Indestructible by Disturbed begins to play as the crowd sends out a mixed reaction for the new IIW Commish,

Scott: Out comes Chino to start off tonight’s show, wonder what the new commish has to say

Mike: Well I imagine that's why hes coming out, he's clearly wanting our attention.

As Chino makes it down the entrance way ignoring the fans as he walks with a purpose to the ring, he slides in under the bottom ropes and walks over to grab a mic.

As his music fades out he smirks before pressing the mic to his lips and speaking to the crowd in attendance

Chino: Last week, Osh Vaughn granted me the power to decide some major events in IIW, take in point last weeks TV title match. Congrats to Benz, well deserved win. People like Dan DiStoner found out first hand that things happen for a reason, now, I bet you're wondering why Jason Myers and myself have aligned, well no fear that was merely a favor as a way to reintroduce him to the IIW world, So Dan, tonight, you face Stabby Joe, and it may seem like an easy victory given abilities at hand but I am the wild card!

Now, I will be fair, for you, if you can win, I'll grant you a match with Jason Myers, but, if you lose tonight, well, you will never get the chance for IIW World title gold!

Scott: Whoa! A bombshell from Chino! If DiStoner loses he may as well retire!

Mike: DiStoner isn't going to let this go Scott, I have a feeling the DiStoner effect will have its mark on this day before its over....

Chino: Let me not stop with DiStoner, Allow me to focus some attention on a newly signed wrestler, one who goes by the name "The Lost Soul"

*The crowd erupts with a "He's not Chino" Chant as a smirk draws across the commish's face*

Chino: No, that he is not. Has he lost faith in what he believed in? Only time will tell. You see, 20 years ago when I stepped foot into this sport, right after the towers fell, I was.....A Lost Soul. I was, THE Lost Soul. Eventaully I progressed to the Extreme Icon, but one does not forget his roots. So, Lost Soul, this, this is my sincere and direct warning to you. You have my attention. Don't squander it, One time, is all it takes. I'll be waiting. As for the rest of the IIW, you're all on notice! The early bird gets the worm, and the squeaky wheel gets the oil.....

*Chino drops the mic and rolls out of the ring as Indestructible by DIsturbed begins to play, the fans continue their mixed reaction for the Commish as he interacts with a few fans on his way to the back..

The lights go low as the song no sunshine by DMX plays thru the speakers in the arena as the pyro on the stage goes off out walks JR and The Mad Titan Alexander Drake.

'Pure Evil' can be heard blasting out of the PA system, as the lights dim, save for a hazy maroon spotlight that shines on a currently empty stage, before a silhouette can be made out of a male figure, standing just behind the spotlight with his hands extended out in a cross formation, before the spotlight expands to reveal that the figure is wearing a black 'Adidas' hoodie (with the hood up, concealing his identity at this time), Maroon/Purple/Gold wrestling rights and black/blue 'Asic' sneakers Raising his right hand, the figure slowly pushes the hood off, revealing that it is none other than Scotty Adams.

Slightly smirking, he begins to make his way down the ramp as the lights return to their normal radiance, each step with a swagger about it that to some, could very well border on arrogance --- to others, it is just another exhibit of the belief, the confidence that exudes itself from Scotty, born from a meticulous attention to detail he has. Running his hands down his body, he once again extends them out into a cross, only this time he ac complies it with a quick flick of the wrists once he reaches full extension and pauses to allow the crowd a moment to let everything sink in.

Walking around the ring, he slowly takes his jumper off; handing it to one of the attendants at ringside, before making his way up the steel steps in the near right hand side corner and smirking as he glances out to the crowd once more, before stepping between the middle and top rope; turning his full attention and focus to the task at hand.

The bell ring and Scotty immediately pounces on the mad titan with a flying elbow trying to get some quick blows in backing him against the ropes, he digs at the ribs a few times but eventually Drake is able to push Scotty away and compose himself

Mike Fisher – Ooo, Scotty’s gone for the quick start there, he knew with the size of Alexander he needed to get off on the front foot

Scott James- Doesn’t look like it’s made a difference though, Drake’s composed himself and he’s angry!

Alexander Blake begins stomping on the daze body of Ryan Scotty Adams. Each strike getting a louder and louder negative response. Alexander Blake mocks the fans as he turns around into a back clubbing blow from Scotty Adams. Scotty Adams begins punching over and over as Alexander Blake tries to cover up. Scotty Adams grabs one of Alexander Blake's arms and pulls him into a snap slam going for the first pin afterwards.



Scotty Adams picks up the dazed Alexander Blake and nails a scoop slam. He points down at Alexander Blake's body as the crowd cheers him on. He runs off the ropes and hits a huge leg drop which crashes down on Alexander Blake's chest. We see Alexander Blake grab his chest and cough heavily as Scotty Adams gets up and drops an elbow.

Scotty Adams picks Alexander Blake up and whips him off into the ropes and goes down for a back body drop, but Alexander Blake is aware and leaps over the man who turns around into a flash kick. Scotty Adams drops to the mat as Alexander Blake pounces for the cover.




Mike Fisher:"That was a close one!"

Scott James:"Not really.... He clearly kicked out at two.."

Alexander Blake stays on the attack. He stomps and elbows the down Scotty Adams not giving the man a chance to comeback. Scotty Adams catches a fist of Alexander Blake's and shoves him away, but Alexander Blake bounces off the ropes and nails a cross body onto Scotty Adams. Alexander Blake drops down and locks Scotty Adams in a camel clutch.

The ref checks Scotty Adams, but he says no. The crowd trying to will him back into the match. Scotty Adams is on a knee with Alexander Blake still clinging to him. He finally makes it to his feet and tries to grab on to a rope, but Alexander Blake pulls him back. Scotty Adams looks like he is now fading, but then nails an elbow to the side of Alexander Blake and then another and another. Alexander Blake looks to be losing his grip, but out of nowhere lets go of the hold and grabs Scotty Adams's head, swinging around and nailing a Tornado DDT. Alexander Blake floats over into the cover.





Scotty Adams kicks out and Alexander Blake can't believe it. He points 3 fingers to the ref, but only gets 2 back in his face. The crowd cheering for Scotty Adams who is reeling back into the match. Alexander Blake looks at Scotty Adams and backs into a corner. He begins to pat his leg...maybe calling for another flash kick.

