Match 5

Gemini vs Jamie Starr


Alice Goldier: Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is a singles match and it is scheduled for one fall…

The opening harmony of “Sad But True” by Metallica hits. The crowd began to build into a frenzy as the lights flickered. For a few moments the sound played but nobody came from out of the curtain.

Mike Harris: Now just where in the hell is Gemini?

Scott James: This isn’t like him….

Alice looked up the rampway in confusion, waiting for Gemini to make his approach to the ring.

Mike Harris: Wait–what’s that?

Scott James: We are getting word from the back that something is happening.

The Mayhem cameras cut to the back room where Gemini is seen laying face down on the concrete. A foot comes from out of scene and kicks Gemini in the back of the head. A hand reached down and delivered a few punches to the back of Gemini’s head. The camera pans out to show a new addition to the IIW roster.

Mike Harris: That’s…that’s…


Mike Harris: Richard Drake?!?!

Scott James: Now just what in the hell is the rest of the IIW locker room in store for now that Richard Drake is in town?

Drake stood there over the lifeless body of Gemini as Mayhem broke for commercial break.


[The camera focuses on a group of four stern-looking security women dressed in black uniforms, standing in front of a closed locker room door labeled "Jack N. Mehoff - Brazzers Champion." They exchange nods and then one of them, Sergeant Kate Carter, steps forward and knocks firmly on the door.]

Sergeant Kate: (Knocking on the door) “Mr. Mehoff, it's time. We're ready to escort you to the ring.”

[The door swings open dramatically, revealing Jack N. Mehoff. The Bazzers Champion emerges from the locker room clad in his signature ugly colored suit.]

Jack N. Mehoff: Let's do this.

[Jack steps forward with confidence as his female security team flank him protectively. They form a tight group as they navigate through the backstage area towards the entrance ramp leading to the ring. The cameras follow them, capturing the intensity in Jack's eyes and the anticipation building in the arena.]

Sargeant Charlotte Stokely: [Speaking into her earpiece] “We're en route with the Champ. Clear a path.”

[Litenuite Kate Carter scans the area for possible perceived threats and sees the janitor Charlie Schmidt tying off a trash bag.]

Lt. Carter: “Target located. Take him out!”

[The four female security detail spray mace in the face of Charlie the janitor and use a high powered Taser on his family jewels then proceed to beat him down to the ground with big black dildo-batons!]

Morrison: “I'm not sure if that is police regulation equipment.”

Fischer: “It’s a dildo on a baton of course it's not police regulation!”

[Charlie Schmidt twitches and quivers in paralyzing pain.]

Sgt. Stokely: “Threat neutralized, All clear ahead.*

[We cut to the arena where I Touch Myself by The Divinyls starts to play. Jack stands in the entrance as a shower of sparks shoots over him. He steps out, throwing a few punches, then takes a few steps forward. He looks down at his forearm, realizing it's on fire, then panics, ripping his Jacket off and starts stomping on it, trying to put it out.}

[He looks back towards the ring, and continues strutting down the isle as if nothing happened. Jack climbs into the ring, which has been set up with a orange couch, a potted plant, and a neon sign saying "The Casting Couch."]

Jack: Welcome rednecks and white trash to the most entertaining interview segment in all of pro wrestling. Welcome to The Casting Couch.

Morrison: “Last week we had a crazed homeless wrestler. I really hope he doesn't bring out that freaky looking weirdo that keeps asking for rps.”

Jack: I've had people blowing up my Discord, looking to get on this show, but tonight, I'm bringing out only the best. Tonight, we're taking this show international. Tonight, my guest is the German Juggernaut, The Man with the Best Smile on the Roster. Liechenberg.

[The camera's focus on the stage entrance. Several seconds of silence pass by before cutting back to Jack N. Mehoff in the ring.]

Jack: “Come on now, don't be shy. We're all waiting for you Leichenberg don't disappoint these fat, toothless, low IQ hillbilly fans. Just like this obese, what I assume to be a woman who apparently left her dentures at home.”

[The crowd cheers loudly as “Me in Herz Brennt” by Rammstein plays. Leichenberg appears at the entrance, looking confused and annoyed. He makes his way to the ring, muttering to himself. He grabs a microphone before stepping through the ropes.]

Leichenberg: "What are you doing? I didn't agree to this! This isn't part of my schedule!"

[Jack N. Mehoff interrupts, putting a hand up to silence Leichenberg before addressing the crowd.]

