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Mayhem Results!
TV Events
2021-03-07 at 5:28 PM - Osh Vaughan

The Hollywood Reporter Debut
2021-03-05 at 1:42 PM - Osh Vaughan

The Hollywood Reporter first edition is now available!

Episode 1

Grainger Report Live
2021-03-04 at 6:37 PM - Osh Vaughan

The Grainger Report is now live!

The Grainger Report

The Wayne-Ting Game
2021-03-01 at 11:49 PM - Osh Vaughan

After what must be the longest contract negotiations in recent IIW History, I'm proud to announce that we have closed on the signing of Russell Wayne! A former CIA Agent turned Wrestler... I best not get on his wrong side!

Dirty 30+
2021-03-01 at 5:38 PM - Osh Vaughan

Today is a great day as IIW confirms the signings of Tyler Debonair and Jalen Rose. These two signings not only show the IIW continue to grow at a fast rate but also it takes the IIW past 30 active members!

This is a great milestone for the IIW as we head into the K.K.N.D PPV On the 21st of March

IIW New Promo
2021-03-01 at 2:36 AM - Osh Vaughan
We are proud to debut the New IIW Mayhem Intro!

IIW Gets High Ratings!
2021-02-26 at 1:37 AM - Osh Vaughan

Another day another name, but in this case IIW is proud to announce the return of IIW Legend Stoner.

Stoner first signed for IIW in 2006 and is looking forward to bringing back old memories and old rivalries.

We Caught up with Stoner to ask where he's been these last few years

Stoner : High as a motherfucker

The James Gang Is In Town!
2021-02-25 at 9:02 PM - Osh Vaughan

The IIW Is proud to announce the recent signing of 'The James Gang'

Local supermarkets in Manchester are already stocking up their alcohol content as they here these guys like to drink and they don't appreciate it when they're told there's nothing for them to drink!

They've already made a quick impact taking out Hardcore Champion Ryan Hawkins! What is next instore for them?