Match 5: Grudge Match - Casimir Laska vs. Ed Stoker

In a battle of the mind games, the spooky and undefeated Casimir Laska squares off against the seasoned veteran Ed Stoker. With personal vendettas and psychological warfare at play, expect a showdown unlike any other as these two clash in a Grudge Match for the ages.

Alice Goldier: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is a grudge match and it is scheduled for one fall…

As the arena lights dimmed, a hushed anticipation fell over the crowd. The pulsating beat of "Colossal Conquest," Big Ed's iconic theme music, began to reverberate through the venue, shaking the very floor beneath their feet. A spotlight pierced the darkness, focusing on the entrance ramp. Amidst a cloud of smoke and flashing pyrotechnics, the colossal figure of Big Ed emerged, his 7-foot frame casting an imposing shadow. He stood at the entrance, his chiseled physique accentuated by the dimmed lighting. Wearing his signature wrestling attire, complete with custom-made boots and a cape that billowed behind him, he radiated an aura of raw power and confidence. The crowd erupted into a deafening roar, their cheers and chants echoing throughout the arena. Big Ed acknowledged his adoring fans with a nod and a charismatic grin. With each step he took towards the ring, the floor seemed to shake beneath him, a testament to his immense presence. As he reached the ring apron, Big Ed ascended the steel steps with ease, stepping over the top rope and into the squared circle. The arena lights illuminated him once more, revealing the determination etched onto his face.

Alice Goldier: Introducing first, hailing from The Midwest, he is “Big”...ED STOKERRRRRR!!!!!

The lights in the arena cut out as “Stupify” by Disturbed began to play. As the vocals began to be heard the lights began to slowly flicker on and off. Casimir Laska, who had already exited from the curtain, could be seen in spurts as he approached the ring in a trance. The crowd giving a mix of cheers and boos, mixed with some looks of bewilderment. As the chorus hit Laska stepped up onto the steps, walking onto the apron before entering the ring. As the lights returned to normal Laska stared down his opponent.

Alice Goldier: And his opponent, hailing from Cleveland, Ohio…CASIMIRRRRR LASKAAAAAA!!!!

The bell rang and the two behemoths came nose to nose in the center of the ring. Ed Stoker shared some words for Laska but Laska seemed to be unmoved by Ed’s rhetoric. Ed landed a headbutt, Laska moved backwards, momentarily holding his head before he shook it off and moved back towards Ed. Ed began to land overhand chops to Laska which actually made the enigmatic man move backwards to the turnbuckles.

Mike Fisher: Is it just me or does it seem as if Casimir Laska is just allowing damage to be done to himself?

Scott James: He is most definitely a sick puppy so I wouldn’t be all too surprised.

Ed began to strike Laska in the corner with overhand chops and a few forearm smashes. Ed tossed Laska into the far corner with an Irish Whip, he charged behind Laska and slammed him with a bodysplash. Laska stumbled out of the corner and Ed picked him up, slamming him down with a body slam.

Mike Fisher: Casimir Laska is far from a small man but Ed Stoker was able to pick him up with ease.

Scott James: I would feel safe saying that Ed Stoker is one of the strongest individuals walking the planet.

Ed hit off of the ropes and landed on Laska with a big splash. Ed covered his opponent …1 …2 …kickout! Ed kept the attack up as he pulled up Laska and began to level him with forearms. Ed kicked Casimir in the gut and lifted him up for a powerbomb but Casimir began to strike him with right hands until Ed let him go and Casimir landed on his feet.

Mike Fisher: I have a feeling this isn’t going to be an easy victory for either man.

Scott James: This is the most physically imposing man in the locker room meeting a man who, while physically imposing, is clearly a master of mind games.

Casimir kicked Ed in the gut and slammed him to the mat with a facebuster. Casimir hit off of the ropes and dropped an elbow on Ed. Casimir pulled Ed to his feet and landed a headbutt. Ed stood there dazed as Casimir ran in a circle, hit off of the ropes and landed a hard crossbody to complete the Ring Around the Rosie. Casimir covered Ed …1 …2 …kickout!

Mike Fisher: The scariest part about Casimir Laska is that he has absolutely no fear in his eyes when in the ring with Ed Stoker.

Scott James: I’ve got to say that I would be instantly defecating myself if I needed to share a ring with “Big” Ed Stoker.