Scotty Adams makes it to his feet as Alexander Blake yells at him to "Turn the fuck around damn it!". Scotty Adams finally turns as Alexander Blake rushes in for his kick, but Scotty Adams ducks under it and instead grabs Alexander Blake by the arm. Alexander Blake looks shocked before he is dropped hard with the "Eltham Massacre". Scotty Adams covers hooking the leg.





Mike Fisher:"Now THAT was close!"

Scott James:"I thought he had him there!"

Alexander Blake kicked out at the very last possible second. Scotty Adams can't believe it and neither can the crowd. Scotty Adams has some trouble, but makes it to his feet still with a look of shock on his face. He reaches down and pulls a limp and almost lifeless Alexander Blake up. Alexander Blake falls and leans on the chest of Scotty Adams almost using him for support to keep his balance. Scotty Adams shoves him off as Alexander Blake bounces off the ropes and comes back, tripping Scotty Adams, he goes to pick him up looking to deliver a vicious looking powerbomb….but Scotty wriggles out of it….KICK TO THE GUT…he hooks the arms…. SHATTERED FAITH
Mike Fisher – “WHAT A MOVE”




::The lights go down in the arena and the sound of a little girl humming "ring around the rosie" is heard. As she reaches the end she begins to sing the words aloud:: "ashes, ashes, they all fall.......Down!"
::Right as she says down a video appears on the tron in black & white showing a bare tree with an old swing hanging from it. Suddenly a little girl appears on the swing, once again humming and looking down at the ground as she swings back and forth.......she looks up seemingly staring into the soul of the viewer::

"The end is nigh....and something wicked this way comes"

::The tron goes dark and all that can be heard is the laughter from the young girl. The lights come back on, and the laughter ceases, everything is seemingly back to normal except Erron Crowley is now stood in the ring laughing….

Erron Crowley: I challenge any man to come out here and face me!

‘what’s that coming over the hill is a Monster…ADAM THE MONSTER’ begins to play as Adam The Monster makes his way out followed by Shaun Hart

Adam gets in the ring and ROARS at Erron Crowley, who laughs like a maniac

Scott James – MONSTER VS FIEND!!!!!

Mike Fisher – This should be a close battle

The Bell rings….. Adam takes one step towards Erron Crowley and eats him

Scott James – You were saying?

Mike Fisher – Well… I guess you never know what you’re gonna get in IIW!!!!

Adam The Monster belches as we go to commercial

Darkness envelops the arena when the house lights dim.

“Ladies and gentlemen its time for the feature presentation”

The intro to ""I Made It" (Cash Money Heroes) by Kevin Rudolf plays signalling the arrival of a true wrestling superstar Joe Barone struts onto the ramp, with his shades on of course. He stands at the top of the ramp to give his ‘adoring’ fans a chance to bask in his greatness. A single gold star spotlights lead the way to the ring; when they are all lit up, he begins his slow walk to the warzone.

Melanie Mike Fisher: Making his way to the ring... weighting in at 200 lbs, from Hollywood, California, he is 'Superstar' Joe Barone!!!

One by one he walks up the ring steps, stops at the top to wipe his boots on the apron then steps between the ropes. He spins in circles with his arms aloft celebrating his arrival.

Scot James: Just like the song says Joe Barone has made it to the big show.

Mike Fisher: IIW Combat is a great show to IIW wrestlers to show their skills, but there is no denying Monday Night Mayhem is the flagship.

Having reached the ring 'Superstar' Joe Barone takes a bow, ready to perform.

"Disco//very" by Warpaint starts to play as the arena lights dim.

Two people are standing at the top of the ramp as the song gets into its juicy parts. The lights slowly brighten, revealing Rogue standing ahead of his girlfriend Cora Black.

Scott James – That right there could be IIW’s power couple right there. Their IIW Combat debut showed how well they work together, perhaps the best ever.

Mike Fisher – I’m sure Scotty Adams and Bianca Langford would argue that Scott.

Scott James: Now that could be a great contest on the microphone and in the ring.

Mike Fisher: She has the ominous black coffin of Tarot cards, we saw come into play on Combat will it be a factor here.

Rogue slowly walks down to the ring, pointing his bat at some fans booing him, and giving hard looks to others. Rogue and Cora both nod and smirk at some of the fans in the aisle to the ring that are cheering.

Melanie Mike Fisher: Making his way to the ring, accompanied by Cora Black... weighting in at 210 lbs, from Orlando, Florida, he is Rogue!!!

The music fades and the lights come to full brightness. Rogue points to the outside of the ring, to Cora, who opens her small black coffin, pulling out her deck of cards.

Full of false bravado Joe Barone walks up to face his opponent. Rogue returns a blank stare as he raises a hand above his head for a test of strength. Rogue looks him in the eye as he plants a boot to Barone’s gut. A flurry of boots, fists and knees drives The Movie star back to the corner. Like a man possessed Rogue stomps a mudhole, the ref has to step into stop the brutal barrage. Rogue showing rare emotion screams “I have ‘til 5”.

Joe Barone looks out for the count his head hanging back onto the middle rope. Always one to take advantage Rogue stands on his opponents face while pulling on the middle rope for extra leverage.

The ref doesn’t even give a five count he pulls Rogue back. The former hardcore champion is furious waving his arms and threatening the ref.

Mike Fisher: Look at this its all for show, he’s just distracting the ref to give Cora a chance to cheat. Shows choking poor Joe Barone, this is a two on one.

Scott James: I’d love for Cora to choke me Mike.

Mike Fisher: I have no words Scott, no words.

The ref continues to admonish Rogue as he tries to capitalise on Cora’s underhand deeds allowing The Superstar to get to his feet. Somehow, he avoids a Rogue charging clothesline. Barone hits the far corner and charges back, his clenched fist raised.

Mike Fisher: Drop toe hold by Rogue. Barone hits face first into that middle turnbuckle, that was nasty.

Scott James: He not finished yet, that was the first part of the move called Going Rogue, now comes the calf crusher!

Mike Fisher: That’s how he won his Combat debut, will he pull off a second victory here?

Fortunately for Joe he was close enough to the ropes to force the break. Rogue refuses to break again repeating “Five” to the ref. Joe uses his arms to climb the ropes while still in the calf crusher. Before the ref can finish his count, Rogue releases the leg, he still keeps a hold of his foe pulling him back into a wheelbarrow suplex.

He dives in for a lackadaisical pin that only yields a two count. The Superstar is gasping for air and cannot get up. Rogue is quick to hit fit, driving the sole of his tactical boot into Joe’s head, continuing his attack he circles his fallen foe stomping each arm and leg then finishes with a hard stomp to the gut.

