The scene shows up with Osh Vaughan sat in his office as Charlie Schmidt walks in

Osh – It’s great… but it’s been too seamless…everything’s gone …too well… It’s good… but maybe it’s a bit boring for me, sat here while everything goes to plan…God damn it no one has attacked Jonny C yet for example!.... So…..

Charlie – Well if it’s going so well…how about you pay me for once?

Osh – Or….

Charlie – Or???


Osh steps back and pulls off a cover with multiple names on and a dial at the top…..

Osh – Look at the names on here… Jason Fenix…Donny Allen….Shawn Taylor to name a few…

Charlie – What about it~?

Osh – Well this is how we’re going to determine our new Commish!... I’m gonna spin this wheel and whoever it lands on is going to be in charge around here

Charlie – What the


Osh spins the wheel as Charlie looks on waiting for it to stop as the camera fades out

Lockdown Knockout Semi Final

Infamous Jonny C steps onto the rampway to a very mixed reaction from the fan in the arena. Jonny Lifts his sunglasses to get a good look around the arena. He starts to make his way to the ring.*

Melanie: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for a chance to compete in the IIW Lockdown Knockout FINAL at K.K.N.D

Making his way to the ring, from Milford Connecticut, Weighing in at 225 pounds, Johnny...F'n...C!

And Weighing in at 165 pounds, He is the High Flying... Ace Sky!

The Instrumental 2001 Space Odyssey intro begins as
a rocket rises from either the bottom of the center of the stage or drops from the bottom of the titantron to the stage and the song changes to Warrior Man by Lateralus by tool as the pod door opens
Ace Sky walks out in an aviator jacket and his usual in ring attire, he salutes a peace sign and jogs down the aisle way high-fiving as many fans as possible on both sides then he dashes forward leaps upon the apron and flings himself in with a front flip followed by a series of three front handsprings and a rolling savate kick

Fisher: Well this is a fantastic opportunity for Ace Sky, but a tough one. Can he overcome the legendary Jonny C and suprise us all?

James: I doubt it. Johnny C will show us why he is the true IIW champion! Ace Sky can't comprehend what he’s let himself in for.

*The bell sounds and we are underway. Both men lock up, Ace Sky goes for the headlock, but Johnny pushes him away against the ropes. Ace ducks a clothesline runs against again and SPEAR!
Pin 1....2. and a quick kickout on 2.*

Fisher: Ace with a quick nearfall already Scott, we could see an upset of legendary proportions!

James: I tell you Fisher, if Ace wins, I walk.

Fisher: Well lets hope he does.

*Ace sets up for a side effect, but Jonny reverses and slams Ace Hard on the face! With Ace on his back, Jonny locks in the Inverted boston crab!*

Fisher: Wow what a reversal! will Ace tap?

*Ace crawls and manages to stay in the hold for a good few mintues before finally catching the rope. Johnny releases at the ref's count fo 4. Johnny goes to the top rope and goes for the flying elbow, and hits Ace straight in the back! He continues to work on Ace's back before Ace manages to grab his arm and hit a hip toss!, Johnny Quickly gets back up and runs at Ace but Ace dodges and throws johnny over the top rope!*

James: What the hell is that? Come on Johnny don't take that!

Fisher: What a comeback for Ace Sky, Johnny C seems completely shocked and dazed on the floor, lets hope Ace's back isn't too bad

*Scott gets up and Ace Flies over the top rope with a plancha to Johnny C! Ace continues pummell Johnny but has to go back in and break the 10 count from the ref. He tries another plancha but Johnny is ready and reverses into a thunderous powerslam! he drags Ace to the steel steps and sets him sat up ready against them. He CHARGES at Ace, but he moves out of the way and Johnny explodes into the steel steps! Ace again drags himself into the ring to break up the ten count and goes outside to push Johnny into the ring. Once they are back in Ace motions for the DVD, AND HE NAILS IT!

Cover, 1......2....... Kick out by Johnny C at the last minute!*

*Ace starts to climb to the top rope, he looks like he is setting up for the leg drop, but Johnny manages to kick the ref into the ropes! Ace slips and ends up sitting on the turnbuckle. As both men recover, Ace starts to get to his feet, but Johnny also gets to his feet, runs over to Ace on the turnbuckle and grabs him into the powerbomb position and..... SMACK! Jonny C hits a powerbomb onto the outside, not only that but onto one of the steel steps which he had dislodged earlier!*

Fisher: OH MY GOD! Did you see that?

Jonny Rolls Ace into the ring. E signals this is the end… F’N POINT!