Casimir waited for Ed to get to his feet and hit him with a clothesline but the behemoth from the Midwest didn’t budge. Casimir hit him again and Ed shook it off. Ed hit off of the ropes, Casimir went for another clothesline but Ed ducked, Ed hit off of the ropes and hit Casimir with a huge flying crossbody. Ed covered …1 …2 …kickout!

Mike Fisher: While Casimir has no fear, I can’t imagine that felt all too great.

Scott James: I would feel safe assuming that Ed Stoker may have cracked one or two of Casimir Laska’s ribs on that one.

Ed pulled Casimir up and struck him in the face before tossing him into the corner. Ed charged, full steam ahead, right into a last second big boot by Casimir Laska. Ed wobbled as he held his nose. Laska sprinted, grabbed Ed and slammed him down with his Humpty Dumpty, two armed spinebuster . Laska went for another cover …1 …2 …kickout!

Mike Fisher: We need to give credit where credit is due, it definitely took a lot for Ed Stoker to kick out of that one!

Scott James: Let’s also give Casimir Laska a quick round of applause because that took some serious strength.

Laska stood up as Ed began to stir. Laska began to lace Ed’s midsection with kicks to the gut. Laska pulled Ed by the mask and tossed him headfirst into the turnbuckle. Laska began to drive his shoulder into Ed’s midsection. Laska began kicking at Ed’s midsection and worked the big man down to a seated position on the canvas. Laska began to choke at Ed with his foot, the ref counted to four before Laska broke the hold. Laska pulled Ed towards him and applied a Hush Little Baby (mandible claw) while holding Ed’s back up. The referee checked for a submission but it wasn’t coming from the big man. Laska let go of Ed’s back which after a few moments caused the big man to fall backwards, back into the ropes provoking another four count.

Mike Fisher: Normally I’d think you would see frustration on a competitor’s face at this point but…

Scott James: But Casimir Laska just likes to hurt people!

Laska walked to the other side of the ring and then sprinted towards Ed and leaped into the air, connecting with a cannonball in the corner. Laska popped back up, outstretching his arms in a crucifixion position to a mixed reaction from the crowd. Laska allowed Ed to move out of the corner only to deliver his punt kick called the Twinkle, Twinkle.

Mike Fisher: Big Ed Stoker looks to be in a world of hurt at this juncture.

Scott James: I hate to say it but the big man from the Midwest may have met his match tonight.

Laska pulled Ed to his feet and, while struggling a bit, pulled him into the air in a crucifix powerbomb position before slamming him into a seated powerbomb.

Mike Fisher: I can’t believe that Casimir Laska was able to get Ed Stoker up for the Aware!

Scott James: I am absolutely lost for words!

Laska held the massive legs of Ed Stoker as the referee dropped into position …1 …2 …3!!!

Alice Goldier: Ladies and gentlemen here is your winner…CASSSSIIMMMIIIIIIRRRRRR LAASSSSKKKKAAAAAAA

Jesse James is huddled with the other members of the James Gang, Austin and Dallas Davis. The tension is palpable as Jesse preps for his upcoming Triple Cage match.
Jesse James: (sternly) "Listen up, boys. Tonight's the night. If I need help in that Triple Cage, you two better be there. No excuses. We need to show everyone that the James Gang runs this place."
Austin and Dallas nod in agreement, their faces serious. Jesse pats them on the shoulders and walks off, ready to focus on his match. Austin and Dallas exchange a glance, ready to support their leader.
As they turn to leave, the lights flicker, casting eerie shadows down the hallway. Suddenly, two masked men, clad in black, ambush Austin and Dallas from behind. The attack is swift and brutal. The masked men wield steel chairs, delivering crushing blows to the backs and legs of the James Gang members. The metal echoes through the hallway, mingling with the shouts of pain from Austin and Dallas.
Austin Davis: (groaning) "What the hell…?"
Dallas Davis: (struggling) "Who are you guys…?"
The masked men remain silent, their faces obscured by black hoods. They continue the assault, ensuring Austin and Dallas are incapacitated. The masked men then stand over the fallen bodies of the James Gang, taking a moment to look at each other before reaching up to pull off their masks.
The crowd watching the backstage segment on the arena screens gasps in unison. The faces revealed are none other than IIW Hall of Famers, The Commander and Dan 'The Man' Matthews. The legendary duo, known as the FWO, stand tall, their expressions a mix of determination and satisfaction.