Scott James: This man is brutal, some men will work a single body part, grab an arm or leg. Rogue doesn’t leave a single part of the body unharmed.

Mike Fisher: Head, shoulders, knees and toes, sing with me Scott.

Scott James: Are you mocking ME or Rogue, because I will tell him Mike! Oh! nothing to say? I didn’t think so.

Having grown bored and looking to end the carnage Rogue drags Barone up from the mat and sets for ‘Forever Alone’.

In a desperation move Joe slips out and hits a Pele kick. Rogue is staggered for a second, the ‘Backdraft’ Enzuigiri makes sure he stays that way. Joe hits the ropes… Das Boot sends Rogue hard to the mat.

Feeling the rush Joe goes to the ropes for a second time, he stops as he stands over his fallen foe to dance in preparation for the ‘Pulp Fiction’ elbow

Mike Fisher: Joe is in Jack Rabbit Slims in his mind.

Scott James: He’s wasting time, you can’t give a man like Rogue a second.

Rogues eyes snap open right on cue, as he gets to his feet digging in his shorts pocket, Cora jumps onto the apron. Joe stops mid dance as the ref goes to intercept Rogue’s main squeeze.

Rogue rises like a serial killer in the final screen, instead of a machete he has a familiar tarot card in his hands. Joe turns around as Rogue swipes the card across his eyes.

Mike Fisher: Did… did he just papercut Joe Barone’s eyeballs?

Scott James: Yes!!! I think he did he’s setting up his version of the rolling cutter I think YES!!! FOREVER ALONE!!!!

Cora stops dead and drops to the floor, confused the turns around then instantly dives to the mat.


With a shit-eating grin on his face Rogue picks up the discarded tarot card and hands it back to Cora who has grabbed her black coffin and entered the ring. She looks him in the eye and nods.

Mike Fisher: Ref do something, the match is over. The calf crusher could cripple Joe.

Scott James: He won’t be doing any musical numbers anytime soon that’s for sure.

Mike Fisher: I don’t get it Rogue has all the talent in the world, why does he feel the needs to cheat and resort to such underhand tactics.

Scott James: Why do fishes swim and birds fly? They’re born that way. Rogue and Cora cheat because they have to, it’s in their DNA.

Learn to Fly by the Foo Fighters plays as Dallas Riley makes his way out to the ring he rides out in a black or brown cowboy hat and western outlaw style face mask that matches his tights colour on a horse , from beside the stage area , he struts over to the stage area and climbs up it, then proceeds to walk to the ring .

Mike Fisher: Sky Squad as exciting as they are have not lived up to their promise here in IIW?

Scott James: But have you seen how well they can backflip? That never gets old.

It continues as Kitsune follows. He high-fives as many fans as possible then he rushes down to ring side from the aisle way and climbs up on the barricade, he walks across it to the left side of the ring and jumps to the ring apron, slingshots himself into the ring with a front flip and lands in a super hero pose- squat in the centre of the ring.

Melanie Jackson: in the ring at this time, weighing in at a combined weight of 408lbs, Dallas Riley and Kitsune… the Skkkkky Squad!! And their opponents…

The lights in the area abruptly go out. Pyro shoots from each side of the entrance ramp and DVP by PUP erupts from every speaker in the arena.

Melanie Jackson: First from right here in Manchester, England!!! Weighing in at a lean 210lbs and making his return to IIW… Adam Braaaaadleyyyyy

A hooded man emerges with the lights focusing on him; his pink and black tights grab the attention. A wry smile of superiority curls onto his face, he flicks the hood down as he makes his way down the ramp. Jumping onto the mat he walks the side and climbs the turnbuckle he crosses his arms above his head displaying 2 shakas, he leaps into the ring slowly lowing a finger gun from above his head before shouting pow with a smile at his opponent mimicking the headshot.

Mike Fisher: Now that’s an ovation from the hometown crowd.?

Scott James: Yeah, let’s see if he’s gotten better in the ring since he’s been away, he couldn’t have gotten worse.

Bradders shakes hands with his opponents, all three men smile warmly. The smiles drop as Limp Bizkit - Breakstuff sounds off with a loud bass boom as the lights in the arena turn a sickly green. The green fades to a low yellow, as if a boom went off before an air raid siren can be heard. The siren perks up louder as Ragna begins to walk out, decked out in a vest and hoodie with his Oncoming Storm logo emblazoned on the front.

Melanie Jackson: and his tag team partner weighing in at a 305lbs and hailing from Minneapolis. Minnesota… this is Anthony…. 'Storm'…. Tudor!!!!

The tattooed muscle man stares straight ahead, his muscles flexing before he roars to the camera, shoving the camera man aside as he heads to the ring. He stomps up the ramp, stopping just at the edge of the entrance ramp and running his palm along the canvas itself before pounding his fists against it and hopping up onto the apron. He slides under the middle rope, stepping into the centre of the ring and stretching his arms out before tearing the hoodie in half, roaring back to the crowd with a guttural scream.

Boom a thunderous double clothesline takes out both members of Sky Squad as they reach for a handshake. Tudor snatches Kitsune up with a waist lock, deadlifting him off the floor.

Mike Fisher: Biiig German suplex over the top rope to the floor by the man called Storm, and he’s living up to that nickname he’s like a tornado in the ring.

Scott James: And he’s still going after Kitsune on the outside. The ref has lost control already so calls for Bradley and Riley to start the match.

Bradley misses a high arching kick, Riley rolls through, hits the ropes. Leapfrog by Bradders, then a dropdown into a Japanese armdrag on Dallas, who fires back with one of his own, he follows up with a dropkick. Adam swats a second away. A Bradley senton hits, cover 1- half. Kickout! Both men kip up, backflip and stand-off.

Mike Fisher: Wow, what great fast-moving action from the get-go. Adam Bradley showing what he has learned in his travels and Dallas Riley matched him move for move.

Scott James: It’s all very impressive Mike, now that Anthony Tudor is on the apron calling for that tag, all the flips in the world won’t be able to match his power.

Spin kick to the gut by Riley, he hits the ropes. Bradders cuts him off with a lifter sending him back to the far rope, Dallas rebounds catching Bradley with a superkick knocking some teeth loose. Riley falls to the ropes tagging Kitsune in. The superhero ducks a Bradley clothesline, hits the far ropes. Bradley ducks down, Kitsune with back roll evasion, hits the ropes ducks a second then a third clothesline, rebounds of the ropes with a shotgun dropkick sending Bradley hard into the turnbuckle. Snarling Tudor tags himself in.

