Mike Fisher: Good evening, ladies, and gentlemen, and welcome to the come home addition of Monday Mayhem – as we are fresh off one of the most outstanding Pay Per Views this company has ever put on.

Scott James: Explosion XXI was exactly as described and advertised – explosive!

Mike Fisher: And what a card we have tonight as we set in for the next half of the year here at II…

(Mike Fisher is interrupted by a loud and horrifying scream, as the arena’s light fixtures glitch on and off – leaving the arena in complete darkness.)

Mike Fisher: Our apologies to the IIW audience, as we seem to be having technical difficulties.

Scott James: Did anyone just get extremely cold just now?

(The arena again begins to glitch images of anonymous masked men, hollowed hallways, old portraits, and alarmed patrons. The lights around the entire remain off, except for one sepia toned spotlight – shining directly on the corner to the right of the hard camera. Casimir Laska sits atop of the corner – hood up as normal, hair covering a matte white mask portraying a fake plastic smile. With a microphone in hand, Casimir addresses the IIW in front of a live crown for the first time ever.)

Casimir Laska: Yeah, I don’t do this normally – but there is something that desperately needs to be addressed now. My best work is behind the scenes – diligently and purposely targeting those deserving to be targeted and throwing out the trash they leave behind.

But something is happening – something is happening inside of the walls of the IIW that is beginning to make me sick to my God Damn stomach.

(Casimir, looks around confused as the crowd loudly begins to chant his name. Experiences never experienced before, feeling never felt before, acceptance, approval, appreciation. He continues to stay atop the corner, staring down to the ground as he speaks, acknowledging no one in attendance.)

Casimir Laska: In this farm everyone wants to be a shepherd. In this kitchen everyone wants to be the Chef. In this asylum we have everyone cosplaying the Correctional Officer but refusing to acknowledge the shackles on their hands and feet.

There’s a misunderstanding within these walls that the abandoned, scorned and forgotten Casimir Laska came here to save himself.

(His haunting laugh fills the arena, silencing most still cheering.)

Casimir Laska: I am not here to save myself. I am here to save you.

I am here to save you from believing you are anything more than what you are. I am here to save you from thinking your ladder is climbable, that your glass ceiling can be broken. I am here to save you from yourself and the false prophecies you attempt to fulfill.

I am here to be the only shepherd to guide you, the only God to save you and the absolute final person you want to disappoint. We are approaching a new and beautiful world here – and I NEED to make you all AWARE of what is to come. The gorgeous mess that I will make of this place will be my greatest work.

I am not here to be your leader. I am not here to be your champion.

I am here to be your everything.

I am your everything.

Enjoy the show.

(The sepia toned spotlight turns off, the arena glitches again multiple times. The lights are now on, functioning as before.)

Mike Fisher: Where did he go?

Scott James: Can I get a damn blanket? I’m absolutely shivering over here!

Match 1


John Blade and Hellbreaker vs Latoyya Hix and Andre Cash

The fans cheer loudly in anticipation of the action, as Hellbreaker suggests he starts the match to let John Blade rest up a bit more. John Blade climbs out onto the apron and pats Hellbreaker on the shoulder, as Latoya Hixx climbs out onto the apron, leaving Hellbreaker and Andre Cash as the starting legal men. Both Superstars walk to the center of the ring and stand face to face, with Hellbreaker of course looking up at Andre Cash. Andre Cash laughs to himself before putting his hand over Hellbreaker's entire face and shoving Hellbreaker back, but Hellbreaker retaliates by kicking Andre Cash in the shin! Andre Cash nearly falls down to one knee, but Hellbreaker kicks him in the leg yet again, and Andre Cash does fall to one knee! Hellbreaker then backs up into the ropes, bounces off of them, and runs at Andre Cash before lifting his leg and connecting on a Big Boot to Andre Cash's head! Andre Cash falls down onto his back, as Hellbreaker gets down and hooks one of his legs for the cover!



...Andre Cash kicks out!

Scott James: Hellbreaker went for the cover early, but Andre Cash managed to kick out in the nick of time.