Jack: "Oh, come on, Leichenberg! Don’t be such a party pooper! The fans are dying to hear from you. So, take a seat, relax, and let’s have a chat."

[Leichenberg hesitates but finally sits on the couch, glaring at Jack N. Mehoff.]

Jack: Now I didn't come out here to pick at old wounds. We all know that it was you I beat to become the UNDISPUTED, UNDEFEATED, BRAZZERS STREAMING CHAMPION OF THE WORLD.

The crowd boos heavily as Jack holds up the Brazzers title. Leichenberg has a stone cold expression on his face.

Jack: BUT, have you ever considered that there may be a conspiracy against you and me both? I want you to consider all of these unusual circumstances that have happened recently.

The week before that match, I faced TJ Alexander in a number one contenders match. Jack Tyde interferes in the match and screws over TJ Alexander, then immediately attacks me.

A week later, your valet, Annalise gets her tires slashed and she can't make the show. That match you and I had was close. That match could have gone either way. How much was Annalise not being there affecting your head?

Then, you face TJ in a number one contenders match. Tyde comes out and helps the guy he screwed a few weeks earlier. He actually counts the pin fall ad if he's a licensed ref. If that crap is legit, I may just give a shirt to Craig the Bum and promise to give him a rp to keep him on retainer as a ref if I need one.

Leichenberg: What are you getting at Jack.

Jack: Simple. I'm willing to bet TJ and Tyde are in cahoots. Tyde cost TJ his shot at the title because they figured TJ would have a easier time beating the "wimpy porn guy" instead of the "German Juggernaut." They slash your girls tires to cost you your title. They screw you out of a rematch. And now, who's facing me in what should have been your title rematch?

[Leichenberg places a finger on his chin, contemplating the words of Jack, absorbing the information and letting it all sink in before raising the microphone to speak.]

Leichenberg “You make very good, very valid points. Jack Tyde had no business interfering in any match, let alone mine yet management allowed it. Tyde is a wrestler, not a referee yet the office brass approved of it. Most champions have an automatic rematch clause. I didn't get one. Instead I was forced to compete for the number one contendership to that championship which you desecrated and renamed into some type of porn title!”

[Leichenberg sneers and scowls at Jack, standing up from the casting couch and towering over the sitting Brazzers Champion.]

Please, sit back down. I'm simply connecting the dots of a possible conspiracy going on in IIW.

[Leichenberg reluctantly sits back down on the couch, ready to hear what Jack has to say.]

Jack: Honesty, it wouldn't surprise me if TJ Alexander was the mastermind behind this whole thing. If he was really the ultimate good guy he claims to be, wouldn't he relinquish his title shot tonight? And also, who has the most to gain? If I were you, I'd go backstage, kick down his door and beat his ass so bad, that he has no choice to forfeit his match tonight.

[Leichenberg turns and thinks through what Jack said. Jack gets a huge smile on his face. Leichenberg looks up at the big screen and sees Jack smiling, turns back toward him and grabs him by the throat.]

Leichenberg: "You think this is funny?! You think you can manipulate me like some pawn in your sick, twisted game!?”

[Leichenberg shoves Jack into the couch, causing him and the couch to fall back. The Brazzers champ rolls over, brushing himself off as he stands back up on both feet.]

Leichenberg: “TJ and Tyde may be conspiring to get that title. But there's one person, I know without a shadow of a doubt is conspiring against me, and that's you. Know this. After I destroy Tyde tonight, I'm going to tape my fists and sit backstage watching your match. Whoever walks out with that belt will have a very long night when I get a hold of them.”

[Leichenberg slams the microphone down causing it to bounce and ricochet across the canvas before storming out of the ring, heading to the backstage area.]


Match 6

Non Title – Battle of the Champions

Crush vs Trent Darby

Alice Goldier: Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is a singles match and it is scheduled for one fall and is a Champion’s Showcase!!!

“Kingdom” by Downstait hit the PA system as the IIW Global Champion,Crush, made his way through crowd with his wife, Jessica Huttman, leading the way.

Alice Goldier: Introducing first, he hails from Atlanta, Georgia and he is the IIW Global Champion…he is “The King of Extreme”...this….is… .CRUSH!!!!!

“Voices” by Motionless in White hit the PA system as the IIW International Champion, Trent Darby, made his way to the ring.

Alice Goldier: And his opponent, hailing from Baltimore, Maryland, he is the current IIW International Champion…TRENT DARBY!!!!!!

Mike Harris: Now we’ve got a match pitting two of the top talents in the IIW against one another.

