first step I’ve had to deal with

Connor opens the letter

Connor Briggs: This is an official lawsuit from one Mr. Bob Mitchell, he is claiming multiple thefts, multiple damage of property and a claim for 10% of the IIW Building, from what I hear Osh has granted him this but it is not for Osh to grant, all business deals pending Agreement clause 5.41C clearly states.

‘All business transactions involving the IIW will be ran past the Netflix board for approval’

Thankfully the big bosses at Netflix have given me full approval to make any changes I feel like making, now luckily I happen to have been a big wrestling fan growing up and look forward to making some tough but correct calls to protect the integrity of this federation.

You’re welcome!

Conor continues his walk into the IIW Arena as the Opening Credits for KKND Begin to roll.

Tag Team Titles Tournament Round 1

Showtime Monsters vs Sky Squad


Mike Fisher: ITS THAT TIME



The Instrumental 2001 Space Odyssey intro begins as
a rocket rises from either the bottom of the center of the stage or drops from the bottom of the titantron to the stage and the song changes to Warrior Man by Lateralus by tool as the pod door opens
Ace Sky walks out in an aviator jacket and his usual in ring attire, he salutes a peace sign and jogs down the aisle way high-fiving as many fans as possible on both sides then he dashes forward leaps upon the apron and flings himself in with a front flip followed by a series of three front handsprings and a rolling savate kick followed by Dallas Riley and Kitsune


Monster by Automatic begins to play as Adam The Monster makes his way out to the ring on his own as we saw on the pre-show, there has been no sign of Jalen Rose. Shaun Hart has continued his look for him

Adam The Monster stands in the ring as he eyes up all 3 members of the Sky Squad, he points at them one by one and rubs his belly

The 3 men play Rock Paper Scissors to see who is going to be the first man to face off against the towering Adam The Monster, unfortunately for Dallas Riley he loses and has to face Adam.

The Bell Rings and Adam straight away picks up Dallas Riley and throws him out of the ring


Adam Roars as he invites Kitsune in, Kitsune slides in and begins to circle Adam gaining his attention as Ace Ian and Dallas Riley pull something out of a bag

Mike Fisher: Is it me Scott or does that look like a cattle prod?

Adam continues to chase Kitsune around the ring as Dallas Riley sneaks up behind him and attacks him with the cattle prod. There is a massive thump as Adam The Monster hits the floor and his body starts spasming around on the ground

Scott James: We’ve finally found out what it takes to get Adam The Monster off his feet…This looks like it’s over Mike!

The Sky Squad all get in the ring and celebrate by all doing backflips

Scott James: It’s Backflip city bitch!

Kitsune does a front flip and the other two look at him in shock

Dallas Riley: What the fuck was that?...We only back flip!

Kitsune starts to apologise as Ace Ian tries to break them up, what they don’t see is an angry angry Monster rising behind them…..He picks the 3 of them up and


Mike Fisher: He did the Mash!


Mike Fisher: It was sky squad smash

Scott James: He did the Mash!

Mike Fisher: He caught Sky squad in a flash

Scott James: He did the Mash!

Mike Fisher: He did the Monster mash

Adam Pins all 3 as the referee counts





Mike Fisher: A great start to the IIW PPV With IIW Legend Adam The Monster picking up a shocking win against the odds 3 on 1

Scott James: The only shocking thing is that there are STILL 3 members of Sky Squad left on this planet

Nero Forte by Slipknot starts to play as the crowd get to their feet, Zack Steele emerges from the back, wearing a paisley button-down shirt, a pair of grey check suit trousers and a pair of black leather Chelsea boots, his long undercut hair tied back into a bun. His father Mark Steele follows him wearing a grey suit with a white shirt and black tie. The music dies down and the crowd’s boos get louder, Mark and Zack just look at each other laughing. Mark gestures for the crowd to be quiet and the boos just get louder, which just makes Mark shake his head laughing whilst handing a microphone to Zack.