Hellbreaker gets up off of Andre Cash and delivers a hard stomp to his head, before he now waits for Andre Cash to get up. Andre Cash finally gets to his feet and turns to Hellbreaker, who grabs his arm and tries to Irish Whip him, but Andre Cash pulls Hellbreaker inward and slaps him in the chest with his frying pan-like palm, sending Hellbreaker straight down to the mat! Andre Cash drops to one knee and places his hand on Hellbreaker's chest for the cover!



...Hellbreaker kicks out!

Mike Fisher:: Can he get 'em here... No, kickout at two.

Andre Cash gets up to his feet and quickly drags Hellbreaker up off the mat, before walking Hellbreaker over to the corner where Latoya Hixx is standing. Andre Cash grabs Hellbreaker by his head and headbutts him right in the face, as Hellbreaker groggily stumbles back into the corner. Andre Cash slaps Latoya Hixx's hand for the tag before climbing out onto the apron, as Latoya Hixx then steps into the ring and begins kicking Hellbreaker in the mid-section relentlessly! Latoya Hixx finally lets up and backs into the center of the ring, as Hellbreaker staggers towards Latoya Hixx in a daze. Latoya Hixx grabs Hellbreaker by his head, turns him inside-out, and drops to the mat, connecting on a Neckbreaker! Latoya Hixx rolls over onto Hellbreaker and hooks both his legs for the cover!



...Hellbreaker kicks out!

Hellbreaker finally stands with his back turned to Latoya Hixx, and Latoya Hixx pulls Hellbreaker towards him by his pants and delivers a clubbing blow to Hellbreaker's back! Hellbreaker stumbles forward into the ropes, but as Latoya Hixx approaches him from behind, Hellbreaker elbows Latoya Hixx in the jaw! Latoya Hixx wobbles back to the center of the ring, before Hellbreaker runs at him and knocks him down with a Clothesline! The fans cheer as Latoya Hixx scrambles up to his feet and swings at Hellbreaker for a Clothesline of his own, but Hellbreaker ducks underneath it and slips behind Latoya Hixx, before grabbing him by his head and dropping to the mat, slamming the back of Latoya Hixx's head into the canvas for the Stab-Matic! Hellbreaker pulls Latoya Hixx's legs inward for the cover!




Latoya Hixx frees herself from Hellbreaker's grip after kicking out, as both men now slowly get to their feet. After they stand, Hellbreaker tries to throw a punch at Latoya Hixx, but Latoya Hixx thumbs Hellbreaker in the eye! The fans boo loudly as Latoya Hixx follows up by scooping Hellbreaker up onto his shoulder before throwing him down for a Body Slam! Latoya Hixx walks to his team's corner and slaps Andre Cash's hand for the tag! Latoya Hixx climbs out onto the apron as Andre Cash steps back into the ring and approaches Hellbreaker. Andre Cash slowly pulls Hellbreaker off the mat by his head, but Hellbreaker suddenly fights back with a hard punch to Andre Cash's gut! Andre Cash lets go of Hellbreaker, as Hellbreaker quickly retreats to the corner and hops up onto the second rope! Andre Cash walks towards Hellbreaker in pain, but Hellbreaker leaps off the second rope and connects with Andre Cash's head for a Diving Missile Dropkick! The fans erupt into cheers as Andre Cash and Hellbreaker both land on the mat, as neither of them are really moving all that much. With both men down, the referee initiates his ten-count!




Both Superstars begin to crawl to their respective teams' corners.



Andre Cash is able to tag Latoya Hixx, as Hellbreaker is within inches of John Blade!



Latoya Hixx darts across the ring, but not quickly enough, as Hellbreaker slaps John Blade's hand for the tag! Hellbreaker rolls out of the ring as John Blade steps into it, before running at Latoya Hixx and knocking him down with a hard Clothesline!, who coils him up and bends both his arms back, before swinging down to the mat for a Hixxslam rolls John Blade over onto his back, Latoya Hixx hooks both of John Blade's legs for the cover





Osh stands over by his desk going over some paperwork for the IIW as a staff member knocks on his door and Osh yells for them to come in.

Osh: How can I help you?

Staff Member: Yes, a young man has an appointment to see you.

Osh thinks for a moment before having a light bulb over his head moment.

Osh: Of course send him in.

The staff member nods their head and exits out of the office, a couple minutes later a well fit young man walks into the room wearing a Nike tracksuit and sneakers. Osh extends his hand and he shakes it firmly and confidently with a smile.