Scott James: Not just that, we’ve got the Global and International Champion about to scrap!

The bell rang and the two champions walked to the center of the ring, they began to jaw back and forth as the tension built in the arena. After a few words, Darby slapped Crush across the face to a loud “ohhhh” from the crowd. Crush returned the favor with an open palm of his own followed by another “ohhhhh” from the crowd. Darby came back with a right, Crush with a right, Darby, Crush, Darby, Crush, Darby, Crush, Darby, Darby ducked and hit off of the ropes, catching Crush off guard with a flying crossbody. The referee dropped for a count but Crush pushed Darby up before one.

Mike Harris: I feel as if the official got a bit overzealous on that one.

Scott James: I’d have to agree with you on that one, no way is this one even close to over.

Crush and Darby got to their feet, Darby went for a European Uppercut but Crush caught his arm and pulled him down to the mat. Crush momentarily locked in a crossface but Darby was able to clench the ropes immediately leading to the break. The two men came back to their feet, Crush charged with a lariat that Darby was able to duck. Darby came back for a rolling elbow on Crush but Crush hit the brakes as Darby came around.

Mike Harris: The International Champion almost connecting with the Fact Check right there!

Scott James: That could have been all she wrote rather quickly!

Crush swung at Darby while in motion, connecting with a huge right hand. Crush tossed Darby into the corner, Darby hit the turnbuckles hard and popped out. Crush charged for a spear but Daby hit the mat, sending Crush flying through the turnbuckles, connecting his shoulder against the post.

Mike Harris: Trent Darby using his brain on that one–allowing Crush’s own momentum to do the work for him.

Scott James: You’ve gotta wonder if that’s going to be some kind of a turning point in this one.

Darby grabbed Crush from behind and executed a Russian leg sweep. Darby hit off of the ropes, took to the air and dropped his fist across Crush’s forehead. Darby went for the cover …1 …2 …kickout! Darby grabbed Crush’s head and slammed it to the mat, he then proceeded to choke the Global Champion. The referee administered the count and Darby broke at four.

Mike Harris: The International Champion using every second of that four count.

Scott James: Let’s face it, these are two of the top guys in this promotion, we knew this was going to be nasty!

Darby got to his feet and lined up, hitting Crush in the gut with a soccer kick. Darby pulled Crush up, delivering a forearm strike for good measure on the way up. Darby went for a vertical suplex but Crush blocked it with his leg before bringing Darby over with a thunderous slam that led to a pop from the crowd.

Mike Harris: He may have appeared down but it seems as the Global Champion has found his second wind!

Scott James: While I might not always be his biggest fan–Crush is known to be able to go with the best of them!

Crush got back to his feet and Darby followed moments after. Darby was met by a side kick from Crush followed by a football takedown that led to Crush throwing rights and lefts at Darby’s face. Crush got off of Darby and pulled his opponent up. Crush sent Darby into the ropes and caught him on the rebound with a hip toss. Darby got to a seated position and received a stiff kick to the upper back. Crush hit off of the ropes and drove a running knee to the back of Darby’s head.

Mike Harris: The King of Extreme getting in firm command of this match.

Scott James: You can never really count anyone that is a champion or former champion out here in the IIW.

Crush pulled his opponent to his feet and lifted him up with his elevated DDT, Crushing the Competition. Crush draped his arm over Darby …1 …2 …kickout! Crush pulled himself up, Darby began to get up and Crush hit him with a forearm smash. Darby was dazed when Crush connected with a superkick that sent Darby hurling towards the corner. Darby’s body was prone against the corner when Crush came running in with a running splash. Darby fell to the mat but instinctively rolled out of the ring to the floor.

Mike Harris: He may not be in control of the match but it’s clear that Trent Darby is still very much aware of the situation around him.

Scott James: Making sure that Crush can’t win this one with a three count, great strategy by the International Champion.

Crush moved slowly but climbed out of the ring and onto the floor. Darby was prepared, as the referee was out of position, Darby connected with a low blow and followed that up with a jawbreaker on the outside. Darby pulled Crush by the hair and tossed him face first into the steel steps, stunning the Global Champion.

Mike Harris: Now come on referee, you need to be on top of things like that!

Scott James: I see no foul play here at all!

Darby grabbed Crush and rolled him back under the ropes, Darby followed his opponent a moment after. Darby got into the ring and began to signal to his elbow as Crush was shaking off the cobwebs when suddenly the lights in the arena turned black.

Mike Harris: Now just what in the hell is this?!