Fisher: This is over!




Melanie: Your winner and adancing to the final of the IIW Lockdown Knockout tournament….. JONNY C!

Osh is sat in his office clearly happy with himself, we still haven’t seen who has been announced as the new IIW Commissioner, suddenly Osh’s door is super kicked off his hinges and in walks…

In walks none other than the Incomparable Shawn Taylor

Mike Fisher: ITS SHAWN TAYLOR!!!!


Osh Vaughan: What are you doing here Shawn? The Wheel didn’t land on you!

Shawn Taylor: An idiot as always Mr Vaughan…. I’ve just come to bring you this.

Shawn lifts up his bag and throws it onto Osh’s table, he reaches in and pulls out the IIW World Title

Osh Vaughan: You still have this?

Shawn Taylor: Yes! You’ve done a rubbish job of looking after these things, I heard the tag titles are in Canada!

Osh Vaughan: Cheers Shawn!

Osh gets up and walks over to Shawn for a handshake

Osh Vaughan: You’re welcome any time you know Shawn…

Shawn Taylor: Well the thing is

Shawn looks at the camera and shrugs his shoulders

The Exclamation Point! Delivered to Osh’s chin as Shawn turns round and strolls out of Osh’s office

Lockdown Knockout Semi Final

Mike Fisher: The bell is about to ring to signal the beginning of another top class match here on Monday Night Mayhem. Both these men are looking to get the final spot in the IIW Lockdown Knockout tournament! Curtis is going to take on Jake E Dangerously in what should be a well matched contest.

The End of Heartache by Killswitch Engage begins to play as Jake E Dangerously makes his way out to the ring, he gets a mixed reaction but mainly cheers as the fans have really began to take to their idol.

Melanie: Now Coming to the ring hailing from Freddy Beach and weighing in at 225lbs he is Jake EEEEEE Dangerously.

Jake strolls his way to the ring as he heads into the ring,

"Faith" by Limp Bizkit as Curtis steps out onto the ramp wearing a red and white hoody that says #1 Son on the back of it. Curtis raises his arms as fireworks shoot up from the ramp, before heading to the ring, as he dives under the bottom ropes, into the ring and poses to the mixed reaction of the crowd.

The bell rings and the two men square up to each other. They lock up. Jake E Dangerously pushes Curtis back into a corner. The ref gets between them, but Curtis cheap shots Jake, who falls to the ground.

Scott James: Oooh cheap shot.

Jake climbs back to his feet. The lock up again, this time Curtis throws Jake E Dangerously into the ropes and floors him with a shoulder block. As Jake E Dangerously gets to his feet, Curtis is already running into the ropes and floors him again with a clothesline.

Curtis runs into the ropes again, but Jake E Dangerously ducks the clothesline. Curtis turns around only to be met with a strong snap suplex.

Scott James: This is where Jake E Dangerously needs to take advantage, he can’t afford to be complacent!

Jake E Dangerously, pulls Curtis back to his feet, but Curtis punches him in the stomach and looks like he is about to begin a comeback. Curtis gets upright and swings a fist, but Jake E Dangerously ducks and drops him with a reverse DDT, Jake continues to stretch Curtis’ neck on the floor as he locks in a clutch style move

Curtis tries to struggle his way out, but Jake E Dangerously has a strong hold on him, and he slowly loses his energy. The ref holds Curtis’s arm up, and it drops once. He does the same thing again, but it drops again. He lifts it for the third and final time, but Curtis finds the strength the hold it aloft.

Scott James: This one ain’t over yet!

Curtis hits Jake E Dangerously in the stomach a couple of times and manages to free himself. Curtis follows up by dropping his knee several times into the weaken knee of Jake E Dangerously and cinches in a leg lock by Jake E Dangerously refuses to give in and manages to get to the ropes. Curtis goes to lift Jake E Dangerously up but Jake E Dangerously catches Curtis coming in with a uppercut to the jaw which staggers Curtis, Jake E Dangerously goes to charge at Curtis but at the last minute Curtis counters the charge into a drop toe hold and follows up by locking in a sharpshooter.

Mike Fisher – He may tap here!