Osh: Jordan it is so nice to finally put a face to the name. Our talent scouts have been so high about but like we discussed on the phone we have a deep talented roster and we just don't hand out spots to anyone.

Jordan shakes his head in understanding.

Jordan Reed: Yes sir I understand, my father always told me nothing is ever handed to you and if you want it bad enough you have to go earn it and I'm prepared to do just that.

Osh nods her head in approval.

Osh: That's what I wanted to hear, so here is what I'm going to do for you Jordan, Im going to give you a tryout match on Mayhem next week and if you win, you'll get a IIW contract but if you lose that's it, no second chances.

Jordan nods his head and shakes Osh hand.

Jordan Reed: Thank you for this opportunity Osh, I promise I won't let you down.

Osh nods his head and then Jordan takes his leave out of her office as the hard cam switches back to the arena for the next match.


Match 2

FWO Vs The James Gang

Alice Goldier: "Introducing first, making their long-awaited return to the IIW, the team of The Commander and Dan 'The Man' Matthews – the FWO!"

[The crowd's cheers grow louder as the FWO enter the ring, each of them taking a turnbuckle and raising their arms in a show of dominance. Their theme fades, replaced by the music of The James Gang. Austin and Dallas Davis make their way to the ring, trying to look confident but clearly aware of the formidable opponents they are about to face.]

Alice Goldier: "And their opponents, representing The James Gang – Austin and Dallas Davis!"

[The bell rings, and the match begins. The Commander starts things off against Austin Davis. The Commander immediately takes control, using his powerhouse style to dominate. He locks up with Austin, overpowering him and throwing him into the corner with a thunderous Irish whip. Austin crumples to the mat, pain etched on his face.]

Mike Fisher: "The Commander is showing no signs of ring rust here. He's as dominant as ever!"

Scott James: "Absolutely. Austin Davis looks completely outmatched!"

[The Commander pulls Austin to his feet and tags in Dan "The Man" Matthews. Dan enters the ring and quickly takes over, displaying his technical prowess. He applies a series of holds and maneuvers, systematically wearing Austin down. Austin manages to break free momentarily, but Dan cuts him off with a swift dropkick, sending him back to the mat.]

Mike Fisher: "Dan Matthews is a master technician. Look at the way he's dissecting Austin Davis!"

Scott James: "The FWO is putting on a clinic here."

[Dan Matthews drags Austin to the FWO's corner and tags The Commander back in. They execute a seamless double-team maneuver, with The Commander lifting Austin high into the air and Dan hitting a perfectly timed dropkick, driving Austin into the mat. The crowd is on their feet, cheering the display of teamwork.]

Mike Fisher: "What a move! The FWO is in complete control!"

Scott James: "Austin Davis needs to make a tag to his brother, but he just can't catch a break!"

[The Commander signals for the end, hoisting Austin up for his finisher, The Final Commandment. With a devastating slam, he plants Austin in the center of the ring. The impact echoes throughout the arena, and the crowd roars with approval.]

Mike Fisher: "The Final Commandment! That's gotta be it!"

[Dallas Davis, seeing his brother in trouble, rushes into the ring to try and save him. However, Dan Matthews intercepts him with a perfectly executed Man-Down, his signature finishing move. Dallas hits the mat hard, completely incapacitated.]

Scott James: "Dan Matthews with the Man-Down! The James Gang is done for!"

[The Commander covers Austin for the pin. The referee drops to the mat and counts: One... Two... Three! The bell rings, signaling the end of the match. The FWO stands tall, victorious in their return to the IIW.]

Alice Goldier: "Here are your winners – The Commander and Dan 'The Man' Matthews – the FWO!"

[The scene opens with the electrifying atmosphere of the IIW arena. The crowd is buzzing with anticipation as the lights dim and an ominous roar echoes through the venue. The Titantron flickers to life, displaying the words "Adam The Monster" in bold, fiery letters. The fans erupt in cheers as the monstrous figure of Adam The Monster emerges from the backstage area, his imposing presence immediately commanding attention.]




Ring Announcer: "Ladies and gentlemen, making his triumphant return to the IIW... ADAM THE MONSTER!"