Scott James: I wish I could tell you but I’ve got no idea!

The tron had one word written on it in a bleeding font “INTERNATIONAL”. The image of the word faded and the lights suddenly turned on to show a confused Trent Darby in the ring and Crush sitting in the corner. At the top of the ramp stood Casimir Laska who began to slowly walk towards the ring with his arms stretched and a grin.

Mike Harris: Now just what in the hell is this lunatic doing out here?

Scott James: I don’t know if I really want to find out.

Laska and Darby made eye contact. Darby began to yell towards Laska who remained calm but when he reached the halfway point the lights cut off again.

Mike Harris: Can we stop with these games?

Scott James: It’s either that or someone needs to seriously pay the electric bill.

The lights turned back on and Trent Darby’s angered face grew worse as Casimir Laska seemed to have vanished into thin air.

Mike Harris: Now where the hell did he go?

Scott James: Back to Cleveland, I would assume.

Darby shook it off and turned around into a massive spear from Crush.

Mike Harris: BONE CRUSHER!!!!

Scott James: The Global Champion nearly sawed the International Champion in half!

Crush made the cover …1 …2 …3!!!!

Alice Goldier: Ladies and gentlemen here is your winner…CRRRRUUUUUSSSSHHHHH!!!!!

[The camera opens on a packed wrestling arena. The lights dim, and the crowd buzzes with anticipation.]

[The arena goes dark as the opening notes of "Define My Name" by Nas and DJ Premier reverberate through the speakers.]

Mike: “What's this? Kaos King is not scheduled to appear here.”

Scott: “Don't go trying to rhyme and rap now. That's his gimmick but why is Kaos coming out here now? He's already had a match against Ryan McCann.”

[The crowd erupts into cheers as colorful lights flash in rhythm with the beat, building anticipation for the arrival of Kaos King.]

Scott: “These fans are going nuts for this talented young blue chip athlete.”

Mike: “Cool, cocky and confident are just three words to describe Kaos King. Still not sure his reasoning for coming out here now after competing earlier tonight.”

[The song reaches its climax and the arena is bathed in a dazzling array of swirling lights, Kaos King emerges onto the mainstage entrance, exuding confidence and swagger as he bounces to the beat while making his way down the ramp towards the ring.]

[He is adorned in a white fur coat over custom made white wrestling tights with “Kaos King” written in red graffiti spray paint style lettering. Wearing a flashy ensemble of gold chains and designer shades.]

Mike: “Well whatever the reason is, I think we're about to find out because he's coming our way.”

[Kaos King pounds fists with a few fans before sprinting into the ring with a headfirst slide then executes a rolling forward front flip nip up into a springboard backflip that ends with a superman landing.]

Mike: “What a showoff.”

Scott: “Like the man or loathe him, Kaos King certainly knows how to get a reaction from this crowd.”

[The arena pulses with excitement as the crowd chants his name, their voices mixing together effortlessly with the infectious beat of the music.]

Crowd chants: kaos king! Kaos King!! KAOS KING!!!

[Kaos King requests and receives the microphone from ring announcer Alicia Goldier. He stares out into the crowd while pacing back and forth in the ring.]

|\/\/\/\/| Kaos King |\/\/\/\/| "Yo, yo, yo! What’s up, party people? The King of Chaos has arrived! Been in battle before and not just survived, I thrived!
I’ve been hearing a lot of talk backstage about who’s the best, who’s the people's champ, who’s the man? I’m here to set the record straight, now it's time to demonstrate how Kaos King runs this game on my rise to fame.”

“I'm ready ta leave the competition face down,
the King of Chaos is ready to defend my crown.
Tonight, I’m feeling bold, so
this is an open challenge to anyone, young or old.
Comin’ atcha loud and proud,
whether yer a rookie like me or a grizzled vet yellin’ at a cloud.”

“This is it, my official invitation,
Whose ready ta Step up and face yer annihilation.
Don’t care who you are, where you’ve been, what you’ve done.
You step into this ring, you’re gonna learn this is my yard to run.”

“So to anyone who thinks they can hang,
I’m calling you out, bring your A-game, bring the whole dang gang.
You think you’ve got what it takes ta dethrone the street O.G.?
Step up, show your face, and let’s see if you can outshine me.”

(Crowd erupts in cheers, hyped by Kaos King’s challenge.)

“I’ve got the skills, the moves, the heart of a champ,
Whoeva it's gon’ be. Best get ready to stare at the lights for that three second nap.”