Jake E Dangerously is in serious trouble and is on the verge of tapping out but in a last ditch attempt manages to get to the ropes. Jake E Dangerously has to use the ropes as Curtis is calling for him to get up and as Jake E Dangerously gets to his feet Curtis drops him to the mat with a back-cracker. Curtis sets Jake E Dangerously injured leg and scales the tope rope and come of the top with a elbow drop splash on to Jake E Dangerously injured knee. Curtis quickly picks up Jake E Dangerously and delivers V2.0….Jake E Dangerously hits the ground hard as he rolls onto his front. Curtis takes his time rolling Jake E Dangerously over as he pins him



Curtis looks on in disbelief, he slowly picks up Jake E Dangerously, he bounces off the ropes but is met with a boot to the gut, Jake E Dangerously places his his arm over Curtis

Mike Fisher: Jake E Dangerously’s going for the Dangerous Liason!

Jake E Dangerously lifts Curtis up, and brings him down with such force the whole ring shakes, making a sickening thud as his back slams against the mat.

Scott James: This one’s over Mike! What the hell is he doing?

Jake E Dangerously makes the cover. 1……2……3!!!

Mike Fisher: Jake E Dangerously is going on to face Jonny C in the final of the Lockdown Knockout Tournament!

Non Title

Ryan McCann vs Lucifer Morningstar

Ryan McCann vs Lucifer Morningstar
"Just Like You" by Three Days Grace begins to play as the crowd boo when they see Ryan McCann make his way down to the ring. McCann enters the ring and, climbs to the top of a nearby corner and tosses his arms in the air and listens to the boos ring out from the crowd.

Lucifer Rises from the stage engulfed in flames, then as he walks down the ramp a trail of fire is raising after every step. He slides in the ring and stared steadily and ready at the Stage.

The Referee gets ready to the ring the bell but before he can Ryan McCann stops him and grabs a mic

Ryan McCann – WHAT EVEN IS THIS? … Look at this does this guy think he’s some kind of Devil? This isn’t the right place for you mate! You belong in the loony bin. In my fight to make the IIW Pure, you will be the first victim!

The Referee rings the bell as Ryan delivers a swift kick to the misection of Lucifer…He drops him with a hard DDT.

He picks up Lucifer and hooks his arm

Mike Fisher: Ryan’s looking to make this short work!

He lifts and plants him with the McCannical

Scott James: He’s sending him back to hell!

Ryan pins Lucifer as the Ref counts 1….



Melanie: Your winner Ryan McCann!

“Another Body Murdered” by Faith No More ft Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E. Plays out over the arena and out walks The Commander. He's not dressed to wrestle though, instead he's dressed in a rather nice black suit with a white shirt. He walks to the end of the entrance way but doesn't get in the ring. Instead he stops and looks back at the entrance.

“Killing in the Name Of” by Rage Against the Machine cuts off The Commander's theme and out walk none other than Bob Mitchell and Blade Alexander. Blade is wearing a white suit with a black dress shirt and a white tie, his hair up in a bun. Blade looks unhappy, but Bob, who is wearing a cheap looking suit the color of a mustard stain pair with a dress shirt the same red as ketchup has the biggest shit eating grin on his face. The trio all continue into the ring and someone hands Bob a mic.

Bob - Now all of you ugly Brits didn't think you got rid of me that easy did you?

The fans aren't happy about his being here.

Bob – After the crime that befell my personal property right here on this show two weeks ago, the whole lot of you should have expected this to happen. Now firstly I have to address the biggest issue here. Firstly Osh Vaughn, you actually thought you could reopen this little venture here and hire on one of my guys, but somehow I wouldn't here about it even though I have an office not one hundred yards from here?

Bob – Secondly you saw fit to air a tape where your own doofus son admits to getting another one of your employees to abuse his position and let that little twat into my office to steal an expensive bit of property and I was just going to let that slide? Not on your life pal! But I'm not one to repeat myself, so go ahead and roll that tape!

The scene in the ring cuts to one in Bob's office, a scene that took place roughly a week ago in the aftermath of the robbery:

Bob: Jay, boy, I'd say you're about the dumbest kid in this business today, but that clip airing on your daddy's show just proves the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Why in one five minute clip along you admit to unlawful entry, bribery, and commit theft. Well kid you can feel free to hang on to those tag titles a little while longer. Go ahead and share one with your little pal Jonny too, God knows that's the closest either one of you is going to get to championship gold anytime soon.

Now for the coup de gras kiddo, tonight when you're on you little Zoom call to daddy dearest after he reads you whatever Peppa Pig story you've picked out for bed time tonight you can go ahead and let him know that for that little theft you pulled on his show and him allowing it to air that I wont sue him and you into the poorhouse. Instead you can inform him that he now has a partner in the ownership of that building and anything that goes on in it, and if he has a problem with that then he can take it up with myself and Blade Alexander up close and personal face to face on February 22.