[Adam The Monster strides down the ramp with purpose, his eyes fixed on the ring. The crowd's cheers grow louder as he climbs the steel steps and steps over the top rope, entering the ring. He stands in the center, raises his arms, and lets out a deafening roar that shakes the arena.]

Adam The Monster: "ROOOOOAAAAAR!!!"

[The crowd roars back in approval, the energy in the arena palpable. Adam paces around the ring, a predatory grin spreading across his face as he grabs a microphone.]

Adam The Monster: "IIW! The Monster is BACK! And I'm hungrier than ever. But let me make one thing clear – none of you are safe. Because I'm here to MONSTERIZE every single one of you!"

[The crowd erupts again, chanting "Monster! Monster!" Adam The Monster soaks in the adulation, his grin widening.]

As the crowd sits silent, the lights go dark, and a pyro of fire shoots up from the stage. The flames extend to the rafters, and a cause a small excited roar. With all eyes on the stage, the soft intro of the song “A Blizzard Is Storming” By Sirenia blares throughout the arena, and a smoke screen rises over the entrance curtain. Right as the music picks up, out walks a man in a suit with his hair combed back, and the face is a familiar one. It is Adam Williams. Adam makes his way down to the ring looking at the confused crowd, and already with a microphone in his hand, he continues down the ramp, paying no mind to the fans and stops at the base of the ring. He throws his arms up at the chorus as another fireball erupts from the stage, and charges up the ramp, and quickly enters the ring, running towards a turnbuckle, but stopping short of climbing it, and waving it off dismissively. Adam then holds the microphone to his mouth.

Adam Williams: Cut my music. I see a lot of confused faces. Do yous all remember me?

The crowd has a mixed reaction, half letting out small noticeable cheers, while others are inquisitive.

Adam Williams: I certainly remember all of you, you all haven’t changed a bit. Energetic, wild, and certainly the stupidest fanbase I have seen since I trained myself all those years ago!

The Crowd boos him loudly, Adam pauses, not biting the bait of acknowledging their reaction. He looks around at the crowd, and continues.

Adam Williams: I kid you not, I still paid attention to this product, and I must say, what entertains the British public is really pathetic! Beyond the stupid sport of Soccer, the name of which, you can’t get right, the bland TV specials and the roster of this show tells me all that I need to know. You people are so mindless and braindead, you get your kicks from watching a 7 foot 2, reeking piece of British shit demolishing all in his path, and for no other reason that your intellect is so downtrodden, you make the French look smart. I'm sure even those white flag wavers can actually appreciate a phenomenal wrestler like myself!

Adam soaks in the roaring boos from these comments, and decides to add in one more.

Adam Williams: The only other way you people entertain yourself, is by fucking things up. You fucked up Palestine, just like you fucked up The Euros in Penalties!

The Crowd boos aggressively, and loudly, with chants of “Shut The Fuck Up!” and “Asshole” going throughout the arena, leaving Adam to smirk.

Adam The Monster looks at Adam Williams

Adam The Monster – Adam. HUNGRY!

Adam launches himself at The Specialist who ducks under him and hits a PELE KICK! Taking the Monster square out into the ropes. He bounces off the ropes slamming his knee repeatedly into the back of the Monster’s head!

Slowly Adam The Monster is fading as The Specialist laughs

Adam Williams – See you next Mayhem!


Match 3

Brazzers Championship

Jack M. Hoff vs TJ Alexander

Here we go! The bell has rung and the match begins with the two men going right for the holdup. TJ Alexander pushes Jack Me Hoff to a nearby turnbuckle for the advantage, unleashing a bunch of forearms and chops! But alas, it’s not too successful at this moment it seems, as Jack Me Hoff turns that around and does forearm after forearm. Boom, boom, and boom. He quickly backs up… clothesline!

TJ Alexander stumbles forward into Jack Me Hoff clotheslining him once again. TJ Alexander gets up again, ducks it and gets a right on Jack Me Hoff. Punchfest time. It’s back and forth for a few moments.

Jack Me Hoff gets the advantage with a big uppercut then a quick hit to TJ Alexander’s gut and DDTs him. Jack Me Hoff follows that with a few elbows for good measure. He watches TJ Alexander get up and TWIST OF FA – no, TJ Alexander turns that into a spiked DDT! D’oh. With that done, TJ Alexander stomps Jack Me Hoff a few times, then lifts Jack Me Hoff up to his feet.