(Crowd chants "Kaos King" as he continues pacing around the ring, looking towards the entrance ramp.)

“Step up, show yourself, don’t be afraid but rest assured that if you do a price will be paid. I run this game and refuse to be played.
Kaos King’s here to show y'all how legends are made.”

(The crowd cheers even louder as Kaos King stares down the barrel of the camera with a fearless glint twinkling in his brown eyes.)

“This is an open challenge, to anyone who’s brave,
But when the bell rings, you’ll be digging your own grave."

[Kaos King drops the mic and stares intensely towards the entrance ramp, the crowd roaring with excitement and anticipation, wondering who will accept the challenge.]

After a few minutes of silence, Kaos King scoffs and shrugs his shoulders.]

Kaos:Well, it seems no one in the IIW has an balls,

[Just as he begins to exit the ring, he is suddenly ambushed from behind by a man in a ski mask. The assailant clotheslines him, lifts him up, and hurls him into the steel steps. He then throws Kaos back into the ring and plants him with a DDT. Standing over Kaos's prone body, the masked man slowly removes his disguise to reveal... JOHN TOLLY. The crowd erupts in cheers, starting a "Welcome back" chant.]

Scott: Holy crap! It's Tolly, John Tolly is back!

Miles: We haven't seen Tolly in...

Scott: It's been over six months!

[John Tolly picks up the microphone, looking down at Kaos.]

John: I accept!!

Match 7

Jack Tyde vs Liechenberrg


Alice Goldier: Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is a singles match and it is scheduled for one fall.

The arena lights flicker then dim to darkness and the video wall comes to life with the words Das Ringführer appearing on the big screen in red lettering on a black backdrop as mein herz brennt by Rammstein blasts through the loudspeakers.)

(A video package plays a highlight reel of hard hitting chops, lethal lariats, big boot kicks, stomps and Suplexes from the German heavyweight whilst competing inside of the ring.

(Boos cascade down from the cheap nose bleed seats all the way down to the front row section of the crowd as the Leichenberg emerges onto the mainstage into a white spotlight in wrestling attire consisting of red wrestling trunks, black knee pads, and black wrestling boots.)

(He wears a long red wool coat with a lapel-style collar, double breasted black button closure, full-length sleeves with open cuffs and two outer pockets along with an inside pocket hidden within the soft viscose lining.)

(Leichenberg stands upright and folds both hands behind the back as he looks down his nose with a scowling sneer, illiciting further boos from the fans before setting sites on the ring.)

(The Ruthless Wonderkind begins the long walk down the aisle with purpose, ignoring the crowd as Leichenberg steps up the steel staircase then onto the edge of the ring.)

(Wiping the bottom of both boots onto the ring canvas before stepping through the ropes, removing his coat and handing it off to an off camera stage hand then pulling on the ropes to stretch out and loosen up for the match.)

Alice Goldier: Introducing first, hailing from Berlin, Germany, “The Ruthless Wonderking”...LEICHENBERG!!!!

The lights dim and turn red as fog slowly begins to roll out at the top of the entrance ramp. Over the PA 'Alestorm' by Alestorm begins to blast and as the rock music plays the fans let out a chorus of boos.

Go! A Storm is coming

The cold is mind numbing

Darkness is descending

Die, there's no escapting

We're all anticipating

Smashing your brains tonight!

As the lyrics are heard we can see a figure slowly emerge from below the entrance ramp. As he raises his large frame comes into focus as we see Jack Tyde. Not along however as his 'companion' Shante' Waverly is cackling at his side. The two being to walk down the ramp and towards the ring. Tyde's focus is straight ahead not pausing to even acknowlege the fans. Shante however mocks them and laughs at them as she goes by. Once in at the steel steps Jack pauses striking a 'Captain Morgan' like pose on the steps, as he does the Pyro explodes form all four corners sounding like cannons firing. Once the explosions die down he enters the ring and sits down in the far corner waiting for his opponent.

Alice Goldier: And his opponent, from The Briny Depths, “The Nautical Nightmare”...JACK TYDE!!!!

The bell rang as Leichenberg and Tyde came to the center of the ring. Leichenberg struck first with a quick overhand chop, then another. Leich tossed Tyde into the ropes and lifted him into the air with a back body drop. Leich charged with a running big boot as Tyde got to a knee but Tyde hit the mat and popped back up, grabbing Leich from behind and bringing him down for a neckbreaker. Tyde got back to his feet and dropped an elbow on Leich before going for a quick cover …1 …kickout!