The scene cuts back to the ring.

Bob: Now let me just take the liberty to say that as of right now, Blade Alexander is reinstated as an active talent in IIW, and you're looking at the men who are STILL your IIW World Tag Team Champions. You tell that dimwit son he an keep those belts, or give them back, I don't really care because the titles still belong to the two men in the ring here with me. New belts or old we don't care, it's coming out of your pocket either way and if anyone has any problems with it, you know where to find us!”

No Holds Barred Match

Last GunFighter by Blue Saraceno as Dallas Riley makes his entrance he rides out in a black or brown cowboy hat and western outlaw style face mask that matches his tights color on a horse , from beside the stage area , he struts over to the stage area and climbs up it, then proceeds to walk to the ring .

A golden shower of pyro drops over the ramp as Pissy McGee steps out and drinks it in. He rubs his face and body like he was washing in it.

Once it finishes he adjusts himself and walks to the ring. Once at ringside he grabs a fans head and sniffs her hair. He closes his eyes and savours it. Once she struggles free he snaps back to reality and slides under the bottom rope to enter the ring.

Mike Fisher: Lets see what these two men have in store for each other!

Dallas Riley sticks his hand out to shake PC McGhee, PC examines it and once he realises there isn’t a dollar in his hand he gets angry and kicks Dallas in his gut! He swings for Dallas but Dallas ducks under the swing before sliding to the out side… he slides under the ring and starts throwing items out….

He picks up a Dustbin and cracks it over PC McGhee’s head

Scott James: That’s like hitting a man with his own home!

Mike Fisher: I don’t think PC McGhee actually lives in a bin

Scott James: Groucho told me he stole his home!

Dallas starts pumelling the side of the Bin which is now encased on PC McGhee…He bounces off the rope and drop kicks the bin sending PC McGhee to the floor..Dallas takes a run and attempts a somersault onto the bin but doesn’t catch it right and ends up hurting his back…. He wrihes around as PC McGhee tries to figure out how to get out of the bin.

Mike Fisher -He’s trying to pull the bin off instead of push it off!

Eventually he gets the Bin off his head and looks at Dallas on the floor, he picks him up and slams him back down on the ground going for a pin




PC McGhee scathes his badly grown beard as he looks for other ideas, he picks up a Kendo stick and sticks it round Dallas’ neck as he goes for a Russian Leg Sweep…He connects and rolls him up again




PC McGhee, looks like he’s struggling for ideas now

Scott James: He’s never been the smartest cookie has he?

PC tries to take some inspiration from his mate Benz and looks for the CRACKHEAD but Dallas Riley powers his way out of it and starts fighting back, left…right…left…PEL E KICK….PC McGhee falls to his back as Dallas locks in a Boston Crab…. He starts to yank back at PC McGhee screaming for him to tap

Whack! Stabby Joe has snuck behind Dallas Riley and absolutely nailed him with a chair

Scott James: Isn’t that the chair Benz stole?

Mike Fisher: Who steals a chair?

Scott James: The Beat Up Men squad!

Mike Fisher: Is that what BUM Stands for?

Scott James: IT IS NOW!

Stabby Joe motions for PC McGhee to cover Dallas…. PC McGhee pins Dallas and Stabby Joe sits his almost 7 foot tall frame on his back




Melanie: Your winner… PC MCGHEE!!!!

As the first notes of Rock Bottom hits the camera cuts to a dumpster outside of the arena. The dumpster lid flings open as Benz rises from the depths of the cardboard and trash. With one leap he is out and marching to the building in his long dirty coat. A security guard opens a fire exit to let him into the building so he can get to the ring.

The lights flicker three times as the singer sings "1...2...3" followed by a brief pause. The lights in the arena start to change colors for all of a minute as the guitar begins to play the lights go out with only a spotlight in the middle of stage.

Phoenix comes out from backstage wearing a zipped up jogging jacket and navy blue trunks and stands in the middle of the spotlight. He holds arms out forming an 'X' which is slightly moved to the side. Phoenix then taunts the crowd with one crotch chop as pyro in the form of an X shoots out behind him.

He then starts to walk down the ramp, the spotlight following him looking very determined. When he reaches the ring he enters under the bottom rope and walks to the middle of the ring all the while the spot is still on him. When he reaches mid ring he stares at the camera as he holds his arms out forming the same 'X' as he did at the entrance. Phoenix scowls at the camera as the song ends.