“So, this is I…I…W, I have wrestled in a lot of places, but I’ll give you this one, I’ve never competed in front of less deserving fans than you.”

The crowd gets reignited.

“Now that I truly have your attention, I am out here to say that I have not spent years becoming the best prospect in professional wrestling, competing in some of the most iconic venues in world like Korakuen Hall and Arena Mexico, to come here and not be given the respect and recognition I deserve, and if you don't get what I deserve then you'll be getting an all inclusive trip to Sky Blue Way”

Mark pats Zack on the back and hypes him up to the crowd

"Now my words this evening, might have made me public enemy number one to some people, and to them I say make sure you know what you're getting yourselves into. However it may have also made some people re-evaluate their own personal worth and aspirations, and to those people I say this...You're only as good as the company you keep"

A smirk grows on Zack's face as he drops the mic and Nero Forte kicks back in and he raises one finger as Mark applauds him and the crowd boo and jeer him.

Tag Team Titles Tournament Round 1 Match

Adam Bradley and Anthony Tudor vs James Gang


Adam and Anthony got off to a winning start last week even if there was a little bit of an issue at the end of the match, they will be now have a chance to progress in the Title Tournament taking on Bully and Mike James who were certainly involved a lot at Mayhem this past week, they have very quickly looked to make a lot of enemies.


Mike: Tag team action is on the docket, as the James Gang look to make people realise last week was more than a mere warning. It was a statement of intent.

Scott: I've been impressed from what I've seen and heard from these guys, though I wish they had an actual tag team to face. No offense to Bradley and Tudor.

Mike James and Adam Bradley step out from their respective corners, having been chosen via deliberations as the 2 that shall start out this match up. Glaring at one another, both men attempt to figure out their best possible route to victory. Or at the very least, to attaining the advantage for their team; be able to force their terms upon this bout. Something that is more important for Bradley, seeing as he & Tudor are the more - makeshift team, whereas the James Gang know one another inside out.

Mike: Neither man wants to show their hand early.

Scott: Why would you, Mike?

Mike: I didn't say they should. Just that they aren't.

Scott: You're implying it. Otherwise, why even mention it?

Mike: *sighs*

Shuffling to the left, Adam shoots out a kick as Mike attempts to manuver his way in. A warning shot if you wanna call it that, even though it didn't connect.

Mike decides to slightly step back in response to the kick, only for Bradley to use that to his advantage; leap into the air and send Mike crashing to the mat with a dropkick.

Mike: Bradley strikes first with that dropkick. Making sure the James gang realise what is at stake here.

Laughing as he lands. Gently pushing himself up, Bradley attempts to grab a hold of Mike's right wrist, only to fall into the trap the crafty; gritty wrestler created. Receiving a drop toe hold as a result as Mike makes his way back to his feet.

Scott: I think Bradley forgot Mike's no slouch. He knows how to pick apart opponents; create openings for himself and Bully.

Mike: Indeed he does. Showing it right there.

Following up with a knee drop to the centre of the back. Causing the man known as "Bradders" to slightly reel, and also serving to allow James to lift him up via his left wrist. Although Adam manages to land 3 forearm shivers to the face as he does, causing a slight pulse of pain to begin manifesting itself within Mike.

Mike: Adam attempting to break free, but that hold's tighter than handcuffs.

Scott: *clapping* Never knew you had it in you?

Mike: *puzzled* Huh?

Scott: Nevermind then ... there's your dimwittedness.

Though not enough to force him to relinquish his grasp, nor prevent the short-arm clothesline that follows and sends him back down to the mat with a thud. Pivoting his body, Mike taunts out to the jeering crowd before returning his focus to Adam, who is slowly inching towards his corner - or more accurately, the outstretched hand of Tudor.

Mike: Bradley knows he needs to make a tag here. Try and stem the tide a bit.

Scott: No duh. He might be reckless, but he has a brain. More than I can say about you.

Mike: Really?