TJ Alexander picks Jack Me Hoff up for a suple – NO. Jack Me Hoff counters by getting a side headlock on TJ Alexander instead, quickly getting his feet on ropes and ta-da, tornado DDT! What a beauty! As TJ Alexander gets up to his feet, DOUBLE STOMP! TJ Alexander’s head bounces off the mat, as Jack Me Hoff climbs to top of the turnbuckle.

But TJ Alexander rolls himself out of the ring. But Jack Me Hoff jumps off the turnbuckle and dives onto him! The crowd marks the heck out at this development, both men crashing onto the floor!

One. Two…

The referee counts as Jack Me Hoff gets up to his feet and throws TJ Alexander into the ring. As Jack Me Hoff hops onto the apron, TJ Alexander grabs Jack Me Hoff’s head and jumps down, Jack Me Hoff’s neck crashing onto the top rope hard. TJ Alexander takes a moment to collect his wiles, dragging Jack Me Hoff to center of the ring and locks in the crossface.

But alas, that would not last too long. Jack Me Hoff gets up to his feet, as TJ Alexander transitions the crossface into the STF, still holding it in. Jack Me Hoff falls backwards and boom. Jack Me Hoff awaits TJ Alexander to get up to his feet and CLOTHESLINE! And again, but this time… DROPKICK! He’s got the crowd on his side already, as he awaits TJ Alexander to get up to his feet. Bouncing off the ropes, RUNNING BULLDO – NO. TJ Alexander pushes him forward.

Jack Me Hoff quickly gets up to his feet, however, but he is then met with a windmill kick! As Jack Me Hoff gets up to his feet, HURRICANARA! And then… reverse bulldog! TJ Alexander picks Jack Me Hoff up and gives him a quick back suplex! As Ryan gets up to his feet…

McCann Charges – NO.

Jack Me Hoff ducks! LOADBLOWER!




The Referee goes to call for the bell but before he can Jack Tyde swings a baseball bat straight into his gut as he keels over, Jack turns round in the commotion trying to compose himself on his feet but he too is taken out with the baseball bat as Jack Tyde laughs. He motions for TJ to get up who is still reeling from the Load Blower…he slowly stirs as Jack again begins to lay kicks into Jack Me Hoff.

Mike Fisher: Jack is not looking into a good way here!




Scott James: NO WAY!!!!

[img]https://www.iiwefed.co.uk/RosterS4/ Curtis.png[/iimg]

The crowd are going mental as CURTIS makes his return to the ring! He comes flying out and smashes Jack Tyde down with a flying cross body!

Curtis immeadiately goes to check on Jack Me Hoff to make sure he’s ok

Curtis: Friend?

Jack MeHoff shakes his hand but Curtis see’s Jack is bleeding and looks round in anger.

The ring is a mess now as TJ has made his way back up, he picks up the fallen Jack Tyde by the neck


Curtis isn’t done though as he grabs the baseball bat that Jack Tyde dropped. He swings it with all his might but Jack ducks and Curtis smashes TJ Alexander over the head in shock!

Jack Me Hoff grabs Curtis as pulls him out of the ring as the medic’s come flooding down to check on TJ Alexander

Curtis: What have I done?

Jack Me Hoff: It was a totally unavoidable workplace accident!

Match 4

Kid Kaos vs Ryan McCann


The arena goes dark as the opening notes of "Define My Name" by Nas and DJ Premier reverberate through the speakers. The crowd erupts into cheers as colorful lights flash in rhythm with the beat, building anticipation for the arrival of Kaos King.]
{The song reaches its climax and the arena is bathed in a dazzling array of swirling lights, Kaos King emerges onto the mainstage entrance, exuding confidence and swagger as he bounces to the beat while making his way down the ramp towards the ring.
[He is adorned in a white fur coat over custom made white wrestling tights with “Kaos King” written in red graffiti spray paint style lettering. Wearing a flashy ensemble of gold chains, designer sunglasses,]
[Kaos King pounds fists with a few fans before sprinting into the ring with a headfirst slide then executes a rolling forward front flip nip up into a springboard backflip that ends with a superman landing.]
[The arena pulses with excitement as the crowd chants his name, their voices mixing together effortlessly with the infectious beat of the music.]
Crowd chants: kaos king! Kaos King!! KAOS KING!!!
[Kaos King removes his stylish attire, handing it off to an unseen stagehand before climbing to the second turnbuckle and slowly striking a panimime pose of placing a crown upon his head as the music fades away.]