Scott James: Storm Warning!!!!Batton down the hatch’s things are going to get messy now.

Mike Fisher: Running shoulder block sends Kitsune down hard. A big boot knocks Dallas Riley off the apron. A discus lariat misses, Kitsune fires back with kicks, Anthony catches a leg, pulls him in… Huge double leg takedown. The Flying Fox was taken high into the air on that.

Scott James: Anthony Tudor used every inch of his 6’10” frame with that. Kitsune must have flown over 7 foot into the air then down hard to the canvas.

Shaun Hart walks out to the entrance stage, clipboard in hand as he surveys the match going on

Screaming to the heavens the tattooed terror snatches his opponent up into a fireman’s carry. He walks around like he is nothing and looks out at the crowd then tosses his prey to them

Scott James: That’s the Blowout!! Anthony Tudor just hit the blowout on Kitsune over the top rope to the floor.

Mike Fisher: Surely that’s a disqualification! Dallas Riley is in!! 44 Special!! Tudor barely flinches. Riley is set for another!! Tudor catches him… The Oncoming Storm!!! This is over.

Scott James: What’s wrong with the ref, why is he ordering Tudor out of the ring?

Mike Fisher: Adam Bradley must have tagged himself in while Tudor was showboating before hitting his version of the F5.

Looking fully focused Adam Bradley helps Dallas Riley get to his feet, asks if he is ok before planting a big boot to his gut.

Scott James: The Prestige!!! 1-2-3 Bradley steals the win from his tag team partner. Hardly the work of a good guy.

Shaun Applauds as he heads to the back

Mike Fisher: It was a mercy killing, who knows what Tudor had in mind. In my books Adam Bradley did Riley a favour and saved him from even more damage.

Scott James: That Vertabreaker is a pretty brutal way to help him, wait a minute what’s going on here? Tudor is not happy in how this played out. He did all the work and Bradley stole it

The exhausted ref stands between the two reluctant partners telling them if the fight he will reverse the decision. Disgusted Anthony Tudor pie-faces Adam and leaves the ring, stomping up the ramp. He stops at the top as his music starts to play to roar at the crowd.

The cameras come on backstage showing Anthony Phoenix in his wrestling gear warming up for his match later in the night conspicuous with its absence is the IIW Hardcore title (For more info please see the 24/7 Hardcore thread) when Michael Morrison walks up, he asks Phoenix for a brief word all the while Phoenix looks annoyed.

MM: I’m standing here with The King of Controversy, Anthony Phoenix, who is embroiled in a bit of controversy as of late.

Phoenix furrows his brow when he hears that.

AP: Controversy? What controversy? Nothing about tonight is controversial. This match is nothing but another day at the office. When Commander and his assclown of a manager decided to put their noses in my business it quickly became personal.

Morrison nods and continues his line of questions.

MM: Earlier in the week you regained the Hardcore championship making you a two time winner and quickly lost it, did the match tonight prove to be a catalyst to you losing it?

Phoenix just shrugs before he answers.

AP: Tonight, is oh so much more than a title that can be won 24/7. Tonight, is when I get to exact my revenge for Commander’s actions two weeks ago and then again last week with Mitchel’s distraction. I will make Commander pay for all of that. And when all that is settled…Benz you’re next.

Morrison moves the microphone back to his mouth.

MM: Speaking of the current IIW Television champion…

Phoenix stops Morrison and grabs the mic.

AP: Oh, you mean the interim champion, everyone; including the good lord…

Phoenix pauses briefly to sign himself.

AP: Knows that he’s champion because I was distracted and that I should be the champion as we speak. But mark my words Michael that little faux pas will be rectified after I get rid of my little distractions. It’s only a matter of time…TICK TOK!

Phoenix drops the microphone in Morrison’s hand as he walks off in a determined gait. Leaving Morrison shaking his head.


The Lost Soul makes his debut this week against the man who couldn’t possibly hate him any more, Ryan has shown his distaste for anything that isn’t traditional wrestling and from what we can tell The Lost Soul is anything but!

"Just Like You" by Three Days Grace begins to play as the crowd boo when they see Ryan McCann make his way down to the ring. McCann enters the ring and, climbs to the top of a nearby corner and tosses his arms in the air and listens to the boos ring out from the crowd.

Ryan McCann – So here we go again.. Another lost fool who thinks the supernatural way is the way forward… Just like that idiot Lucifer, I’m here to show that the wrestling world is not about seeing how hard you can throw your own or someone elses head through a table…It’s not about what spooky impression you are trying to make… It’s about a good technical affair where the better man will always be victorious! Not a lucky chair shot to the head…THINK ABOUT THE CONCUSSIONS!... Now bring out The Lost Soul!

Friday the 13th play as TLS shows up at the entrance ramp..

Ryan McCann begins to laugh in the ring….

Suddenly 3 men run out behind clobbering The Lost Soul from behind

Mike Fisher – That’s The James Gang!

They all surround The Lost Soul waiting for him to get up… Mike and Jesse stand around as he slowly gets up….The Lost Soul stumbles to his feet…. GANG WAR

Mike Fisher – That vicious Double super kick has basically knocked The Lost Souls head off….

Bully Bill Ray picks up the Lost Soul and slings him across his shoulder, he carries him down to the ring and throws him over the rope to where McCann is stood looking down, The James Gang then head to the back.

Ryan smirks as he tells the Referee to ring the bell

The Bell Rings

Ryan sticks one foot on top of The Lost Souls lifeless body




Melanie Jackson – Your winner…. RYAN MCCANN!

Ryan stands in the ring laughing to himself…He picks up The Lost Soul and delivers The MycCanical on his lifeless body as the fans continue to boo… Ryan picks him up looking to deliver another

Mike Fisher – This just isn’t fair!

Scott James – Well what you going to do about it?

Mike Fisher – Well…Nothing… But surely som…….

New Signing Tyler Debonair comes flying down to the ring, sliding in and launching his body at Ryan McCann!

Ryan goes flying to the outside as Tyler motions for him to get back in the ring….

Ryan looks on and shakes his head as he looks to head to the back as Tyler celebrates with the crowd

Mike Fisher – What a way to announce yourself to the IIW Crowd!