Mike Harris: Jack Tyde trying to take advantage of some early momentum.

Scott James: It’s a little too early on to pin a guy like Leichenberg to the mat.

Tyde grabbed Leich by the side of the head and locked in a side headlock. The referee checked for a choke but there was none. Leich battled his way to his feet and lit up Tyde’s midsection with some elbow shots before breaking free. Leich dropped off of the rope and then landed a big boot to Tyde. Leich dropped to the mat for the cover …1 …2 …kickout!

Mike Harris: The big German now firmly in control.

Scott James: You try getting back up immediately after a boot that size to the face!

Leich pulled Tyde up and tossed him to the turnbuckles. Leich charged for a running body splash but Tyde moved at the last minute. Leich hit the turnbuckles and Tyde grabbed him from behind, lifting him up and slamming him down with a German suplex. Tyde didn’t hold the bridge, instead he got up, hit off of the rope and landed a legdrop before making the cover …1 …2 …kickout!

Mike Harris: A close call for Jack Tyde, he could taste the victory on that one.

Scott James: This is going to be a back and forth battle between these two.

Tyde and Leich got to their feet and Leich went for a clothesline but came up empty, Tyde hit a jumping thrust kick to Leich, stunning him. Leich wobbled as Tyde hit off of the ropes and connected with a flying forearm. Leich wobbled, Tyde clutched him by the waste and brought him over with an overhead belly to belly suplex. Tyde crawled over for the cover …1 …2 …kickout!

Mike Harris: The Nautical Nightmare is trying to stay on top of Das Ringfuhrer!

Scott James: This is not going to be an easy victory for either man, both of them are similar size and similar skill.

Jack waited for Leich to get to his feet and delivered a kick to the gut. Jack hit off of the ropes and connected with a bicycle kick on Leich. Leich fell to the mat, Jack hit off of the ropes and dropped a knee to the face. Jack went for another cover on Leich …1 …2 …kickout! Jack slapped his hands together, stating the count was slow.

Mike Harris: I’m not sure that you can blame the referee for a slow count on that one.

Scott James: That is one thing you and I can finally agree on, the Zebra has been doing his job this time around.

Jack got to his feet, he waited for Leich and went for a throat thrust but Leich moved out of the way and connected with a rolling punch. Jack backed up and was tossed into the turnbuckles with an Irish Whip. Leich came charging, full steam, with a lariat in the corner. Tyde wobbled out of the corner, Leich hit him with three thunderous chops, followed by a kick to the gut. Leich lifted Tyde into the air for a vertical suplex but brought him crashing down, head first, into a sitdown piledriver.

Mike Harris: The Ruthless Wonderkind calls that Schadenfreude!

Scott James: And after a lot of journalistic work, I’ve found that horrifying word actually means “pleasure derived by someone from someone else’s pain”!

Leich rolled over and hooked Tyde’s leg …1 …2 …3!!

Alice Goldier: Ladies and gentlemen here is your winner…LEICHENBERG!!!!

Match 8

Casmir Laska vs Maverick Tatum


Alice Goldier: Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is a singles match and it is scheduled for one fall…

“Let it Rock” by Kevin Rudolk ft. Lil’ Wayne hit and the crowd began to boo as Maverick Tatum made his way to the ring.

Alice Goldier: Introducing first, he hails from Atlanta, Georgia…MAVERICK TATUM!!!!

Mike Fisher: Maverick Tatum is looking possessed and ready for this fight after his heartbreaking finish to the triple threat match at Explosion XXI.

Scott James: I know not being pinned and still being labeled with a loss is always a reason to have a chip on the shoulder.

(Suddenly the arena is filled with the load sounds of thousands of push notifications coming through on cell phone’s – to the various tunes of multiple platforms. As the confused fans all check their phones – they see a caravan of men and women heading towards the ring – all wearing the same matte white masks that Casimir Laska had on earlier.

All of them are engaging on their own phones, staring down at them, while walking towards ringside. Are these the supposed followers Maverick holds so dear? As they all surround the ring, the last man starring down at his cell-phone points towards the LED screen. He screenplays his phone to showcase push notification from Casimir Laska. The man selects the notification, and hits play on the video for all to see.

Playing from the LED screen is Casimir Laska standing in the middle of a busy city, surrounded by the same people that are surrounding the ring currently. All of them are doing the same, staring at and engaging with the phone, as the rest of the city stalls behind them.)

Casimir Laska: Are you aware now, Mr. Tatum?