Just Like You" by Three Days Grace begins to play as the crowd boo when they see Ryan McCann make his way down to the ring. McCann enters the ring and, climbs to the top of a nearby corner and tosses his arms in the air and urges the crowd to get louder, as they do


The match begins and the two competitors circle each other in the ring before Ryan goes to try to lock up with King but King rolls out the way and gets behind Ryan and nails him with a drop kick to the back and then waits for Ryan to get back up to charge him and ducks a close line attempt from Ryan and then uses the ropes to springboard and hit a quick crossbody pin attempt on Ryan.


Mike Fisher: King surprises Ryan with the quick pin.

Scott James: Khaos is so unpredictable.


Ryan gets the shoulder up and looks annoyed at King, who looks calm as they both get back to their feet and as they go to lock up again King attempts to roll out the way but Ryan trips him up and immediately follows up with an elbow to the back and then bounces off the ropes for momentum as he delivers a knee across the face of King and then smirks as he walks around King and then lifts him to deliver a thunderous chop across his chest and then slings him towards the corner but King uses the momentum and his athleticism to run up the turnbuckle and hit a moonsault on an incoming Ryan, the fans get up to their feet with excitement.

Mike Fisher: King high flying ability is showing off early in this match.

Scott James: If Ryan wants to win this match, he must find a way to ground him.

King waits for Ryan to get up and then leaps looking for a hurricanrana but Ryan counters it into a scorpion deathlock right in the center of the ring!
Mike Fisher: How's that for grounding?

Scott James: That's one way to take the legs away from King.

Ryan locks in the hold tightly in the middle of the ring as he applies pressure, the referee looks at King to see if he is ready to give up and tap out but the resilient young man shakes his head no and starts trying to make his way to the ropes, using his arms to drag himself closer with Ryan on top of him but before he can get to the ropes Ryan breaks the hold and delivers a double foot stomp to the back of King and then lifts him up and slings him into the corner and meets him with a shoulder thrust to the stomach and then hits a belly to belly suplex out of the corner and immediately goes for the pin.




Mike Fisher: Not enough damage to keep Khaos down.

King gets the shoulder up but Ryab grabs him by the head and starts slamming the back of his head into the canvas until the referee forces him off. Ryan and the referee discuss for a moment, which allows Khaos to roll outside the ring and try to regroup but Ryan walks over and elans out between the middle rope and grabs hold of him but King smacks him with a clean left hook and then brings Ryan head down on the second ropes causing him to fall back inside the ring , King jumps on the ring apron and takes hold of the ropes as he waits for Ryan to get up and stagger back around and King uses the ropes to springboard towards Ryan and hits a tornado DDT in the middle of the ring and then kicks himself back up to his feet and gets a standing ovation from the fans.

Mike Fisher: King is just an incredible talent.

Scott James: He is just limitless in the air.

King lifts Ryan back to his feet and hits him with a combination of punches before hitting him with a spinning back fist and then a kick to the gut and then hits a big suplex in the middle of the ring but he doesn't let go of his hold and pickles Ryan back up for a second suplex and then a third, fourth and then finally a fifth! King gets up and goes towards the top of the turnbuckle, climbing up to the top and looking down at Ryan before leaping off and hitting a big-time frog splash and hooks both legs as he goes for the cover.




Mike Fisher: And this match is far from over!

King looks stunned for a moment but stays focus as they lift Ryan up and swings him into the corner and then meets Ryan with a big body splash in the corner and waits for Ryan to stumble out and scoops him up for a slam in the middle of the ring and then hits a double foot stomp into his chest and quickly King hits the ropes and nails Ryan with a shining wizard. Picking him back up throws him towards the ropes and waits for him to come back but Ryan catches King by surprise with a sling blade!

Mike Fisher: These two are just so evenly matched.