The Commander: (grinning) "Surprise, surprise. The FWO is back, baby!"
Dan 'The Man' Matthews: (smirking) "You thought you ran this place, Jesse? Think again."
The Commander kneels down, getting close to the barely conscious Austin and Dallas.
The Commander: "You boys tell Jesse he’s got more to worry about than just the Triple Cage. The FWO is here to reclaim our territory."
Dan Matthews grabs the camera, pulling it close to his face.
Dan 'The Man' Matthews: "We’re not just back. We’re here to take over. Jesse James, you wanted backup? Looks like your cavalry just got taken out."
The camera pans out, capturing the triumphant return of the FWO as they stand over the fallen members of the James Gang. The scene cuts to the crowd, who are buzzing with excitement and shock, the atmosphere electric with the unexpected return of two of IIW’s most notorious figures.

Match 6: World Title Match - Jay Vaughan vs. John Cavanagh

After months of anticipation, the moment of truth has arrived as Jay Vaughan and John Cavanagh go head-to-head for the coveted IIW World Title. With Vaughan looking to prove himself as the true IIW superstar, and Cavanagh seeking redemption and reclaiming his championship, the stakes couldn't be higher in this epic showdown.

Alice Goldier: Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the IIW World Heavyweight Championship!!!

Mike Fisher: Well, here we go Scott, we’ve got a blood thirsty Irishman bent on revenge and it’s time to put up or shut up if you’re Jay Vaughan.

Scott James: I spoke with Jay Vaughan earlier tonight and he told me that you can bet your bottom dollar on him leaving Explosion tonight STILL IIW World Champion!

“Bad Boys for Life” hit the PA System as Jay Vaughan made his way out in a diamond studded robe. He stopped at the edge of the rampway, undoing his robe and show the world the IIW World Championship with a grin on his face. Jay hopped into the ring, unstrapped the championship and raised it for the world to see.

Alice Goldier: Introducing first, he hails from Manchester, England, standing at six feet, two inches tall and weighing in at 262 pounds…he is the challenger…JAAAAYYYY VAUUUGGGGHHHAAANNNN!!!!

Mike Fisher: Yes, as you’ll notice ladies and gentlemen, Jay Vaughan has possession of the World Championship but he is the challenger here.

Scott James: I think that’s a bit asinine. Jay clearly has the championship, if it was so important to John Cavanagh maybe he shouldn’t have lost it so easily.

A guitar chord is heard following by a voice "Behold the Kings. The King of Kings." Lights begin to flicker with the music "on your knees, dog". At the 0:13 mark, out from the darkness of the tunnel emerges the “One Man Dynasty” John Cavanagh in a hooded black robe with green trim, he heads down towards the ring accompanied by his valet Shannon Riley who is wearing a tight fitting and revealing dress. The two walk to the ring arm and arm they ignore the fans and Cavanagh trash talks to the camera. They reach the ring and Cavanagh walks up the steps, outstretches his hand for his valet who carefully walks up the steel steps. Cavanagh grabs the middle rope and raises it while simultaneously pushing the bottom rope down with the foot allowing Shannon to easily enter without revealing anything much to the chagrin of the men in the front row. Cavanagh steps in to the ring and outstretches his arms as Shannon grabs him from the side. Shannon takes his robe off as Cavanagh helps her out of the ring. Cavanagh turns his view to the inside of the ring as he prepares for the match.

Alice Goldier: And his opponent, he hails from Hell’s Kitchen, New York, standing at six feet, one inch tall and weighing in at 245 pounds…he is the IIW World Champion…”The One Man Dynasty”....JOHHHNNNN CAAAVVVVAAANNAAAGGGHHHH!!!!

Mike Fisher: Now ladies and gentlemen, that is the man who is the true World Champion, the question is will he leave here tonight whole…or with nothing.

Scott James: My money is on nothing, Jay Vaughan will leave here as your World Champion…still!

The bell rang as Cav and Jay came to the center of the ring. The two men began to share words back and forth. Suddenly Jay raised his hand and slapped Cav across the face. Cav’s head went to the side as Jay outstretched his arms in celebration. Cav held his mouth, Jay turned around to an open palm smack across the face himself. Jay fell backwards and Cav pounced, lacing him with a flurry of right hands that backed Jay up into the corner.

Mike Fisher: The World Champion is out for blood!

Scott James: I hate to break it to you but since possession is nine-tenths of the law that basically makes Jay Vaughan the World Champion from a legal standpoint.