Dan DiStoner Entrance

The match starts with all three men trying to get a feel for each other and after several attempts Dan Distoner manages to convince Anthony Phoenix to team together to eliminate the bigger man Benz... Anthony Phoenix accepts and both men work as a tag team attempting to take down Benz for several or so minutes without any considerable luck as each time they attempted a double team move Benz has managed to use his strength and previous MMA experience to fight both them off and start to hit several high impact moves to both Dan Distoner and Anthony Phoenix. Five minutes on Dan Distoner realises that his plan isn't working so he ducks to the outside as Benz dominates Anthony Phoenix in the ring and attempts to catch his breath...

Fisher: Benz is looking dominate here so far!

James: But Dan Distoner is using his brains and is letting Anthony Phoenix take the offence while he catches his breath!

Back in the ring Benz attempts a Fisherman suplex but Anthony Phoenix manages to fight out of the hold and delivers a spike DDT to Benz...

Fisher: Phoenix is staging a comeback here but is it too little too late?

Anthony Phoenix picks up Benz and quickly takes him down to the mat with a side effect and follows its up by delivering several elbows to the chest of Benz...

James: He needs to keep Benz down on the mat here...

Anthony Phoenix follows up by delivering a trio of leg drops in quick succession before going for the pin but only getting a two count...

Fisher: Phoenix was close to becoming TV champion their Jason!

Dan Distoner swings around and he and Anthony Phoenix stare each other down. They lock up and Anthony Phoenix locks in a suplex! he kicks around and goes for it again, and once more to hit the 3 amigos! He continues to work on Distoner's back. He then turns over Distoner and goes upto the top rope for a moonsault, but Distoner Moves out of the way!

Both men struggle to their feet and exchange tired blows, until Distoner starts to get the better of Anthony Phoenix and runs against the ropes, but Anthony Phoenix dodges and throws Distoner over the top rope! But Distoner manages to hold on and skins the cat back into the ring! Anthony Phoenix cannot believe it and charges at Distoner, but Distoner back body drops Anthony Phoenix over the top rope, but Anthony Phoenix lands on the apron, punches Distoner in his weakened back and gets back in the ring.

Again they lock up and Distoner shoves down Anthony Phoenix. Distoner picks him up, and goes for a PowerBomb! He lifts up Anthony Phoenix, who grabs his arm round Distoner's head and reverses into a DDT

Anthony Phoenix goes to follow off by coming of the ropes but Dan Distoner quickly pulls down the top rope sending Anthony Phoenix to the floor below...

James: Clever move their by Dan Distoner!

Dan Distoner quickly jumps on Benz and nails a flurry of right hands to Benz and follows up by lifting up steel and nailing a spike Brainbuster to Benz which drives his head hard into the mat...

Anthony Phoenix attempts to make his way back into the ring but Dan Distoner dropkicks his knee's from under him causing Anthony Phoenix to crack his chin hard of the mat apron...

Dan Distoner quickly goes back and locks in the Cobra Clutch on Benz, Benz tries to fight the hold off but he is beginning to fade….. The Arena lights suddenly drop as there is a loud hush from the crowd…

The lights are back on….

Fisher: IT’S CHINO!

Dan Distoner stares at Chino gobsmacked…..Chino points behind Dan, Dan drops the hold and looks behind him


Right to the head Jason Myers delivers a vicious Chair shot as Dan Distoner is out cold

Jason and Chino drop and head to the back as Anthony Phoenix slides in looking at the two out cold wrestlers

Anthony Phoenix drapes an arm Dan Distoner



Anthony looks annoyed and tries to prepare to finish Dan off but then… The screen flashes up…

It’s Bob Mitchell again!

Bob – Anthony…. Look at this…. Your attack last Mayhem from another angle!

[Quote=Mayhem Last Week] Anthony Phoenix is preparing for his match then suddenly he’s attacked from behind…..The man pulls his head down

The Commander picks Anthony up and delivers THE FINAL COMMANDMENT before smirking and leaving him left for dead

Anthony looks shocked, he tries to zone back in but he’s grabbed by Benz… CRACKHEAD!





Melanie: Your winner and NEW IIW Television Champion…..BENZ!

Benz staggers to his feet…HE looks stunned as he holds up the TV Title…WHACK

Dan Distoner is back to his feet and he continues to hit Benz with the chair…once..twice…three times


Dan keeps on going…finally stopping he asks for a mic….


Chino slowly strolls back out mic in hand

Chino – Dan my old friend…. You can’t tell me what to do…..You see….The wheel stopped spinning on this mother fucker…. You know what that means?