Osh Vaughan strolls into The James Gang locker room, where there all cheering and got a few beers out

Osh Vaughan – Evening Guys, I couldn’t help just notice what you guys have done with The Lost Soul just then, maybe I’ve got a business proposition for you?

Jesse James – Oh Yeah? What’s in it for us?

Osh smiles as he opens his suitcase to show 10 bottles of high end whiskey and a crate of cigars

Osh Vaughan – Will this do?

Jess James – Hell Yeah! What have you got in mind

Osh Vaughan – Let’s get these guys out of here and I’ll tell you

Osh Closes the door as we fade.

vs vs
The Influx in new talent continues in the IIW as we welcome Dean Rose and Ryan Hawkins into the mix, a 3 way with PC McGhee is going to be the ultimate proving ground for where these 2 men belong in the IIW
Would - Alice in Chains begins to play as the purple pyro begins to flash… the fans begin to boo

Mike Fisher – They’re not giving Dean Rose a good intro here

The music continues to play, but still no sign of Dean Rose

Scott James – Is this a no show on his debut by Dean Rose?

The Screen flashes up

The James Gang are seat beating on Dean Rose, Bully Bill Ray has a chain in his hand as he pummels away at Dean Rose’s bloody face, he holds up Dean Rose and Jesse and Mike James hit their double Superkick sending him into the wall, Bully picks up him over his shoulder and power slams him onto the concrete floor as the James Gang smirk and make their exit

Melanie: I have been informed… Due to what we have just seen take place this will now be a 1 on 1 encounter!

Voices' sounds by Rev Theory shoot out loudly from the speakers getting a mixed reaction from the fans. Slowly and confidently, Ryan Hawkins comes from behind the curtains. He walks down the ramp , he stops halfway down the ramp and poses as a center light shines on him. He continues his way to the ring.

A golden shower of pyro drops over the ramp as Pissy McGee steps out and drinks it in. He rubs his face and body like he was washing in it.

Once it finishes he adjusts himself and walks to the ring. Once at ringside he grabs a fans head and sniffs her hair. He closes his eyes and savours it. Once she struggles free he snaps back to reality and slides under the bottom rope to enter the ring.

PC McGhee goes to hook up with Ryan Hawkins who backs off and drop kicks PC into the ropes, PC bounces off them and is hit with a snap suplex and begins to writhe about in pain

Scott James – Ryan Hawkins sure is keen to make an impact on his debut here in Mayhem

Mike Fisher – If anything we have seen this week, Ryan loves the hardcore aspect of this federation as well a having a convincing debut in Combat!

Ryan paces around PC as he waits for him to get up, taking his time surveying his options….Ryan grabs his arm around PC’s head and looks to lift him up, but it’s blocked by PC as he dead weights himself making it hard for Ryan to lift him… Ryan tries again but PC Powers back… he pushes Ryan off and hits him with a hard clothesline

PC McGhee is beginning to get some momentum going, he pushes Ryan into the corner, he bounces off the the ropes and smashes his backside into the midrift of Ryan who drops to being sat down in the corner

Scott James – What a bummer!

Mike Fisher – Will you shut up!

Scott James – I’m just here adding a bit of fun to this intense beating!

Ryan Hawkins picks up PC and locks him in for a suplex. He lifts him up, but PC floats over and counters with a neckbreaker. Ryan Hawkins's head smacks the floor with a thud as both men hit the mat. PC is the first to his feet as he picks up Ryan Hawkins and drags him into the ring. The men stand looking at eachother. Ryan Hawkins rushes PC looking for a clothesline, but PC ducks and in turn spins and hits a elbow smash which dazes Ryan Hawkins. PC loads Ryan Hawkins on his shoulders and tries to set him up for a powerbomb. He sets him on the top turnbuckle and is about to climb up with him, but Ryan Hawkins lands a hard forearm which knocks PC down to the floor. Ryan Hawkins grabs his head and hits a tornado DDT.


Mike Fisher – Well it was atleast a variation of it

PC 's head bounces of the mat as Ryan Hawkins rolls him over for the pin.





Scott James – I think that’s all PC McGhee had left to kick out of that

Ryan Hawkins stalks PC McGhee as he slowly…slowly begins to get back to his feet….

PC stumbles to his feet…..Ryan Hawkins looks at him and poses signalling the end, he hooks his head and…

Scott James – DREAM KILLER!!!! T D K!

The crowd pops as Scott covers PC McGhee




Melanie – Your winner…. RYAN HAWKINS!

Hale Cassidy has come to the IIW with a lot of hype, this no nonsense ‘jerk’ as he’s been referred to looks sure to hotshot his way up the federation, facing Jonny C’s son Curtis after he only just came up short against Jake E Dangerously, he’ll be looking to bounce back from that defeat quickly!

"Faith" by Limp Bizkit as Curtis steps out onto the ramp wearing a red and white hoody that says #1 Son on the back of it. Curtis raises his arms as fireworks shoot up from the ramp, before heading to the ring, as he dives under the bottom ropes, into the ring and poses to the mixed reaction of the crowd.

All of the lights, including house lights, fade off. The sharp tones of a forest flute ring through the arena as red lights flash to the beat of the song. As the vocals hit the words Hale Cassidy fade onto the screen in textured white lettering. Slowly, a cloud of fog forms around the top of the ramp. Penetrating through the fog, Kayby Hale Cassidy walks backward onto the stage being led by Taylor-Made Ms. Arden Taylor.

Taylor leans in toward Cassidy's face and kisses him on the cheek. Immediately, he whips around, seemingly energized by the young lady's kiss. Cheating to the camera, Cassidy brushes off his abs and fixes his hair as he walks down the ramp. When they make it to the ringside, Taylor-Made Ms. Arden Taylor turns left toward the stairs while Kayby Hale Cassidy pulls himself onto the apron. He brushes off his feet before walking to the right ring post. He pirouette around the post and grabs the ropes. The bridge of the song hits with Kayby Hale Cassidy climbing the opposite turnbuckle to the beat. He hops into the ring and slav squats in the corner with his manager beside him.

Cassidy flies at Curtis and hits him with a flurry of punches and kicks. He attempts to hit a belly to belly suplex, but Curtis blocks, and hits Cassidy with a massive spinebuster.

Curtis walks around the ring posing to the crowd. He walks back to the prone Cassidy on the floor, who counters with a sudden roll up!