Cavanagh began to land knife edge chops as the crowd responded with the normal “wooooo” chant. Cav pulled Jay out and tossed him to the otherside of the ring with an Irish Whip, charging behind Jay, Cav connected with a clothesline in the corner on impact before taking Jay out of the corner with a snapmare. Cav hit off of the ropes and delivered a boot to the back of Jay’s head. Jay rolled out of the ring holding the back of his head while Cav barked at him from inside.

Mike Fisher: Jay Vaughan must be seeing stars right now.

Scott James: Keep that lunatic inside of the ring, zebra!

James was mentioning this as Cav attempting to exit the ring towards Jay but the referee intercepted and stopped him. Cav was finally able to get around the referee but as he hopped to the arena floor, Jay rolled back into the ring. Cav spat on the ground in anger before sliding into the ring and being greeted by a flurry of boots from Jay Vaughan. Jay continued to lay the boots to the back of Cav’s head and began to drop knees on top of Cav’s back. The referee began to count to four but Jay backed the official up with a threat of losing his job.

Mike Fisher: You have to think this may be a recurring theme in this one, Jay Vaughan attempting to abuse a bit of his family’s power.

Scott James: By any means necessary, that’s what the old saying is, right?

Jay dropped to his knees, grabbing Cav by the head and beginning to choke Cav on the bottom rope. The referee began his count again, at four Jay continued, the referee tried to pull him off but Jay pushed the official backwards. Jay turned to give the referee a piece of his mind. Jay wasn’t paying attention as Cav crawled behind him and hit him with a low blow leading to a pop from the crowd.

Mike Fisher: Well, karma is a bit of a bitch, ain’t it?

Scott James: Come on referee! You saw that! It’s right in front of your eyes!

The referee did nothing until Cav rolled Jay up in a pin …1 …2 …kickout! Cav and Jay got to their feet, Jay went for a superkick but Cav ducked and hit him to the mat with a clothesline. Jay instantly rolled outside. Cav slid out after him and went for a lariat on the outside but Jay sidestepped. Cav turned around and was met with a superkick before Jay Irish Whipped the Irishman shoulder first into the steel steps. Jay charged towards Cav smashing him with a running knee to the face.

Mike Fisher: Jay Vaughan wisely brought this one outside when the momentum began to change and now the challenger is in complete control.

Scott James: Not sure if you’ve been watching Monday Night Mayhem but I’m pretty certain Jay Vaughan is the one with the World Championship.

Vaughan pulled Cavanagh up and tossed him back first into the guard rail before beginning to punch at Cav’s face as the crowd booed. The referee’s count reached six as he shouted to Jay to get back in the ring. Jay, who was now choking Cav, let go of the hold to tell the referee “fuck your count”!

Mike Fisher: Jay Vaughan with some colorful language for the official.

Scott James: I think Jay Vaughan just ensured that there wasn’t going to be a double countout, a true man of the people because we need a winner!

Jay turned back to Cav with a smile on his face before Cav brought him down with a jawbreaker. Jay clenched his jaw when Cav sent him face first into the ringpost. Cav grabbed Jay, lifting him up and slamming him throat first across the guardrail before rolling him back into the ring. Jay used the ropes to pull himself to his feet but was met with a Lou Thesz Press from Cav who immediately started lacing Jay’s face with punches as the crowd erupted.

Mike Fisher: I think the man of the people is being taught a thing or two by Cavanagh.

Scott James: All I know is that I am not bad mouthing the hand that feeds me, ever.

Cav pulled Jay to his feet and tossed him into the corner. Cav tossed a back elbow, he went to the center of the ring and charged for a body splash but Jay moved, allowing Cav’s chest to crush against the turnbuckle. Jay grabbed Cav from behind and hit him with a bridged German Suplex …1 …2 …kickout!

Mike Fisher: Just milliseconds away from a new champion!

Scott James: Once again, Jay Vaughan has said this over and over again…he is the World Champion!

Jay waited for Cavanagh to get to his feet and hit him with a kick to the gut followed by a swinging neckbreaker. Jay went for another cover ….1 …2 …kickout! Jay clapped his hands rapidly, shouting for a faster count, before pulling Cav to his feet. Jay hit him with a few rights and then slammed Cav’s face to the turnbuckle. Jay picked Cav up and dropped him with a body slam. Jay took his time climbing to the top rope, Cav got to his feet, Jay took flight hitting a flying crossbody into a pin …1 …2 …kickout!