I spoke to you, Mavrick. I spoke directly to you. You acknowledge NOTHING! You paid no attention to my words, my warnings, my wisdom. You spun circles yet again -

I know you heard. You heard, but as I figured, you didn’t listen. Just like these fools behind me, we see, and we hear – but we don’t watch, and we don’t listen. I gave you a chance, Mr. Tatum. I gave you an opportunity to be aware and then be done after tonight.

But you didn’t listen, when I spoke, did you?

Empty threats and mindless words from the crazy wanderer right!? Wrong, Mr. Tatum – so very wrong.

Your past means zero to me. Your followers mean nothing to anyone – and your future – your future is now in the hands of your shepherd, Mr. Tatum. Just like the sheep that circles the ring before you – you will become nothing, obscure, and a shell of anything you once were.

All you had to do was listen.

Time for awareness is over, Mr. Tatum.

(The group looking at their phones behind Casimir, all now drop their phones, and look directly up towards the camera.)

Collective Group: BEWARE.

(The lights in the arena again turn off, quickly, and the same sepia spotlight, in the same ring corner as the beginning of the night, shows Casimir Laska sitting in the same corner he had begun the night in. All of the men and women surrounding the ring are suddenly gone – now leaving only Maverick Tatum and Casimir Laska in front of the crowd).

Mike Harris: This is going to be a battle of utmost importance as far as the rankings go here in the IIW.

Scott James: I’d say so. Maverick, a recent challenger for the prestigious Global Championship and Casimir Laska, one of the fastest rising stars in the company.

The bell rang and the two men came to center stage. Tatum began the charge with a slew of rights and lefts that caught Casimir off guard. Casimir was backed up into the ropes as Tatum switched it to knife edge chops. Tatum twisted Casimir’s arm, then again, he pushed him back, pulled him in and connected with an explosive lariat. Casimir fell to the mat, Tatum grabbed the top rope and began to lay the boots to Casimir.

Mike Harris: I’d say that Maverick Tatum has the perfect strategy with regards to Casimir Laska at this point.

Scott James: Without a doubt, keep at him while he’s down!

Tatum hit off of the ropes and dropped an elbow on Laska and then began to choke at the big man on the mat. Laska’s feet kicked as the referee administered the four count which led to Tatum breaking the count. Laska sat up similar to The Undertaker and shot a look at Tatum before climbing to his feet.

Mike Harris: Now just what in the hell is this from Casimira Laska?

Scott James: Something tells me that this man might just be possessed by something demonic.

Casimir pulled himself back to his feet and outstretched his arms. Tatum, with a slight look of confusion, began to lay in overhand chops to the chest, a couple of knife edge chops, a throat thrust. Casimir’s body jerked with attack, showing the blows were hitting, but little emotion was shown on the face. Maverick backed Laska up into a corner and began to lace him with boots to the midsection. Laska balled over and Tatum began to hit him with rights to the forehead. Tatum ran across the ring, sprinted back towards Laska, Tatum took flight and landed his knee into Laska’s face.

Mike Harris: It’s almost as if not bringing home the Global Championship has lit some kind of a fire under Maverick Tatum!

Scott James: Can you blame the guy? He had dreams of leaving Explosion with championship gold and instead he’s here on Mayhem with no gold!

Tatum climbed to the middle turnbuckle and began to punch downward at Laska’s head. The crowd counted along until Laska picked Tatum up, walked a few steps and slammed him with with an inverted atomic drop. Tatum held his groin as Laska hit off of the ropes and delivered a big boot that put Tatum on the mat. Laska maintained the momentum by hitting a spinning neckbreaker as Tatum got to his feet. Laska covered …1 …2 …kickout!

Mike Harris: I’m surprised to see Casimir Laska going for a cover so early on.

Scott James: Yeah, same here, he’s usually the type of guy that likes to do a little damage before going for the win.

Laska pulled Tatum up by the hair but Tatum pulled Laska over into a small package …1 …2 …kickout! The two men popped to their feet, Tatum went for a superkick but Laska caught him and brought him over with a capture suplex. Tatum got to his feet with the ropes and Laska clotheslined him over the top to the arena floor. Laska followed in hot pursuit as the referee began his count.

Mike Harris: I would say that Casimir Laska has Maverick Tatum right where he wants him–on the arena floor, where he can hurt him the most.

Scott James: Maverick Tatum might need to use some of his new surroundings to his advantage before Casimir does!