Or rather, he was planning to, but a jumping double foot stomp to the small of his back puts an end to those hopes. At least for now. Instead, he finds himself writhe in pain as Mike grabs his right leg; slams it knee first into the mat, slightly smirking as he does. Revelling in the pain he is causing.

Scott: Too slow.

Rolling into a supine position, Adam attempts to grasp his knee, but is forced to shoot off a reflex kick with his left due to Mike having a grasp of his right ankle once more. A kick that causes The James Gang member to step back. Recalibrate his strategy; allowing Adam time to push himself upwards.

Mike: Adam opening up a window for himself.

Scott: Yawn ... can he make the most of it? That's all that really matters here.

Following up with a hip toss when Mike charges in with an attempted clothesline, then a knee drop to Mike's head. Slightly disorienting him; allowing Adam to make his way towards Tudor. Though he has to grit his teeth in order to do so, owing to the pain shooting through his body. Mike attempts to grab the right ankle that has been risen once more, only to be thwarted this time by a mule kick sending him down to the mat. On top of enabling Adam to slap the hand of Tudor and tag him in. Much to the chagrin of the James Gang. Anthony is in and the hot tag is working well as Anthony charges through both Mike James and Big Bully!

Anthony squares up to Bully as the two men stand face to face glaring and breathing heavily at each other

Mike: this is just what we wanted!
The two begin to tussle with neither one of them giving an inch to the other, they both deliver big clobbering blows, Anthony finally ducks under a charge from Bully and goes to try and pick him up

Mike Fisher: SURELY NOT

Anthony Tudor POWERSLAMS Big Bully, he lets off a roar in celebration of what he does and signals for THE ONCOMING STORM… As he’s posing Adam slaps him on the back for the tag and jumps in the ring to cover Big Bully.

Anthony stops and looks at Adam, he glares at him…He grabs him by the neck and pulls him to the feet, he picks him up and THE ONCOMING STORM!!!!!

Mike Fisher: OH MY!!!!!! Anthony Tudor has turned on Adam Bradley!!!!

Scott James: I’m pretty sure we all saw this coming

Mike Fisher: You can’t say Adam did!!

Anthony Tudor storms out of the ring and to the back as Mike James sees the opportunity and goes for the pin




Melanie Jackson: Your winners and progressing to the next round of the Tag Title Tournament….. THE JAMES GANG!

The camera flickers on as the scene cuts open to Ryan and Chris Hawkins walking down the halls of the IIW arena. The camera zooms in to see what they’re talking about.

Chris: You know you should be great full that I put aside my business affairs in NJPW to help you reach your goals here in IIW.

Ryan: I didn’t ask for your help for one and never had; you could’ve stayed on the other side of the world, but enough with this. Why did you drag me down here when you know I have a Boiler match tonight?

Chris: You see, little brother, why are you ungrateful for my help? You’ll be thanking me for the business arrangement I’ve made. It’s going to benefit everyone involved.

Ryan: What do you mean?

Chris: Follow me and let e do all the talking and keep those voices in check.

Chris motions Ryan down the hall as they turn the corner; they enter a room and close the door. As the camera zooms in some more, the name on the door reads. Bob Mitchell as the scene goes dark.

Hardcore Title – Boiler Room Brawl

Chris Nitro vs Ryan Hawkins vs Rogue


The Hardcore title scene has been a massive success since it was brought back, but now Osh is looking to capitalise on it’s popularity by forcing 3 men who have been thoroughly involved in the Hardcore title into a Boiler Room Brawl! Who will come out the Champion?

The camera shows a locker room door reading "Rogue Family".

"Disco//very" by Warpaint plays loudly throughout the hallways and the K-K-N-D arena where the fans are watching on the large screen from the audience area. We get a quick view of the fans in the audience, half cheering and half booing.

Mike Fisher - Here we go. Time for Rogue to make his way to the Boiler Room Scott.

Scott James - I can't wait for this match Mike. This might steal the damn show tonight.