Mike Fisher: The more close calls the better for Jay Vaughan, each time the champion has less and less energy.

Scott James: Again, you’re mistaking John Cavanagh and Jay Vaughan’s role in this matchup!

Jay popped up and began to argue with the referee regarding his pace of count. Jay turned around to Cav standing up who instantly hit him with a belly to belly suplex. Jay rolled out of the ring, Cav hit off of the ropes and went for a suicide plancha but Jay side stepped him in a Samoa Joe like fashion. Jay pointed to his brain and laughed before delivering a few kicks to Cav’s side while he was down. Jay pulled Cav up by the head and hit him with a vertical suplex on the outside. Jay taunted a fan wearing a Celtic Club shirt which led to a chorus of boos.

Mike Fisher: The ironic part is that Jay Vaughan probably got some coinage off of the sale of that shit.

Scott James: That’s how a family like the Vaughans is able to accumulate and maintain generational wealth!

Jay turned back to Cavanagh who had pulled himself up using the guard rails and began to slam Cav’s face into the guard rail. After the fourth smash Cav’s body fell to the ground limp, the referee reminded Jay of the count but Jay flipped him off and told him “there will be no countouts”. Jay pulled Cavanagh up and Cavanagh’s forehead began to trickle blood.

Mike Fisher: The World Champion is busted open!

Scott James: Nope, Jay Vaughan is fine…the challenger is busted open!

Jay tossed Cavanagh back into the ring. Jay went to the side and grabbed himself a steel chair. Jay rolled into the ring with the chair and began to line Cav up.

Mike Fisher: Now come on, the official has got to stop this!

Scott James: If he wants to keep his gainful employment I would strongly suggest to ignore the weapon in Jay Vaughan’s hands.

Jay lined up, Cavanagh slowly inched to his feet. Jay went to swing but the referee grabbed the chair, yanking it from his hands as the crowd popped.

Mike Fisher: YES! That’s what we needed, an official with some balls!

Scott James: The Vaughan family might have the poor guy castrated!

Jay Vaughan began to bark at the referee who instantly tossed the chair to the mat and held up the IIW logo on his shirt to show that he has authority. Jay pushed the referee and spat at him, Jay turned around to a stiff right from Cav, then another and another. Cav whipped Jay into the ropes and took him over with a back body drop. Jay popped up to get laid back down with a clothesline.

Mike Fisher: The World Champion has got himself a second wind.

Scott James: The taste of blood hitting Cav’s mouth must have birthed a second wind.

Jay popped back up and Cav took him over with a belly to belly suplex. Cav went for the cover …1 …2 …kickout! Jay moved for the ropes, Cav grabbed him by the back leg and slammed his knee into the mat. Cav turned Jay over and went to lock in a figure four but Jay pushed him off with his free leg and Cav went through the turnbuckles, shoulder crashing against the ringpost. Cav got out of the corner holding his shoulder when Jay kicked him in the gut and picked him up, slamming him down with a powerbomb. Jay went for a cover …1 …2 …kickout!

Mike Fisher: The look of frustration on Jay Vaughan’s face is clear as day, he thought this one was over after that one.

Scott James: I mean, it was a perfectly executed powerbomb!

Cav got back to his feet, Jay went for a kick to the gut but Cav caught him. Jay leaped up, attempting an enziguri but Cav ducked, Jay fell flat on the mat and Cav leaped in the air, slamming all of his weight down with a double stomp on Jay’s lower back. Jay held his back in pain as Cav pulled him up and slammed him down with a backbreaker. Cav went for the cover …1 …2 …kickout!

Mike Fisher: Neither of these warriors are prepared to give up in this match.

Scott James: Can you blame them? Jay Vaughan’s World Championship is on the line and it’s the richest prize in the industry!

Cav pulled Jay to his feet and met him with a forearm before slamming him hard against the turnbuckles. Jay popped out, Cav lifted him in the air and slammed him down with a Liger Bomb. Cav pointed at the turnbuckles and the crowd popped.

Mike Fisher: Come on now…no need to do this.

Scott James: John Cavanagh isn’t exactly known as the type to take flight.

Cav climbed to the top turnbuckle, he turned his back to the ring and leaped into the air, crashing down on Jay Vaughan with a moonsault. Cav bounced off of Jay holding his midsection before turning back over for the cover …1 …2 …kickout!

Mike Fisher: Jay Vaughan just barely got his shoulder up!

