Monday Night Mayhem

Bad Boy For Life Hits as the IIW Owner Osh Vaughan makes his way down to the ring, the fans are going crazy in the crowd all chanting ‘WELCOME BACK….WELCOME BACK’

Osh acknowledges them all as he continues down to the ring, he slides in the ring and takes a minute to soak in everything

Osh – God Damn it feels good to be back!.. Thank you Netflix for taking on the contract…

‘Thankyou Netflix!’ Chant starts in the arena as Osh looks around

Osh – Just having you guys all here is worth it…And the hype has been unbelievable! Being able to advertise the returns of such superstars as Jake E Dangerously…Jonny C..Benz…Dan DiStoner… And many more, trust me, the people I’ve been contacted by…they will blow your mind! So complementing this…. Netflix has commissioned a live short series of matches showcasing the IIW Talent…. So please let me announce IIW Combat!

A Place where all you wrestling fans will be able to watch your favourite wrestlers work out some ring rust, make their returns and perform against possibly the next generation of IIW Talent!

Now get ready for a great show! ENJOY THE RIDE, the best fed is back in business…TRUST ME….IT AINT BRAGGING…. IIW IS GOING TO BACK IT UP!

Osh’s music hits as he makes his way to the back

Learn to Fly by the Foo Fighters plays as Dallas Riley makes his way out to the ring he rides out in a black or brown cowboy hat and western outlaw style face mask that matches his tights color on a horse , from beside the stage area , he struts over to the stage area and climbs up it, then proceeds to walk to the ring .

It continues as Kitsune follows. He high-fives as many fans as possible then he rushes down to ring side from the aisle way and climbs up on the barricade, he walks across it to the left side of the ring and jumps to the ring apron, slingshots himself into the ring with a front flip and lands in a super hero pose- squat in the center of the ring.

As the first notes of Rock Bottom hits the camera cuts to a dumpster outside of the arena. The dumpster lid flings open as Benz rises from the depths of the cardboard and trash. Followed slowly by PC McGhee and Stabby Joe With one leap he is out and marching to the building in his long dirty coat. A security guard opens a fire exit to let him into the building so he can get to the ring.

Both teams go face to face. Its going to be Benz and Kitsuine to start off.

The bell rings.

The two lock up, with Benz managing to get a headlock. Kitsune throws him into the ropes and catches Benz with a clothesline. He tags his partner Dallas Riley. Fallas Riley puts Benz in an armbar. Both men get up and Benz throws Dallas into the turnbuckle. He tags in Stabby Joe and the two men hit a double eye poke on Dallas Riley!

Scott: Them Dirty BUMS!

1…2…Dallas reverses into a small package! 1…2…last moment kick out! Stabby Joe hits the ropes and catches Dallas with a crossbody. Stabby Joe hits the ropes again and floors Dallas with a massive spear!

Mike Fisher: Things are going south quickly for Dallas Riley and Kitsune!

Scott: For a Bum, Stabby Joe sure is big

Mike Fisher: How does that make any sense Scott?

Kitsune puts an ankle lock on Stabby, who screams in pain. Benz jumps in and kicks Stabby Joe off, prompting Kitsune to come in. He throws Benz out of the ring before turning to the floored PC McGhee!

Mike Fisher: LOOK REF LOOK!

Scott: Behave Mike, he didn’t see that, PC Mcghee has handed the victory here to Stabby Joe and Benz!

Benz picks him up and hits the CRACKHEAD! Stabby Joe, the legal man covers. 1…2…3!

Mike Mike Fisher: Your winners, Benz and Shawn Stabby Joe!

Scott: Well that’s really gonna put Team BUM on seats isn’t it!

The Instrumental 2001 Space Odyssey intro begins as
a rocket rises from either the bottom of the center of the stage or drops from the bottom of the titantron to the stage and the song changes to Warrior Man by Lateralus by tool as the pod door opens
Ace Sky walks out in an aviator jacket and his usual in ring attire, he salutes a peace sign and jogs down the aisle way high-fiving as many fans as possible on both sides then he dashes forward leaps upon the apron and flings himself in with a front flip followed by a series of three front handsprings and a rolling savate kick

"Just Like You" by Three Days Grace begins to play as the crowd boo when they see Ryan McCann make his way down to the ring. McCann enters the ring and, climbs to the top of a nearby corner and tosses his arms in the air and urges the crowd to get louder, as they do

Mike Fisher: The bell is about to ring to signal the beginning of another top class match here on Monday Night Mayhem. Ryan McCann is going to take on Ace Sky in what should be a well matched contest. Each of these wrestlers is going to want to prove themselves worthy of progressing in the Lockdown Knockout!