Mike Fisher - I couldn't agree more Scott. THIS is going to be good.

The door is slowly opened, revealing Rogue, straight faced, cool, calm, and collected. Rogue looks ready for a fight for his life, donning his usual Under Armor tactical boots, his ripped jean shorts, and a black sleeveless shirt. His wrists are more heavily taped than usual. He stands in the doorway, using his hands on his chin to bend his neck left and right to crack it. His whips his hair back, and his facial expression grows intense. Cora reveals herself behind him, wearing black Vans, black knee sigh socks, and and all black wrestling attire with a silver and purple galaxy design on it. Under her right armpit area, she is carrying her coffin. Her face is painted with black smears and blood-red colored teers streaming down her face.

Mike Fisher - Rogue looks ready. Wow. This is exciting stuff.

Scott James - Cora looks terrifying. This is going to be something special.

Rogue hops up and down a few times to get moving, preparing himself. He swings his arms, criss-crossing them to stretch out and warm up. Rogue takes his first step out of the doorway, and begins walking left down the hallway, being followed from behind by Cora, with the camera-man behind bith of them. Rogue and Cora take a couple left turns down the hallway, opening up to a main, larger hallway. Many of the IIW combat talent and regular talent are standing on the sides of the hallway, on as Rogue and Cora march to battle. Some of the talent shout out positive messages, supporting Rogue, while some talk trash and try to distract Rogue, to no avail. Rogue is focused. Cora is focused.

Mike Fisher - Some friends and foe that Rogue and Cora have earned here in IIW are really paying attention to this match tonight.

Scott James - Yeah. It's definitely split here right now. With the fans too obviously. This might be a very defining match for these men tonight, Mike. Either way it goes, it's going to be epic.

IIW staff standing in the hallway clear the path, getting out of Rogue and Cora's way, not to disturb either of them. Rogue and Cora make a final right turn, and walk down another large hallway.

Rogue's theme "Disco//very" by Warpaint has reached a very climatic point as Rogue and Cora stop at an entrance to a dark area, with "Boiler Room" painted above it.

"Like cyanide."

"It's poisonnnn."

Scott James - Creepy song. Very fitting.

Mike Fisher - What an entrance by The Rogue Family here tonight. I'm getting goosebumps here Scott.

"She'll eat you aliiive."

Rogue looks up at the "Boiler Room" painted text leading to the dark entrance-way to the match.

"Don't you battle, we'll kill youuuu."

"We'll rip you up and tear you in twwoo."

Cora stands in front of Rogue and hugs him. They grasp onto each other, and Rogue motions for her to take off. Cora nods and leaves the scene with her coffin. Rogue stands at the entrance of the Boiler Room, preparing to enter.

Mike Fisher - I'm. So. Ready.

Lucifer by Jay Z starts playing and the camera is showing the entrance for the boiler room of the IIW arena. Chris Nitro comes flying down the hallway opposite the door riding the back of a shopping cart filled with weapons. He comes to a stop right next to the door. He pulls out a roll of tape from his pocket and starts to tape his knuckles up. He finishes that and removes his leather jacket and sets it down outside the boiler room. He kneels down to make sure his boots are tied tight.

He stands up grabs the shopping cart and kicks the door open. He walks in to the boiler room and immediately starts throwing weapons everywhere. He grabs his barbwire baseball bat and starts yelling "come out come out wherever you are."

From the minute Rogue enters he takes off towards Ryan Hawkins, Chris Nitro backs away holding his neck and playing sick, 0dr walks out to the top of the ramp and watches as Rogue and Ryan Hawkins go head to head, Rogue smashes a light tube over Hawkins’s head and with a loud bang Rogue gets this hellacious match underway. Chris Nitro looks up and realizes he stands under one of four boxes with a special surprise in it, Nitro opens the box as Rogue continues his assault on Ryan Hawkins, Nitro flips open the lid and pulls out a Kendo Stick wrapped with barbwire and light tube glass, he begins to almost freeze up

Before Chris Nitro can get a single breathe out, Rogue comes rushing with a head of steam and nearly decapitates Chris Nitro with a humongous boot to the face!

