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First Class Episode 1
TV Events
2021-05-13 at 10:35 AM - Osh Vaughan

Donny Allen To Be Inducted Into the IIW Hall Of Fame
Hall Of Fame
2021-05-12 at 4:21 PM - Osh Vaughan

It has today been confirmed that IIW Legend Donny Allen will be inducted into the IIW Hall Of Fame at World's Collide.

Donny Allen has been both a friend and foe of Osh Vaughan over the years first encoutering each other in the CWA in 2006, since then Donny has been a loyal and big part of the IIW and has had multiple International and Tag Team Reigns, alongside legendary IIW Stable. The House of Pain.

This day has been a long time coming and we look forward to seeing Donny inducted at World's Collide

Armitage Report
2021-05-07 at 1:17 PM - Osh Vaughan

Hollywood Reporter
2021-05-06 at 2:43 PM - Osh Vaughan

The latest edition and power 8 is live!

Hollywood Reporter

Owens On Wrestling - May 3rd Review
2021-05-05 at 6:33 PM - Osh Vaughan

May 03/05/21
TV Events
2021-05-03 at 1:11 AM - Osh Vaughan

Hollywood Report - FCPW Edition
2021-04-26 at 10:04 AM - Osh Vaughan

What an Influx
2021-04-25 at 6:24 PM - Osh Vaughan

IIW are proud to announce the following acquisitions!