Scott James: I’m still in shock that John Cavanagh pulled off a moonsault!

Cavanagh and Vaughan pulled themselves up using the ropes. Jay saw his goal, the chair the referee had thrown that was still sitting in the corner. Jay moved towards it as Cav whipped the blood from his eyes. Jay picked up the chair, the referee tried to stop him but it was too late–the chair struck Cav’s head, leading a sickening thud. Cav fell to the mat, Jay dropped the chair as the referee threw his hands up. Jay dropped to his knees and plopped on Cavanagh …1 ….2 ….kickout!

Mike Fisher: This crowd is going insane!

Scott James: How in the hell was that not enough to finish it off.

Jay’s eyes bulged, he couldn’t believe it. He pulled himself up and grabbed the chair again, the official tried to get in the way when Jay cocked the chair back in his arms and swung but he came up empty as Cav ducked. Cav caught him with a kick to the gut and the chair dropped to the mat. Cav lifted Jay up and brought him down with a Fisherman Brainbuster onto the chair.

Mike Fisher: HELL’S KITCHEN DROP!!!!!!

Scott James: Come on Zebra, that’s a DQ, homeboy used the chair!

Cavanagh rolled over, draping his arm across Jay …1 …2 …3!!!!!!!!

Alice Goldier: Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner and STTTTTIIIIILLLLLLLL IIW World Heavyweight Champion….JOOOOHHHHNNNNN CAAAAAVVVVVVAAAANNNNNAAAAGGGHHH!!!

Main Event: Global Title Triple Cage Match - Crush vs. Jesse James vs. Maverick Tatum

Crush, Jesse James, and Maverick Tatum will battle it out in a Triple Cage Match for the Global Title. With Crush securing the defining pinfall last week at Mayhem, he has chosen this high-risk, high-reward stipulation. Prepare for heart-stopping action and jaw-dropping moments as these three titans clash in the main event of Explosion!

Alice Golder: "Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for your main event! The Triple Cage match for the Global Title!"

The first competitor, Maverick Tatum, makes his entrance. His music blares as he strides to the ring, his face a mask of focused determination. He stops at the base of the colossal structure, looking up at the cages above him, taking in the magnitude of the battle that lies ahead.

Next, Jesse James bursts through the curtain, greeted by a chorus of boos and cheers. He exudes confidence, taunting the crowd as he makes his way down the ramp. He exchanges a steely glance with Maverick before entering the cage.

Finally, the defending champion, Crush, emerges. His presence is electrifying, the crowd’s reaction a mix of anticipation and awe. He walks with a purpose, his eyes locked on the cage and his opponents inside. The Global Title belt gleams around his waist, a symbol of his dominance.

Crush steps into the cage, and the referee locks the door behind him. The bell rings, and the match is officially underway.

The three men immediately clash in the center of the ring, trading blows with fierce intensity. Crush, using his size and power, gains the early advantage, sending Jesse James crashing into the cage wall with a thunderous impact. The steel rattles, and the crowd gasps at the sheer force of the collision.

Maverick Tatum takes advantage of the chaos, slipping behind Crush and delivering a series of swift kicks to his legs, trying to chop the big man down. Crush staggers slightly, and Maverick continues his assault, aiming to weaken the champion. Jesse James recovers and joins in, the two challengers momentarily teaming up to take down the seemingly invincible Crush.

With Crush momentarily incapacitated, Jesse James and Maverick Tatum turn their attention to each other.

Crush, refusing to stay down, roars back into the fray. He grabs both Maverick and Jesse by the head, smashing their skulls together with a bone-rattling thud. The crowd erupts in a frenzy, their cheers deafening as Crush reasserts his control.

Crush, Jesse James, and Maverick Tatum are now battling on the second level of the cage, a narrow platform surrounded by steel mesh. The structure creaks and groans under their combined weight and the force of their attacks. Crush has Jesse James pressed against the steel mesh, delivering thunderous punches to his midsection. Each blow causes Jesse to gasp for air, his body writhing in pain.

Maverick Tatum, seizing the opportunity, charges at Crush from behind. He leaps into the air, landing a double knee strike to Crush's back. Crush stumbles forward, releasing Jesse James, who collapses to the platform, clutching his ribs. Maverick continues his assault, hitting Crush with rapid kicks to his legs, trying to bring the big man down.