Ryan leans King against the middle ropes and then puts his foot to the back of his neck and presses him against the ropes to choke him a little before Ryan backs up and comes flying in to deliver a knee shot to the back of Kings head as he slides out of the ring and slaps King in the face and mocks him for a moment as he climbs back up the apron and takes hold of the ropes, waiting for King to make it back up to his feet and turns around towards him before hitting a buckshot lariat that turns King inside out.

Mike Fisher: Ryan got all the mustard on that one.

Ryan stomps away at the legs and hands of King as he circles him, waiting for him to stagger up to his feet and then takes hold of him to hit a German suplex but keeps his hold on King and hits another German and then a third, fourth and finally a fifth German suplex as he lays King out in the middle of the ring and Ryan makes a cutthroat sign as he heads for the top of the turnbuckle, he makes sure his balance is perfect before launching and connecting with a flying headbutt that rocks the ring, but instead of going for the pin Ryan locks in a crippler cross-face in the middle of the ring as he looks to make King submit!!!

Mike Fisher: King in no man's land once again.

Scott James: Ryan looking to end this in the most satisfying way possible right now.

The referee gets in position to see if King wants to tap out as Ryan applies pressure to the cross-face, stretching back with his hold on his face as he looks to apply an insane amount of pain to make King either submit or pass out from the pain and it looks to be the later as King looks like he's fading away and the referee checks by raising his free arm and then letting go and Kings arm drops to the mat, the referee does it again and his hand drops and a smirk comes over Ryans face.

Mike Fisher: If Kings arm drops one more time the referee will have to stop this match.

Scott James: That's right and Ryan would win this match by technical submission.

The referee raises Kings arm again and then lets it go but this time it stays up and King starts to move himself with Ryan attached to him closer towards the ropes, reaching out to grab the rope so that Ryan would be forced to break the hold, Ryan applies more pressure as he tries to force King to tap before he makes it to the ropes but King drags them closer and reaches out to grab the bottom rope and Ryan is forced to break the hold and he slaps the mat in frustration and starts slapping the head of King and then lifts him up and hits him with a brutal chop and backs him up against the ropes and Ryan tries to closeline him to the outside but King ducks and flips Ryan to the outside and Ryan hits the floor and King bounces off the ropes and comes flying through the middle ropes and nails Ryan with a sucide dive that sends Ryan flying into the barricade.

Mike Fisher: King came flying through those ropes like a missile.

King picks Ryan up and rolls him into the ring and he follows behind. Waiting for Ryan to get up to his feet and turn around to catch a superkick that lays Ryan out in the middle of the ring and King drags Ryan towards the corner and then King climbs up to the top turnbuckle and stands up and then hits Aerial Finisher: *Kaos Splash* right on top of Ryan and hooks both legs as the referee gets position.





Ring Announcer: Here is your winner by Pinfall, Khaos King!!!!!
Kaos King is celebrating in the ring in his debut win as he celebrates he slowly makes it back up to the ring leaving just Ryan McCann in the ring. He slowly makes his way up to the entrance…


Mike Fisher: WHAT THE FUCK!

Scott James: someone has just jumped off the TOP OF THE TITANTRON!!!! He’s landed on Ryan McCann!

Mike Fisher: It looks like… It looks like he’s wrapped in Barbedwire?

The camera focuses and we can see now Coulter Monsoon has appeared and jumped off the top of the stage onto Ryan McCann covered in barbedwire! Bloody is splattering everywhere a mixture surely of both Ryan and Coulters!

Scott James: I heard we’d signed this freak, but what is he doing? Why is he only wearing one sock?

Coulter indeed has one bare foot with the sock looking like it’s stuck on his hand

Mike Fisher: I can’t imagine for the life of me that smells good

Coulter is back to his feet celebrating, looking round at the audience that is in pure shock at what they’ve seen


Coulter grabs Ryan McCann and gives him the SCORNER CLAW with that manky sock in, there is no reaction from Ryan who is still out from the blow before…. Not happy with this. Coulter starts grinding some tacks into Ryan’s face as security comes flooding out trying to get Coulter off of Ryan.


He charges back the the majority of the security guards before turning round and screaming as he charges the other two who have picked Ryan up, launching them all off the side of the ramp way!

Head of HR Relations Boz is now here as he’s waving things off….



Part 2