The bell rings and the two men square up to each otherThey lock up. Ace Sky pushes McCann back into a corner. The ref gets between them, but Ace Sky cheap shots McCann, who falls to the ground.

Scott James: Oooh cheap shot.

McCann climbs back to his feet. The lock up again, this time McCann throws Ace Sky into the ropes and floors him with a shoulder block. As Ace Sky gets to his feet, McCann is already running into the ropes and floors him again with a clothesline.

McCann runs into the ropes again, but Ace Sky ducks the clothesline. McCann turns around only to be met with a flying crossbody. Ace Sky poses for the crowd, who cheer him.

SJ: This is where Ace Sky needs to take advantage, he can’t afford to be complacent!

Ace Sky, pulls McCann back to his feet, but McCann punches him in the stomach and looks like he is about to begin a comeback. McCann gets upright and swings a fist, but Ace Sky ducks and locks in a hold and launches him over his head!

MF: Ace Sky calls this the Ejection!

McCann tries to struggle his way out, but Ace Sky has a strong hold on him

Ace Sky lifts McCann up, and brings him down with a swift kcik to the head

SJ: This one’s over Mike!

Ace Sky climbs the turnbuckle and poses again for the crowd. He leaps off the top rope and delivers a stunning move

MF: Galaxy Leap!! What a move!

Ace Sky makes the cover. 1……2……3!!!

JF: The winner of this match, ACE SKY!

We open up and we’re focused on the door in Bob Mitchell’s office, the door swings open and there are broken frames all over the place, pictures of Bob and his clients with their various championships

Pictures of Blade Alexander and The Commander Are shown smashed on the floor, as it pans to the seat at the desk, it slowly pans up and it’s Osh’s son Jay Vaughan!

Jay Vaughan – Hello IIW Roster, don’t worry you don’t have to put yourself on top alert… well not yet anyway, I’m not here to face up to you and take away your pride in IIW, as I said to Jonny last week I’ve got much more important things, I’m here to deal with a former IIW Problem. Bob Mitchell and his little bitch Blade Alexander!

Bob, thankyou for reminding me you had an office here in the IIW! Of course I was going to mention this to my dad, and you wouldn’t believe what bribing a certain Janitor £50 will get you access to.

Jay walks over to the cabinet on the side, he unlocks it and picks up the IIW Tag Team Titles

Jay – These are mine now Bob…. This is just the first step of me taking everything that means anything to you and your client, Dear Bob… Go fuck yourself! I’ll see you and especially Blade in Canada!

The End of Heartache by Killswitch Engage hits as the crowd begin to cheer… The pyro’s flash off in different directions as Jake E Dangerously steps out as the fans noise increases

Melanie: Now Coming to the ring hailing from Freddy Beach and weighing in at 225lbs he is Jake EEEEEE Dangerously.

Jake strolls his way to the ring as he heads into the ring, he soaks up the emotion that is filling the arena as the IIW Fans truly respect the return of this legend after all these years.

Scott James – What else did you expect? Save for 1 appearance, Jake E Dangerously has not wrestled for the IIW in over 10 years!

Mike Fisher – Exactly Scott, the reaction may change but they’re just happy having the longest reigning IIW World Champion back in the ring!

The lights flicker three times as the singer sings "1...2...3" followed by a brief pause. The lights in the arena start to change colors for all of a minute as the guitar begins to play the lights go out with only a spotlight in the middle of stage.

The music continues to play but nothing happens, no one appears

Scott James – What’s going on here Mike?

Mike Fisher – I’m not sure Scott?

The music plays again and the pyro’s blast but still there is no sign of Anthony Phoenix

Suddenly the music goes off and the IIW Screen lights up…. Backstage Anthony Phoenix is shown laid out on the floor as Sergio stands surrounded by IIW Referees

Sergio – What the hell has happened here?

Harold Bishop – We’ve just found him like this! He’s obviously been attacked, isn’t it your job to protect stuff like this?

Segio – Don’t tell me what to do!.... I’m off to find out what’s gone off

Mike Fisher – It looks like Anthony Phoenix is not going to be able to wrestle!

The referee calls over Melanie at ring side

Melanie – Due to being unable to wrestle…I DECLARE JAKE E DANGEROUSLY THE WINNER!

The crowd desperately don’t like this and are letting the IIW Arena know as they light it up with Boo’s

The IIW Screen flickers….

It Flashes up!....And the crowd react to what they’ve seen!