Rogue grabs Chris Nitro who now has dropped the weapon, Rogue whips him into the ropes and Nitro nearly goes over, he stops inches before going over the top rope and into the barbwire! Rogue rushes at Nitro possibly to put him over and Nitro back body drops Rogue, onto the barbwire! A spark goes off and we see some smoke, as Nitro backs up Ryan Hawkins, grabs the kendo stick and smashes Chris Nitro in the back of the head! Rogue is still trying to get out of the barbwire mess, Ryan Hawkins drops the kendo stick and goes to the other corner, he opens the box and takes a step back, and his facial expression is enough

As Ryan Hawkins looks stunned and confused, Chris Nitro goes for a quick roll up, after realizing the type of match he breaks the pin, Ryan Hawkins goes to hit Nitro who grabs his neck, Hawkins hesitates and Nitro kicks Hawkins in the gut, he nails Hawkins with a DDT, then Nitro oddly enough walks over to the gay porn and begins to look at the magazine, Rogue crawls back into the room and nails Nitro in the back with a dropkick sending Nitro over the ropes to the barbwire. Before picking up Ryan Hawkins, Rogue goes to the third box, he opens it up and pulls out…..two bags, he unties them both, shards of broken glass and thumbtacks! Rogue dumps them out and then looks up, like an eerie scene from a movie, Rogue looks at 0dr and points at him, he begins to walk towards the door but gets cut off by Ryan Hawkins, Hawkins brooms Rogue’s focus back to the match, Chris nails Rogue with some right hands then a kick to the gut, he runs over to the final box and reveals it to be the light tube box he begins to throw light tube after light tube at Rogue, He gets to his feet but is knocked down quick with a kendo shot from Rogue!

Mike Fisher: Look at that carnage!

Rogue looks around as the other two men lay on the floor Chris Nitro is beginning to bleed as Rogue wipes blood from his own forehead. Rogue grabs Ryan Hawkins, and places him on the table bridge over the barbwire, Rogue then grabs Chris Nitro, he lifts him up and power bombs Chris Nitro through the table and Ryan Hawkins, both men feel their skin rip from the barbwire, Chris Nitro and Ryan Hawkins both make it back onto their feet, the two men go after Rogue. Rogue fights off the two until Nitro nails him in the head with the kendo stick, Rogue falls to the ground as they grab two chairs, Rogue is on his knees and Nitro has a chair, so does Hawkins, they conchairto Rogue as blood begins to come out of the mouth of Rogue, Rogue is out and down! Nitro and Hawkins high five each other and then start brawling!, they both walk toward the door when they hear Rogue get up, they turn around and Rogue is busted open bad! Nitro runs at Rogue and he gets a kick to the face, Hawkins prepares for Rogue but Rogue just kicks him in the balls. Hawkins falls to the ground as Nitro is fallen next to him, Rogue grabs Nitro and tosses him into the wall.

Nitro looks at Hawkins and they nod to each other, they both grab Rogue and throw him into the ladder, Nitro looks at Hawkins and the two begin brawling again, they get close to the edge but make their way away from it, Rogue gets to his feet and picks up a chair, he makes his way to the brawling duo and nails Nitro in the head with a chair shot! He turns to Hawkins but Hawkins kicks Rogue in the gut and nails him in the back with the chair, Rogue gets to his feet and nails Hawkins in the face with a superkick again! This time nailing the chair face first into Ryan Hawkins!

Chris Nitro comes flying in with a lead pipe, but Rogue ducks it and kicks Chris causing him to drop the Lead Pipe, Rogue grabs Chris Nitro by the head….FOREVER ALONE!!!!!

