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IIW signs a new Starr!
2024-04-02 at 1:17 PM - Osh Vaughan
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IIW proudly announces the signing of Jaime Starr, the fiery young heir to the legendary Starr wrestling dynasty. Hailing from a lineage of wrestling greatness, Jaime brings a rich tapestry of heritage and skill to IIW's roster.

Born as the third eldest child of Lawrence Starr and grandson of the esteemed Richard Starr, Jaime grew up immersed in the world of wrestling. Surrounded by six siblings, he honed his craft through rigorous sparring sessions with brothers and uncles alike. However, Jaime's journey into the wrestling industry was accelerated when his older brother, Richard Jr., suffered a career-ending injury, thrusting Jaime into the forefront as the heir of the Starr family legacy.

Now, Jaime carries the weight of his family's storied history while embarking on a journey to carve out his own path in the wrestling world. With his unmatched passion, determination, and raw talent, Jaime Starr is set to electrify IIW audiences and leave an indelible mark on the sport.

Stay tuned as IIW prepares to unleash the next chapter in the saga of wrestling excellence with Jaime Starr's debut.

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