1…2…Curtis kicks out emphatically. Both men climb to their feet. Curtis has a look of fury on his face. Cassidy charges at him but Curtis ducks and runs into the ropes. Curtis bounces back and hits Cassidy with the V2.0 Cassidy goes completely limp and lies on the floor. Curtis roars at the crowd, who cheer him on He turns and picks up the dead weight of Cassidy, lifts him above his head and slams him to the mat with the C-BOMB

MF: This Scott, is over.

Curtis kneels down next to Cassidy’s body and puts one of his hands on his chest.


We show up in Bob Mitchell’s office, once again it has been destroyed as 3 men are smashing the place up

Jesse James – Come on guys, I can hear someone coming

The James Gang look up as The Commander strolls into the room….

The Commander– WHAT THE….

The James Gang surround Blade and whip him into the wardrobe in the corner, he bounces off and Bully picks him up and Powerslams him onto the hard floor

Mike Fisher -Bully is man handling The Commander…THIS IS NOT SOMETHING WE’RE USED TO SEEING

Scott James – HOSS VS HOSS!!!!!!

Mike James picks up a chair and wraps it around The Commanders arm as Jess James jumps onto Bob Mitchell’s desk, he prepares to jump off it, but before he can the Door slams open again and Blade Alexander is there, baseball bat in hand, he comes out swinging as the James Gang back off laughing

Jess James – Come on guys, lets go get some our reward…This place is a mess

Blade Alexander looks at the mess around and he surveys how The Commander is getting on

Special Guest Referee –

The New Commissioner Chino has taken no time in throwing his power about, booking Dan Distoner against Stabby Joe and inserting himself as the special guest referee! After Chino and Jason Myers cost Dan the TV Title last week, there sure are gonna be some tempers flared

Chino's already standing in the ring as Stabby Joe by Karl Phillips begins to play. As his theme blares over the PA Joe storms to the ring. He grins like a loon holding his knives up singing long. "if you wanna get stabbed if you wanna get stabbed" As he gets to ringside he hides his knives under the ring, including the one down the back of his jeans and the one in his boot.

He sings to his weapons as he slides under the bottom rope into the ring. "This is my blade meet your new homie!

Chino backs away slowly as Joe makes a stabbing motion towards Chino, Chino throws up his hands and shakes his head, he begins to shout at Joe to drop the knives.

Mike: Chino and Joe having a standoff,

Joe clearly doesn't want problems but will defend himself as needed

Scott: Chino's just trying to de-arm this homeless boso.

Suddenly Bodies by Drowning Pool begins to play as Dan DiStoner comes charging down the entrance way with a chair in hand, he rushes down and slides in under the ring.

Chino throws up his hands as Stabby Joe lifts his knives up.

Scott: Ok we need the national guard! Someone help!!!!!

Mike: Well that tune changed quite fast!

Chino grabs a mic and begins to shout at Joe and DiStoner

Chino: Listen to me right now! I am the GM I made this match I am the special referee! Now you two will put down your weapons and you'll wrestle. Each other! Do I make myself clear?!

Scott: Chino taking charge!

Stabby Joe nods his head and puts his knives down, Chino points to DiStoner to drop the chair, Dan smirks and unloads a vicious chair shot to the cranium of Stabby Joe! Chino's jaw drops as DiStoner looks at Chino, Chino takes a step and gets met with a chair shot to the face! Chino stumbles as DiStoner drops the chair and then nails Chino with a CashOut! onto the chair!

Mike: Whoa! DiStoner didn't even give Chino a chance!

DiStoner grabs the mic from Chino's fallen body and smirks

DD: Chino, you may have won that 24/7 title and it lasted as long as you do in bed, what you unknowingly triggered will have massive consequences for you, see, I was irrate when you cost me the TV title last week, I wanted revenge! Osh wouldn't allow me to face you, so I was given the shot at Myers at next weeks PPV.....But, as you know, I get what I want, in due time.....You see Chino, by claiming championship gold you enacted a clause in my match with Myers, congrats bud, Its now a TRIPLE THREAT match! Your ass just got smoked! Courtesy of Dan DiStoner!

Scott: Did you hear that?! Myers vs DiStoner vs Chino at the PPV?!?!

Mike: The return of the Extreme Icon who saw this coming!

As DiStoner walks back up the entrance way leaving behind Chino and a now to his feet Stabby Joe, DiStoner passes the announce team and shouts " I did!" as we fade to commercial.

The lights in the arena completely cut out as a red ultraviolet strobing effect fills the screen at the top of the ramp, the strobing stops leaving a soft bleeding notion... A voice rings out.

Voice – Several years I’ve spent in isolation trying to find my true purpose. Several years I’ve hidden away from the world while I practiced the seven stages of alchemy and soon, soon I can teach you all.

A figure slowly gets closer to the screen as a seated silhouette begins to bend the red ultraviolet light around it.

Voice – Soon each and every one of you will understand the very meaning of the stone, you’ll learn all about Zosimos... And you’ll get to find out, what I’m all about...

It’s taken half a decade for me to come to terms with who I really am, what I really am. When the God Enki spoke to me and explained my legacy, my birthright... I knew what I had to do.

The figure comes into the foreground of the shot now, no longer a silhouette, but rather the stoic vision of one Tyler Debonair also known as “The Alchemist”. Purples and greens illuminated in the face paint he dons on his sculptured face as he chuckles.

TD – For too long I was Tyler Debonair, son of the legendary Dark Angel and multiple title holder in multiple organisations, Fred Debonair! Nephew to “Sultry” Casie Debonair and “The Phantom” Pacey Debonair... Godson to Tyler Hawk, after who I am named...

And now, as I walk into IIW not a student, but a teacher, you will all find out about things you never knew existed!

No longer will I be the kid in the shadows, the watcher... I am now the master of the ever present light...

Tyler leans over and picks up a very small chest, which he turns to face himself and slowly opens. As he does so, a brilliant white light begins to flicker from within the chest, covering his entire face...


He stares into the chest and chuckles to himself, the chuckle slowly becomes a nervous, confused laugh before Tyler glares straight into the camera and slams the chest shut. The red ultraviolet strobing comes back into play, leaving Tyler silhouetted once again before the entire screen goes black and the arena lights begin to flourish back into existence.

Tv Title No.1 Contender Grudge Match
After the Commander was revealed to be the one who attacked Anthony Phoenix, Osh Vaughan has given Anthony the opportunity to settle the score, with the winner going on to face Benz at the PPV KKND!

Another Body Murdered" by Faith No More ft Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E. begins to play as The Commander strolls out to the ring, towel draped over his water drenched face… this man means no business

Mike Fisher: The Commander knows he has a chance at the TV Title here!