Chris Nitro’s head is smashed open as it connects with the lead pipe on the floor, Rogue dives onto Chris Nitro going for the cover





Cora Black is quick to open the Boiler Room door as she runs in and hugs Rogue as he half collapses, Cora holds him up as she helps him out carrying the Hardcore title

A drone camera shot flies over a large body of water to find a massive vessel anchored all alone. It passes by a few times before the shot keys in on the name of the yacht, Ruinous Ways, before landing on the deck. The video package seamlessly changes to a few shots of the opulent seafaring craft before finally ending on the main deck of the ship. There stands a tanned, incredibly fit, blonde haired woman wearing a rainbow bikini. She’s looking out over the seas paying no attention to the camera. The package changes once again to quick flashes of the same woman training in what looks to be the most complete facilities on the planet but never showing her face clearly. The pace in which she moves and the intensity of which she trains is mind boggling. The shot comes back to the ship where a gray miniature Shar-Pei dog with a diamond studded collar is sat next to the woman. A familiar voice to some begins to speak while still not showing her face.

??: So I’m out here on the beautiful Mediterranean Sea try to decompress from some unnecessary drama in my life. Minding my own business, not a cre in the world. Then I received an email the was troubling at first because it drummed up some feelings I long forgot about. You see there was a federation that gave me my start in this business. They took a chance on the most successful Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner in the history of the world and let her run wild in the fed. I met my ex wife there, held gold, and made a stable that dominated. Then it all just vanished like a thief in the night. Gone in one night, with not so much as a shitty email saying it was all over.

She repositions herself and the camera captures the bottom half of her face for a split second.

??: So this brings me to the correspondence I received today. It comes from the desk of Osh Vaughan, the owner of Intense International Wrestling. He’s extended an invitation to return to the place that both built me but also broke me as well. There’s tons of feels surrounding this chance piece of digital messaging. After IIW closed its doors I became a very angry, violent, undesirable woman. Like I said the news of the fed closure didn’t sit well with me and I went crazy trying to find myself in the wake of the first failure in my life. Life spiraled out of control and I did the one thing I could think of with my brother. We started the premier combat sports institution on the planet in our hometown of Seattle, Washington. TRIOCS is the place you come when you want to train with the best in your sport of choice. That satisfied my need to be both in the ring and I was able to give back to the world what I’m best at, fighting.

The camera is set upon a table and the woman stands up. She’s clearly in incredible shape as the eight pack of abs she has is on full display. She paces around the deck of the ship for a bit. There still is a clear shot of who this person is. She comes back to the camera and picks it up selfie style. She points the lens to her face revealing that thTRHe mystery woman has been Ryleigh Ruin the whole time.

Ryleigh: So… What am I to do here, my Little Monsters? Do I go back to a place that won’t let me complete the way it’s done these days? A place that so rudimentary that they haven’t integrated their roster yet. Because it’s 2021 and men and women in wrestling are seen as equals and it’s no longer a male dominated sport. You all know that I can scrap with the best in the biz and whoop that ass! I’m not prepared to take a step back and only fight in the nonexistent women’s division in IIW. So this is the case, Mr. Vaughan. You allow my to compete side by side with the rest of the roster and I’ll come back to your brand. If not I’m sorry, but I’ve got many other places that I can do so and see that there’s not difference in gender in wrestling anymore. Those are my terms as you asked for. Hell you don’t even need to pay for all I care. Because we both know I’m not starving here.

Ryleigh spins around and the yacht is clearly unbelievably expensive.

Ryleigh: Balls in your court, Osh. You know where to find me if you make the right decision. If not, go ahead and live in the Stone Age and have fun with you federation. I’ll be awaiting your response but to be honest I’m not doing so with any confidence in the answer will go my way.

Ry shakes her head in disbelief that there are feds that still haven’t gone intergender still. She looks at the camera one last time.

Ryleigh: I hope to see the IIW universe quite soon and remind them of the type of violence I like to display. Make the right choice, Vaughan!! Let me compete with any and all in the fed… Anyways, I’m out of here. I love you all and give this woman a chance!!

The feed abruptly ends...