IIW Signs Travis Walker – The Hunter Joins the Roster
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Intense International Wrestling (IIW) proudly announces the signing of Travis Walker, a fierce competitor with a storied background and a relentless drive. Born and raised in Austin, Texas, Walker brings a unique blend of athleticism, determination, and a hunter’s instinct to the IIW ring.

From an early age, Travis Walker was introduced to the world of hunting by his father. Growing up in the woods of Texas, Walker honed his skills tracking deer and big game, developing the sharp instincts and precision that would define his future endeavors. His prowess extended to the football field during high school, where he played as a middle linebacker. Known as a headhunter, Walker's aggressive play style made him a feared force, causing havoc for any opponent carrying the ball.

After high school, Walker's hunting instincts found a new outlet as he became a bounty hunter for the state of Texas. His remarkable 100 percent capture rate stands as a testament to his skill and tenacity. However, the challenge of apprehending fugitives wasn’t enough for Walker. Seeking a new test of his abilities, he turned to the world of professional wrestling.

Travis Walker’s journey through the indie wrestling scene was marked by his unyielding pursuit of excellence. Embracing the grind, he quickly earned the moniker “The Hunter” for his fearless approach and willingness to take on the best in the business. Walker's ability to "collect bodies" and dominate in the ring caught the attention of wrestling fans and promoters alike.

Now, Travis Walker is ready to take on his biggest challenge yet. Joining the ranks of IIW, he aims to conquer the competition and leave an indelible mark on the organization. With his background as a hunter, football player, and bounty hunter, Walker’s unique skill set makes him a formidable addition to the IIW roster.

Travis Walker commented on his signing:

"The thrill of the hunt has always driven me, whether it was in the woods, on the football field, or capturing fugitives. Wrestling is the ultimate challenge, and IIW is the perfect place to test my limits. I'm here to prove that I can track down and take out the best this industry has to offer. The Hunter has arrived, and I'm ready to conquer all on my hunt."

IIW is excited to welcome Travis Walker and looks forward to the intensity and skill he will bring to the ring. Fans can anticipate thrilling matches and unforgettable moments as The Hunter sets his sights on new prey within the IIW.

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