Crush, using his immense strength, catches one of Maverick's kicks and yanks him off his feet. He swings Maverick around and hurls him into the steel mesh wall. The impact reverberates through the structure, and the crowd gasps as Maverick's body bounces off the unforgiving steel.

Meanwhile, Jesse James has regained his composure. Seeing Maverick down, he launches himself at Crush, connecting with a flying forearm to the side of Crush's head. Crush staggers, and Jesse follows up with a flurry of punches and kicks, driving Crush back toward the edge of the platform.

Jesse and Maverick exchange a quick glance, a temporary alliance forming as they recognize the need to neutralize Crush. Together, they grab Crush and deliver a double suplex, slamming him down onto the steel platform. Crush arches his back in pain, the impact echoing through the arena.

The crowd is on their feet, the excitement palpable. The alliance is short-lived, however, as Jesse immediately turns on Maverick, landing a hard right hook to his jaw. Maverick stumbles back, and Jesse charges at him, hitting a high knee that sends Maverick sprawling against the steel mesh.

Jesse seizes Maverick by the arm and attempts to whip him into the opposite wall, but Maverick reverses the move, sending Jesse crashing into the steel instead. Jesse's body slams into the mesh, and he crumples to the platform, writhing in pain. Maverick follows up with a series of stomps, each one driving Jesse further into the unforgiving steel.

Crush, shaking off the effects of the double suplex, gets to his feet, his eyes blazing with fury. He roars and charges at Maverick, catching him off guard. Crush wraps his massive arms around Maverick and hoists him into the air, delivering a spine-shattering powerbomb. The crowd erupts, the sheer display of power sending shockwaves through the arena.

With Maverick down, Crush turns his attention to Jesse James, who is struggling to stand. Crush grabs Jesse by the throat and lifts him high above his head, the crowd gasping in anticipation. With a primal roar, Crush throws Jesse across the platform, sending him crashing through the steel mesh wall of the second cage.

Jesse's body hurtles downward, crashing through the roof of the first cage. The sound of metal bending and crashing echoes through the arena. The crowd is in a frenzy, a mix of awe and horror as Jesse continues his descent, ultimately landing hard on the mat below. The impact is brutal, and Jesse lies motionless, the sheer force of the fall leaving him incapacitated.

Crush stands tall on the second level, his chest heaving with exertion. He looks down at the destruction below, a satisfied smirk playing on his lips. The crowd chants his name, acknowledging his dominance. But the match is far from over, and Maverick Tatum is not out of the fight yet.

Maverick, with a look of determination, slowly rises to his feet. He eyes Crush warily,

Scott James: He knows he must dig deep to overcome the powerhouse.

Mike Fisher: The steel structure groaning under the weight of destruction and the intensity of these men!

Crush and Maverick Tatum stand on the second level, their bodies battered and bruised, but their determination unbroken. Down below, Jesse James stirs, slowly coming back to consciousness after his brutal fall.

Maverick Tatum charges at Crush, aiming to land a decisive blow. But Crush, ever the powerhouse, anticipates the move and counters with a thunderous clothesline that nearly decapitates Maverick. Maverick crashes to the steel platform, dazed and struggling to regain his bearings.

Crush, sensing victory, turns his gaze downward and sees Jesse James slowly pulling himself back up to the bottom level. The crowd roars as Jesse, fueled by sheer willpower, stumbles to his feet and begins climbing back up to the second level. His face is a mask of pain and determination, but he refuses to stay down.

As Jesse finally reaches the second level, Crush is ready for him. With a primal roar, Crush grabs Jesse by the throat, lifting him high into the air. Jesse struggles, but he's too weakened to break free. Crush's eyes blaze with intensity as he delivers a vicious snap suplex, driving Jesse down with such force that the steel platform shudders.

But Crush isn’t done. He knows that to put Jesse James down for good, he needs to deliver his signature move. He signals to the crowd, who respond with deafening cheers, knowing what’s coming next. Crush pulls Jesse up, positions him for the BONE CRUSHER!

With a roar, Crush lifts Jesse into the air, holding him high before slamming him down with a Bone Crusher that reverberates through the entire arena. Jesse’s body crumples on impact, lying motionless on the steel platform.

Crush drops to his knees and covers Jesse James. The referee, positioned precariously on the second level, drops down to make the count. The crowd chants along, their excitement reaching a fever pitch.

Referee: "One! Two! Three!"

Alice Goldier: STILL YOUR GLOBAL CHAMPION………… …………… ………….CRUSH!