Casimir pulled Maverick and slammed his face against the guard rail. Maverick walked away holding his forehead when Casimir came up from behind and kicked out his knee from behind. Maverick fell to the ground as Casimir picked up the steel steps. Casimir moved towards Maverick but Maverick was able to move out of the way as Casimir launched the steel steps towards his downed opponent. Casimir, in anger, charged as Maverick got to his feet but Maverick moved, allowing Casimir to slam against the ring post.

Mike Harris: We all know how much Casimir Laska likes to inflict pain on his opponents but I’m not thinking he likes inflicting pain upon himself.

Scott James: Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised, the guy is one hell of a sick puppy.

Laska held his head as Maverick bashed it against the ring post twice more. Maverick rolled Laska back into the ring. Tatum climbed into the ring and hit a legdrop on Laska. Tatum went for the cover …1 …2 …kickout!

Mike Harris: Maverick Tatum is doing everything correctly to take home the victory, he’s not letting up on Casimir Laska.

Scott James: Casimir is one of those guys that if you let up, you can directly blame that for laying in a hospital bed.

Tatum pulled Laska to his feet and lifted him up in a fireman’s carry but Laska began to lace Tatum’s temple with elbow shots. Laska dropped down and picked up Tatum and hit him with the modified uranage he calls the Daisy, Daisy. Laska pulled himself up as Tatum began to crawl a bit. Laska grabbed Tatum by the back of the head and pulled him up, slamming him back down with an inverted DDT. Laska went for the cover …1 …2 …kickout!

Mike Harris: Casimir Laska is now able to gain full control of this matchup.

Scott James: I think we are getting ready for a little Ring Around the Rosie!

Tatum was now back on his feet but wobbly as Laska ran around him in a circle, hit off of the ropes and delivered a massive crossbody. Laska popped back up to a mixture of cheers and boos, he waited for Tatum to get on all fours before deliver his punt kick called Twinkle, Twinkle.

Mike Harris: I hate to say it but it seems as if Casimir Laska has Maverick Tatum right where he wants him!

Scott James: I would tell Maverick Tatum that he’s gotta move but unfortunately for him I’m pretty sure he’s knocked out.

Laska reached down and pulled Tatum up, lifting him in the air in a Razor’s Edge position before dropping him down into a sitout Tombstone Piledriver. Laska looked at the hard camera with a sick grin as he slid bac kwards, covering Tatum with his own shoulders, …1 …2 …3!!!!

Alice Goldier: Ladies and gentlemen here is your winner….CASSSSSIIIIIMMMMMMIIIIRRR RRR LAAAASSSSKKKKKAAAAAA!!!!

Casimir Laska leaves the ring as suddenly BAD BOY FOR LIFE begins to play as IIW Owner Osh Vaughan makes his way out to the ring, microphone in hand.

He stands in the ring over Maverick Tatum

Osh Vaughan: "Maverick. We need to talk."

[Maverick looks up, his eyes meeting Osh's. He sighs heavily, standing up and tossing the towel aside.]

Osh Vaughan: "Listen, Maverick, I've been watching you since day one. I've seen you at your highest highs and your lowest lows. And right now, I see a man who's forgotten just how great he is. Do you remember the Maverick Tatum who took this company by storm? The Maverick who was fearless, who fought like every match was his last? That Maverick is still in there, somewhere. You just need to dig deep and find him."

[Maverick looks away, his frustration evident. Osh's grip on Maverick's shoulder tightens, his voice growing more intense.]

Osh Vaughan: Maverick. That's not the man I know. The man I know is a fighter. A warrior. You think the greats never faced setbacks? They did. The difference is they didn't let those setbacks define them. They used them as fuel. As motivation. You're at a crossroads right now. You can either let this defeat consume you, or you can use it to reignite that fire inside you."

[Maverick's eyes start to show a glimmer of the old fire, the determination that once made him a standout star in IIW.]

Osh Vaughan: "Remember when you first came to IIW? You were unstoppable. You were a force of nature. You were the guy everyone feared to step into the ring with. That's who you are, Maverick. Not this defeated, doubting version of yourself. You need to reclaim that identity. You need to remind yourself why you love this business and why you fight. Because this, right here, this is your life. Your legacy."

[Maverick nods slowly, the words beginning to resonate with him.]

Osh Vaughan: "I've seen you do incredible things, Maverick. Things that made the fans stand on their feet and cheer your name. You have the talent, the passion, and the heart of a champion. So, what's it gonna be? Are you going to let this loss define you? Or are you going to stand up, dust yourself off, and come back stronger than ever? The choice is yours."