Curtis – That’s Right Jake…. I took out Anthony Phoenix…We all know he’s no challenge for you, but I, a son of a Hall of Famer Jonny C, raised by the Vaughan royalty am going to be the guy to take you on…. A Few favours have been called in…And I will be facing you next event in the Semi Finals of the Lockdown Knockout Tournament!

Mike Fisher – I can’t believe it! My former nephew Curtis is back with the IIW!

Scott James – Former Nephew?

Mike Fisher – Long story Scott…But I’ve raised this kid since he was little, he is going to be the man to take out Jake E…Believe me!

the lights on the arena dim and start to flash blue and green. An 8 bit version on Jonny C appears on the screen with an ax and swings in at the screen cracking it and yells here's Jonny. #1 by Nelly blares over the pa system. Jonny C bursts through the curtain with his arms out. Jonny looks around the arena and laughs and walks down the ramp. Jonny climbs the ring stairs stopping on the top step. He grabs the top rope and jumps over it. He immediately climbs the ropes and yells "You're looking at the greatest to ever set foot in a wrestling ring."

Red and Green smoke rises up therough the stage and Bodies by Drowning Pool begins to play the the booing crowd. Out walks Dan DiStoner dressed in Black Jeans and a leather jacket. Wearing stone washed jeans. An ever present snear on his face. DiStoner yells insults back to the crowd as he makes his way to the ring. He wipes his feet on the apron and steps into the ring, Pulls a pack out of his pocket and fires up a joint and begins to smoke it in the ring.

The referee motions for the bell, and as the bell tolls both men tie up in the middle of the ring in a show of strength which is short as DiStoner kicks Jonny C in the gut and begins to hummer down elbows to the back of Jonny C. After there hard elbows to the back randy drops down to his knees as DiStoner lands other elbow before bring his knee up into the face of the kneeling Jonny C who falls back to the mat as he reaches to cover his face with his hands. DiStoner goes to drop a big knee to the torso of Jonny C but out of instinct Jonny C rolls quickly out of harms way as DiStoner’s knee comes hard to the mat.

Mike: “Man, was that quick!”

Scott: “Yes, he instinctively rolled just out of the way of the knee from DiStoner.”

Jonny C and DiStoner have both gotten back to their feet and are now exchanging punches back and forth as neither man wants to give in to the other. DiStoner goes for a hard blow but Jonny C ducks it and lands a hard one of his own to the gut of DiStoner. Jonny C continues to land a few more shots the gut before twisting in behind of DiStoner and hooking one arm and the opposite leg and lifting him up and on to his shoulder before running a few steps and delivering a Power-slam to the surprise DiStoner whose body hits the mat and goes motionless.

Mike: “Man, what strength by Jonny C! I think that he might be taking illegal substances!”

Scott: “That maybe but I think this one’s over!”

Jonny C drops into the pin and hooks the far leg of DiStoner as the referee begins the pin fall.



Mike: “No! Kick out by DiStoner!”

Scott: “DiStoner was able to get his shoulder up by kicking out of the hook of Jonny C!”

Jonny C is shocked, as he rolls up to his feet and begins to wait for DiStoner to return to his. DiStoner slowly gets to his feet and begins turn towards a waiting Jonny C, as he turns Jonny C begins to run and suddenly sticks up his foot but DiStoner predicts the Big Boot and steps aside landing a spinning kick to the back of the head of Jonny C. Jonny C falls to the mat as DiStoner drops and rolls him to his back and hooks the leg for the pin as the referee begins the pin fall.




Scott: “Only two, Jonny C gets his shoulder up!”

Mike: “I can’t believe I thought that DiStoner had it there!”

DiStoner gets to his feet as he begins to argue with the referee. The referee repeats that Jonny C had his shoulder up but DiStoner continues to argue, Suddenly Jonny C who has made it back up charges at DiStoner and lands a shoulder block which in turn sends DiStoner falling into the referee whom he had been arguing with and both crash hard to the mat with DiStoner landing on the head of the referee. As DiStoner bounces off of the referees head, the referee rolls to the corner and lays facedown.

After a few moments Jonny C has gotten to his feet, and waits as DiStoner tries to get to his. DiStoner begins ti stumble as he stands and as he turns he is met by Jonny C who kicks him in the gut and hooks DiStoner in as he picks him up.

Mike: “Holy Hell! The F’N POINT by Jonny C!”

Scott: “Lights out for DiStoner! The referee is still motionless in the corner!”

Jonny C finishes the last Powerbomb and covers DiStoner up but the referee is still motionless in the ring. Suddenly there is a pop from the crowd as a second referee is seen running from the back and sliding under the ropes as he begins the pin.




Melanie – Your winner… And progressing in the Lockdown Knockout! JONNY C!