Scott James: But Phoenix will want revenge after The Commander cost Phoenix a shot at the IIW Lockdown Knockout Trophy!

The lights flicker three times as the singer sings "1...2...3" followed by a brief pause. The lights in the arena start to change colors for all of a minute as the guitar begins to play the lights go out with only a spotlight in the middle of stage.

Phoenix comes out from backstage wearing a zipped up jogging jacket and navy blue trunks and stands in the middle of the spotlight. He holds arms out forming an 'X' which is slightly moved to the side. Phoenix then taunts the crowd with one crotch chop as pyro in the form of an X shoots out behind him.

He then starts to walk down the ramp, the spotlight following him looking very determined. When he reaches the ring he enters under the bottom rope and walks to the middle of the ring all the while the spot is still on him. When he reaches mid ring he stares at the camera as he holds his arms out forming the same 'X' as he did at the entrance. Phoenix scowls at the camera as the song ends.

Melanie Jackson: This… Is the number one contenders match for the TV Title…And will be contested under GRUDGE MATCH RULES…ANYTHING GOES!

Anthony Phoenix and The Commander lock up. Anthony Phoenix immediately takes the arm and ducks under into a headlock. He tugs and pulls, but The Commander shoves Anthony Phoenix out of it. Anthony Phoenix shakes his head and goes back at The Commander, but is kicked in the gut. The Commander flips behind Anthony Phoenix and ducks under a elbow from Anthony Phoenix. The Commander grabs his head and nails a Snapmare, finishing it off with a dropkick to the face. Anthony Phoenix holds his face in pain as The Commander gets up and lifts Anthony Phoenix up. He kicks him in the leg and then kicks him in the other leg. Anthony Phoenix shoves him away and The Commander rebounds off the ropes and gets scooped up by Anthony Phoenix. The Commander spins around and nails a Tilt a Whirl DDT. Anthony Phoenix rolls to the outside. The Commander follows.

Scott James: The Commander looking good in this match.

Mike Fisher: Anthony Phoenix can still pull it off. It's still early on

The Commander grabs Anthony Phoenix by the head and lifts him up. He scoops him up and tosses him with a Snake Eyes on top of the Guard rail! Anthony Phoenix's chin bounces off of it.

Anthony Phoenix is using the guard rail to get up. Suddenly, The Commander runs over and nails a dropsault, sending Anthony Phoenix over the Guard rail and into the crowd. Security backs the crowd up as The Commander steps over the guard rail. He grabs a cup from one of the crowd members and takes a gulp. He then spits the contents into Anthony Phoenix's face. Anthony Phoenix is blind and coughing as The Commander nails a few punches. Finally he lifts up a chair and goes to hit Anthony Phoenix over the head with it. Anthony Phoenix catches it and kicks The Commander in the gut. He then takes the chair and waffles it over the head of The Commander. The chair wraps around his head and The Commander falls back into another chair. Anthony Phoenix grabs The Commander and takes him over to the guard rail. He nails a few punches and then dropkicks The Commander over the rails. The Commander is getting up slowly as Anthony Phoenix is begging for him to get up. The Commander does and Anthony Phoenix uses the guard rail to springboard at The Commander. The Commander ducks and Anthony Phoenix manages to land onto the ring apron. The Commander turns and is taken down by a huge flying knee to the face from the turnbuckle by Anthony Phoenix!

Scott James:"Now this is a Grudge match!"

Mike Fisher:"You're damn right it is! This match is going everywhere!"

Anthony Phoenix goes underneath the ring and pulls out a crutch. He holds it up and the crowd cheers, not for Anthony Phoenix, but for the violence. Anthony Phoenix runs over and clotheslines The Commander with the crutch. He then waffles it over the back of The Commander. He screams and writhes on the ground as Anthony Phoenix lifts him up and slides him into the ring. Anthony Phoenix tosses in the crutch and then grabs a ladder and slides it in. He slides in after it and picks up the crutch. He waits for The Commander to get up and then swings the crutch, aiming for his head. The Commander ducks under and kicks Anthony Phoenix in the knee, causing him to drop the weapon and fall to his knees. He grabs his head and nails a vicious looking slam and taking it out of both men.

Both men are down and out.

Scott James:"He could win it right here if he can get to his feet!"

Mike Fisher:"Who's your pick for this one Scott?"

Scott James:"The Commander Mike!"

Mike Fisher:"And that's why you're an idiot!"

Anthony Phoenix and The Commander are now on their knees exchanging blows. Finally they make it to their feet and Anthony Phoenix takes The Commander into the corner with a barrage of Knife Edge Chops. The Commander then blocks a chop, shoves Anthony Phoenix away, and Anthony Phoenix comes back right into a Drop Toe hold into the turnbuckle! Anthony Phoenix goes completely limp. The Commander leans against the ropes to catch his breath for a minute.

The crowd is going nuts for this match. The Commander get's up, he signals that this is the end and he’s ready to deliver the Final Commandment. As he goes to deliver the Final Commandment, Anthony Phoenix slides out of it and hits a Neck Breaker!

Mike Fisher:"Anthony Phoenix is going to take care of business now."

Anthony poses in the corner waiting for The Commander to get up….

Scott James: Here it comes! The Climatic Ending!!!

Anthony pounces on The Commander leaving him stunned standing in the middle of the ring as he climbs the top rope…. CLIMATIC ENDING!!!

Mike Fisher: This one’s over folks!





Contract Signing

Bad Boy For Life – P Diddy begins to play as the boss Osh Vaughan strolls out all suited and booted, he’s looking very happy with himself as always

Mike Fisher – I’m not surprised given what’s gone on so far here tonight! Osh has tried to sort out his foes early on

Scott James – But he didn’t finish the job did he? Bob escaped scott free earlier from the attack from The James Gang

Osh continues down to the ring, he gets in and motions Melanie over to bring him a microphone

Osh Vaughan – Well what a moment we have coming up here…At KKND, the first PPV of the IIW 2021 and we have two legends… two Hall Of Fame candidates in the final…Jake E Dangerously and Jonny C… But before we get onto that, look at all these amazing innovations that I, Osh Vaughan have brought… the return of Mayhem, The Hardcore Title, IIW Combat, all raging successes… Now I have the pleasure of announcing the new IIW Conception….


2 Opportunities to challenge for the IIW titles when you see best fit. But they will have to be quick, once one Key has been used on a certain title, the other key can NOT be used for a match against the same title.

2 Keys will be suspended above the IIW Ring and 6 IIW Challengers have been selected to compete, they will be able to select 1 of 2 keys should they be able to incapacitate their opponents long enough to be able to climb the IIW Ladder and pull a Key down!

Those competitors at KKND will be.

vs vs vs vs vs

Mike Fisher – Wow! What a statement

Scott James – Yes! Those 6 men will get a life changing experience, 2 lucky men will be able to unlock an opportunity at the IIW World Title, International Title, TV Title or Tag Team Titles when they see fit!

Osh Vaughan - Now that has been taken care of… Let’s welcome Jonny C and Jake E Dangerously to the ring

The End of Heartache by Killswitch Engage begins to play as Jake E Dangerously makes his way out to the ring, he gets a mixed reaction but mainly cheers as the fans have really began to take to their idol.

Melanie: Now Coming to the ring hailing from Freddy Beach and weighing in at 225lbs he is Jake EEEEEE Dangerously.

Jake strolls his way to the ring as he heads into the ring,

Infamous Jonny C steps onto the rampway to a very mixed reaction from the fan in the arena. Jonny Lifts his sunglasses to get a good look around the arena. He starts to make his way to the ring.*

Jake – So who's going through the table? That's all we're really here for right? We all know how these things go. We come in here, talk a bit of trash, tempers flare a bit, we sign the thing, tempers flare more, then someone gets put through the table. Last time it was you wasn't it Jonny? Want to go again, or maybe the two of us should flip the script and put Osh through the table for once. What does it really matter, you came up with some convoluted tournament, shoved us both in here on opposite sides and you knew this is how it would end, for the Lockdown Cup. Thirteen years you waited and found the most awkward way of putting this match together, but it is finally happening anyway. That is unless you find some other way to take one of us out and switch up another match in this thing for no reason. Is that why you have us out here now? Give me that contract before whatever nonsense you have planned plays out.

He signs the contract.

Osh Vaughan – Jacob, how long have you known me? You think I’m going to pull some shit like this? I SOLD THE IIW on Jonny vs Jake… The Closure, it was never there! We knew where this was heading yes, but you still had to prove you had that desire, look at all them who have dropped off, the likes of Fenix, Hunter, Ruin, they don’t have that drive anymore. But you Jacob…You Jonathan…You’re just here to prove you’re the best… you thrive off it!

Jonny C - Looks at us Jake. What's it's been like 15 years we have been doing this thing now. Yet it never gets old does it. Well maybe for you it does but I love it. Here we are back in the IIW right before the first big PPV and obviously we are headlining it. Arguably we are the most popular guys to ever work here. The first calls Osh makes when he reopens the IIW every few years. He knows what puts butts in the seats. He knows what the fans of Netflix want to see. Jake E. Dangerously VS Jonny C a storied rivalry to say the least. I don't like you Jake. You're the opposite of everything I am but god damn do I respect you. No other man has been able to almost break me like you have. I said almost. Time and time again I have fallen short. You have thrown everything you have at me more times than I can remember and I always get back up. Yes you have beaten me many times but you have never broken me. I take everything you have and I always get back up. The wind of change is blowing Jake. I know you can't kill me, try as hard as you want but it's my time now Jake. This war we have waged its kicking into high gear once again and this time I will win the war. I know everyone thinks this is going to be a rerun of what they have all seen before. I know I'm considered the underdog and I'm good with that. It's a new season same Jonny C and we are far from the finale. I hope you're ready Jake because this time the outcome changes.
Jonny and Jake face up to each other, there is a slight nod, they look at the handshake option but they’re not quite there yet as they make their exit

Mike Fisher – You can see here there is a lot of mutual respect between the two despite their rivalry

Scott James – But you know sure as hell they will be doing anything they can to get one up on another!

Mike Fisher – 13 years in the making!

Osh Vaughan – Well if that’s all, then…. I Guess this is where I throw a spanner in the works….LET ME INTRODUCE YOUR SPECIAL GUEST REFEREEE……..SHAWN TAYLOR!

Mike Fisher – NO WAY!

Scott James – JONNY C’s former tag team partner!!!! This surely stacks the card against Jake E


Scott James - Bob Mitchell interrupts The boss! This isn’t going to go down well

You know for as much as every Tom, Dick, and Harry gets to walk into your office and get a face to face with you, you sure are a hard guy to get a hold of when you wanna be aren't you? It seems that you and I have a bit of business to address here that started with you airing a bit of footage where you just let your nephew break into my office.

Commander and Blade put Osh through table

Bob Mitchell – One final thing Osh, as you think you have are making all the calls around here, First off I am inserting Blade Alexander into the Key 2 Success match at K.K.N.D, and, just as you had your little nephew Jay Vaughan take away our tag team titles, I’m taking away that world title Shawn Taylor hand delivered to you last Mayhem.

Bob Mitchell – That's all well and good, but you see stealing belts is not taking a title and everyone in this building knows it. These men right here are STILL the reigning and defending Tag Team Champions! Anyone who wins your little tag tournament can have a shot at the titles, but don't kid yourselves for a second, these boys are the real champions.

Just then the Commander and Blade Alexander sneak up on Osh in the ring who is staring angrily at Bob Mitchell, Blade takes him out with a flying clothesline as he hoists him up to Commander who picks him up…together they both slam him through the table


Osh lays out in the middle of the ring as Bob continues

Bob – Next, seeing as you didn't bother to book him for KKND, I'm putting Blade Alexander in the Key 2 Success match at KKND. And one final piece of business I'm sure is on your mind if you had a second to look around your own office today I'm sure you would have noticed a certain big shiny something missing. You know it's amazing what you can get your hands on when you actually pay some people the money they're owed.

He goes over to ringside and collects a rather nice case that he brought to the ring and hands it to The Commander while he opens it.
Bob – Now I'm sure you and everyone else here will recognize this...

He pulls out and holds up the IIW World Heavyweight Championship.

Bob – As of right now I'm using my authority and making the main event at KKND, the Lockdown Invitational finals a match to crown the NEW IIW World Heavyweight Champion! Any objections Osh?

He looks down at Osh who is still out of it after being put through the table.

Bob – I didn't think so!

Bob smirks as Osh is still laid out cold in the middle of the ring…. The credits begin to roll as the screen fades to black….

Osh Vaughan is heard as it ticks off

Osh Vaughan: Jay… I need you